Gabriel can’t speak English, but does he know the language of love?

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Happy fu*king Valentine’s

The only two things in life that won’t betray me, Arsenal and chicken. It’s a sorry life.

So while you’re out, having an inexpensive romantic night at your local curry house because ‘I’m romantic all year round babe’… and not just seriously cheap, I’ll be sitting at home in a pair of lightly stained tracksuit bottoms mulling over my Sunday post considering whether I should call into babe station for a chat about a really provocative article I read in my exgirlfriends Heat magazine (Can’t believe Britney shaved her head?).

What a night.

ANYWAY. Enough about me. Tell me about you? No, save it. This is about Arsenal and the conversation is one way today.

So first up, our new player, Gabriel, can’t speak much English. Wenger says this is a problem. You know, because he can’t understand instructions. He also said he’ll be under pressure from the press.

“The players are always under tremendous pressure because everything they do is analysed by the pundits and the press,”

“The modern player has to live with that – resistance to stress has to be stronger than it was 10 years ago.

“He (Gabriel) will not read the press. He will just focus on his game – that is one of the advantages.

“When I was in Japan, people could say what they wanted.”

I was told by someone in the game that most players are trained not to read their own press. I bet they do though. I couldn’t resist. Unless it was people being mean. I gave up Twitter searching Le Grove a while back. I can’t imagine how horrendous it must be after playing a shocker for a footballer. It’s so grotesque surely it’s gotta be counter productive?

I think Wenger reads his press though. I’m certain of that. He’s made a lot of comments of late about criticism. I like his comment about Japan though. That was funny. I’ve been enjoying the boss this week. I reckon he’s probably quite amusing behind the scenes. Cracking jokes and stuff. I wonder if you can give him shit back?

Anyway, it’ll be nice to see our new boy strut his stuff. He looks a powerful lad. Just what we need. Someone to come in and take the pressure of Per and Kos… but also someone to come in and kick them up a gear on a performance level. Pressure for places. Something you always need.

Wenger went on to say that the top four is a priority. Shocker. It is though. That extra £40m is always a huge bonus. It’ll be interesting to see how this new TV money impacts the teams around us. It’ll give teams like Everton money to bully teams in La Liga and the Bundesliga. We really need to make sure we make that extra revenue count now and kick on with our squad.

So I guess the jist of the comment is that we’ll rest and rotate tomorrow. Which is fine. Our second team should be taking care of Boro. No excuses.

Right, have a great day, don’t choke on those chocolates I know you bought your partner from the Valentines aisle at Lidl.

You total fraud.



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  1. tunnygriffboy


    Nice one. You wouldn’t see me for two days. I’d be in a beer haze 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Blackburn 4 Orcs 1. Orcs two men sent off and their orcish followers fighting with stewards. Wankers !

  2. Leedsgunner

    “If Coq’s form is temporary and mistakes start creeping into his game, then we may see the likes of Schneiderlin brought in and Coq will be demoted to a back-up status.”

    Haven’t we tried this before?

    Why wait for the mistakes to creep in? Why not get a WC professional to teach the lad to AVOID making the mistakes in the first place? This kind of thinking is just reactive — we’ve known since Gilberto left that we needed a dominant DM — just because Coquelin played decent in a half a dozen games, this need is suddenly no longer necessary? If it was this easy why didn’t we fill this gap years ago?

    If we don’t get a DM in, we’re making the Coquelin the main DM at the club aren’t we? Why do we need to do this? What are we saving the money for? Do we not have the money? (Does Stan need a new ranch?)

    Furthermore if the Wilshere and Chesney experience tells us anything it is this – a young player no matter how good how promising must no be given the assurance that he’s “made it”. It is the sure fire way to make him complacent arrogant and uncoachable.

    If Coquelin is not challenged with another DM it is likely he’ll go the same way.

    We have the money, we should spend it to strengthen a longstanding weakness on the team.

  3. Wallace

    i’m with underrated coq on Coquelin. i wouldn’t rule out bringing a DM in in the summer, but he’s playing the position as well as anyone bar maybe Matic at the minute.if Bielik is also impressing i can’t really see Wenger splashing 25m on someone like Schneiderlin.

  4. WengerEagle


    I feel your pain mate, PSG have cost me a couple of hundred quid on more than one occasion, weirdly dodgy team to bet on, Portugal in Internationals are another one.

    Milan, Portugal, PSG and us are the least reliant big teams in my betting experiences. Milan once let me down for just under 2 grand on a 14 team Acc.

  5. Dissenter

    Middlesbrough boss Aitor Karanka believes Mesut Ozil ‘can be one of the best in the world’ and suggests that a pressurised management style is the most effective way to harness the player’s form.
    I strongly believe this applies to fans as well. He needs a kick in his rear, Wenger won’t or cannot do it.
    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  6. Leedsgunner

    Liverpool getting shown up by the Palace… 🙂 Love it… if for nothing else because it will keep Michael Owen quiet — the less he speaks the better for all of us!

  7. Jim Lahey

    Was at the Fulham V Ipswich game earlier, it was funny listening to the Fulham fans bemoan how they just pass it sideways all day, one of my favourite overheard comments was “We’re just a shit Arsenal”.

    Things could be worse Gooners!!

    Gonna head up to the Emirates tomorrow and see if I can get a ticket!

  8. gonsterous

    Wenger eagle…

    Porto is the most reliable team from the Portuguese league… Basel from the Swiss league and Chelsea and man city from the epl at the moment.. not to mention bayern real and barca !!
    The French is crazy so is the Italian league… As roma have let me down on more than one occasion !!

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Haha, the excuses for no CDM in the summer being lined up already.

    “Well, Coquelin’s stats…Bielik leaving school and being free all the time…Wilshere and Ramsey staying fit” blah blah blah.

  10. Leedsgunner


    I know see my response @1735.

    It’s like some Arsenal fans like their team competing with both hands tied behind their backs and with the blindfold on… and then celebrate like mad when we reach fourth despite our handicaps — even though most of our difficulties are self imposed.

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Pretty sure that there will be an overhaul of the midfield this summer. We need more strength pace and physicality. Flamini and Arteta are not fit for purpose and Ramsey and Wilshere’s form has been patchy and their injury record concerning. It’s a top quality DM for me along with a strong pacy b2b player.

    Despite this I am delighted that Coquelin is doing well at the moment and I hope his good form continues. It has been very, very good. However it’s only been about 8 weeks but I really hope it continues as we could then have two good options in shoring up our midfield. I am delighted for him and I hope he progresses further along with bringing in competition.

  12. gonsterous

    Anyone else think Wenger may just Nick the title in this last 3 years and finally redeem himself before leaving !! Looking unlikely though coz our defence is aging and we still need to find a striker and a DM !! But stranger things have happened !!

  13. Wallace


    but right now does Schneiderlin bring anything more than Coquelin’s doing? it’s not like Coquelin’s a young kid who’s going to be all over the place with his performance level. for me he’s already one of the first names on the team sheet. if Bielik’s not a serious prospect then i’d want us to bring someone in. i’m just not convinced Schneiderlin’s worth what we’d have to pay.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly.

    It’s because they know, they have to be pro-Wenger, so they can;t say it in a negative way, but they know as well as anyone that there is a very real chance Wenger will sit on his hands or buy a CAM or something.

    So they get the excuses in the chute right away so they can then point back and say ‘well it does make sense, I thought as much in February.”

    They don’t actually think that, they are just trying to prop up Wenger’s logic.

  15. N5

    Jim, Eagle doesn’t want his Everton ticket now, so there should be one available if you’re free then, if not we’ll sort something out as soon as you are ready to go mate.

  16. gonsterous

    Anyone else think Wenger may just Nick the title in this last 3 years and finally redeem himself before leaving !! Looking unlikely though coz our defence is aging and we still need to find a striker and a DM !! But stranger things have happened

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Possible. It’s football, anything can happen.

    But it will take some serious investment, need to have a look at Paulista but right now we need a commanding CB and CDM and still a top quality ST ad GK.

    As it has seemed perpetually to have been, ‘one up the spine’ of top quality.

  18. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – By the way, do you know if there will be touts about the Emirates tomorrow? And if there is what is the usual going rate so that I am not totally ripped off!

  19. Wallace

    my previous comment’s awaiting moderation….i just don’t think Schneiderlin offers any more than Coquelin right now. i’d be up for a sexy CM who offers something both offensively and defensively. somebody like Lucas Silva who Madrid have just signed for 12m. the problem with Schneiderlin for me is that i don’t think he’s a 25m player.

  20. N5

    The touts always rip you off mate. They’ll be there but you don’t want to touch them. The best bet is to go to the ground and if you walk round where Highbury used to be (Arsenal Tube Station) and keep heading towards Avenell Road (you can’t miss it). There is a shop, a program seller and a ticket office all next to each other. They are really obvious, you can’t miss them. If you go to the ticket office and ask for Pat and Tell her the East Sussex Arsenal club said she may be able to help, she’ll find you a ticket at cost.

    It’s a risk as there may not be one, but it’s worth a shot. I’m not getting there until late tomorrow as I have to work or I’d do all the leg work for you mate.

    West Ham is a go, I’ll get back to you soon about it Jim, do you just want the one ticket?

  21. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Will do! An absolute gent you are, just out of interest for W.Ham how many could you get your hands on? I might see if my dad would like to come over to see the game! He has supported the club all his life and has never seen a game live!

  22. Jim Lahey

    @RSPC – I think Fulham are away to Millwall next week! I will head to a couple more Fulham home games, they are my local side now!

    Had to turn down tickets from work to Chelsea V Everton this week.. Would have been nice to see the bridge, didn’t fancy sitting in beside a bunch of smug chelsea fans for 90 minutes!!

    The CFO of my company use to have season tickets to Arsenal in the club level…. use to have..

  23. N5

    Two wouldn’t be a problem Jim, I can meet you before the game and do the business for them and then if you and your dad would like me to show you about then cool if not you can do your own thing.

    Leave it with me, I’ll get them booked and i’ll get back to you in a couple of days.

  24. N'Gambo

    Wenger saying his ‘obsession’ with the FA Cup cost him success in the Champions League.

    The guy is a complete fucking fraud and a liar.

    Did the journalists laugh in his emaciated face?

  25. David Smith

    Wengers lack of ability, tactical acumen , game management, injury management and issues with the buying and selling of players have cost him in the champions league. Damn nearly cost him in last years cup final as well, it was the players, not the manager who won that

  26. underrated Coq


    ”Haven’t we tried this before ? ”
    No, we haven’t. I guess my previous comment wasn’t clear..? I did agree that Arsenal do need to sign a DM this summer BUT the quality of DM that’ll be brought in depends on how Coquelin does for the remainder of the season.

    ‘IF Coq maintains his form’ is the key here. The lad has some of the best stats in Europe in 2015 and he’s really settling well into the team without disrupting our ability to pass either a slick passing game or a counter-attacking game.

    What I am saying is– IF he can maintain his defensive contributions and keep on improving in his passing, Arsenal would already have a top notch DM.

    Why would you need a Schneiderlin then ? With all due respect to Schneiderlin, he’s not really a specialized DM and has nowhere near Coq’s defensive stats. So you would sign Schneiderlin and drop the better player Coquelin, all on the grounds that he is a shiny, imported player who costs 25 million pounds..?

    I just can’t see Arsenal spending 25-30 million pounds to fill a position that may already be in good hands, again ‘May’ being the key word. It depends on how Coquelin progresses in this season.

  27. Leedsgunner


    “Haven’t we tried this before ? ”
    No, we haven’t.””

    1. Thanks for this good natured debate I appreciate it and respect you for it.

    2. With respect to whether we have tried this before… Yes we have. Three examples:

    Denilson was an attacking midfielder which Wenger vainly tried to turn into a DM – when he arrived on the scene he was, by some commentators more highly regarded than Fabregas. 153 appearances later how did that experiment turn out? We couldn’t give him away. Like Coquelin he initially had a good season…

    Sanderos: 84 appearances Wenger persisted with him then until he realised he simply wasn’t good enough.

    Djourou: see Sanderors but change 84 appearances to 83

    Bentdner: remember him? The self proclaimed best striker in the world? It took 109 appearances before we could shift him out.

    Granted this relying on youth approach did work with Fabregas and Rvp spectacularly well but I would argue this is very very rare shouldn’t be expected time and time again. It’s nice when it happens but it should transform our transfer strategy.

    Look I’m not saying FC is not a good prospect, because clearly he is. But good young players get only better when they have WC players around them.

    Elevating FC to the status of our new DM answer does him no favours in the long run… see my comments re Wilshere and Chesney.

    Relying on young players to mature and turn good have not turned out well recently.

    1. Either they don’t and we waste millions hoping they will… millions we could have spent getting proven talent in the first place.

    2. Or they do — and they want to move on because we don’t win trophies and titles.

    Either way in the end AFC and the fans end up being the loser.

    I respect your desire to give FC time to see if he turns out good. Why not give him that time without the glare of pressure and expectation by getting a WC DM for him to learn from and thrive under? It has no negative effects and adds depth to the squad.

    To wait to see if Coquelin makes mistakes is unfair on him, the club and the fans.

    I respect your viewpoint though and I appreciate your reply.

  28. Thank you and goodnight


    What we want is irrelevant mate. He might get a CDM in the summer but he’ll more than likely neglect other areas the team needs strengthening. It’s always one step forward 2 back with Wenger. I’ve a mate who comes in my shop who upto the beginning of this season was an ardent AKB. This season he gave up his season ticket and goes fishing on match days instead as he’s now an ardent WOB and sick of the club fleecing the fans and the constant bullshit they trot out.

  29. Vince

    my team for today: Schez, Bellerin, Gibbs, Chambers, Paulista, Coquelin, Rosicky, Ozil, Welbeck, Walcott and Akpom. good morning, growers.

  30. Wallace


    “Elevating FC to the status of our new DM answer does him no favours in the long run… see my comments re Wilshere and Chesney.

    Relying on young players to mature and turn good have not turned out well recently….I respect your desire to give FC time to see if he turns out good. Why not give him that time without the glare of pressure and expectation by getting a WC DM for him to learn from and thrive under?”

    Wilshere & Szczesny were regulars at 18/19. Coquelin’s 23 now and probably thought his chance at Arsenal had passed him by. far less chance of him growing complacent, i think. i’m sure the last thing he wants to see now is Wenger spending big money on another DM.

    i’d be surprised if Flamini & Arteta are around next season. if Bielik’s not going to be challenging for a first team place then we will need another midfielder. i just don’t think Schneiderlin’s the answer.

  31. underrated Coq


    Fair enough, good points mate. Your concerns regarding young players, especially when it comes to young guns, do have a solid base. Though I feel Coquelin, being 23, has went past that point where the club needs to protect/ nurture him. Although In terms of footballing experience at the highest level, he is young.

    Ofcourse there is the possibility that he may not have the same form next year. Ramsey, for instance, has really struggled to adapt to the new system and he’s been terribly unlucky with injuries.

    Coquelin was thrust into action this season and he was looking to prove his worth which has surely helped motivate him.

    ‘If Coquelin goes into next season already knowing he is the no 1 choice, will he play the same way..?’– A question that will always be there with any player breaking into the team. Its a decision that comes down to the Manager’s judgement and no manager will always be right about every player.

    The ideal thing would be signing another class player who plays the same position. Competition does help keeping complacency away and there is also less pressure and burden on one player’s shoulders. But it comes with its negatives also. Not getting consistent game-time may lead to unhappy players, indifferent form and affect the team morale. And Mr.Wenger is not the best at rotation and man-management is he..?

    A club of Arsenal’s stature really needs to have two good players every position but that’s easier said than done.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Earlier in this thread I suggested that Arsenal needed to review its personnel,
    because there were too many players in the squad who were not fit for purpose either because they were injury prone or past their sell by date.

    Initially I focussed on the defensive positions in the team. This was because under pressure Arsenal have a tendency to buckle or lose concentration and in particular are tactically poor in games against top teams.

    However, the major revision of team should be to cut down the size of the squad, but improve its quality.

    Arsenal should be aiming for:
    1st X1 who are your regular starting line up and in particular in games against
    top teams.
    2nd X1 who are players who can come in to rotate the squad, rest players or
    fill in when the players above are injured, but will not diminish significantly
    the standards.

    Arsenal do need also to improve standards downstream. Our U21 are surprisingly in Second Division following the changes made last season. This suggests that the squad of players there is not of the highest standard.

    More worrying is that our Under 18s are also currently under performing. Whilst I appreciate that some of the age group players may be playing in older
    age groups a club of Arsenal’s status should be able to cope with such a situation and compete at top level.

    When I talked to a sports journalist recently at a local paper who knows the set up in North London he suggested that Spurs have at moment a significantly better youth programme than we have.

  33. Leedsgunner


    “The ideal thing would be signing another class player who plays the same position. Competition does help keeping complacency away and there is also less pressure and burden on one player’s shoulders”

    Couldn’t agree more. Exactly my point… and with our injury record we can’t have enough especially since Wenger seems to operate on the policy “let’s play him until he breaks theory.”

    I’m not advocating spending money for the sake of it and it’s great when our youth set up could supply needed first teamers… however when it can’t or the wider market have players of a quality that would improve a club of our stature should not be afraid to spend… especially on young WC talents in the 20-26 age for midfielders.

    Your point about Coquelin’s age is a good one – hopefully his older age will hold him in good stead and he will be more professional then Wilshere and Chesney.

    Cheers for the considered reply. 🙂

  34. Leedsgunner


    What happens if we let Arteta and Flamini (because they are not good enough anyway) go at the end of the season and Coquelin gets a long term injury?

    We’re back to square one. Whose going to take over that DM spot? Wilshere? Ramsey? With their injury record? Is Bielik going to be thrust into a starting role then?

    Isn’t this how Wilshere, Ramsey, RvP, Walcott, Gibbs, Ox became so injury prone in the first place? Is this a mistake worth repeating? It might save us money initially but we sure end up paying for it in days lost to injury.

    I used to think we suffered from bad luck from injuries but it’s just too often to too many players in our squad for it to be accidental or bad luck.

    You maybe right that Schneiderlin may not be the answer but we do need another class person in there. I personally think Schneiderlin will choose one of the other big clubs. If you agree who would you bring in?

    We need a major overhaul in the midfield and a class DM would a good start.

  35. Wallace

    Ozil, Sanchez, Chambers, Debuchy, Welbeck, Ospina, Gabriel, Bielik and the emergence of Coquelin, Bellerin, Akpom and hopefully Gnabry from the youth set-up…our squad over the last 2 years has evolved at quite a rapid rate.

  36. SpanishDave

    Walcott Ramsey, Wilshire are all injury prone players who between them cannot play for a season. Then look at how much they are paid.
    All three should go if we were really hoping to win the league.

  37. Wallace


    i’m fascinated by Bielik. love the idea of a powerful 6’2 player in our midfield. but yeah, at 17 even if he is a real prospect he’s only going to be a bit part player for the next few years.

    i don’t follow enough world football these days to have a list of possible additions to the midfield. a stronger, faster, younger version of Arteta would be the ideal. someone who could play alongside Coquelin, or replace him if he does get injured.

    and there’s still the question of what to do with Ramsey & Wilshere. Ramsey’s performance levels baffle me, but i am a big fan of Wilshere. would hate to see him leave the club. but both have a lot to prove between now and the end of the season.

  38. Wallace


    yeah, with the right people around him, and played in his best position, Ozil is/will be our key player, i think.

  39. Dream10

    Leeds and Wallace

    Speaking of Ozil, Aitor Karanka (Boro’s manager), made an interesting comment yesterday. He said that Mesut needed to be put under pressure to play at the top of his game. This was the approach that Mourinho and his coaching staff (which Karanka was a member of) took. Ozil is a relaxed player who needs motivation and pressure from the coaching staff.

    Ozil is comfortably our best player.
    He is not a Vieira or Gerrard type who takes games by the scruff of the neck. He is a facilitator and chance maker. And a damn good one at that. This fluid system which AW employs w/ one centre forward surrounded by multiple playmakers does not suit Mesut. He needs to be in a balanced XI. I would not be surprised if he asks to leave this summer.

  40. Leedsgunner


    It would be a sad day. Who’s next then Sanchez. Ahhhhh!!! We’d be back to 2011 when we had Cesc and Nasri leave us. See TYAGN’s statement about 2 steps forward and 1 step back!!!

  41. Wallace


    i think Ozil now has the speed and movement in front of him – Sanchez, Walcott, Ox, Welbeck – that we lacked last season. i think the problem position now is alongside Coquelin in the midfield. we need a player who can do a solid job defensively, but also contribute going forwards as well. Ramsey at his best is ideal, but he’s a long way from that currently.

  42. Dream10

    Very interested to see the quality of Sanchez’s off the ball movement when Ozil has the ball at his feet. If he makes a run, Mesut will find him

  43. Emiratesstroller

    We come back always to the debate about Ozil. Ozil is a play of real class who has a proven track record wherever he plays. He was rated the best player and star inthe German National Team which won recently the World Cup.

    That team included stars like Neuer, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Reus and Muller. It is true that he performance level dropped last season. I think that there were factors which contributed to this not least the manner in which he was offloaded by Real Madrid and also serious problems within the family, which have been apparently resolved.

    As someone suggested to me Ozil is not a typical footballer he is a rather ‘sensitive soul’. Obviously what goes on in his life might have more impact on how
    he plays than with others.

    What I do know is that since he has returned he looks to be an excellent player clearly enjoying his footballer and making a considerable impact on our
    performance level. He scored 3 goals in consecutive games and two assists and frankly you cannot expect more from a player.

    He is not going to perform and run around for 90 minutes particularly in back to back games in three days as he was forced to do last week. It was clear that
    he was fairly knackered in Leicester game as were several other players as well.

    That is the problem when you have constantly players who are injured as we
    had at the time in midfield with Ramsey,Wilshire, Arteta, Ox and even Diaby
    out all injured. This is why Arsenal need to recruit more reliable players who
    are less injury prone. It puts too much pressure on the likes of Ozil and Cazorla to play and perform all the time. They are not automatons.