Paulista with permit issues? Really?

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via Instagram @Arsenal

via Instagram @Arsenal

Happy good morning to you… well, late evening.

I’m currently writing this post blind in the air.

Hey, off topic. You get phone signal in the air. It’s not 3 or 4G… yet data messages are coming through?

I’m going to get stung aren’t I?

Anyway, let’s talk about football players we’re trying to buy. There’s a story going off that we’re trying to sign Paulista of Villareal. I don’t know much about him other than he might have work permit issues and he’s centre back. Can’t see why we’d be in for him if he was going to have troubles with a permit. I know we’re inefficient when it comes to making deals, but surely we’d check the basics… along with checking his back isn’t broken.

It was interesting watching Liverpool play Chelsea last night, they’re getting their form back and finding their feet. Chelsea showed what having top keeper can do for your confidence. Courtois made some special bloody saves. He radiates calmness. So athletic and safe.

Kind of like 3 clean sheets Ospina. His influence is so calming we look organised when he plays.

Saw an interesting stat on Arsenal. We’ve won 7 out of 8 when we’ve had less than 45% possession. Could just be luck, or it could be that when we have less possession, we have more of a game plan. Who knows!

Football statistics are always a bit weird. Generally they’re a whole bunch of numbers without any insight behind them. If I had the keys to Opta, it’d be fascinating to see what stories you could paint with their database. A lot of those free stat sites are pretty basic. I’d love to know what sort of data the top teams are dealing with. Death by information is always a massive danger. It’s still be fun to see what these top companies are up to… they’re extremely PR shy. Prozone were quite f

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