Jack stubbing out his future | Was Wenger right?

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Ahhh, hi there. How’s it going? I hope it’s going well, so well, you rocked up to work in a low slung vest, a borat leotard complemented by some super fly Birkenstocks fresh out of Essex. It’s Thursday, why not?

So, what have we? Jack Wilshere’s been caught smoking a damn shisha pipe! What a muppet. When I was at university, my friend told me they were 90% cleaner than smoking cigarettes. I think he was lying so I’d have a go on the delicious fruit based tobacco. Regardless of the health implications, it certainly didn’t help my flourishing football career. So Jack, I’d recommend one of two things here….

1. Stop smoking

2. Stop letting people take pictures of you smoking

It’s pretty simple. I find it amazing he’s still getting into trouble like this, especially as he’s a bit of an irrelevance in the squad at the moment. I don’t think I’ve heard a single Arsenal fan complain about not having Jack in the side at the moment. There are more dedicated players who are delivering at a higher level (on lower wages).

He’s going to have to watch it. A big offer comes in for him in the summer, you’d be hard pushed to say no based on what he’s giving the club from a discipline and performance perspective. I’m sure you could spend £20m and £100k a week on someone who’d give you more.

Just reference yesterdays post, I wasn’t saying I didn’t rate Ospina, I really like him, he has it all to prove, but so far so good. All I was saying is it doesn’t feel like the manager likes him that much. I have no inside track on that. Just an ospinion (see what I did there?).

Would Arsenal fans stop fretting over having top players in the squad that don’t land games. That doesn’t mean we have have to sell. It means those top players on the bench have to work harder to put themselves in contention. I know Arsenal fans aren’t used to seeing competition in the squad, but I can assure you, it’s what great teams are all about.

Finally, from me anyway, I watched a Terry Neil rerun on BT last night. Brian Kidd was smashing up Spurs with his pace. What was interesting, is you had terracing, a North London Derby we’d just gone up in and the noise was tepid at best. I mean, really unimpressive. Especially when you consider how many working class, salt of the earth, ‘it was better in the eighties’ total geezers there.

The revisionism on the atmosphere is amazing. I was at Highbury most of the nineties with my dad, and look, my pals used to rip me about the library. That nickname wasn’t ironic. It was based on a truth. So when you see people bagging on the current fanbase and their lack of voice, remind them that it wasn’t that much better when tickets cost a loaf of bread and a cheeky victorian chimney cleaner wink.

While we’re on it. It’s amazing how slow the game was back then. I mean, no wonder players could hit 65 games as season. The pace was a fraction of what it is now. The players are so much bigger than they were. The pitch was a total disgrace. The game really has moved on. I think I prefer it these days.

Anyway, remember Geoff? The original Le Grove Geoff? He’s sent in a a mini rant for you to enjoy with your morning shisha pipe.

A Blackburn supporter said to me this week, so was Wenger right all along?


All through the summer supporters, football pundits and ex Arsenal players were telling Wenger that if he signed a monster DM, a keeper and a decent centre back we would win everything, but he didn’t, as always, he knew best.

Then against Man City, he played a good goalkeeper, deployed a half decent DM and won the game against all the odds 2 nil.

After the game when he was interviewed he looked like a rabbit that got caught in the headlights. Confused, shocked and not aware of what was going on.

Reporters were asking him about his plan B, he didn’t know what they were talking about, why? Because as it later transpired, he didn’t know what had just happened, a player revolt decided by themselves.

He was caught between owning up or taking the credit, fortunately he couldn’t get his act together quick enough, so we all found out the truth.

Shortly after we signed a centre back. So now we have what we all wanted in the summer.

I answered my friend from Blackburn by saying had Wenger signed what we needed in July, we may be 10 points clear by now and not 11 points behind.

I still don’t think Coquelin is the answer, but he’s better than Flamini and Arteta in that role, Ospina is way better that the hapless Chezzer and Paulista will bring better performances from the centre back pair by virtue of just being there.

And he’s a far better option than a converted full back. I agree that Bellerin is a decent young player, and Coquelin is doing well, but

Coquelin was playing for the first team years ago when he was nowhere near good enough. Same with Theo, Ramsey, Jack and Gibbs.

The following is a team of young players that Wenger persevered with to Arsenal’s detriment, Almunia by the way was at 28 considered young for a keeper. I could say Alex Manninger.


Eboue Senderos Djourou Traore

Merida Denilson Quincy

Boa-Morte Wreh Bendtner

These weren’t obscure one offs, these were first teamers. And they played a shed load of games.

Denilson for instance played 153! Traore only played 13, but that was more than Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo had combined!

The point I’m making is the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Real Madrid only play these young kids when they can make a difference, not because of some weird obsession, that’s as daft as only making substitutions between 67 and 74 minutes, rather than when they are actually needed.

That’s what people with OCD do.

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  1. Bankz

    I’m back b*tches.
    I own the top 4 TROPHY.
    I own it like Winger does.
    Even when I’m not on Legrove, I own the trophy.
    I just lend it to Romford & Co from time to time.

  2. Mr J

    I’ve actually heard that Shisha is actually worse.

    Shisha Facts
    •Tuberculosis outbreak in Middle East Countries were linked to Shisha
    •Carbon Monoxide (From The Coal) is 30 times harder to dissolve in water then oxygen.
    •In a single session smokers inhale up-to 200 times more smoke than from a cigarette.
    •Smoking kills around 114,000 people in the UK each year.
    •The longer the hookah session, the more nicotine and toxins one takes in.

    858 71
    – See more at: http://www.quitshisha.com/#sthash.ybEf6JgX.dpuf

    It is growing in popularity but some experts say a single shisha session is the same as smoking 200 cigarettes

  3. Bankz

    Jack wilshere is overrated & same goes for Szczensy.
    Jack isn’t just overrated but he totally unbalances the squad when played. I’d say sell him when he still got hype going for him.

    As for the Ox debate yesterday, I’d have a Walcott over him any day of the week as he actually wins you games.
    Ox is 21 yrs, not 16 ffs.
    Until today Neymar was 22.
    The same people saying Ox is just 21yrs are the same who kept saying SANOGO is just 22yrs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ox but he’s a long way off to be starting games for a top 4 side. He needs to go on loan ASAP, so we see what he can actually offer.

    As for now, Theo Walcott shots all over him & in no sane world does he deserve game time at Theo’s expense.

  4. Ahmed Yussuf

    Agree with most of Geoff’s points, though can’t help with inclusion of Fran Merida. He was a young player at the time but played a bit part role coming off the bench starting the odd game. Left in the off-season when AW wanted to sign him on an extended deal to Atleti for game time that he wasn’t getting with Nasri, Arshavin (Andrei was doing well that season IRC) and Fabregas ahead of him.

    But pretty much agree with everything else. The player that irked me the most was Denilson – like serious what was the point of the guy?

  5. Gregg

    Geoffs mini rant is daft as hit.

    Man City minus the money played shitloads of kids and found themselves in various divisions. If you’re going to use other sides as a comparison then at least go like for like.

    For instance, the period that he refers to then a scale against Liverpool would be more accurate.

    Still, I guess it’s a slow news day.

  6. MeGunner


    I don’t rate Ox at all. Huff, huff, puff… no end product at 21. But seems he can improve although it’s taking too long. Theo might not be good enough to start(I think he is) but he’s a good squad player at worst.

    I hope we sell Scz in the summer. Don’t know what to think about Wilshere

  7. london gunner

    In other news Brendan Rodgers has compared Coutinho to Suarez after scoring against Bradford…. LOL

    Coutinho is a great young talent, but what hyperbole.

    As for Jack we either loan him or sell him at this stage.

    It’s not just that he has bad individual performances its that his performances actively hurt the rest of the team, hence why we lose more games with Jack on the pitch.

  8. gunnergetyou

    With the whole Jack Wilshere thing he really is a muppet and at this point I wouldn’t be too fussed if he left although somehow I just can’t imagine us selling him unless he pushes for a move which is highly unlikely.

    But the shisha thing really isn’t a big deal imo (just ask Chamack). It’s not the same as smoking cigarettes because that’s more of a bad habit and is done alot more often, where a shisha is more of something you would try as a one off.
    Do most people not just smoke it for the taste without inhaling anyway.

  9. london gunner

    Some young players stagnate because you take them from their home clubs to early.

    It’s like taking a tomato of the vine before its ripe.

    Ox if he had stayed at Southampton would probably be a better more consistent player with much higher level of end product. For the simple fact he would have been the star in the team and got tons of game time.

    Maybe we could buy schneiderlin and loan OX/Jack to Southampton

  10. Jamal

    I would actually sell Jack, im getting sick of watching him dribbling into dead ends and falling over every 2 minutes. Why are his wages so high when he’s average at best?

  11. David Smith

    Shisha pipes , a non story. Very different, to a cover up a couple years ago when one of Wengers fave players extended a period of injury by….waterskiing. This is a player notorious for not looking after himself during regular injuries. The media said nothing, and Wenger did nothing….he never does with his favourites.
    Not the first time a seeason has been reclaimed by a Steve Bould inspired player revolt, but it may be the last. The players, on the whole rate, respect and respond to Bould…who knows where this will lead.

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Not the first time a seeason has been reclaimed by a Steve Bould inspired player revolt, but it may be the last. The players, on the whole rate, respect and respond to Bould…who knows where this will lead.”

    Lol bro yo’ve just made this all up and are spouting it like it’s gospel. You have no shame!

  13. Wallace

    “Ox if he had stayed at Southampton would probably be a better more consistent player with much higher level of end product. For the simple fact he would have been the star in the team and got tons of game time.”

    Wenger has said a few times the best thing you can do for a quality young player is put him in a team with other quality players. that’s how they develop the fastest.

  14. S Asoa

    About daft substitutions at 68 o’clock.
    Le Imbecile Moron works like Clockwork
    To get to his 4th Place Trophy
    No less , no more
    Until one day’ he slips
    On his own banana

  15. Emiratesstroller


    Reference Ospina you did infer that he was too small and talked about his frame. As I pointed out three of England’s most successful goalkeepers were comparatively small with Bonnetti under 6 feet. Watching Ospina at set pieces he coped very well with aerial buffeting despite his size. He won every ball in the air, because he was always in the right position.

    I agree with your comments about Wilshire. Personally I think that he
    is going to be in hot water. Szczesny was caught smoking once, but this
    is now the third time that Wilshire has been caught smoking.

    Frankly it does not demonstrate either professionalism or a great deal
    of intelligence.

    Wilshire is not so brilliant that he is indispensable to our team or squad. There will come a time when even the most tolerant manager will say enoughs enough. He is I would suggest now well down the
    pecking order to play in starting line up in team.

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    What’s actually happening with Dortmund?! Is relegation actually now a possibility?! I was thinking they’d pick it up after the Winter break but it’s still pretty dire. They actually don’t play badly in games but they have to be one of the most non-clinical sides I’ve ever seen.

    Say what you want about Wenger but under his stewardship we’ve never even been close to this kind of meltdown.

    To go from second to rock bottom is nothing short of shambolic. They have good players. Someone needs to be held accountable.

  17. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Wenger has said a few times the best thing you can do for a quality young player is put him in a team with other quality players. that’s how they develop the fastest”

    Agreed. Playing with Alexis/Ozil/Santi will work wonders for him over anything else IMO.

  18. Globalgunner

    Ox is a better midfield player than Theo. He collects the ball goes around players with ease and creates mayhem in the opposition box. Ehere he falls down is in his final shot on target. He does best when he lays the fimnal ball off to someone like Sanchez or Podolski. Theo on the other hand has end product but cant dribble to save his life or go past players with anything except raw pace. Ox has pace too. In essence the world beater you need is someone who has the Ox, pace, dexterity and Theo’s finishing….ergo you have another Sanchez

    That said there is space in the system for both Ox and Theo. You just need to play them with the right mix of players to compensate for the shortcomings in their game. As is is, Ox will improve his finishing while Theo cannot feasibly improve his dribbling. Long term Ox has the higher ceiling imo.

    What we need to do is get rid of Arteta/Flamini as they serve no purpose and if Reus is willing to come, get him. Wilshire can do one.

  19. Michael

    I would sell Jack, and move Crowley in there and also Zelalem, let them fight it out for his spot. Crowley is an immense talent and works hard to show what he can do whilst Jack has a shitty attitude and thinks he is already the big time charlie and is undroppable, kinda has the same stupid attitude as his ‘dench’ mate!!

  20. Walenium

    Wishere’s actions are just absolutely dim!
    I for one haven’t missed him in the present line up. You’d think he’d concentrate on getting back stronger and working hard to break into the present squad.
    He really should take a lesson or two from Theo and Ozil
    Won’t be miffed if he’s sent out on loan.

  21. gambon

    Wilsheres biggest issue has been his complete lack of a position.

    Only in a Wenger team can a player play 50 games without any idea what he’s supposed to be doing.

    Im not sure i would sell him, but something needs to change because we are so much better without him.

    He was twice the player at 18 than he is now, which is a real worry.

    For me he had one shot at making it, and that was as a #10, but he was too shot shy and indecisive in the final 3rd so what happens now?

    Chamberlain can be great but again, really needs to knuckle down.

    As for Wengers latest prodigy,…Zelalem, i havent seen much to suggest he will be good. Overrated hollywood player. Spends 90 minutes looking for a through ball and does nothing else.

  22. Zementalstrength

    Jack brings NOTHING to the team when he plays (that’s my opinion), and he also fucks his private life ==>> get rid of him ASAP please ??

  23. TitsMcgee

    Wenger has said a few times the best thing you can do for a quality young player is put him in a team with other quality players. that’s how they develop the fastest.”

    He has a good track record of it lately hasn’t he?

  24. MeGunner


    Give Zelalem a break. He’s like 6 years old, no? First few times I saw him I couldn’t understand what the noise was all about. Whatever though

  25. Gregg


    They are rooted at the bottom so relegation is a possibility, of course. They have 15 games to get out of it.

    The thing is in an era where financial clout gives certain teams a huge advantage, it’s criminal that they find themselves where they are.

    We’re talking about a team whose revenues are the second best in the German league, their 261m euro’s dwarfs the fourth Highest, Hamburgs 120m euro’s, let alone the rest of that league.

    It’s the equivalent of Chelsea being bottom of our league

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Looking at our current squad I would have thought that Messrs Sanchez, Ozil,
    Cazorla and Giroud were automatic choices to play in starting lineup for key games if fit. If I exclude CDM position I would suggest that there is only one
    additional offensive position open to other players in squad.

    That means that Ramsey,Ox,Walcott,Welbeck and Wilshire are now vying for
    that place. Personally I would place them in that order of preference, which explains my comments that Wilshire is now at serious risk of being moved out of club.

  27. TitsMcgee

    I wonder what the Blackburn fan thinks Wenger was right about?

    Last I checked we are still in 5th and have no chance in hell of winning the league or UCL.

  28. NYCgooner

    “97% chance that Crowley ends up at Portsmouth or equivalent as well.”


    Gambon has no chill…… lol

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    Shame about jack really. Would another coach get the best out of him?? Who knows. I remember speaking to a Charlton scout about 7 years ago who was raving about wilshere saying he was one of the best players for his age that he’s seen. The guy really believed wilshere would be an England legend, but I suppose jack ‘ s not the first nor be the last to not reach the heights once expected of them.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Gregg, yeah Dortmund can’t even use money as an excuse because they are getting richer and their net spend these last two years have been quite high. obviously Lewandowski has been a huge loss but the bulk of the squad that has been there through Klopp’s tenure remains. There really isn’t an excuse for them to be where they are. Their squad is the biggest its been. They have options. Not really sure what the issue is. Question is, do they have the mental capacity to now get out of it. Talent isn’t in question.

  31. TitsMcgee

    The guy really believed wilshere would be an England legend, but I suppose jack ‘ s not the first nor be the last to not reach the heights once expected of them.”

    You never know how some will react when you anoint them before they deserve anointing.

    Throw a wad of cash as a player and he either gets complacent or fearful that he has to live up to the expectations and therefore works his arse off even more.

    I fear Wilshere is the former.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Listening to Wenger’s previous statements the club is probably more patient than most others in EPL when making decisions on future of players.

    In past he has suggested that a player needs to make a breakthrough in first team by age of 21. Looking at current crop of homegrown players I think that
    Bellerin at age of 19 has now made that breakthrough.

    I need to be convinced about Gnabry,Akpom and Chambers. I think that there
    is more competition for them.

    We have yet to see Crowley being moved up to first team squad and he is only
    17 as is the case with Bielek.

    Zelalem is in my view not going to make the grade. He may be technically very
    good, but he struggles to make an impact even at U21 level.

  33. Leedsgunner

    Wilshere – unprofessional, and makes him look stupid… especially when it’s not his first offence.

    Furthermore it is incredibly arrogant to do it in such a way it gets out in the public realm even after Wenger has publicly reprimanded him for it a few weeks ago. Does he respect Wenger or not? It will be seen by some as a challenge to Wenger’s authority.

    If you want to pull antics like that especially as an athlete, you have to be producing the goods. Was Bradley Wiggans, criticised after his lit up a big fat cigar after he won the Tour de France? No. Why? Because when it mattered Wiggo came through.

    What has Jack actually achieved? Last time I looked the Ballon d’Or didn’t say Jack Wilshere on it.

    Arrogant little s***.

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    RE Jack, it really is a weird one. I’m one of the few that still thinks he’s a MASSIVE talent but we win more than double our games when he’s not playing. He sometimes doesn’t help himself with his off the field drama. Needs to knuckle down. Still has time. And Wenger will indulge him… After all, this whole new 4-1-4-1 is basically based around getting Wilshere into the side.

  35. omar

    If Jack weren’t English he’d be long gone. Due to the fact that he wouldn’t be hyped up by the English press then in turn English Gooners. He’s an overrated overpaid player who ALWAYS holds the ball too long drawing in tackles that smash his glass ankles. Were he Juan Wilshera from some South American country, Jacque Wilshre from France, Jekker Wilshert from Belgium or Jeker van Wilsh from Holland he would be in some lower league somewhere. But he is Jack Wilshere, England and Arsenal legend, so his 1 good game vs Barcelona ages ago will get him a free ride from English press for the rest of his career.

  36. Wallace


    “He has a good track record of it lately hasn’t he?”

    Bellerin, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Walcott, Akpom…

    go on, tell me about all those young players Mourinho’s developed.

  37. gazzap

    Leave Ox alone. The dude is progressing well for his age. He has had more appearances than any other player this season (same as Sanchez – 32). But he says in the Standard he has been carrying a niggling injury and it has held him back from his best. I think once he nails the end product part of his game, we have a complete player. Theo is the opposite, he does very little in the game but has a lot of end product. Theo only scores or sets them up, which admittedly are the most important things in football. We need a cross between Ox and Theo!

    Jack is really messing his career up. Shisha pipes are incredibly bad for you – much worse than cigarettes. It is a myth that they are OK to smoke. If he is doing that in public what the heck is he smoking in private? Three times now he’s been caught. And when he plays for us, it looks like he hasn’t even thought about what the team needs. It’s all posing. He got too caught up in his own hype. Money probably destroyed him. He has all that skill and he is doing the minimum with it. I would sell him. I don’t think we’d be missing much if we get rid of him.

    Szcz too is on the last chance. I would seriously think about replacing him as well because of his nonchalant attitude and poor concentration/decision making in games.

  38. Wallace

    it would be interesting to see Wilshere alongside Coquelin. they came through the youth set up together, and i think Coquelin’s more defensive game would complement Jack’s.

  39. Willow Wilson

    “To go from second to rock bottom is nothing short of shambolic. They have good players. Someone needs to be held accountable”

    Agree. Played 19, lost 11, won 4.

    With the players Klopp has at his disposal, to sit bottom of the league is inexcusable. The reactionaries who fell in love with Klopp must be wondering how they could have got that wrong.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    We are not short of home grown talent in our squad at moment. Frankly if
    I had to make a decision on those in our squad at moment and I had to select
    two from each category it would be as follows:

    Under 26 [Established young players]
    Ramsey [preference]
    Gibbs [preference]

    Under 21 [Still in development]
    Oxlade-Chamberlain [preference]
    Bellerin [preference]

  41. TitsMcgee

    Bellerin, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Walcott, Akpom…go on, tell me about all those young players Mourinho’s developed.”

    1. Get over Mourinho. Nobody brought him up. That you bring him up at all show’s you have an inferiority complex. You are obsessed.

    2.Name the others he hasn’t developed.

    Walcott has been here for a decade almost and he’s still considered “young talent”.
    Wilshere is an avg player.
    Gibbs is solid.
    Akpom hasn’t scored a goal for us.
    Ramsey good.
    Bellerin good.

    Funny you leave out players like Diaby and Bendtner and Miyaichi and Sanogo and Campbell and well you get the picture.

  42. Gregg

    Not sure what to make of some of the comments today. Finding myself agreeing and disagreeing on a lot of them.

    As for young players being developed; I cannot think of another team that has developed sides with more young players than us and maintaining a UCL spot each year. Not good enough to win the league but good enough to get us in the top 4. That gets overlooked a little to readily.

    Some of you compare us with Chelsea, Man U and Man C, whereas our barometer really has been with Liverpool, over the past 8 or so years. That hurts me to say that too.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah nothing wrong with shisha, smoked it loads of times. I find it pretty harmless tbh. But it’s the wider issue here with Jack that’s the problem. He does seem to enjoy the party boy lifestyle a bit too much. If it reflected in his football then you could excuse it but he does seem to be the only English/British lad at the club who is always in trouble.

  44. Leedsgunner

    This is what Wilshere sad in July last year.

    Speaking in July, Wilshere said: “The smoking? Of course I regret it. I have been seen before doing it. I said then I made a mistake and I have made a mistake again. People make mistakes.

    “I am young and I will learn from it. I realise the consequences it has and the effect on kids growing up.

    “I have kids myself and I don’t want them growing up to think their dad smokes and it is okay for a footballer to smoke, because it’s not.

    “It is unacceptable and I will accept the consequences and I will move on.”

    Err. obviously he’s learning from his mistakes isn’t he? Definitely not the sharpest arrow in the quiver is he?

  45. Tim

    Brother works in the fine dining catering industry in London and heard from a colleague contracted to do work at the Emirates that the Spanish lads are all very close and extremely polite and well-mannered. A special mention went to the Soton boys, pointed out to professionalism and manners. Stand out player mentioned to my brother was Jack Wilshere, as a rude, loud and arrogant man that was disrespectful to the staff consistently.

    I liked the Jack that tore Barca’s legendary midfield a new one, but his attitude on the pitch and off the pitch is not what Arsenal in about. I don’t like watching him drop every 5 minutes clutching the ankle, complaining to the ref, getting in the face of the opposition all the time talking shit. It’s rubbish, and he’s usually fouled running himself into alleys he can’t get out of.

    As an aside, if we play counter attacking football with Le Coq at the base of midfield again – Santi delivering his magic alongside Rambo in the middle, Sanchez out left, Theo out right and Giroud up top. I think it’ll go our way.

  46. Alfie

    If it wasn’t Wilshere than no one would be bothered.

    How about an abundance of footballers who drink drive/vandalise/sexual assault.

    Who really gives a douche about smoking??

  47. Wallace


    sounds like you want a 30m player in every position. i’m sure that’d make a wonderful side.

    Wilshere’s not an average player. he might be an idiot. but he’s not an average player. and who’s calling Walcott young?

  48. Gregg

    Re your last paragraph. It would seem that’s the way to go. The thing is other teams will now alter their tactics against us, based on this new perceived shape of ours. It then becomes a game of patience. Test comes on Saturday against the spuds. Shape and discipline needs to be maintained. If we come of that unbeaten then I’ll be confident for the remaining games.

  49. Willow Wilson

    That stat bombs article is very funny. Thanks for the link.

    The writer suggests that the only reason Klopps Dortmund are bottom of the league is through bad luck. With better luck he says they would be 4th.

    Colin Trainor: “However, the use of analytics can help us begin to make assessments about whether certain results have arisen from great skill or were possibly due to some combination of “fortuitous circumstances”.

    “Not only do I not have Dortmund in relegation trouble, but I actually have them in 4th position and, on my simulated table, they are within 1 league point of Wolfsburg. The lack of league points won by Dortmund this season, given the shots taken in their games, is extraordinary”

    Is he having a laugh?

  50. TitsMcgee

    sounds like you want a 30m player in every position. i’m sure that’d make a wonderful side. ”

    Let’s not put words in people’s mouths now young one. Nice try though.

    “Wilshere’s not an average player.”

    He’s a very average player at the moment. Don’t confuse potential with performance. Potential doesn’t win games.

    “and who’s calling Walcott young?”

    Many posters on here still refer to Walcott as a very young player with potential and “room for growth”.

  51. Dream10


    Jack may have been excused for partying if he was a star member of the squad.
    Dwight Yorke, Ashley Cole and others enjoyed a night out (maybe more than one in Yorke’s case), but they were star performers in the PL and Europe. More leeway in correlation with performance. If it’s Sanchez or say Sturridge for example, managers will accept.

    Imagine quite a few clubs will accept Sterling’s love of nightlife over the next decade if he continues to play like he does now.

  52. Wallace


    “He’s a very average player at the moment. Don’t confuse potential with performance. Potential doesn’t win games.”

    for the last 12mths at international level he’s been by a distance England’s best midfielder. and while he, along with everyone else, struggled in Wenger’s new formation, most could see that he was approaching something like his best form again.

  53. Vcc

    Pedro The atmosphere was a 1000 times better in the days of the terraces. I guess you are the type of person that would not have liked the rough and tumble of the top side on the north bank.

  54. Carts

    Everytime BVB embarras themselves someone points to Lewandowski leaving…like ffs, he was 1 of 11 out field players. It’s not like he snuck out the back without anyones knowledge. They had 12 whole month to plan for his departure.

    They’ve just been sussed out by pretty much every team in their league. They’d probably still get to the semi-finals of the CL as well lol.

  55. Romford Ozil Pele

    Teams do seem to be able to match Dortmund’s intensity in the Bundesliga. In the CL they can still catch teams cold.

  56. Carts

    The fact Wilshere is insanely inconsistent is compounded by the fact that he likes a smokes.

    I personally could’nt give zero fuck what he smokes. Smoking ain’t shit these days, especially in the professional realms.

    Just want to see the tree trunk-leg midget on the pitch moving the ball forward.

  57. Mark

    Wilshere is an arrogant little shit just like Szczesny. Some fans are blinded by the fact he is a local lad. Would he be afforded the same protection if he wasn’t? I can’t be 100% but I think somebody posted the Arsenal stats with and without Wilshere recently -it wasn’t favourable. Give me more humble, hard working South Americans.

  58. Carts

    RP – homeboy only knows squats, leg press and leg extentions with a sprinkle of heavy set lunges. Light work for the kid. LOL

  59. TitsMcgee

    for the last 12mths at international level he’s been by a distance England’s best midfielder. and while he, along with everyone else, struggled in Wenger’s new formation, most could see that he was approaching something like his best form again.”

    At this moment he’s an avg player. I don’t give two shiiites what he does for England.

    He’s an avg Arsenal player.

  60. Carts

    I tell you someone who’s flown under the radar with his dire performances, as ineffective as using paracetamol for fight aids, is Lewandowski. All due respect to Pep, but his system isn’t for Lewa at all.

    Gotze, Robben and Robery miss him out like a naughty whore.

    Mark my words, if he ends up at Utd for £45m, you heard it here first.

  61. divinesherlock

    People really need to chill out, The only daft thing Jack did was getting photographed. There are still worse offences like biting , racism then smoking though . Its more like kicking someone when hes down.

  62. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    I find it ironic that some on here will say “Sell Wilshere for £20m” yet clamour for a £20m midfielder to be signed as his replacement.

    Wilshere is a good player, who on current for will only make our bench. The more ‘good’ players on our bench the better no? Just implies we have a strong squad.

    I doubt Wilshere will be going anywhere and I for one am happy. At the very least on current ability, he bring good depth to the squad when fit.

  63. alexanderhenry

    An idiotic post pedro. What you should be writing is ‘the likes of chelsea , man city and real madrid’ don’t have to play players like eboue and denilson because they have spent much much much much more money than we have, You can frantically come with as much misinformation, gossip and speculation as you like, but the single most influential factor in arsenal’s recent good form is the change in the club’s transfer policy. Wenger’s a great coach. All he needed was some cash to spend and for the club to keep its best players.

  64. Mark

    February 5, 2015 13:14:03
    People really need to chill out, The only daft thing Jack did was getting photographed. There are still worse offences like biting , racism then smoking though . Its more like kicking someone when hes down.

    I don’t think Wilshere is ‘down’.

    £80,000 per week and spending his time in exclusive nightclubs with top totty.

    I don’t think Wilshere gives a flying f*!k what we think of him!

  65. alexanderhenry

    divinesherlock, agreed on wilshire. On injuries it’s all a bit of a mystery. One thing is likely though; because we’ve spent more we now have a proper squad with quality cover in most positions. As a result, wenger will be able to rotate more and avoid so many injuries….in theory at least.

  66. divinesherlock


    Yeah right, like if you had been in his place you would have donated your earnings to charity . Its his money he can spend however he wants. You need to remind yourself why many fellow professionals and ex players regard him highly, the boy needs to get his act together . You think Suarez or John Terry gave a shit about their fans ?

  67. gazzap

    The smoking is an indicator of how little Jack thinks about his personal development. If he was committed to the cause, he wouldn’t smoke. He would be doing the things the best of the best do – and they don’t get caught in nightclubs and smoking all the time. They watch tons of football – study the game, and their role in it, and spend extra time working on their weaknesses.
    Wenger might let him off because he is his favourite but any normal manager would look seriously at whether he has a future at a big club. He’ll end up somewhere like Everton or Newcastle.

  68. divinesherlock


    Most Arsenal fans can produce a team to show the contrary. But that is irrelevant because if you didnt understand back then why we persisted with young players then you’re unlikely to understand it now. Hope there comes a day when you seriously get over the Wenger hate.

  69. salparadisenyc

    Nice post boys… the old lion comes out of the forest.. good to see the post Geoff.

    Still shaking my head at Dortmund’s league implosion, was convinced they would come back from the break and climb the table, yet they’ve pulled one point from a possible 6. Telling scenes last night, Klopp looks on the edge with the Wiedefeller and Hummels seemingly apologizing to supporters post game.

  70. gambon

    “because if you didnt understand back then why we persisted with young players”

    Because Wenger is an egotistical maniac who wants to show everyone how smart he is.

  71. Beau-Nègre

    We lost the game against United cos of his crappy display and attitude, a game we dominated all through, an opportunity for us to pay them back in their own coin, all thrown into the garbage bag. I’m glad he’s been out for a while, for crying out loud, he’s got the polish goal keeper to learn from, yet he’s decided not to change. A blessing in disguise if I’m asked, had the fear before now the manager would sentimentally throw him into the mix at the expense of more worthy options, we’ve got notable ready-to-die options, all fit and good to go. He’s going to wash if he continues with this recklessness and AFC will surely move on, he’s definitely not indispensable to the team.

  72. Insomnia

    Jack is seriously talented, more so than Ramsey potentially, but that’s also the problem. He thinks he’s there already, same as Ches.

  73. Carts

    Alexis needs to chill anyways. Call me a cynic but he was due an injury sooner or later.

    I tell you what though, Cazorla half knows how to look after himself. He rarely pulls up with an injury does he.

  74. kwik fit

    lol Mark . TBH I’m contented that he’s not playing cos we have performed much better since his injury. Although, that could be down to others coming back. He’s got raw talent but has never really been able to fit it into any team pattern.

  75. WengerEagle

    That’s a bizarre article on Dortmund, you can’t just say that if they’d converted their chances that they’d be 4th in the table, if we’d converted most of our chances in the Cesc era we’d have won the BPL year in year out.

    Still remember that ridiculous match we lost at home to West Ham at the Emirates 0-1 (Zamora scored I think?) and we had over 25 shots on goal with Green making at least 9-10 world class saves.

    They haven’t been helped by the fact that Immobile and Ramos are both bang average CF’s and Lewandowski is world class but like others are saying on here the problems lie much deeper than not converting their chances.

    For a start defensively they’ve been a shambles all season.

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    salaparadisenyc: Still shaking my head at Dortmund’s league implosion

    Yeah. I think it’s telling that despite the winter break Klopp seems utterly unable to change things.

    Managers often experience down-swings, how they deal with them, and how quickly they sort it out is one indicator of how good they are.

    I was a fan of his, and 12 months ago he’d have been right near the top of the list of Wenger replacements. Not anymore

  77. salparadisenyc

    No question about Jack’s talent, more a question of why he peaked at 18 and has stepped backwards with each season that passes. At a certain point think it wise to cash in before he turns into a caricature of himself. The George Best routine isn’t working out for him.

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    As Arseblog pointed out, the bigger issue is not Wilshere having a drag on a shisha, (and the photo only shows him holding him down by his side) but more about being stupid enough to be caught on photo.

  79. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Still remember that ridiculous match we lost at home to West Ham at the Emirates 0-1 (Zamora scored I think?) and we had over 25 shots on goal with Green making at least 9-10 world class saves.”

    Mate, first match we ever lost at the Emirates. I was there. We had 34 shots on goal. Hit the post/crossbar multiple times. Green was playing like Banks that day. It was one of those days we were neve gonna score despite the possession being like 85-10 in our favour. Mad, mad game.

  80. divinesherlock

    Dortmund’s fall is pretty drastic , and its crazy that its not the players that are bad . I think that Klopp pretty much got found out. He should’ve replaced Lewandoski with another world class striker.

  81. Nasri's Mouth

    salparadisenyc: No question about Jack’s talent, more a question of why he peaked at 18 and has stepped backwards with each season that passes.

    I don’t think he’s going backwards, it’s more that we can’t find a good fit for him in the current side.

    His England performances have shown he can play some great stuff, but at present we don’t really have a Wilshere shaped hole in the team

  82. salparadisenyc


    As someone else pointed out last night… if he’s getting got on camera doing that whats happening behind closed doors. Something’s certainly dulling his potency.

  83. Romford Ozil Pele

    Actually just saw a picture of Jack now compared to when he was 18. Wouldn’t actually surprise me if Jack is about two stone heavier. For his height he’s massive in terms of volume and mass. Don’t think that’s affected his game though cos against City at home this season he got a perfect score of 10 and completed 10 dribbles in that game, double the amount of any other player on the pitch.

  84. Insomnia

    Carts – you’ve done it now, Cazorla will be out for the rest of the season thanks to your comment.

    In Daily Phil ( my summary of the wisdom and wit of the curmudgeonly faux intellectual):
    “Jack wilshere has been caught out smoking again – in my day he would have stuck to higher moral standards, like my mate Giggsy. Giggsy always said smoking should not be allowed among professional athletes as it reduced their ability to perform random in-law adultery. Jack should beware of putting things in his mouth”

  85. WengerEagle

    Agree with NM, nearly feel a tad of sympathy for Jack as he’s just a bit of a gobshite.

    Players no doubt are doing worse than he is but he’s the one that is dense enough to get snapped doing it.

    He’s never been the quickest, that’s pretty evident in interviews.

  86. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: Wouldn’t actually surprise me if Jack is about two stone heavier

    Yeah, when he came back from injury before he’d had Jaap Stams legs transplanted onto his body

  87. Leedsgunner

    Nice to know Geoff’s alive. Thought he might have been a casualty of the Le Grove power struggle. Stand down SAS… The Bear is alive, I repeat, the Bear is alive!

    Welcome bsck Geoiff!

  88. Romford Ozil Pele

    “He should’ve replaced Lewandoski with another world class striker.”

    Easier said than done. You forget Dortmund can’t pay the wages other top clubs can (same issue Juve has). Also people were pretty jealous in the summer when Dortmund announced Immobile and Ramos.

  89. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d guess he’s not a regular smoker, because his fitness would really suffer, and Wenger would kick him out. I think it’s more that he likes a celebration, (like every other guy his age) and while he’s not playing he gets bored etc.etc.

    He’s meant to be a really nice friendly guy, but he really needs to think, or tell his agent to think for him

  90. Romford Ozil Pele

    Yeah Jack is pretty dense. You can hear hit in his interviews. Compare that to the Southampton lads (Ox, Theo, Chambers) who all speak very well and intelligently.

  91. salparadisenyc

    Shame with Lewandowski and Dortmund is they gambled on keeping him around and winning opposed to cashing in. Went to Bayern on free.

  92. Nasri's Mouth

    Letting Lewandowski go for free didn’t help them in their quest for a new striker either.

    Good moral victory, bad financial loss

  93. WengerEagle


    Haha ah mate that’s even worse than I remember it, I couldn’t believe my eyes when Bobby fecking Zamora nonchalantly chipped Lehmann with a finish that Messi would have been proud of.

    I could be wrong but wasn’t Adebayor the worst culprit of missed chances that day?

    34 shots ffs! 😀

  94. Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere is an irrelevance really, don’t need or miss him.

    Sanchez out is a massive loss. Not feeling so confident now about Saturday, Walcott was anonymous for most of Villa. Won’t get away with that this weekend

  95. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, naturally i’m bias but I don’t ever recall seeing such a one-sided game of football in my life. You could literally count the amount of times West Ham got out of their half on one hand! Ade, Rosicky, Cesc, Gilberto were all guilty of bad misses. But then Green was a forcefield, couldn’t believe what I was watching. It’s generally no exaggeration to say we would’ve won 12-0 on another day. Worst thing about that defeat is that West Ham were in the bottom three when they pulled it off!

  96. Romford Ozil Pele

    “That dink in the 4-2 defeat at Highbury was a joke.”

    Lol Man United countered the f**k out of us that game. Bad times 🙁

  97. goonerboy

    Unbelievable negativity about JW- being judged when he is half fit and played out of position. He is a young player- an inside forward with huge potential.
    So he smokes a few fags- big deal.
    Just because a very small number of others are world beaters at 21 does not mean he’s a crap no hoper who should be sold because because he currently isn’t fit.
    His biggest problem is getting fit sufficient to stand up to the physical intensity of the EPL–given his small size he is too easily brushed aside if he is not at the top of his game- his second major problem is that Wenger collects inside forwards like other rich men collect cars.
    Jack is an Arsenal man whereas Ozil and Sanchez great players are not.
    The club would be insane to sell him.

  98. divinesherlock

    Oh sorry about that I didnt mean it that way , just that he failed to cope without a world class striker , Immobile certainly wasnt one. I know its hard to find one. Didnt help that Reus, Gundogan were injured too.

  99. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Jack Wilshere an inside forward?!??! In what lifetime? Mate, have a word.

    We beat Spurs three times last season without conceding a goal. Pochettino has them playing at a much higher tempo and pace this term. Hopefully it’s a counter job on our part. Theo will be crucial.

  100. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Didnt help that Reus, Gundogan were injured too.”

    Mate, Arsenal deal with a plethora of injuries on a yearly basis in a more competitive league. We’ve never even sniffed the bottom half of the table.

  101. Leedsgunner

    “I don’t think he’s going backwards, it’s more that we can’t find a good fit for him in the current side. His England performances have shown he can play some great stuff, but at present we don’t really have a Wilshere shaped hole in the team…”

    Wenger’s created a Wilshere shaped hole this year by changing formation — then compounded the insult by shoving Özil on the wing. Wilshere has the world at his feet — all he needs to do is to decide whether he wants it. In Santi, Mesut and Tomas he also has 3 top professionals to learn from.

    Jack, football wise, has been given everything on a plate by Wenger.

    He really doesn’t have anyone to blame except himself.

  102. WengerEagle

    Even if Dortmund managed a top half of the table finish this season you’d imagine that with no Europe that there will be a mass exodus of their best players leaving at the end of the season.

    Reus, Hummels, Subotic, Gundogan and Sven Bender will presumably all be pushing for moves out of the club. Are all still young (ish) and were Champions League finalists less than two years ago.

  103. Dream10

    Dortmund declined to sign Mandzukic. Immobile scores against us on Matchday 1 and has done nothing since FFS.

    Won’t be surprised if Ryan Mason or Bentaleb scores a 64 yard bicycle kick into the top corner. Has Danny Rose scored another goal in his career?

  104. Carts

    ““That dink in the 4-2 defeat at Highbury was a joke.”
    Lol Man United countered the f**k out of us that game. Bad times”