… and I’m feeling good, Arsenal.

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Happy good morning to you.

Transfer Deadline Day? Kind of like Christmas when the family cat dies from licking a Christmas light.

Joke here is I’m at some Telegraph panel for Virgin Media. Top journo’s talking about a nothing night in the end.

Chelsea signed Cuadrado, who in my opinion is a very exciting player. Better than Schurle? I’m not so sure, but packed full of energy, silky off beat skills and pace. Sounds like a music review for a Ska album eh?

Yes it does.

Arsene Wenger managed to get a full 9 hours sleep last night. No action from him. We knew this. He’s reactionary. If we’d been on a losing streak, it’d be a different story. But hey, our window has been disgustingly kind to us on many fronts.

Firstly, in an Ashley Cole like turnaround, Coquelin has managed to make himself an extremely important player in about 6 matches. The young Frenchman has clearly assessed what the club don’t have in midfield, had a think about whether he could do that role and he’s just bloody well gone out and done it. What an intelligent lad. He’s been brilliant, he marshals in front of the back four, he breaks up play, he talks to people and he distributes with Gilberto like ease… and style. I really like him. I was always surprised a player with his attributes was so uninteresting to Arsene Wenger.

Then we have the emergence of Ospina. Jury is still out at the moment, but what we’ve seen so far, well, you can’t complain can you? He’s good with his feet, though maybe not as powerful with his kicking as Chezzer. He’s calm in the box. For a little man, he demonstrates plenty of confidence coming for those long high balls into the box. Then, he has what our number one doesn’t have… the ability to pull a save out of nothing. That save at the death against Villa is exactly what we haven’t had from Volcheck.

At right back, where did Bellerin come from? Barca. I get it. But jeez, what a player. I love him. Stylish on the pitch, even more stylish off it. He’s outrageously fast, he reads the game well and he has enough arrogance in the locker to side foot his first goal from outside the box. He’s a revelation. He’s a beautiful revelation.

I bag on Giroud quite a bit, he’s a bit of a clutz, but he’s playing well and I can’t knock him. One of my points about him last season is we killed him. He rarely gets injured, but he gets tired because he’s not a robot. He’s playing now, like he did at the start of last season. Full of energy, poor touches and great goals. That run against Villa was brilliant he too three terrible touches before crafting a perfect chip over the keeper. Keep on doing it Giroud.

Then we have Ozil. My thing all season has been this… ‘If Ozil comes back flying, we’ll forget Cesc’… so far so good? Even out wide. He’s used his time to bulk up. He’s making a pest of himself and he’s creating definitive moments in games that only a player of his quality can. Then factor in that Theo is firing on all cylinders (ok, TOO positive) and we’ll have Sanchez and #Welbz back in contention. Well, I’m excited even though I know I predicted all this goodness when things were bad.

I’ve become a sucker for the plot I knew would unfold.

F*ck it, who cares, if you can’t be happy when you’re smashing it, what’s the point?

Right, live feed here if you want to watch some big time pundits talking about the window.

See you tomorrow. x

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  1. GuNZ

    Maybe that’s why he’s always playing with his zipper. Notice it’s always around the groin region? perhaps he’s jerking it up and down to the tune of ‘Cum fly with me’

  2. Highbury Daze

    It’s dead in here I must rename this place le grave too many zombies like tampon tunny and a cast of hundreds too numerous to mention but they know who they are wankers who regurgitate every fucking online post and u tube shit fucking babies

  3. Highbury Daze

    Wenger is a big fan of napoleon those pics of Bonaparte with his hand inside his coat what you don’t see is he has a rampant hard on under there and is jerking off just like arsene hiding under his eider down

  4. GuNZ

    Could be it’s not ‘Cum fly with me’ after all but Abba’s ‘Waterloo’:
    Oh Girou, how would you feel if you scored a goal (da, da da, da, da da)
    Oh Giroud, promise I’ll come and suck on your pole (da, da da, da, da da)
    etc. etc.

  5. GuNZ

    Could be it’s not ‘Cum fly with me’ after all but Abba’s ‘Waterloo’:
    Oh Giroud, how would you feel if you scored a goal (da, da da, da, da da)
    Oh Giroud, promise I’ll come and suck on your pole (da, da da, da, da da)
    etc. etc.

  6. Highbury Daze

    either that or his dad knew he was an arsehole as a kid and was so stubborn he gave him the name Arsene, when translated means fuck the world they know nothing i am a genuis and know it all

  7. GuNZ

    Apparently, a Chuba is a ‘long sheepskin coat made of thick Tibetan wool worn by many of the nomadic peoples of high altitude in the cold mountains of Tibet.’

    It appears they have no zips, so perhaps Wenger may consider switching his parka for one and even consider swapping the smaller version for the ‘Giroud’ he currently wears around his willy and is always fiddling with.

  8. Blsany

    I cant believe Everton have signed lennon.What is going on with Martinez rated him highly before he took this job.He is just pissing away money now.