Arsenal planning a typically amusing Winston Reid bid?

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Yo, yo! George Graham up on the miiiiiiiic!

‘All Arsenal fans would like to see new players right down the middle.

‘They need a new goalkeeper, a centre half and a defensive midfielder.

‘With all the talent they’ve got in midfield, they’re up there with the top teams in the league, playing attractive football when they’re in possession.

‘When they don’t have the ball, though, there are too many players who don’t want to win it back early enough.’ 

You can’t knock those words. George knows his defence and he knows what makes a solid core of a team. Wenger’s early success certainly had a lot to do with the ground work put in by him.

I’d hold fire on the keeper until we know whether Ospina is any good, but the other two signings are pretty pertinent.

Rumours are starting to circle back to the same grouping of players at the moment. We’re sniffing around Sissoko who sees Arsenal as his dream club. Who wouldn’t? London, French people around you, great training facilities and great potential for the future. Great thing about this man is he spells the end for Diaby. He gives us a bit of power in midfield and he gives us a bit of Patrick. Not sure how much of a leader he is, but one thing is for sure, he’s a good player.

In defence, there are rumours we’re going to drop £3m for Winston Reid. I love those stories, because they’re so true. For me, there’s no way I’d be selling Reid for that. Big Sam would be better off keeping him and seeing how far he can take a very in form West Ham. Reid could be the difference between 7th and 11th. He’ll have to play his heart out to keep his stock high. Last season, that would have equated to £4.8m additional prize money and £15m more of TV share. It makes no sense to lose him for that sort of cash.

… Arsenal will try though. Like the guy who picks off bargains at a lawn sale post hurricane.

The defensive midfield situation doesn’t seem to be progressing. I think we’re going to shelve plans and go hard for a one in the shape of Schneiderlin this summer. Irritating thing about this move is we should have landed him this summer. Whatever we thought we could pay last summer has now increased. Waiting on players is an inflationary disaster if they’re good. Really can’t understand why we didn’t just go hard early doors when Southampton were shedding players left right and centre.

I tell you what isn’t helping, all the smart arsed authors penning ‘Could Coquelin be the answer?’ articles. It’s not a curve ball question. You don’t see something the rest of us don’t. You’re just fuelling a cheap option. It’d be the most predictable move of all time. Coquelin is a good player. A player who was playing for Charlton last month. A player Wenger only brought back into contention because he had literally no other option. I’m not saying he’s not a good player. I’m merely saying that the manager can’t all of a sudden decide he’s the answer to our defensive midfield crisis after one good month. We need at least two in that position anyway.

The second half of the season needs a squad. My worry is that Wenger is one of the worst when it comes to reactionary decisions. He’ll have been pushing the panic buttons on players for the last three months, now he’ll see our form and he’ll think that it’s all going to be ok. Forgetting a lack of squad caused the injury crisis in the first place… in gold fish like manner.

Fans are the same though… one win and everything is fine. No recollection with regards to what has us firmly out of title contention in the first place. If we beat City on Sunday, we’ll be even more placid. But like the United resurgence under Van Gaal… it won’t last long. A small squad is a small squad.

… but hey, Dick Law is sealing the deal for that Polish lad. Glad he’s taking January seriously. We’re being bantzed again.

Balon Dor happened last night. I love reading people slate the players attire. People who couldn’t dress a salad critiquing player fashion. Oh my days.

Anyway, it went to Ronaldo. He accepted in humble fashion as ever. I do think the trophy is getting a little boring. Messi and Ronaldo are great players, but they’re playing in a league that protects them physically and bends over to them week in week out. They’re protected by the horrendous TV money disparity. Both talents, but really, for me, it should have gone to Neuer.

Whilst we’re on it, David Luiz in the team of year? Really? A player who humiliated his country at the World Cup? A player of questionable ability and commitment?

I mean, I love Messi, but how is he in the top 3 again? Barca won very little. Argentina made the final of the World Cup… but it just seems a bit too standard to put him in the running, especially considering the whining that’s been going on at his club. Was there any representation for the heroics of Atletico players? Why is the Premier League always so underrepresented?

Samir Nasri dropped a bit of insight into the way Al Fergo operated.

“We met with Sir Alex in Paris, in a hidden place, out of sight, so as not to fuel the rumours.

“But there was one thing that was a problem; I was asked to go to war with Arsenal to be able to join. I could not see myself doing it, especially with Arsene Wenger.

“After Man City showed their interest. Mancini called me every day during the holidays. I then decided that they really wanted me.”

Dirty pig…

Nice of Samir not to go to war with us, and instead, just demand a move to City instead. A man of honour.

13 days into the transfer window… and what a shocker, no players to speak of.






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  1. Highbury Daze

    What better business is there when you get your product for nothing, (players) free transfers, then sell them at a later date for millions of pounds, this is a business made in heaven, it’s a fucking bonanza, and even if you have to buy some product at the lowest cost wait a year or two and sell that same product for millions of pounds, it’s almost like stealing, in fact that’s what it is surely there is a law about dealing and moving children around the world to various football clubs, and if there isn’t there should be, try taking a 13 year old kid from anywhere and have him work for you in your business, you would be in court in an instant

  2. Highbury Daze

    I used the 3-5 million as a guide it could be 5-6, whatever the valuation is at the time, and as for Jenks being as good as Debuchy, well now you are making yourself sound like a plank with statements like that

  3. Emiratesstroller

    I just don’t understand why Arsenal are persisting with a 16 year old DM unless he is really something special.

    If our financial budget in January is restricted then we should be focussing on our immediate requirements and not on ‘long term’ projects which in most cases turn out to be speculative.

    Personally I would rather hold onto the money and invest it on players we need today and not tomorrow.

    When I read that the youngster tootled off to Hamburg my reaction is let him
    go there. Frankly if he was such a major catch then I would expect the competition to be one of the major clubs in EPL or Europe. Hamburg hardly fit that

    What I find laughable is that we cannot manage to pick up a decent transfer
    fee for Podolski, but we are willing to spend £2-3 million on someone who is
    completely untested.

    Frankly that says everything about our transfer and wage strategy.

  4. Dark Hei

    Because we need some first teamers we can go say goodbye to the future and not be arsed about the new generation. I mean why bother to get them young when we can get them later at much more expensive prices right? Especially since we are planning to spend someone else’s $$, not ours.

    Maybe you guys imagine Arsenal FC to be terribly short of manpower, but I doubt there is no one in the office who can’t type an email enquiry for player xyz. Heck, they can even ask Diaby to do it. He is a nice guy, he will if you ask.

  5. Highbury Daze

    Arsene is still out there looking for that qualitee, you know he won’t just sign anybody, they need to add something to the team/squad, he said so himself,

    So with that in mind he is chasing a 17 year old schoolboy, there is really nothing more to add about this walking contradicting imbecile

  6. Highbury Daze

    Stroller, the reason we can’t pick up a decent transfer fee for Poldi, is no one is prepared to pay 100k a week wage for him, thats why these players go on loan, and AFC supplements that wage, if a transfer fee was agreed then the wage becomes the problem for the buying club, that’s why from Denilson to Bendtner to Santos, they were loaned to various clubs, then their contract runs down they sign for whatever club at a vastly reduced wage to what dumbo Wenger was paying them

  7. Highbury Daze

    You think Podolski is going to give up 100k a week he will run his contract down on that wage, he doesn’t care who pays it but he will not give it up, he is now playing for Inter, you can be sure that club is not paying 100k a week it could be 60-40, 50-50, whatever it is AFC will be contributing something to it

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    Bony could have been a 5x better than Giroud and Welbz. With no convincing CF in the ranks since the plunderer sold RVP, Bony could have been an excellent addition. Yet some AKBs and morons weigh Bony’s worth in a few millions give and take. The egotist has got many Arsenal fans build a habit of counting pennies. Fuck all fanbase!

  9. Highbury Daze

    silentstan eh! not as silent as some would want, this pleb might be a bot, are you a bot stan, tap once if yes, twice if not

  10. Highbury Daze

    there is a saying if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves, not sure who said it, but I’m sure it wasn’t Stan, he has a keyboard with 26 z’s, so it would be a bit hard for him/her

  11. Highbury Daze

    Sanchez will be wearing the blue of Man City within 2 years, if not before, they will jettison a few to make way with FFP rules, if these grubs can buy their way to trophies by taking Clichy Adebayor Toure Nasri, they sure as hell won’t pass up the best player by a country mile in the EPL and snatch Alexis, they will promise him cups Trophies and a huge wage that he just cannot refuse

    Wenger will of course run all the bollocks how he tried to keep him, but he wanted to leave

    The 50-70 million quid AFC will pocket will be a soothing elixir, Aguero will probably move to Spain to help fund this raid, but it will happen, if it is not City it will be another club with a better manager who knows what he is doing

  12. Jeff

    If we put into context the target for this and every season for the last 10 years, it is not difficult to see how the transfer windows pan out. The target is fourth and we will do just enough to get it – never more. If you don’t lose sight of that idea, no window will be a surprise or shock.

  13. Wallace


    he has to bring in a defender. would maybe have agreed with you if Debuchy’hadn’t been taken out, but he’s already admitted to running Chambers into the ground. it would be beyond belief if he didn’t bring in a defender of some sort this window.

  14. Highbury Daze

    Wenger takes ages to conclude deals because he wants to save 10 bob, he is the ultimate miser ultimate, the best fiscal manager in world football

  15. Zementalstrength

    “Sanchez will be wearing the blue of Man City within 2 years, if not before…”

    I am not far to think that you are right.
    He will wear blue anyway lol

    Same old same old ArsÈnal…

  16. Zementalstrength

    Thierry Henry will make his commentator debuts for Sky this sunday apparently…
    Hope that will bring us good luck.

  17. peanuts&monkeys

    Sanchez to City in 2 years: “Wenger will of course run all the bollocks how he tried to keep him, but he wanted to leave”….and the usually utter stupid Arsenal fans will boo Sanchez not ever trying to remember what astounding seasons he had had with Arsenal.

    In fact this booing of Nasri, RVP and even Cesc this season is a way of condoning the motherfucker Wenger. its an acceptance of the Arsenal fanbase that Wenger tried his best, but the player was extremely greedy.

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    Arsenals transfer team.

    “I’ll give you 3 million for beilek”


    “3 million and a pound”

    ” Fuck off”

    “3 million and 2 pound”

    ” no seriously fuck off”

    5 years later when said player becomes a big name….

    Arsène Wenger ” I could of signed him, he was on our radar”….