Chelsea fans are not racists. Racists are racist.

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Quick post this morning, I’ve been out meeting ship designers. You know how it is, when you’ve got cash to burn… who doesn’t need a ship in their life?

Anyway, first up.

  • City boy goes to Paris for an AWAY DAY WITH THE FUCKING TOP BOYS #Lads #Banter #StoneIsland
  • City boy gets totally smashed
  • City boy does a racist and gets captured on video
  • City boy is front page news today

Yep, racism is back on the agenda again, because a Chelsea fan shouted at a black man in Paris. A horrible video. A horrible person. A horrible embarrassment to England and it’s football.

… but here’s the thing. It’s not about it being a Chelsea fan. Racism has nothing to do with football. It’s not about their club. It’s not about aways fans.

It’s about racism.

Football doesn’t make the racist.

It’s a societal thing. So let’s not focus on Chelsea like it’s a club thing (I know, John Terry is a racist as well before you tweet furiously that Chelsea made him the man he is). Arsenal have their fair share of scumbag fans. One sat behind me for about 5 years. I’ve heard them at Spurs, Liverpool, United… Newcastle. It’s a problem we have as a country. It’s a problem all countries face. It’s sad we’re still talking about things like this in 2015, but it is what it is. I don’t know what the answer is, but I know it’s not to blame football.

… and that guy. Imagine, one day you’re making mad dollar in the city, the next day, you lose your job, your life, possibly friends, partners. All because you drank too much and said something f*cking stupid. I feel almost feel for the guy. His life and prospects are over. Google never forgets.

To get a little taster of what this guy is about to suffer, take a read of this on Justine Sacco. It’s a harrowing read when you put to context into perspective. There isn’t a better read on the web about how to conduct yourself in your life.

Wenger gave some insight into why Alexis came to Arsenal over Liverpool.

“Alexis had a few options and he chose us because he felt that’s where he wanted to go. Sometimes a player moves somewhere and it’s not the choice that he deeply wanted. In his case, I think he really wanted to join us.”

“On the pitch, the player has his needs. I felt that he came into a team that plays in an [attacking] way, where he can express his talent with freedom. It works out well for him. That helps.”

Also, Liverpool is hole.

Just jokes. There are nice bits around Liverpool. But come on, LONDON is where it’s at. Am I right? Damn straight I’m right.

I also think being the absolute jewel in the crown is major. Why be a cog when you can be the engine? He’s a hero. We love him. We let him get on with his life. We allow him to be the best he can be.

He’s the finest signing in years. I love him. I mean, I’d literally take a bullet for that man (soft tissue, minimal damage, not the face, or near arteries). He’s the best.

Jack Wilshere has been upskilling in the kitchen.


Gotta say, as a single man, I can’t help but admire the craft there. That looks like a fabulous meal. I’ve not seen a jacket potato like that in years.

Well played sir.

Finally, the sad news that the BBC have ruined our quarter final against United  by moving it to a Monday night. It’s a horrible decision for the fans that have to travel there and possibly take two days holiday.

I don’t even get it. It’s the BBC. They don’t advertise? What purpose do they serve here? I get that if you pay a load of cash for something you want to maximise its impact… but look, it’s Arsenal vs Man U people will get up to see it.

The worst thing is it kills the vibe of the game. The FA Cup is about the weekend. Monday night football is for the league or replays. The FA Cup is struggling for interest as it is, pissing the fans about is a sure fire way to kill the vibe even further.

No one ever thinks about the people who go. The fans are pissed about so often at the mercy of global scheduling times. We don’t even get a kickback or a sweetener for it. Just more expense our way. It’s amazing. I wonder if this will ever bite football in the arse? I wonder if we’re past the tipping point of failure? Is football too big now to ever need to fans in the ground?

Who knows. It’s sad though. It feels like no one has our back.

Sorry, before I go, big thanks to Dan for e-mailing in this petition aimed at the Premier League giving ALL their staff a Living Wage. When 80% of clubs have a wage bills over £40m, it’s unacceptable to plead poverty that you can’t pay your labour a living wage. Football clubs are not proper businesses. They’re taking £11m a game moving forward. The time is right to force this on clubs.

When you’re often the focus of a community, you need to behave like a role model for the rest of society. Arsenal do many great things, they have a team of caring staff who love what they do… this should be top of the agenda. We support charity, which is great, but to compliment the charity work, we should look after the people who are trying their hardest to craft a living. Give them what they deserve. Arsenal should take a lead. That’d be something to be proud of.

Anyway, I trust we’ll do the right thing, even if it takes a while to get there…


RIGHT. Have a good day you total rascals. x

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  1. Moray

    Jesus, Pedders, that Sacco story is an eye-opener.

    The best comparison is with an old school lynch mob. The justice of the crowd. I always contend any group of people anywhere are only a couple of steps from a lynch mob. There are interesting parallels with the Chelski supporters, who exhibit the same behaviours and egg each other on. This time it’s a colour issue’ but it could easily have been an opposing fan or a random Frenchman. Crowds, like societies, define themselves by the “other” (what they define as different from them), and their fear and hatred for the other is used to increase the identity and cohesion of the group. Politicians use this too – think of Bush and his war on terrrr where in reality it was justifying targeted attacks on long since pre-selected nations.

    Expect this kind of thing to get worse as the global economic situation deteriorates, environmental impacts drew different peoples together in difficult circumstances and socio-economic problems intensify over the next few years.

    Having said that, we’ve never had a better opportunity to beat these Manc cunts than now!

  2. Lee


    Look we are moving wildly off topic
    My background is not English either.
    So I completely agree that healthy immgration wolrks.
    I also agree that there are plenty of lzy britsh people
    Collecting dole money without ever contributing a single penny. To me that’s detestable.
    My argument was not aimed at you. I am not for a moment insinuating that you do not work or even that you are not British. My point was that Britain is a tolerant safe haven for those who need it.
    It should be respected for that.
    For all the bad the British empire has done, the last 100 years had gone se way to rectifying.
    Anyway. This debate has left me weary.
    Fuck being a politician.

  3. Lee


    After reading some of your thoughts and opinions tonight I see you in a whole new light.
    I respect you.
    Good man.
    Good views

  4. GuNZ

    Evening all. Unfortunately I can’t dally long on Le Grovesnor this evening as I spent some of the day (not much of it as the match didn’t last very long) watching the NZ/England ODI and the other bit preparing for the advent of my other step-daughter from Aussie tomorrow so I have to catch up with a bit of work soon.

    England were humili-fucking-ated in Wellington today. Anyone would have thought they had a rabid dose of the clap they were that easy to catch. Fucking shower! I can only hope that Crystal Palace play as badly tomorrow because it will leave us with the best goal difference in the EPL.

    I consider myself exceptionally lucky to live in a racially and religously super-tolerant country. Yes we have a few donuts but we don’t have any subway systems for them to parade in so they’re shit out of luck there.

    And what’s all this sabre rattling going on by Putinsky? Think I’ll just sit here in sunny, wonderful, little old NZ while the rest of the world goes about wrecking itself.

  5. Monday

    @Leeds 23.01.54

    Mate if more in the world were like you it would be a better place. Your son should be proud to have a father like you mate. Seriously you’ve gone up another notch in my eyes.

    I have to much hate mate to be honest mate.

  6. GuNZ

    Those photos of Jack’s jacket potatoes look remarkably similar to my bollocks when Tracey Wilmington asked me to take her up the arse after a night on the guinness and vindaloo (her, not me).

  7. Le Prof

    Alex Cutter

    ‘I love Lee because he single handedly proves that Brits/football fans are not only not sharper than the average sports fan, but are actually more stupid/reactive.’

    Alex Cutter you are a genital wart of society.

    So kindly fuck off back into that hole you crawled out of.

  8. GuNZ

    Probably the most succinctly accurate philosophy for life I have yet encountered comes from an Aussie mate of mine, Jewish by faith, from Sydney. Having obtained his law degree he refused to practise because he considered the profession too venal (which I found pretty cool for starters). He also vacuums up his nostrils quite staggering quantities of Peruvian marching powder. Anyway, one day as he was vibrating his way through a downer, he said ‘GuNZ,’ he said, ‘Eets quite seemple reely’ (for so Sydneysiders sound), ‘All ya gotta do ees hav fun ‘n respect other peeple.’ Job done. Boom! (As my step-daughters would say). Have fun but respect other people. Fucking simple as that.

  9. GuNZ

    Anway, time for an hour or so’s work then bed. Night all, enjoy your Fridays, I’ve already had mine. And I have just spotted the massive flaw in my last post. Giroud. Damn.

  10. Lee

    Le prof

    Thanks for that. Yesterday’s posters were so respectful in their debate I thought it was not worth responding to someone clearly baiting me.

    Alex cutter
    You got served

  11. Lee

    Alex cutter

    You got served

    Le prof
    Since yesterday’s debate was so respectful I thought it best not to respond to someone clearly looking to bait.
    You are the Adrian Durham of le grove

  12. Martin Buchan

    Recall a story from Wembley semi final against chelsea in the fa cup I was at baker street with my daughter who was about 14 and wearing an arsenal shirt .The tube pulled in and me and my daughter attempted to board a carriage when a chelsea neanderthal ssid to my daughter you aint coming on this carriage with that shirt. I said something to the effect you’re fucking hard and the other chelsea fans laughed at him abused him verbally and me and my daughter had a decent chat with them .shame those same chelsea fans weren’t on the metro in Paris