17 year old Bielik the midfield fix?

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Ok, quick post this morning…

So the young defensive midfielder we just signed has been signed for first team contention straight away.

“He’s a defensive midfielder, 6ft 2ins, he has a good energy level and technical level,”

“It’s a gamble but, on what we saw, it’s worth taking the gamble.”

Well. What do you say to that? I’ve not seen him play. However, I’ve seen a lot of 17 year olds over the years and I’d be amazed if you can come over from Poland and own that position. I mean, from a size perspective, he looks very slim… but hey, I’m happy to be proved wrong here. How old was Busquets when he started playing for Barcelona?

If this is smart scouting, then I can’t complain. We’ve raided a league that gets very little attention. We’ve taken one of their best talents for £2m. He’s massive, he’s energetic and he’s highly rated. So I can’t complain. I won’t.

That said, it does seem a very big risk to take when you have the funds to bring in something more tried and tested. I don’t think there are many clubs in the Premier League that would take a gamble that big. We’ve had Brazil captains take on that role and bomb. It’s a bigger risk than taking someone from the Championship. It just doesn’t feel like ambitious management. If it works, Wenger is a hero… if it doesn’t, he’ll excuse himself under a cloud of ‘maybe he’s not given the funds’… a move like that helps him avoid accountability.

Arsene didn’t rule out moves for Reid or Mings. He should get his arse into gear before we lose more players. If we win tomorrow, I doubt we’ll see anything of note, if we take a pasting, there’s every chance we’ll see new signings by Wednesdays. Signings urgency will be directly correlated with performance.

Right, that’s it… have a good one.

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  1. Ishola

    Re: Klopp the main reason he has failed dramatically this season is that he has not responded or acted accordingly to the situation that faced him.

    He lost Lewandowski and then Reus to injury but he didn’t alter his tactics that needed to be done in such circumstances. He continued to have the mentality that his team will score more goals than the opposition. If you read views from Dortmund supporters this season many of them comment on the teams lack of defensive focus. This was ok and was ignored when they had the firepower to score goals. The warning signs were there in the previous two seasons as far as conceding goals in the Bundesliga but because of Dortmund’s “success” in the CL (the steamrolling of Real Madrid a couple of seasons ago really encouraged this “we will score score more goals than you” mentality) the danger signs were ignored.

    Dortmund had a much better balance as a team when they won the league twice in a row prior to their more recent CL adventures but all the focus has been on their recent CL campaigns and the attacking football that went with it.

    A balance between defence and attack which Wenger hasn’t achieved for so long now and will not achieve in the future will always in the long run in most cases trump the “we will score more goals than you” attitude for consistency and longevity.

    What does this tell us about Klopp? It tells us that he can be just another Wenger if Arsenal employed him. He would not address and make good the deficiencies that have plagued Arsenal for so long. Simeone would look to rectify the weaknesses but Arsenal would never employ such a character. Koeman if he keeps this up with Southampton even if it is only his first season in England would have to be considered as a Wenger replacement.

  2. David Smith

    If I was a kid now, without the curse of being an Arsenal fan, I would chose Chelsea. They are everything that arsenal are not, magnificent, ambitious, the perfect manager, a clued up fitness and medical team and an owner who wants to win. When I was growing up, Chelsea were a shambles, oh how things change.
    It pains me to say it, but Chelsea will dominate London at least until Spurs sell to a Middle East concern.
    Wonder of Kronke even cares, as he uses Arsenal to borrow for his Inglewood project.
    Arsenal are destined for third in London, which makes the precious 4th very precarious. Change of ownership needed.

  3. Highbury Daze

    Checks watch makes sure it’s not April 1st, Beilik to go straight into first team squad, this tool manager never learns, he relied on Cesc to take over from Vieira at a very young age, run him into the ground even though he was a fantastic player to much too soon, same shit with Wilshere, burned out at 21 by a fuck wit manager who relied on Jack to carry the team, now another 17 year old asked to perform heroics from a man so far removed from fucking reality, it’s not funny, I don’t care how good this kid is, you don’t sacrifice young players like this, asking a 2million pound kid of 17 to be your CDM, Wenger needs fucking with the rough end of a pineapple

  4. N5

    Of course, replacing Lewandowski should have been a piece of piss with little money! It’s been one season but lets keep banging on that he’s had it.

  5. N5

    “What does this tell us about Klopp? It tells us that he can be just another Wenger if Arsenal employed him.”

    How does it exactly? he’d have different guidelines, money, staff, game plan, team, league, country! it tell’s us fuck all, especially because its only one season.

    Even Wenger got about 4 years before most decided he was shite.

  6. Ishola

    N5 as said Dortmund’s defence wasn’t the best around for the past two seasons now. They had a more sound defence when they won the Bundesliga titles twice in a row from 2010.

    This is all about whether you want to see a manager to come in that has the same sort of outlook as Wenger or if you want a manager that will be a counterbalance to the weaknesses that Arsenal have shown for so long. I don’t think Klopp would be a sufficient counterbalance to see Arsenal redress those weaknesses that we have all seen for far too long now.

    You say that Klopp shouldn’t be judged just on this season. The point was already made that warning signs were already there for Dortmund for the past two seasons defensively in Bundesliga. Don’t you find it concerning given the circumstances that Klopp found himself in at the start of the season with his firepower ripped away from the team that he didn’t or was just not capable to adapt and change tactically?

    Besides taking a team from 2nd place in Bundesliga and consistently at the top of that league for a good while now to what we see at present is just not failure. It’s failure of the highest order regardless if it’s just one season. It’s catastrophic failure.

  7. salparadisenyc

    Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio cooooool.

    None of its a piece of piss, amazed that people have the ego to give Klopp the stick they do on this site after what can only be categorized as failed first half the season in the Bundesliga. Dude has win percentage of 57% with Dortmund, Wenger over course of his Arsenal days comes in at 58%, Sir Alex at United 59%. Carlo at Milan 56%. Only when you get into the Pep and Jose territory do you see the numbers really increase into the 60s for Jose and 70s for Pep; whom is clearly next level in terms of many things including managing nearly unbeatable sides.

  8. John T.

    The only thing a 17 year old is thinking about is who and when he’s going to get laid. This so called manager brings in a 17th year old??? Are you kidding me. An insult to any Arsenal fan. Nothing new for the wine drinking, cheese eating, surrender monkey known as Arsene. Just leave.

  9. Keyser

    “amazed that people have the ego”

    What’s this supposed to mean ?

    The hypocrisy is funny and at the same time quite sad, Klopp hasn’t challenged for the title for 3 years now, Bayern are crushing the life out of the Bundesliga.

    In 2012-13 they reached a Champions League final, so it was brushed away, but they finished with 66 points, 25 off top in second.

    In 2013-14 they won nothing, well the German Chairty Shield, but finished with 71 points, 19 off top in second.

    The aren’t in poor form, their form has fallen off a cliff.

    2010-11 season : 1st, 75 points, +45 goal difference, goals for 67.
    2011-12 season : 1st, 81 points, +55 goal difference. goals for 80.
    2012-13 season : 2nd, 66 points, +39 goal difference, goals for 81.
    2013-14 season : 2nd, 71 points, +42 goal difference, goals for 80.

    So far this season after 17 games split by a 6 week mid-season winter break.

    Dortmund 16th ot 18, 15 points, -8 goal difference, goals for 18.

    London_gunner isn’t much better in that he simply wants to replace one Messianic figure with another Messianic figure, it seems you’re not allowed to compare Wenger to these managers, let alone be objective when he isn’t involved at all.

    This is Klopps 7th season with Dortmund he’s won 2 league titles, 1 German FA Cup, and two German Charity Shields, he’s also made the Champions League final.

    Diego Simeone has been at Atletico for 3 seasons. He’s won 1 La Liga title, 1 Copa Del Rey, the Spanish Charity Shield over two legs, the Uefa Europa League and the Uefa Super Cup that year, and also made a Champions League final.

    When you start to look into the differences between the two clubs, you’d have to say the managers at least are both pretty evenly matched, depending on how Dortmund recover in the second half of the season, I actually think Klopp might be more tactically expansive, but that’s partly due to the lesser sample size on Simeone’s part, both are good motivators, Simeone pushes the margins, maybe dark arts, finer.

    Dortmunds problems are two-fold, they were on the verge of bankruptcy in the early 00’s, and they managed to crawl their way back with a lot of support from local companies, fans, residents and help from the league, so not only have they been reluctant to take on too much risk through financial investment, they’d be hampered by the Bundesliga’s FFP rules anyway.

    That’s overall, within that construct Klopp has slowly integrated youth and according to supposedly Europes best pundit, Honigstein, this was most likely the strongest squad he’s worked with, except he’s gradually lost the players he’s spent years cultivating and because they work within such fine margins, every year he pushes them harder physically, to press more determinedly the toll increases expontentially.

    It’s like Klopp is at the end of those Japanese Endurance gameshows where he’s trying to run attached to a bungee rope the greater he tests his teams elasticity the more chance there is of it snapping back, the tension being greatest the closer he gets to his goals. The further that rope is stretched the more unstable it gets.


    They’ve lost 10 games, of those 10, 7 have been by a single goal margin, the other 3 have been by a 2-0 scoreline.

    No team has scored 3 goals against them and Dortmund have only managed to score more than a single goal in 5 of the 17 games.

    People were surprised that they didn’t score more than 2 against us, whereas I think that game pretty much summed up their season, for how hard they pressed, or how many chances they created they only scrambled two goals in, it wasn’t that they were wasteful, players like Aubeymayang and Immobile just have far finer margins to work between, and a greater propensity for error.

  10. peanuts&monkeys

    Niall Quinn tears into Arsenal as former Gunners star insists Arsene Wenger has NO warriors, NO leaders and NO backbone… and says they must go in for Mats Hummels… Ha\Ha Ha Ha Ha. Now Thieryy Henry (Big AKB) will come out tearing into true Arsenal fans.

  11. hunter13

    “I don’t think there are many clubs in the Premier League that would take a gamble that big.”

    well, maybe you prefer gambles like falcao..heh ..thats working well

    i thought you said you werent going to complain but two lines later you contradict yourself.

    if im getting this right…you would like to see gaxidis go to dortmund and say “Bang, here is 35 million, give us hummels’ and then fly to turin and bid another 45-50 for vidal.

    that would show ambition…… and planning …obviously…

  12. Highbury Daze

    Why do people come here and talk crap about Wenger signing Hummels and the like, he will sign no defenders, This twat of a manager thinks 8 million quid is too much for Reid, so how in the fuck is he buying Hummels, he ain’t, if Beilik is in fact signed for AFC this is the MO of Wenger, not Sanchez and Ozil, please don’t delude yourselves with expensive signings this January, this prick talks a good game but does fuck all about it, come February 1st, you will hear the spiel from Wenger about how he nearly signed whoever, it’s total make believe, he just couldn’t find that QUALIDEE he was looking for

    All I can say is Wenger you cunt you couldn’t have looked too far, what a low fucking reptile this specimen is

  13. GuNZ

    Right. Got my work out of the way so I can get up at 5am for the game tomorrow. Bit low on the red wine so have switched to white – mustn’t overdo it must we? Nothing new to annoy me on the AFC website, all good.

    Klopp vs. Wenger? Forget them both. Joachim Löw should be our target. Ex-mid flielder, intense, insightful, gets the best from his team, bit of the beat-poet look about him, wouldn’t look out of place on a Marlborough Man advert – he’s the go. Surely a package that includes as much Kiwi Boot Polish as he can use for his hair (he must use something like that) would entice him over? He’s won the World Cup so there’s nothing more for him to achieve on the international stage and he may take on a charity job like Arsenal. Imagine Löw, all louche and in control, a little Arsenal embroidered badge discreetly peeping out between his Burberry hunting jacket and cashmere turtle-neck as he master-minds yet another blinding Arsenal win from behind his Kiwi Polish enhanced fringe. Got to be better than the Sergeant Jones in his old cardie and michelin man parka with dodgy zip we’ve got at the moment.

  14. Hitman49

    Bloody hell the untold lot are here early today !

    I don think either of them know what and where Dortmund or Turin are……. ?

    Let alone write a cheque for that amount !

    Wash rinse repeat !

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!

  15. Highbury Daze

    Akpom gone, Jenks on loan he won’t come back, Sanogo on loan he won’t come back, Poldi on loan he won’t come back,, Denilson on loan he never came back, same with Bendtner, trouble with him he was so fucking bad no one wanted him so he had to come back and see out his 50k weekly contract with Arsenal

    There is a common thread running through a lot of these players that go on loan, not all, but most cost nothing, and moved on to lower table clubs than AFC

    Sanogo will be sold as will Jenks, both free transfers making money for this stinking fucking club that has lost it’s fucking soul, selling it’s arsehole for filthy lucre

  16. GuNZ

    I nearly got knocked down by a helicopter as I was crossing the Raglan landing strip to get to the beach earlier this afternoon. There is a sign up to tell you that aircraft have right of way and to check for them before crossing but all my mental processes were taken up with thinking what a cunt Giroud is and that he will have to play tomorrow (that’s your today)because we’ve got nobody else. So thank you, Giroud, and fuck you! You nearly got me killed you cunt. Fucking hate that twat.

  17. GuNZ


    Thanks for that link – spot on reporting, that, especially the concluding comments about the club going soft and finishing outside the top 4 may be necessary to give the whole place a kick up the arse. Looks like the denizens of Le Grove are not lone voices howling from the wilderness after all.

  18. afcmacca

    WOW i wonder how you ‘arsenal’ fans will react if we win the champions league….Be a disaster for you wouldn’t it!!!!! Oh but that wont happen you will say in a smug negative voice! why don’t you just play with some traffic today…..I fcukin love ARSENAL win lose or draw. We have an exciting bunch of players and we have the last manager of this premiership era left…I’m ARSENAL TIL I DIE & will always view our great club with positive mentality…SHAME ON YOU HATERS or TROLL SPURS FANS – Whatever you are…..WE ARE ARSENAL…we play the best football and in Rambo Theo Ozil & Alexis we have the best attacking flair in the premier league…………Ooh to! Ooh to be! Ooh to be a Gooner!

  19. Highbury Daze

    Whoever the next manager is, he must have what Wenger lacks, heart, balls, courage, this manager spends 160 million quid a year on wages, and he has the fucking gall to bitch about financial doping, complain about Chelsea and City’s spending what a douche bag

    This is the weakest manager I have seen, his team are a reflection of him, weak, lacking commitment, lacking steel, lacking leadership, he is as weak as fucking piss, he is as weak as Speights beer

  20. afcmacca

    ‘IF’ We win today i will feel a bigger rush of adrenaline than you negative bunch will #FACT….Shame you will never be able to enjoy success at Arsenal even if you try and convince yourself … It will not be pure

  21. afcmacca

    I am father to 2 kids…Arsenal isn’t my entire world….many bad things happen in life…This is football…it has ups and downs….I fcukin loved the Invincible’s WENGER CREATED & hated the trophy drought! But you gotta take the rough with the smooth!!! ARSENAL LIVES ON with and without wenger….Just shut ya mouth and support THE GOONNNNERS FFS

  22. Highbury Daze

    This manager is now a senile demented deranged fucking relic, and people still hark back to the invincible’s, that was 10 years ago stop living in the fucking past, if you are happy in the wilderness good for you, we here are not, every time there is negative about Wenger, every cunt tells me what he won 14 years ago, so fucking what

  23. GuNZ

    I might moan about Wenger’s cardies, I might bitch about Giroud (and rightly so because he’s a cunt) but I still get up at 3 a.m. every weekend to watch an Arsenal game and my day’s just as ruined as every other Gooner’s if we lose. It’s like your missus. You love her, you’ll never trade her in or even look at another woman, but when she withholds the blow jobs and you can see she’s shopping in the wrong shops and hanging out with the wrong sort of people and nothing you can say is going to make any difference, well, you bitch about it down the pub. Le Grove is the pub.

  24. Highbury Daze

    wake up and smell the coffee sonny boy nothing stays the same , evolve or fucking die, move with the times or stagnate, and that is what this club is stagnant, marking time going nowhere but up and down in the same fucking spot, and you are Ok with that, oh you must be one of those 60k imbeciles who turn up rain hail or shine and kiss the arse of a has been, roll over son, you are dead you just don’t know it

  25. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal to win the Champion’s League? We couldn’t even win against Anderlecht even after going up 3-0…

    How do you think we’ll fare against teams like Barcelona who have Neymar Suarez Messi? Or Real Madrid who have Bale Benzema C. Ronaldo? Or Bayern Munich who have Robben Muller Goetze?

    The reality is Arsenal FC is closer to sending a man to Mars than winning the Champion’s League.

  26. afcmacca

    And if Wengers replacement comes in signs the ‘right’ players and finishes 5th? what then?

    I am not an ‘AKB’ or ‘AOB’ But……


  27. afcmacca

    I agree we should of signed more CB’s and a rock solid DM and WC striker!!! But that don’t mean we would of won anything with Chelski’s and city’s dirty money spent over the ‘wenger failure years’ maybe you need to wake up and smell the coffee?…And how fcukin dare you to even suggest forgetting the invincible’s…..Should Man Utd forget the 99 treble?….

  28. GuNZ

    I know I’m out of touch but what’s an ‘AKB’ and an ‘AOB’? Vital info if I’m to keep up with the exchange going on here.

  29. afcmacca

    Has wenger made mistakes = YES MANY

    Has wenger moved with the modern era of football = No

    But after the trophies, The constant CL qualification , The invincible’s,The EMIRATES STADIUM! The Thierry Henry’s & Patty v’s……

    He should leave when he wants! If you don’t see that then fcuk you!

  30. GuNZ

    Thanks Wallace but am still none the wiser. Something to do with Russian gangsters in London (Chelsea maybe?) and Clive Anderson stacking on the kilos? Apologies for sounding naive but it is over 3 decades since I was a slim young man in the royal borough of Hackney.

  31. Jeff

    Some individuals, who are clearly Arsenal fans, have a problem with criticism. They think if you expose Wenger’s ineptitude, you are somehow doing a disservice to Arsenal.

    What makes the last 10 years hard to swallow is that most of it was predictable – especially the last 8 years. We withdrew from the world of competition and went into survival mode because we convinced ourselves and everyone else that we couldn’t compete with the financial power of Chelsea and Man City. And it was sold to us in no uncertain terms that our weakness on the field could be attributed fully and completely to the same thing.

    This is the linchpin of the argument in Wenger’s favour – the conclusion of which is that he has done exceptionally well (finishing fourth) considering the perceived handicap with which he’s been inflicted. In my view, and in the view of increasingly more Arsenal fans as well as independent commentators, that is a load of bunkum. But you will get people who can’t think for themselves because they have an irrational (almost religious) affinity with Wenger allowing themselves to get upset. The root of this hurt is totally baseless. Why is that? Doesn’t everyone reserve the right to support their club in the way they choose? Why does supporting your club mean you have to avoid criticising the manager? Those of us that can see the glaring lunacy in some of his actions and decisions prefer to speak out and it can be argued that it is a better way of supporting your club if the thing that is hurting it week in week out needs to relieved of his duties.

    If you don’t like the criticism or it hurts your feeble feelings, avoid this blog or man up and see it for what it really is.

  32. GuNZ

    Right, off to bed for a few hours sleep before the game. Still in ignorance of what AKB or AOB is but then I am still in ignorance of why that cunt Giroud ever gets a game or Wenger lasts so long. Perhaps he can pass on the secret of how he manages to hang on week after week after getting fucked over to the players. That’ll reduce the injury list in no time. Night all.

  33. SpanishDave

    I find the arguement about not competing with Chelsea absolutley groundless.
    Our owner and major shareholder between them have more money than the Chdlsea owner almost double.
    The difference is that neither of our owners want to put their money to work making our club in a position to compete for titles which is a strange way of running a club.
    We have money but nobody wants to spend it, very odd.

  34. Highbury Daze

    I don’t hear you harp on about how great Herbert Chapman was before he suddenly died, twice the manager Wenger is/was/could ever be

  35. Wallace


    Arsene Knows Best

    Arsene Out Brigade

    hackney’s changed a lot recently. dalston especially. totally overrun these days with horrific ‘creatives’ in their early 20s.

  36. Highbury Daze

    Exactly, we are owned by 2 billionaires and not one of them puts their had in their pocket to improve this club, one of them takes plenty out, bald Stan

  37. Highbury Daze

    I guess the reason is, if they did then the criticism aimed at Wenger about financial doping would rear it’s ugly head

  38. David Smith

    Stan will not put money in, firstly, we generate enough money as a club to operate at a level where Stan is happy for the club to be. Secondly, this club is nothing more than an asset which Stan uses to borrow on for his real passions. Just look at the plans for the new stadium in Inglewood Stan will be helping fund. Compare and contrast. Just hope he sells us to fund it

  39. afcmacca

    WOW reading these comments after ARSENAL winning @ etihad makes me laugh even more! all you bitches in here pissing and moaning every morning in legroan go fucking do one! all i can say to you is UP THE ARSENAL!!!! oneAW!!! OOOOOOOH ta be a goooooner! And have that you disgusting arsenal fans xxx

  40. nick

    After all Wenger has done for Arsenal the comitment the loyality and respect he has shown our club

    Year on year champions league.. and all some of you ungrateful bastards do is moan about him.. are you old enough to remember life before him? or just fucking stupid