Has Wenger forgiven the keeper because he’s an ex-smoker?

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Quite refreshing reading the Arsene Wenger interview yesterday when he was talking about growing up in a pub selling cigarettes for cash.

‘At that time, I remember Marcello Lippi at Juventus smoked a cigar during the whole game in every game.

‘I grew up in a pub where you did not see from here to the window because of the smoke and I spent my youth selling cigarettes. But times have changed. Society has had an evolution. In some respects in a positive way, in others a negative way.

‘One of the positives is that people don’t smoke any more. But my issue is that the players here are judged on their performances.

‘Ideally, the best way to have a high level of performance is to behave as well as possible, as close as possible to the rules that allow you to perform.

‘I am against smoking, but I have grown up in a period where I had to accomplish military service, and at the end of the month we got paid by cigarettes, so it incited us to smoke.

‘After, of course, slowly it became banned and it doesn’t exist anymore, but when I was a boy I grew up surrounded by smokers. I smoked myself when I didn’t play anymore.’

The story about the keeper has been corroborated by him. So all those slamming journalists for making stories up should start scoffing on that humble pie. I thought it was amusing the Mail went with an opening line of…

‘Arsene Wenger opens the door to Arsenal players smoking occasional cigarettes’

What I will say is that although the Wenger stories are very sweet, we’re not in that generation these days. Chezzer is a professional athlete who’s paid a huge amount of money to respect his body. Sparking up at home. Whatever. Sparking up in the oppositions showers is beyond dim. He should lose his place tomorrow. If he doesn’t, that tells you all you need to know about Ospina… another keeper not good enough to displace a failing number one.

It’s interesting that he has so much slack with the fans. His performances have been very indifferent for a while. Even last season, when he shared the golden glove, you couldn’t honestly tell me he ever stood out as one of the best keepers in the league. I don’t have the statistics, but he’s often beaten from shots top keepers would keep out. There’s always at least one duff Cruyff turn a game where you have you heart in your mouth. His positioning is pretty poor, which often gives the illusion he’s unlucky keeping when shots fly past him. His attitude is also very immature.

I don’t buy into good and bad keeping being about clangers. Almunia did drop some hefty keeping errors towards the end, but in the main, the big problem with him is that he was just an ok keeper. He never did anything bad enough to merit being dropped, but he never dazzled you doing something amazing. Cech in his prime, Lehmann in his prime, Van Der Sar, De Gea, Courtois and Lloris all do amazing things in almost every game.

That’s the level we need to be at, anything less, well, it’s not Arsenal standard.

… if Ospina isn’t good enough, you really have to question how we’ve allowed Valdes to move to United on a free.

Fantastic news for tomorrow is Ozil is back in contention. The creative German has been out an absolute age. He’ll be fresh and firing. I hope he comes back with a bang. I hope he’s played in the number 10 role. He’s a talented boy. We need to work out how we gain the most out of his powers. I’d love it if we were talking about him, rather than crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s complaining about how much we miss Cesc Fabregas.

He needs to lift his game. He needs to start looking like he gives a f*ck about playing for Arsenal. He needs to fulfill on all that potential he clearly has. We can’t bring another player into the fold and have them slink out the back door in a years time. If Pep is interested in him, you know there’s something there and you know that others feel he can be part of an intense set up.

The Willow Foundation have a some awards. They’re the charity set up by Bob Wilson, they organise special days for seriously ill people 16-40.. The Awards have recognised and been attended by top names in London football including Roy Hodgson, Aaron Ramsay and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, to name a few.

Alongside awards for London’s top players, past & present, the unsung heroes from London Clubs will be recognised in our new Community Project of the Year award.

The London Community Project of the Year award is voted for by the general public and short-listed by the judging panel.  It will be awarded to the leading individual of an outstanding community based project, linked to a London Club, that uses sport to address issues of social, ethnic, physical, economic and gender exclusion.  The five short-listed nominees will be invited to the awards ceremony with a guest, attended by the biggest names in London football.

The Awards are on March 5 at Battersea Evolution.  Tickets available to buy at www.londonfootballawards.org. Jump on them!

Right, not much else going on. Have a grand day!

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  1. Wallace


    don’t tell me, he’s actually looking like a decent CB again? 😉

    for the way we play, and the lack of protection we afford our CBs we need two Koscielny’s. one of whom should be 3inches taller than the current model.

    apparently Zouma was seriously impressive for Chelsea today.

  2. karim

    Told you sad cunts Wanker should have kept Squillacci, him paired with Christopher Samba and we would have won the bloody league !


  3. MidwestGun

    Live under bridge –
    Hmmm multiple troll names. same stupidity.
    Boring post = I hate N5, this place is sad, I hate Wenger.
    Thanks for contributing tho. Feel free to astound us with your incite.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Kozz would be phenomenal with a strong, leader like CB beside him…would be the ideal pairing.

    Kozz is extremely agile and athletic for a CB, loves to get stuck in but can be a bit rash and his decisions making can be erratic sometimes, but he isn’t a leader.

    With Wenger’s weak management style we really need a leader at CDM and CB like we use to, I think that may have been a key ingredient in Wenger’s past glories.

  5. karim


    He s from Corsica and is finishing his career over there.
    But let me reassure you, they are 17th in the table

  6. Radio Raheem

    “Think we’re back in that good old dog fight for the fourth place trophy”

    Oh Wenger what a great manager thou art
    Thy enemies tempteth thee
    Tried thee
    Yet by thy wisdom and power victory was thine
    Thou slayed the four headed monster for thy top 4 trophy
    Victory remaineth thine forever

    Lesson: Wenger wins from a top four dog fight

  7. Carts

    Aghhh man…sad news. It’s weird cos only the other week I was saying to myself it’s been a while since there’s been any fatalities in football. Not cos I hope for it, but more to do with the suggestion that being rich, famous as well as an inspirations to many – in this industry – almost means your quality of life is better; and death isn’t so close

  8. Radio Raheem

    I think Dixon’s trying to earn a living; Arsenal legend who supported City as a boy and gets pissed when spuds lose. The possibilities eh!

  9. Cesc Appeal


    You should be at mine, my entire family are Spurs supporters…makes it interesting. Should have heard them last week, I told them there crowing and constant replay watching of Chelsea was indicative of a small team mentality, they wouldn’t have it.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I as in my local Co Op yesterday and one of them in there is a Yid, kept shouting about how they were ahead of us, I said ahhh doing the classic Spurs thing where you start crowing as if the season has ended as soon as you’re ahead of us, however briefly.

    Told my brother after Chelsea they would lose their next game and by the end of the weekend we would be above them… 🙂

    I have a feeling we are going to annihilate Stoke tomorrow.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I think it will be a comfortable 3 or 4 nil, maybe Stoke will score.

    But a lot is dependant on how we line up. Now we’re getting a semblance of a starting 11 back together if Wenger reverts to 4-MESS-1 then our line up is irrelevant.


    Like Lampard says, Spurs are the worst team to lose to because they make a DVD about it.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Tomorrow I’d go for:

    Debuchy, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs
    Coquelin, Ramsey
    Oxlade, Cazorla, Sanchez

    Wouldn’t throw Ozil in from the off, hope Giroud has one of his manly games and not the pathetic falling down show he had at the Britannia.

    Can bring Ozil and Walcott on later on, start blooding them properly again.

    As I said yesterday though, it wouldn’t shock me if Wenger put out:

    Sanchez, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil

  13. MidwestGun

    I’m gonna make a dvd of all my comments over the last year to send to Lives Under the River to use as a sleep aid. First I have to explain all my predictive text errors tho. Apparently he is a stickler for pedantic details

    I think we win 2 to 0. .

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    Dunno, we’re in a run of only 1 game a week. That shouldn’t really be a problem.

    Hopefully when Walcott is back up to speed, we’ll give Sanchez a game off in Feb when we start getting a few more games.

    I did worry about Sanchez before xmas because he started to look like he was running out of steam, but he’s back on it now. And he’s just going to get better

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I’m going to go with Sanchez to bang one in first


    Hope not, we need pace on both flanks I feel tomorrow. I just sincerely hope Wenger doesn’t revert to the 4-MESS-1, would ruin my weekend

  16. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Never discount the power of AW to ruin weekends. Maybe Theo for Ox.
    He may start Flamini also. Early start time for me, also. Don’t want to start my day out crappy.

  17. GuNZ

    My birthday today and 30 odd degrees out there so won’t bore you long.
    Of the teams above us, one won, one drew, one lost, and two play each other meaning at least one will drop points. This situation normally presages an Arsenal melt-down. However, as Oezil is back (extra e because I can’t work out the capital O umlaut ALT-key combination) and both he and Walcott won’t be risked to start, I predict a game of two halves.

    As I am 53 today but feel 21 the score will either be 5-3 or 2-1 to Arsenal with us being down at half-time on either score. You can bet your house on it but I wouldn’t advise it.

    Oh, and when we win, please no ‘Only one Arsene Wenger la-la-la’. Maybe he’ll give them all a Gauloise or Gitanes to get those old lungs pumping before the game.

    Damn, just seen it’s a 1.30 pm KO which means up at 2.30 am for me. After a birthday bender as well. Maybe I just won’t go to bed.

    Go the Arsenal!

  18. kwik fit

    Legia chief on Bielik: “Krystian is in Hamburg. For them the money doesn’t matter, but let’s see what happens in final talks with Arsenal.”

    Well said Bielik. Cheap skate fuckers!

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Oh I know.

    I remember going to Arsenal Spurs earlier this season, was buzzing, pissed, walked into a massive fight when I came out the Bailey, you know, good day so far…got into the ground, saw the team sheet and wished I’d stayed at home.

  20. karim

    RSPC / kwik

    Wenger is completely ga ga
    He s got one vision
    But it s gonna take a miracle
    For him to sing
    We are the champions

    Anyway, the show must go on

  21. kwik fit

    Hahahahaah CA LOL 🙂

    Giroud gonna take you home tonight
    Oh down beside that red fire light
    Oh he gonna let it all hang out
    Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round

    Hey he was just a skinny lad
    Never knew no good from bad
    But he knew love before he left his nursery
    Left alone with big fat Fanny
    She was such a naughty nanny
    Hey big woman, you made a bad boy out of me

    Rinse rave repeat

  22. kwik fit

    Yeah Marko I did see it earlier but did you see Bellerin’s suit. The trousers are much to short 🙂 Perhaps caused by the rooter in his trousers . She is really hot.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    It’s a kind of Yaya
    It’s a kind of Yaya
    A kind of Yaya

    One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal (LOL!!)…one golden glance…of being a postie…it’s a kind of Yaya

  24. Marko

    Junior Malanda died? Real shame that, he was set to be the next good Belgian DM.

    Also we close to anyone? Wenger dithering as per usual which is unbelievable really. We’ll likely win tomorrow and he’ll feel like we’ve enough to get by (whatever that means) even though it’s possible the following two games we might lose

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Feel sorry for afobe an akpom

    Ain’t going to get a chsnce with us,,,,

    Two lads been with the club since young age,
    Have not been given a fair crack of the whip ,,,

    Yet get overlooked by imported French youth, he’ll even dennilison got starts from day one aged 18 ,,,,


  26. Cesc Appeal

    Arsene Wenger’s song (Too Much Rotation Will Kill You)

    I’m just the pieces, of the manager I use to be
    Too much expectation’s raining down on me
    You’ve got no right to moan
    But I’ve been playing you along, for much too long now

    I feel like no one, ever told the truth to me
    About Samir Nasri and what a fucker he would be!

    In my tangled state of mind
    I’ve been looking back to find, where I went wrong

    Too much rotation will kill you
    Just as sure as none at all
    It’ll drain the power that’s in you
    Break your groin, your hamstring it all
    And the injuries will make you crazy
    But I’m the victim of my crime
    Too much rotation will kill you
    Every time

  27. kwik fit

    I feel like no one, ever told the truth to me
    About Samir Nasri and what a fucker he would be!



  28. Marko

    Those trousers?

    Wenger does like going into a season with one hand tied behind his back. Shame really cause it’s detrimental to the club. I really thought though given the lack of options at the back and the injuries that he’d be proactive and quick this month but I’m an idiot sometimes. Shouldn’t be surprised though considering last January the dire need we had for a forward and he did nothing. I dunno sometimes

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Saviour of the Emirates

    Saves every match for us

    He’s a miracle

    King of the Impossible

    He’s for everyone of us
    Stands for everyone of us
    He save, what a mighty man
    Every Arsenal fan, every woman, every man

    Now is it just me or should this legitimately be our song for him?

  30. GuNZ


    Big on TV in NZ is the current Aussie Masterchef (a reality TV show/competition based on Arsenal FC in which a bunch of people who reckon they’re shit hot get brought together under the guidance of some supposedly shit hot professionals but it turns out they can’t work together and are all gradually told to piss off)

    We also have a soap opera (again based on Arsenal FC) called Shortland Street set in a hospital in which highly paid ‘professionals’ prove categorically they couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery.

    Probably the biggest drawcard, though, is when TV NZ decide to screen Arsenal games live. Although aired at unholy hours of the very early morning, they have proven very popular as people tune in thinking they are watching either a horror movie or a circus.

    Thanks all for birthday wishes. Now 7 minutes past midday so I can start drinking.

  31. karim

    Wenger s favourite tune : I m going slightly mad / who wants to live forever
    Stan : the invisible man
    Yaya : friends will be friends ( what a beautiful day, the postman delivered… )

  32. Marko

    I see Arsene talking about a lack of communication between defenders from different countries and how he wants a leader like Terry is to Cahill. You’d think signing a Zouma or Mangala or Laporte or Varane to compliment your Koscielny would sort out those issues.

  33. GuNZ


    Nothing to do with old school matey. Sunday here. Bottle store wasn’t open till noon so had to wait to replenish my depleted stocks. All good now though.

    Shame I don’t smoke anymore otherwise I’d try a birthday havannah in the shower and see if I get brownie points from the missus. Worked for Szxyzxynwy with Wenger.

  34. GuNZ

    Lovely birthday. Beautiful weather, had a swim in the ocean, about half way through a litre bottle of gin, gonna fire up the barbie soon before it becomes a personal health hazard, a cleansing ale coming on . . . .

    Youknow, I had time to ponder, bobbing up and down in the waves out there and what I thought was this: Get Tony Adams back to teach them how to spring the offside trap. That’s all. Learn from the Yoda of the back line. Do it right, do it every time. Per is German, he will respond to command. Koscielny will not have to collect yellow cards like they come out of a bubble-gum packet. Gibbs will be so far forward it won’t matter anyway. Whoever is not injured from the rest of them won’t have to stretch their torn hamstrings/calf-muscles/egos whatever if they stay in a nice, straight line.

    By the way. I have been singing ‘Sanchez, Saviour of the Emirates . . . . to the fishes.’ Sheer Genius, Mr. Cesc Appeal!

  35. GuNZ

    I am obviously all alone here at the end of the world. ‘Last, Loneliest, Loveliest.’ wrote Shelley (I think) about our biggest city, Auckland. All the world’s asleep and I am getting rinsed and ranting and the stage is my own. As it is my birthday, I shall share, then, one of my memories. We were playing against West Brom (fairly sure it was them) and Jimmy Rimmer was in goal. It was during the bad years. It was a midweek game. A ball came from the West Brom half, a long, speculative ball and Jimmy rushed out from his goal under no pressure and he sliced it to a West Brom (I think it was them, some brummy team anyway) player who was idling up on the off-chance. The gift was taken and my memory tells me we lost 1-4. I was on the North Bank. We spent the next 20 minutes singing to Jimmy that it was OK, that it was alright he messed up. And you know why? Because Jimmy was a proper goalie. He dug us out of the shit far more often than he ever got us in it. I cannot think of any Arsenal goalie in the last ten years that would merit that kind of comfort from the fans. I am getting drunk and maudlin and shall very likely be in my cups by time the game starts at 2.30 am my time.

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    Scez regaining his spot today says all you need to know about wenger. If ospina isn’t good enough to displace scez then why Fucking buy him? Why waste 8 million on a keeper if he’s not good enough to replace an ok keeper in scez. As for allowing scez back, why? He’s been shit and if the rumours are true and he did smoke in the showers, then that act of insolence proves he has no respect for his teammates and Wenger as well as the fans. It’s run like a Fucking holiday camp and yet still people want Wenger in charge.

  37. GuNZ

    By The Fates I promised myself I wouldn’t do it, not on my birthday. But I did. I thought I’d had enough to drink to not let it bother me. It’s written by people with the brains of bum-fucked amoeba shit-pile dwellers, I thought, I am above all that. Fuck I was wrong! I had a look at the latest sewer-clogging, shit-fat balls that pass as ‘comment’ on the AFC website. Here’s the latest maggot-ridden dross:

    ‘Arsène Wenger believes the art of defending has changed because football has become more technical’
    ‘The game has become more technical, because you find more players who have a good technique’

    That’s Wenger so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. But here’s Santi:
    ‘Santi Cazorla believes the best way to tackle Stoke City’s direct approach is to play the Arsenal way’

    Well whose fucking game are we going to play, Santi? Accrington Stanley’s?

    The only way to beat Stoke (this is me now, the voice of studied reason) is to get rid of the ball forward, accurately, low, and incisively before those big,elbow swinging thugs get near us and, and this is the key point, don’t get phased out by their bearing down on us. Keep the fuckers running!

    By Hercules, why do I read that crap on the Arsenal website? I know I shouldn’t.

  38. Wallace


    just over 5hrs till the game. if it’s one or the other take the nap over another swim.

    just read a west ham blogger raving about Jenkinson. a swap deal for Reid does seem like it would be an easy deal to pull off.

  39. GuNZ


    Yep, wouldn’t mind Reid. Good, grounded Kiwi/Danish boy. Never going to be a superstar but he’s solid and, next to the right players, pretty formidable. Jenkinson is probably a couple of years away yet, needs to eat a few more pies, but I’d also like to see him back on a regular footing some day soon.

  40. Wallace


    I think he’d just be another much needed body. would ease the pressure on Chambers, and could cover either of the first choice pair. the Vermaelen replacement we should have bought in the summer.

  41. GuNZ

    As Wenger gas been quoted as saying: ‘. . . the art of defending has changed because football has become more technical.’

    Bit like ‘We get sicker in different ways because there are more diseases.’

    I’m not even sure we need a back line of 4 superstars. Just 4 players who function together as a cohesive back unit with two extras who also fit the group for injury rotation will do. That’s all we need. Our current set up does not seem to work cohesively in any combination, rotated or not.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    “Yet irrespective of Wenger’s ruminations about the times we live in, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that a substantive cause of his team’s vulnerability has been inexcusably shoddy individual and collective performances from players who should be capable of better. In other words, it has often seemed like Arsenal’s coaching and attitude – and, in fairness, injuries – are more to blame than external forces.”

    A piece from the guardian today.

  43. Ustynobaba

    Shaun it seem…..Proffa reported him to Pedro yesterday,it might be he is binned or maybe he is just thinking of another approach to sprout shit as ever

  44. Dusty Kart


    Im with you on that one Winston Reid behave he’s just a average Joe!! last year I had a disagreement with some other on here about Ashley Williams telling me he’s the standard of player we need !!

    My lord how we have fallen !!

  45. Wallace


    “I’m not even sure we need a back line of 4 superstars. Just 4 players who function together as a cohesive back unit with two extras who also fit the group for injury rotation will do. That’s all we need. Our current set up does not seem to work cohesively in any combination, rotated or not.”

    i agree with the first bit. but don’t think what most would consider our first choice back 4 – Deb/Mert/Kos/Gibbs – have played together yet. if they can stay fit for a run of games i think we’ll improve a lot defensively. especially if Coquelin gets the nod over Flamini.

  46. GuNZ

    It’s not about individual players in a backs unit, not like it is up front. I would take 4 Average Joes who can last more than 4 games without getting injured and understand each other enough so that the sum is greater than the parts than 4 mismatched show ponies whose incohesion serves more to highlight their individual flaws than their effectiveness as a defensive shield.

  47. GuNZ

    Dusty Kart

    I know, I know, but as Wallace mentioned earlier, at least he’s an experienced stop gap and would stop, or at least limit, the positional Russian roulette Wenger currently plays when injury stuffs up whatever passes for him as a ‘grand plan’ when injury strikes.

  48. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Agn Pedro had been proven wrong Mourinhio playing his best 11 bar Cahill
    Without rotating his squad even after the hefty Christmas period.

    Inspite of some portions of media suggest ing loss at spurs was due to lack of rotation the Pedros favourite manager dosent like to rotate.

    Hope people here now may accept my view point that playing twice a week for profess footballers is not a big ask.

  49. GuNZ


    I am about to go to bed and get a couple of hours sleep before the game starts so will not be able to continue this rant but I could not agree with you more.

    Two games per week for The Fates know what financial return (hundreds of thousands of dollars). That is 180 minutes work. One hundred and eighty minutes work and that’s assuming you don’t get subbed off. And don’t go on about training time because that’s what we all do to keep fit and still do 3360 odd minutes work per week. When I was a kid I’d play two games of soccer (oh, sorry, football) and two games of rugby per week, and still have the energy to burn to run around all over the shop every night of the week. I could even argue that, because our games were less structured, I ran around more than the ‘professionals’ of today. Now I know they have more skill in their circumsised helmets than I will ever possess but come on. Please don’t wave the ‘fatigue card’. On ya Rosicky. I’ve been meaning to have a moan about this for a while, thanks for giving me the excuse.

  50. Dusty Kart

    Another stop gap how many more of them do we the fans have to suffer! we need new idea’s and I’m afraid Arsene Wenger isn’t the man to deliver!!

  51. SpanishDave

    Amazing really, herewe are waiting for a couple of players to fill the large holes in the team, we have Man City next week and the old git is sitting on his hands hoping to save a few bob for Stan with a last min deal.
    We really have lost all ambition as a club, Wenger cant hack it and Stan doesnt give a toss. Sad.

  52. GuNZ

    Dusty Kart

    If Wenger has his hand up Steve Bould’s arse then Bould should man up and tell him to find another monkey. I really wanted Wenger to come good but about 5 years ago (yes, it should have been sooner) I realised that wasn’t going to happen. I met 3 Geordie lads down the pub the other night who were travelling NZ and all I kept repeating was: ‘He’s got to go. Wenger’s got to go.’ And it really is as simple as that. There will be no fresh thinking, no new ideas until he steps down. And the terrible thing was, and it gobsmacked the Geordie boys, was that I said I would welcome, actually welcome, a mid-table finish, getting knocked out the Champions League, and evicted from the FA Cup in the next round, if that’s what it took for the groundswell to gain enough momentum to make Wenger fall on his sword. I almost went home and washed my mouth out with soap but I didn’t because I was too pissed.

  53. Wallace

    disagree that missing out on CL qualification would be a good thing in the long run. Liverpool under Benitez faced massive pressures whenever they failed to qualify. Utd have had to throw 200m and counting at the problem. with City and Chelsea being pretty much nailed on for two of the places, and figuring Utd will eventually get back to that level, it only leaves one spot up for grabs.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Strict rule down under gu?

    Over here as long as they get the cash they will sell at any Tim to you!

    He’ll can’t afford pack of fag … He’ll they will sell as singles to you?

    Can’t be bothered to walk? , ask a minor to go they will still sell.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: disagree that missing out on CL qualification would be a good thing in the long run.

    Yeah, we might have to deal with all those scousers bragging they’d got Sanchez and we hadn’t

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We are in the champs league for all the wrong reasons ?

    Like when Colombia make the wot prod cup , no one expects them to win it? May have a good couple of players but will never win it !

    Same with us

    Not capable of winning it until we address the main areas

    1. Tactically naïve manager
    2. No defensive coach who can get an ounce of defence duties out of this squad,
    3. Mis judged an misuse of youth.

    To do this

    Drop per an replace with either Hayden or mainland Niels.
    Drop Kos or sell an replace with chambers ?

    Harsh but we need to do something.

    Otherwise people will think we only qualify for the big cup cos of the Money?

  57. erase

    true NM as much as i want wenger gone it will be detrimental to the club to miss out on a cl spot…..i think people underestimate the importance

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The defence needs a total revamp

    We are highly suspect in the centre even when we play our strongest two !

    Kos an per has to be the most lightweight pairing of the league….

    Maybe Niels is is not a CB , but when has that stopped wenger not playing players in their natural position ??

    As for cl

    We would do better to miss out for a season or two , then the club , players may understand the true importance of the trophy ,

    Cos right now it just four journeys in to Europe to stock up on duty free…

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    At first they’ll get worse, and then they may get better… or they may simply not get better. You’re assuming Hayden and Niles will become better players than they are now with very little evidence. Their peaks might not be that high. It’s quite possible they’re simply not good enough for us

  60. Majestic gooner

    What’s wrong with wenger, is he really that blind? On seeing how successful the club academy players have been in the other team up the road , especially Kane, why is he selling Adobe who has had quite a successful loan at mk Dons scoring a lot of goals yet he was willing to give sanogo a chance. He seems to manage by his own fashion trends, first it was the French players, then the african players, now it’s the English players ,the next trend is South american, he’s already said as much.

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    To be honest, Kos and Per are an excellent partnership if used the right way.

    It may be that we need a faster replacement to Per to give us more flexibility and allow us to press higher up the pitch, as Wenger seems to be tinkering (given the number of injuries we’ve had, he hasn’t had much time to actually try it) with a different set up.
    Or we keep both of them, make sure we have someone better than Flamini in front of them, defend relatively deeply, then use the pace (we’re gonna have so much pace now!!) of our attack to counter attack.

    A lot (but not all of course) of the issues are down to the injuries we’ve had. It’s completely reasonable to say that had we had Chelsea levels of injuries we’d be doing much better than we are now.

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    Majestic gooner: What’s wrong with wenger, is he really that blind?

    For getting rid of Afobe ? No

    You’re romantising a player who’s almost 22, and is a league 1 / Championship player.

    He’s NOT good enough. He’s hardly being picked for the U21 at International level either.

  63. Majestic gooner

    I guess people would have said the same about Kane, some players are late developers and I would say he is a better player even now than sanogo. At 22 yrs old a player can still get better.