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Oh lord, Marco Reus back on the radar? Yah man. He is. As I reported in the summer, we went hard for the German, he was the man we were after before Sanchez became a reality. It’s interesting that we’d be back in for him. He’s one of the best on the planet. There are concerns about his fitness, which is reportedly why Bayern have dropped their interest… nothing to do with them having ALL the players.

I’d love to see the German speedster. When I say speedster, it’s in relation to him driving illegally for many years before recently being busted and fined a horrendous amount of cash.

Watch this space… we were all over him last year, he’d be an incredible addition.

One addition who has landed is Martin Keown’s long lost child, Paulista. Wenger had this to say about the Brazilian.

‘What I saw was a great quality for a defender, his level of concentration.

‘He is physically able to adapt to the Premier League because he is quite a good size and is quick as well, has great commitment in the challenges and is a good age for a central defender as well.’

‘You always need time to adapt, especially in a defensive position because you need to know your partners.

So he doesn’t speak English, but he apparently understands the key words. He’ll be helped along by the Spanish boys I’m sure. He looks a beast. He’s certainly a fit physically, let’s hope he can deliver on the pitch.

It’s interesting listening to Wenger talk about collective defending. That seems to be the theme of our mini resurgence. Hopefully it’s a theme we continue to stick to. The collectively executed plan is always more powerful than the plan that doesn’t exist that is executed badly… and when you play as a collective with a plan, you can deal with players like Ramsey having off games on a regular basis.

Sanchez isn’t playing tomorrow, which is good news. Also a stark reminder that you have to be smart with usage. This idea that because Sanchez looks invincible, he is invincible, is naive in the extreme. A couple of easy weeks doesn’t reset the body, sadly. Ferguson was always the master at getting his players into this period fresh because he understood that brutalised players don’t get magically fit.

Ironically, most of our players are now fit because we broke them early in the season. That’s working for us now. Maybe Wenger is a genius after all?!

Right, have a great Saturday. Big game for Chelsea and City today… who knows where it’s going. Costa rightly suspended. Cesc injured when it counts (LOL). City hoovering precariously in a position where a loss could kill their title dreams. BIG GAME.

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  1. Goondawg

    To be fair Eriksen has been average for spurs right up till 6 months ago, and now after half a season of doing what Ozil has been doing for the last 5 years he suddenly he is more talented than this WC winner. I could weep

  2. Marko

    Johnty you’re a melt. Everyone who doesn’t play for Arsenal is better than what we’ve got.

    Final point on Eriksson to me I kind of liken him to the likes of Dzagoev, Adam Maher, Gaitan, Hamsik, Grenier. Very good attacking midfielders in the own rightand always seem to be linked with stepping up but always a level off the likes of (in no particular order) Ozil, Silva, Cesc, Gotze, maybe Mata, nearly Isco, Kroos as number 10 AM’s. The likes of Quintero (looks special), Max Meyer, Lucas Anderson, Kovacic (Inter) and Fekir seem to be the next batch of good ones to step up.

  3. Goondawg

    This season Ozil has been played out of position, been injured constantly and was an intergral part of a World cup winning team in Brazil during the summer. Eriksen starts playing well against inferior opposition and he is suddenly a better player than Mesut You guys are jokers honestly

  4. Vince

    No matter what anybody tells me I refuse to agree that Ozil is better than Erickson. use your eyes folk it’s not even close. and for Ozil being a world cup winner you know Per is a world cup winner too right? I guess that makes him better than Kos. Erickson shites all over Ozil.

  5. Goondawg

    If you asked any chelsea fan who they would rather have of Ozil or Eriksen. Imagine Ozil at Mourinho’s chelsea. Maureen has already shown he knows how to get the best of Ozil. Eriksen is a great player, but not in the same league as Ozil. Unless Ozil improves however, I can see him being overtaken by Eriksen

  6. Goondawg


    Im sorry did Per even feature outside the group stage? Ozil played all but 35 minutes of their WHOLE triumphant campaign

  7. Marko

    I dunno where to start with that Vince comment. Honestly thank fuck most people would listen to the word of Mourinho, Wenger and Low about how much they rate Ozil over I dunno some guy named Vince. Who may like Spurs? He probably rates Eriksson over Cazorla. Ryan Mason over Ramsey

  8. tunnygriffboy

    Last season

    Ozil 5 goals 9 assists

    Silva 7 goals 10 assists

    Bearing in mind that Ozil had more games out than Silva and for most of the season had a knackered Giroud, TR7 Ramsey ( until he got injured ) , Wilshere, then Podolski and Ox sporadically playing wide. Silva had a variety of forward players inc Aguero for long periods.

    Ozil created 25% of our chances last season. What I’m saying that last season wasn’t too bad but I would expect more with our current forward options. Obviously this season a no go so far.

  9. Marko

    Literally the only player(S) I’d have from Spurs that would be an upgrade on what we have would be Lloris and maybe Vertonghan over Per. That’s it. Ozil and Cazorla over Eriksson for sure. In fact when we do see Cazorla eventually leave I’d love Quintero or maybe Mayer or Praet to replace him in the squad

  10. Insomnia

    To be fair Eriksen played for his hometown team Middelfart – check it if you don’t believe me – so unless Ozil played for Oberfart or Borussia Fartengladbach then my vote is for the Dane in the fun contest

  11. Danny

    I think Joe Hart touched the ball twice in the 2nd half as Chelsea had no attempts on goal. Must be great fun for Chelsea fans to watch their team play for a draw at home.
    Sagna looked awful btw.

  12. Bamford10

    Ozil is a better player than Eriksen, obviously, but the point usually made here is that Eriksen has proved to be ‘better business’.

    Remains to be seen whether Ozil can raise his game.

    However, he was not “integral” to the German team this past summer. Not at all. He was their 11th player, largely listless and ineffectual and would’ve been benched had Reus been healthy.

    Ozil of 2014 was very far from Ozil of 2011. People need to stop pretending otherwise.

  13. Marko

    Unbelievable they didn’t put in a cross there. Really disappointing the game was there for City. And again another big game where Mourinho sets up not to loserather than win. Honestly throughout his career and considering he’s spent 100’s of millions on players you’d kind of hope his team’s would play better football and impose themselves. Wouldn’t get Ancellotti or Guardiola playing like that with his budget.

  14. Marko

    Bamford all due respect it’s absolute tosh to say if Reus was fit Ozil would of been on the bench at the world cup. Absolute nonsense with nothing to back it up with. He was their top scorer in qualifying and by all accounts is their most important player with Lahm, Nauer, Schweinstiger, Reus and Muller.

    And better business? Are we gonna come along at the end of the season and suggest someone like Kane is better than someone like Ozil cause he’ll end up with more goals? Or better yet will we assume there’ll be a debate on a United blog about Alexis being better business than Di Maria cause he’s had a better season

  15. northern gooner

    January 31, 2015    19:33:09

    So long as the team you support wins trophies who cares how they play

    quote of the year.

  16. Rosicky@Arsenal

    What a poor game from Chelsea.
    Mourinhio only knows the easy way.Just to defend .I wonder if Roman decide tio sack him again for playing boring football.

  17. Bamford10

    Actually, Marko, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. Ozil was the one player in Germany’s XI whose place in the XI was questioned, and he was largely listless and ineffectual throughout. I watched every game; he was largely invisible. On top of this he is not a genuine wing player,where Reus is. To imagine Ozil would start over Reus wide is simply moronic.

  18. Marko

    Bamford I’ve been hearing that argument/nonsense/excuse for a while on here. The only people who were questioning his place in the German team where a minority on here or maybe in Germany. Low and everyone in the German set up love him and value him highly. Honestly are you suggesting their top scorer in qualifying would be dropped? Why exactly though would that happen? It’s not like it’s Reus or Ozil they’ve played together a lot for Germany. Largely ineffectual is debatable too.

  19. Bamford10

    So if Arsenal managed to win trophies by playing long balls and breaking legs, you’d love them / admire them as much as you did the Invincibles.

    Philistinism and nonsense.

  20. Bamford10

    Sorry, but writers and pundits from all over the world noted Ozil’s ineffectuality. He was a fellow traveler in that XI; he was not one of the players driving the train, as it were.

    To say otherwise is to admit you haven’t a clue what you’re watching when you watch football.

    And again, there’s no comparing the two as wide players. No comparison. Reus is a genuine wide player; Ozil is not. Ozil is a CAM, not a wing player.

  21. Goondawg

    “However, he was not “integral” to the German team this past summer. Not at all. He was their 11th player, largely listless and ineffectual and would’ve been benched had Reus been healthy.”

    Complete tosh. Watch the final match against Argentina, and get back to me. Ozil was sheer class, he created so many, many chances especially to Kroos and Muller, for them all to be squandered. Very under appreciated, but yes he was integral hence he played all but 35 minutes of a 690 minute campaign on the road to winning the cup. He had a few understated performances, but invisible? Ineffectual? Completely listless? Seriously question your understanding of the game. People dont realise how crucial Ozil and he influences the Germans attack. He never put a foot wrong, never lost the ball and still topped the passing in the final third charts. Literally everything he does is for the interests of the team. I would have thought all players had an ego, they want to score an amazing goal or try amazing passes, he does not give a fuck about that. He is a phenemonal footballer, that does the basics extremely well

    Had a decent tournament. But was absolutely brilliant in the final

  22. northern gooner

    The records books record who won what not who plays 1000 passes in each game.
    I would take long balls and trophies over tiki taki and fuck all.

  23. Marko

    Oh my God bamford who’s comparing Reus and Ozil as wide players? Again debatable how poor he was at the world cup but you like gambon have suggested on here that if Reus was fit he would of replaced Ozil in the starting 11. I’m asking where you came up with that nonsense? Whoever said it was one or the other is a poster on le-grove I swear. Cause one they’ve played plenty of times together. Two they don’t play in the same position. It would of been Gotze to drop out. Where is your logic dropping him he was top scorer in qualifying.

  24. salparadisenyc

    Yes Ozil was certainly marginalized by the German side. He featured in all 7 matches playing a total of 655 minutes. Think Muller and Kroos only played more on the business end of things.

    Interesting debate and utterly pointless considering Low had to alter formation with Reus not fit. In qualifying he put Reus on the right and Ozil in the #10 for the most part with Muller up front.

  25. Goondawg

    “Sorry, but writers and pundits from all over the world noted Ozil’s ineffectuality. He was a fellow traveler in that XI; he was not one of the players driving the train, as it were.

    To say otherwise is to admit you haven’t a clue what you’re watching when you watch football.”

    The irony is lost on you.

  26. Goondawg

    “Interesting debate and utterly pointless considering Low had to alter formation with Reus not fit. In qualifying he put Reus on the right and Ozil in the #10 for the most part with Muller up front.”

    This really puts to bed the arguments of the Ozil Haters

  27. Goondawg

    Also correct me if I was wrong, but wasn’t Ozil top goal scorer for Germany in the qualifying rounds leading up to the tournament. Yet he is not integral to the team. He is their 11th player and completely ineffectual to their success. Good one

  28. Vince

    For the Ozil lovers I say Ozil getting pushed to the wing simply means his coaches don’t trust him enough to build their teams around him. If he was playing centrally for Arsenal he qould have been more productive but that isn’t saying much. Seriously speaking most of us won’t have him ahead of Cazorla. Don’t even talk about Germany, no matter the sticks I get I believe that world cup winning team was barely accommodating him.

  29. salparadisenyc


    Caz has earned his place and should keep it, i’d agree. Honestly prefer to see Ozil on the bench than playing wide for us but i’ve a feeling Arsene will shoehorn him in. We shall see. Dream scenario really with proper rotation of the two we could do some damage this spring.

    In terms of Germany Low played that formation to incorporate Kroos and Ozil, seemed to work. Helps being able to have impact subs like Gotze.

  30. Bamford10


    Did you even watch the WC, mate? I watched nearly every match, including every Germany match. Ozil was invisible. No one who watched the team would dispute this. You can cite qualifying stats all you like. That says nothing for his performance at the WC.

    And my point re pundits wasn’t to say that that’s where I get my views, but to say these views were near universal. The only people saying otherwise were Arsenal supporters.

    Not to mention I’m far from an Ozil hater. I’m a realist, though, and he hasn’t been in form for some time now. Everyone who watched him in 2010-11 knows this.

  31. fraz

    Well. Michel platini did ask for ozils shirt during world cup winning celebrations. Must be he cozof the poor game he had

  32. Seg

    Ozil plays better for Germany than he does for Arsenal. A straight choice between him and Eriksen now, especially at their respective prices definitely choose the Dane. What if mourinho says Ozil is the best number in the world? Mourinho also called Paulo Ferrera the best defender in the world!

  33. Vince

    Sorry for getting some people’s monkeys up, I just couldn’t let it pass this time. I’m not a stat guy but let’s try it this time around. how many crucial goals or assists did Oil have at the world cup?

  34. Goondawg

    Bamford if you have time, I would very much recommend you watch this video:

    It features many quotes from many top footballing people completely debunking most of what you said. Yes I watched every game, whilst Ozil wasn’t ripping tree trunks with his bare hands, I wouldn’t say he was invisible. In fact you really need to watch the final, where he played immense, and created many chances and space for his team mates.

    He’s being shat on by people like you expecting him to score wonderful goals or tanking it with his maldini-like abilities, without you realising or appreciating what he actually does. I’m not even going to cite you the stats, but you dismissing it readily already tells me you are aware of the stats completely nullifying your argument.

    I’m really curious to which “writers and pundits from all over the world noted Ozil’s ineffectuality” Pray tell me, so I can make a private note to completely disengage any faecal matter they may spout in future

  35. Vince

    Thanks Salparadise, my point exactly. However if Ozil was some outrageously talented footballer he would walk straight back into our team. We are talking Arsenal here not some top 10 best clubs in the world. I’m not even sure we are top 20 now but that’s discussion for another day. Take Sanchez for example, no matter who plays in his place in the next match he’s walking straight back in once he’s fit because he’s heads and shoulders above. or do ya all think Ronaldo will have problem entering the Madrid team once his suspension is over because some dudes who played in his place pulled down trees? Ozil is a good player; he’s just not this sensational, top-notch player people keep assuming he is.

  36. MarbleHall

    Mourinho is so fucked up in his head, he puts a defender on to make out he was playing for a draw when the truth is his team was shit and totally dominated throughout the gane by Man City.

  37. Vince

    Fraz. And Pele said Robinho was the best thing since sliced bread, see how that turned out. Sorry the emperor cannot be wrong. pardon my forgetfulness.

  38. ADKB

    @northern gooner: When legendary Polish national team coach, Kazimierz Gorski, was asked about his philosophy, he replied: “The ball is round and there are 2 goal posts!”

    In the same vein, the aim is to make sure the ball goes into the opponents’ post and kept out of yours. Yes, tiki taka may be entertaining but that isn’t the aim of football.

  39. Vince

    Goondawg. We are discussing about a playmaker here. A nd the world cup was 630 minutes barring extra and injury times.

  40. Goondawg

    Vince we are talking about a playmaker who played every single game on the road to winning the greatest trophy on the biggest scene. He scored once, assisted none which is a shame as he topped the creating chances charts for Germany (15), top in dribbles completed for Germany(11) and top in passes in final third (174)

  41. salparadisenyc


    To be fair the form Caz is in he starts for pretty much any side in the league. Thats world class just don’t tell the Dial. Who knows how long that lasts.

    Rotation the key, something Wenger seems to despise which is why I bet both play (Ozil/Caz). Like ramsay and Wilshire.. I prefer one not both. Unbalances what could be a very effective side.

  42. Leedsgunner

    “If I wake up in the morning and somebody stands in front of my door who is an exceptional player, I will open the door” he said. “But it looks very unlikely now.”


    Lol… what happened to working night and day to get players in? How long did that last for? A week? For that he gets paid how much? Nice work if you can get it?!?!

  43. tunnygriffboy


    Out of curiosity who else are you expecting to be brought in ? Yes I want a DM but to get a top class one it’s the summer or am I being unrealistic ?

    With Ox, Welbeck and Sanchez out tomorrow, the way Santi has been playing and the fact he is coming back from injury, Ozil will start nominally on the left tomorrow. Are we all going to be up in arms or will we accept it maybe due to availability issues ? When they’re all fit it’s a different matter.

    Interesting the sympathy celsea got today because they had fabregas and costa missing.

  44. ljb

    Arsenal fans can’t accept that after years of taking the moral high ground with regards other teams signings ,(50 mill for Torres ha ha,35 mill for Andy Carroll,chortle),we have wasted 42.5 mill on Ozil,who is nowhere near good enough to justify this fee.When I think who we have missed out on for the sake of a few million eg Hazard,it is galling that our record signing is a dud.TheAKBs will tell you that he is our best player to try to cover up Wengers big mistake; after all as they have been telling us how skint we are surely spending 42 mill on a pup is verging on a sackable offence.Se might turn into Leeds,Portsmouth or Rangers !!!!!!The real difference between us and Chelsea is that they recognize that a player isn’t working and irrespective of how much they paid for him they Will flog him for top dollar and buy someone else.We on the other hand will hold onto OZIL until his value has dropped so much we will be lucky to get 15mill for him.Arsenal fans laughed at the Spurs spend of 2013 but At least they got Erickson who cost fuck all.

  45. kwik fit

    Just back from stamford and I tell you what they are a bunch of hateful bastards :}

    Come on you Gunnrs! Had a pint with liam brady tonight what a gezzer a;most as good as rohan keating

  46. Leedsgunner

    “Out of curiosity who else are you expecting to be brought in ? Yes I want a DM but to get a top class one it’s the summer or am I being unrealistic ?”

    We’ve been looking forward to this top DM since Gilberto left. We are an easy lot to please aren’t we? So Wenger basically brings in a defender that he should’ve brought in at the begging of the summer and we are pleased? We shrug our shoulders and say, “Oh good job Wenger, well done. At least we’ll bring in a top DM in the summer…”

    I think frankly, secretly we are glad this January wasn’t like January and we let Wenger off. Fair enough, except when I remember the Kallstrom fiasco shouldn’t have happened in the FIRST place!

    So another transfer window closes where we go through the campaign severely depleted in a key area…

    “But, but we have Coquelin…” I hear the cry. Fair enough, he has had a resurgence of form and he is to coin a well used phrase “like a new signing,”. Furthermore he did play well versus Man City. However my question is what if Coquelin suffers an injury or a loss of form? We are coming into a key part of the season where we need to pick up three points each game to capture fourth.

    In fact, ironically to think back on it, what we need is a Liverpoolesque run of results to qualify for fourth especially because we have more clubs in the mix this year fighting us for it. Man United will be there. Southampton will be there too. Don’t forget about West Ham and Tottenham. It’s not a given that 4th is ours by right we will have to fight for it.

    Therefore that being the case the prospect of Coquelin becoming injured, and Arteta and Flamini stepping into breach doesn’t exactly feel me with confidence that the job will get done… especially with the competition being so tight. Then again I don’t know why I’m surprised. At the beginning of the window I half suspected with Coquelin’s rise that we wouldn’t get a first team ready DM, and it appears I was right… although more than anything I wish I could have been proved gloriously wrong.

    Another thing although I’m glad of Paulista’s arrival I’m a bit puzzled of why he couldn’t have been bought in the summer… why did we have to wait until January particularly? Shame we didn’t because if we had we could have given our energies getting a similar battle hardened DM this month. Imagine that huh?

    As got the “top DM in the summer” well it will have to be won’t it? Although in my opinion Schneiderlin will be a lost cause because Everyone And his Dod’s Dog will be After Him. We all know Wenger chooses not to compete for a player if he can help it. As he said himself he likes it best when exceptional players just present themselves on his door. Yeah because real life works like that.

    So like I said, I feel slightly disappointed we have not signed a DM. Although to be fair to the manager and the club, it has done really well in getting our fringe players out of the door. For that it should be commended.

    Oh just in case you wanted the short answer, “yes.”


    (Insomia strikes again! The condition not the poster on Le grove, just to be clear.)

  47. Moray

    Really looking forward to seeing Gabriel play. It’s a while since we’ve had an extra from the Hobbit in our team, and his character seems to be just what we need. Humble, hard-working and dedicated. Let’s hope his work load and humility rub off on the likes of Wilshire and Chesney, or else get rid of them.

    Reus would be an interesting one. A step up from what we have there for sure, though some injury concerns cast a shadow on it. As he is available for only 20m then I guess we will be in for him, though if his motivation is wages, then most likely he will end up at Real or Fuck Off Chelski.

    Leeds, for DM, all the rumours lead to Wenger waiting for the summer to sign Schneiderlin. He also would be a key player for us. Though with Flamini and Arteta (?) likely out at the end of the season and Willshire and Ramsay unpredictable, it is clear we need more strengthening in the centre. Maybe Wenger will revert to the two all round box to box midfielders we used to have to so much success. It would be critical to get the right players in though for this. I fear Pogba will always be too expensive for us.

  48. Moray

    “We all know Wenger chooses not to compete for a player if he can help it. As he said himself he likes it best when exceptional players just present themselves on his door. Yeah because real life works like that.”

    Mate, if I was earning what Wenger makes I too would be expecting the girls to turn up to my gaff already on their knees…

  49. Moray

    Leeds, it depends to a degree how high Schneiderlins stock is overseas…Man Utd would prob be our biggest threat as they need a player like him as much as we do.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    I would like to express some concern about Arsenal’s Academy Programme.
    Development is supposed to be a major investment for the club and we recruited in summer a new Director to replace Liam Brady.

    The U18 Team has not won a single game in Academy Premier League since
    September. They have drawn or lost all 10 games since then including a 5-0
    defeat against West Ham yesterday. Even their victory against Royston in FA
    Youth cup proved a struggle.

    You have to ask the question what is happening with Arsenal’s talent identification and youth development strategy?

  51. GuNZ

    Long, hard day working. Just relaxing with a vino and checking out what outrageous lies have been perpetrated on Le Grove over the last 24 hours.

    That Keanu Reeves ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ (not a patch, incidentally, on the 1951 original) was given an airing on NZ TV last night, you know the one, moralistic bunkum about man destroying the earth so he has to be annihilated but gets a last minute reprieve because he has a flip-side noble nature and is capable of love and retch, vomit, fingers down throat etc. and I found myself asking this deeply soul-searching question: Where is Arsenal’s Klaatu? Who will show Arsene the error of his ways? And will Gabriel turn out to be the big fuck-off, indestructible, gizmo thingy that gets completely shitty when anything tries to attack it and takes all the nasty cunts out. I don’t think it could speak English in the movie but it fully understood when some git was having a crack at it.

    Anyway. Prediction time: 4-1 to us. Go the Gooners!

  52. Wallace

    re signing Gabriel in the summer – sounds like he’s done a CBs version of a ‘Pires’ while in Spain. a very up and down first season followed by a big improvement in his second. basically, you’d have had to be either a lunatic or a genius to have signed him 6mths ago.

    but with his signing and Coquelin’s emergence i think our squad’s looking very balanced and competitive now.

  53. tenerife gooner

    Light years ago PaulMerson best position was jn the hole ,central.Merson was for me brilliant,so good George played him wide left for the team.Ozil in my opnion should be the main man.Germany look sterile without him.England made the same mistake with Paul Scholes.

  54. Leedsgunner


    Good points about the youth program. I would also suggest that Wenger’s whimsical recruitment of youth also undermines the program. Akpom was the outstanding graduate in the team for a while… he should have been promoted last year and given playing time for him progress into a first team squad member. Yet his progress was hijacked by Sanogo. Sanogo was a completely unnecessary purchase; and Wenger’s bizarre favouritism now risks pushing a genuine talent out of the club.

    A youth from outside should be brought in when 1. he is genuinely better than someone we already have or 2. if we don’t have any youth prospects good prospects coming through in that position.

    The first team’s recent lack of defenders should have been the golden opportunity for a young starlet to grab. The mere fact that we had no one coming through is an indictment of the club, especially with our budget and facilities…

  55. Wallace

    tenerife gooner

    yeah, GG’s treatment of Merson is one of the reasons i’m so down on him. although Merson did say recently that he was such a wide boy(turning up for training drunk etc) GG was actually pretty cool with him. still should have played him at 10 though.

  56. Vince

    Kay. Do you need a ‘What the eyes do not see’ article to prove Sanchez’s class? No. yet if you look deep you’ll realize he’s not statistically outstanding bar goals and assists. What I’m saying is that if you look hard enough you’ll definitely find something for or against a player statistic-wise but that does not supercede what the eyes see. But the most important thing is this, are the stats good enough for his pedigree and hype? without digging deep I can mention 5 play makers in epl better than Ozil: Oscar, Silva, Coutinho, Cazorla and Ericksen. Now go ahead and give me 5players in epl better than Sanchez. I doubt you’ll find. Ozil is just a decent player, he won’t move us to the next level. That’s all we’re saying. You people just assuming this is all about money isn’t correct, but even at that he’s fallen way short of whatever we shelled out on him. If 38mil gets you Hazard and circa 35 gets you Sanchez, should a 42.5mil Ozil then be shaking this league?

  57. daz

    How many big clubs have true quality prospects getting into the first team? The demand for success means they won’t get much opportunity, over the years I would say we have given more chances to youth team players than most big clubs. Apparently Reus would prefer a move to us, he is moving in the summer no doubt so hope we get him

  58. Highbury Daze

    This is going to be a spectacle if Szczesny is in goal, Chambers RB Kos and Gabriel CB, Gibbs LB, Coq CDM, not one speaks Spanish, don’t post with shit that Cazorla speaks it what good is that when he is up front and poor Paulista is on his own with the other dummies all yelling lino, lino, I just can’t wait to see this circus, keystone cops shit, my friend gunz predicts 4-1, he has had too much vino, Benteke will destroy them

  59. Highbury Daze

    Vince you dunderhead, the reason Ozil will not get us to the next level is the morons he has to play with, take out Sanchez and what have we got, Walcott, Ozil has had no runners to feed Giroud was out for 3 months Walcott longer, even with Giroud fit he is too slow for Ozil’s quick feet and sharp brain

    Ozil used to look up and see Sanogo Ramsey, and a team of hopeless duds, this guy is a playmaker of the highest quality, but if he don’t have the quality around him what’s the fucking point, you rate Oscar Couthino Eriksen ahead of Ozil, you have no idea son, none

  60. Highbury Daze

    With statements like that you give yourself up as an idiot but your not a complete idiot, nobody’s perfect, now go away and reasses that piece of shit you posted, then come back and admit your a fucking moron, then offer an apology, Coutinho and Eriksen fuck me I heard it all

  61. gazzap

    There’s an article in the Mirror today moaning about Arsenal and other teams killing English football by bringing in players like Paulista. I have a couple of issues with this. Firstly the work permit issue for Paulista is a red herring. Even if it wasn’t a player from outside the EU, Arsenal and other top teams are still far more likely to bring in players from outside England ie EU, or other countries where the player HAS played 75% of games. This is still affecting the number of British players playing at the top level in the PL.

    The Mirror is attacking the fact that players are being given work permits who don’t meet the criteria BUT they are missing the point IMO. The fact is, Arsenal could easily have found better British players than some of the low standard foreign players we have had recently. I include Miyachi, Arteta, Flamini, – maybe Bielik, Monreal etc. (and many others from the past). OK so you don’t know how good a player will be before you buy him. But Arsenal have taken a lot of risks with unproven foreign players.
    I saw the Brighton game last week and an English player called Rohan Ince was awesome in the DM position – better than Coq. There must be countless players like this who are good enough to at least play as a fringe player at a better PL club but never quite make it because of low quality foreign players blocking their opportunities.

    I think lower league English clubs have over priced their English talents, and it has put off the top clubs who can take the same risk for foreign players for half the price.

  62. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Dont agree to five players you named are better than Ozil.
    OZil is a better player than all of them IMO.Only Silva cud be equal to or better than Ozil.

    I would rate


    In that order.

    Re five best forwards of the EPL on current form

    Qpr striker

    Notable misses from above

  63. Highbury Daze

    Santos, now there was a real gem AFC or more to the point Wenger spunked 7 million quid on him, last 5 minutes shipped out and was beaten up by his own fans in Brazil nice going Arsene, great signing what the fuck were his stats what data di you use to buy him, lunatic

  64. Highbury Daze

    This is just one flaw when you have a 65 year old manager relying on data provided by who knows who to the top clubs in the world, it is obvious that Wenger is not getting the top A1 data, look at the last 10 years, I would love to know what this relic is paying for this crap data, we are getting the Z ratings, Squillaci, Sanogo Santos, Park, you are being ripped off Arsene, what were the stats and data on those turds I mentioned, I hope you never paid for that information, wake up and smell the grass Arsene, your time is up, in fact it was up years ago,

  65. Highbury Daze

    You see the trouble with this data gathering, it is done in inferior leagues to the EPL, because some prick had great interceptions, and the rest of the fluff, it was not gathered against any team in the EPL, it is over rated it is done it crap leagues, making it a crock of shit

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    HighburyDaze: great signing what the fuck were his stats what data di you use to buy him, lunatic

    I don’t want to make you look a fool, but we signed Santos BEFORE we bought statDNA so we couldn’t have used it…

  67. Vince

    Daze. That’s the most boring excuse people put forward.sA player that is suppose to be our talisman now need runners. So you don’t see Sanchez, Aguero and Suarez carrying their teams despite the shite around them? Do you see what Liverpool, who missed the epl by whiskers last season, look like without Suarez? How many times have we said this season we would be nowhere without Sanchez? He should be carrying this team with his superstar status, he should be making the average players around him look better ala Sanchez. that’s what we should expect from our superstar and nothing less.

  68. Highbury Daze

    On current form marble has taken out the biggest award allocated to Le Grove, arsewipe of the season, and believe me, there were plenty in contention

  69. Highbury Daze

    He insulted my with the outrageous fucking claim about Ozil total fucking bullshit, how could Ozil make sanogo look good, I don’t know why I am addressing you just fuck off

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    HighburyDaze: Well whatever system he used it don’t work too well, ditch it

    So, let me get this right.

    You want us to ditch the data analysing company we bought AFTER we signed Santos because he was a flop?

    Walk away

  71. Highbury Daze

    I understand people are allowed opinions, but when I see one like Vince proposed I cannot let that bilge go unnoticed, it is a fucked up opinion and there would be plenty here who would agree, I cannot believe anyone would post that drivel, when someone offers an opinion that Eriksen and Coutinho are better than Ozil, I try to point out the errors of his way, put on the dunces cap and stand in the corner

  72. Vince

    Karim. Don’t mind Daze and his opprobrium. he’s one poster who cannot disappoint me because I expect nothing reasonable from him.

  73. Highbury Daze

    Here’s an opinion, Sanogo is on par with Aguero it’s easy to have opinions, they are like arseholes, we all have them, some are just moronic, like mine

  74. karim

    Meanwhile, Dortmund is bottom of the league.

    Yet, people still like Klopp, Reus, Gundogan, Hummels and are rightly thinking they would upgrade us

    So where s the bloody truth in football ?