Arsenal land first signing of the window

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Super quick blog today before I head into town to find a game.

I read with interest when Wenger revealed that the players were behind the push to play a more tactical game. This isn’t a slight on the manager, it’s a big thumbs up for the players who took a bit of control back. That shows a good team ethic. It shows you have a group of players who are more than just a pay check.

In other news, Gabriel has signed over at Arsenal. We have ourselves a shiny new aggressive centre back from Brazil. I’m excited. He’s going to be a revelation, I’m sure of it. Hopefully he’ll be eased in, rather than forced due to something going amiss today.

The game should be fun. Hopefully they won’t be able to push us too hard. I have my doubts they’ll be able to match out fitness, especially as we’ll be rested after a week off.

This is a massive chance for us to show what we’re made of today. There’s the added pressure that pretty much everyone is out of the FA Cup. So there’s a clear run at the trophy (between us and United) if we slip through today. I think the fact we’ve seen so many teams put to the sword is a good thing.

Fingers crossed we make it a retained FA Cup season.

Right, have a good day, enjoy the game!

P.S. Team for today looks good. Chezzer is now our cup keeper. How amusing.

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  1. Le Prof

    ‘ I’m talking overall in his Arsenal career I think he’s been very poor and a huge waste of money.’

    David Silva
    Apps 40 Goals 8 Assists 16

    Mesut Ozil
    Apps 42 Goals 7 Assists 14

    Yeah massive waste of money. And such a bad season helping us end the trophy drought and winning the WC.

  2. Blsany

    Tomas Rosicky to be our new manager after dictator.Man has got everything we need.Saying that i think he should be play for another 5 years.King Rosa.

  3. Goondawg

    I’d like to see Ozil playing with someone that isnt Flamini. Whther Coquelin can continue his form remains to be seen, but the signs are positive. Liked it especially, when as soon as he comes on, he organised that defence

  4. Leedsgunner

    How long does Barça’s transfer ban last? Anyone know? As spring follows winter, Barça will start tapping our key players… in fact hasn’t Xavi said he wants Cazorla in Barça already?

    If Barça offered £20m for Cazorla this summer would you take it? Who would you replace him with?

    I think I would be tempted considering he is 30 … lots of good young attacking mids around at the moment…

    Koke ((although you would need more than £20m I suspect)
    Draxler (although injured)
    Max Meyer
    Memphis Depay

    All of them below 23. Any others people like the look of?

  5. Leedsgunner


    Agreed… only if we replace him though with another quality player. I’m glad Santi has recovered his mojo — amazing what happens when you allow a player to flourish in his strongest position huh.

    I know you aren’t the biggest fan of Özil and that’s ok. I’ve been saying for a while now that we should use Santi and Mesut together either to sub for each during a name or allow them to play in the no.10 in alternative games. That way you keep both players fresh and hopefully injury free for the rest of the season.

    I think Özil will come good, just watch… once he has an outlet like Walcott Welbeck to pass to I think he will show people how important he is. Hopefully once he does, the pressure will be off Ramsey and he’ll start going back to the basics and his form will also pick up.

    Last season set the bar incredibly high for Aaron, at the moment, he looks like he’s trying to much. Instead of forcing it, I would hope Aaron just starts to enjoy his football. His job is not to score goals, sure they are nice but someone should tap him on the shoulder and relieve him of that pressure.

  6. karim


    Still trying to discredit me when all you offer are comments about glam rock ( lol ), the matrix and…. Keyser’s instrument

    Yeah, sometimes I talk shit, I never considered myself a football expert

    So fucking what ?