This window is going well…

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Instagram Via @mada_lawrence

Instagram Via @mada_lawrence

Happy Friday my darlings.

I’m in Southampton on some motherf*cking boats (ships). I should be scouting players, or tapping up Morgan Schneiderlin, but work won’t allow me time off the ship to help my club.

So, in the news today, Arsene said this…

‘We work really hard morning until late night to try to get one or two players in.’

God bless you Arsene, clocking out at 7pm… bring a tear to my eye guvna!

I’d say we should have been working day and night to secure names before the window. But hey, that’d just be me repeating myself.

I’d just really like to get into the inner workings of the club and see what goes on.

Is there a driving force at the club?

Is there someone waiting for Wenger when he comes into training?

Does Wenger go to someone with names?

Is it a waiting game for player names or is it a push game?

Who drives this? Or is a case of ‘Dein is gone, so we just wait on Arsene’s word’…

Feels like a crazy operation regardless. There’s no plan. It looks like we’re flapping around again. There must be a reason for this. There must be a reason we never do our business in good time.

If we’re in for Reid. How hard is it to do the deal? How intricate can it be? I’d love to know what our problem is… because we seem to be the club that makes the biggest hash of transfer dealings out of any of them.

It’s so boring.

You know what has slipped under the radar? #WELBZ picking up an injury. How clear was it that was coming? He played all the minutes while Giroud was out. Now Giroud is back, he’s crocked. It’s the circle of fatigue…

Debuchy and Arteta are out for 3 months. Good luck to those guys in their recovery.

The two player replacement we have happening… it’s basically replacing injured player, isn’t it? We won’t be adding any depth to this seasons squad.

… jeez. I’m tapping out. This window is too much.

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  1. Keyser

    Midwest – He’s not screwed at all, Lol how can you say he’s refusing to return calls from The Rams and then say he’d cave into any pressure Wenger could provide.

    Unless he, himself, invests, Wengers working completely within the clubs own boundaries, which is why it’s silly when people say ‘But so and so on the board said there’s money available for Wenger’.

    So all Kroenke has to do is follow suit and Wengers stuck trying to work from a budget with intense risk, against clubs with no real budget.

    Also Kroenke didn’t take over right away, at most he would’ve know that even with a new manager he’s a couple of years away from renewing sponsorship deals.

    The Le Bron point is wrong, would it have been harder at Cleveland ? Didn’t he make the Conference finals ? Sure, but then he’d have greater ambition to stay, he’d be aiming just as high at Cleveland, unless you’re saying they had no chance.

  2. salparadisenyc


    Your’e going to be solo this Sunday, i’ve got to leave town.
    Gutted but duty calls.

    What was you’re Jackson Martinez line Kwik…
    Well Jackson Martinez says_______?
    I forget but it was classic Kwik!

  3. Keyser

    ” Basically you’ve got a bunch of either a) high-level imcompetence, or b) SK is more sinister than anybody imagined and sold them on a vision he had no intention of carrying out.”

    Or neither, it’s a collective that’s slowly fallen apart after decades in charge, one person sells, another falls ill, another passes on, and the sharks are circling.

  4. kwik fit

    Sal lol

    Yeah back in the day Jackson was all over us . Then he gave up and relised that Wenger never buys any player’s who throws themselves at the club

  5. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – Sorry dude, the one about him taking money from the club.

    People quote Sir Chips on Wenger and how they supposedly blindly follow him, they choose to forget, ignore, maybe both that Sir Chips also said it wass his decision to pay Kroenke the fee for his ‘expertise’.

    That’s either masterful PR on his part or real stupidity.

  6. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – ‘b’ only occurs because they smell blood to begin with, and it could be harsh on Kroenke because it’s professional sport, we really shouldn’t be concerned with how much he chooses to invest, we are because other owners have.

  7. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    He’s trying to move the club in St lou. Not an option for Arsenal. AW holds the cards because Stan needs him to run the organization as I explained. Not to mention it’s half a world away and it’s his most profitable team by a long ways. So he needs AW. You can excuse AW’s lack of ambition, I can’t.

    Also, yes, LeBron had no chance at Cleveland the first time because the owners were investing in youth and not building around him for the immediate. Sound familiar? His second time isn’t going much better but we will see if the owners cave this time.

  8. Keyser

    Midwest – You’re excusing him, you’re saying without Wenger applying pressure on Kroenke to invest Wengers running the club better than other could.

    I’ve had this conversation, if anyone wanted to invest, there were far more beneficial points than there are now, and I don’t really blame him because as a fan I shouldn’t have to be bothered.

    Likewise with Le Bron if Cleveland can get to a Conference finals with the best player in basketball and still not have a chance then it points to a flaw within the league as much as anything else.

    Do you see why ? In both instances you’re still asking the owner to invest.

  9. MidwestGun

    Kroenke to invest Wengers running the club better than other could.
    In Kroenke’s mind yes. Probably one of the biggest reasons he invested In the first place, and I don’t completely absolve Kroenke either. Like I said I don’t understand owners who invest in sports they clearly don’t care about. The whole point of sports in my mind is for the passion of trying to be the best on the pitch. Bragging rights, etc….

  10. kwik fit


    That Gomis link is bull. Any link through an agent can be ignored. I mean Gomis FFS. Giroud is worth 10 Gomis’s

  11. Keyser

    Midwest – Dein courted him to begin with, so who knows maybe he was sold an idea with Dein involved and it simply hasn’t panned out like that.

    Again, it’s Sport, that word should tell you everything you need to know, the construct should be ‘Sporting’. We had this conversation the other week, and it’s odd to me that you’d want the owner to be soo heavily involved in the results of a club.

  12. northern gooner


    Off top of my head think it was liverpool couple of years ago. We won 2 0.
    I remember cuz i got home pissed out of shape and woke the baby up. He was only 9 month old. The mrs bollocked me and i slept on the couch.

  13. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Probably or maybe because I’ve owned my own company. I think an owner who cares about the final product beyond making money is usually the best ones. I love designing and building homes but I could have easily hired a manager to do it while I did something else. And that manager probably could have cut corners or used cheaper products and made me more money
    Also, I think those owners care more what the fans think. In my case, what the homeowner thought. Anyhow, as usual we don’t see it the same. Lol


  14. Highbury Daze

    Arsene can’t do the Reid deal because West Ham are asking too high a price, 8 million

    Arsene apparent;y offered two pounds ten schillings and told them to keep Jenkinson, does this sound like a man who rubber stamped the Ozil and Sanchez deals, this prick is a laughing stock

  15. northern gooner


    I couldnt bring myself to turn it over.

    It would be a nightmare being in there with him.
    Makes good viewing

  16. Dan Ahern

    Keyser — Sorry, got caught up in meetings.

    I think Sir Chips’ quote is masterful PR. Or he just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. (Strong possibility, that.)

  17. Highbury Daze

    Owners of the past were businessmen who made their money away from football, they then used that wealth to purchase the club they supported as a boy, they had a love of football, and supported the community, spending their own money on players, ground improvements etc, they were in football for the glory to win something, it gave them a sense of pride, it was like a hobby for them a distraction away from their primary business

    Not now, most EPL clubs are owned by overseas operators, registered in the Cayman Islands, Nevada, desert for Gods sake, the Bahamas and other tax havens, these are tax evaders, making their money in England, but paying tax in the Seychelles nice bunch of business cunts they are, these reptiles have no passion for football, their passion is money

  18. Highbury Daze

    The law needs changing, if these cunts have a business in England, i.e. a football club, they should pay tax in England, not some third world fucking shithole

  19. Marko

    I’d say he’d have some stories to tell. Probably got his dick smoked by half the up and coming actresses in Hollywood

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Seems a good fella marko

    Obviously he plays big hard ball …,

    Maybe heis over there for a film about wenger ?

    “The man who threw it all away ”

    I understand is the working title !

  21. Zementalstrength

    Paul Merson says : ” It’s a shame that Arsenal are going to the Etihad and they’re only thinking about getting in the top four, they should be going up there and fighting for the title.”

    In Arsène we trust.
    Good night, and good luck.

  22. Highbury Daze

    How could any Hollywood actor portray Wenger on the beach in Brazil playing volleyball in his fathers swim trunks, and make it believable, that was a classic photo, actually it should get some kind of award, PHOTO OF THE YEAR

    Ex player, ex manager hams it up in Copacabana, Wenger seen eyeing young beach babe with her arse hanging out of her swim suit, rumour is she is lead singer from a Brazilian rap band, her and Arsene are making a record together, the single will be called, show me yours and I will show you mine

  23. useroz

    If you aim for 4th you at best get it. As soon as we have a. Chance to get closer to 2nd or 3d, the players slack off thinking they already over achieve…. How fucked up their mind is unbelievable (except Sanchez, for now).

    Merson is absolutely right. We go to Man City with little to aim for. I bet the players (again, Sanchez excepted) probably are happy to not lose. Ever think to win?? After all, Wenger doesn’t…not with the “..justt express yourselves on the pitch” bullshit

  24. GuNZ

    Far out! It actually rained a bit today (still 27 degrees though) so I had to stay in and did some work. Now finished, just poured a nice demijohn of red wine and feeling relaxed but then I haven’t had a look at the AFC website in 24 hours so hold on . . . . .

    Fuck’s sake! No signings and Wenger’s pre-Man City wisdom: “The team is not only made of strikers, the team is made of a balance between strikers, midfielders and defenders and that’s what you want to get right until the end of the season.” No shit, Sherlock! Bit fucking late to realise that now, Arsène! Lawro on the BBC website reckons we’re going to get done on Sunday and his prediction mate on the BBC website (some QPR donut) reckons we’ll get stuffed 4-1. Twat!

    I am trying to do my bit and have rung Winston Reid’s mum again but she won’t take my calls. Monreal is being giving air space on the AFC website – reckon’s he’s more than capable of countering Aguero’s threat – so you can bet your bottom dollar Wenger’s got his hand up Monreal’s arse there. Neither of them know what hubris means, Wenger thinks it’s some kind of soft cheese from Aberystwyth and Monreal thinks it’s a new hair gel.

    I tell you what. Fuck Lawro and his QPR side-kick, I reckon we’re going to sneak one past Man City and come away with all three points. Just got that feeling . . .

  25. Wallace

    got to love Mourinho. who else could whine about refereeing decisions and lack of protection for his little gifted ones when he’s got his rottweilers – Ivanovic, Matic, Cahill & Terry – taking out anyone that arrives in the Chelsea half in possession of the ball.

  26. GuNZ

    There’s an old Status Quo song (brilliant band by the way) called ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’. That’s what we are (bar Sanchez), matchstick men. Walcott, truck load of talent but matchstick man. Wilshere, potential to be great but matchstick man. Gibbs, promises good things but matchstick man. Debouchy, consistent when playing but matchstick man. Özil, flashes of genius but becoming a matchstick man. Chamberlain, looking good at the mo but huge matchstick man potential. Ramsay, well his name might as well be Bryant May Swan Vesta. Giroud is a matchstick man and a cunt. When you’ve got a team full of matchstick men what do you need? At the very least a spare pack of matches but preferably some back up that is at least six parts Rottweiler and like one of those weebles-wobbles things that don’t fall down. Somebody please relay all that to Wenger for me.

  27. Wallace

    van Dijk – 10m

    Reid – 8m

    Mings – 8m

    if those valuations are near enough i think van Dijk looks the best deal. no way Wenger will pay 8m for a player out of contract in the summer. i like the look of Mings too, but think van Dijk’s extra maturity and experience would give him the edge.

  28. Ustynobaba

    Wenger saying the new Polish DM will go straight to the first team,does that mean no more experience DM recruit in the summer???will he continue with those bunch? Arteta,Flamini,Coquelin and Kyrstian
    But it would have been better if a new DM say Schneiderlin comes in the summer and Arteta is gone probably with a coaching contract given to him,Flamini flog out and then Coquelin and Kyristian supporting Schneiderlin but its Wenger so it might not be

  29. GuNZ


    Last time I flew to the UK and managed to get tickets to the Emirates I ended up marrying the woman I sat next to. I’ve got Wenger to blame for that as well. She can’t cook and she won’t even dress up in an Arsenal shirt, let me call her Sanchez, or adopt a Chilean accent and talk dirty to me during foreplay so no, it’s far safer for me to get somebody else to harangue Johnnie Froggie for me.

  30. Ughelligunner

    Van Gaal loses temper with
    Manchester United manager
    Louis van Gaal has reacted
    angrily to what he perceived as
    persistent questions over the
    future of Radamel Falcao, ahead
    of his side’s Premier League
    clash at QPR. http//;genre=1;sport=3

  31. GuNZ

    Yep, dead right Moray. Appointing the club captain and then having him sit out the season injured or on the bench is the new black. They’ll all be doing it next season.

  32. Ughelligunner

    This is what journals do that annoy me, and that’s what some of us want them to do to wenger, but it does not work that way.

    Put yourself in a situation where you don’t want to answer some question and you are forced to say something, you naturally get mad,

    this is why question are always screened for the politicians and their press conferences

  33. GuNZ


    Yeah. Half the problem is she’s from Highgate so she’s got this posh accent but I say to her just imagine you’re the bloke from the kebab shop opposite Archway station and say olé after every other sentence and you’ll be fine but she just looks at me like I’m something on the bottom of her shoe.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Back in the autumn we couldn’t beat Man City (or more precisely couldn’t hold a lead more than 10 minutes) now suddenly we’re going to beat them? With our threadbare defence who couldn’t keep a clean sheet against Crystal Palace, and Leicester? There’s supporting the team,and then there’s being delusional… A draw is the best we can hope for. I would love a win, but the past results don’t hold much promise…

    I see Wenger is piling on the pressure on Sanchez “to be difference” for Sunday? So does that mean if we lose he’ll be the scapegoat then? As if he’s not doing enough already….

    Stellar man management as per usual…

  35. ADKB

    @GuNZ: Hahaha!

    We’re in a similar boat. Am the only one who cares about any sport at home talk less of football or even Arsenal. Anytime we’re playing everybody (the missus and 2 teenage boys who once fell asleep at the stadium during a game) tiptoes around upstairs and talks in whispers as I fly into a rage anytime AW struggles with his zip and Sanogo staggers around the 18-yd box. That’s what AW has done to me.

  36. Sam

    Krystian Bielik in first team?

    Wenger lying as usual, He wants fans to counting him as Proper new signing
    This boy won’t get a first team game this season

  37. Arsene's Nurse

    How the hell can you put a 17 year old defensive midfielder straight into the first team? Is it because we are so desperate for bodies or is this underdeveloped lad some sort of super-kid that wears his pants on the outside and will sweep all before him?

    What a joke we are.