Tottenham 2 – 1 Arsenal. With Apologies to Harry Kane

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He's one of your own

He’s one of your own

That, my friends, is up there with the worst feelings in football. Blowing a 1-0 lead away to your local rivals. Seeing a guy who looks like he’s just had his probation extended at the Carphone Warehouse take the piss out of your defence and be lauded as the next Didier Drogba. Seeing Mesut Ozil unhappy. These are not things I can countenance.

Now don’t get me wrong Harry Kane is a class player, but the Arsenal tinted spectacles through which I view all matters football mean I simply refuse to accept he is anything but a massive fucking fraud. Remember when Andros Townsend was the next Lionel Messi? Or when David Bentley was the new David Beckham. Tottenham have pedigree for producing fraud players, and this guy has the potential to be their best one yet.

So take solace that he will crash and burn eventually, Tottenham will resume their rightful place as the also rans of the Premier League, and Hugo Lloris will be sold to Madrid. Even if Kane does turn out to be this generation’s Marco Van Basten, remember that he will be out of that hole as soon as he can.

So on to the game itself. Veeeeeery frustrating, I was super confident that we would turn them over. We’ve been on a fine run with key players starting to click and squad players working their socks off for the team. The only selection question mark raised before kick off was bringing in Welbz for Theo. Don’t get me wrong I like the lad and I understand he does more of a job defensively, but Theo scares the piss out of defences and pushes their line back another 10 yards, which would have been very helpful yesterday.

As usual I was proved wrong when Welbz skinned Danny Rose like he had anvils in his boots. He broke down the right, picked out Giroud who I’m fairly sure was trying to shoot, but whose pass found Mesut completely unmarked as he dinked it into the goal. An absolute gem of a goal and a good sign of things to come.

The goal had been a reflection of our opening 10 minutes where we had looked calm and dominant. However from that point on we seemed to switch off. Ramsey and Cazorla were getting absolutely bullied in midfield and the usually reliable Bellerin decided he wanted to play Centreback as well, leaving a gaping hole down the right that Danny Rose was able to exploit again and again. I have no problem with piss poor defending – I’m pretty used to it by now – but when you’re making a player of the quality of Danny Rose (i.e. absolutely fucking none) look like Cafu, its time to go home.

And that was pretty much the story of the first half. And the second.

Their equaliser came from a corner. As the commentator on Match of the Day said, if you’re not picking up the hottest striker in the league on your corners, you might as well eat some monkeynuts. I mean surely, surely someone could have seen him at the back post?

The defending for the second goal was even worse. Where was the pressure on Bentaleb? He was given about 10 seconds to compose himself, tie his shoelaces and float a ball into the box for that guy who used to be an extra in Grange Hill to head it home.

We did have some chances to push ahead again but were just not clinical enough. Welbz created a chance from the edge of the box which forced a great save from Lloris (Thierry would have totally buried that). Koscielny also had a free header from a corner, but it went straight at the keeper.

Kane was able to grab the winner in the 86th minute, which left a few more minutes for Aaron Ramsey to give the ball away and that was that. So what can we draw from that performance?


Was yesterday the day David Ospina was found out? I’m still not convinced he is a world class goalkeeper and he certainly doesn’t give off a Neueresque sense of calm. However there was some debate yesterday as to whether he played well. A lot of his saves were parried back out into the danger zone but, to be fair, he was getting bombarded pretty much all day as our midfield and defence put barely any pressure on Tottenham players who came into shooting range. Ill give him a C+.


The basics: marking on corners, pressure on the man putting in the cross. It’s so disappointing to see errors like this creep back into our game, as it has absolutely nothing to do with our style of play. It’s just about organisation from a coaching point of view, and desire from the player’s point of view. Tottenham just seemed to want it more yesterday which shouldn’t be the case in in this type of game.


The tactic yesterday seemed to be sit back, absorb pressure and hit them on the break. This had worked really well against City but was our undoing here. Why? I’m not quite sure, but we did seem to sit a bit too deep for most of the game.

Ryan Mason


Harry Kane

Has every episode of Miranda on Skyplus. His favourite restaurant is Harvester. He loved the last Spiderman movie (with the electric fella). He cried during the Great British Bakeoff. He thinks John Bishop is hilarious. He cant find Canada on a map. He thinks owls are a waste of time. He’s got no matches on tinder.

Player Ratings

Ospina – 7 – Some good saves but a little too much parrying back into the danger zone

Bellerin – 5 – Great performance if he was playing centreback, which he wasn’t

Merts – 5 – not very calm or composed

Kos – 5 – ditto

Nacho – 6 – didn’t notice him too much which must mean he played ok

Coq -6 – fairly solid

Ramsey – 4 – anonymous, except when he was giving the ball away

Cazorla – 4 – ditto

Ozil – 6 – class goal, some nice movement but not much else

Welbz – 6 – good work for the goal, ran his socks off

Giroud – 5 – not very effective and spent far too much time feigning injury

Theo – 6 – not really

Rosicky – 6 – ditto

Right that’s your lot from me. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Please don’t let yesterday’s result or your massive hangovers make you feel too down today. There’s always tomorrow x

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  1. london gunner


    Ozil is poor on the ball (when under pressure)

    When the press is applied on him he doesn’t have enough creativity and skill to evade them or dribble round them which would create space. We need a CAM who not only can pass, but can be hleb like with the ball and so get in-between the lines.

    Ozil under duress backs off and passes backwards.

    For all Cazorla’s faults he is capable on occasion of skilling around an oncoming opponent and thus exposing the opposition team into vulnerable positions.

    I just don’t think Ozil so far has brought enough to the table. Sure there are mitigating factors, but simply not enough.

    If you look at a player like James Rodriguez he will beat an opponent on the dribble then put the ball on a dime with a hollywood pass as well and also has far better scoring prowess. Sure his RM, but he was doing this in the world cup for columbia and in the french league for Monaco.

  2. NYCgooner

    Some of the comments today are so reactionary and over the top it’s actually pretty embarrassing. Santi goes from player of the month to not good enough in a matter of days. Ozil isn’t good enough, Ramsey isn’t good enough. Giroud is back to being shit.

    Real management level type thinking going on right there. Get over yourselves.

  3. MidwestGun

    I was a big Aurier fan when we were linked over the summer but I was told he was too young and Debuchy was a more experienced like for like replacement for Sagna. Now we are starting Bellerin. Lol. A bit ironic. ?.. probably only to me.

  4. karim


    N’jie is 17, scored twice vs cote d ivoire last year, great prospect, same as Cornet whom they just bought from Metz, where Sakho was still playing last season

    I saw Sakho last season a couple of times as I live in Metz, didn’t think he would be an Epl player of the month the next season to be fair

  5. Vince

    ozil is a creative player, which means he makes opportunities for others. he can only be as good as the people around him! Very big difference!

    and how many chances has he created or did he create yesterday. You also seem to forget they are all playing with the same limitations yet Sanchez stands out despite this being his first year. Or do you think Sanchez won’t have better stats assist-wise if he wasn’t playing with Giroud and Welbeck. I saw the look on his face when he gave that pass to Walcott the other day, even a goalkeeper should get that on target.

  6. tunnygriffboy

    Few Ozil facts:

    12 games, 1 as sub, 4 goals 4 assists

    Only David Silva has completed more successful passes in the final 1/3 of the pitch

    Only David Silva has had more touches in the opposition half this season

    Think about the number of games he has missed.

    Last season he created 18.7% of our chances (76). This is higher than any other player in PL. Hazard 18.1% , Suarez 17.7%.

    He missed a fair bit of playing time last season as well. He’s obviously doing something right but it floats beneath the radar and doesn’t fit the Ozil narrative thrown at us by the media.

  7. london gunner


    He is good no doubt, just not 42 million pound good.

    1 assist in every three games is hardly WC.

    1 goal in every three is good for a CAM tbh, but not quite good enough to make up for his lack of assists.

    We should expect Ozil to play better than Silva.. Ozil 42 M Silva 25 M

  8. Radio Raheem


    That’s quite impressive. Yeah N’Jie and Cornet have similar styles. But I’ve got say Cornet looks the more impressive to me.

    Great save by Lopez there.

  9. Quagmire

    London gunner, you should take into account too the club we were buying from and the dates we conducted the business. That may explain better on why we paid the said price

  10. tunnygriffboy


    Why get upset about the 42 million. Do you not think those stas are impressive because he’s missed a lot of game time. Most of that, or nearly all of it has been without Sanchez, Walcott , Ox, Welbeck et al.

  11. Vince

    But you forgot to mention his defensive contributions and other ingredients needed by a winger like dribbling. I’m assuming if he’s playing wing then he needs to track back and also take people on? I’ll help you with that. 1 tackle per game, 0.6 interceptions and 0.3dribbles per game. compare to Alexis 2, 1.1 and 1.3 respectively if I’m correct. does Giroud prevent him from taking people on or contributing his share to the defense? A professional that won’t adapt is a luxury we can’t afford.

  12. london gunner


    Before Ozil joined Arsenal he was called the best CAM in the world.

    His not playing like it. Not anywhere near it. This isn’t just down to him being at Arsenal as by his standards he was relatively poor for Germany in the WC.

    Kroos for instance outshined him.

    Also this

    RANKINGS 2014

    1 – Toni KROOS (Germany / FC Bayern München / Real Madrid CF) 110 points

    2 – Lionel MESSI (Argentina / FC Barcelona) 108 points

    3 – James RODRIGUEZ (Colombia / AS Monaco / Real Madrid CF) 53 points

    4 – Andrès INIESTA (Spain / FC Barcelona) 38 points

    5 – Yaya TOURE (Côte d’Ivoire / Manchester City FC) 29 points

    6 – Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER (Germany / FC Bayern München) 28 points

    7 – NEYMAR (Brazil / FC Barcelona) and Luka MODRIC (Croatia / Real Madrid CF) 21 points

    9 – Eden HAZARD (Belgium / Chelsea FC London) 18 points

    10 – Ivan RAKITIC (Croatia / FC Sevilla / FC Barcelona) 5 points

  13. Quagmire

    I’m watching Atsu and I think of ox. Good footwork but poor on finishing. But I love such kind of player. They are exciting. Not just running and whipping it across. …….Sagna…….

  14. Ustynobaba

    In 1992 they both played in the final and went to PK which IC won,i think 11:10 or so
    Will it be so this time????

  15. Ustynobaba

    Just like a repeat of 1992,Ivory Coast wins AFCON,finally they won at last but without Drogba who wanted it so much,poor him,he retired before now

    Congratulations Ivory Coast.AFCON CHAMPIONS

  16. Ustynobaba

    Quagmire lol,Drogba really really wanted it so much but he was always coming short everytime they tried with him

  17. london gunner

    I think Messi is actually getting back to playing to the best form of his life.

    I love this new Barca which is basically like a counter attacking tik takka and its really suiting Messi as well.

    Messi’s dribbling for the goal pedro scored was uber and that pass he threaded through off the otherside of his boot was awesome.

  18. Quagmire

    UstynobabaFebruary 8, 2015 22:12:06
    Quagmire lol,Drogba really really wanted it so much but he was always coming short everytime they tried with him

    I’m sure if drogba was here, he’d ruin the chance. Bony is turning to be a beast.

  19. london gunner

    TBH can’t wait to see Bony in action for Man City.

    His been what the 4th or 5th highest goal scorer in a calendar year, so working with Yaya and Silva he could turn out to be a real force in the league.

  20. tunnygriffboy


    I don’t know what those rankings are sorry. I notice from the majority of those names is that they play for much better teams than ours, with better players in less intense leagues. That may help them. My point re the figures of Ozil was that even though he has missed large chunks due to injury he is still performing well in the PL. He created the highest % of chances for his team than anyone lastyear. Put Aguero in for Giroud. Would his assist column increase. If he reaches the level we want him to then his stats would be ridiculous. He has a serious chance of improving them if our forwards stay fit.

    Anybody who has watched him play knows that his defence is poor. It’s really something alien to him that he is having to work on.

  21. Uche

    I’d take rodriguez over ozil anyday. I agree that a more physical am would be ideal but we have ozil. We paid 42m for him. He’s not going anywhere. Rather than try to turn him into something he’s not, lets play to his strengths.

    Aside from sanchez, theres no one else i our team that you can build arouznd, so we really dont have a choice. We can keep dithering like we have, win a few and lose a few. Or we can actually make a few hard choices (caz and ox on the bench, ozil through the middle, theo and sanchez on the wings, everybody else playing to support those three) and play to win every game.

  22. Leedsgunner

    Özil can spend his money on what he wants BUT if the pictures of the shisha pipes and paraphanelia purchase are genuine — it is a real stupid move on his part. His performances are under scrutiny as it stands — he didn’t need give his critics another stick to beat him with.

    He is an elite professional athlete. He should work to enhance that rather than take up habits which take away from his performance on the field. Silly silly choice. It was stupid for Jack to do it, it’s silly for Özil to do it.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    What’s Berahino and Lallana’s injury record like?

    Wilshere’s is a car crash, I think it says everything that he would certainly be a RISK for whoever bought him.

    Craziest rumour I saw was West Ham trying to lump together a massive offer to coincide with their move to the Olympic Stadium!!

  24. WrightIsGod

    My beloved Black Stars almost did it but alas they are the Germany 2002 – 2012 mark my words.

    Ahhh the Ozil debate. I said it yesterday: The man actually has decent stats but he goes missing when the going gets tough. He’s a total luxury. The best pair of shoes you bring out to look flash but know they are not practical for everyday use.

    It’s not about the £42m its more about attitude and application. When the squad is fully fit – ATM – there is no way he gets in the side. His demeanour is like a bad smell in a small party.

    Yes we need players like him in the squad, but £42m to sit on the bench?

  25. tunnygriffboy


    Lallana’s injury record is not the best but compared to Wilshere he’s a fitness freak. He is a fair bit older than Jack though. As for Berahino , his off the field antics make Jacko look like a choir boy

    Still think there’s a player in there. Perhaps he’s struggling at not being the main man and takes too much on at the expense of the team. He’s immature as well. Look at Bellerin, Fabregas etc.. Left home as a youngster, new country, new city, they grow up quickly. Ramsey bit like Jack at the moment, trying to hard to impress, should just focus on simplifying his game and take less touches on the ball.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    But thing is, off the field Ramsey is grown up, married etc.

    Effort and willing has never been Ramsey problem.

    The talent in Wilshere is undeniable, but he is a massive fucking bellend. He sort of thinks he’s entitled to be acclaimed before he’s even done anything.

    Season loan next year would be the best thing we could do for him. We don’t need him, but if he could make the step up and live up to even a bit of his potential at 19 he’d be a great asset. I just can’t see it happening in this culture at Arsenal.

    I mean, he isn’t young young any more, he’s 23 and its time to start showing us he is progressing as a player and learning from his mistakes on and off the field. He’s a bit irrelevant at Arsenal now.

  27. David Smith

    Off the field wilshere is a massive bell end………don’t agree with you , but even if you were right, that would match the description of some of the greatest players now and in history, including a few Invincibles. What we do away from our job, within reason of course is completely irrelevant. Jose is a massive bell end and so is half of his squad, do you want to know about Cesc in his final months? but a lot of people on here wank themselves to sleep over than bunch. Let’s get things in perspective.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Think they may have earned the right to be massive bellends. Wilshere is earning a premium to be an average squad player.

    Time for Wilshere to grow up. I said it the other night, time for Arsenal to cut he umbilical cord with Wilshere. Send him out on loan somewhere for a season, focus him, give him greater responsibility and constant playing time (as much as his ankles will allow.)

  29. Le Phil


    Wenger is our players biggest fan but having all available midfielders on the pitch misfired against Tottenham. The combo of having Carzola – Ozil – Rambo on the pitch simply doesn’t work. The players are too similar and all want to play high up the pitch to create chances. Fair enough – goals get you ahead in the game but your defensive organisation is what wins you the game!! Ozils defensive record is shocking. He would get booted out in any other club. However, the coach should realise the following:

    a) Ozil is not good enough on the left
    b) Ozil doesn’t tackle and doesn’t help defensively = useless in the PL

    a) Carzola and Ozil play naturally in the same position and therefore disrupt the coherence in play build up.

    With Ozil and Carzola leave the obvious gap behind which has to be filled by Ramsey and Ramsey is absolutely lost in that position. He wants to be part of the attacking game, doesn’t really know where to go as O & C already occupy spaces, then he leaves gaps himself behind and so on and so on, we know the story.

    So, Wenger has to make decision to play a diamond with two additional wingers, three defenders, tuck Ozil in behind the striker and put a decent fox in the box on the pitch. Problem with that: We don’t have wingers who can track back to help out our 3 man defense.

    Another alternative: Sacrifice one stricker for Ozil and play some sort of 4 – 1- 3- 1- 1. Problem here could be width in midfield.

    And so the struggle continues…

  30. Dark Hei

    I think a balanced view will be that Ramsey needs some real competition to get back to where he is. A Wilshire that gets on Wenger’s nerves before even getting onto the pitch isn’t helping.

    Get ourselves a Schnerlerin or a Verratti to wake those 2 up.

    Yesterday, we badly needed Sanchez to dig ourselves out of the hole. The early goal was unfortunate in a way. If we had conceded early instead, I think we would have gotten a draw. If they press, press them back with a bold highline after the break. It worked for us in the past. For that to work, the collective needed to make the decision. Getting Walcott on the pitch was perhaps designed force them deeper, but they seemed to have the answer.

    As for Spurs, I think they will burn themselves out eventually.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    We keep on discussing where Ozil plays. The truth is that he plays all over the
    pitch and not in one position and that is precisely the same with Sanchez and Cazorla. Ozil is only wasted if you ask him to remain on station.

    The reason we were poor on Saturday had absolutely nothing to do with Ozil, but the fact that our defence and central midfield did not cope with the high tempo game played by Spurs.We were not good enough in those departments
    and as a consequence the team did not offer much offensive threat after Ozil
    scored in first 10 minutes. We were on back foot.

    The main difficulty for Arsenal as I pointed out yesterday is that in games which matter our team struggles, because of its lack of physicality in the engine room. Frankly we need better quality players along the spine in midfield
    and defence than we have got at moment.

    Our performance level against top 7 teams prove it because winning just 2
    fixtures out of 9 is really poor and the reason that we are not progressing up
    the table.

    The only saving grace this season is that our remaining away fixtures include
    only Man Utd from top seven and we have played two less home fixtures than
    many of teams above us.

    On current evidence I see no significant difference in performance levels between teams ranked between second and seventh place in league. Chelsea have won league as far as I am concerned unless they impload.

  32. gonsterous

    This site always seems to need a scrap goat to taunt or criticise…. Why can’t we just let the ozil debate go and concentrate more on important questions like.. Why does Wenger keep playing out of form Players… Surely he should be helping them get their confidence back instead of sitting back and letting them take a hammering.. 2. Why does he have a bench he does not rely on leading me to the next question of why does he buy players that he doesn’t rate and then keep them on the bench and never use them ??

  33. Dark Hei

    “Why does Wenger keep playing out of form Players…”

    I mean who is out of form? Ramsey? It is just one guy out of the 11. The backup is smoking shisha. The Ox is injured. Fancy playing Rosicky in the box to box role? Don’t think so.

  34. Dark Hei


    I don’t think physicality is everything. Spurs used to play a trident of great big lumps. Capoue, Dembele and Fernando-something. They got owned by the midgets Rosicky and Carzola. I think today’s game has a lot to do with Kane.

  35. Wallace

    hopefully if Sanchez is fit tomorrow it’ll force Wenger to move Ozil inside. be nice to see him at 10 with Sanchez & Walcott on the wings.

  36. Dream10

    Dark Hei & E-stroller

    I think it was Spurs’ energy & fitness (rather than brute force) in central midfield that made the difference. If you’re struggling in the middle (no players who can carry the ball over distance), having top players upfront who can make the difference indvidually is crucial. We have one and he was injured.

    If we’re not allowed to play football on the ground, this team will come up short against the top 5 or 6 in the league.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    The real problem at Arsenal is that against the top teams we do not appear to have the tactics or personnel to cope with their game.

    People seem to forget that against Spurs away from home last season they played exactly the same way and dominated the game then. The only reason we won that game was that on that occasion they were unable to put the ball in the net.

    The simple fact is that Wenger does not seem capable of creating a team which can cope with high tempo physically strong teams.

    You can play the likes of Flamini,Arteta,Coquelin, Wilshire and Ramsey in most games, but not against top teams. People forget that Man City were without Yaya Toure when they played us in January. Would we have got our result
    if he had played?

    Similarly we do not seem to learn when defending set pieces. On Saturday we reverted to type when we conceded first goal. Kane was left completely unmarked. Top defenders would not have allowed that to happen.

    What our team does lack more than anything else is “leadership” on the field.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    To amplify what I have written above the simple fact is that we know how Chelsea,Man Utd, Man City,Southampton, Spurs and even Stoke play against us and yet we cope badly against all these teams.

    Tactics is part of the problem, but so is personnel. Leaving aside the CDM one of the main problems that we struggle is that both Ramsey and Wilshire seem incapable of adapting their game to the style of play. Sometimes you need to be more disciplined than they appear to be.

    Also I don’t know what happened with Bellerin on Saturday but he was constantly out of position, which is why Rose and and other Spurs players were
    so successful on the right of our defence.

    Wenger chose Welbeck in preference to Walcott, because he is defensively better, but looking at his performance one suspects that he was not fully match fit. Oxlade-Chamberlain would have probably been a better option, but
    he was injured.

  39. Wallace


    re Bellerin – my impression was he knew Eriksen couldn’t take him on the outside so he was coming inside a little to block up the middle. but that left a big swathe of ground outside him that Rose was not slow to use. but Rose was Welbeck’s responsibilty.

  40. goonpharm

    So what Wilshere and Ozil love a little hooka every now and again?

    It’s a British thing in my opinion. The whole “ooh you pig you smoke, hope you burn in hell”. There are plenty of players that smoke on the continent.

    I love how the drinking is okay because everyone does it and it is socailly acceptable but smoking is a big no no. Alcohol has a far bigger adverse effect on performance than smoking does. That’s a proven scientific fact.

    The problem with Wilshere is simple – he is essentially going through his “Eboue Moment”. This is where fans will pick on one player due to the lack of success or progression from the club. Every detail will be forensically dissected and used to beat him with.

    I wonder if people will have the same disdain for Messi if he was caught lighting up a Dunhill?