Defender deal complicated, but surely a must?

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Instagram Via @mada_lawrence

Instagram Via @mada_lawrence

Welcome to Thursday!

This is short because I’m struggling with web access.

Big story this morning is that Abou Diaby is no nearer returning. News is bleak. Even if he picks up fitness tomorrow there’s no way Arsene could possibly consider bringing him back into the fold with a new contract. It’s sad news for him on a personal level, but on the reality level, he’s 28. he’s caked in money, he’ll move on and find something productive to do with his life.

He’s in the perfect position. He can set up a foundation, he could invest in young kids football schools. he could try and make an impact because of his privileged position. The big learning curve for Arsenal is that you don’t give mega deals to players who can’t prove their fitness. Especially when you’re trying to plead poverty whilst you’re offering out contracts to people who don’t deserve.

The Paulista story sounds complicated. We need to do a deal now because if we do one in the summer we might not land a work permit?

It’s always complicated with Arsenal. Why don’t we just sign Curtis Davies and be done with it!

Right, I’m off to a see a wizard… about a dog… who knows a centre back and a world class defensive midfielder!

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  1. Blsany

    Anyone seen Wenger saying we could have signed Di maria when he was 17?But didnt coz of work permit issues.
    These work permit issues are does it work in other european countries?

  2. WengerEagle

    ‘LB, RB, LM. Played LM in Klopp’s early days.’

    Yep at the expense of Ivan Perisic many times who got cunted off and left, now he’s one of the Bundesliga’s best players for the second best team in the league.

  3. TitsMcgee

    I agree, to a degree. I love most of his films but he never really changes. He is always the same -”

    I agree.

    The old veteran teaching some young upstart how it’s done.

    It’s kind of boring at the moment. Last great movie was Training Day.

  4. WengerEagle

    Yesh Romford and karim haven’t really heard anything about him and if he’s played in the Champions League I haven’t really noticed him.

    Forgot that he was only on loan.

  5. cladicus


    I always think of Denzel, and Tom Hanks(aka white Denzel) as blank slate actors. I like them in about everything because they are just average enough for you to buy it.

  6. Carts

    Eagle – I though I had it bad when I had debt collectors threatening to sell my liver on the black market unless I cleared my student account I had via Lloyds scariest £1200 I even spent. Do feel for the lad. Think Chelsea are better of writting that debt of. It would’ve already gone down a tax write off either way lol. Grosskreutz would be a complete pointless squaddie. Rosicky will do a far better job that him. I’m sure we could blood an u21 player in?!

    Alfie – Quality reasons, tbh. Sky Superscreen & pack of peanut m&m’s makes too much sense to me. BUT if the film isn’t being shown anywhere with in a reasonable distance, you better believe I’m streaming that shit or downloading it.

    RP – yeah Denzel went full Steve Seagal in that flick. The scene where he folds the three guys in that room though *starts stop watch*

  7. WengerEagle


    Yeah he’s pretty solid and versatile, don’t think that he’s a top quality footballer though.

    Prefer Ricardo Rodriguez personally if we were upgrading at LB.

  8. TitsMcgee

    I really hope Michael Keaton wins for Birdman although I feel it’s going to Redmayne.

    I still think it’s a goddamn tragedy that Fiennes wasn’t nominated for an Oscar but somehow Cooper was. WTF lol

  9. Carts

    “LB, RB, LM. Played LM in Klopp’s early days.”

    Please tell me you played Championship Manager 2001 (or something around that date) Nicolas Alexandersson [sp] (ex-Everton, I think) LOLOL dude could play everywhere!!!! Literally a 3 man scramble to sign him for his versatility.

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    Alfie/Tits – Yeah fair point in Denzel showing lack of versatility. I guess he’s one of those guys that was just typecast from early and has found it hard to veer away from that.

  11. MidwestGun

    Carts –
    Yep, I agree their should be a different protocol when testing positive for recreational drugs. Instead of making something up aka injury. Get the player some help. As for suing him, seems like a douche move, unless it is multiple violations and rehabilitation isn’t working.
    Similar problem here with American football, guys test positive for weed here and get suspended all the time to the point the NFL is thinking about not making it a suspendable violation. . Or not testing for it at all. Estimates, that 50% of some teams players are doing it. As I mentioned if they test for X/Molly imagine that number would be higher, after all these are young guys with loads of money.
    To compound matters, weed is legal in some of the places they play. Anyhow, the stigmatism of drug use is probably a career ender more so with commercial sponsors then anything, teams don’t want to lose revenue so hence the cover ups. Anyhow, that’s how I see it.

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol Carts, I remember him. Always have to have one of those versatile types in your squad. I stopped playing it a few years back but Vurnon Anita was another one I used to buy a lot because of that!

  13. Alfie

    Training Day
    Man on Fire
    John Q
    American Gangster was cool!

    I watched 2 Guns last week aswell!! Love a bit of Mark Whalberg.

    Done an amazing film with Dwayne Johnson – Pain and Gain – good one for you that Romford!

  14. Alfie

    Midwest –

    I can see why Chelsea done it to be honest. Maybe not the classiest of moves but Mutu was being paid a shit load of cash and all he had to do was keep his nose clean (boom boom) not their fault he wanted to take drugs.

  15. cladicus


    Hard to say, Denzel has moved me a few times. Road to Perdition was the one that put Hanks in a new light for me.

  16. WengerEagle


    Shit, judging by ability to comment on here I presume that your are still in safe possession of your liver? 😀

    How did you manage to pay if off in the end?

    Yeah think that Mutu tried to appeal it to the footy high courts or whoever a few times but was rejected each time. He’ll have to play into his 40’s to pay that off me thinks.

    Joining a Qatari/UAE club wouldn’t be a bad idea for him.

  17. Carts

    Imagine, I’ve never watch Training Day from start to finish. The one time I attempted to watch it I must’ve been in secondary school and one lad had a pirate copy. Shit was so grainy I was convinced the movie was shot using a plank of wood. Think I ended up leaving after 20 mins. Next day, half the class was raving about it. Yeah, like you could actually tell DW and Ethan Hawke apart, ffs.

  18. Romford Ozil Pele

    Alfie – thanks man, i’ll be sure to check it out.

    Eagle – Surprised Klopp got rid of Perisic, seemed like his kind of player. Scored that awesome goal against us in the CL a few years back. Anyway, his loss is Wolfsburg’s gain. They’re building a very good team there.

  19. Le Prof

    Denzel- Is the man. Type cast? More than likely but he does it well and delivers.

    He Got Game is one that sneaks under the radar but a decent watch if you haven’t seen

  20. MidwestGun

    Alfie –
    Agree, cocaine might be considered a serious health risk. But I think it’s more they wanted to look tough on drug use for their sponsors then any monetary recovery. I mean it’s Chelsea, they waste money just because. Lol.

  21. WengerEagle

    RE Mutu, he’s hardly the first and won’t be the last, he was just stupid enough to get caught. I’m sure that it happens on a weekly basis around Europe.

    What happened when Maradona was caught snorting all those years back?

  22. Keyser

    Karim – No, I mean at PSG, like Debuchy it was hard to tell how he’d adjust with the pressure and moving up the league, but he’s done well and just been very unlucky soo far.

    I didn’t think he looked as polished as Debuchy, but does he still stand out ?

  23. Le Prof

    American Gangster quality forgot about that.

    But Pain and Gain is well funny and needs to be seen. A true story and worth watching to see a coked up Rock

  24. karim

    Perisic, Hamouma both great players my local team Sochaux chose to ship out when they were younger

    Perisic has already proven he s worth it and Hamouma is the best St Etienne player and will end up in a big club soon


  25. Carts

    Midwest – haha Molly, jaysuuuus! That drug get more airtime than anything I’ve come across. As a pro you have to swerve molly et al completely. Such a tacky-shit drug. I’m a non-drug user; don’t smoke. Usually chase my drinks otheriwise it’s all on the rocks. But Weed, like come on, it a prescribed drug ffs, and really, the affect are minimal. And as you mentioned with some states legalising it. Probably better of having the players pay a fine to a Cancer chaity or something. But again, the prospect of losing a few millions £$ should be a detterent either way.

    Eagle – rang them up, sold them some shit story and we agreed to settle at £750. Think I used my last ever maintainence grant in the 3rd year to pay it. Sleepless night a dodgy credit wasn’t agreeing with me lol. As for Mutu, a last hurrah in arabia makes sense although he must be close to 36 now. Not sure what he offers nowadays.

    RP – Anita you say? cool! I’ve actually ordered the newest copy couple days back. Thought I’d give it another crack after so many years.

  26. karim

    Sorry Keyser, didn’t get it right
    Aurier does look very nervous when he gets a start. Debbie is more serious defensively imo and that s more like what we needed, bar the injuries

  27. Carts

    Alfie – Warrior was aight. I’m a UFC-stan, so I was pumped for that flick. Shout out to my homie Anderson Silva lacing them shits up next week. I’m nervous for the guy.

  28. Alfie

    Gooner Girl –

    Its like 2 hours 45 mins long but its pretty epic.

    I like Tom Hardy tbf – good actor.

    Glad you’ve watched it! I always like it when other people have shared my joy in awesome films!

  29. Goonergirl


    Haha today was a hot day. Its currently 30°c. Perfect day for the beach. Unfortunately Johannesburg has no beach!

  30. WengerEagle


    Yeah was a bit strange especially given that he must have known how difficult it was going to be to keep the likes of Gotze, Lewandowski, etc.

    Tbh Perisic is arguably a better player than Aubameyang who they spent nearly £20 million on.

    Wolfsburg are one of the few teams in Germany atm that aren’t strictly a selling one. De Bruyne was a big signing for them in terms of ambition given his age and his talent. Gustavo was another one.

    They lack a decent CF though to make Bayern take any notice.

    Which is a shame because Muller is one cocky bastard as is Robben, Ribery, etc. Arrogant club in general.

  31. MidwestGun

    Carts –
    Hahaha I lived thru the 80s, so what happens in the 80s stays in the 80s. But I think their needs to be a rehab protocol versus a performance enhancing protocol. As you said they are professional athletes and the fines should be enough. But they are also young guys with shedloads of cash. So mistakes are bound to happen. As a fan you are left wondering about a guy who disappears for months. *cough *Gnabry. Where as if they had a treatment protocol might take off some of the stigmatism and doubts resulting in cover ups and missed drug tests.

  32. WengerEagle


    Haha must have been some story. Are you English btw? Heard that the Uni fees over in England are insane, £9,000 a year or something along those lines.

    May be a lot to complain about over here but college fees are one thing that they are doing right by.

    Haha yeah Mutu has just turned 36 so he’s probably useless by now. He should have done a Gyan 5-6 years ago.

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    “They lack a decent CF though to make Bayern take any notice.”

    How dare you, they have Lord Bendtner!!

    Generally agree though, it’s a shame there’s no real competition for Bayern. Even Muller said training games are harder than playing proper games. Where’s the fun if there’s no competitiveness? That’s the biggest appeal of the PL. Chelsea arguably have no weaknesses in their squad, yet they got turned over at Newcastle, spun by Spurs and outplayed by Liverpool this week.

  34. Le Prof

    The sniff is absolutely rife in football no question the main reason being it doesn’t linger in the system.

    Young rich men, on the scene, lots of disposable income, know a lot of the right people, why wouldn’t they?

    I dont think they’re stupid enough to go asking for a line in toilets off randoms obviously but within their close circles it definitely happens.

    SWP, Trevor Sinclair and Robbie Fowler are just 3 examples of boys who loved their gear.

  35. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Bafana, bafana play later. Probably be thinking the same thing. Lol. I’m actually headed south here next week to get to some warmer weather and a beach. I’m a surfer dude at heart stuck in the heart of ice and snow country in the winter.

  36. Carts

    Eagle – Yeah, a Londoner. Lucky for me my fees were only £3k pa, but I still managed to rack up about £17k I think it is when I last checked. Some Uni are charging as high a £9k though. Crazy. Who would’ve thought knowledge would cost so much. Better of studying in Scotland, certain their fees are free -___-

    Midwest – I agree totally. I’m certain it’s now being dealt with in-house as opposed to publically flogging a guy. Gnabry’s disappearance is more fishy than a bout of BV.

  37. Thomas

    Le Prof January 23, 2015 14:50:38


    ‘Why would you like Ty?
    He is a water drinking cuntbag.’

    Why would I dislike somebody just because they were positive?


    There’s a difference between being positive and being a deluded cunt you muppet.

  38. gambon

    “The sniff is absolutely rife in football no question the main reason being it doesn’t linger in the system.”

    I once sw all the Chelsea boys in the Long Bar @ the Sanderson Hotel. Not a drop of alcohol between them, but oadsof sorts and endless trips to the loo if you get what I mean.

    Mind you thats a great place to rack up a line.

  39. WengerEagle


    Yeah agree the Bundesliga is basically a glorified SPL right now, Bayern don’t even have to get out of second gear to walk the league which gives them an advantage in the UCL as they will have the Bundesliga won by March.

    Europe’s other 5 leagues right now are actually all fairly competitive, the French league could be won by 3 teams (Lyon, PSG, Marseille), Serie A is more of a two horse race between Juventus and Roma, the BPL is looking as competitve as ever although Chelsea do have a strong lead and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen La Liga this competitive, any of Real, Barca and Atletico could win the title and teams like Sevilla, Villarreal and Valencia are all stronger than they have been in years.

  40. Jeff

    So the question is this. Is there any current world class player that Wenger doesn’t reckon he tried to sign years ago?

  41. N5

    The George went through a spate of putting vasaline on the toilet tops to stop people putting sniff on them, now I just sniff it off of an erect cock! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Jeff, he tried to sign Pele, but realised he wasn’t a manager at the time, so he couldn’t.

  42. Thomas

    Le Prof January 23, 2015 16:34:50


    Why don’t you say something that interests me you thick cunt?


    How about you jump off a cliff instead?


  43. N5

    Ha ha Eagle, that’s just an unfortunate coincidence. I’m talking about The George up off Holloway Road.

    *rubs hands together knowing he cunningly got out of that one

  44. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Know how you feel, trust me. Our goal here is to just qualify for tournaments and the WC and not lose to Mexico and the various Island nations with the population of a large city. Always liked Steven Pienaar. But suppose he’s pretty much on the downside of his career. Injuries and what not.

  45. N5

    Tired Eagle, they’ve got me working silly hours at the moment, and actually working which is a pain in the neck. I’ve only been able to get on Le Grove sporadically, which I guess over the TW is a good thing.

    How are you mate?

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    @Le Prof

    I have no idea what testing they do for footballers for drugs like coke, but potentially it’s detectable for a couple of months plus

  47. Goonergirl


    At least you qualify for the WC lol. The only time we did was in 2010 and that’s because we hosted it lol.

  48. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I’m tired of all these MF’n snakes on this MF’n. Plane!”

    Haha, never forget that, EPIC line!

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    Just realised the cambridge / ManU game is on tonight.

    My other half isn’t going to be very happy with that.

    (Well until ManU score 3 and I change channel)

  50. Erase

    Lol mid I just like the way he is always in control just a personal thing anyways.. .. .. Not sure there are really good actors anymore used to be so many of them in the 80s and early 90s

  51. alex cutter

    “I have no idea what testing they do for footballers for drugs like coke, but potentially it’s detectable for a couple of months plus”

    Wrong. As a simple google search would let you know.

  52. Blsany

    This Le prof guy needs to get Ty’s dick outta of his mouth.
    Ty is everything that is wrong with arsenal.Ty is the guy who said we should be glad Mighty liverpool didn’t trash us again after the draw earlier this season.

  53. Romford Ozil Pele

    The amount of gear I saw getting shifted in Vegas last summer was nuts! Security was surprisingly quite lax.

  54. MidwestGun

    Erase –
    Ha…. no I get you. I think he’s a great actor, just basically plays the same thing over and over. But to be fair, so do a lot of actors. Tom Cruise is the master of playing the same guy with a different career.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    @alex cutter

    As I said it depends on how they test, but if they take hair samples then it can be that long.

    Of course it depends on the usage.

  56. Goonergirl


    I’m stuck babysitting at the moment. So no chance of watching football. Instead I’m stuck watching nick junior lol.

  57. rollen

    Blsany January 23, 2015 17:09:13

    This Le prof guy needs to get Ty’s dick outta of his mouth.
    Ty is everything that is wrong with arsenal.Ty is the guy who said we should be glad Mighty liverpool didn’t trash us again after the draw earlier this season.

    This guy is like cartoon character but way more twatish.

  58. carts

    “I once sw all the Chelsea boys in the Long Bar @ the Sanderson Hotel. Not a drop of alcohol between them, but oadsof sorts and endless trips to the loo if you get what I mean.”

    Standard digs after a night out for a lot of them

  59. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Practice for goonerette junior in the near future? Lol. I have 4 nieces so I get my babysitting (nick) time in. Altho, I’m helping teach the oldest to drivel now.

    Karim –
    Ya… I agree kind of a big build up for this match on Bein anyhow. Both teams missing a few players, I suppose. Ghana getting too fancy, more individual effort then team. But they have had the better chances. 0 -0 wouid be lots of hot air ammounting to not much.

  60. Goonergirl


    Haha don’t think I’m ready for a kid just yet but I’m already teaching my niece and nephew to be gooners. I bought them both Arsenal kits and they love it. My brother ain’t too impressed though lol.

  61. carts

    Hip hop listeners in the house?

    Ok, well, have a listen to Lupe Fiasco – Tetsuo & Youth and Joey Badass’ Like J Cole’s latest material – its a very good listen.

  62. karim

    Didn’t deserve to beat South Africa the other day, so it s ok
    Need to beat Senegal now

    Never heard of it, I ll tell you about it