How Arsenal nearly signed the best player on the planet

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Good morning to you!

I’ve been getting massively into American TV. I don’t have enough meds in my life. My yoghurt doesn’t have enough protein in it. It’s also clear I need to by 1 suit and get 3 free. I’ve been brainwashed and I love it.

Jorge Mendes, the super agent, has a book out. It basically claims Arsenal didn’t sign Ronaldo because we couldn’t / wouldn’t pay the fee.

“There was a moment in which I really thought he was going to Arsenal. David Dein is a spectacular person but, with the construction of their stadium, they were left with very little money and it wasn’t possible.”

Ronaldo also recounts his trip to Arsenal: “We were travelling by car and Jorge was calling us constantly telling me to hide so no one would see me. We went to a service station and I had to hide my face. I remember back then that Jorge was going crazy, those were Jorge’s craziest days.”

That’s one of those moments you wish we’d been a bit more speculative… it is what it is.

Throw another ‘nearly’ on the barbie mate…

Yaya Sanogo and Chamakh have both scored today. Imagine being there, in the ground, when something of that magnitude happened? A real ‘I was there’ moment.

We take on Brighton tomorrow. They’re not doing well in the championship. They’re right down the bottom. They have however won 4 of their last 5. So they’ll be confident. Hopefully we’ve planned for them. Hopefully we don’t give them too much respect. Hopefully we don’t need a full first team to kill them off.

I’d imagine we’ll have a super strong bench, so if it doesn’t go well, at least we’ll be able to call in calvary.

Finally, Joel Campbell is being sent over the Villareal as part of the Paulista deal. I read somewhere he might get a new deal with Arsenal. That makes little sense unless we’re just trying to secure a good fee for him when we bin him off…





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  1. Goonergirl


    I’d much rather settle for the 4th place trophy.

    City seem out of ideas. Lucky to be only 1 down. Come on Boro

  2. Cesc Appeal

    We HAVE to win tomorrow, no City, no Chelsea, no Spurs, Liverpool playing later on but we have to be favourites now.

    When was the last time someone defended the FA Cup?

  3. jwl

    I hate hearing about players we almost signed, Wenger trying to take credit, it is all coulda, shoulda, woulda, It doesn’t take genius to sign young world class players, everyone knows who they are. I would be more impressed with these stories if we ever signed a young world class talent.

    American commercials where they advertise new meds are the best. I am Canadian, we don’t have commercials for pharmaceuticals, but we get a couple of American channels and see their ads. Viagra are funny because they are about sex, without really being about sex, and in commercials they have to tell you potential side effects. So the ad is for something like reducing cholesterol and then they say side effects are blood out of your eyeballs and puss leak out of bum but your cholesterol level will be better!

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Likely to be us, United and Liverpool left in it.

    We’re more than capable of beating those, and fate my throw up that they meet each other or get knocked out.

    Wenger should have seen this today and now prioritising winning that cup again, we should sleepwalk into fourth.

  5. Goonergirl

    We need to go out tomorrow and not be complacent. We’ve got a pretty good chance at defending the FA Cup with today’s results going the way they did.

  6. london gunner


    Today reminds of the Godfather when Michael has all the top mafia bosses of the five families assassinated in one fell swoop.

    Lol how the mighty fall!

    We should win another FA CUP, only hiccup I see is facing Man United as we can’t beat them. Though it would make for a good setting to finally get over that inferiority complex issue.

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘We should win another FA CUP, only hiccup I see is facing Man United as we can’t beat them. Though it would make for a good setting to finally get over that inferiority complex issue.’

    Agree. Beating City at the Eithad was a good confidence boost though so if we draw them at the Emirates I think that we’ll beat them.

    If it’s at OT then it will be hard to see us winning with our record there.

  8. GoonerInNY

    Maybe it is because I’m American and didn’t grow up with the FA Cup, but winning last year didn’t mean all that much to me because we didn’t have to play the two top teams in the league. So I am actually a bit disappointed Chelsea and City lost. I mean, it’s fun, but it will also take away the enjoyment a bit if we do win the cup again.

    I want Arsenal to be the club that has an owner and manager ambitious and skillful enough to win trophies by beating the (other) top sides, especially the EPL and UCL.

  9. MidwestGun

    It’s the Bifidus Regularis, not the protein in your yogurt, duh!
    Don’t tell me you’ve been eating yogurt without the helpful bacteria……. no wonder you can’t do a 3 minute mile. 🙁

    In other news, Fuck off Mourinho!
    Great day of results. All hail the Underdog. I love the smell of potential silverware, in the morning.

    Without counting my chickens……. etc… etc…

  10. tunnygriffboy


    I’ve been pleading on the other thread that we go strong tomorrow now. We have a chance to win it now. There was talk of Akpom playing tomorrow. Why can’t Giroud play ? He’s started 7 PL games and just had 3 game ban and we have a week off then play Villa at home. Defence worries me a bit but bthe whole club should realise that if we’re focused and committed then we could go far again.

  11. tunnygriffboy


    Doesn’t matter who you beat in the fa cup, that’s the beauty of it. Like cup competitions you have to have a bit of luck/quality to win it. Nobodies fault bar the clubs involved City , Chelsea, Spurs, Southampton who were all at home. These things happen in the cup. It’s still a big deal here so always great to win. Would obviously love the PL but with the start to the season we’ve had plus our injuries it does represent a chance of silverware.

  12. Rhys Jaggar


    The whole point of the FA Cup is that it is possible to win the trophy despite not being the best team in the league.

    Sunderland in 1973 beat Leeds who were not far off being the best team in Europea then. Sunderland were in the second tier at the time. West Ham did the same to Arsenal in 1980 (although Arsenal weren’t really that good in the league around then). Crystal Palace beat Liverpool 4-3 in a famous semi-final in 1990, when Liverpool went close to winning 4 doubles in 5 seasons. Arguably, that match, as much as the 1989 ‘Thomas moment’ broke their dynasty.

    Its the competition that binds together the whole of English football, not just the elite clubs.

    It may be alien to American culture that, but it’s traditionally been very central to ours. Open competition. Of course, the big teams only join in at Round Three (and there are actually I don’t know how many preliminary rounds before you actually get to round 1 if you are a very junior team), but as long as you are a registered side in an English League administered by the FA, you can enter.

    Sadly, football now is all about money.

    When I grew up, FA Cup 3rd round ties got crowds every bit as big as league games. Sixth round ties got bigger ones.

    I think the foreign owners want to abolish all the Cups and, the very elite of them would like to abolish the champions league unless they get to run it.

    Cartel attitude, not true competition.

    True competition means teams like Porto, if they are good enough, can win the Champions League. Teams like Ajax. Teams like Celtic. Teams like Red Star Belgrade. Teams like PSV Eindhoven. Teams like Nottingham Forest. Teams like Aston Villa.

    Cartel attitude means you’re only allowed to win if the sponsors can sell enough merchandise off your victory. Only sexy teams with history need apply and all that.

    I don’t own a ‘franchise’, but I believe in true competition…..

  13. hunter13

    oh…so it wasnt wenger penny-pinching…more like the club didnt have the money…common sense really …

    now lets hear it for tacticians who go from 2-0 to 2-4 at home against lower division sides …..


  14. MidwestGun

    GoonerinNY doesn’t speak for all Americans just for the record. And it’s not a foreign concept, think March madness in College basketball every year. Cinderella stories abound.
    Miracle on ice still heralded as one of our greatest sports moments, also.

  15. hunter13

    Pirès was signed by Arsenal for £6 million in 2000

    Ronaldo became Manchester United’s first-ever Portuguese player when he signed for £12.24 million before the 2003–04 season.

    LOL …… such geniuses ….and they want to judge wenger?….LOL….

    just kill yourself dude 🙂

  16. Marc

    What the fuck

    Turn the football scores off at 3.40. The Spud’s were winning, so were Chelsea and Man Coty were 0-0. I’ve only just checked the scores – on paper it means it should be either ManU (LVG not really adapting to the cups so far), Liverpool or us for the cup.

  17. Marc

    At least Man City can enjoy the few quid they earned playing a friendly in the Middle East, I mean what would you prefer – a lucrative friendly or a day at Wembley in the sunshine?

  18. Wallace

    “It was a weird and wonderful afternoon at St Mary’s. There was the sound of Pardew being serenaded by his own supporters, there were five goals in the first half and then there was the frankly surreal sight of Yaya Sanogo as the Thierry Henry or Nicolas Anelka to Chamakh’s Bergkamp. Sanogo was excellent and scored a stylish first goal for Palace since joining them on loan from Arsenal.”

    – from the Guardian match report

  19. David Smith

    Bizarre day. A few in blue will have played their last game. Hope we are not looking at their dodgy keeper, one save excepted.
    Never thought I would see a team managed by JM capitulate like that. Has he lost something?
    Still think they will win something this year, but he needs to, two or three years for him without trophies despite massive resources.
    Wenger got, and deserved a lot of stick for losing to Blackburn and Bradford, hope the fawning media do not let Jose off the hook on this one.
    Just hope we don’t go the same way as the others tomorrow, can see a tight draw unfortunately.

  20. Proffa


    ‘Maybe it is because I’m American and didn’t grow up with the FA Cup, but winning last year didn’t mean all that much to me because we didn’t have to play the two top teams in the league. So I am actually a bit disappointed Chelsea and City lost. I mean, it’s fun, but it will also take away the enjoyment a bit if we do win the cup again.’

    Absolute face palm. I really do despair for you. You just don’t get it.

    You didn’t enjoy it because we didn’t play the top 2?

    If you can win the cup by playing lower league opposition all the way to final, at home preferably,
    as fan you’d enjoy it even more.

    If you can’t comprehend why then there’s no helping you.

    It’s the luck of the draw, sometimes it works for you sometimes it doesn’t.

    And it ALWAYS helps when the big boys draw each other and its even better when they get knocked out by teams they shouldn’t.

  21. Ozy

    “Bizarre day. A few in blue will have played their last game. Hope we are not looking at their dodgy keeper, one save excepted.”

    Cech is now a dodgy keeper because of one game? I’d bite your arm off to replace Szczesny with Cech. Cech is world class.

  22. Ughelligunner

    Petr Cech
    Ben Williams
    Kurt Zouma
    Stephen Darby
    Gary Cahill
    James Meredith
    Cesar Azpilicueta
    Andrew Davies
    Andreas Christensen
    Rory McArdle
    Gary Liddle
    Billy Knott
    John Obi Mikel
    Felipe Morais
    Mohamed Salah
    Andrew Halliday
    Loic Remy

    this is the chelsea squad that lost to bradford. Who says wenger is not trying with youths?

    Mourinho will get exposed without his 30m squad players.

    No wonder he does not ever want to rest his stars.

    Wenger for me is far better than that mouthy classes pri*K

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Team for tomorrow after todays results


    Bellerin or Chambers Mert Nacho Gibbs


    Theo Ramsey Rosicky Ozil


    Santi and Alexis on bench along Akpom

    Would prefer Ozil in the middle but if he’s going 4-1-4-1 then that has to be the team. Looking forward to seeing massive Mesut and Walnut’s pace.

  24. Ughelligunner

    This youth team players mourinho used will never see the light of the day again.

    Mourinho ” i made 11 mistake” this is one of his greatest quote when he lost to newcastle last season. I think today he made the greatest mistake in his football 11.

  25. jwl

    Many scalps were taken today. I wonder if there has been a worse showing than today of prem teams in 3rd or 4th round losing to lower league teams.

  26. Leedsgunner

    After today’s performance I hope Pardew does us a favour and signs Sanogo up permanently! In any case, well done Crystal Palace!

  27. Ughelligunner

    Profa, my bad i copied the whole line up from

    But the fact is mourinho finally rested his 30m squad and got trashed by group of players not known. So much for resting players eh.

    Some of those players used today will never see the light of the day again. The greatest 11 mistakes mourinho ever made.

  28. Leedsgunner

    Just a complete view of the scores from today’s games… has there been day in the FA Cup where so many of the underdogs have won against the favourites?

    I see moneybags City have lost to Middlesborough. What? 2 losses in a row?!? Is it time for the Pellegrini Out Brigade? Lol!

    Hey Winter and McNulty… I expect to see “Crisis at the Etihad” headlines tomorrow!

  29. Bermy boy

    How much of a break is this we should send thank you cards for the gifts we received today it’s only right.Big problem for Wenger because expectations have skyrocketed out dee rass ole yah seen.

  30. Ughelligunner

    Seg, yeah. Mourinho hardly lost against the big side because he has the players that will always cope with the intensity.

    Now imagine him using this squad that played bradford against wenger and come back to tell me he is going to win.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: I see moneybags City have lost to Middlesborough

    Last time they played, City lost 8-1, so it’s quite an improvement really

  32. Leedsgunner

    Just a thought, I wonder if the oil price keeps dropping and remains at these levels the Abu Dhabi sheikhs will get cold feet and pull the plug on their little fantasy football experiment… now, wouldn’t that be funny?

  33. tunnygriffboy


    Yes Paulista will be a good signing. A journo described him as more of a Koscielny stealth like signing as opposed to a fanfare and trumpet type signing like Rojo

    After todays results all of our players should be remembering how it felt to win at Wembley last season and realise they have a chance to do it again. No complacency and please Mr Wenger a strong team to ensure we have a good chance of winning the time.

    So lpool have LC semi next week, a fa cup reply and spurs day night football to look forward to 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. TheBayingMob

    I love the yank med adverts … They spend more time descriBing the potentially horrific side effects than what the fucking drug will do for you in the first place, and also, I can only assume not being able to get a rock hard boner is a massive problem in the US. Like, every other advert…

  35. David Smith

    So the club refused Usmanovs money, or money from any other sources to to buy a player Utd made about 68 million profit on. Good business there wenger.
    Still, as we are, the day has made Mourinho look a cunt, and that is a good thing.

  36. Rustygunner

    Don’t today’s FA results confirm that the ski, ls gap between top players and managers and those lower down is so narrow these days it doesn’t justify the mega bucks they command? Hence Mourhino’s is ashamed, and perhaps AW has a point about hesitating to just spend on whoever comes along?
    It would be nice to see Clough and company get a crack in the top flight.

  37. Proffa


    I get you. Moureen is a cunt and it’s laughable the amount of times he gets his cock sucked on here.

    Against League One Bradford at home, the only ‘reserve’ players he used were:

    Zouma (£12m)
    Salah (£12m)
    Christensen (6 figure fee and £25k p/w) played bout 5 games if that for 1st team in 2years

    He’s a cunt and didn’t even have enough bollocks to play Loftus-Cheek (the best thing since sliced bread according to those ITK at Chelsea) against a side from league one.

  38. Proffa

    ‘I wonder if the oil price keeps dropping and remains at these levels the Abu Dhabi sheikhs’

    The Arabs are and will be fine.. It’s the Russians and the yanks that will be most worried

  39. Leedsgunner

    @Shaun Wilson

    Yes. I love the FA cup, I love the giant killings (as long as it’s not US) Errr… You do realise we are the defending champions of the said competition you are trying to discredit?

  40. Proffa

    Shawn Wilson


    Why would you not give a fuck the oldest most historic cup competition in the world?

    Some of us grew up with it and regardless of what a minority might think it’s still a big thing…and the last time I checked it’s still classed as a major honour in the English game.

    Lets me guess, you only care about the PL and the CL?

  41. El Tel 1


    The Quadruple, unbeatable best team ever winners lose to Bradford. That arse wipe Moaninhio should be sacked for this.


    Andros Townsend talking shit about the Spuds. I read that he reckons they will win the three cup competitions they were in. Wrong An dross, your team are serial losers.


    The richest team on the planet get beat by Middlesbrough.

    Will the Managers who got spanked get labelled as taking the FA cup less serious?

    Our Manager gets labeled for disrespecting the FA cup even though he has won it so many times.

    As commented earlier Moanhinio would not beat Wenger without the star players. In fact he wouldn’t beat most Managers.

    Let’s get the Keown kooky likey signed up and hope for a Cavani like surprise.

  42. Dusty Kart

    Fa cup for me all day long!! nothing has beaten the thrill of being at Wembley when we done the double in 71 and nothing will!!

  43. Dimitri

    Yeah its because they have an obesity problem there that ensues you need them blue pills, but the real disease is ugly wife syndrome.

    Put the dysfunctional male in front of some 18 year old strippers and see how much longer his ‘problem’ lasts.

  44. kwik fit

    This time last night I told you all you could get 9/2 on Joel going to Villareal. Guess what he’s now 4/1 on. Too late.

  45. GuNZ

    Agree with Dusty Kart. Was always the FA Cup when I was growing up. Still a big, big thing in my mental space. Winning it beats the shit out of an inglorious PL 4th place and getting unceremoniously dumped out of the CL before the quarters most years irrespective of the dosh it generates.

    I am just mega suspicious about the way that 4 from the top 6 PL clubs got dumped out (and all at home to boot)- bit like the Saudi king popping his clogs as soon as oil hits rock bottom prices and the ‘uncertainty’ it generates necessitating a price hike. Hidden agendas, gentlemen, hidden agendas . . .

  46. northern gooner


    Have u bought a pair of the dinosaur undies perez had on the other night?

    They similar to my lucky arsenal ones. Mine have the gunnersaurus on !

  47. MidwestGun

    Pretty clear to me, some of you have no clue what the purpose of boner pills are. It’s not to get it up in the first place. It’s to get it up for 4 hours.

    Which is why the biggest consumers are young men. It is also sells the idea every guy can be a porn star. Hence, guaranteed money maker.

  48. london gunner


    You sound slightly defensive.


    ” It’s not to get it up in the first place. It’s to get it up for 4 hours.”

    But why would you have trouble keeping it up and/or getting it back up if your a young guy?

    If a girl is sexy I don’t need a pill. It actually seems unnatural to me a young dude needing some form of medicine to get hard. If that is the case its probably down to some health issue such as lack of testosterone , poor blood flow or just a weak libido.

    PS I get why pornstars may need it, but the average guy isn’t fucking for 8 hours a day while being filmed.

  49. kwik fit


    Was that on the Perez Hilton show? Yea I’d fancy a pair of those. I could wear mine and you wear yours to the Old Trafford game. We’d be dead certs to click …….Arsenal I mean 😉

  50. Leedsgunner

    If we win, no doubt sore Chelsea and Citeh supporters will try to cheapen our progress in the cup by saying there was no “real” competition…

    Despite the giant killings today I hope Wenger has the confidence to rotate his squad. We’re going to need our strongest players fresh to fight in the league because our rivals like Chelsea and Man City will not have the FA Cup to worry about.

    My line up for tomorrow.

    Bellerin* – Chambers – Hayden* – Gibbs
    Coquelin – Flamini
    Walcott – Özil – Rosicky


    *if fit
    +if available, may have played in mid week U18 match.

  51. MidwestGun

    London –
    It’s to make money nothing to do with need. Also, not to be blunt, but continuous boner. There is a reason its a huge black market drug.
    When Saddam Husseins sons were caught in Iraq they were carrying a suitcase full of it. In your case it would probably double your time.
    Has nothing to do with American erections. Lol. Just happens to be another guaranteed American Company moneymaker.

  52. luke

    what a day…Too bad Barca have that transfer ban – a cheeky £50 million bid might snag Suarez who warmed the bench while barca won 6-0. Haha

  53. rollen

    Leedsgunner January 24, 2015 19:20:34

    Just a thought, I wonder if the oil price keeps dropping and remains at these levels the Abu Dhabi sheikhs will get cold feet and pull the plug on their little fantasy football experiment… now, wouldn’t that be funny?

    lol dude thats of their making to dominate fuel markets.

  54. rollen

    As commented earlier Moanhinio would not beat Wenger without the star players. In fact he wouldn’t beat most Managers.

    Mou(the count) would beat Wenger with 8 vs 11.

  55. MidwestGun

    N’Gambo –
    Viagra. London didn’t know why a young guy would want a guaranteed continuous 4 hour erection. Apparently the side affect is a 12 hour erection tho. Lol. I could see that being a problem.

  56. london gunner


    Fair enough! Each to their own.
    I just don’t get the idea of it.

    I understand if you have a medical problem, but if your healthy I don’t think you should become dependent on drugs.

    It’s like young guys taking test boosters for literally no reason, its a bad idea in the long run.

    Leave that shit out till your old and you really need it.

  57. luke

    @Nurse- That Neville article is a great read. It just points out that Arsene is trying to do way too much on his own. I’m no AKB, and I’ve wanted Arsene out for a few years now, but I’ve always thought that there is and will always be a place for him at AFC. Right now he is essentially the technical/sporting director, manager, and sole decision maker when it comes to transfer, whereas the Saints have divvied these responsibilities out to a team of many.

    I hate to go back to whining and Dein leaving, but if all Arsene had to do was focus on managing his squad, I think he’d be so much more effective (despite his lack of tactics, poor subs, etc). If Arsene said, “go out and get me a dm with these attributes” and we had a 4-5 person team making collective decisions, I’m pretty sure we would have wound up with someone a little bit better than Bielek.

  58. Thomas

    jwl January 24, 2015 17:31:41

    Boro goal reminds me of Bergkamp’s goal at Newcastle.


    How was any of those goals like Bergkamps?