Sanchez injury? Is it real?

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Bumped into a Gooner on the way to work this morning. Chatted about what’s going on at Arsenal at the moment. Cautioned excitement was the theme. I think that’s pretty much how everyone is feeling at the moment.

Optimism… optimism that has a swing in the direction of realism rather than hopefulness. It’s a good situation.

That’s how I feel about the Spurs game this weekend. Cautiously optimistic about turning them over. It’ll be a tough game, for sure, but if we set up well, go with a plan and play with the confidence we’ve showcased over the last few weeks… well, it could be a fabulous day drenched in smug North London Derby Day glory!

Sounds like Sanchez and Chambo are out of contention. Some suspect that might not be the truth. Wenger mentioned Alexis is keen to play. I don’t know either way, but not having Sanchez is a blow. However, at least we have blistering pace to replace him in Theo. It’s just whether or not he can match the work rate… he certainly can’t match his qualities, but Theo is more than a match for Spurs.

I think #WELBZ is back in the contention. That’ll be great. Some direct pace in the side. I have a feeling he’ll score tomorrow. Seems like the sort of player who would make a good North London Derby hero.

Jack Wilshere totally hit back at the #Haters with a video of him doing some, you know, work… the video is here. I produced something similar when my boss caught me eating a bacon sandwich in the server room… with three hookers.


4give me bowz

I like Jack, he wears his heart on his sleeve, but here’s an idea… just keep your head down, be the best you can be… then behave as badly as you want when you’ve retired and leave the inspirational quotes to the teenage girls, because the character that you’re being portrayed to be is being fuelled by one person and one person only. You. No one else is consistently caught smoking or boozing like you are. So spare us the ‘poor me I’m so misunderstood’ act… it’s boring.


Big game tomorrow. Get your game face on. Walk over to a Spurs fans desk. Lean over it. Look that fan in the eye. Poke over his cup of water, then walk away. Not saying a thing.

You’re gaming that fan. They won’t bother you again.



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  1. Romford Ozil Pele

    “A front trio of Akpom-Welbeck-Walcott would be the one I would love to watch .”

    Think that looks a lot better on paper than in reality my friend. Loads of pace but a lack of ball retention. And what happens if they come up against a team parking the bus, foiling the chance to exploit their pace? Lack of ingenuity and creativity there my friend.

  2. Dan Ahern

    Looool yes, thank you for this post. I was all over this shit yesterday.

    I hardly care that he’s caught smoking, but the response drives me crazy. Fuck your shitty tumblr quotes and “the haters don’t get me” mentality.

    Maybe he has to be one of those ‘nobody believes in me’ guys to be driven to improve. So hey, maybe it works out. But goddamn is it annoying.

  3. Blsany

    Why not play Rosa and Coq together at the base of mid.That way we can play Ozil and Walcott at the same time.Giroud has to play.How fit is Welbz anyway?

  4. divinesherlock


    Yeah you’re right but maybe sometime against a lower tier team , in capital one cup or whatever thats called. Maybe Welbz improves him game , learns to hold the ball well like Giroud.

  5. MadeToLoveMagic

    Er why le prof??

    Even if rock isnt your thing you cant say tenacious d are wank mate,,,,

    you think Dave grohl would tour with them if they are wank? No

    they are a comedy band with very interesting musical ideas and Jack black has a belting rock voice up there with the best rock singers, so unless you can give me an intelligent reason why tenacious d are “wank” i shall consider your opinion a moronic one

  6. DUIFG

    WE Kane does not really stand out from a attribute point of view, from what I have seen though he seems a very near finished, happy to get shots off early.

    Tbh the knack for goal scoring is a skill set in itself even if his all round play looks a little underwhelming

  7. DUIFG

    See no reason to change the team at all for tomorrow, tbh not much else we can bring in.mthe balance looks correct at the moment.

    Welbz tr7 off the bench should be plenty. Spuds would kill for that.

  8. Willow Wilson

    I have just written to Arsenal Football Club to complain about Wenger causing those potholes in my road. Keep you posted.

  9. Le Prof


    ‘Even if rock isnt your thing you cant say tenacious d are wank mate,,,,’

    Rock isn’t my thing and I can easily say tenacious d are wank. I’d go as far as to say they were a joke.

    I don’t need to justify that opinion as I’m sure it’s an opinion shared by more people than just me.

    They’re a comedy act FFS and not a very funny one at that. Just accept people might not want to be as musically liberal as you are, and lets face facts here you’re in a niche group that finds a shit novelty band good.

  10. Willow Wilson

    Wenger Eagle
    I said 3-1 yesterday. I can see them sneaking a lucky goal, otherwise I would have gone for yet another clean sheet.

    Everton 1- 0 Liverpool
    At Madrid 1 -2 Real Madrid
    Juventus 1 – 1 AC Milan

  11. Willow Wilson

    This new goalkeeper coach is supposed to be a bit special. Jonkers is getting good reviews since he’s been in charge of the academy. It may be double Dutch at the moment but I can see a time soon when DB10 returns in a coaching role too.

    We are certainly getting all our ducks in a row now, looking good.

  12. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough mate, I appreciate what you are saying.

    I don’t necessarily agree with it, and I hope to goodness Wenger overplaying Sanchez in the first part of the season doesn’t come to haunt us in the second half or next season.

    You maybe right in that he had no choice because of injuries. I happen to think TR7 could have played a bit more as long with Campbell but hey that’s just a difference in opinion… and perhaps if he had (that is TR7) wouldn’t be so on fire right now.

    Whatever the case let’s hope Sanchez lasts the rest of the season with Cazorla, Walcott, Özil fully fit. Surely we can reach common ground there. If they are I think we will win another Cup, probably the FA Cup but if the football gods are smiling down on us for once (after taking the p*ss for the past 17 years) we might just win Big Ears. Probably a pipe dream but hey why not? 😉

    Thanks for getting back in any case. I appreciate it.

  13. Blsany

    Just read a article on Cuadrado.Wow that kid had some fucked shit happen to him.These south american players go through some dark things thats way they play they way do.Then we have people Wilshire moaning.

  14. WengerEagle


    I love you mate but we ain’t winning Big Ears!

    To even get past one of Real Madrid/Barcelona/Bayern Munich over 2 legs would be an incredible achievement but we just aren’t good enough to do it multiple times which is what is needed to win the UCL.

    Then you have Chelsea/Atletico/PSG as well. All better sides than us IMO.

  15. Leedsgunner

    TYAGN, Romford, Cesc et al

    Again thank you for your kind words… ahh, you’re making me blush! 😉 No seriously thank you. 😉

    Tick tock, tick tock, it’s the WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

    3 points to the Arsenal.
    Theo and Özil to hit the back of the net again.


  16. WengerEagle


    Agree mate just look at Wilson Palacios and what he’s had to deal with. Serious shit.

    He’s not South American obviously but Jakub Blaszczykowski has gone through hell and back from the sounds of it too.

  17. Leedsgunner


    What about the famed luck of Irish? Can you send it Emirates way when we play the teams you mention… I agree with you by the way, they are better, but funny things happen in sport… 😉

    Let me dream mate, let me dream 😉

  18. Foxy

    No problem Leeds.

    Believe me I get as frustrated as most other gooners with the lack of rotation that has happened over the years. I guess we really will see how AW utilises the squad this season now that everyone is fit. He has to get it right as it will be the difference between us going deep in the cups and cementing a top four place or more injuries occurring which could ultimately cost us top 4 and some silverware.

    I think Santi’s renaissance this season after being moved back into the middle has arguably been the highlight of the season for me and not Alexis’s impact. Alexis has been sensational of course but I had started writing Santi off at the beginning of this season. In this occasion it has brought me tremendous joy to have been proved wrong and it has been a pleasure watching the little maestro during the last couple of months. Like you said, if him and Mesut can gel and interchange with each other effectively, along with Theo, Giroud and Alexis providing the direct threat and goals, I can only see us finishing this season very strongly. Where that takes us remains to be seen but for the time being I am just blooming happy we finally get to see all of them playing in the same team.

    Going to the game tomorrow. And leaving the office now. Get the f*ck in. Have a good weekend grovers.

  19. Leedsgunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Don’t forget about Dzeko.

    His stories of growing up in war torn Bosnia and how football provided a way out are also moving and inspiring…. more power to him I say. Puts arrogant idiots like Wilshere in their place.

  20. london gunner


    Kane is actually a very decent dribbler with a great first touch.

    What is particularly impressive is his body strength he puts himself about more than Welbeck tbh and has very good hold up play as well as fairly refined link up play.

    His basically an all rounder with great finishing.

    He reminds me in a way a bit like Falcao obviously no where near as good. But if you look at most of Falcao’s individual traits they aren’t particularly brilliant but being a clinical a great first touch and an all rounder in other areas has made him WC.

  21. london gunner

    Tenacious D are brilliant musicians, but I think they are shit and make shit music!

    Just as I can acknowledge certain black/death metal bands are technically gifted musicians, but they sound god awful to me.

    Plus I find that JB is so cringe and obnoxious that when I see his face I want to punch it in.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Wish I shared some of your guy’s confidence! I think this one is too close to call…someone will sneak it, not sure who

  23. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    May I ask why Spurs fans are particularly cocky this year? Granted their team is good, but man for man we are pretty much better than 80% of their first 11.

    Even neutral fans are expecting Spurs to win… I am not sure why?

    Is it because they have quite a lot of physical players who can neutralise Cazorla and Ozil.

    Sanchez may not score away from home, but I think he will be a massive loss just for his physical aspect/work rate alone.

    If you think of Caz,Ozil and Walcott that is a light weight/massive lack of defensiveness there.

    I would say play with 2 DM’s but Flamini is more of a liability than a benefit as his so rash and will lose his mind on derby day.

    I am not a fan of Welbeck far fro m it, but if it looks like we are getting bashed/countered to pieces he is the man I would bring on.

  24. Wallace

    this season –

    Hazard – 2031 mins played(23 app)

    Fabregas – 1851 mins played(21 app)

    Sanchez – 1763 mins played(20 app)

    Matic – 1980 mins played(22 app)

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Well those are my thoughts.

    That’s why I said I’d personally play Rosicky over Ozil and then potentially even Welbeck over Walcott despite the lay off just for his sheer work rate and willingness to track back and help out.

    Coquelin, Ramsey
    Welbeck, Cazorla, Rosicky

    That has a much more physical, high energy look to it than if you add Walcott and Ozil.

    Don’t know though, Sanchez’s absence is a MASSIVE loss. That Spurs defence would not have a second to think with him on the field, and he’d follow their breaks to help out.

    To win, Bellerin, Monreal, Coquelin and Ramsey are going to need to have great games.

  26. Willow Wilson

    “See my response to Romford who already pointed this out. Who are you anyway, Wenger’s mum? If it makes you feel better, “I’m sorry Mr. Wenger. Remember to breathe after you get your head out of Wenger’s arse”


    “I hope to goodness Wenger overplaying Sanchez in the first part of the season doesn’t come to haunt us in the second half or next season”

    It is a shame you had to be so rude and abusive. That was uncalled for.

    Both ROP and myself very politely corrected you on a statement you made that was incorrect. If you have evidence to support your argument please make it, simply abusing someone is not how you do that.

    Back to the statements you made:

    1. “Wenger injured Sanchez because he played him against Brighton”
    No, he was injured in training AFTER the game. FACT.

    2. “I hope to goodness Wenger overplaying Sanchez………..”
    Sanchez has played less games and less minutes than a number of other players. FACT.

    Here are some interesting numbers:

    Matic 28 games, 2520 minutes
    Terry 28 games, 2520 minutes
    Ivanovic 28 games, 2520 mins
    Hazard 28 games, 2475 min
    Fabregas 27 games 2343 mins
    Henderson 27 games, 2334 mins
    Sanchez 25 games, 2186 mins

    I make it that the team who are sitting top of the league have 5 players that have played more games and more minutes than Alexis Sanchez.

    I am also lead to believe that professional football clubs employ experienced fitness coaches, sports science specialists and football managers. As such, I would expect they know a bit more than you do with regards to whether or not a player is being ‘overplayed’. Just a hunch.

  27. Willow Wilson

    Cesc Appeal

    You may be on the right lines. I too would play Rosicky, especially after that strike last season. If Ozil isn’t starting then I can see Theo in for Welbeck. He has a great record against Spurs and enjoys playing against them.

    Coquelin, Ramsey
    Theo, Cazorla, Rosicky

    However, it doesn’t matter what team we put out, we are head and shoulders better than them and have plenty of options.

  28. Leedsgunner


    I apologise if you thought I was abusive. You are right, there’s no need for that.

    Although, it has to be said I personally thought it was a bit of gentle banter.

    (It has to be said you were the one who said IN CAPITALS I was the one who had to SAY SORRY). Which I did of course.

    I suspect though Arsene probably will survive my criticisms. I’m sure the £8.5m per annum probably make quite a nice padding for his ego.

    Obviously it sounds like you enjoy being proved right, and provided figures are accurate fair enough, I’m happy to withdraw my comments.

    I wish you the very best.

  29. Willow Wilson

    If gentle banter is telling someone to get their head out of someone else’s arse, I’ve been doing this banter lark it wrong all these years!

    Anyway, let’s move on.

    Be better spending our energy on the real enemy tomorrow.

  30. Disco Stu

    You guys aware of the GENIUS that is the good folks a Google… Someone there is a Gooner…

    Type Dodgy into Google and check out the Google definition of the word…

    Next type inThe Shit Hole into Google maps and see what comes up!

    Legendary stuff whoever it is!!! : )

  31. Al

    You have to start rosicky tomorrow. ..He is the type of up for it from the first minute. …With passion and drive player you want in a derby.

    however I have said it a million times. ….as long as Santi is in the middle the team will be alright.

    Hopefully coquelin absolutely clatters Ericsson tomorrow. ..let him know straight away that he is on him

  32. carts

    Throwing up stats about how many seconds Mourinho’s troops have played is so fucking irrelevant …especially when using it as a basis for an argument.

    We suffer from all kinda of injuries season after season ffs…we cant even get Diaby fit, so much so that certain sources were using the ankle injuries as the instigator for every injuries that succeeds it.

    For arguments sake, Mourinho could well send him players off to Centre Parcs for 2 days for all we know. What ever he does, allows him to utilise a core group to the point where they’re 5 points clear at the top and in the next stage of the CL and LC final.

  33. Sancho Monzorla

    Can’t wait for the Derby!! It’ll be on at 4:45am local time, so I might as well stay up all night. The NLD is always such a tense affair, but I’d be disappointed with anything less than a draw.

    I’d like Theo and Ozil to start together, think they could make some magic. Theo tore his ACL last time he played against Spuds, so him having a good showing (a brace, dare I hope) would be a great story.

  34. Insomnia

    isnt it crazy what we put ourselves through as fans?

    I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to work out should you start Walcott and later sub him for Rosicky or vice versa?

    I hate being a fan – I should be worried about bigger issues like world peace and an end to poverty…

  35. Insomnia

    Just realised the answer – Rosicky can play several positions Central or wide so you keep him in reserve – genius!

  36. Northbanker

    re ECL or Big ears – in fact if you assume we’re capable of beating Monaco, which we certainly are, then we only have to take 2 of the big teams max over 2 legs before the final, which is of course a one off.

    So its perfectly possible esp if we continue the recent tactics and keep the squad in tact

  37. Insomnia

    Don’t even talk about it Northbanker – I’m still not recovered from the Barca final.

    Agree though it is possible

  38. Thomas

    Romford Ozil Pele February 6, 2015 14:43:08

    Fantastic weekend of footie, derbies galore:

    Spurs vs Arsenal
    Everton vs Liverpool
    Atletico vs Real
    Schalke vs Dortmund

    Schalke and Dortmund are not playing each other this weekend.

  39. Willow Wilson

    “Throwing up stats about how many seconds Mourinho’s troops have played is so fucking irrelevant ”

    Are you for real or on a wind up?

    How exactly is it ‘fucking irrelevant”? Surely if you are alleging that a player is being overplayed, then the amount of games/minutes they have played is totally relevant!?

    Please tell me you have not been on jury service.

  40. Willow Wilson

    North banker
    That’s a great way of looking at it. The CL is no different from any other cup competition. Luck plays a big part and anything can happen. Look how that average Liverpool side won it and even Di Matteos Chelsea were fortunate.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    What’s also relevant is the unattainable info, how they are treated in training, the strains of training, approaches to fitness and recovery etc

    Not talking about this incident but Arsenal have an appalling injury record over the last decade. Just stating playing time doesn’t tell the whole story, there’s a lot under the surface we don’t get to see.

  42. GuNZ

    I typed ‘The Shit Hole’ into Google Maps and all it came up with was the Waingaro Springs Hotel which, assuming it was meant to come up with White Hart Lane, is really unfair. To be fair I have never stopped at the Waingaro Springs Hotel but, a bit like a Spurs supporter going through the turnstiles, have been just like a turd passing through. The only thing I can think of is that White Hart Lane is a Long Drop and Waingaro is its direct antipous (apparently the singular of antipodes) where, via a tunnel through the middle of the earth, all the turds end up. If that is the case then I will ensure that next time I pass through Waingaro I shall stop off at the hotel and have a shit standing on my head.

  43. Insomnia

    Gunz if you have shit standing on your head it will just end up slipping down your torso – I wouldn’t recommend it 😉

  44. GuNZ

    Actually, rethinking the physics of that, it’s not such a good idea. A straighforward upright dump will do the trick. A nice, ripe one after a vindaloo and guinness session that hopefully emerges at the other end right on Loris as he is lining up an attempt to block what will transpire to be our third goal.

  45. kwik fit

    The boys have got to go into tomorrows game with the same attitude that they did against city. Keep it tight and let our front line pick them off on the counter. No gun ho, lets get at em shit that has been our undoing so many times in the past. Guys, Don’t listen to what Arsene tells you , just do it the way you know is best. The smart option!

  46. Arsenalspy

    My eye was caught by an earlier post by Willow Wilson
    Matic 28 games, 2520 minutes
    Terry 28 games, 2520 minutes
    Ivanovic 28 games, 2520 mins
    Hazard 28 games, 2475 min
    Fabregas 27 games 2343 mins
    Henderson 27 games, 2334 mins
    Sanchez 25 games, 2186 mins

    While those numbers clearly show that Alexis trails the rest on minutes played, i believe there is one factor that has been ignored.

    From minute one, he is going flat out. Dribbles, making off-ball runs, hustling, harrying, losing the ball, getting it back, losing it some more, he never stops.

    Can someone get their hands on the data on touches and especially ground covered per game? i could be wrong, but i think Sanchez wipes the floor with Fabregas and co on ground covered and sheer relentless energy.

  47. WengerEagle


    Yeah have a weird feeling that a drubbing is coming Atletico’s way off of Real Madrid, they’ve gotten the better of Real all season so have a feeling that Real will go and smash them tomorrow to make up for it like last season in the Copa Del Rey.

    Ronaldo is fresh back too.

  48. kwik fit

    Wenger denied there is a ‘smoking culture’ at Arsenal and then proceeded to ask one of the press guys for a light 🙂

  49. Leedsgunner

    Cesc AppealFebruary 6, 2015 20:20:59
    First lackadaisical now Google Maps…hahahahaha! Hilarious

    I know it’s puerile but damn it is funny. Forget Arsene Knows… Google Knows.

  50. carts

    Cesc –

    “What’s also relevant is the unattainable info, how they are treated in training, the strains of training, approaches to fitness and recovery etc

    Not talking about this incident but Arsenal have an appalling injury record over the last decade. Just stating playing time doesn’t tell the whole story, there’s a lot under the surface we don’t get to see.”

    Thank you, Cesc. If after your post alongside mine it still doesn’t ring home for Willow then he/she is a lost cause.

    Willow – me jury service? pathetic analogy. You strike me as the kind of person to look a piece of SMALL factual data then apply it to greater spectrum.

    When trying to formulate a discussion, you have to look at the wider picture…simply using Chelsea’s players as an an example is ridiculous, as as Cesc stated, their approach is clearly different to ours hence the fact they’ve got maxium outputs from their core players yet them experiencing nowhere near as many injuries.

  51. Godfather

    How I wish Wenger would drop the empty headed headless chicken Ramsey and play Rosicky in his spot. I also would not mind Welbeck starting out on the left to protect Nacho from Andros. I know nacho has improved but I remember Townsend running rings around him when he was a loanee at QPR. It was so bad that Nacho had to put an NFL style tackle on him to slow him up.

    Still a Lil nervous but I hope Wenger did his homework and puts out the right mix of players and doesn’t wait till the boys are ready to drop from fatigue before making changes

  52. GuNZ

    What a stunning day here by the sea in the Waikato. Cloudless, nicely warm (25 degrees), very little humidity to speak of. I almost went for a drive to the Waingaro Springs Hotel to have a crap in the hope it would fall through the earth and land on Harry Kane’s head but the missus left the lights on when she parked up the motor last night so the battery’s flat and I ruined the jump leads whipping the last Spurs supporter to venture into Raglan.

    I am going out shortly to place a bet at the TAB in the Raglan Hotel. Twenty bucks on the nose Gooners to take it out 1-3. If I see a child in a Tottenham shirt waiting in the queue at the ice-cream shop I shall take its pocket money away and use that as the bet. That way not only will I not lose out should the entities that have been whispering the score to me in voices only I can hear be wrong but it will teach the misguided child a valuable lesson in life about what pocket money should be spent on.

  53. GuNZ

    I discovered in the last years of my rugby playing days (good result for England by the way) that hamstring problems are often a matter of mind over matter. I’ve said it before and will say it again: strap ’em up, can of ralgex and you’re good to go. They are also very unpredictable injuries in the sense that they can often clear up very quickly. What concerns me is that Sanchez does not appear to have a history of hamstring issues and, yes, he was over-used, but the ping occurred in training. I know Arsenal’s training and physio regime has attracted massive amounts of criticism but I have recently become aware that the team’s history of treatment (which includes prevention as well as cure) of soft tissue injuries, amongst which hamstring issues are included, is considered absolutely atrocious. Thus I have decided to fast-post (with courier and signature required) a first aid package to Alexis which shall contain some of those really thick, beige coloured, thigh-width, strap-plasters (the ones that rip all your hair off when you remove them) and a tube of Deep Heat. I would imagine that if he gets them by Monday we may well see him on the pitch on Tuesday evening. Can’t say fairer than that.

  54. GuNZ

    Should, due to the vagaries of the international parcel delivery system, my parcel for Alexis not arrive on time then I have a plan B. I once chopped up a pile of scotch bonnet chillies, a fair amount of which I got all over my hands, and then went to the loo with the result that I could not feel my willy for some considerable time afterwards. Perhaps Alexis could adopt the same approach with his hamstring. Have Arsene on the side-line with a bowl full of chopped scotch-bonnets and habeneros into which Alexis can dip his hands and rub on the back of his thigh as needed. Why the fuck is it that I have to come out with all these good ideas? If you’re listening, Arsene, and I know you are because I strongly suspect you pose as one or two bloggers on this site, I would not be averse to your allocating a little of your not insubstantial budget to the Raglan Think Tank. I’m not greedy in fact, considering it’s been costing you the GDP of a small country to keep half the club at the physio’s this season, you will find me fucking cheap. All I want is a life-time season ticket, a private jet to ferry me across for home games, and two weeks on a deserted island with Penelope Cruz-Sanchez. Oh yes . . . and the name of Jack’s dealer.

  55. GuNZ

    And where, oh where, is Mr. Highbury Daze? I’ve not seen any report of a mass suicide by a plane load of Spurs supporters mid-atlantic so I’ll have to scotch my airline pilot theory. Vladimir Putin’s been busy lately, maybe it’s him? Angela Merkel, even? Lord Lucan? Elvis?

  56. GuNZ

    Good weekend for English rugby all round. England vs. New Zealand in the Wellington Sevens final later tonight. England beat Scotland on the last play of the game to make it and NZ took out South Africa.

  57. Evan

    Result, the game is on BT sport.
    Order of day

    Cornflakes, coffee, beer, football and then victory. Dusty whats the score?
    2-3 to the Gooners

  58. Frank Mc

    GuNZ, are you organizing the search party for your area? I’ll get going for mine.
    Thing is I really miss his beating about the bush re all things Arsenal….

  59. Wallace


    it’s not so much Chelsea being 5pts clear now that vindicates their approach(weren’t we still top at this point last season?). it’s from here on in that we’ll see if their lack of rotation of key players catches up with them. will also give Cesc a chance to prove to the doubters that he can be effective in the second half of a season.

  60. st freak

    My eye was caught by an earlier post by Willow Wilson
    Matic 28 games, 2520 minutes
    Terry 28 games, 2520 minutes
    Ivanovic 28 games, 2520 mins
    Hazard 28 games, 2475 min
    Fabregas 27 games 2343 mins
    Henderson 27 games, 2334 mins
    Sanchez 25 games, 2186 mins

    While those numbers clearly show that Alexis trails the rest on minutes played, i believe there is one factor that has been ignored.

    From minute one, he is going flat out. Dribbles, making off-ball runs, hustling, harrying, losing the ball, getting it back, losing it some more, he never stops.

    Can someone get their hands on the data on touches and especially ground covered per game? i could be wrong, but i think Sanchez wipes the floor with Fabregas and co on ground covered and sheer relentless energy.

  61. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    Yep. I think we’ll hear him long before we spot him.

    I, too, miss the way he sits on the fence and never commits himself to any opinion where Arsenal are concerned . . .

    Thought I might have seen him on TV being dragged into the back of a black maria at the Wellington Sevens screaming abuse at the universe but that turned out to be our Prime Minister.

    Got search and rescue on the job now.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha. Nothing better than waking up and reading GuNz posts. Always puts this miserable bastard in a good mood. Keep up the good work.

    On the game today, well I’m shitting myself…..sorry. I hope it’s as straightforward as some of us think today…..hate the spuds and my brother in law is one so…..COME ON THE ARSENAL

  63. Leedsgunner


    I agree with you there. GuNZ’s posts are very very droll… aren’t they?

    Great new poster.

    As for today’s result, I have to say I’m quietly confident. I think Theo will be right up for it, and Özil and Cazorla is on fire so I’m sure we will definitely be creating chances… let’s just hope we finish them off. I hope Coquelin doesn’t get overwhelmed by the occasion and stays composed as he did at the Etihad…

    I just hope we come out of this with three points and no injuries. As much as I would have like to see Sanchez play, I think if we can get three points without him all the better. I would rather have him well rested and ready for the long run. It’s going to be a white knuckle ride to 4th. It’s a great shame we didn’t discover this form earlier as if we did we could have been challenging for the title.

    2-0 to the Gooners would do me just fine! With another Özil goal (or assists) just to outline once again what a rubbish footballer he is of course… for the benefit of all those who were writing him off as a flop… 😉