Sanchez injury? Is it real?

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Bumped into a Gooner on the way to work this morning. Chatted about what’s going on at Arsenal at the moment. Cautioned excitement was the theme. I think that’s pretty much how everyone is feeling at the moment.

Optimism… optimism that has a swing in the direction of realism rather than hopefulness. It’s a good situation.

That’s how I feel about the Spurs game this weekend. Cautiously optimistic about turning them over. It’ll be a tough game, for sure, but if we set up well, go with a plan and play with the confidence we’ve showcased over the last few weeks… well, it could be a fabulous day drenched in smug North London Derby Day glory!

Sounds like Sanchez and Chambo are out of contention. Some suspect that might not be the truth. Wenger mentioned Alexis is keen to play. I don’t know either way, but not having Sanchez is a blow. However, at least we have blistering pace to replace him in Theo. It’s just whether or not he can match the work rate… he certainly can’t match his qualities, but Theo is more than a match for Spurs.

I think #WELBZ is back in the contention. That’ll be great. Some direct pace in the side. I have a feeling he’ll score tomorrow. Seems like the sort of player who would make a good North London Derby hero.

Jack Wilshere totally hit back at the #Haters with a video of him doing some, you know, work… the video is here. I produced something similar when my boss caught me eating a bacon sandwich in the server room… with three hookers.


4give me bowz

I like Jack, he wears his heart on his sleeve, but here’s an idea… just keep your head down, be the best you can be… then behave as badly as you want when you’ve retired and leave the inspirational quotes to the teenage girls, because the character that you’re being portrayed to be is being fuelled by one person and one person only. You. No one else is consistently caught smoking or boozing like you are. So spare us the ‘poor me I’m so misunderstood’ act… it’s boring.


Big game tomorrow. Get your game face on. Walk over to a Spurs fans desk. Lean over it. Look that fan in the eye. Poke over his cup of water, then walk away. Not saying a thing.

You’re gaming that fan. They won’t bother you again.



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  1. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Alexis relax…

    Wenger on Alexis: “He wants to play and he’s very keen.

    “He thinks he can defy the medical people because he is so keen to play but he can get overstrained.

    “I don’t know yet, I need medical advice on that [whether he could feature] and I need to see what he can do in training.”

    In this situation, I’d take the power away from Alexis. Obviously you have to listen to how the player feels but until pain is gone completely, I wouldn’t wanna risk him. Biog months coming up and we need him fresh.

  2. Dream10

    Romford running wild this morning. Spiked coffee it seems lol

    Looking forward to a two goal victory tmrw.

    Rosicky, Koscielny and Giroud to score for us

  3. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Dream, good gym session this morning so i’m feeling lively. Always wish I could predict such positive results. Any type of win will do me. Need Kos to lock off Harry Kane.

  4. Rocky Pires

    RRRR, Come on Arsenal.
    Just after going over to a Spuds fans desk who works in our office and rubbed my ballsac all over his keyboard, see how you like that scum …..

  5. Dream10


    Koscielny needs to handle Kane (good player though).

    Can’t wait for Coquelin to go through Eriksen! Our most likely candidate to get a red card. Giroud is second.

  6. Leedsgunner

    Has Wenger said sorry for playing Sanchez in that game versus Brighton yet which set off this injury? Completely unnecessary. Even if Sanchez wanted to play Wenger should have told him to pipe down and conserve his energy and fitness for the League and the UCL. Poor man management from Wenger on this.

  7. Vintage Gun

    “Sanchez will defy team orders and force his way on to the bench.”

    He’ll probably start in Goal just to be involved

  8. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Has Wenger said sorry for playing Sanchez in that game versus Brighton yet which set off this injury?”

    Leeds, nothing to do with the Brighton game. It was a twinge in training.

  9. Wallace

    “I’m very happy with the business we did. We met our targets and extended Chuba Akpom’s and Francis Coquelin’s contracts.”

    – Wenger on January

  10. Rocky Pires

    Harry Kane will be all the talk prematch and that he is Englands great white hope so it will set up the platform nicely for Theo and Welbeck to shine.
    Expecting a big one from Theo but Welbeck also what with Kanes emergence and Sturrdige back to fitness he will have to perform to get back his England place .

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    It’s all about competition. It was encouraging to here Mertesacker saying that he welcomes Gabriel’s arrival. Obviously he won’t say anything else but the good performances of some should help to extract better performances from others. At least you’re hoping for that in theory but players seem to be responding well atm.

  12. Dream10

    We have had some great days at WHL. But remember our League cup loss there in 2008? 5-1 ffs. Adebayor bloodied Bendtner’s nose lmao

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    Theo, Rosicky, L’Oreal all have good records in the NLD. I even think Per has scored twice in these games.

  14. gambon

    No one else noticed Wenger said Coquelin has signed a new contract?

    Still no news on Artetas supposed one year extension. Hope to god that isnt true.

    Tough game tomorrow, dont think we will win. Im out buying houses so i dont care!

  15. Bankz


    Deep down inside your hearts of heart, you know I own that TROPHY.
    Enjoy it while it lasts, I will be back for it tomorrow.

  16. Leedsgunner

    As for Wilshere — if he wants to smoke something tell him to print off the above quote and smoke that because it is as useful as soiled loo paper. It’s pathetic that Wenger’s making excuses for him saying Wilshere faces “pressure”. Really?

    “‘You have been 20 (years old), sometimes you need to ease the pressure.”


    True pressure is living through cancer or other life threatening disease or facing unemployment whilst you have a family to feed or protecting your country from people who want to kill you.

    Wilshere doesn’t know what pressure is. For that matter, neither does Arsene… wake up and realise in the real world people live with more pressure than they will ever face being multimillionaires.

  17. azed

    Should i still walk over to the spurs fan desk and “Look that fan in the eye. Poke over his cup of water, then walk away. Not saying a thing” if the fan happens to be my boss?

  18. Romford Ozil Pele

    “No one else noticed Wenger said Coquelin has signed a new contract?”

    Yeah he confirmed in his Press Conference this morning that both Akpom and Le Coq had extend. Encouragingly, Coq’s new wages only seem to sit around the £30/£40k mark. Hopefully that means space is being made for another in the summer. Diaby/Flamini will both go, maybe Arteta too. It could just be wishful thinking though.

  19. Rocky Pires

    Romford Ozil PeleFebruary 6, 2015 10:41:00
    Theo, Rosicky, L’Oreal all have good records in the NLD. I even think Per has scored twice in these games.

    True, the Bobby Pires streak v Spuds was the best though, knew he would score the time he shifted the ball from left to right to left and Paul Robinson just fell to the ground as he was so dizzy looking at bobbys feet .

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    “surprised our recent record in the NLD is so good”

    Not at WHL it isn’t. We’ve only won one of our last 6 there, that was last season. 3 defeats and 2 draws. Last season we beat them three times without conceding so hopefully we continue on that vein.

  21. Rocky Pires

    I dont condone violence Azed but

    “azedFebruary 6, 2015 10:45:26
    Should i still walk over to the spurs fan desk and “Look that fan in the eye. Poke over his cup of water, then walk away. Not saying a thing” if the fan happens to be my boss?”

    NUT HIM MATE!!!!

  22. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough. I still wouldn’t have played Sanchez though — he got kicked mercilessly by Brighton. We should have had enough on the bench to win the game without pushing the nuclear button of Sanchez.

  23. Zementalstrength

    “Big game tomorrow.”
    Maybe sunday ??

    “Optimism… optimism…”
    ==>> “Enthusiasms… enthusiasms…” ==>> Bob DeNiro as Al Capone in “The Untouchables”.

  24. Gunnet2301

    I smell a win this weekend. Spuds shouldn’t get anywhere near us really. Sanchez needs a rest even if it’s enforced were gonna need him firing on all cylinders later. Sell Jack im getting tired of him now another one on an unmerited salary who will rinse out his contract to the end.

    Pedro what about a post about depression in football it’s the flavour of the month. Maybe that’s why jacks behaving like he is and I’m being serious.

  25. Paulinho

    Sanchez would be no great loss tomorrow anyway. It’s the type of game where he would be giving the ball away constantly, and it’s away from home, where I’m struggling to think of one game he’s played well in.

    Our cleaner more succinct style of football with Ozil, Welbeck, Cazorla will work alot better in this hectic type of match. Tottenham will be pressing like mad and we need to move the ball on quickly.

  26. MadeToLoveMagic

    My girlfriend is good mates with Sanchez’ bird, and she said that last night in the sack Alexis pulled off a triple flip with half turn and dip (an advanced move)

    Could be just girls boasting but if true there is no doubt he is fit for tomoz

  27. Dream10


    I will be interested to see how Sanchez will perform with Ramsey, Ozil and Cazorla all in the XI. He will need to play more off the ball. Can he be part of a great collective or he is the type that needs to be the main man all the time?

  28. Romford Ozil Pele

    Goondawg, Wenger said in his press conference that there’s nothing to it. Can’t see why there would be tbh. We’re not really a dodgy club in terms of bungs/offering incentives to agents so this seems a non-starter to me. Would be surprised if there was something in that story.

  29. Bamford10


    I get your point, and I agree that Wenger’s remarks are little more than hot air — when are they not? — but playing at Camp Nou in front 100,000 people is pressure.

    Living up to the expectations of Arsenal supporters the world over (and of critics everywhere) is pressure.

    Yes, ordinary people deal with pressures as well, and Jack’s hookah escapade has little to do with the pressures of being a footballer, but Jack does deal with real and undeniable pressures.

    While I’m in the minority here, I continue to believe Jack is capable of great things. He is loaded with talent. Loaded. He must get his head right, though, or else he will continue to be his own worst problem, on and off the field.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Paulinho/Dream – it’ll be interesting. Alexis loves to be the main man, have plenty of touches of the ball. I’m in agreement that less is more and we’re better when people take minimal touches of the ball/keep it moving quickly. Goals 2/3 against Villa last week were perfect evidence of this. Be interested to see how we line-up when all are fit. But yeah, we’ll need to see more off-the-ball running from Alexis. Fantastic player though so shouldn’t be a problem although his away form is interesting.

  31. Emiratesstroller


    I think that enough has now been discussed about Wilshire. If he wants a future at the club then he needs to start improving on the pitch. That will be helped by using better judgment outside football.

    Tomorrow will be a key game for us and it is a shame that Sanchez will not be
    playing. What we will be missing apart from brilliance and goals is his work
    ethic, which frankly Walcott who is likely to play does not offer.

    I am sure that it will be a tight game as was the case at Emirates. Hopefully we will win, but a draw is absolute minimum requirement. Man for Man we are
    better and more talented, but what counts in such games is work ethic and commitment.

    After the Spurs game we have only one significant fixture left against a top 8
    side away from home and that is against Man Utd right at end of season.

  32. Paulinho

    Dream10 – I think he will always want to be the main man. That’s part of the reason so many silly fans think we are one man team, because when he plays he wants the ball all the time, and players like Ramsey have to take a backseat. It’s not a problem at home because he generally plays very well there but away from home he is mediocre, and I would say it is a problem.

    I think Wenger realises this, Which is why he’s never remotely bothered when Sanchez is missing from these types of games.

  33. Willow Wilson

    “Has Wenger said sorry for playing Sanchez in that game versus Brighton yet which set off this injury? Completely unnecessary.Poor man management from Wenger on this.”

    It’s you that needs to say sorry!!The Brighton game had nothing to do with his injury, it happened on the training ground AFTER the game.

    I said I was confident yesterday, well I’m even more confident now about tomorrows game. When you look at the players in both teams, if this was a boxing match it would be called off. Mind you, its their annual cup final so they will be up for it.

  34. Bamford10

    Wenger will likely start just as he did last weekend, yes? Something like:

    Bell Mert Kosc Monr
    Ramsey Cazorla
    Walcott Giroud Ozil

    Maybe switch the positioning of Ozil/Caz?

  35. MadeToLoveMagic

    60,000 people screaming your name weekly, to just nothing, an empty house empty garden, a few lonely robins aimlessly scruffling around in the rotten leave mould, searching like rabid elephants under electromagnetic sunrises of molten nothingness……

  36. Paulinho

    Should be a great game though. Bellerin and Coquelin have given us much needed mobility and dynamism. Actually looking forward to seeing us play for the first time in about five years.

  37. Bamford10

    Or might Wenger bring back Shez, Chambers and Gibbs on the theory that they have a bit more experience in such games (in relative terms)?

  38. Bigper

    A little worried about tomorrow, Spurs are in decent form results wise and they will be up for it. Early kick off as well which we often seem to be lethargic in

    Hopefully we set up similar to how we did against City and try and counter with our pace and quick passing.. Agree if we play the right system then alexis won’t be missed too much.

    will be interesting to see if we go with welbeck and Walcott for pace, I’d guess ozil will start though on the left

  39. Wallace

    i think Ozil feels more comfortable on the right if he’s not playing centrally. if Welbeck was a little more advanced in his comeback i’d think about playing him left and Ozil right, but as things stand it’ll probably be the same forward line as last week. which, i guess, didn’t go too badly.

  40. MadeToLoveMagic

    Basically we should be worried , Walcott just bought some bangin chronic of my brother

    I was like “feo man, are you gonna be good for tomoz after puffin dat?” He was “like yeah blud” but didnt say much else other than he is going around Wilsheres to smoke it….

    According to theo , the whole team smoke weed everyday, including Wenger who has his Maid make sure there is a fat one (no tobacco) rolled with a pot of green tea and the l;eague 1 highlights ready to watch every day when he comes back from training…..

    He grows it according to feo, but nobody, not even his wife is allowed to see the plants

  41. Leedsgunner


    I get your point too, but Jack gets rewarded handsomely for what he does, by who? By us, the ordinary punter. By carrying on the way that he does — he is treating the club and her fans with contempt. That is what really gets my goat — his arrogance. Him, behaving as if he is above the standard and rules set by the club. For that Mr. Wilshere deserves no sympathy from me.

    If anyone needed a break out season this year, it was Jack. People talk about last chance saloon but that’s the problem, for Jack he always seems to get chances undeservedly. At some point the chances have to stop and he has to produce. Many people have stated that he’s half the player he was at 18. He’s 23 now. He’s should be competing with the very best of his generation in the game like Goëtze, Hazard, Koke. What’s he actually doing? Behaving like a prat. At least Goëtze scored in a WC final. Hazard has come on even more since his arrival at Chelsea. Koke is undoubtedly one of the standout players in La Liga. Jack for all his bulls*** attitude what has he actually done? Ask yourself this, if there was a chance to swap Goëtze, Hazard or Koke for Jack would you take it?

    Wenger going on this morning, saying things like, “Jack is not a smoker” is really pathetic. It’s as if he is afraid to criticise him for hurting his self esteem or something. Sure, I get that Wenger might not want to air his dirty laundry in public but frankly the answers given at this morning’s presser was really poor. It would have been better for Wenger not to have said anything and simply stated that he’s dealing with the matter in house.

  42. Kemp1886

    Somebody made a good point on Twitter yesterday.Does Wilshere want to end up having a career like Frank Lampard or Jody Morris?

  43. Bamford10

    WhoScored’s stat-based “predictions” for tomorrow:

    – Arsenal will create many scoring chances
    – Tottenham will receive a high number of cards
    – Tottenham will score as result of opposition error
    – Arsenal will make comeback if they go behind

    I see #3 as a thing of the past. Can definitely see #4, but I could also see this game being a bit of a waltz. We’ve found a rhythm, I think, and we’re very solid defensively. Not that worried.

  44. Leedsgunner

    “It’s you that needs to say sorry!!The Brighton game had nothing to do with his injury, it happened on the training ground AFTER the game.”

    See my response to Romford who already pointed this out. Who are you anyway, Wenger’s mum? If it makes you feel better, “I’m sorry Mr. Wenger.”

    Remember to breathe after you get your head out of Wenger’s arse.

  45. Leedsgunner


    I know. I understand why he doesn’t… but like I said it would have been better for Wenger to just say nothing than give lame justifications for Jack’s behaviour. If nothing else it makes him look like a weak willed manager.

  46. Dissenter

    Morning gents,
    Glad to see that Arsenal haven’t confirmed the Arleta deal yet.
    Wenger has had countless press conferences since supposedly signed and mums the word. Arleta’s agent is the only on peddling the story.
    Surely, we would be celebrating the extensions of the captain’s contract, right.

    Me thinks, Arsenal is waiting to see if he recovers before signing him.

  47. Dissenter

    Gotta leave Welbeck on the bench and start with Giroux.
    Wellbeck will run elegantly game pong but scuttle the first 19 chances he gets before he scores.
    Giroud set-up Lloris with his wife so he always gets freebies from his friend.

  48. Zementalstrength

    “You’re gaming that fan. They won’t bother you again.”

    Except if we lose tomorrow, of course lol

  49. gazzap

    First goal is massive tomorrow. Massive. we won’t lose if we score first. We may win but I still fancy a draw overall. A fit Sanchez and I think we’d win for sure. big miss that.
    Will wenger stick with Theo and Ozil? There is a danger in that. Very attacking. A lot of pressure on Coq. Probably the most nerve racking game of the season,

  50. Le Prof


    Just for once, put a sock in it. You whine more than a woman.

    Blaming Wenger for the Alexis injury…LOL

    Wilshere was allegedly puffing on a shisha big deal. Its not exactly a crack pipe now is it?

    He’s completing his rehabilitation ahead of schedule so get over yourself.

    Prior to his injury he was starting to look good with a bit of rhythm and momentum and you’ve conveniently forgotten he’s been England’s best player for this past year.

  51. Carts

    Alexis is half pushy isn’t he? If he’s that desperate then have him start from the bench and bring him on if it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t see the point in starting him especially if he’s possibly carrying an injury.

  52. Leedsgunner

    “Prior to his injury he was starting to look good with a bit of rhythm and momentum and you’ve conveniently forgotten he’s been England’s best player for this past year.”

    I’ve not forgotten anything. The fact is Wenger didn’t need to play him in Brighton… and he should have had a proper rest.

    Fair enough the game itself may have not caused Alexis’ injury but my issue is Wenger played Alexis for weeks after he himself admitted that Sanchez was in the red zone. Why does he keep doing this to our best players? Last year it was Özil, Ramsey and Walcott, this year it’s Sanchez.

    Why not prevent injuries by exercising caution and rotating when you can?

  53. Carts

    I’d go with the following tomorrow:






  54. Lee

    Leeds gunner
    Quit whining you bell end.
    Why are you comparing wilshire a life to that of your own?
    You think wenger hadn’t lost someone through cancer or disease?
    Only normal people lose real stoves not football managers. He couldn’t possibly know what pressure is, he only manages the biggest most successful club in London.

  55. Blsany

    Frank mcFebruary 6, 2015 13:28:08
    Google maps, type in “the shithole”………..
    Just showed my spurs mate.He went mental writing a twitter message saying wtf…LOL

  56. Leedsgunner


    Agreed. I didn’t say he was. I’m saying he could have been if he put the work in from the time he put the work in. If this is the case, why is he so arrogant? What does he have that gives him that right?

    Shame he seems to believe in his own hype and he is throwing it away. Does he think one youtube clip of him doing a few drills will convince everyone? If he does, he’s more dim witted than I thought.

  57. Foxy

    Leeds do us all a f avour and quit with the “its wenger’s fault for sanchez injury” diatribe. Its predictable and so boring.

    Players are not machines they are going to pick up knocks and niggles during a season. In Sanchez’s case a slight hamstring ping has ruled him out for a massive one game so far and your still bashing the manager. Its laughable.

  58. Carts

    Giving Arteta an ext’ would be completely absurd. His legs are gone; and I’d much rather redirect his wage towards someone else.

    Thanks for your efforts, Arteta, but I think Sociedad are calling.

  59. Seg

    @Lee I think you would have to define what successful means. I would think Chelsea is the most successful club in London now, but what do I know! Please enlighten me

  60. WengerEagle

    I’m pretty confident that we’ll beat the Spuds, Eriksen and Kane are the two in-form danger men but if we can manage to keep those quiet then we’re dealing with an extremely average team.

    Will be a huge test for Bellerin who’ll likely be marking Eriksen.

    Btw am I the only one that doesn’t rate Kane that highly?

  61. Lee

    Chelsea have what? 4 league titles in their history.
    What have we won? 13?
    We have won more FA cups
    Chelsea may have bored their way to a champions league draw and robbed bayern in a penalty shoot out.
    But a new team wins the champions league EVERY YEAR.
    Chelsea will never go a season unbeaten.
    There is only one invincibles
    Now Russian oil money can change that.

  62. Foxy

    Kane’s rise reminds me of Aaron’s last season in the fact that is was so unexpected.

    Good acceleration, good dribbling skills, tall and strong, can spot a pass, has first class shooting ability and most importantly can find the net.

  63. Le Prof


    You’re probably about 14 so don’t really know much about anything let alone the history of your own club.

    Do yourself a favour and check our history from 1886 then check out Chelsea’s, the club established in 2004, and then get back to me.

  64. kapslock

    Carts I’d go with your team but swap Rosicky for Ozil. I love Ozil but Rosicky edges it for me with his directness and ability to track runners and making some great sliding tackles – he loves those. I have a feeling it will be a high scoring draw, 2-2 but we should have enough to do them. COYG

  65. Thank you and goodnight


    Leave off Leeds. Your entitled to your opinion as he is to his. Leeds gunner has never come on here and been nasty to anyone. As for Seg, by him mentioning RIGHTLY that chelsea have been the most successful team in London this past decade doesn’t make him a spud.

  66. idagooner

    Ramsey shouldn’t start! Rosicky is looking good and with le coq holding I’d play rosicky and leave Ramsey on bench where he belongs. Who cares about Wilshire? Sell him this summer while you can!! I thought arteta signed a 1yr extension? And also why some people think welbz will start over giroo? Silly

  67. gonsterous

    We r at out best this season.. not gonna be easy but we will walk away the winner… Gonna bet high for this one xD

    And also.. any thoughts on whose gonna win athletico or Madrid ??

  68. Carts

    Personally, from what I’ve read and seen, Wenger’s handling of Sanchez has been quite weak and submissive, to be entirely honest.

    In order to formulate a constructive discussion about, say, Sanchez, we have to look at the fact and handling of certain players in the past.

    Now since Sanchez has landed, he’s pretty much played every minute of every game – so much so that it was starting to look like we couldn’t get anything from a game without his inclusion. It’s been widely reported that Sanchez is a beast in training. Ox is on record for saying that Sanchez doesn’t take rests when told too.

    Now, when you consider how much we’ve suffered with injuries in the last several seasons you’d think Wenger would’ve taken a hard line approach towards rest and recovery. Now I’ve read, mostly from Pedro, that Wenger beasts the players a bit too often. I’d like to think that approach has changed.

    But with Sanchez getting his foirst notible injury this season, there are elements that maybe, just maybe it could’ve been avoided. BASED on the fact that Wenger has almost overused Sanchez. Now, Wenger built a team which he felt was the strongest to date hence whey we started the the season with who we had. He under-used JC, Pod and Rosicky from August to December. He then fell back in love with the same Rosicky that couldn’t get a game, then shipped out Pod and JC (while giving a new deal to) and brought in Coquelin who was very much in the shop window last summer.

    Point I’m making is this: On the grand scheme of things we’ve been very lucky with Sanchez – especially when you look at what Ozil, Ramsey, Theo and Diaby have been through in the last year alone. If Wenger made a conscious decision to persist with Sanchez because Sanchez kept nagging him then, to me, that show a weakness in Wenger’s management and paradoxically a deliberate approach that, weak or not, Wenger was always going to play Sanchez regardless

  69. Blsany

    When iam really bored at work i say hector Bellerin in jonathan ross’s voice.You guys should try it.Gets me everytime.

  70. Carts

    Kapslock – Put Ramsey next to Coq’ and Rosicky in place of Ozil?

    I see your logic behind that move and it makes sense.

  71. kapslock

    Kapslock – Put Ramsey next to Coq’ and Rosicky in place of Ozil?

    Yep, I think it gives the side more balance. If we need a goal and are chasing the game then bring Ozil on.

  72. Johnty79

    Heard an interesting rumour that Coquelin signed a pre contract for a new team already…

    Just as we get a good time settles as in 2007-8 we fuck it up. When will wenger learn. If coqelain has agreed to move he should be taken from team no matter how well he us playing…same as they should of done with flamini in 2008.

  73. Leedsgunner

    £10m for Mephis Depay? Sign him up Arsene, sign him up! A wonderful player who would be a good alternative to Reus or Draxler but still just 20. With him in the side we would have a natural left winger who has a wonderful shot…

  74. Zementalstrength

    “Also I’m having a strange feeling Ozil is gonna have hattrick …”

    Of course, and L’Oreal will score 4 goals.

  75. Romford Ozil Pele

    As long as we win, I don’t care. We may have a better team and better players than Spurs but what does it really count for. This is the most drawn game in PL history (18). Spurs will be looking to draw blood so surprised at so many thinking it’s gonna be a walkover. Lest we forget the team we support. They’re capable of the sublime and ridiculous at the same time.

  76. Romford Ozil Pele

    Fantastic weekend of footie, derbies galore:

    Spurs vs Arsenal
    Everton vs Liverpool
    Atletico vs Real
    Schalke vs Dortmund

  77. The Colonel

    @ Frank mc

    Just been into Google Maps, as suggested. Top suggestion, my friend.

    Best thing is, we all know it’s true.

  78. Carts

    2 Spurs vs 2 Arsenal
    1 Everton vs 3 Liverpool
    3 Atletico vs 2 Real
    2 Schalke vs 1 Dortmund

    I can donate £5 to the above.

  79. cladicus


    Seeing the fans have a go at the Dortmund players, and them taking it was surprisingly refreshing for me. Need to see that in more sports.

  80. Romford Ozil Pele

    Cladicus, Dortmund players and the fans are known for having a close bond. What happens at Dortmund doesn’t really happen anywhere else in the world tbh. Players are too protected but the Dortmund players appreciate the support the fans always give so when the Dortmund fans turn, it’s for a reason!

    What was interesting is the way Reus has been getting castigated in BILD. The newspaper reported that he doesn’t seem interested in the cause. In the midweek defeat, he only won 36% of his duels and posted a terrible pass accuracy of 70%. Definitely gone in the summer. Plus, when Hummels and Weidenfeller were talking to fans, he was already apparently in the changing rooms.

  81. Leedsgunner

    Cheers TYAGN and Romford et al,

    Much obliged. 😉

    Carts, I pretty much said what you said @1423 earlier on.

    The thing as we are “unlucky” with injuries we are also “lucky” too. Last year Kos/Mert went injury free, as did Giroud and Özil for the most part. The year before that it was Ramsey. This year we have been “lucky” with Sanchez as you have pointed out.

    The thing is, the following year, the “lucky” players mysteriously fall prey to injuries. Could it be, just a thought that the previous year’s overplaying is catching up with them? We see it this year with Özil, Giroud and Kos. Will it be Sanchez next year? I just wonder.

    Foxy you are absolutely right, players are not machines, they will pick up injuries because they are human.

    My question is why does Wenger treat them like machines? Why not rotate when we can? We are always told we have a big squad lets use it to our advantage. For once I would like to see our star players handled so they are fit to play the most important matches throughout the season.

  82. cladicus


    Wow on Reus. Thanks for the insight. I didn’t know if this was common or not. Either way, big ups to Hummels and Weidenfeller.

  83. MadeToLoveMagic

    Le prof,,,,,,

    I like bach , miles davis , , all kinds of great music, but yeah I like tenacious D.

    Most musicians appreciate their talent,,,

    Whats your argument for saying they are shit? Caus they are a comedy act? , WHat>?

  84. Cesc Appeal

    If there’s even a doubt around Sanchez I wouldn’t play him, as gutting as that is. If there’s a genuine risk he could so serious damage to that hamstring it’s not worth it. For Spurs Sanchez injuring himself badly in a game against them will be akin to winning a trophy.

    They crowed endlessly about Walcott’s ACL last year, told one of my friends who’s a Spurs fan to have an open top bus holding his MRI scan aloft!

    We need to get back to the stage now, as Keown was saying this week, where it’s a much bigger game for them than us.

    Had we got things correct earlier in the season this would be a nothing game really, I mean it’s always a derby, but we wouldn’t be going 2 points ahead of them. We’d be out of sight of that fourth place scrap.

  85. Cesc Appeal

    Chadli is still a solid player for them; few of my friends who are Spurs fan rate him. Had a good spell this season, can’t say I pay attention to Spurs a lot so I don’t know if he’s getting games right now or not?

  86. Romford Ozil Pele

    Divine, both still there as far as i’m aware. Generally speaking, I don’t pay too much attention to them, why would I lol?! They do have a few players i’ve always liked though (Lloris, Vertonghen, Capoue, Lamela). In Lamela’s case, think he’s just been inconsistent though Pochettinho seems to have faith in him. He’s still young and has time on his side.

  87. Romford Ozil Pele

    A lot of my good friends are Spurs fans (Essex is full of them and West Ham lol). One way or another, we won’t be speaking to each other for a few weeks after tomorrow’s game lol

  88. Micheal

    Roskicky ahead of Ozil for me. TR is better suited to the hustle and bustle of a derby and has been in great form. Bring Ozil on late when we need to keep the ball.

  89. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah £30 Million.

    To be honest I see failings in him I saw in Ozil last year, Ozil is obviously much better, but he’s very weedy, very weak, doesn’t seem to like the physical stuff, gets caught out a lot by the sheer speed of things here.

    Saying that he will probably smash in a hat trick now! He is capable of moments of brilliance out of nothing occasionally.

  90. Cesc Appeal

    So gutted about Sanchez and Oxlade…still.

    Really not sure what I would go with tomorrow. I think I would put Rosicky in ahead of Ozil from the start, Ramsey and Coquelin deep, Cazorla, Rosicky and then…I really don’t know. It would be Welbeck in an instant with Giroud up top but he’s literally just come back into contention.

    I think it will be Walcott from the start tomorrow, just hope he has an absolute stormer and contributes more all round.

  91. Cesc Appeal

    This would be mine:

    Bellerin, Mert, Kozz, Monreal
    Coquelin, Ramsey
    Walcott*, Cazorla, Rosicky

    *Still have reservations, sorely tempted to stick Welbeck in instead. BUT, with Cazorla, Rosicky and Ramsey all helping out Coquelin and the defence we may be able to make up for Walcott not doing a lot in that aspect of things.

  92. Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere is a 23 year old child, there really is no point debating around him or asking anything of him until he grows up a bit.

    As we were discussing late last night, I think a loan might do that.

  93. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wenger’s been uber cautious with Theo. You would do with anyone coming back after an ACL. But he’s been in the squad since November time so you’re hoping that he’s fully ready now. He does like playing Spurs and has a good record so let’s hope he’s fully up for it. Think Wenger will stick with the same side as played against Villa.

  94. Romford Ozil Pele

    Chuba Akpom: “Delighted to have signed a new deal with Arsenal. Lots of hard work to come but very excited about the future” #AFC

    Nice. Seems level-headed and that’s the best way to be.

  95. Foxy


    I am not disagreeing with you with regards to the rotating issue. With a squad like ours we should be taking full advantage of this policy. But this is on the condition we have a full/fullish squad to choose from.

    However I am going to defend Wenger this time re rotating Sanchez. I thing we need to consider the amount of injuries we have had up until January as a reason why Alexis hasn’t been rotated as much as we would all have liked to see.

    In the offensive positions both Mesut and Theo have been practically out of the team until January. Giroud has also been out for close to three months. So we were left we just two forwards to get us through Sept-Dec, these two being Alexis and Welbeck. Sanogo simply wasn’t ready. Podolski and Campbell were available but this period between Sep-Dec also coincided with our nightmare defensive problems. We only kept 4 clean sheets during this time so with issues at the back it was imperative to have our big guns playing at the other end of the pitch to save our bacon for when the defence dropped one. Would you have wanted to risk it by playing a forward line of campbell, welbeck and podolski up top when we have a monreal as cb and chambers as rb? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    Decemeber arrives and giroud is fit again. But a las, the l’oreal picks up a stupid red card against QPR and we lose Welbeck the next game against West Ham! So this again ruins plans to give Sanchez a breather as both mesut and theo still arent ready to return.

    AW has certainly been guilty of overplaying players to their detriment (see JW when he was 18 and Ramsey last season). But with Alexis this season I believe we would have seen more squad rotation with the likes of theo, mesut, giroud and danny had they all been available along with a more reliable defence being available.