Oh no Arsene, you didn’t just say that?

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Oh no you didn’t…

Arsene, you didn’t…

You did… you just busted out the supermarket analogy when talking about buying players?

“Why have we not signed a defender? We haven’t found one. We are not the only ones working on the case,” he said.

“It is not a supermarket where you go in and buy a defender. It is a market that is very restricted. The players who can strengthen the best 10 teams in Europe, you don’t find many and it is the same for everybody.

“We are a big attraction, of course we are. If it was easy we would do it.

“We have made enquiries but then you have the second handicap – who wants to sell their best player, especially a central defender, in the middle of the season? They say, ‘come back in June or July’.”

I mean… seriously. How weak is that?

Here are some basics to consider Arsene.

1) Sign your central defender BEFORE you sell your central defender captain in the summer. That’d be a smart thing to do. If you know it’s hard to replace players, sign the replacement before you ship talent out.

2) Start trying to sign your replacement centre back before the last week of the window. That’d be a change of tactics we haven’t seen in a while.

3) Improve your scouting network. If you always struggle to find defenders to replace a blank space in the squad, perhaps your chief scout is doing an appalling job at bringing names to you.

4) Stop getting caught up in this ‘it’s difficult to find the right quality’. We’re Arsenal. We have more cash in the bank than pretty much any club on the planet. If we want a player, we can generally have them. We have very little quality in our defence at the moment. If you can’t find ‘Arsenal quality’, you really aren’t looking in the right place.

5) Stop making excuses for being inept. It’s really boring. Buying players isn’t like buying bread in a supermarket. But buying bread in a supermarket isn’t like buying a car. It’s not like buying a house. It’s not like a lot of things. But all of those things happen. Point is, we’re a football club that struggles to do manage an important part of existing, other clubs don’t… so let’s address why buying players seems to be like the most impossible task in the world EVERY window. Is it the silly bids? Is it because we don’t work with the right fixers? Is it because we’re not as appealing as we like to think? Is it because we don’t do the groundwork to smooth the process?

I look at Chelsea and how they operate and think… wow, they make it look easy. Same with Atletico Madrid. There are so many clubs that don’t have the same trials and tribulations we do when we sign players. Why is that?

My guess is that buying a player isn’t as hard as we make out… we just make a mess of it.

Instead of running into the same problems every single time… why not have a frank assessment of what we’re doing and change something?

There is NO excuse for not having a centre back sorted this window. Absolutely none at all.

… and Arsene, why would a team sell their best player in January? Well, Winston Reid and Ron Vlaar are both out of contract in the summer. Pretty good reason to get onto the negotiation table.

Anyway, enough of that. City today. If we lose, you’ll see how easy it is to make transfers happen in the panic buy frenzy that’ll ensue.

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  1. GuNZ

    Good cities all. I lived in Auckland for over 25 years, still go up there to work on and off.

    Anyway, that’s enough for tonight. Excellent day. Only 8 hours to go before I can slag Giroud again . . . .

  2. Highbury Daze

    RSPC I used my eyes, when we get beaten by Swansea, lose to Stoke, draw with Anderlecht 3-3 after leading 3-0, we then go to Manchester and win 2-0 and you think Wenger is in charge of the defence, not a chance

  3. Highbury Daze

    I tell you when Arsene was in charge of the defence, in the FA Cup, we are 2-0 down after 8 minutes and it should have been 3-0 after 10 minutes, that is Wenger in all his glory, and this is against Hull

  4. Highbury Daze

    Wenger takes all the plaudits, all the glory when they win, when they lose it’s always someone else’s fault, a typical response from a dictator

  5. SomeRandomGunner

    The most impressive thing about yesterday’s performance was the way we handled when we were in the lead. We either used to be hungho attack after the lead, or just have all players in the box .

    In either case we do not feel like we are in control.
    Yesterday after 60 mins we were in almost full control.

  6. Lee

    Highbury daze

    What is the matter with you??
    We just beat city for the 2 nd time this season and you’re going on about anderlecht???
    Get a grip
    And as for wenger just learning after 30 years of management
    He still hold the record in the champions league for not conceding a goal in 2006
    With flami senderous and eboue in defence
    Not to mention the 3 titles 5 FA cup
    And champs league and Uefa cup runner up medals

  7. Emiratesstroller

    There are three things to learn from this game for rest of season:

    1. The management need to follow advice that has been suggested and tailor their team and tactics to the games and opposition we play and not how they want to play the game.

    2. We need to buy players selectively who are not only excellent footballers, but have an excellent work ethic as well. We bought 5 players in summer and
    I would say that they are all offering that. Podolski was offloaded recently, because he cannot deliver that energy. We have still a small number of other players where you can criticism them for a lack of energy on field.

    3. The club does need leadership on the pitch when things are not going well.
    Sometimes our players lose their heads and there is a lack of focus and concentration. That needs to be redressed. Like other elements of team that has been neglected by Wenger in past.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Arseblog saying some City fans are accusing us of Mourinho style anti-football!


    I’d take an ‘anti-football’ 3 points everyday of the week over a stand toe to toe, trade blow for blow and get smashed result.

    That was the best display I’ve seen from Arsenal in a long, long time. Near perfection but for some Ramsey rustiness and Oxlade’s touch letting him down a few times.

    I hope Wenger hears how he and the team are being lauded today, it’s not always about flashy, intricate football, it’s about doing what you have to do in certain circumstances to win the game.

    Our credentials as a top side took a huge boost yesterday, because you have to win at these kinds of places. Right now that result is rather anomalous when you look over recent years, so lets hope we press on from here.

    What have we got Brighton away, rotate a bit for that one, Villa at home should be a smashing in prep for Spurs away.

    Very much like a less good City Spurs, if they’re in the mood they can be really good, if you catch them dry then you can exploit them. As solid defensively as we were yesterday, without the need to surrender so much of the ball and we should do them.

  9. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘When a five foot four player is MOTM, something is wrong somewhere’

    Remind me how tall Lionel Messi is? Xavi Hernandez? Cesc Fabregas? Diego Maradona?

    I had a collie dog when I was growing up. We took it walking to the local park and let it run free with a load of other dogs. Big bouncy Red Setters and Alsatians. You know the kinds. Both come charging up to our sheepdog and, just as they got close, the sheepdog did a tight 360 and went the other way. The big fuckers had the turning circles of oil tankers, so they never laid a bite on our sexy bitch.

    Lif’e’s always more complex than big good, small bad.

    Problems usually emerge most often when a guy with a 9 inch cock tries to woo a girl with a miniscule fanny, you know…..better asking her for a blow job…….

    Only being in your face because you’ve put 15+ in your face comments up here.

    ‘When in the vicinity of Highbury Daze do as Highbury Daze does’ and all that….

    Nothing to do with personality disorders…….

  10. Goondawg

    Lol its wengers fault when we lose but Bould’s fault when we win. What a joke. This isnt the first time i’ve seen Wenger adopt new tactics to win hard games. Think Dortmund away last season. We just would love to see more of it, especially in the away games.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Mr Henry did also say prior to kick off that in all the buzz around Sanchez v Aguero that people were forgetting Cazorla, that he was the real reason Arsenal are clicking right now.

    All hail the King.

  12. Spectrum

    It’s obvious that Wenger was afraid of getting another thrashing from the big teams, and so finally swallowed his stubborn pride and allowed Steve Bould free rein to handle the tactical approach to the match. The difference in our performance was plain to see. Of course, now that the fear of being humiliated by one of our “rival” teams has receded after this win, my bet is Wenger will resume his usual control over everything and it will be back to the piecemeal mediocrity we’ve become accustomed to under our fraud of a manager.

    Two thirds of the way into the transfer window and all we have signed so far is a 17 year old who has only played five top level matches, and who Wenger himself has described as “a gamble”.Why should we be gambling ? Haven’t we been doing that ( and losing )with our defensive fiasco for the last three years ? Why haven’t we signed a solid experienced defender yet? Because Wenger apparently can’t find any ! Yet other clubs never seem to have the same problem as we supposedly do in this area.There ARE suitable players out there, but Wenger wants them at bargain bin prices.

    So let the A.K.B.’s enjoy this surprise result, thinking it’s all down to “his brilliance”. But bear in mind that after the first twenty matches this season, Arsenal had the lowest points total EVER under him. And our worst start for 32 years. Ponder on those facts as you wonder why we’re a massive thirteen points away from the champions in waiting – Chelsea.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  13. karaul

    we need to sign CB to replace Mertesacker and play alongside Koscielny. Not just sign someone to have 4 centrebacks.

    Koscielny – New CB
    Mertesacker, Chambers, Hayden

    Hummels + Schneiderlin and we are laughing

    some say we need world class CF. but who?

  14. Dream10

    – Santiago Cazorla, Coquelin, Bellerin,Monreal and our 2 CBs the standouts.

    – if Chambers was fit, he would have started at RB. Bellerin a much better fullback (plays on the front foot).

    – did not hurt that Toure, Nasri, Bony were not playing. Also, Aguero, Dzeko and Jovetic all just returning from injuries. As Pelligrini mentioned, City lacked creativity.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Is Hayden fit now? Because didn’t he have an injury or something? Give him a run out with Chambers against Brighton if now.

    Bellerin, Chambers, Hayden, Gibbs
    Flamini, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Rosicky

  16. Leedsgunner


    I like your line up except I would keep Ospina and put in Akpom up top. I think it is imperative that Sanchez, Ox-Chamberlain and Cazorla get a good well deserved rest. I would rather see our strongest team against Premiership opposition. I know we don’t have a chance but I think our strongest team should be played in the league…

    Rotate, rotate, rotate. Hopefully Ramsey doesn’t get injured!

  17. NYCgooner

    “so finally swallowed his stubborn pride and allowed Steve Bould free rein to handle the tactical approach to the match.”

    This is the type of nonsense that makes you question the sanity of some posters.

  18. Jim Lahey

    Still buzzing after a great win! Why oh why haven’t we always being doing this away against top teams! We’ve all been calling for it and finally Wenger delivers it!

    What a difference playing players in their preferred positions makes! Santi centre vs Santi wide, completely different beast! And what a beast he was yesterday, love the little fella!

    Hope all is well with the Le Grove regulars.

  19. NYCgooner


    I was thinking of a similar squad except I had monreal for hayden and akpom for welbz who I believe is injured.

  20. Bamford10


    Good post, but I think Wenger was responsible for the tactical plan yesterday. He only played that way, however, because of how badly he has been beaten — and criticized — in recent years.

    You are right, though: the win doesn’t erase the big issues, eg, the worst start for Arsenal in some thirty years, the obvious holes and weaknesses in the squad and a useless January window thus far.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Leeds NYC

    If Welbeck is injured I’d be delighted to see Akpom given 90 minutes.

    I wouldn’t play Monreal purely because right now he’s first team the way he’s playing. Hats off to the Spaniard, difficult year but he’s handled everything really well, not his fault he had to play CB at 5ft 7 but he got on with it.

    Really good chance for Ozil and Walcott especially to get some sharpness and for us to have a look at them. Ramsey as well. Give Coquelin a rest and stick Flamini in there.

    It’s little things with players like Coquelin, like telling him no you’re not playing this weekend because you are first team that can psychologically lift a player.

    Like Monreal have to give huge plaudits to Coquelin. Seizing his chance with both hands, the whole team has a nice chemistry right now, all of them are playing out of their skin.

    Biggest compliment in the world to hear our display being compared to a Mourinho type display.

  22. Bamford10

    While I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, one thing certain “positive” types on here are getting wrong is the question of Coquelin’s quality.

    Yes, he has had a couple of solid games. Yes, his athleticism, tacking and work ethic have helped immensely (relative to Flameta).

    However, he is not the CDM we need to compete for or win titles. Not even close. Suspect on the ball, prone to errors and poor decisions and a million miles from the best CDMs in the game. An adequate number two, at best.

    We need someone much, much better if we are to compete for a title.

    And the irony of that Coquelin Vine you posted, Goondawg — ‘STFU’ — is that that was right after he made a stupid and rash tackle just outside the 18.

    Great win yesterday and great performance from Coq, but he is NOT the thing.

  23. Goondawg

    Did anyone see on match of the day after Girouds second goal, Coquelin telling the players to calm down lets not lose this now and pointing at his temple like a madman. Great to see. Signs of leadership 😉

  24. Goonergirl

    What a great team performance yesterday. Why can’t we always play like that away to the big teams.

    Coquelin is playing well at the moment. Just imagine what a WC DM could do to our team.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I said the other day that Coquelin is showing us how valuable a CDM is, because we’ve been starved of one for years we’re all latching onto him like a starving guy enjoying a piece of mouldy stale bread.

    That’s a bit far, but you get what I mean. I like Coquelin, like his heart, like his energy, like his effort and his tenacity.

    But he isn’t the answer going forward. But it does illustrate how good we could be with a world class CDM.

  26. Goondawg

    Bamford, the guy didnt look a million miles away what are you on?

    He had Kun Aguero and David Silva in his back pocket the whole 90 mins. Not a feat to be sniffed at. He’s always been talented and has the fight and tenacity to improve. His passing is a bit slack, and his distribution isnt arteta levels. But I’m sure that will improve. Song was utter cack in that sense until his last season when every ball found RVPs left foot.

  27. Proffa

    Lets all laugh at Thomas
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    Na na na na na na na

    Lets all laugh at Thomas
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    Na na na na na na na

    What a sad little bastard you are

  28. Cesc Appeal

    How long has it been since we as fans have had a feeling like this? A massive away game and we come away not just winning, but comfortably dismantling the reigning champions.

    More than the points it was the way we did it. The most un-Wenger performance I’ve ever seen it and I bloody loved every second of it.

    Now let’s lose 3-1 to Brighton or something 😉 haha

  29. Goondawg

    Does anyone else think Giroud has improved?

    His control at times when plucking the ball from a long upfield punt was crazy at times. The man city players all had looks of WTF shock horror

  30. useroz

    Delighted with yesterdays performance… quite complete.

    Really curious who drove the game plan/ tactics… Wenger or Bould?

    Great – Coq, Kos, Bellerin, Rosicky and of course Cazorla

    Good – Ospina, Mert, Monreal, Giroud (he scored)

    Off – Ramsey, Sanchez (by his standard), Ox

    I think the key takeaways are; game plan and team balance. Take the same fortward in every game and we’d still make top , and perhaps retain FA cup.

    Agree we need to sharpen Walcott, Ozi, Akpom in the Brighton game. Throw in Ramsey too.

    Wilshere tbh can take his time.

  31. Goonergirl


    I agree with what you’re saying also. Because we haven’t had a CDM for a while now everyone’s loving Coquelin. I don’t mind him as a squad player but for us to be competing we need a WC CDM.

  32. Proffa

    It wasn’t anything new on Sunday.

    We’ve played and set up like this before this season against Liverpool and Chelsea away.

    The difference with this performance is we scored 1st and every single player performed to a level that was required.

    Determined and fully concentrated from the first minute until the last.

    Can’t fault the team and the manager at all for that performance but to be fair we were due one.

  33. Goondawg

    Btw Bamz, CA & GG

    I agree with you guys, Coqs performance is just an indication of how well Arsenal’s attacking riches can flourish and thrive if we recruit a Coquelin type defensive midfielder at the same quality level as Sanchez or Ozil, Cazorla etc. A world class DM basically

    But lets not take anything away from the lad, he did well against the defending champions of England and they had no answer. He’s more than adequate enough to guarantee 4th place. Whether we can win trophies with him, remains to be seen. I personally am a big fan. He’s had long ardous journey, from playing winger with Freiberg and labelled a flop, to going to lowly Charlton. Now he’s virtually undroppable