Is Wenger fooling himself on squad strength?

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Happy Friday my darlings.

Right, first up we have the news that Wenger will not sign any new players unless they bang on his door.

This is awkward as Wenger hasn’t shared his address. Lio is pottering around London making a fool of himself as we speak. It’s a shame Arsene. You could have just picked up the phone and made it happen. Your loss.

Is this a smart move from the manager? Who knows. I mean, we love an injury. Sanchez has a hammy, #WELBZ has been off the radar and Chambo is injured. Unless we’ve addressed fundamental flaws in the backroom set up, we could come unstuck. We’ll see though… hopefully we’re through the worst.

I mean, how bad can you balls it up at this time of the season? *Gulp*

Wenger is sure Coquelin will sign a new deal. This is good news. I’m really pleased for the young lad. I just hope this excitement is justified. You know, not like it was unjustified when everyone banged the world class DM drum after Flamini came on against Spurs a couple of years back.

No word on Arteta. We should be losing him. Unless he’s a good backroom influence. He doesn’t have the legs, he slows our play and I’m sure we can find someone who can do a better job. Our midfield needs some serious work in the summer. We’ll need a DM. We’ll need to start to think about how we replace Santi. We’ll need to look at Aaron and what’s happened this season, because it’s stark regression. We might want look at Jack as well.

Big questions ahead for the manager.

Sunday we take on Villa. Can’t wait. Villa have scored some goals. They done us a few years back. Could they do it again? I hope not. But we need to be focused and deliver on whatever the game plan is. No more let ups… we need to make third ours.

Right, more from me tomorrow. Big love. x


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  1. London gunner


    Costa has much more to his game.

    Your simplifying to Costa=goals giroud=assists so it’s all good is a tad ludicrous.

    I target weak links! Giroud is one of them look at City, Chelsea, United, rm,Barca, Bayern, psg and juventus.

    We need a serious striker to compete for serious silverware. Come on this arsenal fc not Everton or Spurs. That being said giroud has his uses and is a fine number 2.

    Back 4 I am happy with. If we bring in Morgan I’m happy with the Middle of the park. Wings I’m happy. Cam I’m very happy with. Striker giroud and welbeck that’s a really weak duo.

  2. Goondawg

    Yh LG you probably have a point. But we dont struggle to score goals, its our amount that is conceded the problem. Hypothetically if we bring Morgan it is all well and good, but I fear this rumour has been published so often like Benzema and Higuain, that it will not happen. I think GK and DM is our weak link. CB has just been rectified and its funny how people are slating Gabriel before he has even kicked ball for us. And then some people want Reid instead. What a farce

  3. Cesc Appeal


    I’m just not sold on it at all, specifically because Wenger won’t put the right personnel in their when everyone is fit.

    People think Wilshere is just the guy everyone is beating on this year but I think you can genuinely make a case his inclusion is detrimental to the team. But Wenger will force him in there because he’s obsessed with the Ramsey & Wilshere idea.

    We always get injuries as well, always, so if this 4-1-4-1 needs stability in personnel etc then it should be dropped just on that ground.

    I agree that with a really great CDM anchoring it would probably look a lot better when coupled with good defensive tactics and a real press all over the park…but as I say it just feels like lots of ifs, buts and maybes to make this thing work.

    More often than not Wenger doesn’t fully deliver on what he needs to squad wise or tactics wise.

    But, all I can do is hope that it all somehow magically works and Wilshere sorts himself out because regardless of performances it will be forced on us

  4. salparadisenyc

    With Ahern regarding Wilshire… not the peach fizz.

    He’s cover at this stage, nothing more.
    If he’s not up for fighting with Rambo for the spot, which I thinks his best position then sell. Don’t see it happening this summer although think it would be the right time to cash in.

    What we reckon his transfer fee would be? £15m – £20m at the max, regardless what Rodgers payed for Lallana or transfermark says.. that was a one off. Bring in Schneidlerin and another like Khedira on a free. Pogba ideal but ideally unrealistic.

  5. Insomnia

    The problem I have is the fetishisation of the mythical dm – I think we just need someone who is mentally focussed, positionaly aware, good passer to be able to transition quickly and reasonably strong. I don’t think many of us thought Gilberto was like that when we signed but what a player he was – or Edu for that matter.

    I do agree with London gunner top striker is a must

  6. valentino

    Honestly I agree with you guys,but come on,give the manager a breather. He brought 4new players in over the summer,2 in dis window,come on, he is trying to work something out. It is obvious that the manager is trying to make dis club a real force like real Madrid,but he has to do it slowly because he doesn’t Av d financial muscle so he has to do it slowly else our finances will crumble and we LL be forced to sell those players. So let us give him a breather, d squad is NT yet there,we all knw DAT. Even the Manager knows that. Especially those guys up front, they suck. But slow and steady win the race.

  7. Dan Ahern

    Sal — Yeah I think £15-20m sounds right. He’s young, well regarded, and English. Not just English, creative and English. Hell, City would toss us £25m for him.

  8. salparadisenyc


    Throw in hard tackler and you’ve essentially described Schneiderlin.
    Imperative we have someone who can win the ball back and be able to do something with it. Flamini in his first stint was able to tackle with effect and distribute, debacle now. Potential red card in every challenge with nothing more than the lateral pass up his arsenal.

    Akpom is the new striker, can’t envision anyone of note coming in with what the price tag would be. Gives Wenger the choice of Sanogo, Akpom, Welbeck and Giroud. A strike force of Cavani, Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom would be pretty tasty. No chance. That said, think Akpom and Cavani would be the top of the heap there… kid’s going to be special.

  9. Insomnia

    Sorry should have said earlier I’m not looking for cm and striker – though I wouldn’t say no- but before next season

  10. salparadisenyc


    £25m with the sell of Wilshire, kick in another £25m and put that into a £50m Pogba bid. Do hope Mr. Gazidas is taking notes here.

  11. Dan Ahern

    £25m + Wilshere for Pogba would be the fastest “yes!” in sport. Gazidis would be disqualified from winning CEO of the Year again because it’s too easy.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah the Telegraph I think it was the other day did I good write up on the stats with and without him…didn’t make for good reading

  13. salparadisenyc

    The voice reason has entered.

    Remi Garde… lol
    The following summer was really pretty shit for Wenger, Overmars and Petit came in with Wenger’s ‘inheritance’ of Vieira and Bergkamp and and won the title. Terrible stuff not to mention the bleak future.

  14. London gunner

    Is it just me or is le-grove been a bit dead lately?

    Me thinks it’s time to incorporate imbedded videos and gifs

  15. karim

    Remi Garde wasn’t bought only for pure football reasons
    He was someone the coach could rely on to transmit his message to the team.

    Surprisingly enough, Garde is a successful coach today.

  16. karim


    How do you find the time to grove while all the London girls are waiting for you right now ?

    I m with you with the gifs and videos, didn’t Pedro recently say he would do something about it ?

  17. karim

    Bayern getting spanked by Wolfsburg 4 / 1 !

    Still 8 points ahead though

    Got a feeling next week s trainings are gonna be fun down the Sabenerstrasse…

  18. salparadisenyc

    If you told me we’d win the double this season, then go three seasons of drought to then win the double again. Think i’d take that package.

    If you’re going to call out Wenger’s failures in that period, at least point in the right direction which is our lack of success in Europe.

  19. salparadisenyc


    What a manager suppose to do when he’s winning 4-1 vs Pep, bring on Bendtner in the 88th min!

    Bayern, the side that conceded 4 goals in the first half of the season just conceded 4 in match one of the restart.

  20. GuNZ

    I’d love to see this site with a bit of enhanced media jiggery-pokery, GIFs and videos and whatnot.

    Language will probably not be too much of an issue for Gabriel – an advantage even as he won’t be able to understand any shit flung his way by the Villa fans.

    Can’t see any result other than a win tomorrow (actually my day after tomorrow) so I am going fishing in anticipatory celebration. Temperature’s actually plummeted to 25 degrees today and it’s overcast which still makes it a shit load better than what you lot in the UK and USA are getting at present. The January window is pretty much done so I will have to reapply my fishing analogies to some other profound insights.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    One kid and a two bob ugly looking muthafucker an the cheque book closed …

    Typical wenger ….

    Chuba … Do yourself a favour lad .. Get over to Liverpool ..

    They will take your progression to the next level…

  22. Radio Raheem

    I see Pep got peppered tonight. Top manager but I’d love to see him manage a club that’s not in the top 2 of their league.

  23. alexanderhenry

    London gunner, yes it is a bit dead on here. There are two reasons for that: First, pedro doesn’t actually have any kind of inside track on what goes on at arsenal, so during the january window he has had little to offer apart from the usual mindless speculation. Second, we’re doing quite well which is not good for this blog as it’s raison d’être is to be anti wenger.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Bang on

    Needs re inventing this site ….

    Should be able to spin off threads on subjects governed by people posting ….

    So Pedro has his topic , you are then able to have your view and others can follow, all leading back to main topic …

  25. Insomnia

    Well I hadn’t been on here for a few months – read but didn’t comment. There are better funnier bloggers out there but far fewer monomaniacs than on here commenting.

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    He is a very good horse … Been favourite a few times, I would look at the market in morning…

    Wouldn’t go mad on him..
    I’m gonna put him in a trixie …

    Font let me sway you away from your choices tho …

  27. Highbury Daze

    Well if you want funny wait until you see Paaulista lined up in the back 5, the keeper if Ospina speaks Spanish, his partner will speak either German or French, the RB will speak either French Portuguese or English, the LB will speak Spanish or English, and this guy doesn’t understand any of them more comedy from Wenger

    They are teaching him one word, lino, no it’s not the covering on his flat’s floor, I’m guessing it’s step up you buck toothed fucking idiot

    Wenger what have you done, people need to communicate to one another on the pitch, this is the problem with this joint, no cunt knows what they are saying to one another, now that’s comedy thats why the goals conceded at seasons end reads something like 47

  28. Highbury Daze

    Looks like it’s Ospina and Monreal to talk him through the game, but if they play Szczesny and Gibbs, he’s fucked

  29. Highbury Daze

    Expect the hear the words LINO screamed out at least 30 times when this exceptional talent plays, I just can’t wait, I haven’t laughed for daze, I tell you one thing, screaming and shouting has just been sanctioned at AFC

  30. Marc


    You are a fucking moron. Firstly Bellerin is from Spain so I’d assume he can speak Spanish rather than Portuguese, secondly how can you slag off a new player without even seeing him sit on the bench let alone play a match.

    Really can’t deal with fuck wits like you.

  31. N5

    Paulista will speak Portuguese but I’d assume he can speak Spanish? Bellerin, Ospina, Santi, Monreal, Ozil and Alexis all speak Spanish too so it should be fine shouldn’t it?

  32. Marc


    I’m by no means an expert in linguistics but as I understand Spanish and Portuguese are very similar.

    It’s just the notion that a player is useless because he can’t speak English before we sign him, if only people could learn a second language.

    Maybe Highbury would’ve been happier if we signed Shawcross.

  33. Dan Ahern

    Marc — Yeah, I got what you were saying, no worries. It’s not worth getting upset about, these guys are just trolling and/or not smart enough to actually reply to.

  34. Marc


    I shouldn’t bite but sometimes the comments are just too moronic not to (Fuck off Marble that wasn’t an invitation). I used to work at a company where the family were all Spud fans, one of them was absolutely rabid but I never had to say anything stupid to wind him up just point out his contradictions. Used to get hours of fun out of him.

  35. Highbury Daze

    Yes I’m sure Santi is running back from his advanced position to offer some words of wisdom to the new boy, same as Sanchez, running back from the opponents box to give Paulista a few words of encouragement, as I said shouting and screaming is now the norm from now on, until he learns another language, you could get away with it in the striking role as these players are lone wolfs and don’t have partners in the modern game, Sanchez does it all is an example, but in a defensive situation, well that is a different matter, just watch the displays when the new boy plays, I’m sure this is an accident waiting to happen

  36. Highbury Daze

    I don’t give a fuck who they sign, I’M merely pointing out my take on his inability to speak English French or German, which are the languages his partners as CB will use, just sit back and enjoy the comedy that is about to unfold before your eyes

  37. Highbury Daze

    As I said at the start lino, is a word you all should get used to, imagine Adams Bould et al holding up there arms in unison appealing for an offside, fast forward to 2015, and every cunt is shouting out LINO, it’s fucking hilarious, Inspector Clouseau aka Arsene Wenger at his imperious best

  38. kwik fit

    A few years ago, long before Marble was born, I used to DJ on this blog and with some success . but all through the bad days I loved this song . OK guys I feel you can love it To ( also)

  39. Highbury Daze

    Pedro, you keep harping on about a CDM, Beliek is the new CDM, forget schneiderlin carvallho and any other mother you care to mention, the position has been filled, NO VACANCIES BEILIK is the new CDM

  40. N5

    Daze, that’s what Marc was saying though, at least 2 of the defenders and a goalie speak his language, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I guess we’ll see.

  41. kwik fit

    I have found myself in London town , waiting on the big game and i start to remember the ‘old time’ the time when lurch le rouge used to talk pure shit. Yes those were the Daze!

  42. Goondawg

    Lol wtf Daze do you think happens on a football pitch? Its not a jolly good get together for a soirée of afternoon tea at claridges you cunt. That “buck toothed fucking idiot” you so endearingly labelled isn’t meeting his team mates for the first time on the emirates pitch, they do have training sessions together you realise? You are acting like no club has ever bunched up different nationalities ever in the history of football. It’s not going to be this next coming of the footballing plagues of biblical rapture. that you are gleefully predicting. Get a grip you psychotic moron

  43. N5

    Yeah Kwik, I went under the name VoKzii back then and SDE haaaated me! in fact he does again as Ito, but that’s fine. I used to love reading Lurch, gambons and Keysers posts back then. I was a little intimidated by the Grove back then though and didn’t post anywhere near as often.

  44. N5

    Ha ha, me to Sal, I hated that guy. He was so scared to make a statement and always sat on the fence!!

    I remember though, one of the first comments I made got me a ban, I said to Geoff when I was under my first name Rza that I didn’t agree with a comment and the hammer came down on me. I wasn’t even disrespectful. He did lighten up a few years on, but I must have caught him on a bad day.

  45. N5

    tunny, I was worried one of the new introductions that Pedro would implement is a post count. I think mine would be at around 500k…..this year!!

  46. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Mjnnows wolfsburg slams four goals against the mighty Bayern.
    4-1 was the scoreline.

    People who think big teams cant lose to small teams by tennis score can see they are delusioned.

    Pedro i would like u to comment on this result in your blog today.

  47. Rosicky@Arsenal


    There is no harm in discussing Bayerns loss to Wolfsburg when this site looks like the sky has fallen when Arsenal lost to Liverpool and Chelsea last year by tennis score.

    I Doubt people at Bayern will be calling names at Pep after this result.

    They even did not asked for Peps head when they lost to Madrid in the CL by 6 goals.

    its only at Arsenal that fans demand to sack wenger after a few bad results.

  48. AngeAusArsenal

    Yes but these Arsenal fans have had to endure 10 years of those types of beatings at the hands of our rivals without the major domestic and European trophies that Bayern has consistently achieved.

  49. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Ange Aus Arsenal

    Mayb we being Arsenal supporters feel too much pain on a bad loss while other club supporters don’t maon like us when there team loses to moderate opposition.

    I think we should learn to be patient and enjoy our team play the exclusive football style which Wenger has brought to the club & stop abusing the manager and he team if we loss a match once in a while.

  50. Bamford10


    When Bayern has THREE such lopsided results in a single season, you’ll have an argument.

    When Pep has NO explanation for the result and chalks it up to “accident,” you’ll have an argument.

    But these things won’t happen — and if they did, Pep would lose his job.

    Not to mention that 4-1 is different from any of the humiliations we suffered last year.

    Please stop making terrible arguments. You’re a joke, mate.

  51. Bamford10


    Further, Arsenal have rarely played anything even remotely close to beautiful football in recent years. Two or three games in the past two seasons, maybe. The rest have been anywhere from ordinary to abysmal.

    The notion that we should simply be pleased to watch beautiful football is fuckung stupid given that we rarely if ever play such football these days, not to mention we’re subjected to the stylings of mediocrities such as Giroud, Sanogo, Arteta and Flamini.

    More dumb arguments from you.

  52. Wallace


    “The problem I have is the fetishisation of the mythical dm – I think we just need someone who is mentally focussed, positionaly aware, good passer to be able to transition quickly and reasonably strong. I don’t think many of us thought Gilberto was like that when we signed but what a player he was.”

    nice post.

  53. Wallace

    Bild reporting Bayern have ended their interest in Reus. probably because they know he’s heading to Madrid. they also suggest Reus will be replacing Bale who’ll be heading to Utd for 150m ish.

  54. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Bamford 10

    sorry mate nobody demaded Peps resignation after getting a 6 goal spanking from Madrid and will not ask for his head after yesterdays loss either.
    Point is if you think Bayern lose by 6 goals by accident or poor display or whatever reason the fans stood by the manager but if we had 2/3 bad results we abuse the manager by crossing all limits.

    Re Arsenal style we are always among the top teams with the highest number of goals scored each season shows we play the beautiful attacking game with the highest possession % in the league.

    if you don’t like our style you may follow any other club of your choice.

  55. N5

    Rosicky, i think you’re missing the bigger point of Bamfords post. Pep has constantly won things. You can’t pick two loses and compare him to Wenger. He constantly delivers.

  56. N5

    That being said, I agree with your “Arsenal’s style” post. I like how positive you are as well. I just think you can’t really compare Pep and Wenger. Maybe the old Wenger, and even then I think Pep wins it, but it’s more comparable than now.

  57. Gregg

    Barcelona and Bayern Munich will always win trophies most years. The financial and sporting dominance in their leagues guarantees it. That’s not taking away from the way his teams play, the style is pleasing on the eye.

    I’m not sure the style Arsenal play is relevant these days. A few years ago but I don’t particularly think we have a ‘style’ of play anymore. just my opinion

  58. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Wenger also has won 8/10 trophies in Arsenal careere Added another one last year and is the most successful maanger of the club but the criticsm he receives is a bit harsh IMO.

    Btw winning things at Braca & Bayern with the best Finances and world class pool of players does not represent the guy is world class IMO. I am not saying Pep is a poor manager.

    Winning with a lesser side like Simeone did at Atletico is more recogniseable and shows more promise.

  59. nasri's mouth

    I also don’t think the fans should be picking on Pep for quite a while yet, but we also need to remember that because of the financial differences Pep’s targets are higher than Wenger’s.

  60. N5

    Can’t argue with that post Rosicky. I’d love to see what Pep could do at a lesser club. He is a fantastic manager, but I’d like to see what he could do without a huge transfer fund and the greatest players in the world.

  61. N5

    Gregg, I think that’s my issue. When I think of “Arsenal Style” I’m thinking of the fast passing beautiful football from a few years ago.

    I still think we play nice football, but its not what I’m thinking of when I think of style, you’re spot on there.

  62. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Hope Pep can come to Arsenal after Wenger calls it a day and continue with the tikki takka football he played at Barca and show he can be a success at Arsenal with lesses finances than Barca & Bayern.

  63. Wallace

    i think the players available also dictate the ‘style’. Cesc, Nasri & RVP were all gifted, intelligent footballers. with Ozil, Rosicky, Sanchez, Giroud, Ox & Walcott we’ve got a lot more power and pace. a more direct style, that will hopefully lead to more chances being created, even if it’s at the expense of some of the more beautiful stuff.

  64. Insomnia

    The beauty will come – but never the same as the past.

    If we could sign just one player now I would sign illaramendi

  65. Highbury Daze

    good to see Arsene is still using his laptop to manage sides, he picked Gabriel because he had wonderful stats, his interceptions and the rest of the guff was gathered by some USA joint then fed to stupid who thought he was an exceptional player, on a shit load of data, just wonderful, trouble is that crap was gathered from La Liga, wait 12 to 18 months after they have assembled his shit here and make a judgement then, he may turn out to be a worth while player, but who has seen him play to make that call, yet posters like goondog and tunny, not the best of references I know, but they both are doing their balls over Gabriel, just like a couple of kids they are creaming their pants over a player they never seen grow up lads

  66. Highbury Daze

    this manager could manage the team from his home, team selection, check, subs, check, remember to bring them on after the 70th minute, check, what else is there, he just sits there rocking back and forth like a nut case, never manages from the touchline, wouldn’t know how to

    just stay at home Arsene and watch it on the box

    the result will be the same, you influence fuck all at the game, it has already been played out on the white board then your lap top, what a fraud

  67. Highbury Daze

    Yes I got it wrong that a bunch of queers at the home office would grant a wp to a bum, a guy who never played for the under 16’s would get a wp, the reason he did wenger faxed his data stats to the fags and tole them he was exceptional, yea I got it wrong cunt, so what do you want a medal,

  68. Highbury Daze

    who gives a fuck what some rag says, you queer cunts come here and quote news fucking papers go jerk off you useless cunts, think for yourself stop quoting what some fucking online rag said ass lickers

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    You misunderstand, I’m not bothered whether you admit you got it wrong or not, because it’s obvious you did. What’s funny is your reaction. Bouncing your little head off the computer and screaming at the keyboard.

    Walk away

  70. Highbury Daze

    Scouts, these pricks couldn’t find a fuck in a brothel, they missed Varane, Schneiderlin, Pogba, but they got Sanogo Beilik and some other dross, I do feel sorry for you poor bastards in here, there are not too many that think for themselves, they read all the rags come in here and ejaculate over their new found arsenal stories, really pathetic boys telling each other what every one of you already knows, kindergarten time in le grove that’s all they need nasri’s arse, they read it online and now you cut and paste it here what a waste of fucking time you are popcorn kid that’s it go read some more shite and give us the links

  71. Highbury Daze

    I’m not bagging him n5 just the way he was got the way he was acquired, I said he might turn out to be ok but people are swooning before they see him play, I am disgusted the was a wp was given to a guy who is not exceptional, if he was he would have surely played some kind of junior football for his country

  72. Highbury Daze

    I am not comparing him to ronaldo or messi what I am saying is great footballers of today would have played junior football for their countries ronaldo under 15,16,20,20 messi under 20 21 I haven’t checked all players but my bet is you will find the majority played international football at some fucking level in their youth, this guy hasn’t so I demand to know why wenger brands him exceptional

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    Highbury Daze: I demand to know why wenger brands him exceptional

    Demand ? Try stomping your foot and waving your fist too.

    Might work

  74. Highbury Daze

    wilshere under 16 17 19 and 21 you get the picture, maybe Gabriel should be in the Brazilian side, did you see the hammering they got at the WC, they probably couldn’t do worse

  75. Wallace


    there’s 200 million people in Brasil. and all but about 6 of them are football mad. if there’s one country where a good player might slip under the radar it’s there.

    also, sounds like it’s only the last 12mths or so that Gabriel’s really become a defender worth paying quite a bit of money for.

  76. Goondawg

    Highbury Daze if Paulista played for fucking Lichtenstein and hadn’t been capped, then you have a point. The fact that he plays for the best footballing nation isn’t testament to his quality.

  77. Goondawg

    Highbury Daze: I demand to know why wenger brands him exceptional

    Erm, why dont you actually watch him play you twat! Instead of shooting your mouth off like a raving nutcase