Two important players could leave.

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Apologies, I lied yesterday. This is the last late post. I met with the Movember team this morning. Inspiring group of people. Always great when the people behind a charity are hugely passionate about what they do. Puts working in marketing in perspective. But hey, someone has to sell cigarettes to 15 years olds.


Anyway, I tell you what isn’t a joke, Arsenal signing players. We landed the Brazilian. I like the smart thinking behind the work permit changes. If the player costs more than £10m, that is a sign they are talented. So give them a damn work permit.

Jeremy Wilson says we’re after a world class holding player, but Wenger would like Morgan Schneiderlin, so he’ll wait rather than go substandard. I can kind of understand this thinking, it’s just a shame we didn’t go harder last summer. He’s of the opinion that’s the final piece of the jigsaw. I’m not sure I’m that confident.

However, what I am confident is that the squad we have could make an impact on the league if the new approach to tactics is a long term practice. Great managers do amazing things with resource that is below the standard required. If you give our squad the tools they need to succeed, then they’ll succeed. Well, in my opinion anyway. Smarter tactics, smarter approach to fitness, having a squad built around power and pace, bringing in players who can lift each other and deal with the mental rigours. We’re not there yet, but a 2 or few smart additions and we could be. I mean, the major piece of the jigsaw, for me, is still signing a world class striker.

Two slight worries for me centre around Coquelin, a player who has emerged from the depths of mediocrity to prove himself a smart player in 5 games. He’ll be miffed we tried to flog him to Tours in the same way Flamini was miffed we tried to shove him out to Birmingham back in the day. Another player who we really should tie down sharpish is Akpom. I really rate him. He’s lightning, he’s a specimen and he looks to be the first home grown striker ever who could be something special for us. Apparently Dortmund are looking at him.

Get on it Arsene, get on it!

Man, I’m so out of the loop with Arsenal at the moment, gotta spend and evening catching up. Great thing though… we’re on a cloud of smug, so we can all enjoy that!

Have a good one!

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  1. Goonermikey

    @ Rhys Jagger

    We can all find exceptions to try and justify an argument but they remain exceptions. The idea that beacuse professors can sometimes be wrong does not mean that a 16 year old without a GCSE to his name will know more. Your stories prove nothing other than how amazing you are. well done.

    I do not dispute the fact that one can find fault with most things in life, If a world class tennis player loses a couple of matches in a season to lower ranked players but beats many more higher ranked players I’d suggest s/he was the better player, not the lower ranked ones who were fortunate enough to beat him/her on the odd occassion.

    @ Haeacha

    You should follow you own advice and do some research. Over the 10 years which (included the trophyless years) Chelsea gained 1 premiership point for every £1m of net spend on players, meanwhile Ferguson gained 6pts. Meanwhile, whilst enabling us to build a world class stadium, Wenger spent considerably less than the majority of managers and gained a massive 44pts for every million (18 bettter than the second best). Now unlike some people here, I’m not saying that one statistic tells the whole story but it’s quite revelaing when you actually go away and do some research for yourself rather than just make statements which, essentially, aren’t backed up by any evidence. And Rhys, that also includes anecdotes about how clever you are.

    @ Thomas

    Insults really don’t show much apart from something about you.