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Ahhh, hi there. How’s it going? I hope it’s going well, so well, you rocked up to work in a low slung vest, a borat leotard complemented by some super fly Birkenstocks fresh out of Essex. It’s Thursday, why not?

So, what have we? Jack Wilshere’s been caught smoking a damn shisha pipe! What a muppet. When I was at university, my friend told me they were 90% cleaner than smoking cigarettes. I think he was lying so I’d have a go on the delicious fruit based tobacco. Regardless of the health implications, it certainly didn’t help my flourishing football career. So Jack, I’d recommend one of two things here….

1. Stop smoking

2. Stop letting people take pictures of you smoking

It’s pretty simple. I find it amazing he’s still getting into trouble like this, especially as he’s a bit of an irrelevance in the squad at the moment. I don’t think I’ve heard a single Arsenal fan complain about not having Jack in the side at the moment. There are more dedicated players who are delivering at a higher level (on lower wages).

He’s going to have to watch it. A big offer comes in for him in the summer, you’d be hard pushed to say no based on what he’s giving the club from a discipline and performance perspective. I’m sure you could spend £20m and £100k a week on someone who’d give you more.

Just reference yesterdays post, I wasn’t saying I didn’t rate Ospina, I really like him, he has it all to prove, but so far so good. All I was saying is it doesn’t feel like the manager likes him that much. I have no inside track on that. Just an ospinion (see what I did there?).

Would Arsenal fans stop fretting over having top players in the squad that don’t land games. That doesn’t mean we have have to sell. It means those top players on the bench have to work harder to put themselves in contention. I know Arsenal fans aren’t used to seeing competition in the squad, but I can assure you, it’s what great teams are all about.

Finally, from me anyway, I watched a Terry Neil rerun on BT last night. Brian Kidd was smashing up Spurs with his pace. What was interesting, is you had terracing, a North London Derby we’d just gone up in and the noise was tepid at best. I mean, really unimpressive. Especially when you consider how many working class, salt of the earth, ‘it was better in the eighties’ total geezers there.

The revisionism on the atmosphere is amazing. I was at Highbury most of the nineties with my dad, and look, my pals used to rip me about the library. That nickname wasn’t ironic. It was based on a truth. So when you see people bagging on the current fanbase and their lack of voice, remind them that it wasn’t that much better when tickets cost a loaf of bread and a cheeky victorian chimney cleaner wink.

While we’re on it. It’s amazing how slow the game was back then. I mean, no wonder players could hit 65 games as season. The pace was a fraction of what it is now. The players are so much bigger than they were. The pitch was a total disgrace. The game really has moved on. I think I prefer it these days.

Anyway, remember Geoff? The original Le Grove Geoff? He’s sent in a a mini rant for you to enjoy with your morning shisha pipe.

A Blackburn supporter said to me this week, so was Wenger right all along?


All through the summer supporters, football pundits and ex Arsenal players were telling Wenger that if he signed a monster DM, a keeper and a decent centre back we would win everything, but he didn’t, as always, he knew best.

Then against Man City, he played a good goalkeeper, deployed a half decent DM and won the game against all the odds 2 nil.

After the game when he was interviewed he looked like a rabbit that got caught in the headlights. Confused, shocked and not aware of what was going on.

Reporters were asking him about his plan B, he didn’t know what they were talking about, why? Because as it later transpired, he didn’t know what had just happened, a player revolt decided by themselves.

He was caught between owning up or taking the credit, fortunately he couldn’t get his act together quick enough, so we all found out the truth.

Shortly after we signed a centre back. So now we have what we all wanted in the summer.

I answered my friend from Blackburn by saying had Wenger signed what we needed in July, we may be 10 points clear by now and not 11 points behind.

I still don’t think Coquelin is the answer, but he’s better than Flamini and Arteta in that role, Ospina is way better that the hapless Chezzer and Paulista will bring better performances from the centre back pair by virtue of just being there.

And he’s a far better option than a converted full back. I agree that Bellerin is a decent young player, and Coquelin is doing well, but

Coquelin was playing for the first team years ago when he was nowhere near good enough. Same with Theo, Ramsey, Jack and Gibbs.

The following is a team of young players that Wenger persevered with to Arsenal’s detriment, Almunia by the way was at 28 considered young for a keeper. I could say Alex Manninger.


Eboue Senderos Djourou Traore

Merida Denilson Quincy

Boa-Morte Wreh Bendtner

These weren’t obscure one offs, these were first teamers. And they played a shed load of games.

Denilson for instance played 153! Traore only played 13, but that was more than Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo had combined!

The point I’m making is the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Real Madrid only play these young kids when they can make a difference, not because of some weird obsession, that’s as daft as only making substitutions between 67 and 74 minutes, rather than when they are actually needed.

That’s what people with OCD do.

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s going to be really tight, Spurs will come at us with a lot of intensity, not give us a minute.

    2-1 or 3-2 to somebody, think it will be nicked at the death.

  2. Dan Ahern

    Bellerín was obviously better though. Not that he was heavily tested (neither was Walcott, mind). But he held his own the whole match and came through with a brilliant goal. Class player.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Really excited about Bellerin, first time in a while I’ve been this excited about a young prospect.

    We sort of knew about him a while back as a young talent who could make an impact one day. Takes a lot for a 19 year old to seize an opportunity like this, really hope he keeps it up.

  4. Willow Wilson


    Not sure I could take it being nicked at the death!

    I am confident about the game, we are starting to look better balanced and difficult for the opposition to play against.

  5. Dan Ahern

    Nah. We’ll score first (flukey OG near-poster), then we’ll give up a goal for no good reason at all (Chadli deflected shot), then we’ll be frustrated for like 20 minutes, but finally bring on Rosicky to up the tempo and stomp them with 2 late (Özil, Santi).

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Definitely agree on the balance thing, I think that had a lot to do with a CDM who is actually a CDM and then pace out wide and better organisation in defence. Also got to give it up to Monreal, I think Gibbs all round is a better player but his positional awareness is awful, lands us in trouble a lot.

    That’s what worries me about Wilshere’s impending return, for me in no way does he get near this side right now, just hope Wenger sees it that way.

  7. Willow Wilson

    Dan Ahern

    Great comments. I agree with you about both Theo and Bellerin. Theo shaking the rust off and Bellerin getting better with each game. As you say, Bellerin looks a real player. The cool way he placed that goal into the bottom corner from the edge of the box was just class.

  8. Dan Ahern

    Cheers WW.

    Glad we all (us two and CA) agree on Héctor. He’s such a talent and has a big chance to prove himself earlier in his career that he’d have thought.

    I love his pace and his instinct to always hunt for goals (or goal-scoring ops). Good looking cross as well. He’ll probably have some work to do on defensive positioning. Seems like he leans on his pace a touch more than he should, but I’m not complaining. He has Premier League Speed for sure. Mostly he’ll just want to be careful about getting outmuscled by Premier League Power.

  9. Dan Ahern

    CA — What can I say, my mind is like an Arsenal supercomputer that runs thousands of simultaneous situations per second. The result’s nailed on.

    Don’t bet your house on it though. 😉

    …Maybe a fiver.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: And the critique you lay at me, perhaps think about it yourself maybe?

    Hey, if my view contradicted pretty much everyone else’s view I would.

  11. tunnygriffboy

    These next two games hugely important for our season, most important of the season. Win both and it puts really big pressure on spurs and lpool who play each other the night we play leicester. It could put us a good number of points above them and looking at the Manchester clubs.

    Ozil, Walcott and Welbeck back but we lose Ox and Sanchez. Can’t make it up. Should be back for the cup game though.

    Akpom winner ? ? ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I’m sure you would. Unless you didn’t agree, because you thought differently. You’ve done so innumerable times on here.

    You’re not asking for anyone to ‘appreciate someone else’s views,’ you’re asking people to change their views and agree with you and the opinions you deem valid…which makes your request pretty ironic and laughable really.

  13. london gunner

    Proffesionals should not smoke or drink.

    1 That little fag here and there will hamper your VO2MAX and also weaken the efficiency of your blood flow through out your body. This is particularly important when recovering from injury.

    At the top footballers aren’t regular guys so everything is fine margins. That’s why players like Ronaldo rarely get injured because he treats his body like a temple. His fitness routines/diets/sleep schedule is about as close to perfect as you can get.

    As for a single pint can hamper your maximum strength output and balance through out the week. So basically your playing catch up afterwards instead of progressing.

    At the end of the day these guys are getting paid millions to keep peak optimum fitness and health. They aren’t regular people so regular standards should not apply to them.

  14. WengerEagle

    Interestingly enough after reading Ferie’s autobiography he said that he always would have rathered his players smoke then drink as the drink has a much more adverse effect on muscle recovery making the players more susceptible to picking up niggles and affecting their general performance levels.

    Smoking looks more shocking for a pro but it’s arguably not as bad as putting away the pints. All depends on the amounts.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    Have no worries about Bellerin attacking. Quality footballer. We mustn’t get on his back if he has a few dodgy minutes/games defensively ( we’re guilty of that with our playersm case in point see Chambers. Now he’s struggled lately but early doors did ok after being dropped in the deep end at big club. He will come good again )

    After last year when we lacked pace upfront, Theo and Ox missing most of the season, we now have ridiculous pace in the squad. More than most ?
    Think Gibbs, Kos, Gabriel, Bellerin , Theo, Ox, Sanchez, Welbeck, Akpom. Ozil when he wants too and TR7 can shift over ten yards as well. It’s exciting.

  16. salparadisenyc

    Bollocks Fergie… I’ve managed to perform at a world class level on the piss, in fact I can’t really perform without it.

  17. Willow Wilson

    I’m not sure about the balance with Jack but he has ablity, just not sure he is taking his football as seriously as he should. My worry is that he is always going to be subjected to ankle injuries, due to the way he releases the ball so late. That was a shocking tackle from McNair, not even a foul awarded and our players probably aren’t the best protected in that respect.

    When you look at Santi and Tomas Rosicky you wonder whether Jack can ever reach those levels.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    I’ve said many a time Rosicky is who Wilshere should emulate. But statistically Wilshere is a hindrance on the side and he just isn’t progressing at all, the mistakes aren’t leaving his game at all.

    I’d love him to succeed, but at the same time if someone gave me the option of selling him and bringing in a better player, or a player we need, right now I’d take it.

    If you said to most Arsenal fans if you want Schniederlin you have to lose Wilshere; they’d take it I think.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    True Boris good points

    If he wants to smoke an drink wait till he retires at33 he can buy a boozer with a yard , have his muckers around smoke his lil heart out an wash it down with a decent malt.

    Or maybe wenger forced him into becoming a man with responsibility to quickly.

  20. alexanderhenry

    On wilshire, remember he’s still only 23. Rosicky’s 34 and cazorla’s 30 so there’s plenty of time for jack to work his way into the team. I’d stick with him.

  21. kwik fit

    This hasn’t been Jacks first indiscretion so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if wenger off loads him in the summer. If he was constantly injured now that would be a different thing.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    You got to ask though, if his inclusion hurts us, statistically it does…a lot, then how many chances can we realistically give him over a season?

  23. carts

    “ve said many a time Rosicky is who Wilshere should emulate. But statistically Wilshere is a hindrance on the side and he just isn’t progressing at all, the mistakes aren’t leaving his game at all.”

    Never actually looked at it that way. Now you mention it I kind of see the logic. However, lets hope that the injury aspect isn’t a prevalent factor

  24. Dan Ahern

    I’m fine keeping Wilshere. No doubt he’s talented. But what he offers is inferior to other midfielders at the moment. Make him fight for Ramsey’s place, not line them up side-by-side.

    (And by the way, Ramsey’s only 24. Schneiderlin’s 25. Just sayin’.)

  25. Santos

    Cesc Appeal

    I agree that Wilshere should look up to Rosicky. He has not really hit the heights we expected, instead, he keeps regressing. Like Pedro asserted, if a good offer comes, the club could be tempted to sell him. He would do well at a passing team, under a more serious manager though.

  26. Northbanker

    I’ve seen Jack play enough now to be convinced that he is not for us. Agree with sentiment that while he remains he should compete with Rambo for place and not play together. But if we get a decent offer we should take it and reinvest it as with Chez. Attitude of both completely wrong.

  27. Willow Wilson

    Alexander Henry
    Yes agreed. Jack has ability he needs to make sure he leaves the other stuff out. I watched him destroy liverpool in the fa youth cup final and thought, what a player. He does need to knock off the smoking and put everything into being the player we all want him to be. As I said, he needs to look at the older players like Santi and Tomas . I believe to fulfil his potential he has to release the ball a tad earlier or else he is going to get clattered., like that McNair late one.

  28. Dan Ahern

    I know I said we should just accept that Wilshere fancies a fag here and there, but this is kind of my issue with him:


    Why not just say, “It was a bad choice, sorry. I’m going to train my balls off to make up for my mistake.” ?

    Instead he comes back with some shitty, defensive tumblr quote about how you don’t know the real him. smh.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I think Wilshere would excel elsewhere, whether it’s the players ahead of him, the manager not developing him correctly or finding him a position in the side – or simply himself I just don’t think he’s going to progress at Arsenal.

  30. Willow Wilson

    You have to accept that Jacks just a bit dim. Sorry but it’s true. Of most footballers. Phil Neville made his first Kenco a few weeks ago, Balotelli tried to send his rented house into orbit and Wayne Rooneys busy shagging wrinkly old pensioners. This is where talent alone isn’t good enough. You need attitude too. That’s why jack needs to see Tomas and Santi as examples. In fact, I need to have a word with Tomas and get some of that youth serum he’s using!

  31. Insomnia

    Here’s the team:

    Bellerin kos bfg monreal
    Rosicky Ramsey Cazorla Ozil
    Subs: Walcott flamini Welbeck Gibbs Chesney chambers brazil-nut

    Score 1-2

  32. WrightIsGod

    The Black Stars (Ghana) know how to celebrate.

    I can’t stand the knee slide celebration (who I originally attribute to Henry btw) because everyone does it and it shows a real lack or thought or originality.

    I want to see choreography not copycat knee slides. Plus no one does a knee slide like Henry.

  33. WrightIsGod

    Equatorial Guinea have decided to try and stop the game by running the Ghana fans from their seats and throwing missiles onto the pitch. Terrible for football but great for TV.

    Switch over to Eurosport if you can. Missiles everywhere.

  34. WengerEagle

    Ghana-Ivory Coast should be a decent final.

    The Elephants are favourites on paper as per usual but I’m backing Ghana to take it home as the Ivory Coast always manage to bottle it and fuck it up.

  35. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    He’s not great on his travels so it’s not a huge loss IMO.

    We should win with the form most of our team is in, Ozil’s looking good since his return too.

  36. London gunner


    I can just see eriksen getting a freekick and scoring..

    My main concern without sanchez out who will score?

    Cazorla if we get a pen, but can’t see who else

  37. Dan Ahern

    WW — He might be, but that doesn’t bother me much. I mean who hasn’t done something stupid in their line of work. It makes me more upset that he commits the same PR blunder over and over but reacts like he’s unfairly persecuted.

  38. WrightIsGod


    Cracking final. Ghana are underdogs but I back my countrymen.

    Terrible scenes in this semi-final of the ACON.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Wilshire seems to be following the route of Paul Gascoigne who was ‘daft as a
    brush’. I accept that a lot of footballers do not have brains above the waist.

    However, when a footballer commits the same offence three times as Wilshire has now down what becomes abundantly clear is that he lacks even basic intelligence or common sense and trying to justify indiscretions on the basis of his age is not good enough.

    Basically he is a grossly ‘overpaid’ individual who is supposed to set an example. This guy does not seem to understand or care about his image.

    If he was as I suggested previously a ‘world beater’ as a footballer in the class of
    Messi or Ronaldo he might get away with it under a ‘tolerant’ manager. Sadly he is light years away from that talent and rather like Szczesny is becoming a
    squad rather than automatic first choice player.

    There are plenty of players in the market with similar or better ability than him who would cost a fraction of wages and transfer fees that he would cost.
    His only major asset is that he is Home Grown and English born.

    He needs a wake up call about his career.

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Loan him out? That might put the shits up him and show him he isn’t this untouchable figure he seems to think he is.

    £25 Million and Wilshere on loan for a season for Schniederlin?

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Cesh Appeal

    Frankly I don’t believe that Wilshire will change and of course we have had other promising young players on our books have been shipped out of club e.g. Pennant and Bentley.

    I look at our squad particularly in midfield and ask myself does Wilshire make a real difference. We have as I suggested before 5 places in team for
    offensive players and four of those places would be tied up by Sanchez, Ozil,
    Cazorla and Giroud if fit and on form.

    Technically we have 1 place available for Ramsey,Ox,Walcott,Welbeck and
    Wilshire. My view is that Wilshire comes at the bottom of the pecking order
    when you factor in his performance level and injury track record not to mention his lack of professionalism and common sense.

  42. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    I can definitely see Theo stepping up and scoring, he’s usually good for a goal against the Spuds, I’m not his biggest fan but Giroud has been free-scoring in the NLD lately as well so he could step up.

    Ozil, Ramsey, maybe even Akpom who knows?

    I didn’t put money on Rosicky scoring the winner last season that’s for sure.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    I agree. But at 24, there is still so much potential in there because we got glimpses of it.

    I think Saints would go for that deal, if Wilshere got the Schniederlin role, and so Saints could spend the money elsewhere maybe it would teach him responsibility and consistency.

    If it were made clear to him this was last chance saloon type stuff, mess up at Saints and you will be off…and who’s going to want you then of any real note?

  44. David Smith

    Jeez…..the guy has been pictured with a shisha pipe,he hasn’t killed anybody!
    This club has its faults, but we should focus on the genuine problems, not a non story
    Even if he does smoke, it will make very little difference during the time of his career. Some may not like smoking, but it is perfectly legal in this country, wilshere is a footballer, not an abstaining saint.

  45. BacaryisGod

    My one prediction for Spurs and it’s a bad one, I’m afraid. Coquelin has come close to crossing the line a couple of times and the heat of a NL Derby will send him over the edge. Red Card for two yellows and his fairweather plaudits will turn on him.

    Also, not a prediction but a fact. If Theo plays, he’ll get he’ll from the Spurs fans for his ‘2-0’ signal and will be on the receiving end of an ugly reducer from Vertognen (who will only get a yellow for it)

  46. Insomnia

    David , to be honest apart from some who will use anything bad for their own agenda I think the reality is that it just indicates a bigger problem. It’s a lack of hunger and discipline to be the best he can

  47. london gunner

    David Smith

    His a professional sportsmen who gets paid millions. He should take it seriously and save the drinking/smoking till his 23.

    You can’t judge him by a regular person standards.

    I work in an office If I smoke I doubt it will hinder my progress.
    If wilshere smokes it could. We want our players to earn those millions by showing they are taking it seriously and doing everything they can to be in tip top shape.

    This isn’t sunday league mate this is the premier league where players earn fortune. Should they make sacrifices? Hell yes.

  48. Leedsgunner

    Wilshere is really up himself isn’t he? So what are we supposed to do, cream ourselves because he’s actually doing his job?!?! Damn, what are waiting for? Give him the Ballon d’Or already.

    Who the f*** does he think he is to preach to others about character and reputation? If he was a true professional maybe he would get his head out of his arse and think about reputation of the club he’s suppose to love and not get himself into those situations in the first place.

    Complete jumped up prick. The best think he could have done was to say sorry, end of…

    I know disabled athletes who show 1000x more dedication to their sport than he does — and hold down a full time job as well.

    He has the luxury of earning in a week what takes the average person in the Uk 3 years to earn. Maybe he should reflect on what a privileged life he leads before he looks down and sends out patronising messages.

    What an absolute s***.

  49. Leedsgunner

    “Wilshere is really up himself isn’t he? So what are we supposed to do, cream ourselves because he’s actually doing his job?!?! Damn, what are waiting for? Give him the Ballon d’Or already.”

    I’m referring to his fitness video and message… by the way.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    Said for a while Wilshere’s biggest issue is Wilshere. Sounds a grade A bellend with a very high opinion of himself.

    As others have said, for his own good, needs to be taken down a peg or two…or three.

  51. David Smith

    Don’t think Wilshere lacks hunger, though he might at times lack good judgement. London Gunner, completely take your point, yes, footballers do not exist in any form of normality,but wilshere is actually in good shape, have never seen him shirk anything. My concern with wilshere is nothing to do with smoking, it is the level of injuries he builds up, which may be down to the way he plays, but also must be down to the way he and others are managed. He is a highly talented player whose career has been affected by injuries, think this and the way he is managed is the issue with wilshere, not what he does in his home, in a club or in a swimming pool. That said, wenger seems a bit free and easy with the players, especially his favourites.

  52. MadeToLoveMagic

    I think people are harsh on Wilshere.

    When Cesc left Jack was heralded by all as the saviour of english football, he was The core of the arsenal mid for the next ten years, nailed on. Then 21 months out meant that the team had to evolve without him, now he is struggling to find his place.

    I believe in jack but what it really comes down to is weather he is prepared to be patient, take a slightly more back seat cup/easy game role, really work on his fitness and train hard. Then in a couple of years he will be mid twenties and could come seriously good…

    Id be really UNhappy to sell Jack now I reckon we’d seriously rue it the future, but right now there is no doubt the team play better without him.

  53. David Smith

    If we sold Wilshere, and he ended up peaking at a rival club, some on here would be first to blame the club. The club and manager have got things wrong in the past in losing top players, let’s not add to this list.
    Manage Wilsheres talent, and manager his injuries, the rest wil come naturally. He will come good.

  54. MadeToLoveMagic


    To be fair the only two you mention that he is comparable to is coutinho and Veratti.

    Sturridge Oscar and sterling are entirely different types of player.

    Jack is amazingly talented , and should take Rosickys place when the time is right but he needs time to find his game and that is up to him.. He needs to understand that the team is functioning better without him and it is up to him weather he loves the club enough to stick around and earn his place again , patiently.

    Cast your mind back to the Barca game when Jack set the world alight, He is pure talent but the injury fucked him up , he needs to I think lose a little bulk and work on trying to get the mobility back. He doesnt seem to recieve the ball on the half turn properly like he used to , he used to be about the tight close control in the midfield , now he just seems to be about receiving it and bursting forward, but he doesnt in my opinion have the required attributes to do that sort of thing, but he doe have the technique ro be a sort of pirlo type.

    He needs to find his game, be patient and wait to find his place in the team . I wouldnt sell him

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere needs to get out of Arsenal, if I hear one more reference to ‘that Barcelona game’…

    If that is the only defence you can raise for him, one match 4 years ago in his defence, or in evidence of his potential, pretty tame.

    I think we should loan him, Saints would be a great destination for him, can probably work it in as part of any Schneiderlin deal, lowers his price a little and Saints get a replacement off the bat…sort of, not as good but the potential still to be a handy player, great even.

    He would be a constant started (injuries abiding) and would have a clearly defined role and responsibilities. That is the only way we’re going to be able to judge Wilshere.

    At Arsenal he is too comfortable, has no responsibility and the rest of the team has to carry the weight of his inclusion in the side. He has an area of effect of the pitch, disturbing everything around him.

    Off the pitch he needs to grow up and pull his head out of his arse and realise if he carries on like this for another season or two he will become an irrelevance, another name on the list of overhyped players who never lived up to their potential at 18-19.

    But staying at Arsenal, riding the bench, getting special treatment with no responsibility on the field is no good for him or us in the long run.

    A loan, to a team down the scale from Arsenal is the wake up call he needs.

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Re who will score if Sanchez doesn’t play ? I may be wrong but haven’t we had something stupid like 18 different scorers this season ? Isn’t it the highest number of different scorers for a team in Europe ?

  57. Sancho Monzorla


    regarding Jack Wilshere, maybe he could use a change of scenery. He’s been a crock and a disappointment for so long though, so I doubt he would even fetch a decent fee on the transfer market. If you can’t get £25m for him I would keep him and see if he can turn himself into a useful squad player.

    Shame it turned out this way, Jack was on his way to being an Arsenal great according to so many. Probably could have gotten £35m for him even a year ago.

  58. MadeToLoveMagic

    Your basically saying the same the same thing as me though Cesc, that you dont want rid of him. Essentially weather he stays and takes a backseat role or goes on lone is largely irrelevant.

    The reason That Barca game is sited so often is because it is a sort of mental marker for the the period before the injury. He was in amazing form that season, playing along side Fabregas.

    My point was that now , since his return he has looked a different “sort” of player. He looks different, his form , his shape and technique seem, to me at least stiffer. I think he bulked up and tried to make his game about bursting through the middle.

    Maybe im remembering it skewed, thats entirely possible!

    I really think he needs to decide what role it is he wants. A loan deal like you say would be an ideal solution.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    You’re not remembering it skewed, he was phenomenal that year and I think everyone in England, even Spurs fans were excited about what he could become, what was it the papers dubbed him, ‘Spanish flair with English heart’…but I think he’s become obsessed with ‘Jack Wilshere’ the legend himself.

    I would sell him if the right offer came along, I’ve no doubt, and I’ve said it numerous times that he would likely flourish elsewhere but as long as the club reinvested and say brought in a great CDM I would have no complaints really.

    Set aside the problems with Wilshere himself for a second and the club has problems with him; they don’t know, or rather Wenger doesn’t know what position he plays. He ends up all over the gaff and more often than not just treading on another players toes so to speak.

    So what you end up with is not only Wilshere playing poorly, or having a detrimental effect on the team but he drags that other player down as well. Look at Ramsey. That 4-1-4-1 and Wilshere totally killed the beginning of our season.

    Say Wenger had gone with a more balanced line up as he has now (say he bought a CDM and CB like he should of…but that’s a different story) we’d be far better off right now, games like Leicester, Spurs, United, Everton, Hull etc we would have won comfortably I feel where we either lost or drew.

    But as I say Wilshere’s biggest issue is Wilshere, he thinks he’s king at Arsenal without having ever actually done anything…he comes across as a right bellend as well, my opinion of him sometimes might be a bit warped because I actually dislike him as a bloke.

    But then the stats back up what I’m saying, there is clear trend for us to play badly when he plays, and even more pointed, that when he leaves the field having started we instantly get much better…no result more so than Everton away.

    He’s too comfortable here, he’s going to be 26 before you know it, still doing dick things in clubs, still an injury nightmare, still with the same mistakes in his game, still banking close to £100k a week and we will all still be sat around saying “there’s still time…remember the Barcelona game.”

    Cut the umbilical cord I say.

  60. Bamford10

    I’m with Cesc Appeal:

    Walcott was invisible but for his finish last weekend. Problem is, his finish was a thing of beauty. One can imagine Ox “doing much more” in a game like that but it all coming to naught in the end.

    While I don’t really like Walcott as a player — not skillful enough, not clever enough, too limited — his pace, confidence, assertiveness and improved finishing have made him quite dangerous in the final third.

    I’d prefer to see him only in the final 25 minutes of games, however.

    By the way, Ghana have waltzed into the AfCON final. You may remember that I championed them on here this summer, while certain other philistines preferred the more workmanlike Nigerians. Will be tough to beat the Ivory Coast, but I for one will be pulling for the colorful and stylish Black Stars.

  61. MadeToLoveMagic

    Its a fair point , or series of them , csec. He has no real position and when he plays the stats truly reveal how much that costs us. He is neither an attacking mid, or a defensive mid. He lacks the pace i think to drive from deep .. I think the only position he is suited to is the one occupied by ramsey at the moment , where he drops back along side coq but goes forward when needed.

    I think the fact that wilshere thinks he’s king at arsenal is because he has been told, from a young age that he is, and for that I think he deserves some slack.

    I know i said a loan was a ideal but thinking about it , staying and fighting could be ok as long as wenger makes it clear that he is low in the pecking order and that it is up to him to fight for his spot. Remember Rosicky is 47 next year and we retire soon , im sure!

  62. MadeToLoveMagic

    Staying could be a good test of his character, and having his status lowered could encourage him to stop acting like such a douche and focus on finding his game at arsenal. because its slipping away from him.

  63. David Smith

    Don’t get the Chelsea worship on here. If wilshere was a Chelsea player he would be sold etc…….he needs to shoot a youth player with an air gun or shag his best mates wife and be a racist to emulate what Chelsea players get away with and don’t get me started on their eye gouging manager. This all things are wonderful at Chelsea thing on this forum needs looking at

  64. Emiratesstroller

    The plain fact is that Wilshire is not indispensable. He is neither the great footballer that he was touted to be nor a particularly good ambassador for club.

    The point I raised is would he be selected today as first choice to play alongside Sanchez,Ozil, Cazorla and Giroud if he was match fit? Frankly the answer is an emphatic no from my perspective.

    There are four other players in our squad with Home Grown and English credentials who are equally good footballers, but more importantly conduct themselves both on and off the field as professionals and good ambassadors of
    the club.

    Will Wilshire learn from his mistakes? Frankly I doubt it, because I think that
    he lacks basic intelligence and common sense.

  65. GuNZ

    Waitangi Day and a howling sou’wester with big boomer showers. Just read the earlier comments on young Jack and it sounds as if he is in dire need of a mentor.

    Like Szcwyywwxxy candidly plumping his arse down and sucking from his fizzy-aid (or whatever was in it) bottle after messing up and conceding the 2nd goal against Southampton and then adding to his problems by smoking in the hardly private team shower, it sounds as if jack actively wanted to get caught – some kind of cry for attention as he watches the pendulum of adoration swing away from him and realises he is not the lynch-pin Arsene had held him up to be in front of the media and the show was capable of not only going on without him but actually improving. I really don’t think I’d like to countenance the alternative . . . that he and Sxxxyywyny really are that fucking stupid. I would say it is a demonstration of immaturity rather than low IQ, after all the lad’s entire post-school existence has been spent in the equivalent of an extremely highly paid monastery (with benefits).

    On the pitch, I feel that Jack, like Ox, is guilty of carrying the ball just that bit too far and I aqgree totally with everybody who has pointed to this as a major contributory factor to his repeated lower leg injuries. The Ox is pretty much in the same boat. Whether that fe-meters-too-far is a desire to ‘prove’ themselves to their fellow players or an over-compensation for what they feel a quick-passing team mentality lacks, I don’t know, but it loses a lot of possession.

    Anyway, my point is that it could prove counter-productive to let Jack go just yet. Like some contributors I have the feeling we haven’t yet seen the best of Mr. Wilshere if only he can get out of the mindset that his nose is some kind of high-pressure Peruvian Marching Powder vacuum. He needs a mentor. And fast, before he goes into total self-destruct mode.

  66. GuNZ

    The other comment I want to make is Pedro’sstatement about the ’90’s ‘Library’ atmosphere. I can’t comment on that because I was long gone from the UK by then but in the seventies and even very early eighties (so even during some pretty shitty years), I would come out of Highbury absolutely hoarse from chanting and shouting my head off and had to swallow several pints before I was once again capable of coherent communication. So I am forced to take issue with this site’s Post Lord.

    If you want ‘library’ go to an All Blacks home game at Eden Park in Auckland. The problem is that the crowd is so savvy about the technical aspects of the game that discussing the merits of the latest rule changes can often get in the way of good old-fashioned passion.

  67. Dark Hei

    “I feel that Jack, like Ox, is guilty of carrying the ball just that bit too far ”

    Not quite the same. Firstly, Ox takes less risks than Wilshire in the lower part of the pitch. Secondly he is a lot harder to press for opposing defences. Finally, he is 2 footed and dribbles with both feet. All in all, he is a much bigger asset as we stand. What he does lose out to Wilshire, is that extra bit of flair and creativity.

    Personally, I will plonk Wilshire on the right, which I know I have repeated for a long time like some grandpa. A stint out wide on the right will give him some time to grow tactically and not compromise the team. He hasn’t failed the team when played there as the role allows him to cut in with his left.

  68. GuNZ

    Wellington Sevens in full swing as I write. Now there’s a tournament Arsenal should be scouting. Loads of huge fuck-off bastards that wouldn’t disgrace an Olympic 4×100 meters relay team and most of whom can kick an oval (oval mark you) ball and make it land on a sixpence half-way down the paddock. Just have to teach them not to stamp on the opposition’s faces when the ref’s looking.

  69. GuNZ

    Seven Sisters Road and onto Tottenham High Road used to be a war zone on NLD day when I was a young man. Can’t imagine it’s changed into a capuccinos at twenty paces situation.

  70. GuNZ

    ‘Course, don’t expect you can ‘take’ anything anymore what with the seats and everything. Spurs used to have the Park Lane and that hanging basket called the Shelf that always sounded like it would collapse everytime there was movement. I suppose you could swing a manbag at the bloke in the next seat or something.

  71. GuNZ

    Haven’t seen a contribution from my mate Mr. Daze on here for a while. I wondered, what with the erratic times he posts, whether he’s maybe an airline pilot. That would account for the different time zones he seems to post from . . . . and scare the shit out of any of you who denegrate him and are contemplating a little winter flyaway break.

  72. GuNZ

    Haranguing the shit out of a 777 full of USA Spurs fans on a flight to London for the NLD from the cockpit. Ding dong . . . . ‘This is your captain speaking . . .’

  73. Wallace

    with Utd looking so uninspiring and some of their better players getting old it’s strange to see Januzaj struggling for games. every time i’ve seen him he’s looked absolute quality. Hazard, him & Silva are the three opposition players i most enjoy watching.

  74. peanuts&monkeys

    The DM position is certainly not just about remaining in the correct zone of the pitch and stopping opposition attacks. Flamini could be good at the stopping, but he strays. Arteta is possibly not good at stopping. Moreover he is not mobile. He hardly moves. Arteta’s problem is he doesn’t challenge. For challenging, we dont need Flaminis and Artetas. We need young and warm blood who shall prize their chance of repping Arsenal. Bring on the bunch of newcomers and ask them to throw themselves around.And, to top Arsenal’s problems here, none of the options with Arsene are imposing 6.5′.

    The DM position is also about assisting in attacks and excellent through-passing. Song and Tiote are great at that. Song should not have been sold. the entire problem in the DM department started with Song’s departure.

  75. GuNZ

    I’d kind of based my 1-3 Arsenal victory prediction for tomorrow on the understanding that Sanchez would be playing. I note, with interest, that both bbc.com’s Lawro and his guest, some punk-poet from Salford, are forecasting a 1-1 draw. Now, I have out-predicted Lawro three time on the trot and my marrow is still telling me that Arsenal will win. I now have a couple of choices. I can either go down to the local cross-roads and make a pact with whichever deity is in residence at the time or, a better option, tell the missus to support Spurs. The reason for the latter is that she is a fucking hoodoo. I take her down the casino, I fucking lose. I get her to buy the lotto tickets, I lose. I promise I won’t come before she does . . . . you get the picture. Spurs 1 Arsenal 3.

  76. GuNZ

    I never could work out why Song left. It happened so suddenly. One week he was at Arsenal, the next, with no fanfare whatsoever, he was at Barcelona. What happened back then?

  77. Wallace


    there was talk of Barcelona’s interest a few months before he actually left. Pedro kept suggesting that he was a bit of a dick(Song) behind the scenes…fuck knows, basically. i liked him when he was here, but don’t miss him.

  78. Dark Hei

    ‘Now, I’ve got all you cunts as my captive audience for the next seven hours . . . .’

    Who knows? With the Dazer you can’t rule out the possibility.

  79. ADKB

    “Tottenham’s former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor, who has scored more goals in the north London derby than any other player, faces being booed by both sets of fans in Saturday’s match at White Hart Lane.”

    lol – Ade must be “special” – not fancied by both sets of fans

  80. Willow Wilson


    “LG: Re who will score if Sanchez doesn’t play ?

    “I may be wrong but haven’t we had something stupid like 18 different scorers this season ? Isn’t it the highest number of different scorers for a team in Europe?”

    You are correct. Arsenal are top of the table in regards to the number of different goalscorers. They were already top with 18 but Bellerin pushed that to 19.

    Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Cazorla, Ramsey, Podolski, Koscielny, Ox, Rosicky, Ozil, Arteta, Chambers, Debuchy, Gibbs, Mert, Sanogo, Walcott, Wilshere, Bellerin.

    At the time of writing, Man Utd have 10, Spurs 15.

    Shame some of our fans get taken along with the one man team narrative from mischief makers in the media.

  81. Leedsgunner


    “How to Alienate and infuriate People” by Emmanuel Adebayor with a special foreword by Smokin’ Jack Wilshere

  82. Leedsgunner

    “‘I have spoken with him about that. He is not a smoker, He is sorry about what happened, but he has to master his own life,’ said the Arsenal manager.
    ‘When he is here, he has to follow the rules. This photo has been taken at half past 12 after the Superbowl. I dont know what happened really.
    ‘Away from the club, it is his responsibility to master his life.
    ‘You have been 20 (years old), sometimes you need to ease the pressure.
    ‘Today, everywhere you go people make photos, but one second of your life does not define who you are.’


    Didn’t he say sorry last time? Looks like Jack’s gotten away with it again. Could you imagine any other manager at a Premiership club saying this? Makes Wenger look weak and the shows contempt for the club I think.

    It’s a complete lack of professionalism. Jack is paid to be an elite footballer, he should start living like one — rather than sticking two fingers up to the fans who pay his wages.

  83. Zementalstrength

    You must admit that there was some beautiful babes around Jack and his pals, so it was difficult for him to resist…

    What a complete jerk.