Will Arsenal debut the new kid?

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Hey, you know what’s more boring than watching paint drying? Painting. Why is the phrase not, ‘boring as painting, mate’.

That was a boring opener . Anyway, onto soccerball, sometimes, I love reading Arsene Wenger comments. When asked about who Sanchez reminds him of  he had this to say…

“Ian Wright. He is a bit like Ian Wright. His enthusiasm, the enthusiasm of Ian Wright. He has that. He is very friendly and bubbly every day. He is quieter than Ian Wright but that is not difficult and he doesn’t get booked.

“He has had a bit of a winter break now, [one] that he didn’t really want but he got one and I think he will now be recovered and fit until the end of the season. It was difficult for him not to play [against Spurs]. If it was the last game of the season he would have played.’

He’s absolutely nailed it with that. Ian Wright. Makes so much sense. If you watch how Ian Wright used to tear around the pitch, they’ve a similar style. You forget how fast Wrighty was until you look back on the videos.

It’s also good news that Sanchez has had a break. Even better that he was rested against Spurs. I don’t care that he could have played, sometimes you have to pick your battles. It’s doubtful he’d have made much of a difference, especially if he wasn’t 100%. When you read Wenger’s comments, it sounds like he’s being educated to a degree in the background. That’s good news.

Tonight, we have the opportunity to smash up Leicester and restore a bit of confidence after we hashed up the Spurs game at the weekend. If anything is important over the next few months, it’s the little games like tonight. Pearson has found it tough in the Premier League. He didn’t invest heavily, I think he probably underestimated the intensity (I mean, Konchesky at full back was always going to be a disaster) and he’s not been able to restore confidence. But hey, football at that level is about yo yo promotions. Go up, make a load of cash, go down, spend well and build a stronger side so eventually you can sustain a 5 year burst in the league.

Tonight, I hold out little hope of them taking much from us… it’ll be a game we’ll take seriously because of how poor our form was on Saturday. I’d like to see us setup with flair on the mind. We need to rack up some goals and exploit their full backs. Would also be great to see Chuba at some point, these are the games to cut your teeth in.

I’d start with Rosicky over Ramsey, maybe look for a front three of Theo, Giroud and Ozil (I know). Midfield will be pinned by Coquelin and I’d guess we’d see Santi in there. There’s talk that Bielek will be in the squad. Crazy that a 17 year old can walk into our first team, he’s either incredible, or he caught Wenger doing something very dodgy on Chatroulette.

I’m calm about this evening. I’m not making the game sadly, but if you are, thank to good lord the weather is slightly warmer than it was. No ice brick feet!

Will Ospina retain his spot? Big shout. Big, big shout.

Right, have a good one, today, I’ll be mostly going through the UEFA Elite Injury Study.

P.S. Some of the papers are genuinely running with a story that Madrid are keeping tabs on Harry Kane. Best story ever.

Not as funny as Robert Huth coming back into contention after a two game suspension for playing #CockOrNoCock online.

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  1. kwik fit

    Maybe tonight’s performance was so dire that it may serve as the wake up call we need or was that Saturdays performance ?

  2. Bamford10

    Koscielny was MotM according to WhoScored. Rating 8.70, Goals 1, Clearances 9, Tackles 3, Interceptions 2.

    Kane’s goal was really well-taken by the way. Sturridge with a great dribble in the box for the PK also. Wish we had a real CF.

  3. northern gooner


    Jakes a nice guy. Owen is terrible. Hes worse than any other commentator i can remember and mark bright used to be bad on bbc.

  4. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    He started mostly wide but played thru the middle some. Rosicky, Santi, Rosicky, Sanchez all interchanging. But the second half it mostly broke down because we kept giving the ball away getting countered and Sanchez was a gimp. Ozil was motm for about 30 minutes. Anyhow our cm situation is dire.

  5. WengerEagle

    I completely can see where TYAG is coming from.

    I still watch every match and love my football but it’s been weird watching Arsenal these last few years, since around 2011 for me anyway when we lost the heart of our side.

    There have been a few highs last seasons F.A Cup win being one of those but tbh all in all I’ve been fairly indifferent to the heartbreaks every year.

    There’s no real buzz anymore, even after the Spuds defeat at the weekend I was gutted for all of a couple of hours before it wore off. In the past it would take me weeks to recover from a loss to those twats.

    Was, rinse, repeat until we get a new manager/owner.

  6. Relieable sauce

    Pogba will probably be sold this summer & because the dumb ass, cum guzzling akb cant tell their arses from their elbows we wont even be in the bidding.

    Will they ever realise wenger is holding us back & has done for years…no of course not, in the kingdom of the blind…

    Could be worse I suppose, we could be Villa fans…but then again they have won the European cup, something wenger will never, ever achieve.

  7. Leedsgunner

    On Saturday we were beat by a team who showed more desire and composure led by a hot striker — and I didn’t feel too hard done by even though we came away with nothing. Tonight we although we won, got three points — we were absolutely appalling.

    I feel more upset tonight than Saturday – how crazy is that?

  8. Roaaary

    How is it Spurs can play more games than us and play at a higher intensity and not drop?

    We have a good team but Wenger is harming us with his tactics and training

  9. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough, but it was painful to watch.

    Although my boy Özil turned up. What did I tell you, when Özil is hot… we will more than likely win games.

    I wonder if Sanchez and Ramsey will suffer long term injuries now. It’s just that type of night…

  10. Wallace

    the Sanchez injury is a worry, and looks like Ramsey and Jack are taking it in turns to be the fit one. Monreal once again our best player when things got tough, followed by Coquelin.

  11. Roaaary

    @leeds – sanchez was just a kick apparently. Not long term. With Ramsey injured and cazorla off form is love to see Ozil Central with sanchez and walcott flanking him.

  12. salparadisenyc

    At times I have to ask myself if i’m watching Arsenal we lack so many of the key attributes that made us rock solid under Wenger and Graham before to a certain extent.

    That second 45 tonight…. i’m not sure what that was… but it wasn’t the Arsenal I grew up with.

  13. kwik fit

    love to see Ozil Central with sanchez and walcott flanking him


    ‘Flanking’ was that a Freudian slip 😉

  14. tunnygriffboy

    I’ve heard this many times on lg. It’s a results business. Not a great performance but 3 valuable points.

    Also those who say we should be beating teams by 3 or 4 goals are a bit optimistic. Teams like Leicester haven’t been thumped all season. They give everyone a tough game. To say we are going to smash teams is disrespectful and smacks of a sense of entitlement that we take the piss out of the scousers for.

  15. Roaaary

    @tunny you miss the point. Although we won its the tactics, structure and flow of our performance which is worrying.

    Better opposition would have beat us today

  16. Wallace

    a couple of the Leicester players will never have to worry about getting back to basics, that’s for sure. Huth and his lumberjack sidekick probably went dinosaur bashing in their youth.

  17. gunnergetyou

    Liverpool are on fire at the moment, I was fairly confident of a top 4 finish but I am beginning to have some serious doubts. Our early season form has really cost us. Now the injuries are creeping back in, we’re
    1) having to rely on players who have just returned from injury.
    2) having to rely on inexperienced players like Bellerin and Coq.
    3) having to rely on aging players like Santi, Rosicky, Flamini going into the most crucial part of the season.

    Put this all together in one team and you’re left with the shambles we just witnessed.

  18. Leedsgunner


    @leeds – sanchez was just a kick apparently. Not long term. With Ramsey injured and cazorla off form is love to see Ozil Central with sanchez and walcott flanking him.

    It says something about Wenger’s tactical nous that we have to wait for Wilshere and Ramsey to be injured and for Cazorla to be off-colour before Wenger is dragged kicking and screaming playing Özil, one of the world’s best AM in his PREFERRED POSITION.


  19. Dissenter

    We are not playing like a top team.
    The 5-0 defeat of Villa was an anomaly because EVERYBODY is trashing Villa these days.

  20. Dissenter

    So now we need bodies in the middle to scrap a top 4 position..
    What do we have from the last transfer window, a puppy called Bielick or the super-crocked Wheelchair.
    Thanks Mr. Wenger.

  21. Leedsgunner


    Stockholm syndrome: He doesn’t want to get a kicking from Wenger ;).

    Good call by the way in urging us not to take Leicester lightly… almost came unstuck didn’t it?

  22. tunnygriffboy


    Man u been playing like that all season. Yes we were poor but it’s 3 points. It’s strange though because if we comfortably beat Stoke and Villa it’s only because it’s Stoke and Villa. Struggle tonight and win and the venom is horrible. I’m glad we got the win. Try and move on.

  23. Roaaary

    Watching the highlights and a few things stand out. Mertesacker gives people too much space. He is our weak link. Because his lack of pace he just backs off people. Not good enough.

    Also we stand off and allow too many crosses in. Cambiasso was left in exactly the same position as bentaleb was at the weekend – acres of space. Fortunately the ball in wasn’t as good as at Spurs.

    Finally when we attack we don’t have clear positions or movement causing us to pass sideways. No one breaks the lines

  24. Relieable sauce

    Over 5 billion pounds was the combined bid for domestic TV rights for the epl over 3 yrs, with the total expected to be around 8 billion after the overseas right are sold.

    I wonder what the % increase of a ST will be next season & what ligue deux player we’ll be bidding for???

    This is going to make us more competitive apparently…lol.

  25. Roaaary

    @tunny agreed United have been the same but I don’t think they’ll make top four. They also look bereft of attacking ideas and will lose games as they aren’t slick.

    Spurs and Liverpool may not be winning consistently but they have found their style and will push is very hard for top four

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    Just got back from the game. Pile of turd that was but at least we won. Props to Ozil, Le Coq, Kos and Monreal (playing really well). Poor otherwise tbh because we were in complete control first half, lost our marbles after the break. Lol @ everyone hallucinating though. One week we’re amazing, next week we’re turd. We’re pretty much where we are. Fourth is down to us, we’ll get there if we win the bulk of our games. 7 at home, 6 away

  27. Cesc Appeal

    I thought Ozil played well tonight.

    But I don’t like what happens to us as a side when he plays wide left. From the outset that set up just screamed confusion and lack of shape.

    Very, very lucky to escape with 3 points tonight. Very lucky indeed.

    As bad as Spurs that performance. Just we were against a lower calibre of opposition.

    Plus, we must shift on one of Wilshere or Ramsey this summer and get in a reliable, good B2B player AS WELL AS a great CDM. As I said weeks ago, Ramsey and Wilshere especially aren’t real options for a season, they spend great swathes of them injured.

  28. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    I think you are missing the point. People weren’t predicting 3 -0 because we felt entitled. It’s because of talent disparity, payroll disparity, table position. And playing at home.
    Also neutral statistical sites were predicting 3-0, also the betting lines were 3-0 as most likely. So gamblers and b ookies were expecting that as the most likely outcome. So at least for me, it was about most likely outcome. Zero to do with entitlement or disrespect.
    So predictions are just that predictions. We were 2-0 up at halftime, the way we played second half was awful or the most likely outcome probably would have occured. The trend of going ahead and then conceding ir panicking in the second half of the last 2 games is very conderning to me.

  29. Leedsgunner

    “But I don’t like what happens to us as a side when he plays wide left. From the outset that set up just screamed confusion and lack of shape.”

    Tell us something we don’t know.

  30. salparadisenyc


    Im happy with the 3 points. Overall its certainly alarming in terms of us generally looking like we were about kick off our season.. finally with some type of form and purpose. With a fit squad.

    Then walked over at WHL and this performance which was a pretty odd second half to say the least. Surely not the kind of response Wenger was hoping for…. many things creeped into that 45 minutes, notably fear.

    When we play with fear were as good as dead.

  31. tunnygriffboy


    Who has thumped Leicester this season ? No one. They’ve been a handful against everyone this season, they struggle to put the ball in the net. I’ve been listening to their fans on the phones since this Pearson business kicked off and to a man they say they’ve been really competitive in all their games. I wasn’t expecting an easy game tonight. I thought we’d handle it better after getting the second goal. The Leicester players are all behind Pearson and don’t want him to go. It showed tonight. Sometimes as well as us being off you have to give some credit to the opposition. They are a much better side than Hull, Villa etc, very well organised, fit and good on the counter. Irrespective of stats and predictions,saying that we would win at a canter smacks of entitlement imo.

  32. Romford Ozil Pele

    Nah Tunny it was very poor from us. We’ve put away better sides. Our passing was nothing short of shambolic. It’s not a case of entitlement really. When our players aren’t doing the basics, people are gonna moan and rightly so. Last two games the midfield have gone AWOL. Poor performance whi never way you dress it up

  33. Cesc Appeal

    “Irrespective of stats and predictions,saying that we would win at a canter smacks of entitlement imo.”

    Smacks of having expectations of a squad and not making excuses before a ball is kicked.

    It smacks of fans who watched an Arsenal side capitulate to Spurs wanting a response and getting a limp dick of a performance, a stale old turd against rock bottom Leicester.

    It wasn’t that we didn’t ‘smash them’…it’s that Leicester were the better team and carved out far, far more chances. If we had left with a point I’d still have said we got away with that.

    We were abject, appalling, no organisation, no determination, limp, an utter shambles at the back, a muddle in the middle and non existent up top. Terrible performance.

  34. tunnygriffboy


    It’s a results business. That’s what we’re constantly told no ? 🙂

    No we weren’t great. May have tired after weekend, who knows ? Least Ozil and Walcott look ok. Worried about Ramsey. Hopefully Sanchez is just a kick and he’ll be fit for the Palace game. Need to get the team right for Boro. Can’t take them lightly.

  35. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Naas it really isn’t. Actually considering Leicester actually didn’t park the bus all that much. We should have probably won 3 -0. Man. U. Just beat them 3-1, … 2 weeks ago if I’m remembering right.
    Our defending was really poor especially in center midfield and on the wings.

  36. Bamford10

    Still can’t get any full highlights. Twitter consensus seems to be:
    – Ozil was excellent
    – Theo was garbage but for the goal
    – 2nd half was atrocious

    Anyone want to add to this?

  37. tunnygriffboy


    Yes we were poor but managed to get the result. My point is that there are very few easy games in a season and you have to be on your mettle from the off. If not you see games like this.

  38. Samir


    Twitter is correct 😉

    Also, Ospina was a little shaky for me…Don’t know if he’s just finding his feet or if he’s Fabianski in disguise.

  39. Bamford10


    Based on what Cesc said above, I think I should add the following two notes:

    – they created more chances
    – we looked poorly managed, poorly organized

  40. tunnygriffboy


    They pushed man u all the way man u got a late late 3rd goal. I’m not saying that we played well but we managed to get the result. Sure I want us to be better, we’ve played well for a few weeks, were poor v Spurs and lost, were poor tonight and got 3 points. I’m thankful for a win and hope we play better on the weekend.

  41. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Sanchez was clearly injured in first half at around 38 minutes and should have been subbed at half. Also Ramsey was injured by just barely jumping with no contact and had to be subbed just after coming on. Sad to see him limp off. He looked very concerned.

  42. Bamford10

    So in summary:

    – Ozil was excellent
    – Coq, Monreal & Kosc were good
    – Theo was garbage but for the goal
    – 2nd half was atrocious
    – Leicester created more chances
    – we looked poorly managed, poorly organized
    – Sanchez should’ve come off at half; is injured
    – Ramsey is injured
    – we got three points

    More good than bad, or more bad than good?

  43. MidwestGun

    My vote is more good then bad because we got the points. But it’s definitely not a momentum switcher which is what we needed after NLD. We were hanging on at the end.

  44. tunnygriffboy


    Performance 1st half ok. 2nd half very poor
    We had more shots and more shots on target than them though they were dangerous at end of 2nd half
    Sanchez a kick but a worry
    Ramsey looks bad

    We got the 3 points

    Walcott Wenger very complimentary about Leicester. A very tough game

  45. WengerEagle

    We very nearly made a MES-ut of that, I’m RoSICKy of us scraping resluts together.

    Theo’s first missed chance made him look a bit of a BELLerin-end but he made up for that COQ-up with aN OS-clean-A finish (close enough).

    We have some defensive issues to AARON out but THEO-retically even though it is a PER result we can take KOS-itives from the win.

    We MON-REALly have to put in better performances if we want to secure 4th spot CAZ our run-in of MATHIEU-ches SANCHEZES [suggests, scraping the barrel-in (Bellerin) here] that we will have some stiff competition (throw a COQ joke in here).

    After so many years of securing the 4th place trophy it would be GI-Rude not to.

  46. MidwestGun

    Hmm liked his movement the first half. Looked rusty on fnishing but did bury the second chance. As per usual he didn’t defend at all. Maybe he was supposed to rotate with Sanchez at Cf but he mainly just hung out in right center channel.
    2nd half completely anonymous. Grade of C + Maybe?

  47. Relieable sauce


    You seem like a really nice guy but also a soft touch & I say this under the premise of “it takes one to know one” & not to offend. You have the patience of a saint & it is indeed virtuous but you should know where to draw the line.

    Why is it not ok for fans to take the opposition for granted but its acceptable for the manager & players to, time & time again?

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah I agree on Walcott, we all know what he is and what he does and doesn’t do…but it just seems he’s come back a proper lazy bastard.

    Perhaps it’s Sanchez having an effect on me, expecting more out of him. But he really gets on my tits the way he just fades out of the game for huge periods and contributes next to nothing.

  49. salparadisenyc

    At a certain point in the first half I was convinced we were playing a 442, if Walcott put as much effort tracking back as he does on the glory runs he’d be complete baller well minus the finish.

  50. N'Gambo

    The fact is that we have ONE single player in the entire fucking squad who will actually harass, press, and chase – and that’s Alexis.

    The rest of them are too rich to care; more interested in twitter followers than games.

    Most teams show more commitment than Arsenal ever does – they just can’t afford the extra 1% difference.

    Leicester is bottom of the Premier League. It’s like us beating Hull in the FA Cup and thinking it’s something amazing.

  51. salparadisenyc

    Alexis Sánchez ‏@Alexis_Sanchez 2h2 hours ago
    Sometimes the love for the game and anxiety to be on a football pitch works against you ⚽️

  52. Leedsgunner

    From the way Arsene was speaking it sounds like Ramsey is out for months.

    I guess it’s another name to add to address book under “like a new signing.” come 31 August this summer.

  53. Relieable sauce

    Wenger has got himself in a pickle trying to build a squad with injury prone players…or were they always injury prone??? chicken or the egg question I suppose.
    Always going to be a struggle if the spine of the team is not fit for purpose but hey ho.

    Heard Woodgate scored for borough tonight…a Real blast from the past. The best English CB i’ve ever seen & one of the best England have ever produced imo. Shame about the injuries & the scumbag element in his early years. Could have been one of the greats.

  54. salparadisenyc

    From the look of it Ramsay did his hamstring…. again. Jack Wilshire’s time to salvage his Arsenal career…. again. And the wheels on the bus go round and round.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    That’s why I say, if it were up to me one of them would be gone this summer, move them on for the best price possible.

    Would be Wilshere for me, doesn’t offer close to what Ramsey does and his injury record is much worse.

    We need a great CDM anyway, but we also need a solid B2B midfielder who can go through the majority of a season fit.

    New CDM, new B2B, Ramsey and Coquelin will do for me as middle options next year. See if we can take advantage of Liverpool losing Gerrard.

  56. Relieable sauce

    LOL. Fat Sams on a t’roll – “I dont think theres any coaches as sophisticated as me any more”.

    He has gone up in my estimation lately…but then, I have been entertained by some of chelseas play this season & I thought spurs deserved their victory over us as well…I also like Pochettino.
    Apathy can lead to objectivity & things can be learned from this stance no doubt… I just dont think its conducive in a clubs traditional fanbase & is potentially damaging to the club & its identity.

    In Arsene we rust 🙁

  57. Dark Hei

    Leicester is the team that always wakes up when it is up against the big boys, so I am glad we got the points. No point in good performances without the points. The only problem with Leicester is the cutting edge, a lack of goals.

    Am I instead worried about the UK core. It is breaking down more often than not. OX, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshire and Walcott. I agree with CA, we need to shift either Wilshire, Ramsey or Ox. We can’t have all 3 out at the same time. It is too big a drain.

  58. Andrew

    Wow, that was another rubbish game. And looked nothing like the Arsenal I grew to love. We basically are the histrionic pansy team of the league now and everyone knows it.

    Theo was the malodorous discharge of the rubbish heap – I don’t have the stats on what he contributed, but from my vantage point it was f-all. Flounced around like a pansy and alternated between doing nothing and running into other people and losing the ball. Or am I missing something here? Irksome little twat. Not even his goal can redeem his cringeworthy performance.

    It is so tiresome to see our players shoved and handled all over the pitch on a weekly basis. Cazorla especially epitomizes this – he undoubtedly has good skills etc. but he is generally being bullied around by opponents that very inconveniently are not f…ng dwarves.

    If I was into torturing myself I would go and count the number of times our attack culminated with Monreal receiving the ball outside the box and then fizzling to nothing. He did really well in defence and tip of the hat to him for his efforts, but how many times must we witness him receive the ball on the wing and then dutifully pass it inside to someone that could possible beat the opponents on the run. Not his fault. But frustrating to see us devolve into yet another rousing rendition of pass-the-ball-around-until-inevitably-we-run-into-an opponent-and-lose-the-ball.

    The BFG is a serious liability. He won (all?) his arial battles and had a great save off the line which seems to suggest that’s a ridiculous assertion, but he clearly is creating overlaps and spaces with his lack of pace. It’s not working and Kos is running himself silly – it will end up in another injury to Kos, which we can scarcely afford.

    There is a big group of players that can comfortable be moved on without harming the club. And others that can learn from Coquelin and show some desire and commitment.

    When can we feel pride in this club again – we are lame.

  59. Dark Hei


    Is Carzola great or is he rubbish? Why not consider this. The refs in the EPL support rough house tactics because that is the throw back to how football is played.
    If this match is carried out in another league, Carzola and co will receive a lot more protection.
    I posted a pic of Danny Rose studs on Giroud’s ankle yesterday, and yes it was on the supporting leg because the other foot was off the ground. That was a dangerous tackle. And yup, no yellow. And yup the linesman was staring right at the incident.

  60. Romford Ozil Pele

    RSPC, it’s a week night. People have come from far and wide and most have work in the morning. It’s not nice to see, but travelling back from a game at Arsenal is a nightmare unless you live close

  61. Emiratesstroller

    I watched last night at Emirates a ‘tortuous’ 45 minutes against a Leicester side
    ‘fighting’ for their survival and a fairly inept Arsenal team showing their usual

    Frankly it was awful to watch as I am sure most other Arsenal supporters sitting in the stadium would agree.

    The game was not helped by the referee’s latitude towards some of Leicester’s
    fouls and then a couple of poor decisions towards end of game. The first when
    he gave a free kick in favour of Leicester despite not seeing the incident and
    then a free kick + yellow card to Giroud when Schwarzer kicked the ball onto
    the back of Giroud. The referee did not see the incident, but responded to
    Schwarzer’s cynical claim for free kick.

    However reverting to Arsenal’s performance it was abysmal and very much akin to what occurred in the game against Spurs at weekend. Both Ozil and
    Cazorla clearly ran out of legs at half time. Sanchez and Ramsey got injured.

    Our defence and goalkeeper were frankly very poor. The goalkeeper was fouled a couple of times and it is very clear that his confidence and decision
    making is highly suspect. On the evidence of last two games I suspect that Szczesny could well be reinstated.

    However, our back line was awful. They defend poorly, missed tackles that should have been made and clearances landed up going to opposition. The Leicester goal was very similar to what occurred with Spurs first goal. Plenty of opportunities to clear but none successful.

    Coquelin had also a very indifferent game. In second half he started missing tackles, but more importantly the quality of his passing was poor.

    What concerns me most about Arsenal is that we allow opposition to ‘rough’
    us up, which is what Leicester did in second half and frankly both the referee
    and our team allowed them to do so.

    Arsenal on the evidence of last two games are going to struggle to qualify for
    next season’s CL.

    At the end of this season there need to be some decisions taken about the
    performance levels and fitness of certain players in our squad/team.

    Personally I can see half a dozen players at the club who need to be offloaded.

  62. tunnygriffboy


    Think jenkinson was injured for first 4 or 5 weeks but been ok since. Just as weget players bag others go missing. Ramsey is a huge blow and he’s been treated carefully this season. I’ve been advocating for a DM and just as importantly a b2b midfielder like Sissoko to come in as competition and rest for Ramsey

    Wilshere will have to do the job. He doesn’t cover as much ground but as Ramsey was struggling with form it may work but he will have to play deeper than Ramsey.

  63. tunnygriffboy


    Yes we were particularly poor in the second half. Was it due to complacency, fatigue or Leicester playing well ? I know many of their fans believe they’ve been hugely competitive in all their games this season but just can’t score.

    Even though it was ugly I’m very glad we got the win. Saturdays game may have taken a fair bit out of us but I’m so concerned with our midfield although up until two games ago we’d had a really good run where they were dominant.

    Re the physical treatment we get, how do we stop it ? Surely it’s up to the ref. There were bookings we recieved on Saturday that were a joke yet Mason got away without being booked whe he scissored Ozil and Rose did a nasty tackle onGiroud.

  64. Wallace

    after the awful NLD display i think we’ve just got to take the 3pts and hope for a more convincing performance at the weekend.

    would be a little bit of a gamble, but i’d like to see how a Chambers/Gabriel CB partnership performs.

  65. Leedsgunner

    Ox, Wilshere, Rambo, Theo, Gibbs – I think I will just call them the Broken Five from now on. Pathetic we have not had a time in the season when they have all been fit at the same time.

  66. Thank you and goodnight

    One crumb of comfort for me this season is that despite man utd spending 3× the money on players this season, but for a lot of luck they’re a mid table team right now. Seems their has been manager is worse than our has been manager.

  67. GuNZ

    Whereas most of you got to have a kip and let your subconciousnesses sort out what happened yestereve (your time) I have had to undergo a day of work. Worse than that, I have been subjected, once again, to ‘Sav’ (that’s Andrew Saville), the sports anchor on NZ TV1. He is a cunt. Worse than being a cunt, he is a Tottenham supporter. As usual, his news round-up completely ignored the fact that Arsenal played within the last 24 hours. He would normally include Spurs in his bulletin but they lost so instead he did an item of the NZ woman’s rugby sevens team visiting some shithole in Rio that will eventually become their sport’s venue for the Olympics next year. I am over ‘Sav’. He is not from Chambéry but in my book he may as well fucking be. As far as I am concerned he and Giroud can lick each other’s bollocks like a couple of legless dogs. Fucking shower! And I tell you what else I’m fucking glad about is that those lads from Middlesborough that I met in the Raglan pub a couple of months ago have fucked off home because, on the showing from last night, I might end up having to lick their bollocks as a forfeit after this Saturday’s game. I tip my hat to Leicester, they showed far more bottle han we did and I am all for a manager who puts a strangle-hold on the opposition rather than a choke on his own team.

  68. GuNZ

    In about half an hour there’s a show on TV about some British blokes that Bear Grills (or however you spell his fucking name) stuck on an Aussie island and left to fend for themselves. I was going to draw a massive moral parallel between this show’s situation with Bear Grills (the so-called expert) sitting it out and being highly paid to watch these guys fuck up and Wenger but I really can’t be arsed so I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom instead: What do you get when you stick your hand up the skirt of a menstruating gypsy?
    Answer: Your palm red.

  69. Wallace

    hope Allardici’s ALL OVER IT!! tactically boys can get at least a point at Soton tonight, and definitely think Burnley could get a draw at the home of the long ball.

    also, crazy to think we’ve stunk the place out for 85% of this season and we’re still only 4pts off 2nd. seems like everyone’s shit this year.

  70. Dream10


    At the moment, Chelsea are the class of the league and the only British team capable of beating two of the elite European sides en route to the CL Final
    (PSG,Bayern,Barca,Real,Atleti). Yet, they could be eliminated by the French giants in the next few weeks.

    Soton 2- West Ham 2
    Man Utd 4 – Burnley 1
    Chelsea 1- Everton 2

  71. tunnygriffboy

    Have just re watched the game. Definitely looked very leggy 2nd half. Basically we played with only five whenever they attacked. Santi, TR7 and Ozil just couldn’t get back. Coq, Monreal played well again. Mert made some timely interceptions.

    Leicester played really well. How they are bottom I don’t know. Their fans been on radio a lot since the Pearson thing. All have said they’ve been really competitive but can’t put ball in the net. Players certainly played for their manager last night. Would rather they stayed up than Villa, Hull, Qpr, Sunderland etc . . .

    We were once again on the end oyf some hefty challenges as we were v spurs andno cards were given. When willrefs sort thisout ?

  72. Wallace


    yeah, the ref was utter bollocks. that Giroud yellow card was f*ckin’ hilarious. towards the end they were just taking our plays out for fun. especially the CB with the Polish sounding name.

  73. tunnygriffboy


    Not happy with the second half performance at all. We looked leggy.

    Delighted with 3 points after playing badly

    The notion that we were going to turn them over easily was misplaced. They’ve caused problems for everyone they’ve played this season

    When is the much maligned Jack back ? Hope it’s soon as Ramsey looks to be out for a while, again. I rec reckon as well as a DM we need a b2b player both as competition and to lessen workload on Ramsey , though he’s hardly been over played since Christmas

  74. Zementalstrength

    Gooooooooooood morning!!

    Le Specialist in “the game where you almost buy all the top players of the world but finally you don’t” says : “we showned our mental Ztrength (again) and our ability to bounce back.” (once more)


  75. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey must have a weakness there. He’s not been over played this time. Perhaps he didn’t warm up sufficiently. He’ll be out for a while. When is Wilshere back ? He’s much maligned but we need him. With Santi and TR7 in midfield le coq was left on his own to deal with their counter attacks

  76. tenerife gooner

    RSPC. Empty seats piss me off,evening games many of which started at 8pm.I would never leave before the end,used to catch the 10/35 out of Waterloo to get home to Torbay at 02/45.