Thierry calls the The Times a joke

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Oh no, sorry, he didn’t. He said, in The Times, he thought the footage of Arsenal fans shouting at Wenger was a joke, then he thought they took it too far.

“I thought it was a joke,”

“You can be upset, I totally understand that. But when I saw what happened at Stoke I was like’

‘That’s totally unnecessary’. Fans do have a voice, I totally understand that, but what I saw after the Stoke City game was out of order.’

Quotes, ripped right from that £8 subscription I pay for in the hope I won’t have to read salacious / misleading headlines on. Thierry wasn’t taking aim at critics, he was taking aim at a bunch of pissed up away fans who took things too far. Bunching up the term ‘critics’ with ‘thugs’ is misrepresentation.

Anyway. Point is, Thierry isn’t slamming the fans for critiquing Wenger. He’s an absolute student of the game and he’ll know as well as we do what a mess Arsenal have been this season. It’ll be interesting to see whether he packs the punches when he hits Sky. He’ll only earn punditry respect if he’s honest with the consumer. If he’s honest about Arsene, he might find it difficult finding a way back into the club.

… and that’s why Arsene recieves a lot of favourable press coverage from ex-pundits. He’s a way back into the club. He’s Arsenal TV fee. He’s little snippets of insight that help support your career. Same thing used to happen with Fergie. Bend over to him on match day, but don’t worry… if you’re out 0f a job, a call from ol’ rednose would have you back in a job in no time.

Football, like life, is about keeping people sweet.

… Wenger on Szczesny.

 “How can you take that decision? You know how [a player] would take that decision. Szczesny is the No 1, and then David [Ospina] and [Emiliano] Martínez are in competition with him. I do not want to talk too much about it, because the more I talk, the less I will inform you.”

I hope Ospina lands a run. I speak only for myself and George Graham when I say that I give zero f*cks whether the Pole was furious about being dropped. Put simply, if you put his signature out to the rest of Europe, who’d buy him? No one better than Arsenal. Out of the top 8 teams in the league right now, where would you rank our keeper? It’d be pretty low for me. Not saying the boy ain’t capable, merely pointing out that his focus and priorities don’t seem to be where they should be for a player paid mega cash money.

A lot of love for Sanchez flying around. I thought he could be our version of Suarez minus the bites, and he’s proving to be exactly that. Such a work horse, such a sublime talent… staggering that Barca would let a player of that talent fly the nest. Spanish club eh?

Some interesting stats flying around about our wage bill. The Times got it wrong on Chelsea having a lower wage bill than us. It’s £27m higher. Many people have rejoiced in this. I never took too much interest in it either way. For me, the ‘money solves everything’ premise is weak and built on unambitious foundations. Sure, spend more money, do better… it works if you average out over the course of time. It doesn’t give any context though. It’s an excuse to accept your lot in life.

People from poor upbringings grow up poor.

You wouldn’t tolerate statements like that even though the reality is close to the truth. Some accept it. Some look at it and push to find a way to beat the odds.

Arsenal have a wage bill of £163m. Southampton have one that’s £48m. They’re a match for everyone in the league. It’s not a fluke either. They decimated their squad in the summer and they’re now even stronger. They had a long term plan to build a brilliant infrastructure that blended youth, great coaching and smart buying. It’s paying dividends. Will it last forever? Who knows. But that’s not the point. You can’t look at Southampton and say you can only accept that model if it sustains 20 years of Champions League football. Look where they started from. Look where they are now.

Arsenal are spending £110m more a season. We should have a infrastructure that’s better than there’s. We should have a production line that surpasses theirs. We have a manager that’s the 4th highest paid on the planet. If there’s anyone who should be outperforming a par-the-course statistic, it’s him. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the Atletico Madrid in our offering?

To cite a wage bill as the reason we fail is to willfully ignore all the things  you see with your eyes (An Alex line there). Wage bills don’t impact your scouting network, they don’t impact planning for big games, they don’t impact in game management, they don’t impact fatigued players, they don’t impact a weak youth team production line… they don’t impact your ability to spend the stack load of cash you have accruing dust in the bank 14 days into a window you desperately needed to bolster in.

Citing wages is lazy. Look at the club with your eyes. Tell me there’s not a better way.



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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    Well…correction. Can someone let the incompetent manager of Arsenal know Ozil’s by-standing days are loooong over. Ozil should be given a free run like Mata. He should start emulating Mata before he crocks up again.

  2. Dark Hei


    Heh. I am actually serious about the beautiful football bit. We were playing dull but effective football in the first half of last season. Yeah, we are racking the points, but the highlights were more of individual moments. The fluency was lacking. The goals felt manufactured.

    Against Stoke, where admittedly they fulfilled conditions a), b) c) and if you bothered with a d) they will too, we played spontaneous football. That was fun. It hadn’t been like this for a long, long time.

  3. peanuts&monkeys

    Why the fuck did Arsenal go out for Bony???? Why not?? Why the fuck were you sleeping WengerMotherfucker???? And ManCity?? Ater having Dzeko, Aguero, Jovetic, Negredo, they still go for Bony. And this prickly cunt manager thinks his Giroud and Welbz are good enough. Ambition has no place within miles of Emirates. Fuck alll owner, fuck all board. Out out out out you stinky cunts!!!!

  4. Jeff

    So, it’s Sanogo and Chamakh striking partnership for Crystal Palace. If one can’t bungle it, the other surely will. 😆

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Thierry’s quote
    ‘That’s totally unnecessary’. Fans do have a voice, I totally understand that, but what I saw after the Stoke City game was out of order.’

    Gnarley’s quote

    “What I saw in the 1st half AT Stoke was out of order”
    “What I saw of Alexis against Stoke last Sunday was most enjoyable”

  6. PieAFC

    How can anyone serious at the club, even let a rumour fly without stopping come out that Wenger would/could give Diaby a player who’s hardly fucking played a new contract?

    That is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard. No wonder the mood down Arsenal is baffling with decisions like that being potentioanlly made.

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsene Wenger’s replacement maybe should be the Benny Hill lookalike Ronald Koeman. He made need a few more wins on the board tho 😉

    The thing is just when Arsene is about to get his marching orders, with the squad now replensihed with fit players, he’ll probably get the Arse throuhh to the CL semis or finals, & be given another 3 years.

  8. Emiratesstroller

    The key to a successful team in EPL [English Football] is that you play a high tempo, effective and direct game, but above all else you need to have a solid defence if you want to win titles.

    The reason that Southampton are currently in third place in league is not because they are playing pretty football, but because they are defensively solid.
    Until now they have conceded the fewest goals.

    Wenger’s model has always been to play an expansive game a la Barcelona. The problem is that in last 8 years he has not had the calibre of players to achieve that result and cope with teams such as Chelsea,Man City or even
    Stoke who will outmuscle us on the pitch.

    Football today is a squad game, but you don’t need 30 players + to produce a
    good outcome provided that you are not carrying a large contingent of injury
    prone players. This is another weakness of Wenger and back room staff at the
    club. They accumulate far too many of such players.

    George Graham has made the point about improving the spine of the club. That is a valid point, but what is more important is that the team’s all-round and tactical game needs to be improved.

    If the opposition parks the bus with 10 players behind the ball there is not a
    lot of point of attacking them for 85 minutes with players like Mertesacker and the fullbacks running upfield critically losing the ball and then being
    out of position when the opponents counterattack.

    Similarly it beggars belief that Arsenal are found out consistently at set pieces
    whether it is free kicks or corners because of zonal marking. You would have
    thought by now that there would be coaches at club who have learned the lesson and changed the tactics.

    Successful teams need stars and technically gifted players, but they need also
    players who work hard and effectively for team. Sadly we have not got the balance right over last 10 years.

    Arsenal’s major problem in recent years has been that life is too ‘comfortable’
    at the club and stunted ambition. That is not just down to the manager, but also to the people who run the club. They seem more interested in the business than the football side.

  9. Highbury Daze

    Stroller, I have to disagree, United won it a few years back conceding more goals than us, 40 odd they conceded and won the title by 11 points, City and Liverpool both scored over 100 goals last season and finished 1, 2, it used to be defence that won titles, not any more

  10. Highbury Daze

    There is not football side to AFC any more, it is a charade they use football to make a shit load of money, football is the vehicle used to make the cash, buying low and selling high, corporate parasites who know nothing about football but using it to amass large profits by a miserly manager

    I question that Wenger even bought Sanchez, I know 100% he never sanctioned Ozil, this guy’s MO is haggling over a few quid for a 17 year old kid worth 3 million, not spending 80 million on 2 players

  11. Highbury Daze

    You would think after conceding just 15 goals after 21 games you would be top of the table, Saints are 10 points of Chelsea who have conceded 19 but scored 46 compared to Saints 35, so it’s goals that will win the title I think, it’s the old adage, if they score 3, we will score 4 and so on, if they score 4 we will score 5 or 6

  12. Highbury Daze

    And Spurs put 5 past Chelsea in one game, take that off the 19 they conceded and it’s impressive, but so is goals scored

  13. Highbury Daze

    Villa have conceded less goals, 23 than Liverpool Spurs and Arsenal, yet they have scored a measly 11 in 21 games and are 13th in the table, so having a good defence has not helped them

  14. Wallace

    Bielik aside, i wasn’t expecting Wenger to add another midfielder this window. wonder if the Arteta setback will see him try bring someone in. nothing in the German press about the Gundogan rumours though.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    Rumours he’s asked the board for two players this window not including the Polish youngster.

    Despite some top buys this summer we missed out on the CB and DM we needed
    Our injury record continues
    Manager plays the wrong system and players out of position
    He doesn’t work on the defence

    We’ve had at least half our first team missing all season including

    Our best defender : Kos
    Our experienced RB : Debuchy
    Our captain and 1st choice DM : Arteta
    Our playmaker : Ozil
    Our effective wide man in terms goals and assists : Walcott
    Our 1st choice CF : Giroud

    On top of that Ramsey, Wilshere and Gibbs have missed chunks of the season aswell

    All things considered we’re 3 points off 3rd in spite of all the above. It’s frustrating that even with the problems above we still could have done better. Had we had even an average number of injuries we could well have been close on City’s tail

    Now players are coming back I would expect an improvement in consistency of results and quality of performance especially if we add cover for Debuchy and now bloody Arteta.

  16. Highbury Daze

    If you have followed Wenger you know he waits, haggles, dithers haggles some more then waits another month or 2 before making a purchase, always trying to beat down the price, not with Ozil and Sanchez, no dithering no haggling what do they cost well Ozil is 42.5 million, no worry here it is, how much is Sanchez, we are asking 35 million, piece of fucking cake her it is, now does that sound like Wenger signed those two, not in a million years, fuck me he is trying to get the price of a kid with a price tag of 3 million and the biggest fucking miser is debating a price, please

  17. ADKB

    I’m not entirely sure Arsene was the driving force behind Ozil and Sanchez deals. He doesn’t like paying double-figure amounts. He was angry at paying £16m for Welbeck! He shops from the bargain shelves at Aldi.

    Do you know what? When he finally decides to leave, I wouldn’t like to see him anywhere near the Emirates. Nowhere near getting on the board. Else we’re doomed forever.

  18. Highbury Daze

    Reason he was angry with the Welbeck deal is because he never sanctioned it was praying with the pope he would have wanted a loan deal at best, never forget he has Giroud, as far as Wenger is concerned, the best striker in the world cost 11 million Arsene’s price

  19. tunnygriffboy


    The Mail. I know, I know, I know. I think we were always in for a defender even before that bastard cheap shotted Debuchy into the advertising hoardings. Now Arteta has fallen to pieces it’s possible he’ll get a midfielder as well.

    Also the secret footballer tweeted that he’d heard from a player that the deal is done for Schniederlin to join us in the summer.

  20. Wallace


    as much as i’d like to see how Bellerin develops with a run in the side, i think it’s asking too much of a 19yr old to play 20+ games. so would expect him to bring in a full back, or a CB who can cover RB.

    but the last few weeks i think we’ve finally struck a good balance in midfield with the introduction of Coquelin, the re-introduction of Rosicky, and an in-form Cazorla, add Ozil and Ramsey into the mix and i think we’re probably good/covered in this area.

    hope there’s nothing to these Brozovic rumours. if he signs another attacking midfield before sorting out the defence i’ll probably cry.

  21. Highbury Daze

    We started with 6 defenders, and we still have 6, Per, Gibbs, Monreal, Kos, Chambers, Bellerin, no way Wenger is getting a defender in no CB no CDM if he thought it was enough in August, it’ s enough in January,

  22. Highbury Daze

    We have right backs coming out of our ears, I know Debuchy is injured but we have Chambers and Bellerin, with Jenkinson on loan, yea, we need a RB like we need a hole in the head

  23. ADKB

    I quite like it here. It’s like fantasy football. Reality is Wenger isn’t looking at buying anyone until 31 Jan when the window’s about to close.

    Bielik deal hasn’t got anything to do with football – it’s about economics, how much the player might be worth in another couple of years down the line.

  24. Highbury Daze

    It’s the same with all youth, how much can I get for them at a later date, well Cesc cost 500k in compo to Barca, and I sold him back to the same idiots for 35 million quid, how fucked up are Barca, I paid 500k for Anelka sold him to Real for 23 million, aren’t I a clever bastard that degree in economics has served me well I know fuck all about football, but no one puts anything over on me in the transfer market

  25. ADKB

    A leopard that has changed its spots is a dead leopard.

    Wenger economises with everything, including players he thinks can play in different positions. e.g. Chambers has played at RB, CB and RM.

    Wenger doesn’t do deals early. There’s nothing like buying a player in the first week of Jan so as to spend the month with the team. Or as soon as the summer window opens so as to have several weeks of preseason training with the team.

  26. Highbury Daze

    I paid 1 million quid for Dan Crowley, I poached him from Villa, I will polish him, say he is an Arsenal junior and get all the credit when I sell him for 25 million quid, fuck me I am clever

  27. N5

    tunny, thanks mate. I’d missed the article you’re talking about. Even when the papers run with spurious stories, which this may or may not be, I like to read what others consider is going on.

    ADKB: “I quite like it here. It’s like fantasy football.”

    What can I say? we like disappointment, it’s cool to talk about Benzema and get Sanogo 🙁

  28. Highbury Daze

    True adkb, he pays the young kids a small salary, say 1000 pounds a week, he then punishes them in the form of fines, late for meals, 250 quid fine, phones in the joint 500 pound fine, reading newspapers in the place, 100 pounds, by the end of the week the kids have lost their salary to fines they end up behind on the week, thgis is the vile fucking shit that Wenger does to players, they are actually paying Wenger to come to the colony


  29. ADKB

    A great manager is great at moving with the times.

    Say what you like about Sir Alex, he kept evolving and was fresh until the last minute. Oh no, our Wenger the Genius is operating the same way he’s always done for years. And the saddest thing is it hasn’t worked and he continues to believe it’s going to work … next season!

  30. Highbury Daze

    But N5 we are not disappointed, we know we are not getting Benzema, we have prepared ourselves mentally for the let down, we know this guys MO

  31. SpanishDave

    Any manager with ambition would have brought players in at the beginning of the window so they would strenghten our side for the Man City game. Wenger is not interested in wining this game he writes off these gzmes as losses snd targets only the games against the weaker teams. This is what you do to get 4th.

  32. ADKB

    Don’t go slagging off Sanogo mate! He’s the next source of millions in profit for AFC 🙂 As soon as he can stay on his feet for a couple of minutes, he’ll be worth at least £40m. PSG, Real Madrid, Barca and all the big boys will be fighting for his signature. yes sir, you can quote me on that when it happens 🙂

  33. Dark Hei


    Hate to bust your Pellegrini bubble, but City just paid 28M for a striker that is off for ANC duty.
    Oh and they do not have Alvaro Negredo with them either. Less said about Jovetic and Dzeko the better.
    As usual boring James Milnar is overlooked as the auxiliary striker. I think he is one of the most unappreciated players around. Would love to see him at the Emirates. He is funny as hell.

  34. Highbury Daze

    Remember all the strikers that were linked with us, Benzema, Higuain, Suarez, Cavani, Falcao, Wenger never intended ever to buy any of them, he made a token bid for Suarez because the Chairman insisted, knowing full well it would be rejected, which it duly was, but Wenger pulled a rabbit out of his ares and produced Sanogo on a free, even though we had 150 million quid cash, this reptile brings in the postman,

  35. Highbury Daze

    I have checked transfers in and out for most of the clubs, until Ozil and Sanchez arrived in the 18 years Wenger had been here clubs like Everton Newcastle, Villa and a lot more actually paid out more in transfer fees than AFC, because no one else on this planet can devise the cheap deals Wenger can, Toure, 150,000 quid he cost AFC, sold to City for about 16 million, Song cost 1 million, Barca again paid 15 million, one thing about Wenger he is a fucking fiscal genius

  36. ADKB

    I think there’s a different agenda at Arsenal. Bring in young talent, give them good money and opportunity. Then they’re grateful and remain subservient to you. As soon as they become “superstars” or feel they can make it anywhere on their own, they get shipped out for huge profit.

    I find it extremely hard to believe that Wenger, deep down inside, believes this strategy can win us the PL title.

    If we’d offered £45m for Suarez, Liverpool would have considered it – at least they’d have been open for further discussions. Problem is Wenger can’t operate with a ready-made superstar. I wonder how long the honeymoon with Sanchez will last. Wenger couldn’t have believed the boy’s this good, else he wouldn’t have bought him.

  37. tunnygriffboy


    Yes I think a defender will come in. Great if he can cover RB but it may be he’ll go with Chambers and Bellerin, sharing the load.

    If, if, he gets Gundogan now and if, if he gets Schniederlin in the summer then the squad just needs slimming down with a couple of players coming in to replace those leaving. Bellerin will be in squad, Jenkinson may come back leaving Chambers as mainly a CB. With a CB coming this window the defence will be sorted numbers wise. Leaves bit of dosh for another forward

  38. Bamford10

    Dark Hei

    Jovetic and Dzeko are both better than either of our central strikers. Only injury issues have hindered them.

    Giroud and Welbeck are gash. No top team would be interested in either.

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Not sure that Dzeko is that great. Really blows hot and cold. Jovetic is quality and would suit us well. With the signing of Bony one of them may be available in the summer.

  40. Bamford10


    Pollyanna as always. Giroud is barely better than Welbeck, if at all. Arteta is ponderous and slow and would improve us negligibly. Theo would compete with Ox for a spot and it isn’t clear he’d start or be all that much more effective. Ozil would replace Cazorla, who has been excellent.

    We’d be marginally better, but still levels below City and Chelsea and 3-4 players away from being a top side.

  41. Dark Hei


    I think “better” is a relative term. Those 2 are certainly more talented but on current form, no way are they better. Fair statement right? Otherwise why play James Milnar as striker.

    It is a bit late but take a look at City’s finances. Looks like they are cooking the revenue books by creating subsidiaries and making billings to them.

  42. Bamford10


    Wenger isn’t interested in winning the title. What he really cares about is running the club in accordance with his “principles” (frugality, loyalty, free play).

    Beyond that he simply aims to be “in the running”. He’s happy as long as we finish four in the EPL and top 16 in the CL. This is success for him, because what really matters to him is his principles.

    He’s a fucking farce, and I cannot wait till we’re rid of him. Does a couple of things well but ignores half of the rest of the game. The result is mediocrity, year after year after year.

    Wenger out.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Manchester United won titles under Fergie, because most of the time they had the balance right in their team.

    There were very few occasions when they won the title with a weak defence or
    conceded a lot of goals. The last time they won title occurred the year they recruited Van Persie. Bluntly they won the title then more by default than because they were a good team.

    Yes Chelsea did lose badly to Spurs, but that was a one off result. How many times a season do they concede more than one goal?

    Apart from our defensive weaknesses our main problem is injuries. No team
    can afford to be constantly without 8-10 players as we seem to be. You have
    already 4 players guaranteed to be out until at least March with announcement that Arteta has had relapse and Debuchy may need operation. Factor
    in Diaby and Wilshire as well. You know also that it is a guarantee that Walcott, Gibbs and Ramsey will get injured again sooner rather than later.

    Arsenal will now need to bring in at least two new players in this transfer window. Not to do so will be negligent. The question is will our genius manager opt for short rather than long term solutions.

    We know that we need an extra defender, but if Arteta is out until March/April
    there is absolutely no point in bring in someone short term to replace him.
    Bluntly we need to offload at least three midfielders in the summer and I am afraid he should be one of them.

  44. Bamford10

    Highly unlikely Wenger does anything in this window to make us relevant, partly because of who Wenger is and partly because of the nature of the Jan window..

    To be relevant we need a class CDM and defender, at least. I’d argue we need a class CF as well and that we won’t be relevant as long as we have Giroud or Welbeck up top, but that’s third priority at moment.

    Regardless, likelihood is we’re an also-ran YET AGAIN this season.

    Fucking incredible.

  45. Highbury Daze

    Never mind, Giroud can fetch 15 million in transfer sale, Welbeck, well we will get our money back on him, he can go for 16 -18 million quid

    We as fans are supposed to happy with these transactions, the club makes profit, you support the club, you should be happy the pricks made millions for their already over inflated bank accounts but what does it in reality do for the fans, FUCK ALL YOUR HONOUR

  46. Highbury Daze

    As a fan I can take not competing in the CL for a year or two, look at one of the biggest clubs in the world Man Utd, no CL for them it is not the end of the world

    I would welcome 5th or 6th to see the look of the frowns on the faces of the owner/board/Wenger when these money grubbing parasites miss out on CL, it would make my decade

  47. tunnygriffboy


    Do you not think think that if any club had those injuries their performance level would drop ? It’s not just replacing players that are playing now it provides different options and ability to rest a few of the players who have had to play non stop.

    Arteta, slow though he is, improves us a fair bit in terms of keeping things ticking over. Is he the answer ? No, but we’re much more effective when he’s in the team as opposed to Flamini. Giroud gives a different option to Welbeck in terms of skillsets. Finally in terms of effectiveness Walcott has provided goals and assists before his injury. We’d be much better if they’d all been fit.

    I don’t see Dzeko as a top striker sorry 🙂

  48. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not arguing that we’d be at Chelsea and City’s level but at a level far better than we’ve shown this season. I guess if they stay fit for the 2nd half of the season will tell. However Debuchy has gone and Arteta is out for another 4 weeks already

  49. Carts

    “True adkb, he pays the young kids a small salary, say 1000 pounds a week, he then punishes them in the form of fines, late for meals, 250 quid fine, phones in the joint 500 pound fine, reading newspapers in the place, 100 pounds, by the end of the week the kids have lost their salary to fines they end up behind on the week, thgis is the vile fucking shit that Wenger does to players, they are actually paying Wenger to come to the colony

    FUCKING LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Makres for a good read whether it’s bollock or not.

  50. SpanishDave

    I watched Mertesacker during the last game and you realise how poor he has become. Hes slow at marking, doesnt jump, when he gets the ball he looks afraid of passing up field and hes such a slow runner. No other team in the top 4 would have him. Like our perennial injury players the whole lot need shifting.

  51. Gregg

    If anything is going to happen then it will be deadline day, as always. We have one league game before window closes, this weekend.

    Laugh of the day; The daily star reckons we’ll bid £63 for Hummels and Gundogan!

  52. Gunningforglory

    Gregg that is truley the laugh of the day Hummerls is over rated the prem will eat him alive Gundogan injury prone pluse 6 months left on his contract Wengar will probs wait for Summer for the one so he can get him cheap, so dissapointed in wengar out dated one way thinking. plus guys where is the new update got my morning coffee ready for a good read here

  53. Gregg


    Yep I think a couple of reasons for that. Firstly he has had no break whatsoever. He played all last season, then the world Cup and then this season pretty much every game, mainly because of injuries we cant rest him

    Secondly and more importantly, he’s missing the protection that Sagna gave him. Sagna positioned himself very close to Mert and rarely left him isolated. At times it was like a back 3 last season.

  54. Emiratesstroller

    The priorities now particularly when you get diagnosis on condition of both
    Debuchy and Arteta are an additional defender and defensive midfielder. That
    needs to be sorted sooner rather than later.

    The defender is no brainer, because we have only 4 experienced defenders left
    in squad in absence of Debuchy and that includes Koscielny who is also a risk.

    The defensive midfielder has also become critical, because Arteta was probably our best player despite his limitations. Neither Flamini nor Coquelin are
    good enough.

    In the summer we will need to replace midfielders. Noone is going to suggest
    seriously that Diaby is kept on books. Messrs Rosicky [35 next season], Arteta
    [32] and Flamini [31] need also replacing if the club has real interest in improving.

    I don’t agree with the constant suggestion that we need a new striker. The team is capable of scoring plenty of goals with its current resources. Giroud
    missed two months and Walcott has been out most of this season. Yet only
    Chelsea and Man City have scored more goals. We have plenty of fire power
    in squad.

  55. Gregg

    Woudnt be surprised to see deals for this Bielik kid and Brozovic done in this window. Other than that no other additions in midfield in the summer. Defence ? we need a couple IMO

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Also along with the things you’ve said re Per’s form he’s been without Sagna’s replacement Debuchy and his experience and his buddy Kos. Also he’s had pups alongside him and on occasions has had to shift to left CB. Add to the fact that sometimes he’s had no protection in front of him it’s no wonder he’s found things tough. He will need replacing but with a settled defence he will look better.

  57. Wallace

    just slowly slogged my way through a Dortmund fan forum in which they were discussing the possible sales of Reus & Gundogan. they seemed pretty philosophical about it. one guy thought if they could get 20m from us for Gundogan that would be a good deal, while another was like, ‘Arsenal? why would he go to Arsenal? they have no more chance of winning a league or CL than us,’. to which a far cooler guy retorted, ‘Arsenal are a great club. they have an illustrious history and players in Sanchez & Ozil who we could never dream of buying…’

    anyway, fascinating to observe how we’re seen from the outside.

  58. Emiratesstroller


    There has been too much criticism of Mertesacker. Obviously he is not in great form, but he has not had a proper break for over 18 months, and as you point out he is the only player in defence who has not been out injured.

    That has been the main problem. The situation has not been helped also by
    the manager’s idiotic decision not to replace Vermaelen when he was sold.
    No other competent manager would have gone into this season allowing that
    to happen.

  59. ADKB

    Has anyone else seen this joke-of-the-day?

    “Arsenal are ready to begin talks with Borussia Dortmund over a £63m deal to sign 24-year-old midfielder Ilkay Gundogan and centre-back Mats Hummels, reports the Daily Star.”