Arsenal as disinterested as the fans…

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Happy good morning to you. I didn’t attend the game last night due to work commitments, but to be honest, it sounds like I didn’t exactly miss a dream performance. From everything I’ve read, it sounds like the atmosphere was pretty appalling. It’s not surprising, it’s hard to motivate yourself as a fan after a Spurs loss, especially when you’re playing relegation fodder and the stewards go super dictatorial for the crap games… and the team put in a turgid performance.

I’ve said it time and time again… an atmosphere is generally not an accident. Dortmund is a prime example of a great atmosphere that is engineered. They don’t mess about. They have a 10 track album that runs before the game, they have standing sections, they have megaphonists standing on the corners geeing up the crowd… probably helps the place is quite industrialised as well, with the club sitting at the heart of it.

… we keep moaning, but we don’t do anything about it. Maybe it’s youth thing? I’m super passionate about my team, but I’m 30 years old. Screaming songs at the top of my voice for ninety minutes, well, it’s not as appealing as it once was, and, by the sounds of it, most of the stadium are of that opinion. 10 years ago… different story. Singing sections anyone? Reduced prices? Kicked out if you’re quiet for 10 minutes?

Anyway, it’s a big problem that the club have the power to sort. Not sure it’s family friendly though, so you can kiss that idea away.

So here’s a quick review of the game from @CorrBlimey_ (Farrell) who attended in my absence for an extortionate mark up.

Whenever I’ve been to watch Arsenal since moving to London, we’ve always won; 5 games last season, and last night was my 4th of this season. To say I’m solely responsible for the win last night would be a lie, but I’d say at least 75% was me. Shame of last night is that Arsenal always tend to turn on the flair when I attend (Welbz looked like Henry against Galatasaray) but last night this was not the case.

At half-time we were 2-0 up and quite comfortable without really doing that much. The first, a corner that was neatly swept home by #LosKos, and the second a rebound that was tucked away by Theo from a speculative driven shot from Ozil (never thought I’d say that). The German had a lot of the ball, but also lost a lot of the ball which was frustrating. Another disappointing element of the evening was the intent Leicester had with their attacks, they looked more interested, they were getting in behind the defence a far too much for my liking.

They continued to pressure in the second half and nicked a goal through Kramaric 60 minutes in. They were in the ascendancy and we were looking worryingly pedestrian without a target man, so I had mixed feelings when Giroud came on for Alexis, especially as I had captained the little wizard in my fantasy team with him having little impact on the game. I later heard that this was because of a knock he got in the first half. Let’s hope it’s just a precaution.

From the moment Giroud came on we seemed to lose our attacking threat all together, the Frenchman uninterested in moving faster than his trademark trot. Having not been to that many games it was really interesting to see the crowd reacting angrily to Giroud’s nonchalance. They knew the game wasn’t won yet. Leicester had two clear cut chances to level the game, but fortunately they weren’t clinical enough and we saw out a much needed three points.

My personal win streak goes on, but only just.

Ramsey made a 9 minute cameo in the game before going off injured, looking like he’ll be out for a few weeks (again. Nice to see we’ve still not learned our fitness lessons. One comes back, another drops out. A fully fit squad still a pipe dream). I’m hoping the injury, plus his monumental dip in form will be enough to spur Jack (still training in his Bane mask) to try and made that place his own for the rest of the season. I don’t feel like it’s now or never for him, but he’s got a real opportunity ahead of him over the next few months to make difference and drive us to third… or maybe second? Perhaps I need to go to more games for that to happen.

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