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Arsene Wenger has thrown down the gauntlet to David Ospina.

“Wojciech is the No.1 but David has played recently. Can he retain the shirt in the coming games? We’ll decide that.”

It’s interesting, you kind of get the feeling Wenger doesn’t totally rate Ospina. He has a habit of surrounding Wojciech with weak competition (Viviano, Almunia, Fabianski to an extent), in some weird sort of paternalistic play to make his favourite come good. For me, the worry with Ospina sits around his frame. He’s very small and he’s not exactly built for the Premier League. If he’s not of the quality level we need, begs the question why we don’t just go out and buy a keeper who is. Someone like Begovic would be a great option (though I have seen mistakes creeping into his game) or maybe even a keeper like Samir Handanovic of Inter Milan.

We have to address the keeper issue if Ospina isn’t the one. Brilliant keepers are totally integral to being a brilliant side. You can’t have a situation where it’s hard to distinguish who is number one.

You know who I’d love over anyone? Hugo Lloris… is it telling Giroud linked him with the club last year? Man, I really hope so. That would be a sign of intent. Just can’t see Wenger dropping £25m on a keeper.

The best news of yesterday was hearing Chuba Akpom has signed a new 4.5 year deal, shunning interest from Chelsea, who clearly wanted to sell him for £25m in 5 years, and Liverpool. He’s a sharp talent. Focused, extremely mobile with pace to boot, he looks intelligent on the ball and the team seem to have a soft spot for him. I haven’t been this excited about a youth team striker since Nic Anelka burst onto the scene.

I went to a Telegraph talk fronted by Paul Hayward (very impressive), Tim Sherwood and Henry Winter. It was actually quite interesting. Amusing listening to The Telegraph preach that they were a multi-channel platform… keep up guys! Anyway, it was interesting hearing Henry Winter say that Wenger hadn’t been vindicated… the fans had. Wenger’s belief system hasn’t come good, what he’s actually had to do it take a new approach, firstly by implementing some of the changes I’ve suggested on here over the past 5  years, then taking some advice from his players and Steve Bould on what they want to do.

I said earlier in the season, my biggest disappointment was the top, top players not taking more accountability for the mess. Showing more intelligence on the pitch as well as showing more aggression to be the best off the pitch. The fact they took control of the lack of planning is massive. That sort of mentality, when it works, binds teams and creates a culture of progression. Back in the Bobby Robson days, Mourinho and Pep used to take Robson’s team instructions and rewrite them to be coherent. If something ain’t right, don’t sit back and let it not be right. No one will clap you complaining about a mess you could have cleared up.

Looks like that’s what’s happening. Even hearing Wenger talking about that scouting machine is a massive positive. He didn’t touch it to begin with, but now he’s being coerced into using a bit of data to help support what he sees with his eyes. All positive. You can’t knock someone if they’re trying to improve. All I’ve ever wanted is for us to progress… seems like things might be heading that way.

Let’s hope that we don’t gain some short term success and revert back to type. That really would be upsetting.

This is a really positive spree, but let’s not get carried away. One away win against a team that doesn’t practice tactics is exciting, but it proves nothing. We need to do that regularly. We need to make that a standard offering, not something we clap uncontrollably at… because here’s the thing, playing with a game plan should really be 2015 standard.

Let’s hope it is. A bright, better, smarter Arsenal.

Could be coming… could.

Fingers crossed.

Finally, you should get involved in Arsenal’s‘Be a Gunner. Be a Runner’ race. It’s happening on April 11th. 1000 people running 10 laps around the Emirates. It’s for the Emirates. International fans are hosting their own races. All sounds great, get yourself involved.

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  1. Goondawg

    Walcott is a passenger normally for 89 mins of the game. I’d rather have Ox doing his thing, he is a better footballer there’s no doubt. We waited a decade for Walcott to start scoring goals and making assists, yet he’s still not improved on basic footballing skills.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Goondawg: We waited a decade for Walcott to start scoring goals and making assists

    Let’s not exaggerate

    2010/2011 he scored 13 goals and made 9 assists. That’s one every 103 minutes.

  3. london gunner

    Ox may be “better”

    But walcott is more effective.

    We also didn’t wait a decade thats a pathetic exaggeration which weakens your argument. Case point at the same age as OX is now walcott has scored 9 goals and registered numerous assists

    Football at the top isn’t just about looking flash it’s about end product.

    What’s the point of looking flash for 90, but not scoring, assisting, making hardly any tackles and not being involved in any of the build up (OX is often not in the build up)

    Whilst Walcott may ghost it at times, but comes up with vital goals and assists.

    Efficiency is an underrated quality my friend .

    ” I’d rather have Ox doing his thing”

    What is that though? Aside from being a good dribbler his not got much else. Technically his not that great his first touch isn’t good hence his high unskilled touches per game and tbh his not even that gifted a passer. Rarely see him with amazing through balls or crafty dinks over the top, or outside of the foot passes.

  4. Goondawg

    Okay the point I was trying to make is; Ox has no limit to how good he can get, whereas I feel Theo is very limited in that aspect

    What we are seeing right now is it. Theo is a good 20 goal a season winger. He will be really great against shit sides with crappy left backs against compact defences he normally goes AWOL and offers very little defensive protection. In that case I would use him as impact sub when legs are tiring

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Certainly Sokratis is a realistic acquisition, really rate him, think he’s a rock at the back and an aerial threat.

    Mert, Kozz, Paulista and Sokratis certainly would be a heck of a set of CB’s…especially with Mert probably needing staging out soon.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Goondawg: Theo is a good 20 goal a season winger.

    That’s a pretty good rate though. He’s not good against defences playing really deep, but actually he scores as many ‘important’ goals as the rest of our players

    I watched the game against Villa again, purely to see how both Ozil and Walcott played. I was actually impressed with Walcott’s work-rate. He hasn’t quite got up to speed yet, but he was working back pretty well.

  7. london gunner


    He regularly scores against City/Man united, chelsea and liverpool.

    The old argument that he only scores against lesser teams is bullshit.

    Dude your just falling into the narrative/false reality people create about a player.

    At every opportunity I disprove theo haters with stats and you guys still are banging your heads against the wall. Its bizarre .

    Who says OX has no limits? Where does this myth come from? His stagnating right now as he still has fuck all end product which is kinda a big deal if your playing in the premier league for a top 4 side.

    Walcott however statsically has/had been improving every single season before his injury. He was scoring more goals/making more assists and his pass accuracy was climbing up to 83 percent. His first touch and his very good crossing were also improving.

    So i find it funny people say OX has no limit despite the contrary showing his stagnated for while and people saying theo is limited/ has reached his limit despite the data proving that his actually improving year in year out.

    Do you not see your own bias now?

    oh and PS ox offers very little defensively he manages 2 defensive errors a game and defensive contributions. That’s 1 more defensive contribution than theo and 2 more errors…

    Sanchez however offers a lot defensively.

  8. alexanderhenry

    To quote you, our recent good form is down to: ‘implementing some of the changes I’ve suggested on here over the past 5 years, then taking some advice from his players and Steve Bould on what they want to do.’ So, our recent change in form has nothing to do wenger and everything to do with your ideas, steve bould and the players coaching themselves. Even by your standards that is preposterous pedro..and horribly arrogant.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Unless Theo starts playing silly games and asks for an exorbitant increase in wages I would like to see him stay. Especially if he is fully recovered and he hasn’t lose his pace. He’s finally maturing into the class player that we hoped he would become. It would be a shame to let him go as he is reaching the peak of his career. Hopefully those people who are advising Theo remember that he’s just spent just under 12 months out injured…

    Thankfully unlike last time of Theo’s contract negotiation we have a better player in Sanchez who is a stronger faster and better version of Walcott — so we don’t have to be held hostage. If he does try to hold the club to ransom, regretfully sell him for top money and move on. I reckon he would attract at least £20m — money we could use buying a top DM or 2.

  10. Edmund Hill

    “…it was interesting hearing Henry Winter say that Wenger hadn’t been vindicated… the fans had. Wenger’s belief system hasn’t come good, what he’s actually had to do is take a new approach, firstly by implementing some of the changes I’ve suggested on here over the past 5 years, then taking some advice from his players and Steve Bould on what they want to do.”

    I think it’s easy to see how a manager’s change or tweak in approach can help address a team’s issues and get them playing and working better. There’s been a debate on whether Wenger has made an actual U-turn or whether the players have rather resolved to execute his plans and instructions better. Considering that the 4-1-4-1 formation people have lamented since he introduced it this season is the very same one through which we conquered in Manchester, one wonders exactly what Wenger has altered so dramatically for performances to improve.

    Tell you what, I suspect the only ‘dramatic’ change that has happened is that players are taking more responsibility, and the return from injury of some of our first choice players has boosted the team considerably. One only has to look at Santi’s improvement in the past month and a bit to realise that there’s a change in the players’ mentality – he even puts in a defensive shift now! Ramsey has also ditched his Hollywood act and returned to the basics of his game. On the injury side of things, Laurent Koscielny’s presence, as we all know, lifts Mertesacker’s game quite a few notches – Per himself has continually expressed the need for the team to take responsibility, so he’s also over his WC honeymoon period. Debuchy’s return also made a difference restoring solidity to our backline, and Giroud’s speedy recovery restored that extra dimension to our attack.

    The assumption that Wenger doesn’t listen to anyone has always been rather speculative. None of us are privy to anything that happens on the training ground really. It all starts with hearsay, a rumour that eventually spreads like a wildfire because it so beautifully fits a certain agenda. People then take it as fact. For instance, early last season when our defence was on fire, word was that it’s because Bould has been given more coaching responsibility, so it was credited to him. Defence became shit again, but surprisingly, hardly anyone was pointing back at Bould to say he’s doing a bad job. It was “Wenger isn’t allowing Bould to coach the defence anymore.” Huh.

    I find it cute that some fans believe their rants on Arsenal Fan TV (love Robbie btw) or suggestions they make on blogs like this one actually make a difference to the decisions the manager makes. There is a group of people Arsene Wenger DEFINITELY doesn’t listen to, and it’s the fans. If you listen, you’ll realise that the team holds meetings regularly, so there’s constant communication. You’ll also know that Wenger’s coaching/management style has never involved detailing to each player what exactly he wants them to do. Players have said before that there’s always a game plan, but they are given the freedom to make decisions on the pitch. Wenger’s way is to give the player the responsibility to think for themselves, then he helps to correct (especially the younger ones) once the player sees the faults in his own game. So a lot of what has been wrong with the team has had more to do with players failing to execute the game plan or manager’s instruction. Hence you’ll hear them point back at themselves every time the team loses.

    I’m sure we would love to know that our opinions and rumblings have made a difference to the team’s fortunes recently, but this is far from the truth. Rather our complaints, lack of audible support for the lads on matchdays and good-for-nothing banners slagging off the manager are the things that are detrimental and only worsens the situation. I cannot dispute that Wenger’s language has sounded a bit different to what we’re accustomed to in recent weeks, but the changes, if we are to be honest, have very little to do with the opinions of us the fans.

  11. Leedsgunner

    I’m not talking about his career as a whole and not just thinking about his immediate fitness Marble.

    You can tell once his fully match sharp there are going to be loads of goals in him especially with Özil and Cazorla coming back to their best in my opinion.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Weidenfeller and Hummels personally approached and apologised to some fans after the game tonight in the crowd

  13. karim


    Sorry for the late reply; no, didn t watch it, only saw the goal and let me tell you some Dortmund defenders are not gonna sleep well tonight ….

  14. Leedsgunner

    You are partially right Marble, Theo is too limited to be one of the world’s best. If he is fully fit though, he is very useful. He may not become as good as Sanchez but his pace will get the best out of Özil.

    Walcott might be a one trick pony, that he is predominantly a pace merchant but he has become very effective at scoring important goals… and he is a very good instinctive finisher. Ironically when Theo has time to think in front of goal he tends to fluff it. That’s why he won’t reach the very top but he is perhaps still a very good footballer.

    We can agree to disagree though, and that’s ok.

  15. Marko

    Very very strange what’s going on at Dortmund this season. Hard to pinpoint the problem cause they’ve an excellent squad. Maybe that whole them being the fittest and run more than any team stats are hurting them finally. Clearly losing Lewandowski has affected them. Even though Immobile and Ramos are good players. Also that “Kuba” fella has massively been missed. They’ll sort it out in the end but certainly look like having no European football next season which will hurt the financial side of the club

  16. Goondawg

    Btw I’m not hating on Walcott. I rate him sort of. Just Ox is a better baller that’s all. Walcott can finish but his lack of a footballing brain will stop him from reaching the echelons of footballing elitism.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have been linked in recent times with a lot of ‘mature’ strikers and midfielders, but my view is that Arsenal’s transfer policy has materially changed in last 2 years and we have bought primarily players aged 25 and younger.

    The one exception to the rule was Debuchy whom I see as a short term replacement for Sagna. However, I think it is clear that Bellerin will become our regular first team right back sooner rather than later.

    Personally I don’t see Arsenal making a large number of acquisitions in the
    Summer. I do think that we will buy a new CDM most probably Schneiderlein
    if Southampton are willing to sell him. Otherwise it will be a similar type of

    Goalkeeper may also be on the shopping list although not necessarily a first
    string. If we go into the market it will be because Szczesny is agitating for a

    Otherwise we will only buy someone if it is a player significantly better than we have got i.e. perhaps an additional forward.

    Personally I cannot see Arsenal spending more than £60 million in summer
    unless we make some major disposals. For that sort of money you are talking about bringing in 2-3 new players tops.

  18. Leedsgunner

    Credit to Hummels and. Weidenfeller manning up and facing the fans. Somehow you couldn’t envisage Chesney doing that. Ironically because of all his arrogance, even after a poor performance he wouldn’t own up for it.

  19. Marko

    Almost dead on Schneiderlin or Krychowiak will be targeted in the summer. Maybe a keeper. Another forward I think too maybe with all the loans out and the fact Giroud isn’t getting any younger maybe a striker (Cavani? Dybala? Higuain? Benzema? Lacazette?) Or wide forward/playmaker (Reus? Quintero?). Certainly we’ve seen the last couple years we like at least one significant purchase. Whether that purchase is Schneiderlin at 20 million or Benzema/Cavani at 40 million is another question

  20. Goondawg

    Yh CA

    Sokratis and Reus would be good acquisitions. Maybe grosskreutz as a utility player for squad depth. I’ve always admired Aubemayangs pace on Fifa lol

  21. Leedsgunner

    Any Bundesliga watchers on here? Why has BvB imploded? Have the opposition just figured out Klopp? Injuries? New players not settling in? On paper their players are among the best in Europe!

  22. carts

    Leeds – quite frankly coming up against BVB isn’t as daunting as it once was. Tactically Klopp has been sussed. The worst thing is that they’re not able to score if many at all.

    They’ve been quite steady on the injury front for a good few games now. He doesn’t even start Subotic and hummels anymore yet those were the 2 that performed so well a couple seasons back.

  23. Ozy

    I think their biggest problem is their lack of goals. Nobody in the team is scoring. Immobile and Ramos have not settled well, it seems. Kagawa and Mikh are just not really good enough either. They can’t assist or score. I think between both of them, domestically, they only have one goal.

    Their defense is generally solid – although a lot of errors are creeping in, either due to a lack of confidence right now or who knows.. they’re not feared and the team’s morale is so low.

    For the goal today, he ran past 4 Dortmund players and an error by Schmelzer later.. Ausburg scored. Not looking good. It’s actually looking more and more likely they’ll get relegated, which is insane.

  24. salparadisenyc

    The obvious miss with Dortmund is Lewandowski, scored around 30 goals for the past 3 season w/ Klopp. Irreplaceable really, much like Suarez with Liverpool. At this point its possible Aubameyang, Immobile and Ramos may not reach that tally.

    I think Klopp’s able to rally for the top side of the table, although I keep saying that and they keep loosing. Pretty mental if you look at that lineup.

  25. Wallace

    just before he retired Bergkamp talked about how defenders while he’d been playing had improved so much in the one v one, and that players who could beat their man were worth their weight in gold. the Ox is no. 1 for us when it comes to taking opponents out of the game. he’s a fantastic young player and his stats will improve as he gets older.

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    Got to say, when the ball goes into the nether regions I have more confidence in Ospina, & to ultimately keep a clean sheet than Chesney. Probably got a lot to do with Ospina being more seasoned and the Pol being a fickled kid who can’t concentrate for the full 90 minutes. And having said that I prefer the Columbian. Even though he isn’t a giant of a man his agility & awareness compensates, plus.

    I think that Ospina will give the back 4 confidence & there are still trophys “up for grabs now” that can be won this season.

  27. Insomnia

    Bottom of the table in February for Dortmund is just mad – they seem completely stuck. Perhaps they just have to change Klopp as as a last ditch throw of the dice. And get in someone who knows the dark arts of football – an obvious name comes to mind: Phil Neville…

  28. Insomnia

    Phil could tell the players to get in amongst them and let them know you’re there – leave your mark on flash players and always be aware of when the red can’t see you. They might still be relegated but could go down in a hail of vicious tackles and red cards

  29. Insomnia

    On a serious note was just reading about Clarke Carlisle the former PFA guy who deliberately stepped in front of a lorry because of depression. Terrible, wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Thankfully he’s out of hospital now.

  30. tunnygriffboy

    Lpool next 6 fixtures

    Everton (a), spurs (h), Palace ( a fa cup), Besiktas, Southampton (a), Besiktas, Man City ( h ). We’ve got a chance to get away from them and spurs over those 6 games. Man u have a similar run at the end of March, beginning of April.

  31. Wallace


    “I guess that was the idea behind Gervinho . It did not work out too well in the end.”

    nope, but i think the Ox has far more about him than Gervinho.

    i’m one of Jack’s biggest fans(on here especially), but boy he makes it difficult for himself sometimes.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Don’t know what to say re Jack. He’s making himself a liability. I want him to succeed but it should be difficult for him to get back in should people remain fit. If Lallana went for 25 million ! ! ! !

    Se the Theo v Ox argument raging last night. Completely different attributes. We need a deep squad so why not be happy to have them both and utilise their strength ? Forget Ox is 5 years younger than Theo.

  33. tunnygriffboy

    Spurs next 6 fixtures

    Arsenal (h), lpool (a) Fiorentina (h), west ham (h), Fiorentina (a), Chelsea (a)

    Our next 6

    Spurs (a), Leicester (h), Boro (h fa cup), Palace (a), Monaco (h), Everton (h)

    We could create a gap from them during this period if we win on Saturday

  34. Wallace


    yeah, sometimes i think Liverpool could be the strongest challengers for 3rd/4th, but then i look at their squad and think the European nights will take care of them.

  35. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah an injury to Sterling and another for Sturridge scupper them. Makes me laugh that pundits have said they’ve bee understrength all year because of Sturridge missing. Chelsea had huge sympathy because Fabregas and Costa missed City match. Neither team would have coped should they have had our injuries.

    It seems no account taken for our injuries and to be fair City as well

  36. SomeRandomGunner

    I am actually glad with Wilshere’s latest antics . Like many i was worried that Wilshere was going to walk straight into the team.

    Now he wont Wenger’s bias for him will be neutralized by smoking 🙂 .

  37. Rocky Pires

    I think Liverpool will push hard for the UEFA cup to give Stevie G one last cup.
    Sick of this shit that Tha Fa Cup Final is on his birthday therefore he has the divine right to lift it . Screw that , they were lucky lat night .

    Liverpool have tough few weeks on front of them so we will see what tyhey are made off.

    Have we stripped Wilshere of the no.10 and fined him 200,000 to give to cancer charity yet?

  38. Le Prof


    ‘We need a deep squad so why not be happy to have them both and utilise their strength ? Forget Ox is 5 years younger than Theo.’

    Bang on the money. Strong squads win leagues not the best XI anymore.

  39. tunnygriffboy

    Watchi g the Dortmund game at the mo. All the possession but look rushed, everyone trying too hard and panicking with 15 to go. Sahin, Kagawa, Gundogan all of similar stature. Immobile,and Adebayang (sp) very poor. Stick Giroud in this situation his strength with back to goal brings the midfielders into the game. Know I get slated but someone like him would really help them.

    Will spurs press us on Saturday ? Should we keep tight and counter ?

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    We should keep tight and counter, but old Frenchie is a frigging stick in the mud so…………………..:oops:

  41. Wallace

    last 5 seasons –

    Arsenal spent 258m

    Liverpool spent 352m

    if they were actually any good in the transfer market…

  42. Goondawg

    Had it with Jack wilshisha. Wenger has slated so many times and warned so many times that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. Its not fucking hard to hide it. Shows a complete utter lack of respect to the fans and the manager and the club.

    It’s alright though. I don’t see Woj or Jack having a future anymore. They are both overhyped talents. Used to love jack until he kept hogging on to the ball inviting tackles into his glass ankles. Always going to ground. He doesn’t learn the dimwit. It’s not been once or twice now otherwise it’s somewhat forgiveable. Don’t see him fitting in our midfield. Such a shame

  43. Moray

    Goondawg, I think there will be a clear out in the summer. Once Wenger changes his mind he tends to be quite ruthless. Wilshire is a useful squad player, but not at 160k per week or whatever is being speculated. Wilshire is doing Wenger a favour with this sort of publicity, if he decides to move him on.

    Actually, with Theo on 100-110k seeking renewal and Wilshire seeking renewal on 100+ it will be decision time either way. I don’t think either of them are worth that sort of money, even not taking into account their injury records.

  44. Rocky Pires

    GoondawgFebruary 5, 2015 09:09:41
    Had it with Jack wilshisha. Wenger has slated so many times and warned so many times that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. Its not fucking hard to hide it. Shows a complete utter lack of respect to the fans and the manager and the club.It’s alright though. I don’t see Woj or Jack having a future anymore. They are both overhyped talents. Used to love jack until he kept hogging on to the ball inviting tackles into his glass ankles. Always going to ground. He doesn’t learn the dimwit. It’s not been once or twice now otherwise it’s somewhat forgiveable. Don’t see him fitting in our midfield. Such a shame

    Most thing that annoys me about him is the talent is there just he is Gazza in his own head.
    He pisses might right off when he hogs the ball loose it then rools around if his legs are broken, when in fact they aren’t .
    Just too fooking lazy to track back.
    Ever hear of the boy who cried wolf Jack?

  45. tunnygriffboy


    Would re sign Theo on current money. Always need pace in the squad and he scores goals. Wouldn’t pay Jack anymore than he gets now. He still has potential but he is cursed with injuries. Also what is his best position ? As well as a DM in the summer I would also like a strong , q uick energetic b2b midfielder to give Ramsey competition and allow him to have a rest avoiding burn out. Jack can’t do that job.

  46. Rocky Pires

    Theo has a place in the squad no doubt but JAck I dont know .
    I guess its up to JAck to earn the right to be kept here and so I would give him another year but he must roll up his sleeves otherwise he will be destined for mediocrity like his pals JET and Frimpong .

    He is a talent but at 100 K plus, its easy to think of more talent and professional players than him .
    He has defined his position in the team not has offered a niche that no other player has .

    I could see OX slipping into a CM role and there being no space for Jack if he continues as he is .

    For 100 k a week and transfer fee we would recoupe on Jack you could be looking at talents like Cabaye, Verratti, Witsel, Barkely etc etc . players who are professional and would bite oyour hand off to be afforded the luxuries Jack has .

  47. tunnygriffboy

    Guardian starting the shit stirring first. Taking a so called report from a Spanish newspaper that Sanchez is miffed that Santi is getting adoration from our fans knocking him from no1 berth and that he could agitate for a move in the summer. If the guardian is doing this then there’s no hope for the press.

  48. Sam

    Wilshere is teacher’s pet. Ozil was moved wide for him, Santi benched for him. I was relieved when he got injured as it meant we’d have Santi in “Jack’s” position. We move the ball faster and don’t hold it too long – Ozil hardly holds it at all before moving it on. With Jack as playmaker, we are slow, predictable and easy to play against. He’s not quick thinking or inventive.

    Ospina is 1st choice for a good national team. Szczesny is no 2 for a moderate international team. Ospina is the same height as Victor Valdes and virtually the same as Casillas. He did fine in the air so far. He’s calm and experienced. Not flash. Hope he gets a good run in the side.

  49. Rocky Pires

    NO reason why Ospina shouldn’t get a run of games Sam .
    Its his to loose only thing is he has appeared quite injury prone .

    Everyone feels safer with him in goal.

  50. Moray

    Tunny, absolutely would keep Theo on his current salary, but if he wants more it is too much.

    Plus, we should ideally not be relying on him as a first teamer due to his injuries. More as an impact player. However, we know how Wenger loves to beast his players.

    As for the Spanish papers, they are just pissed that Barca allowed Sanchez to leave and play in the UK. The grass is always greener…he doesn’t strike me as the petty kind of guy, especially with the game time he is getting and the energy he puts in.

  51. Gregg

    Hmm Interesting. After Bayern Munich, Brousia Dortmund earn twice as much revenue than any other side (except Shaclke). For them to be in this position is an absolute shambles. It’s the equivalent as us being in the relegation spots 22 games into the season. And people want that manager ? really ? Think about that for a minute folks.

    2) Dortmund 261m euro’s –
    4)Hamburg 120m euro’s

  52. ADKB

    Yeah, but each time he goes in for such tackles you fear it’s going to be a bookable offence, penalty, red card or an own goal. He’s improved a lot since he joined us, mind you.

  53. SomeRandomGunner

    @ADKB yeah it looks close , but the amount of times he gets it right is much higher than the failures.

    Koscielny’s tackling and interceptions are next level , best defender in EPL atleast in my opinion .

  54. gambon

    Good article on Dortmund on the StatsBomb site, suggesting they have been pretty unlucky this season.

    I would still have Klopp over Wenger any day of the week.

  55. peanuts&monkeys

    Someone wrote up above how Arsene made us all wait to let Walcott start firing. Wait of r 8 years+. Same goes with RVP. We waited for 8 years for him to start firing and then have a WC striker again. This is the whole fucking problem about Wenger’s youth policy. A department as vital as goalscoring cannot be left to chance and wanting for 5-6 years for a striker to develop, even the dumbest of football coaches will accept this. Why does Arsene fucking Wenger not keep one WC striker for all times??? Someone who pays 60% of weekly wages to AMs does not want to have a true true attacker??? Why the fuck???

    Walcottt is a squad player, at best.