Arnautović should face prosecution…

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I felt relatively confident about the game yesterday. The weather was nothing short of stunning, the mood around the ground bubbled and Stoke at our place lose their thug touch around goal.

The line up was strong. The major talking point centred around the manager dropping Szecseny. I don’t see why it was even a conversation point. If ill discipline, newspaper arrogance and poor from isn’t enough to drop someone… you have to ask the point of having Ospina in the squad. You also have to ask how it can be possible for a player to be bigger than the team? Thankfully, Wenger made the right choice and we didn’t have to ask those questions. It was a big game for the Colombian, but jeez, he’s played in a World Cup against Brazil, I think he’s going to be fine against Peter Crouch and band of merry knuckle heads.

We switched ends, which meant Stoke played into the sun first half. Early signs were positive. Sanchez slipped inside from the left and curled shot inside the far post, Begovic got down swiftly and pushed it wide. Tomas went on his own marauding run but shot just wide. Everyone I sit round adores that guy. Not good enough for more than a game a week, certainly good enough to create an impact.

The breakthrough arrived in amusing circumstances, Sanchez duffed a low corner that was thighed back out to him, he punched a low flat cross into the box for a simple Koscielny header home. Lovely. Maybe there’s something in the short corner?

The tackles were flying in. The ref seemed to be taking great amusement in letting it run. He has no control of the game. The first horrible incident came from when Arnautovic shoved Debuchy into the hoardings seriously damaging his collar bone. He didn’t even pick up a booking. How anyone can do that to a fellow professional is beyond me. That’s his season over. In the real world, if you did that to someone, you’d be prosecuted for assault. Why it’s ok when it’s professional football is beyond me. That was illegal and disgusting. Thuggish behaviour deserves a clampdown.

Stoke continued to fly in with horrendous tackles, the ref oblivious and not feeling card happy. Monreal was the next casualty. What does frustrate me is the lack of ref harassment we offer. Why are we not screaming in their face like other teams? We don’t ever seek out a tried and tested method of gaining favour. I also kind of hoped for a retaliation. Chamberlain had a go but missed, Coquelin is always up for the fight, but to see Giroud jump out of an opportunity to smash Arnautovic was disappointing… he really was poor yesterday. Flouncing around because he didn’t fancy it. He should have been using his weight to intimidate.

Karma did repay us for our second, one of the orks flew at Sanchez, he dodged the tackle, cut into the area and buried a shot low at the inside post. An absolute peach. If you’re a nasty piece of work, try not to hack at Sanchez, he goes all Incredible Hulk.

What. A. Player.

Second half opened with more LOLz. Sanchez duffed an edge of the box freekick under the Stoke wall, Begovic made a hash timing his dive, he tipped the ball onto the post and palmed it into the net. Hilarious.

There were more solid moments. Santi hit the bar with a floated chip from 7 yards. Theo came on and missed a one on one. He looked sharp physically, but he’s still a way off mentally. That’ll come though. We have to be patient with him. He’ll be protecting his body subconsciously and he’ll be feeling the nerves. He’s been out of the game for a year, it’ll be a tough slog getting back in the swing of things. It’ll be fine though, he’ll start showing mid Feb and he’ll kick us on for the league.

Ozil came on to great applause late on. Shad Forsythe looks like he’s let his strength and conditioning exexpertise loose on the German. He looked like he’d bulked on 10kg. Good thinking. The Colbert regime had the club in the mentality that  bulk slowed players down. I’m interested to see how the bulked out German handles the league. There was one moment that reminded you of his talent, it was a volleyed pass out wide that was spectacular. Can’t wait for him to get cracking…


Style: For the first time this season, we looked like we had a purpose. The team knew what they were looking to achieve, they didn’t feel sorry for themselves when Debuchy slipped off and they dealt Stoke the hammer blow the only way they know how… with great football. As predicted, the cavalry would steam back into the team, we’ll find out rhrhythm and we’ll nail 4th place because we’re so much stronger than the pretenders below us.

Ospina: ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOspppppiiiiina!’ < That’s what we do when he runs to take a goal kick. It’s good fun. Like a fart, the joke never dies. From a performance perspective, he wasn’t exactly busy, but his distribution was smart and he had a calm air about him. He’s only a year older than Szecseny, so if he makes that spot his own, it could be big trouble for the Pole.

Stoke and Refs: The caliber of refereeing in the league is getting beyond a joke. Yesterday, Jonathan Moss, delivered a terrible performance. I don’t like to bag on people, but he had done next to no research on Stoke and how they play. If he had, it was minimal. Every corner we had, Shawcross had two hands on whomever he was marking. Stoke systematically fouled us. He ignored violent attempts on players if the man in question missed. I didn’t see a card for breaking a collarbone. I’m not sure I remember seeing on for the Monreal busted eye (I was the other end of the pitch).

Why are refs not looking at how a team traditionally plays and stopping the skulduggery early on? It’s not like they have much on inbetween games.

Outside that, that ref is clearly hugely out of shape. He couldn’t keep up with play, he was visibly overweight and he doesn’t have the physical presence to be respected on the pitch. Look, I don’t give a rats arse about how people look, but this is top level sport. Most of the refs you see in Rugby look like boxers. They command respect. They’re accountable.

Our refs? It’s like an old boys club. They never answer questions on their performance, they never justify their thinking, they never apologise, they look like they have a total lack of understanding of how teams play… but hey, at least they share their phone numbers with superstar players. It’s embarrassing.

You know what else is perplexing? Why no one has ever legally challenged the ‘all refs are English’ thing they’ve got going on. If there’s one thing you can guarantee about being English it’s this… you’ll have an affinity to certain teams and a disdain for others. How is that fair? Why can’t we open our ref association out to Europe? Why can’t we have an Italian ref over for that game yesterday? Would he or she tolerate that sort  of behaviour? No way. Red cards out in the first half. By bringing in foreign influence the ref association, you raise the bar. You bring European scrutiny. You share best practice. You create a more powerful body. You might get somewhere demanding video assistance against the backward FIFA.

Football is so outdated compared to other sports. Our refs are backwards. It’s such a regressive set up and no one has the power to make it better. If they do, they don’t care. It ruins the game and in the case of Debuchy, could ruin his career.

Monreal: I prefer him to Gibbs. I’ve said this most of the season. Yesterday, he put in another solid performance. He might not look as glamorous going forward as the Englishman, but he’s a more solid defender all round. He won’t be bombing forward after 12 seconds next weekend, he’ll put his body on the line for the club and I think he’ll show a few people what he’s made of for the run in.

Coquelin: Well, well, well… he’s doing a job people! I did wonder why he’d never been given a go in the past, he has a lot of ingredients Wenger looks for in players like that. Well, who cares, he’s proving himself. He sits in front of the back four. He asks questions of other teams, he puts a foot in, he passes well and he makes a nuisance of himself. I much prefer him to Flamini. He’s our Giles Grimandi. There’s certainly a place for him in our squad. Not everyone has to be world class. What he can’t be is our ‘like a new signing’ player. Though, with Schneiderlin moving in the summer, you can imagine that’s exactly what he’ll be.

Next Week: Next up in Manchester City. This is the big one. How far have we progressed? I fancy it at least being a good game. I’m worried we’ve lost Debuchy for the long term. I’m worried we still don’t have a centre back lined up, and Koscielny was limping for parts of yesterday. However, going foward, we’re more than a match for a City capable of a wobble. I’m not in total fear… that’s all I’m saying.

#‎jesuischarlie‬: I try and keep this site to football. But I just wanted to congratulate the French for bringing 4million people out to march in solidarity against the backdrop of the horrors that occurred at the Charlie Hebdo offices. Freedom of speech is important. The hashtag isn’t about promoting offesive / unfunny cartoons. It’s about being able to express yourself without fear. It’s about a progressive society that won’t bow to violent people. Opinion often seems to be the enemy of the internet. The web is hugely intolerant of anything that sits outside of vanilla. It’s not a nice place to be. The disgusting behavior on both sides of the fence over the last few days makes me ashamed to be human. The fact these regressive behaviours slip offline is worrying. We should unite against these actions, we should learn to be more accepting and if we don’t like something because it’s offensive, turn the other cheek. Don’t read it. Don’t give it oxygen.

It’s your choice to be offended, remember that.


Legendary charity worker. See this guy, donate some change to help feed London's homeless.

Legendary charity worker. See this guy, donate some change to help feed London’s homeless.

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  1. MidwestGun

    Didn’t Ozil just break up with his gf? So of course he is getting ripped, it’s for
    the ladies. 😀

    Enjoyed his eyes in the back of his skull pass. More concerned about that aspect of his game. Altho, he did put in a tackle, then was promptly whistled for a foul. Apparently, the referee figured if it was Ozil going to ground it had to be one.
    All in all I enjoyed the hell out of thumping Stoke, I don’t care if we are supposed to or whatever. I would like to get the same enjoyment by beating City, Man U, and Chelscum. More then once every 5 years.

  2. Thomas

    Wallace January 12, 2015 16:43:14

    “Palace loaning Sanogo…. He’s not even better than Frazier Campbell or Dwight Gayle.”

    we shall see. i think he could surprise a few people.


    Yep in how terrible he is.

  3. salparadisenyc

    Apparently the ever mysterious Dick Law is in Warsaw to complete the Bielik move. If I was him, i’d check a nice eastern bloc brothel out followed by some serious Polish lager.

  4. MidwestGun

    Damn our commercial revenue % as % to total revenue is freakin terrible. On a level with Juventus, how did Gazidis win any type of award?

    It’s not complicated, stop ignoring the US market and schedule a freakin tour in the summer. 🙁

  5. cladicus


    Arsenal winning the FA cup actually registered in my part of the country. I was able to purchase apparel at a couple of brick and mortar stores. Just imagine if we won the league!

  6. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    When you get old, complaining is all you got left. Hahaha. Too bad your birthday wasn’t yesterday. Pretend it is anyhow and celebrate. That’s what I would do. My bday is in May. I start celebrating around March and stop around July. Any excuse for a margarita. 😀

  7. salparadisenyc

    FIFPro World XI: Manuel Neuer; Philipp Lahm, Sergio Ramos, David Luiz and Thiago Silva; Toni Kroos, Andres Iniesta, Angel Di Maria; Arjen Robben, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo.

    I’m with Ozy how does Luiz get into this side after spearheading the 1-7 Germany mauling.

  8. Goonergirl


    Haha I agree its always good to celebrate. Even if there ain’t a reason just make one up lol.

    How did Luiz end up in the world eleven?

  9. MidwestGun

    Cladicus –
    Ya the market here is barely scratched. Sick of all these Chelsea, Man U, RM, tours. Pretty sure we could get a few MLS teams to play us. I mean our owner does own a freakin team and has a stadium.
    Agreed tho, merch is like digging for gold where I live, shouldn’t be.

    Really, I just want to see the Arse in my hood, not have to pawn something to do it. Lol.

  10. WengerEagle

    Luiz at CB and Iniesta after having a very poor season by his standards make the world XI???

    How on earth did Iniesta get in there ahead of Luka Modric?

    As for Luiz, could literally name 20 CB’s that had a better year than he did.

    If Messi won the World Cup the Ballon D’or would have been his but he didn’t and to be fair Ronaldo was in ridiculous form last season in the UCL, 17 goals and 5 assists which is insane.

    For 2014 Ronaldo definitely deserves it IMO but Messi to me is the superior player still. This season he’s actually been better than Ronaldo contrary to popular belief.

    Harsh on Neuer as he was magnificent all year winning the German double and the World Cup but unfortunately for him GK’s aren’t as influential as CF’s.

  11. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    Interesting. Not a harsh word for Wenger today. Been a while. Not one in praise either. At least not directly.

    Amazing though that while it is said that not giving Shad Forsyth a chance to do his job is the reason our players get injured often, today, Shad was credited with letting his conditioning expertise loose on Ozil. Maybe he’s getting a chance after all?

  12. WengerEagle

    GK: Neuer
    RB: Sergio Ramos CB: Diego Godin CB: Mascherano LB: Lahm
    RM: Muller CM: Modric CM: Kroos LM: Robben
    CF: Messi CF: Ronaldo

    Would have been my team personally.

  13. MidwestGun

    Dan A. –
    Yes…, I know. You didn’t show up either is the rumor. Lol. But they could have sold out probably 3 games just in NYC. a national tour would do worlds of commercial promo good. It was a small step, I suppose. Other teams have been doing it for a decade and the timing is right because of the growth of MLS here. A tour after a League title….. can’t even imagine how much revenue that would generate. Sadly, I really don’t even consider that a possibility in the near future and that’s sad.

  14. kwik fit

    G Girl

    Looks like you the only one that does. We should try and find ourselves a WOB blog rather than frequent this AKB site. 😉

  15. WengerEagle


    True Suarez was phenomenal in 2013/14 but looking back on it 19 of his 31 goals last season did come before 2014 so for last year alone considering he’s had a slow start at Barca I don’t think that he quite merits a place.

    For 2013 he should have been a shoe-in.

  16. salparadisenyc

    At the price that was off with the squad put on the pitch, Gazidas couldn’t sell out the local cinemaplex.

    I went to Nick Cave in prospect park that night.

  17. Wallace


    “Interesting. Not a harsh word for Wenger today. Been a while. Not one in praise either. At least not directly.”

    praise him and then spend the next 3hrs defending yourself 😉

  18. jwl

    MidwestGun – I have long thought Arsenal should spend a few weeks in US instead of Austria every summer. Team could be based in mid sized city with one of those deluxe high schools that has proper fields and medical facilities. Squad would be anon, left alone to train, and every few days they could fly to a major city and play friendly, do pr work. There is much money to be made in US for teams that put in effort.

  19. MidwestGun

    Exactly my thoughts. The sheer number of quality facilities here because of college football and the anonymity for security. I’m sure there was some money to be made in the Far East tours but it always felt like an indulgence to AW’s background rather then a good commercial move. Not to mention no language barriers here. Altho, last time I went to Alabama, had to take a translator. No offense Cladicus. 😀

  20. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    True, Yes well I was being selfish. They should tour Africa too. Or make a few stops. We just have a lot of disposal income here. Wasting money is our thing. Lol.
    Share the Arsenal love.

  21. Dimitri

    Give it a rest with your overt ‘liberal’ agenda Peter.

    Hashtagging is simply an attention whoring device for women and homosexual males. When shit really hits the fan, a bunch of wollies sticking a pen in the air isn’t going to do shit. You will do what you’ve always done: go to the men your group persecutes the most, heterosexual, masculine, right wing, gun toting, red meat eating, white men.

    There’s no such thing as free speech, that’s a childish notion. Try denying the holocaust happened and see if you don’t wind up in prison, try saying a belief that goes against the regressive agenda and see if you have a job the following morning.

    You can’t pick and choose which parts of free speech you can keep, you either believe in it fully or you don’t, and this SJW society has demonstrated on more than one occasion they go for the latter.

    Liberals: believing in all diversity except for diversity of opinion since the beginning of time.

  22. Romford Pele

    Lol Sal, yeah I did love Nedved and he was a genius to be fair. Could’ve still given it to Henry afterwards.

    Also in one of those years where Messi won four on the bounce, Iniesta should’ve had it. Genius footballer. Shame he’s on the decline now

  23. rollen

    salparadisenyc January 12, 2015 17:28:16

    Apparently the ever mysterious Dick Law is in Warsaw to complete the Bielik move. If I was him, i’d check a nice eastern bloc brothel out followed by some serious Polish lager.

    2 of few WC things in Poland :]

  24. MidwestGun

    The great Henry has never scored in a Final of any competition.
    2003 Fifa Confederations Cup final. That was a competition. We’ve been over this before Marble. Your constant slagging off of Henry makes me want to punch you in your head. But sadly it would probably only improve your intellect.

  25. Leedsgunner

    We all know in our hearts Thierry was royally screwed by FIFA.

    Michael Owen can take his Ballon d’Or and stick it up his gob. At least it would then give us a moments peace.

    Long live the King!

  26. rollen

    When shit really hits the fan, a bunch of wollies sticking a pen in the air isn’t going to do shit. You will do what you’ve always done: go to the men your group persecutes the most, heterosexual, masculine, right wing, gun toting, red meat eating, white men.


    99% people with real power in world are weak pale pervy old boys club members

  27. alex cutter

    “But I just wanted to congratulate the French for bringing 4million people out to march in solidarity against the backdrop of the horrors that occurred at the Charlie Hebdo offices.”

    Have to wonder why that murdering piece of shit Netanyahu was doing there. I thought it was an anti-terrorist march?

  28. cladicus


    No offense taken my friend. Well I declare! I reckon if it tickled your fancy to come visit for another spell we’d let ye. Bless your heart.

  29. Leedsgunner

    If C. Ronaldo has any sense he should treat the German back 4 and Neuer to a holiday of a lifetime because had L. Messi scored in the WC final and won it for Argentina the pressure for Messi to win the Ballon d’Or would have been unstoppable. Realistically Messi lost the trophy in Brazil.

  30. cladicus


    Lol. The phrase that can substitute for nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, etc. in this great state. You ever see that commercial on espn where everyone is just throwing out “roll tide” in everyday conversation, weddings, funerals? That’s the most accurate commercial I have ever seen. I thought it was a documentary. RMFT!

    Side note: Dez Bryant. Catch? No catch?

  31. MidwestGun

    Clad –
    Ha…..documentary. Well the Simpsons is a documentary of my hood.
    Catch…… Imo. Thought he caught it made a few small shuffle steps controlled it in the air and then fumbled it when he hit the ground. That whole football move all the way thru the process thing is bs. Instant replay over analysis. Thought it was supposed to be irrefutable evidence to overturn. Anyhow, that’s my take on it.

  32. cladicus


    Catch for me too. Also surprised me because of the general leaning towards the call made on the field. The Chris Carter analysis made me want to reach through the radio this morning. Infuriating to say the least. I don’t think there has ever been a really good clarification of what constitutes a football move in the first place. It’s one of the things pushing me away from the game. Rules are too many and too complicated even for the referees tasked with enforcing them, and I played the sport at various levels.

  33. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Ya… more beer breaks, tho. But in general I agree. That’s why I’m not sure about the slippery slope of starting instant replay of penalty kick decisions.

  34. cladicus


    It certainly has. Too many rules. Too many favor the offense. I watched like half a quarter Ravens/Pats before someone ran a called running play.

  35. reality check

    Cr7 exposes himself and shows that he cares way too much about that award. Makes it easy for fifa to f**k with him. He deserves it imo, but it just seems like he shows to much emotion. Needs to be cool with it. When messi wins them its like, nothing.. its nothing.. of course i won. I’m the best and i know it.

    well done anyway.

  36. MidwestGun

    Reality –
    Ya… I thought that strange little yell… whatever it was …. was kinda an in your face Messi thing. Too ott for me. The translator didn’t know how to translate it either….. haha. Which was funny.

  37. leon

    I cant say enough goo things about my man sanchez, the compitment and work rate is on such high level thats why he is having such success in contrast to ozil who is always there at home with slow pretty foot and he take is time an pick out the perfect pass but it gets ugly and you have put in a shift and how commited you are to cause to the team never any were to be seen. Its the samething in my opinion when it comes to podiolski and some would say he is or was the teams best finisher and thats most likely true but you will find being top striker is allot more than having a great shot, she have huge work rate the ability have exceptional movement case in point bale,sanchez,surez,agura,rinaldo, dragba,henry,robin,rvp all these players are all high commited players with huge work rates and is why at 29 will never reach the level of those players.

  38. leon

    I have been watching the playoffs none stop the greenbay cowboys game is really good. But my team is seattle and there defence is sick I think they have great chance of repeating

  39. the_real_andy

    regarding NFL

    the rules are pretty simple as they are in football. the only problem is refs have a certain possibility to interpret in both games. in football you ask “what is enough contact to get a player down” while in american football you could ask “what makes a ball being in control or not?”

    but honestly I like the fact that a game with video evidence has the same problems as football without it. it just shows you interpretation of fouls/ball controls etc won’t be excluded from a game even with the use of technology.

    besides that -> the catch that never was was by rules – NO CATCH. he did obviously not have control of the ball as he lost it for a short moment after the “catch” AND after hitting the ground. what he did was basically a stupid actions to be honest – it’s like a footballer getting fouled throughout the penalty box, then kicks the ball 10 yards over and asks for a penalty.

  40. leon

    the play referring it was pretty amazing play in deserved to it such a great throw and catch, I havent paid any attension to tranfers at just been watching the nfl.

  41. Dan Ahern

    Mid — Sorry, late response. But yeah, I didn’t go, haha. That shit was expensive and they played a garbage lineup. Plus it was on TV anyway. Can’t believe Henry didn’t change at half time and suit up for the Arsenal though, what a letdown.

  42. Dan Ahern

    NFL has the stupidest rules for what constitutes a catch. I hate the Cowboys but they were robbed there. Dez secured the ball, took two steps, and fell toward the endzone.

    Disagree with real_andy though. Video replay solves plenty of problems, most especially determining fumbles. It’s actually very useful even if it’s not 100% automatic. American football is slow and dramatic anyway.

  43. Dissenter

    Wenger on if recent injuries will change his transfer window shopping plans;

    “It doesn’t change my plans for the market because I was in the market anyway.”

  44. Dissenter

    The French response to the recent cowardly attacks are puzzling to say the least.
    Come together, hold hands and sing kumba ya.

    We didn’t invite world leaders to hold hands after 9-11
    You Brits didn’t invite world leaders to hold hands after 7-7
    What’s with the million man march?

    You need action not silly marches.

  45. Dan Ahern

    Any reliable timetables on Debuchy yet? I’m #TeamBellerín so not too too bothered, but Debuchy is very good. Wonder if we have to recall Jenko for depth?

  46. Highbury Daze

    We know there is no God, but if there was he has a sense of humour, gives Arabs no water but shit loads of oil, the joint is nothing but deserts without the oil these guys would not have a friend in the world

  47. london gunner


    Every nation has a way of dealing with things.

    In america it’s more patriotism/gung ho way of reacting to these tragedies. Like action then reflection later (not meant as a criticism)

    In Britain we generally are very reserved and have the mentality of getting back to work and acting like nothings happened. In the sense it’s like the collective “blitz spirit” of shit happens, but you get on with it. An apt statement would be keep calm and carry on. Or stiff up a lip.

    In France it seems like they had a solidarity movement and a lot of is based with their historical cultural past that is deeply embedded in the pursuit and protection of liberty. It’s more of an intellectual metaphysical liberty. compared to the American’s idea which is more about actions rather than philosophies.

  48. Highbury Daze

    The reason the West kiss the afghan arse is the trillions of dollars of wealth under the ground, a rocky barren place where every low life government wants to kiss their arse so as to be in line for the spoils, British were there, Americans, Russians and every other despot its a shit hole

  49. Highbury Daze

    To these tragedies, what about over 1 million people die of Malaria, each year, I don’t hear any weeping for them no marches, there are more people killed on the road, no one marching and weeping for them, what is this all about, I will tell you, it’s a show a facade, you think world leaders really care some unknown people got gunned down, no chance, it’s typical political fucking garbage

  50. Highbury Daze

    It’s a way for political leaders to get exposure, they may be doing poorly in the polls, so any chance they get to give heart wrenching speeches, to give the impression they are concerned about these happenings gets people’s attention away from domestic shit they may find themselves in, they revel in it, it’s like leaders seen at the big sporting events with the WINNERS, success by association, these people are nothing but chancers, parasites, these random public actions can never be stopped, how can one legislate for this

  51. Dan Ahern

    We have:
    Bellerin – good but weak
    Chambers – decent but gets regularly skinned when teams attack him. needed as CB depth anyway. and is injured?
    Le Coq? – okay filling in I guess but definitely not ideal. needed in midfield until Arteta is back.
    Flamini? – ugh

    I actually like Chambers more than Jenko b/c Jenko is so prone to schoolboy errors is ruins his good qualities (fitness, crossing). And I’m happy with Bellerín getting the job for the most part. I just feel like we’re light.

  52. Dissenter

    London Gunner,
    Thanks for your calm remark.
    I wasn’t poking fun at the French, I was just puzzled at the necessity of gathering millions when you’re supposed to have a heightened security watch.
    The logistical operation of securing multiple world leaders and millions of marchers will mean the security services are occupied doing everything but follow-up on grave threats.
    Personally, I am in awe of the British spirit of moving on without much ado, [The Spanish did it too after the Madrid train bombings]. I think you Europeans derived that spirit from all the grief you’ve given one another over the years.

  53. GuNZ

    Stunning day here on the west coast of the Waikato – cloudless, 30 degrees, onto my fourth beer. Going to Auckland tomorrow, the ‘Big Smoke’, as got things to do however shall be sure to keep an eye out for any raw ‘talent’ AFC may be able to use – big, mongrel bastards with bad attitude who’ll nail anything that runs at them.

    Here’s a thought. Dan Carter (All Black first-five-eight – fly half – for the uneducated) is relocating to France. Now he can hit an egg-shaped ball plumb between the sticks from up to 45 meters out on a consistent basis. He’s a pretty boy and doesn’t like to get too dirty but he can tackle as well as make plays as well as hit his target. So why the fuck can’t Giroud hit a round ball into a target from 2 meters? Why can’t Giroud tackle? Why can’t Giroud do anything but make my fucking blood boil every time I watch him play? Send Giroud to Carter so that Carter can sort the useless French twat out!

    Don’t want to get embroiled in any political discussion on this website, it’s simply not the apposite forum but what else do you expect from politicians? They are opportunists and always have been. As such I am never surprised at their total lack of self-respect and tend to ignore their posturings but Giroud, Giroud now, he can turn me green at the gills within seconds.

    Whilst in Auckland I shall catch up with my mate who bears an uncanny resemblance to Andrey Arshavin. I suspect he may actually be Andrey Arshavin but doesn’t let on. He is a font of all AFC knowledge and gossip so I shall return ‘in-the-know’. I shall also go and have a word with Winston Reid’s mum and aunties and ask if he can come out to play.

  54. Dark Hei

    I think Pedro is right. Arsenal FC is a bit too diplomatic about things. I watched the highlights on and there was no mention of the shove or elbows. If there is a cap on the minutes of a highlight reel, just cut away those pathetic Stoke minutes of possession. Why bother? On that day, there are zero highlights as far as Stoke possession is concerned.

    If you go to 7am, they have a great video of the incident (on running loop!). Heck that idiot truly and utterly gave Debuchy a very spiteful shove. It is almost as if they needed to add insult to injury by allowing Moss and Stoke to get away with their idiocy and thuggish behaviour.

  55. Highbury Daze

    Roy Hodgson, the senile old prick in charge of English football, voted for Mascherano, now there were lots you could have voted for, if you didn’t like Messi or Ronaldo, but Javier would be way down most people’s list, this shows you the thought processes of a fucked up individual leading the national side, not so astounding really after watching him sit his way through a world cup, hardly ever getting up of his lazy fucking arse, a disgraceful choice for national coach

  56. Highbury Daze

    You are right Hei, and the worst part of this is, fuck face Hughes comes out and defends the Neanderthal who deliberately pushed him

  57. Wallace


    he makes some valid points, although i don’t understand why finishing 3rd would unleash a sense of renewed expectation that terrifies Wenger and the board. and plus, we don’t sell our best players anymore. haven’t for 3yrs now.

  58. Gregg

    The selling best players bit doesn’t apply anymore. The other aspect can be summed up simpler by just saying we always come up 2 players short every season. Nothing that hasn’t been said on here day after day.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    For me finishing above 4th in EPL is an absolute prerequisite.

    1. It would guarantee us a place in next year’s Champions League as opposed
    to going through qualification process, which frankly could impact on our
    transfer decisions and recruitment in July.

    2.We need to start delivering results which demonstrate that we are in the
    mix for title rather than simply being an ‘also ran’. That means starting this
    weekend we need to start beating the likes of Man City and Chelsea or at
    least being competitive with them.

    3. Arsenal have recruited a world class player in Sanchez. That should now be
    a catalyst for improving our squad in those areas where everyone apart from
    manager recognise that we are weak. Graham’s point about spine is valid,
    because ideally we need to recruit top gk,cb,dmf and st even if some are
    more of a priority than others.

    Obviously losing Debuchy is very bad news, but not as critical as losing Koscielny. What it does mean is that we need midfielders and centre backs
    providing proper cover should Bellerin or Chambers through inexperience be
    out of position.

  60. goonerboy

    Pushing a guy you have just lost possession to over when he is off balance in an aggressive fit of pique should be regarded as a reckless challenge. But English refs don’t- they also routinely don’t regard over-physical challenges as fouls.
    When the ref sees a guy has been badly hurt by such a challenge then does nothing- it just shows that they are not fit to take charge of a match in the modern game.
    Refs in England are afraid to upset the media – The fact is most TV pundits are ex pros- like the Neville brothers or Beglin these were dirty bastards themselves who got away with suppressing much more skilful players with pure aggression alone.

    The British football public has been brainwashed by British ex Liverpool or Man U ex pros who regard any form of crude excessive aggression as “part of the game.” These former players don’t see self-control as coming within the requirements of professionalism.
    Its rubbish. English football needs modernising- and non- more so than in-competent English refs who are almost alone in world football in condoning over- aggressive football.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    Let us start off by saying that Arsenal need a midfielder who is defensive minded and more importantly disciplined. That is the role that Flamini, Coquelin and to a lesser extent Arteta are supposed to be playing in the team.

    None of these players are in my assessment good enough in that role and that is highlighted in games against top opposition playing a pressing game where
    our midfield is overrun.

    Sissoko may be considered an upgrade on Ramsey and Wilshire but that does
    not solve the problems in our defence.

    Bluntly Arsenal need to prioritise over next two transfer windows their needs
    and not what Wenger has a habit of doing neglecting those positions and recruiting players who play attractive football but don’t solve our ongoing problems.

    I made the point at end of last season that Arsenal had conceded 19 goals out of 42 in just 4 games which we lost badly. Those were the key away games last
    season against our main opponents. All these goals were conceded either through counterattack or set pieces.

    When you look at goals conceded this season it is exactly the same. The only
    difference is that we are now losing games against lower ranked teams.

    Arsenal should not of course throw silly money at their problems, but on this
    occasion they need to spend whatever it takes to buy the best players that money can buy. Every player in world football has a price including Messi and

    The one difference between forward and defender or defensive midfielder is
    that you do not need to bankrupt yourself to buy such players and they should
    be within our budget.

  62. goonerboy

    Good performance re Stoke- but make the most of it- because you have to be able to defend to beat the top 4-and we can’t. I would Play Ospina because he is a better natural shot stopper.
    Because we won no one talks about what didn’t work- like Mertesacker-and the space in front of the back 4. It won’t even be a contest.