Tomas, what a hero

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Howdy people. This is the last post I’ll write really tired. Unless I’m tired tomorrow. I’ve flown through the night. So forgive the higher than usual amount of typos.

Right. So, I watched the game in the Blind Pig yesterday with a couple of friends. The pub was louder than the ground. Other thing to note… they have a Six Point beer called Henrys Hops (AFTER THIERRY). It’s good beer. Other thing to note, Arsenal on TV in the morning is the perfect excuse to be drunk all day. What a great perk.

The game was fun. We rested key players and we still looked strong. Having a squad at last. What an absolute treat.

We opened the scoring nice and early. 2 minutes early. Theo was played into space by  Calum Chambers, he controlled the ball well and fired across goal with a lovely strike.

After that it was the Tomas Rosicky show. He was everywhere proving what a valuable asset he is even at 34 years old. His passing was exciting and flairy (the ‘no look’ pass), he worked hard and he scored a fabulous volled from the edge of the box. He’s such a smart player. He can give you that sort of performance once a week. We should continue to utilise his skills that way for the rest of the year. That type of performance means we can rest Santi. We always have a fantastic option.

Ozil also contributed well to the game. He took his goal well as he fired across the keeper. It’s nice to see him getting game time. He hasn’t lived up to the billing yet, but his body says he committed. He’ll come good and again, he’s another top player you can rotate into games.

Arsenal dozed for two goals that made things a bit tricky towards the end, but I think you have to accept it… a win is a win in a weekend that saw pretty much everyone decent go out of the tournament. It really is ours to lose now. Wouldn’t that be fantastic… back to back FA Cups?

Don’t… I’m getting excited thinking about it!

I really can’t muster much more today. A fantastic FA Cup game. Hopefully we land a nice draw in the next round. Hopefully we kick on in the league. It’s all on the up… it’s a good time to be a Gooner. Enjoy it!

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  1. Wallace


    ‘Interesting comparison on Chelsea’s ‘lack of rotation’
    2nd highest in Europe’

    “lol top six = top six clubs in the world atm”

    Wenger gets slaughtered on here for not rotating enough. NMs table suggests Wenger does what every top manager does. if it works, stick with it.

  2. GuNZ

    Super. Everton supporter I know made the comment today he is worried about Arsenal as we seem the only team with forward momentum at present and are running into some serious form. Shame, barring a miracle, it’s too late to have a run at the premiership but looking good for a top 4/FA Cup/ CL triple crown. Well, maybe the last one is stretching my optimism a touch but far stranger things have happened . . . .

  3. Dark Hei


    You failed to name Ozil on your bench. I am in inclined to start him ahead of Walcott if the OX is not fit. Yes out wide too.

    BTW any idea why the game against Hull for the FA Cup is not on (yes I am a free-loader) Something to do with broad cast rights of BT?

  4. Emiratesstroller

    I think that we are beginning to get a clear picture of who would be Arsenal’s
    best 1st X1 if everybody was now fit. There are perhaps two positions where
    there might be a debate.

    Looking at options for bench I think that Manager will have difficulty in picking 7 when everybody is fit!

    My best X1 would be

    Debuchy [inj]

    Bench options [7 places available]
    Paulista [untested but might replace Mertesacker]
    Arteta [inj]
    Wilshire [inj]

  5. Dark Hei


    Gazidis can’t sell Rosicky unless he hands him a contract extension first. And agree, Rosicky is now a legend. His football is just so beautiful.

  6. tunnygriffboy


    May be chance to give him bit of a run for a few minutes there if we going ok on weekend. Welcome him to the club


    I think that team ok for some games. For others , like v City I’d like to see more pace upfront using 3 out of Walcott, Ox, Sanchez and Welbeck. You then have the choice to play Santi or Mesut behind them. It’s great, we’ve a myriad of options and depth.

  7. Highbury Daze

    What’s the point in having government, councils,, these flunkies to the rich make laws, pass legislation, have immigration laws, I ask myself what the fuck for, I don’t give two wenger’s who they sign but I guess if the fags at the home office can give Wenger a work permit for Ryo Miyaichi they can give him one for Paulista, Imagine not even representing ones country at any wengerised level, playing in a 3rd rate side, and all of a sudden he is an exceptional player, suck my wenger, I want to know how much they bribed the pillow biters at the home office, say 12m for transfer, 2m for bribes, 3m for Paulista’s wages 17m to sign a CB who will sit on the bench

    Yea that’s great business, why didn’t this french interloper sign a CB last summer, looking at the table maybe Wenger felt the heat of Saints Spurs and Liverpool all chasing 4th and that’s why he paid out 17m for a bench warmer

  8. Highbury Daze

    well the manager won’t have any trouble picking the defenders, they only have 7 now and Debauchery is out so it’s back to 6, maybe that’s why the desperate need for another CB, at least he is not broken like so many others Wenger brings in

  9. Highbury Daze

    Ryo cane to AFC in 2011 he was granted a wp, fucked if I know how, bribery maybe, he has made ONE appearance for Arsenal, been loaned out to 4 different clubs, one appearance in 4 years, and this was an exceptional player that just had to have a wp, Arsene is having trouble selling this useless article, he struggles to give him away, and i bet AFC are picking up some of the wages

  10. Emiratesstroller


    This was my model for most games based on talent and what players offer to team.

    The goalkeeper situation has been discussed ad infinitum, but I think Ospina
    would be now preferred to Szczesny.

    Right Back [Debuchy] and Left Centre Back [Koscielny] would be guaranteed
    starting place if fit. The other two positions might be open to debate.

    Defensive Midfield would be Coquelin as bet option currently available.

    Central Midfield would be Cazorla and Ramsey. Cazorla is now the form player
    and also the penalty taker. Ramsey is a box to box type of player and capable
    of scoring goals.

    I would include Ozil in my team because he is a World Class player when on
    form and I saw enough on Sunday to tell me that when match fit he is a player
    who will make a difference in tight matches.

    Sanchez is a no brainer and the first player on team sheet.

    Giroud is the best option in striker role if for no other reason he is big and
    physically strong and scores goals.

    I note what you say about Ox,Welbeck and Walcott who are all excellent players, butI would not include them in starting line up even against Man City if everyone fit and on form.

    Ox is versatile and can play wide and in middle of park, but you are not going
    to play him ahead of Ozil and Cazorla or for that matter Ramsey. The one
    weakness in his game is lack of goals.

    Walcott is an excellent player but where would you choose to play him if Sanchez is in team?

    Welbeck is a decent squad player, but I am afraid not good enough to replace
    Giroud in starting line up for no other reason that he does not score enough

  11. zaco


    from your rant one can easily understand that you have some mental issues to sort out, who else do you want wenger to sign? Rio ferdinnand (free) lescot, or Matthew Dawson? some of you don’t deserve responding to but sometimes one has to shout you down so you don’t continue to polute the blog space with your stupld posts.
    you complain about everything, is we are to sign messi or neymar today you will complain by calling him a lightweight prefering that we should sign, ricky lambert who already understands the premier league

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    @highbury Daze

    I wonder why you come on here, you fail to wind anyone up, pretty much anyone who responds to you, at best finds you a little sad and pathetic, at worst doesn’t care. If you didn’t already have issues, it might not matter, but it can’t be doing any good to your already aggrieved personality. Don’t you think you’d be better off not bothering?

  13. tunnygriffboy


    After the spurs game we play Leicester midweek then we’re back into the CL. Loads of games with plenty of opportunity to rotate and rest players.

    My point re the pace upfront is really important if we’re going to play a counter attacking game and also maintain shape. Ozil will be great as a counter attacker but I would argue that he’s better in the middle than wide as he is not as strong defensively on the flanks as Welbeck, Alexis or the Ox. However with those infront of him he could be lethal.

    Problem is Santi has been our best player since Christmas so Wenger has decisions to make on who to bench. All good problems to have 🙂

  14. Highbury Daze

    more AFC signings to come, shows you how desperate some people get when they face losing 4th place trophy, sign some more Arsene, must get that trophy
    Villarreal defender Gabriel Paulista is now on the verge of being confirmed as an Arsenal player after being granted an “exceptional talent” visa

    What faggots beside Wenger rated this cunt who is 24 not played any rep football exceptional, what a load of tosh that saying exceptional talent is right out of the french fucks mouth, he’s the one no one else except a couple of dumb cunts residing here, you know who you are

  15. tunnygriffboy

    Southampton looking at a midfielder from Feyenord as replacement for Schneiderlin in the summer. I wonder if we have agreement for him to come to us. Please please please, fingers crossed.

  16. Emiratesstroller


    I wish that you were right, but I cannot see Southampton willing to sell in January unless it is an offer that they cannot refuse. Arsenal are not Chelsea, Man
    Utd or Man City willing to do that.

    Southampton are seeking qualification for CL. They are not going to jeopardise that in this window. I suspect that they are looking for additional midfielder, because they have injury problems at moment.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    Yes I was thinking the summer. He’s the one missing piece of the jigsaw. He could even play with Coquelin if we wanted to shut the game down as he’s a very good footballer as well ( assuming Coquelin signs).

    Yes we could do with another B2B midfielder to cover Ramsey’s energy and to prevent him playing too many games. Wilshere can’t do it but I fear with the number of midfielders we have it would be unlikely. If we let Flamini, Arteta, Diaby go we may bring someone in.

    A world class striker eg Benzema would be the icing on the cake but with 2 top midfielders in the summer then we’ll have a very good squad.

    Re Akpom. Huge potential. Give him 3 year deal and loan out to Everton / Swansea.

  18. Northbanker

    Seems Le Grove still plagued with foul-mouthed ranters like Daze. Come on Pedro – block him out so the rest of us can have a conversation.

  19. TOLI83

    Summer window we should be all over him, he should be our big money deal. Seems we aim for one of those a summer now.

    Apart from that, a decent left back is a must (1st choice) . Third of all the goalkeeping situation must be addressed. Szez will prob go if he doesn’t get 1st team action, I expect as his advisors will make sure of it.

    It’s not actually a bad thing. Casillas could come on the cheap? Upfront we probably will stick with Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom if we can keep him. I expect Sonogo to stay on loan next season with Palace if he does well there this term.

  20. Wallace

    re Akpom – tough one as he looks good enough to start for most PL sides right now. he’s 19 so probably running out of patience w/r/t opportunities at Arsenal. a new deal and a season-long loan next year would be ideal for us, but if someone comes in with the offer of regular first team football i’d be surprised if he turned it down.

  21. Bamford10


    While I sometimes find his posts entertaining, Highbury is polluting the blog at the moment. Badly.

    See his 8:46 post for homophobic insults and gratuitous use of the c-word.

    He is just sort of raving, and it’s not pretty.

  22. Dark Hei


    To cover for Ramsey, you can use either Cazorla or Rosicky. Both have done very well in the box-to-box as long as they have a reassuring presence alongside.

    No need for an additional body. I love Arteta but if we are going with Schnedierlin, can’t see him in the squad.

  23. Bamford10

    Bigger need: replace Shez or replace Giroud?

    For me it’s the latter. After signing a CDM this summer, we should be looking at CFs.

    Not sure if I can bear watching Giroud for another year.

  24. TOLI83

    Agreement with Bamford.

    I have sat very much on the Wenger out side of the fence over the years but have a huge amount of respect for Nasri’s mouth & Keysers points of views also, even if I don’t share them.

    Pedro – I’m surprised you give people so long on here before dispatching.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    Main need this summer is WC deep lying midfielder. I’d like another with Ramsey’s energy. TR7 could do it but he’s 34 and lacks a physical edge and raw power. I’d be happy to see Flamini, Arteta and Diaby leave

    Next port of call after that is a striker to be no1. Has to be a worldie eg Benzema who has good link up play as well as being able to create for himself.

  26. Bamford10

    Replace both Shez and Giroud, obviously, but where Shez at his best is a 92/100, Giroud at his best is a 87/100.

    Just so limited.

    You could win a title with Shez, but not with Giroud.

    Plus, while they’re both arrogant and irritating pricks, Giroud’s narcissism and stupid faces make him simply unbearable.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry I misread what you were suggesting.

    Of course I am 100% in agreement that we need a new CDM and obviously Schneiderlein would be a primary candidate.

    As I have suggested many times before we need a midfield general in front of
    defence who organises how we play. That player needs discipline, be well organised and defensively sound.

    We saw already on Sunday just how fragile we are when we play in team the likes of Flamini and Arteta. The minute we came under pressure we were acutely vulnerable.

    Personally I am unconvinced about buying Benzema. He will cost a lot of money and I think that we need now to look at younger players if we are going to
    improve quality up front.

    My view is that Arsenal should be looking more at players like Lacazette who
    may not be at a fashionable club like Real Madrid, but is streets ahead of any
    other player in French League when it comes to goalscoring.

    I would hope that Arsenal can hold onto Akpom. He is raw and perhaps his
    decision making at moment is suspect, but I saw enough preseason and in
    his cameo performance on Sunday to suggest that he can make the grade. He
    is home grown and if you need justification for a youth programme then we
    need to be producing regularly players coming through ranks. At moment the
    only other players where that seems to have happened recently are Gnabry and Bellerin both of whom have been recruited from abroad.

  28. Rocky Pires

    Morning all,

    I think Wenger is being fair to Akpom, he has kept him here to daily train with Talent such as Rosicky, OZil, Santi Ramsey .
    These guys will feed him the right ball, if he makes the right runs, they will also dictate to him where to run . He will learn alot more here than say Sanogo at Palace.

    With Sanogo the loan deal suits him as;
    – yes he is raw and most likely his playing at his future level midtable/below however the lad has great assets that he needs to develop with game time.

    – He is a rough diamond as was Drogba until he was 25. Now I am not saying Sanogo is Drogba Mk2 but I am saying his has great physical talents that can he enhanced in scrappy game time.

    Akpom on the other hand is more refined
    – whilst yes he needs gametime, his development can be done on a training field and his reading of the game and his development can be enhanced by having better quality players around him .

    – He will get his chance if he is good enough and hungry enough and Wenger has made room for him in the squad, so for me rather than feeling sorry for him or saying “ooh why didn’t we loan him out to Newcastle etc, its up to Akpom to perform and he is at the big boys table now.

    Its very easy to go away and do what alot of others have done and drop down the league to only say “ooh I wasn’t given a chance” he has the chance I hope he takes it .

  29. Bamford10

    Anyone watch Lacazette much?

    At first he struck me as a French Jermaine Defoe — neither skillful nor clever enough — but recent video highlights made me think otherwise.

    Seems sort of like what Walcott wishes he was: pacy, straightforward CF with holdup play, dribbling and shooting.

    Not sure he’s good enough, though.


  30. Dark Hei

    Poor Giroud. His goal + assist, is actually quite impressive.

    If it has to be a rational choice, I will pick Welbeck instead. Giroud will always have a role as the big guy up front, off the bench option. Get someone in like Cavani and you can have the 2 targetmen up tops.

    Welbeck is kind of good but not excellent category. But between Giroud and Welbeck in the CF role, I will pick Giroud as his stats are simply better. So if we do get a top class CF, my pick to leave will be Welbeck.

    But I would love to see Welbeck succeed here. He has all the ingredients to become a top class forward much better than Giroud. He just needs to work on that finishing. And of course imagine the ribbing we can give United fans if he does work out.

  31. Rocky Pires

    Ya Bamford I agree re Lacazetee, I always prefer him to Remy as I think there is a bit of Tevez about him as he is always working hard and is a proper pest for defenders.
    He can play right across the front line and has pace as you say but is intelligent too.
    Nice player be interesting to see what becomes of hiom but has proven himself as even before this season he was top scoring behind Zlatan and Falcao.
    I do wonder about his ego though. Liverpool would be most likely destination for him I think .

  32. tunnygriffboy


    I was using Benzema as an example. Fair point re Lacazzette though I haven’t seen that much of him. Just think new striker needs to be a top top player.


    While Giroud can make me tear my hair out on occasions I don’t think he’s quite as bad as you make out but we do need an upgrade


    Great points re Akpom. He has indeed been given the chance as 3rd striker in a top team. I think he’s got excellent potential. If he was average he wouldn’t have the huge number of clubs interested in him. He won’t get a huge amount of game time but it may be worth loaning him to a PL club with a progressive manager to get more game time next season. Would be gutted if he ended up at the bin dippers

  33. Bamford10


    Yes, definitely prefer him to Remy, and I like the comparison to Tevez. Seems a battler, a scrapper, which we could use. Plenty of power and athleticism as well.

    Question is, is he good enough in combination play with others to suit us? Maybe.

  34. Rocky Pires

    Definitely Tunny, but we shouldn’t be held to ransom by a Youth team player.
    I really like him but he accepts the terms or he doesn’t . AS we all know Arsenal offer great terms to youngsters so its up to him to prove himself .

    As you say he is 3rd choice at a top team so hopefully he will kick on and show how good he is .

  35. Rocky Pires

    I would stick with Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom/Campbell for the year ahead Bamford.

    I would see Laca as a direct replacement for Wel;beck and right now I prefer WElebck and his potential.
    Whilst Laca is good I prefer that Welbeck has had a year of playing with Ozil and Santi and know our style.

    But not alot between them wither way.

  36. Bamford10

    Two quality CDMs and a CF this summer. That’s what I would like.

    Then next season we might actually be relevant.

  37. Rocky Pires

    I am probably in the minority here but A CDM, CB/LB and a LW is what I think we need moreso than a CF .

    A proper LW like Nabil Fekhir or a LW/CAM like Grenier/Draxler .
    I think Ozil is long term CAM and we should be preparing a youthful option to Rosicky and Santi for the CAM / LW roles.

  38. Bamford10

    So Rocky, you think Welbeck would be the leading scorer in Ligue 1 right now, that he has the hunger and nose for goal that Laca does?

    I don’t.

    While I think Welbeck has talent, I think his mentality is wrong and will prevent him from ever being a genuine number one. I still prefer him to Giroud in a sense — because I can actually bear watching him — but I don’t see him ever being quite good enough.

  39. Gregg


    Agreed mate, but not hopeful.

    I think we will add one CDM and he’ll use Le Coq and fashion Wilshere as the other, with Arteta still there.

    As for Forward. We need a top class and it seems that the Cavani rumour will never go away. I just can’t see him binning Giroud though. I think we’re gonna be frustrated

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Yes definitely a top class DM this summer. I’d also like another B2B like Ramsey physical with a great engine so Ramsey could rest. Not sure we’ll get a CF, maybe a left sided player who can do the job in attack and defence.

  41. Rocky Pires

    Agreed LAca has a better nose for goal right now but I do think there is a gem about to be unearthed in Welbeck.

    I think we would make by with Giroud WElbeck and Akpom and mount a title attack.

    Having a LW in the “robben” mould be it Thauvain/Greizzman type player who give you width, delivery and direct running as well as an outlet on counter attack would liberate Ozil, Santi and the strikers and see more goals spread throughout the team .
    It would be an other option to the plan B, we have needed forever.

    Laca if he signed I would fully support, I really like him don’t get me wrong but if there was a certain budget to be spent I would be spending it on a CDM and LW .

  42. Wallace

    if Ospina proves himself between now and the end of the season i’d be surprised at anything more than a CDM this summer.

  43. gambon

    “Agreed LAca has a better nose for goal right now but I do think there is a gem about to be unearthed in Welbeck.”

    Welbeck is no better than a squad player.

    he just cant finish, dont think thats gonna suddenly change.

  44. Bamford10


    1. Schneiderlin or Krychowiak
    2. Gundogan or L. Bender
    3. quality CF

    and we could actually compete for the title next season. IMO.


  45. Goondawg

    Falcao is a world class striker, but he has been more Flopcao recently. I laugh at the people who want to bin Giroud for Cavani, The guy has been so shit at PSG. Diego Costa is a great finisher, no doubt, real poacher, but can he link up play and do well without a great midfield? Why has he been so shit for Spain? There arent that many great strikers out there that can come in and make a difference imo. Lacazette is the new fan name on everyone’s lips. But has anyone seen him lead the line on his line? Nope

  46. gazzap

    We’re being linked with Roma striker Destro again today. I think there might be something in this. But odd that Campbell and Pod couldn’t get a game so he let them go, but wenger still wants to bring a striker in. Does he have doubts over either Giroud or Welbeck?

  47. Carts

    Hahaha…Highbury Daze is nuts, but I admit, I would very much like to hear the explanation given in order for Paulista to have achieved a exception talent w/p.

  48. Carts

    Having seen Lacazette from those youth games several years back, he’s made very good strides. Definitely a confident player who’s clever, fast and quite clinical.

    There is nothing ‘ unearthed gem -like’ about Welbeck FFS. What you saw at Utd is what you’ll get! He’ll do alright Arsenal over his 4/5 year deal. But don’t expect anything outside of what we’ve already seen.

  49. Zementalstrength

    “We’re being linked with Roma striker Destro again today.”

    Destro, the striker who DestroYs all the defenses.
    Sorry I couldn’t resist…

  50. Swissguns

    The situation with Paulista was cleared because of his status and his price tag. His situation was identical to Willian’s for Chelsea.
    What you want to ask yourself is why Haze wants to make such a big fucking deal about it even if he is crazy.
    Haze could actually be a great commenter if he wanted to be, but he’s too busy trying to get attention and shock people. He’s like the kid in kindergarten pulling all the girls’ pigtails.

  51. gazzap

    Does make you wonder though whether Welbeck has a future at Arsenal. He was a panic buy that was so desperately needed at the time to fill a gap. But he isn’t top class. He is a squad player. I think we’d get our money back on Welbeck from a PL club. £16m for an England striker is not expensive.

  52. Gregg

    Up front I think we’re stuck with Giroud and Welbeck for a while. It would be interesting to know whether Wenger regrets the welbeck signing. Remember he only wanted a loan deal and wasn’t even in the country when the deal was going through. I can’t help thinking he wanted someone else, eventually.

  53. Swissguns

    Your comment on link-up play re strikers interests me. Who do you see that would be better than Giroud in this respect?

  54. Wallace

    Welbeck so far’s only played in a struggling, injury-decimated Arsenal side. be nice to see him now we’re running into some kind of form before writing him off.

  55. Goondawg

    Poor Giroud, he went from being beasted last year and still bagging 22+ goals last season, which without we would not have made champions league. And has 7 goals in 13 appearances this season..

    I would love him to be relegated to the bench by an Aguero class player, but the amount of scorn heaped on him is quite controversial. We love a 30+ goals striker, but we dont play like that, and it’s not like we arent already blessed in attacking riches. Romford pointed out yesterday our last 11 goals have been scored by 9 different players.

    Also as good as he is attacking and linking up play, the work he does defensively is great. He is the best header of the ball. I think everyone will agree that we perform much better with him than without…

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Welbeck was starting to dovetail nicely with Ozil before the latter got injured, think Villa and Galatasary games. I can’t think the last time we had this many attacking options. We have options in the way we play and the ability to bring onquality fresh legs to change a game. It’s great 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Goondawg


    If we are talking about Napoli Cavani, I would tend to agree. But since joining PSG, he has been shit. Like Torres transformation shit

  58. SomeRandomGunner

    Some interesting information from Cazorla’s interview

    “Of course I can still remember the free- kick. Before the match, the boss had told us that their goalkeeper always took a step towards the wall when facing free-kicks, so we’d have a good chance of scoring on the other side. So when I got the free-kick, I saw that side was open and figured I’d trust in the boss! Luckily, their goalkeeper did take a step to the side, so when he reacted he didn’t have time to save it. ”

    Who would have thought Arsene Wenger knew weakness of opposition goal keeper.

  59. rollen

    Wtf r u talking about he had poor WC sure but he got like 140 goals in 180 games. How many would OG score playing with Zlatan and Suares sometimes/mostly on the sides not CF.

    Imo he could have impact like Alexis.

  60. gazzap

    I believe that wenger pays some attention of how to score against opposition, just not how to defend. I’ve never got the impression that he pays a great deal of attention to the defence. It takes a couple of really bad results before you can see adjustments being made – almost begrudgingly.

  61. Swissguns

    A small defense of Giroud
    Prior to coming to us he was the leading scorer in Ligue 1 playing for a small team that won the league that year.
    He’s achieved more than anyone on our squad who we didn’t pick up from a top side.

  62. carts

    Wallace – granted , his overall performances should increase now we have a near full fit squad. However, that could well demote jos to the bench, more so that Wenger fancies Giroud to lead the line.

  63. Goondawg

    When I see people asking to bin Giroud but fork out 50mill+ on Cavani, it really does fill my heart with dismay

    Rollen you clearly havent watched him play recently even when Ibra is out. The guy is far from the player he once was. And not to mention his attitude problems

  64. Le Prof


    ‘Shez at his best is a 92/100, Giroud at his best is a 87/100.’

    Where exactly do you pluck these imaginary numbers from?

  65. Radio Raheem

    “I can confirm that we will be calling him Gabriel at Guardian HQ because Paulista is not his surname. It is a reference to him being from São Paulo. Gabriel’s actual name is Gabriel Armando de Abreu.”

  66. Swissguns

    In terms of “the whole package” striker, who provides hold up and links with other teammates, and is also good for 25 goals, a striker who in all aspects is an upgrade on Giroud, who is there?
    Only one guaranteed upgrade for me in Benzema.

  67. Emiratesstroller


    I am in your camp when we discuss current requirements in Squad.

    Striker would not be my priority, because we have plenty of fire power in our squad and Giroud is not half as bad as most people seem to think. He is quite
    skilful as he demonstrated on Sunday when he made an assist even though he
    was relatively quiet in that game and has quite a lot of versatility in the way he
    scores goals whether it is with his head, in box or even outside box. His one
    major shortcoming is lack of pace.

    However, we have plenty of firepower even when Giroud is not scoring so long
    as we have a reasonably fit squad. Potentially we have on our books 5-6 players
    who are capable of achieving double digit goals a season.

    The point I was making about Lacazette in preference to Benzema is that he
    is a young and hungry player which is very important with a striker. Benzema
    is no longer a spring chicken and moving from Real Madrid to Arsenal is not
    going to improve him.

    Personally I would have thought that a player like Lacazette would prefer to
    join Arsenal rather than Liverpool. He would have benefit of playing under a
    French Manager and alongside other players from France. Personally I would
    have thought that he has the same chance of being first choice striker at Arsenal as is the case at Liverpool.

  68. Gregg

    Over the years the Lyon president is renowned for getting absolute premium prices for his top players. This kid is going to cost anyone big, big money. As I said earlier i’d guess he’ll go to Roma.

  69. Bamford10

    Those who defend Giroud really need to be thrown into the Thames. This guy is so mediocre it’s embarrassing.

    Costa is better than Giroud at EVERYTHING, including hold-up play. He also dribbles well and can run without tripping over his fucking feet.

    There are plenty of strikers out there who are as good at hold-up play as Giroud but who can also get in behind a back four, dribble and create their own chances. Giroud cannot do ANY of these things. (And frankly his hold-up play is over-rated.)

    He is ultimately a very limited player who limits what we can do.

    Is he decent? Yes.

    Will we ever win the PL or CL with him as our number one? Not in a million fucking years.

    Please stop defending this mediocrity.

  70. Bamford10

    Dipshit Le Prof

    It’s a shorthand to judge various players. If Aguero is, say, a 96/100, what is Giroud? If Neuer is a 98/ 100, what is Shez?

    My point is that Shez is closer to the best at his position than Giroud will ever be to the best at his.

    If you have a counterargument, make one. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

  71. Wallace


    “He is ultimately a very limited player who limits what we can do.”

    i disagree. the team as a whole functions a lot more smoothly with Giroud in it. he’s not a 30 goal a season man, but he’s good for 20, and with Sanchez on one side and Walcott on the other that’s enough.

  72. tunnygriffboy


    Enough 🙂 🙂 🙂

    He does have major flaws which have been discussed on here ad infinitum. However he is not the ” imbecile ” people make him out to be. Brilliant attacking coach that empowers players in that aspect of the game but should give Bould at least one session a week to work on our defensive shape, formation and individual skills ( he may do that as far as I know )

    He wouldn’t get the respect hegets in the football world if he was a charlatan.

  73. Rocky Pires

    Laca will probably have another year at Lyon and develop further.
    It is really good to see Lyon lead Ligue 1 ahead of PSbuy everbody and Monaco .

    Lyon have a nice team and some real quality players .

    Cavaini, I dont really mind if he goes to Real or wherever once he doesnt go to Man U .

    Benzema is a player I have always loved and see as a great player.
    HE is not feeling the love at Real, what with Ronaldo Bale and JAmes getting all the attention and I do think he is a player Wenger could put his arm around and get the very best out of him .
    I think he will play another year at Real as why would he leave?
    So many reasons for him to stay ;
    Spainish weather & money , Champions of the World, Euro Champions, probably win Spanish League this year, no real replacement for him ( little pea the only other ST) . Not expected to press high or work too hard.

    Whats the alternative – Liverpool, no champions league football, big star player leaving, expected to work his bollox off in high pressing system. going from through balls from Modric , James, Kross and Isco to looking behind him and seeing, Henderson, Lucas, Allen and Coutinho.

    I do think if and when he does decide to move/ Real want to sell that we are his best option but I cant see him moving until after the Euros.

  74. Bamford10


    We function better with him in the XI relative to what? Having Welbeck in the XI?

    The point is there are other strikers out there who are better than Giroud (and not nearly as limited) who would make us far more effective.

    What exactly are you missing here?

  75. tunnygriffboy


    You’re so harsh on Giroud 🙂 🙂

    Yes his pace lets him down but for someone who is average his scoring record isn’t bad. He started last season with a bang when he was fresh but got run into the ground and went well off the boil. Still scored 20+ goals. This season he’s 5 or 6 goals in 7 premier league starts. Goals against Everton, lpool , man u and city. He can be frustrating but he is maligned way to much in my opinion. Of course there are better players out there but with the number of goalscorers around him CF is not the main priority.

  76. Alfie

    I think the best way to end this is to admit that Giroud is a decent enough striker but we should be aiming for a higher calibre player.

    So whose better, Ozil or Fabregas?

    *kills oneself*

  77. Northbanker

    The point with Giroud is that he is simply a good striker but he is not exceptional nor will he ever be. If we are aiming to be 4th – 7th each year then that might be enough. If we aspie to top 3 and further than the last 16 of the ECL we need outstanding. Sell Giroud and buy WC replacement with Welbeck and Akpom as the no 2 and 3

  78. Goondawg

    Giroud isnt going to score quadruple hat tricks every game but he is a solid striker. IMO there’s not many strikers out there that can make that HUGE of a difference to us in terms of everything he offers.. There’s no point crying about having Mert instead of Sergio Ramos, or Scez instead of Neuer or Wilshere instead of Pogba

  79. Northbanker

    well the Ozil that played for RM was better but either would the no 10 to challenge for honours. Will reserve judgement until the end of this season to see if the beefed up Ozil mark 3 can really hack it or not

    Shame that Cesc couldn’t stick with barca for another year

  80. Goondawg

    This year Arsenal are leading the attacking charts for having the most (18) different goal scorers. We have many players on our books capable of scoring double digit figures. Giroud is a unique asset to Wenger’s tactics. My point is we don’t need to rely on a 30 goal scorer, so it is irrelevant to fork out 50mill+ . And plus Giroud improves every year. Rarely gets injured. Consistently holds up ball. Defends set pieces better than any striker. Provides a physical presence. Can lead the line by himself. Gets goals and assists.

    Im not a fan of him being our number one striker, but it is foolhardy to suggest we are better off without him. Best striker at this club by A LONG MARGIN

  81. Northbanker

    Not completely convinced we will buy a DM in the Summer. Coquelin may have established himslef by them and Bielik I thnk is a protege DM. So with Flamini and Arteta still on books I can’t see us getting another one

    can see that Wenger willtarget Reid on a free to make 4 CBs as planning for either Mert’s ageing or Kos leaving. Chambers will then be groomed as utility player.

  82. Zementalstrength

    lol Maureen after chelscunt’s exit from the Cup : “my squad is not big enough”…
    Ze fucking specialist in jokes!!

  83. tunnygriffboy

    We add 2 top quality midfielders plus a replacement for Mert with the attacking options we currently have we could win the league as long as we get the balance between defence and attack right. We have the players to play in a variety of ways and many attacking permutations

  84. Rocky Pires

    Naah Northbank come the summer we will have very few changes, I can see ;

    – Sales of Podli & Campbell
    – Maybe sales of JEnks/ maybe he will give it “one more year”
    – We have to release Flamini and Diaby
    – Jack will become the new luxury that was Diaby
    – We will sign a CDM to compete/complement Coq, which Schneid can do
    – Arteta may.may not leave
    – Monreal will most likely have his head turned by a return to Spain (getting game time for the Euros)
    – We will need to buy a replacement for Nacho
    – Schz will take a massive sulk if Ospina is still first choice

  85. tunnygriffboy


    Disagree about buying a DM in the summer. I think it’ll be our marquee signing and we’ll go big on the transfer fee. Will be first choice with Coquelin supporting. Could play both to close things up if the player brought in is a good footballer ( will have to be, a prerequisite for Wenger’s teams )

  86. Wallace


    “Giroud improves every year. Rarely gets injured. Consistently holds up ball. Defends set pieces better than any striker. Provides a physical presence. Can lead the line by himself. Gets goals and assists.”


  87. tunnygriffboy


    Nacho constantly linked to a move back home. However he’s with a team that’s playing CL football and looks to be getting stronger in terms of playing staff. He’s been an unsung hero this season playing a lot of games even slotting into CB and doing ok. I think defensively he’s improved a lot at left back. He’s always going to get game time with Gibbs injuries.

    Ssn Talks ongoing re contract for Chuba. Sign him and Coquelin up please asap.

  88. Goondawg

    He is essential to our style of play and he also brings the best in others. See walcott, Ramsey, Ox? Erm he will get there… Now that he is complimented by pace like Sanchez, he has adapted and gotten stronger for it, helping people truly shine. I would love his finishing to improve but he is capable of stunning finishes. He may not be world class but he is a crucial player

  89. Goondawg

    I prefer Monreal at LB than Gibbs. Is it much of a surprise that when Gibbs was injured, the last three games before Brighton, we had three clean sheets?

    Cue Brighton game, Gibbs bombing down the flanks, leading them to counter and punish us. Monreal only hares down the wings on occasion. Whereas Gibbs always does this, and sometimes his pace doesn’t save him

  90. tunnygriffboy


    Re Mourinho : A squad that’s worth half a billion, widely regarded by ALL pundits as the strongest in the league and go 1648 players out on loan and he’s moaning. How would he have coped with the injuries to key players we have had. Makes you wonder !

  91. Swissguns

    Giroud got to where he is at Arsenal after 2 years. There are better strikers out there, but how many who make an immediate improvement to the team? All but the very best are just speculation.

  92. ADKB

    Is it just me seeing our recent good performances have seen the rejuvenation of our midfield (Cazorla, Rosicky, Coquelin)? Could that be coincidence?

  93. tunnygriffboy

    Giroud has only started 7 PL games this season due to injuries and suspension and it shows. He was worn out last season. Also this season we have the option of giving him a blow in some games if he plays midweek. Welbeck can slot in for some games. Welbeck will also get game time on the left purely for his energy and ridiculous work rate. Bloody hell, him, Alexis, Ox and Rambo pressing 🙂

  94. Swissguns

    “Costa is better at everything than Giroud”
    Maybe, but he plays for Chelsea doesn’t he?
    IMO Costa is also better by a margin than Cavani and most strikers in Europe.
    Incidentally doesn’t mean he’d do the same job at Arsenal, there are simply no guarantees he’d fit our system as well as he does Chelsea’s.
    It’s just the basest speculation to suggest that X player would get us X more points than what we have.
    Again, I’m not suggesting that we can’t improve, but to improve with immediate effect is almost impossible, and only with the right fitting player.
    Benzema remains for me the best option specifically because of the role he’s called to at RM. He’s not even available ffs, but if he was to become available he’s the only player I’d be inclined to have a punt on.

  95. tunnygriffboy


    Not a coincidence at all. Santi is happy and his preferred position, we all know what Tomas can do, just hasn’t been picked and Coquelin has given those infront of him and those behind him increased confidence. Know it’s only a handful of games but Coquelin has shown him to be quicker than Flamini, better positionally than Flamini and a better tackler than Flamini. Also like the way he talks on the field. Apparently a real student of the game and works super hard in training always wanting to improve. Early days yet but he could be a very good no2, not forgetting he can play fullback as well

  96. Nasri's Mouth

    Chelsea’s squad isn’t that big (deep?) really.

    It’s a fallacy to say they’ve got massive strength in depth, they simply have an excellent injury record

  97. ADKB


    Each time Flamini goes in for a tackle my heart leaps right into my mouth because he might get carded and sent off. I quite like his passion though but not enough to remain in the squad I’m afraid.

  98. Le Prof


    ‘It’s a shorthand to judge various players. If Aguero is, say, a 96/100, what is Giroud? If Neuer is a 98/ 100, what is Shez?’

    How are the various attributes of the players measured and weighted in regards to goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards? Which metrics are you using for this?

    You’ve just made it up and you’re clueless, FYI its not Fifa 15

    Lets call this fantastical system of yours…. Bumford’s Bafoonery Scale

  99. Northbanker

    On DM (why is everyone calling it CDM? we only need one such position) my feeling is that if Coq plays well until end of season and if Bielik has been bought to be a DM protoge then Wenger will not buy in the market.

    If however Coq is exposed in some bigger games or if he is injured then he will buy Schneiderlin or one of the Benders perhaps.

  100. Northbanker

    There are plenty of games left to test the DM strength that we have and so a call on Summer buying in that position is imposible. Actually the only Summer signing I can see at this stage, other than replacing anyone who leaves is a goalkeeping replacement for Chez if he hasn’t shown remorse.

  101. Marko

    I’d say he was secretly delighted to lose against Bradford Mourinho, it gives him an excuse to go out and buy a 30 million player that he doesn’t need and will rarely play.

    Courtois and Cech for two positions
    Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Zouma, Felipe Luiz, Aspilzueta over 4 positions.
    Matic, Ramires, Cesc and mikel for two positions and Willan, Hazard, Shurrle, Oscar, Salah and Cesc and Ramirez over 3 positions.
    Drogba, Costa and Remy covering 1 position all in a 4-2-3-1 and with so many out on loan? Yeah Chelsea have a small squad.