Santi to leave. A bad idea?

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Happy good morning to you my dears. Pedro back in the hot seat again after a delightful sabbatical of doing nothing on my tube journey in for two days.

Right, so, what’s been going on?

Ahh, Santi back to Spain in the summer. On the face of it, this is making everyone really sad. But the reality is, it’s been a long time coming. I think Arsenal would have taken money for the Spaniard for the last two summers. He’s a talent, no doubt. But he’s not been consistent. He’s dipped in and out. Even earlier on this  year it was the case.

A number of factors contribute to that. I don’t think we’ve managed his fitness particularly well. Arsenal players work in an environment of ‘keep quiet, play on’ which has meant he’s played all the games and has looked jaded in a number of them. I also think we’ve played him out of position for a lot of his tenure. Now he’s in the middle, he’s the King. He looks at ease, he makes our game flow, he’s showing up Ozil (kind of not really actually), he looks incredible.

But I think it’d be remiss to think that can carry on. He’s 30 now. You need fitness to play in that role. If Arsenal are thinking of playing him in a deeper role, which he’s excelled in, I think that would be a very short termist view. We need legs, we need 3 games a week, we need power and pace.

If he goes in the summer, it’ll be good business if we can bring in £10m for a player of that age. Well, it’ll be good business if we can find an internal replacement or we can bring in exceptional talent from outside that’s of an age and physicality to kick on. This situation reminds me of the bang on decisions Fergie used to make back in the day shifting on players at the peak of their powers. Wenger has a big, big decision. Does he keep Santi on like Alex F did with Scholes… or shift on player of the year?

Look, all I’ll say is he had the coldness to shift on Luzhny after he was MoM in the FA Cup Final back in the day. That monster is capable of heinous acts.

If we were looking to bring in talent that might appease the loss of Cazorla, you wouldn’t need to look much further than Dybala. The guy is absolutely electric. He is absolutely the sort of talent that could light up the Premier League. It’s always difficult to gauge watching him in the Italian league because it’s so slow compared to the Premiership, but the 5ft9 forward has explosive pace like Hazard and if he can’t ghost a player with his energy, he uses brute force to power through people.

I think what’s exciting about him is he can play outwide, through the middle or in that kind of false 9 type of role. I think he’d be electric in our forward line. He’s also Argentinian with a Polish grandad… he’ll be a work horse and a little unhinged. Perfect! He has similarities in style to Reus. With the German now signed up for another year (and a big target of ours previously), he might work out to be a cheaper sexier version. Not that our team requires anymore sexy!

Imagine though. Bring him into the fold, then bring in Schneiderlin, land a new keeper and possibly another powerful centre mid. Well, you’ve just packed our your team with all the power and pace it needs to content.

We’d have the makings of  a squad, that if managed correctly, could take it all…

Dreams, I appreciate. But the Dybala stories could have legs purely because Wenger has identified that he lacked power and pace to succeed. You can also see it in what Shad has done to Ozil. He’s made him more suited to the league in the same way Fergie bulked Ronaldo.

Manchester United in the FA Cup? Typical. It’s gearing up to be an Arsenal vs Liverpool final, providing we can get over this horrendous United hoodoo we have.

I watched them struggle against Preston. There are a few things that are clear. The players hate the system, the manager hates his squad, the squad hate the manager and yet somehow, they’re flying high. They are absolute garbage and I’m pretty sure they’re going to get found out in a big way. Once the wins dry up, it’ll go to shite.

Amusing to see one of the redtops absolve LVG of all blame. You can see how they hedge their bets, can’t you?

I personally think Liverpool might steal into the top 4. I know I’ve said many times before, but I really rate Rodgers. Good to see a struggling coach turn his club around and prove he has the mettle at the highest level. Be interesting to see if Klopp can do the same and make Dortmund challengers again.

Right, I feel I’ve babbled on enough. Take this post and run free!


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  1. TitsMcgee

    Tits – Victoria line from Victoria mimicks T5′s grand opening. fackin chaos!!!!”

    Yes I forgot about Victoria from Victoria around rush hour. Pretty Mad Max-ish.

  2. TitsMcgee

    You can hypothesise about what might be with Wilshere all you want, you can’t alter what is RIGHT NOW.”

    That is pretty much it.

    “Potential” is a word used by Wenger to justify his youth projects. While we do have some players with potential it’s just a word until said players achieve their own.

  3. Dream10


    I predicted a 2-2 on here y’day for PSG-Chelsea. But the blues never looked like getting two goals.

    I’m hoping Schalke can do something later on.
    Schalke 1-2 Real

    Basel 2-1 Porto

  4. Willow Wilson

    “Benzema helps to knit it all together, very unselfish and still scores a shed load of goals”

    I agree with you ROP. He’s one of those strikers that offers value to the team even when he isn’t scoring. Intelligent player.

  5. TitsMcgee

    You’ve got nothing of substance, Fabio Capello said, potential, game in 2011…ridiculous.”


    It’s pretty laughable.

    He’ll use quotes from Wenger as well if it suits him. Like Wenger is going to come out and publicly say X player(a player he signed and put on exorbitant wages) is shiiite.

  6. salparadisenyc

    To be fair Middy that tie was in the Ukraine, war ravaged country. Not sure footie would be on my mind. Had to play in Lviv Ukraine on the other end of the country as Shaktar’s home stadium was damaged from shelling. City isn’t deemed safe for travel.

    Bayern are going to maul them in Munchen.

  7. MidwestGun

    Dream –
    These first leg matches seem to be lower scoring, so far. So I’m getting better odds on higher scores. Catch -22.

    You like Basel? Hmmm could be. Tough to call.

  8. TitsMcgee

    I think Benzema is in the perfect situtation. He’s surrounded by top players with top distribution so that he is able to thrive as well as attract attention away from him on the pitch.

    He’s also in the shadow on Ronaldo so he doesn’t shoulder most of the blame.

    Madrid break in numbers and have Ronaldo, James and Benzema running at you. What do you do?


  9. Cesc Appeal


    Oh dear, insults, the last bastion of the defeated.

    You keep making the point of Schniederlin vs Wilshere…though I thought it was Coquelin vs Schniederlin the other day? Schniederlin for me arrives without even a regard for Wilshere.

    Any who not really a surprise your points lack any cogency at all when you even briefly browse them.

    As I say your defences are laughable, you won’t stick on the topic of Wilshere without bringing up ridiculous points like the opining of Fabio Capello’s nieces, gardener who has a kick about every Saturday…or a game four years ago. Or you make it abut Schniederlin which is an irrelevance really to the topic, wouldn’t you say?

    If you think Wilshere will be brilliant and should for some reason be given limitless opportunity that is your business, just don’t try to come across as if anyone who says otherwise has some agenda or is talking nonsense because honestly, even a brief inspection of any of your points find them utterly wanting.

  10. Wallace


    if Liverpool will pay 25m for Lallana, and Utd 30m for Shaw, i think it’s fair to say we could sell Jack to a good side pretty easily.

  11. salparadisenyc

    Supporters get too emotional regarding Wilshire. If a club offered good money we’d be silly not to take it as it stands. Keeps up his current form, he’s on the type of trajectory that could see him at Everton, Newcastle or the like. Which actually may work out better for him.

    Although I think Rodgers would bite if given the chance, dude spent massive amount on Lallana.

    The balls in Wilshire’s court to alter that.

  12. salparadisenyc


    Here’s one for you, pretty heavy linkage with Pjanic to replace Gerrard… that would be a major dose for you to take!

    For the sake of this space I hope that’s not true.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    I think this summer you could take advantage of them losing Gerrard. There was even a crazy rumour going round West Ham were trying to put together a bid to go alongside their move to the Olympic stadium.

    Wilshere can prove otherwise (that he’s expendable) and has had plenty of chances to. What irritates me is this reflex to defend him, to say he’s untouchable and to bring up ridiculous points in his defence and of course…his great potential.

    Any faith you have in Wilshere right now is just that, faith. Might work out, might not. But my opinion is he shouldn’t be given a limitless amount of chances, nor should he be selected if it disrupts the form of the side.

    We will have to wait and see what is done in the remaining months of the season and how Wilshere responds to a poor season so far on and off the field.

  14. Dan Ahern

    Ah, Rodgers. I rate his coaching, but his buys are pretty much all dismal. (He basically pulled a Tottenham, spunking millions on a raft of mostly average players.) I think his opinion of himself is a tad high as well.

  15. Dream10


    Have not seen very much of Porto this year. But Basel fared decently against an under performing Liverpool side (no Sturridge). Porto have the better players and are favourites to go through. Expecting Basel to sit back.
    Predicting Basel to win tonight just for the hell of it lol.

  16. Goonergirl


    Yeah a good side will probably buy him. But not one of the top sides. At least I don’t think so. I can’t see Chelsea, City, Bayern, Madrid or Barca wanting to buy him.

    Wilshere needs to start living up to his potential. We can’t give him unlimited opportunities to prove himself.

  17. MidwestGun

    “Predicting Basel to win tonight just for the hell of it”
    Dream –
    Some of my best betting strategy. 😀
    Pretty much why I bet consistently against Spuds. It works out for the most part.

  18. TitsMcgee

    At least I don’t think so. I can’t see Chelsea, City, Bayern, Madrid or Barca wanting to buy him.”

    Not a one.

    A mid table Prem will buy him if put up for sale for sure. West Ham, Newcastle, Everton, but none of those elite clubs. No need.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t you hate when your sat at a desk or something, studying with your laptop out or whatever you pick up your tea and the coaster comes with it, drops off the bottom, which instantly makes you shit yourself and reach for it slopping tea all over the place before it clatters down on the floor and someone will invariably call up ‘you alright?!’

    Yeah sat here covered in tea, metal coaster dropped on my toe, tea all over the desk etc…peachy

  20. Wallace


    no, right now i think it would be somebody the level below the elite. but he’s not being sold so hopefully we’ll never get to find out.

  21. carts

    Alfie – what of Woodrow Wilson who was complicit along with Paul Warburg and others in bring about the Federal Reserve bank and subjugating us all to ot

  22. salparadisenyc


    Thats just it, with Ramsay injured Wilshire will get his chance with a side that is catching form. Will he enhance that or hinder it.

    We shall see.

    You allright?

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Coaster thing aside I’m good! Haha. Yourself?

    Yeah big few months for Wilshere, if he can get his head down, take his game back to the basics, make sure he’s doing all the fundamentals right he can pull himself into form.

    His best games in recent memory aside from that fantastic but anomalous performance against City have been for England playing deeper and distributing from deep laying midfield. I’d like to see him do more of that.

    If he’s thrown back in just in the normal fashion he will want to do what Ozil and Cazorla have been doing and we will end up with a terrible mess.

    He’s got a real, real chance if he’s played beside Coquelin to make himself relevant again. Hope he takes it. People say I’m biased against him or have an agenda, not at all, but I call what I see, and I call him what he is right now.

    That can change obviously, but it’s down to him.

  24. salparadisenyc


    Still dreaming of the Mars mission. Fakin women.

    Wilshire was good in the City match, I was at that one. Best performance of the year, no question. Still didn’t bag the 3 points, but he surely did his part.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Haha! That would learn her though. Tries to phone you, ‘out of area’…

    Yeah that was the best performance he’s given since the game that shall no longer be spoken of. But right now, it seems it’s either that or crap (might be a bit harsh)…just wish he could find a level of consistency, but he has to find a role first AND stay fit.

  26. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Sorry, slow response, shoveling snow. Let me guess its warm and sunny there. Lol
    Drinks are always on me ask Sal…….

    but ya. I almost have to do it now. Because if I don’t then he scores first I’ll be kicking myself.

    Marble –
    OK…., I acknowledge your presence. Feel better, now. Which top player you want to call shit today, so I can bet on them? 😀

  27. salparadisenyc

    The Marble Halls of the mind on the east side of the brain; which is odd as “right-brained” is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective.

  28. Goonergirl


    I’ve actually never experienced snow. And it is hot this side. Although not sunny at the moment since its 9pm lol.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting article published in Daily Express [see Arsenal News Now] containing interview with Arsene Wenger where he explains how he recruits and profiles players taking account in case of foreign players of their personality and ability to adapt in England and learn language including their family background and education etc.

    This is not something new. I was aware that Arsenal were profiling players as long ago as the late 1980s when the matter was raised with me by a former Managing Director of Arsenal. I was advised that a certain manager had recruited a player at the club without any consultation or profiling and it had
    proved a disaster.

    Interestingly I was advised that the pioneers of this approach was Liverpool during the era when they dominated the English Game. They were very careful who they recruited at that time and did not just look at football ability.

  30. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Ha…. snow is highly over-rated, your not missing much. So Jealous. But it’s really just the cold. -12c. Here at the moment which is pissing me off.

    Need a betting hot streak.

  31. Romford Ozil Pele

    Sal, if Liverpool buy Pjanic I’ll cry. They’re already improving at a rapid rate. They’re becoming quite like us in terms of the plethora of attackers they have. And theirs are especially quick.

    Looking forward to seeing Lucas Silva tonight, really wanted us to buy him. Kroos has played the Alonso role this season but with Silva there he may play further forward.

    Carvajal Varane Pepe Marcelo
    Silva Kroos
    Bale Isco Ronaldo
    Big Benz

    Insane team, even with the likes of Modric, Ramos and James injured

  32. Ozy

    Is it just me or is Real Madrid’s bench really weak?

    Navas, Arbeloa, Nacho, Illaramendi, Medran, Jese and Chicharito.

    Lucas Silva starting.

  33. MidwestGun

    Marble is it? That explains your xenophobe. Ever heard of airplanes, televisions. My first football coach was from England, greatly influenced my support as well as Thierry Henry later on. But your comments about foreigners are nothing new, are they? When I was growing up there was no real League here also. Additionally, the Premier is the best League to watch and is in English. But feel free to explain why you support, because I have yet to figure it out. Since you hate everything.

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ozy, Madrid choose to have a small squad. Outside of the first 18 or so, it’s pretty much youngsters. Chelsea are similar.

  35. bennydevito

    Paul McDaid, agree with that. Keep Santi and shift Arteta, Diaby & Flamini. I think as long as the squad is rotated properly I see no reason why Santi can’t carry on for a few more years yet – look at Rosicky, plus, it keeps Ozil on his toes.

  36. salparadisenyc

    “It’s bizzare a foreigner supporting an English club”

    The trolling is at an unusually low level today.

    I’ve watched the Arsenal in quite a few towns, barring Doha all rocking experiences had with goddamn foreigners not speaking the kings.

    Easy decision today, i’d push the Marble off the tube.

  37. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening all, keeping santi is a must. We need experience and a quality squad. 3-4 more goods years yet with santi will do me, it’s not like we need the money. knowing Arsene it will go straight in the bank anyway!

  38. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    but ya……. Brian has been a little desperate lately. I was asking him a serious question about his comments. I was trying to find out if he has a learning disability that prevents him to form complete thoughts in paragraph form.

  39. Up 4 grabs now

    Mid, I had twenty quid at 5-1 on a 2-1 win for psg yesterday. Boy was I pissed when cavani put it past the post!

  40. Up 4 grabs now

    Mid, what is it with zlatan, you can bet if it was against us he would have had a hatrick, against Chelsea he can’t score for toffee. Hate mourino, and his racist fans, shit little club!

  41. MidwestGun

    Grabs –
    Ya… Chelscum’s goal was scrappy as hell and PSG missed some great chances. Courtois is pretty damn good tho. But my hate goes Man. U., Chelscum close second, then Pool.

  42. Up 4 grabs now

    Mid, yeah to be fair same for me. But maybe reversed with chelski and manure. Always hated Ferguson, but had to respect the guy. Mourino, the owner, the players the fans there all scummers. Considering the spuds are our supposed closest rivals, it’s funny they come in the 4th most hated, just in front of the orcs from up north!

  43. igbo Amadi-Obi

    As much as Ozil might have bulked up, it hasn’t had a ny impact on his game. He hasn’t paced up or become more aggressive. He’s still the more likely to lose the ball in any 2-man duel. Sadly. And I find it interesting that he’s not the one we think should replace Santi in the middle. Yet we all complained about Wenger moving him from his ‘natural’ middle to the left?

  44. kwik fit

    Really think Pedro should allow Key ser back on the blog. I mean when Key ser is giving it large it’s actually a compliment because he only gets involved in prolonged debates when he feels your on his intellectual level. So the fact he you ‘ plenty’ is actually a compliment pedro . Go on just this once let him back.
    Many’s a slanging match I had with Key ser of an evening.

  45. karim

    Zlatan s ” best friend ” Nene to West Ham !
    Former Psg player back from Qatar.
    This guy must be 34 and is skinny as can be, but believe me he s a baller and his left foot is devastating.

    Excited to see how he deals with the Pl, hope he ll tear Tottenham a new one next week end.

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    igbo Amadi-Obi: And I find it interesting that he’s not the one we think should replace Santi in the middle.

    It’s more that Santi has moved further back. He’s now playing the Ramsey B2B position and Ozil is further up the pitch. (though Ozil wanders all over the pitch of course)
    I’m not sure we’ll ever see Ozil knocking people over to get the ball back (which is a shame) but he’s playing really well since he’s come back, and having him, Santi and Alexis on the pitch at the same time is a marvellous thing

  47. MidwestGun

    Well Schalke never really threatened even tho they struck the woodwork. Think it’s safe to put RM thru barring a disaster in the next leg.

    That Marcelo strike was picturesque. Seemed to jump off his foot and accelerate in the air.

  48. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Hmmm it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the North Country up in Canada. But ya Toronto is good. Vancouver is nice but a long ways to go. Anywhere along the St. Lawrence seaway is picturesque. But honestly when I used to go, I was going for hunting and fishing so not near the cities. Montreal is pretty but wasn’t my favorite. If I had to pick, ya I would say Toronto.

  49. salparadisenyc


    Vancouver is well worth a visit, great scene.
    Sexy girls, great food and drink.

    Bit of a hall from UK though..

  50. GuNZ

    Busy, busy, busy day on the beach. Sometimes a man needs to think. I spent nearly all day there. I taught a young boy how to write ‘Manchester United are cunts’ in the sand while his mum wasn’t looking. The tide came in and the words were still there when the tide went back out again. An omen! The young boy was very impressed and has hopefully learned something important.

  51. GuNZ

    My missus has been eating baked beans and has just fugged the living room out. She’s got another think coming if she’s after a 69er tonight. Fucks sake! What’s she think I am, a fucking extractor fan?

  52. Wallace


    it’s February, f*ck off with the beach stories.

    also, this’ll interest you – according to the Telegraph Giroud’s games/goals record is roughly comparable to Drogba’s at the same stage of his career at Chelsea.

  53. GuNZ

    Ah yes, football/soccer. Keep Cazorla at least one more season, Stick Ramsey and Wilshere in a voodoo melting pot to get one super player from the two of them and tell Giroud he must be getting a bit smelly under that same greyish rollneck sweater – he’s worn the same one the last two interviews.

    I don’t fear Man U. away in the next round of the cup, I think, for some reason we’d have been more vulnerable at home. 1-2 to us.

  54. GuNZ


    As intimated in our last exchange my master plan for ‘Grasshopper’ Giroud is bearing fruit. So much so, in fact, that after witnessing his second goal against MittelBurg I had to forsake my initial reaction (which was that he thought Özil was in the middle and was attempting a ‘deft’ flick to him as had worked in the previous game) and concede that the touch was pretty spectacular.

    And as for beach stories . . . well I won’t go into detail about the Albanian 19-year old nymphomaniac triplets beach volleyball team that just happened to be looking for a referee/physio/willy and who told me in beautifully broken, husky English that they, too, thought that Manchester United were a bunch of cunts and would I like to shag them all.

  55. Wallace


    thought you’d have been describing his second as a cushioned pass back to the corner taker gone awry.

    isn’t Albania a land untouched by modern dentistry?

  56. GuNZ


    You are quite correct. We have all been warned about women from that part of the Balkans who have teeth down there.


    Thank you for pointing out the ambiguity caused by my loose use of the accusative third person plural pronoun. Given the young ladies’ rather tenuous grasp of English and my being unable to hear accurately, what with the gnashing of teeth emanating from their vaginal regions, I cannot give you a definite answer.

  57. GuNZ

    Either way is probably a better option than muff diving the missus after she’s been on a baked beans troughing extravaganza. NIght chaps.

  58. Zementalstrength

    “Imagine though. Bring him into the fold, then bring in Schneiderlin, land a new keeper and possibly another powerful centre mid. Well, you’ve just packed our your team with all the power and pace it needs to content.”

    LOL “imagine our manager is not arsène anymore”.

  59. Relieable sauce

    If Pedro has been kidnapped by K’ser, he has only himself to blame.

    Better lift the ban Pedro before someone starts a campaign…

  60. Godfather

    Sorry but you guys talking about Karim B need to watch more Madrid games and check out their fan forums. The majority can’t stand him. AND if so many of Arsenal fans complain about Ozil’s body language and listless demeanor then they might storm the field after getting a dose of a few games of Benzema trotting around the field.

    Jeez everyday here there seems to be a call for a new messiah … smh

    I still remember not long ago it was Benteke by some LMAO

  61. kwik fit

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    Shoes too small to fit his feet
    His body abused, but his mind is still free
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