Festering injury issues | New TV money must go to the fans

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Well, the mirage that was our Renaissance has well and truly come unpicked in the last two weeks. Poorly executed game plans, a lack of fight and the recurring injury nightmare that is Arsenal.

Aaron Ramsey is out until March with a hamstring injury. He’s been back, what, 5 games? It’s same old, same old. As we’ve said many times on here before, the soft tissue injuries are usually preventable. I mean, you’d expect more risk of that occurring at this time of year, but not with a player who has hardly played over the last 3 months. It just looks like carelessness.

Old Raymond rent-a-quote has an opinion…

There are two solutions. Either Arsenal sort themselves out or Aaron has to go to a club… where training is more balanced,

The medical staff can only cure the problem but football coaches cause the problem because they are responsible for football training sessions

People point to him not working for team at the moment (always amusing when it’s bloggers) miss that he works on a global training programme to educating professionals and amateurs alike. So think what you like about him because he upsets your  vision of Wenger being a rational progressive thinker… but somewhere in there, he has a point. We don’t know how to keep players fit, and this has been a long term issue. Like, a ten year issue.

… and look at Jose, he’s keeping Cesc firing. And the rest of his squad / aging backline.

Still, let’s not beat down on ourselves. LVG is starting to implode, as I predicted. He’s getting away with a lot of shitty performance by playing long ball. He’ll come unstuck though. They shouldn’t be looking up, they should be looking down… I reckon Liverpool might catch.

Oh, and how about busting out diagrams in a press conference? He had as all wrapped up in his king of arrogance bullshit… then it all unravelled. He DOES care about this press. Little ol’ insecure Louis. I thought it was funny. The most arrogant ones are always the most broken inside.

Let’s also celebrate that we have Boro at home at the weekend. Win that, we take a quarters in the FA cup. I’d love an Arsenal / United final. What a day that’d be! That trophy is ours to be retained.

We also have the best draw in the Champions League. I’m hoping for at least a quarter final. Maybe a semi if the draw is fair to us twice.

I mean, on the face of it, it could be a very good season. It’ll always be tarnished by the what ifs though and I think that’s what makes us so frustrating. Wenger has a lot of positives about him. The frustration is that attention to detail, planning and progress aren’t two of them. If they were, it’s hard to believe we’d be doing anything other than dominating.

Well, let’s not get carried away… competing for serious honours, over slopping around in the nearly drip tray.

Final piece of the puzzle. That TV deal. Oh my days. We’re over double the TV revenue of any other league on the planet. We just went supersize. Say what you want about Scudamore, but the man could sell Park Chu Young to a Champions League team in need of a world class striker. He’s outrageous.

£10m a game before international rights are organised. But, like I’ve said before, it’s the best product out there. In Spain, they have three teams with some top players, but outside that, you’re really struggling. They don’t have the investment because two mega clubs dominate the TV deals. It’s so short sighted. Under this new deal, the bottom club lands £100m. In our league at the moment, the small clubs may have had one danger player, but now, they have 5 or 6. You can lose to any team. No one rolls over. Everyone has a good fitness set up. Everyone has access to the same technology. I mean, look at Southampton! They can afford to invest in world class infrastructure. This secures the league once again… amazing turnaround. Interesting that the second best TV deal is the Bundasliga (I think because of their deal with terrestrial Chinese TV) and that’s £2.5m a game.

It’s an arrogant thing to say, but it feels like the cyclical nature of league football might be over. We’re too dominant. That could come unstuck, for sure, but look… people don’t go to games in Spain and Italy. We pack out the stadiums week in week out… 93% capacity fill across the league. Unless we’re priced out, that’ll stay the same.

My concern is that this new money goes straight into footballers pockets, rather than on lowering ticket prices. The business models of football clubs are ridiculous… 70% of revenue going into staff pockets is a sad way to operate. I’m not calling for a wage cap, but there has to come a point where it’s not just one party benefitting from this glut of money. At some point, there has to be a consideration for the fans. At some point, football has to wake up and realise that if young people don’t get indoctrinated early doors, you lose them forever… you don’t lust to sit in the cold stands, you’re taught about it because your parents take you as a kid.

There needs to be more long term vision on this. I know Arsenal’s marketing team recognises this, but really, it should be all the clubs collectively working out what they can do, now they have all this additional revenue… to make things better for the fans and help secure the next generation.

Well, that’s what I’d be thinking about if I was Scudamore. The Italian product is crap because the football is boring, but, more importantly, no one likes to watch a game with an empty stadium.

Right, that’s your lot. LATERZ x


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  1. salparadisenyc

    Keyser is more a Dr. No type for me.

    A man alone on his island. The man is an island, metaphors abound with parallels to Wenger and romantic notions of how things could be done. But those Dr. No shiny black mechanical hands that used crush haters and non-believers ultimately fail him. Reality beckons.

    Then it all eventually goes up in flames and thick smoke.

  2. GuNZ

    If you have not checked this out, you should. It is Giroud giving his opinion on the upcoming FA Cup tie:


    What I want to know is why the fuck the guy asking the questions has got a French accent as well. It is like a fucking Charles de Gaulle Monty Python take the piss sketch. The ‘interview’ lasts for 3 minutes 54 seconds. Giroud, amongst Gallic myaw myaw err orrrrrnnnnn’s, actually speaks for about a minute of it.

    The rugby Super XV starts again tonight, the cricket world cupstarts tomorrow in Christchurch, South Africa play Zimbabwe in Hamilton on Sunday (not really interested in the teams but its only 40 minutes away) and the Arsenal game is not until early Monday morning my time so I’ve got a whole weekend of sport ahead of me. All the neutral pundits are going for a fairly comfortable Arsenal win and I reckon our form roller-coaster makes us due a non nail-biter so I’m not too worried.

  3. Wallace


    love how Giroud gets under your skin. these days whenever he breaks out his ‘just missed a golden oppurtunity’ face i think of you at home, choking on your bottle of red while pointing at the screen and making a bunch of primal noises.

    personally i think he’s very underrated 😉

  4. Gregg


    Good weekend of sport coming up mate. We got the six nations rugby here aswell. I’ve got a little wager on New Zealand for the cricket World Cup this year.

  5. Zementalstrength

    The word “biomechanical” is the ultimate proof that wenger is Ze specialist in fitness lol
    Or Ze ultimate fan of the Power Rangers ??

  6. GuNZ


    Not a bad wager mate. The Black Caps have hit form at the right time

    Le Prof

    You may be right there. I have to confess to getting the missus shit-faced nowadays and wearing my Giroud cut-out mask whilst hoping my drunkenly slurred professions of love sound French and do the trick. Unfortunately, just like Giroud, I miss her cunt with my cock and balls nine times out of ten.

    Been in contact with the boys from ‘Boro. I just hope I do not have to send a humble pie e-mail and suffer a forfeit such as having to wear a scuba diving suit with sequins sown on the inside and strap myself to a ceiling fan whilst gimp-mask wearing dwarves hurl cold chicken vindaloo and stale lamb sagwaala at me. I have lost all hope.My francophobia is at critical mass!

  7. Blsany

    i love how we abuse L’oreal but he could probably get your sister aunt and grandma with one of his faces he pulls after one of his missed guilt edged chances.

  8. GuNZ

    She also reckons he shaves his nasal hair and keeps his ear hair under control. I told her last time I met someone like that was in the sauna after a gym session and I lost my virginity.

  9. Rhys Jaggar

    The new DOMESTIC TV deal.

    That is THE ENGLISH paying out more for TV football.

    Not the French, the Yanks, the Africans, the Chinese, the Indians etc etc.


    Now say what you want about what you can do with the money, but why should the ENGLISH shell out more for more foreign owners to hire more foreign managers to buy more foreign players.

    In economics, this is called ‘committing economic suicide through a balance of trade deficit’.

    Sure, the foreign players live in England whilst on contract. Sure, a few stay.

    But most?? Most ship their savings back overseas and there are hardly any Brits working abroad shovelling their hard-earned shit back to Blighty.

    OH, you can all splurge a bit more to watch Cristiano, Lionel, whoever else.

    But just remember, unless there’s a bunch of other folks shovelling shit back into this country from abroad, we are letting a foreign TV broker, 12 or so foreign managers and a few hundred foreign players plunder our national wealth.

    Wenger has said the new TV deal means ‘more foreign players’.

    Why is that, exactly?? It’s not an increase in the OVERSEAS TV CONTRACT.

    It’s an increase in the price for UK fans. TV fans that is.

    So why is a foreign manager telling those English fans what to spend the money on.

    Now if all the English payors say: ‘we don’t want to develop our own, we want to screw Russian Escorts at the Ritz’: OK. That’s a decision by those who put up the cash.

    But for all that Scudamore says that ‘the EPL is not a charity’, it is for UK paying TV fans and UK season ticket holders.

    You put up more and more money and get no say whatsoever on how that money is spent. All you get is the right to reject what someone else tells you to take or else.

    Seems a bit silly, doesn’t it??