You’re not gonna believe what Szczesny’s dad said to the press…!

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I can bark on about a narrative you can trust or ignore, but sometimes, little snippets drop out of the club that wrap huge amounts of credence to words we share here. That above headline perfectly sums up some of the poor attitude Wenger has allowed to creep into the setup at Arsenal.

Management is a mix of luck and talent. It’s not until you try and repeat past glories do you understand how much is talent. I’m not saying Arsene isn’t a talent. He clearly is. However, it’s clear he had a lot of luck in his first ten year because the second ten years has highlighted where his weaknesses are. Chezzer isn’t smart. We’ve seen that on numerous occasions. However, as was pointed out in the comments, would the keeper have sparked up a dressing room cigarette under a Mourinho regime?

Highly doubtful. What makes this whole scenario even more grim is he was apparently smoking roll ups. How grotty is that? A pro sportsman in the newsagent picking up a bag of Cutters Choice, with a lighter, some filters, rizzler, a copy of The Sun and a Mars bar. That’s a builders breakfast right there.

The fact he’s confident, after a disgraceful performance and a shocking bit of ill discipline he’ll be in the side for Sunday tells you all you need to know about how much he respects his job, the manager and Ospina. Outrageous arrogance. He should be drop kicked from the squad for a month as punishment, because if the manager lets this one go, it’ll impact the rest of the squad and their perception of discipline.

If you’re not all pulling in the same direction, you’re in trouble. This situation needs leadership, not ignorance. This is where you find out how much hunger the manager has…

These quotes Henrick Hindby picked up his old man are so cringworthy I almost melted in the ground for poor old Wojciech.
“I don’t believe Wojciech is dumb enough to smoke in the locker room.”

“Please look at the #Arsenal defense . How these guys are playing, is a disaster. But somehow nobody pays attention to it.”

“The entire (#Arsenal-)defense this season is embarrassing.”

Maciej Szczesny blames both Koscielny’s & Mertesacker’s positioning and says that Mertesacker showed the same agility “as a rhino”.
Ouch. Only thing that could make this worse is sharing bath time pictures from the Barbie ‘phase’ in 1992.

In other news, I’ve been watching with amusement as the Arsenal fan base scoff at £30m for Bony. I’ve been interested in him as a player since he landed over here. Questions need to be asked as to why we weren’t interested in him when he was a £10m bargain from Holland. He’s a giant of a man, so physically right for the Premier League. He has good all round play, his movement belies a man of that stature and he scores goals. We went a season without a second striker when talent like that was available.

People saying he’s not worth the money might want to look around at some of the purchases made in the league. £48m for David Luiz, £40m for Mata, £35m for Carroll, £24m for Markovic… we paid £43m for a number 10 who was famous for not being physically fit enough to last more than 60mintues in a less physical league. Bony is well worth the money if he kicks them on to a win in the league. What he does show is that once again, leaving money in the bank serves little purpose if you’re waiting to sign players next year… because inflation devalues your cash pile. £20m would have landed Bony in the summer, January it’s £30m.

Our holding midfielder choice is likely Schneiderlin. We’ll wait a whole season to get out man, cost ourselves league points and a challenge in the process, then he’ll be worth even more this summer. Great player, but he showcases our lack of a plan B… it also showcases how little Wenger seems to care about winning. Who waits a year for their target? We did the same with Cazorla, Chamakh and Baptista. I wouldn’t mind waiting if we had the squad to do so.

I’m glad to hear we’ll be passing on Perrin. Have I seen him play? No. However, I’ll sleep safe in the knowledge all of Europe’s elite scouts will have cast an eye over him and past and said ‘no thanks’. I’ll take solace that my ignorance is justified when, at 29, he can’t land a start in the worst French national side in decades.

… and remember people, Seb Squillaci was capped.

Arsenal fans scoff at my attitude here, but the same people did the same for Park, Sanogo, Squillaci and the horror show that was Kallstrom.

Arsenal should be showing ambition. We shouldn’t be picking up past it players from Ligue One who will take until 30 to adapt to the rigours of the league. There should be no question of talent. It shouldn’t be a ‘well, I haven’t seen him’… we’re supposed to be ambitous. There should be an element of hype around our signings. Even Kos, an unknown, came with hype (no one beats him in one on ones).

If there is a sniff that Varane is available, we should be going hard for him. If Sissokho is what we’re looking for, go hard for him. If you want a centre back on the cheap, go for Prem proven in Reid or Vlaar, not a total risk in Perrin because you take comfort in Ligue One players.

Arsenal fans get into this frenzy about quality, and look, I get it. But here’s the thing, it’s not like Wenger or our scouting network is returning gems on the regular. Look at our last batch of transfers…

  • Welbz
  • Chambers
  • Sanchez
  • Ospina
  • Debuchy
  • Flamini
  • Ozil
  • Flamini
  • Sanogo
  • Lukas
  • Giroud
  • Cazorla
  • Monreal

Out of that list, who are you saying are the quality hits? I’m going for Sanchez and Cazorla. Outside that, you really are looking at a batch of players who are much of a muchness. Even WELBZ, who I very much like, isn’t really hitting the quality heights of striking prowess we should be aiming for. Our scouting network doesn’t return much these days. The last major player we brought in that was a total curve ball success would have been Koscielny. The others are all, well, fairly meh…

So when fans scoff at Bony… look, he’d improve Arsenal. Winston Reid would improve Arsenal.

There are rumours about Cavani and Isco. A couple of super incredible talents you’d give your right arm for, but look, what’s the point? If they happened, they’d be a couple of the most immature signings of all time. Our needs, for the last two seasons, have sat in defensive midfield where we need at least two recruits, and at centre back, where again, we need at least two recruits.

When you’re starving, you don’t don’t blow your last £1 on two cans of coke.

I tell you what is interesting, the caliber of paper throwing out rumours like Isco for £64m. A lot of major papers are in massive decline. They’re throwing their reputation under the bus with stories taken from The Daily Star… and it’s all in the name of advertising impressions. Working in that game, you have to ask what the point is in achieving cheap page impressions like that? I’d love to see the data. If you hook someone in on a bollocks story, how long do they stay on your site? How often do they come back to your site? Do they go on to investigate more pages? Because the value for a newspaper isn’t whether someone consumes an article, it’s how much time they spend on the site. Slag the Daily Mail all you want, they’re experts at keeping you on the site. So are publications like the New York Times. The experience they get from your content. Dropping down into the dustbin of transfer rumours impacts perception about the paper. It doesn’t build loyalty. Now, some revered brands are slipping from the… ‘well, the rumour did come from The Telegraph, so their must be substance to it’… to… ‘Oh, it was in that once respected paper’. It’s not the journos fault, it’s the people running them who have no idea about modern quality metrics.

Anyway, it’s not my paper. When advertisers start paying for time on site over impressions, I wonder if you’ll see a shift in editorial style.

A question for another day.

Right, have a bloody ripper!


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  1. Ozy


    “People should be able to say and write whatever they want, within obvious reason…”

    Sorry to break it to you again but that’s what “PC” people believe too. Within obvious reason. You abhor political correctness, I abhor hate speech. Not even sure how you can feel so strongly against PC, to abhor it.. that’s intense but whatever. Like you said, you do you, I’ll do me.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    But Dortmund wouldn’t find a better player than Gundogan in Jan, so the money would be useless to them.

    The last thing they have is time to let new players settle in.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Be nice to have Giroud and Welbeck back for the weekend, rumours that Sanchez may get a rest as well?

    I think he’ll play Sanchez. While he seemed a little fatigued before xmas, he looked as good as ever against Hull. While we’re playing a game a week, I don’t think he’ll be able to keep Sanchez off the pitch.
    Once Walcott and Ozil are back 100% then I can see some resting

  4. Marko

    Nasri’s Mouth just because we struggle to find midfielders in a transfer window it doesn’t mean Dortmund would.

    Also not sure Gundogen can be classified as injury prone. He got a bad knee injury then a bad back injury (presumably connected) at the same time but prior to that he was ever present in Dortmund’s recent rise to power

  5. salparadisenyc


    Not in January, the dude hems and haws until the Chinese new year approaches and realizes theirs only hours left to pull something out of hat. AA23 at midnight, Kallstrom, Monreal on the last day sure many more examples.

    Inter seem to have a plan and are implementing it, we wait for a bargain and strike like a cat in molasses. Really no way to run a club with the capital Arsene has at his disposal, the need is clearly there. It has been since we did nothing about it in August with Verm out the door and Arteta and Flamini lacking potency. Yet we ignored it, no doubt we’ll do the same this January with some less than adequate CB coming in for cover and nothing else.

  6. Thank you and goodnight

    Firstly I find all religion to be bollocks. What these backward idiots did yesterday was disgusting, make no mistake about that. But please let’s not forget the millions of people who have suffered death, disfigurement etc at the hands of the white man. After all where ever there has been major wars in the world in the last 200 years, the white man has been involved Wether directly or indirectly. I’m not excusing those bell ends from yesterday, but please no more crocodile tears.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    Marko: Nasri’s Mouth just because we struggle to find midfielders in a transfer window it doesn’t mean Dortmund would.

    Yeah, there’ll be a queue of players wanting to help them in their relegation battle.

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    Agreed, through our actions or inactions we’ve managed to mess up massive chunks of the world.

    And while religion is being used an excuse / reason, many of these groups have their roots in local power struggles. Power struggles that can be traced back to situations that we had a hand in.

    And although it’s been a long while, in the UK, we’ve had our own period of slaughtering people because they had the wrong religion

  9. salparadisenyc

    I’ve no doubt Dortmund would sell Gundogan in this window for the asking.
    Makes no difference for us, United will likely land em as we give Conquelin yet another chance.

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    @Nasri’s Mouth

    Thank you. Now I’m a Cypriot, a turkish Cypriot. My wife is English, my 4 children have English names and Wether certain people like it or not, I view myself as English. But the hypocrisy at times astound me. This country and the whole of Europe will never ever be Muslim, and the muslims RIGHTLY have no Fucking say in how your countries should be run. But in the majority of their own countries they are being governed by outside western powers again directly or indirectly. The people that govern us have created this mess for their own means, Wether they’re Christian, Muslim or jewish leaders, they’re the only winners in this….just check they’re bank accounts. That’s why apart from AKB’S, I hate no one. We’re all the same shit.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah but it’s pretty unconnected to yesterday and don’t forget the poor officer who was killed today as well in Paris. I don’t think our history has much to do with the current issue of Islamic terrorism…I mean in part, but not really, this is a clash of ideologies.

    You’ve only got to listen to that lunatic Choudray and you’ll realise you will NEVER find any common ground with these people.

    I mean, I don’t feel guilty about Empire, or colonization or anything because it does literally no good. I wasn’t there to give the insult, and they weren’t around to take it…obviously some of the atrocities the West has committed are heinous beyond belief, but I don’t like this thing of “remember what we did 500 years ago…well let’s not start judging people for doing nasty stuff in 2015.”

    I know that isn’t what you’re saying, but I’ve heard it before.

    I would just rather hold every individual accountable for their actions, society does no doubt affect you, your upbringing etc…but like these kids who go on shooting sprees and then blame GTA…please.

    What these guys did does not represent Islam, but it represents what they’ve been taught by somebody, they’ve been influenced by somebody, they didn’t wake up one day and decide to kill a load of people. I mean Al Quaeda publishes a magazine called Inspire doesn’t it?? That publishes hit lists for crying out loud!

    There is a fundamental problem here that I think society needs to tackle together, it is only a matter of time before this happens in London, I know a copper and he’s been told it’s back to the old IRA days, don’t wear your uniform on the way to work or leaving alone, be ready for an emergency response for a Mumbai style attack on a shopping centre or something.

    Scary times.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I just hope he doesn’t break…he’s literally been the only bright spot this season, carried us so far.

    Looking forward to seeing Walcott, Ozil and Sanchez together…literally the only thing keeping me going this year!

  13. salparadisenyc


    Mou really has the look of a dirty commie red in that video.
    I’ve no doubt he’s a key figure in SPECTRE.

  14. nigel tufnel

    Cesc appeal
    Dont forget roterham, rochdale, (birmingham too?) and some other problems. Media avoid calling it what it is, thats annoying.,
    In US , after 9/11 almost zero retaliation acts. Everyone expected them. One fool beat up a hindu.
    Maybe western people, judeo christian ethics are not so bad after all.

  15. MidwestGun

    I don’t feel guilty about Empire, or colonization
    Nor do I expect you to but …. it is ironic I keep hearing rumors that Simeone and others are coming to America to learn English.
    Told y’all it’s not me… it’s you.

  16. Cesc Appeal



    Next thing you’ll have people saying “do you speak American”…”no my dear I speak the Queen’s English.”

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: I don’t think our history has much to do with the current issue of Islamic terrorism…

    Many of the current terrorist organisations have developed and succeeded because of weaknesses in their countries that can attributed to decisions that western countries have made.

    From Rwanda to Palestine to India/Pak.istan, we’ve had direct influences on current situations.

    And of course more recently America with it’s involvement in Iraq / Iran / Cuba etc.

    For a variety of reasons, (some made in good faith, others not so) we’ve made a mess of things.

    Of course, it’s impossible to know how history would have gone had we not made those decisions

  18. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t doubt history, but there are always lunatics. I just don’t like the way sometimes it’s bandied around as some sort of excusing factor.

    No doubt we left power vacuums, and as political needs shifted over time we manipulated areas of the globe.

    Believe me I’m not excusing anyone from blame.

    I just don’t ever see it as a reason to excuse terrorism or call for some sort of understanding or something.

    Again I stress, I know you aren’t doing that.

  19. salparadisenyc

    “In US , after 9/11 almost zero retaliation acts. Everyone expected them. One fool beat up a hindu..”

    You’re channel was tuned to the wrong channel.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Me too. I’d take a Ginsters cheese slice over Wenger, and that’s my most hated type.

    Not sure you answered the other day, Pep, Jurgen or Diego? (We’re on first name terms it’s cool.)

  21. Thomas

    Proffa January 8, 2015 19:09:41


    Maybe more than 1 person thinks you’re a cunt?


    Ok so you’re Le Profs butt buddy. That’s even worse then lol.

  22. Ozy

    “I mean, I don’t feel guilty about Empire, or colonization or anything because it does literally no good. I wasn’t there to give the insult, and they weren’t around to take it…”

    ……………………………………. no comment

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Guess it depends on your background Ozy and life experiences, be a pretty boring world if everyone thought like you?

  24. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Pep…. familiar with German and Spanish transfer markets. Attention to detail. Seems to hate losing, wouldn’t put up with Kroenke’s shit most likely. Our current players could play his style. Altho,it’s not my favorite.

    However after AM/RM match yesterday. Got to admit Simeone knows his shit. But I’d pick Pep.

  25. Thank you and goodnight


    As I’ve said they’re scum. But would it have made it better if they’d used a drone to kill 12 people instead? Or is it the fact that it happened in France and not in say, Afghanistan, that makes it unacceptable? You may think I’m excusing them, i’m not. They’re backward scum. Sorry if it offends some muslims, but the ones I’ve spoken to, including an English convert, are so backwards it’s unreal. You listen to the crap they come out with and think ‘ surely they’re taking the piss!, they can’t be serious’…. but I’m not a hypocrit. We’ve done far worse to a LOT of people around the world and continue to do so.

  26. N5

    CA, No comment show’s disregard for a comment so it’s a paradox, my next comment will be a proper no comment…. ready….

  27. Ozy

    True, N5. I just had to voice my disagreement without actually stirring anything up anymore. I hijacked the comments section earlier so I’ll stay out of this one.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, Pep seems to be OCD on detail as well which would be a sharp change from Wenger.

    As you say though Simeone seems to be spot on with the tactical approach.

    Would still like to see how Pep would do in a side that wasn’t incredibly dominant…like Arsenal. But there’s just a part of me that thinks Pep might flop, I don’t know why.

  29. N5

    ARGGHHH you can’t do a no comment on here, it inserts YOUR COMMENT HERE!!

    Ozy, I enjoy the back and fourth. I agree with points from both of you and you both have intelligence beyond your years, so as long as your debates don’t deteriorate to “your a cunt, no your a cunt” and so on then don’t ever feel bad for having them.

  30. salparadisenyc

    Lets say Pep comes in.. obviously hypothetical.
    Whose he cut shot of or to make it easier whom does he keep?

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Oh yeah, drone strikes are highly contentious. It all centres around intention, if the drone operator strikes on purpose, criminal (in my mind)…if it’s an accident…obviously doesn’t decrease the tragedy. But then you get into a whole new debate about validity of certain wars etc and please no lets not do that!

    Funny you say that I knew a kid in school who married a Muslim girl and converted, he is now the most conservative Muslim you’ve ever seen, I deleted him from my FB after Lee Rigby because some of the stuff he was spewing…defies belief.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    You’re a c**t, no you’re a c**t

    No, not really just want to get under Ben Affleck’s skin 😉 Can’t even post a blank comment…pull yourself together Mr. 5

  33. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Well if Pep flopped he would take the board down with him at least. Lol. But I can’t see him flopping without doing everything in his power to succeed.
    If he goes to Man U. with their spending power whilst we still have AW.
    Words cant describe how much that would suck.

  34. N5

    TYAG good points.

    I read a comment on Facebook tonight saying! They can’t find these 2 Muslim men from France, no doubt they are now in England and living in a 4 bedroom council house! the next comment said, they should fuck off home.

    First comment is from a woman who has 4 kids and never worked a day in her life.

    Second comment says they should fuck off home! like A) they really are in the UK and B) Muslim is a country.

    When I read stuff like this, a little bit of me dies. How can the real Muslim people expect to live side by side with these people, with that being a snapshot of your average person!!

    It’s like when they firebombed a synagogue after 7/7. Wrong religion dicks.

    I’m not sure what my point was, maybe I didn’t have one.


  35. Cesc Appeal


    I can envisage Pep, Klopp and Simeone being in the EPL and us still having Wenger…oh that would be horrendous.

    Might have to start supporting Crawley or something.

  36. Ozy

    Thanks, N5, I just need to learn restraint. Something this site has helped me with. Gotta pick your battles.

    Now to add a Muslim anecdote of my own .. my significant other’s Palestinian and her entire family is Muslim. They’re all pretty normal to me. Anecdote over.

  37. N5

    Lol CA, sorry I’m going to seek help for my issues! I have way way way to many.


  38. N5

    Ozy, I went out with a Muslim girl for a year or so, the only issue I had with her was how many times she’d pray!! Bloody inconvenient if we were watching a movie. I said why can’t you be like me and just pray when you want to win something or when you don’t want to die. She just looked at me.

    Not long after that, I was single again. 😀

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Your Comment Here

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  40. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Pep comes.
    Hmmmm can’t see Giroud staying, perhaps Welbeck. Pretty much anyone with limited ball skills. Arteta Flamini out for def. mid. We would need true wingers for width.
    Ozil probably not his style. Ramsey maybe not so much. Probably be a serious turn over. But that’s probably true of any new manager unless it’s an internal promotion like Bould.

  41. N5

    ARGGGHHHH It’s haunting me, everywhere I look it says it’s my comment, but it’s not my comment, until I add a comment and then it’s my comment, but the your comment has gone only to be replaced with my comment.

    I CAN’T TAKE THIS…………………Goodbye cruel Le Grove.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder what a Guardiola Arsenal 11 would look like, agree with MidWest I think there would be a lot of additions

  43. Ozy

    Hahaha, N5. Can’t tell if you’re serious or not.

    You all know who deserves some recognition? Ahmed Merabet, the Muslim cop who was killed. Died protecting Charlie Hebdo’s right to ridicule his faith and culture.

    Nastasic to Schalke. Valdes to United. Bony to City. Damn. All would’ve helped us.

  44. karim


    I know some Muslims who I grew up with, they never threatened me with an axe if I wasn’t a good boy either


  45. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I agree.

    I love the demands he places on his players as well, against Roma they were 4-5 up or something and someone misplaced a pass and he kicked the turf up…be a culture shock for the current players from being babied by Wenger.

  46. salparadisenyc

    Karim has stated the facts, the world is fucked.
    I’ve seen it first hand. Hopefully those two demented shitcunts are contained without further carnage.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Well apparently they’re in a giant cave in a large expanse of woodland, the French have called in some serious muscle from the Police and Army to hunt them down.

    MI5 has essentially conceded it’s only a matter of time before it’s England. Before Christmas on my train in London they had posters up about how to behave in the event of an emergency like that…

  48. salparadisenyc


    Was in London this past weekend, saw similar. London and NY feel so similar, like its all just around the corner.. could be any moment. Frightening stuff.

    Onto my Pep fantasy, I reckon he cuts shot of:

    Szez, Mert, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Conquelin, Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell and oh yes Diaby.

    Rosicky outlasts Wenger and finally wins a title with Javi Martinez holding the mid and fit Alcantara operating in tandem with Ozil.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Agree, I think that when I’m sat on the train, but then I realise I’m too tired and just fall asleep.

    Ohhhh, Javi Martinez, swoooooooooooon

  50. Pistolpete

    Just read an article about podolski leaving the club and wenger not even saying goodbye or any word of that matter. Does not surprise me. That man is so arrogant. Even after a game he never seems to thank the fans. Two hand snakes and he is down the tunnel. What a wanker this dictator is. Looking forward to the day when we get a manager that can communicate with fans without dropping his lip.

  51. GuNZ

    Had a bit of a quiet day so went on to the Arsenal website to see what I could wind myself up with. Not very good cardiac material today but the pick of a poor crop was Mertesacker talking about his days at Hanover 96: ‘No one went crazy when there was a defeat, no one went crazy when they said maybe I wasn’t good enough and went to the second team.’ Well, no change there, then.

    And as for Szyxny – next time he has smoko in the shower some one should shove one of those long-necked vosene bottles up his arse (can you still get them?)

  52. Dark Hei

    Hi guys,

    Would like the Grovers opinion on Gundogan.

    Is he the deep lying midfielder we need or another option for the medical room position? Also does he have enough physicality? Personally, I think he will be a good acquisition though he might not make immediate impact.

  53. tunnygriffboy

    I’ve been happy to stick up for Wenger and the team when I feel it’s right to do so. Something is really irritating me though :

    Ramsey and Arteta injuries. Told they’d be back Boxing day and New Year’s day. It’s the 9th of January and they won’t be fit for Sunday. Wilshere obviously out and Ozil likely to be on the bench. Once again we go into an important game ( every game is now due to our position ) with a cobbled together midfield.

    It’s Man City next week and if these players are available they’ll go into it not having played for a long time. Not ideal.

    Where is the signing to cover ? We’ve been linked with loads but genuinely , how many of these rumours are true ? What do we believe ? Is it the ones we like to believe eg Gundogan or not paying the 8 million Zagreb want for Borozovic ?

    Lastly Perrin. I wasn’t as anti as some but i’m not bothered we’ve past on him. If we have cooled interst it would appear to me we’re looking at hopefully better options.

  54. tunnygriffboy

    Dark Hei

    Really like Gundogan. Would be ideal replacement for Arteta. 24 but got good experience and a very good footballer.

    He’s not the physical specimen with pace and strength we need but would be ideal next to one. If we could get him now and Schniederlin in the summer it would do me.

    He has had injury issues steming from a nasty one which affected him for over a year. Looked a bit tubby when we played them recently but was still one of their better players.

    Him and Schniederlin would see 3 of Arteta, Flamini, Diaby or Coquelin go.

    We need a CB as well

  55. GuNZ

    So how come Stoke can pick up a German International utility back, Philipp Wollscheid, on loan, and we can’t sort our shit out? He’s 25, he’s fit, and he’ll probably make his debut against us on Saturday. Arsene was born in Strasbourg which is in Alsace which is pretty much German (Wenger grew up in a ‘French’ town called Duttlenheim on the German border). Arsene is 1.91 m in height. Wollscheid comes from Wadern in the Saarland, Germany, which is only 1.5 hours drive from Strasbourg. He is 1.94 m in height. So he is pretty tall and grew up almost next door to Arsene which makes it staggering how he got overlooked. Lukas Podolski, on the other hand, was born in Gliwice, Poland and is only 1.82 m in height which may go some way to explaining Wenger’s antipathy towards him. None of this explains Wenger’s love affair with Olivier Giroud who was born in Chambery, Savoie, France and who is 1.92 m in height and a useless twat. I think a pattern may be emerging but I am not sure what it is. Wenger is unable to spot talent when it is shoved right under his nose perhaps?

  56. Dark Hei


    Fair on you to give Arsene the stick, and with well argued points as well. A tat too greedy me thinks if you want both Gundogan and Schniederlin. They are not stupid you know. Both of them will end up either in Arsenal or United, with one picking the other.

  57. tunnygriffboy

    Dark Hei

    Why not Gundogan now and Schniederlin the marquee summer signing. With Ramsey, Wilshere et al our midfield would be sorted.

    Desperately need a quality CB though.

  58. Dark Hei


    If Wenger signs him you will just accuse him of signing dross. Philip has been on loan at Mainz for the first half of the season. In that time he started 2 games and had 3 off the bench.

  59. sam

    Arsenal must transform this middleweight need rhino mertesacker,wilshire,walcot(can play right wing with small team).must sign steel defender like reid,hummel,howedes,showcros,caulker.midfield wanyama,schneiderlin,bender,khedira,mvilla,nzozi,gustavo.striker benzemaa

  60. tunnygriffboy

    Dark Hei

    Or he may say ‘aah, 34 slow Arteta, 30year old arm waverer Flamini and perma crock Diaby there’. Surely he’d enjoy playing alongside Gundogan, Wilshere and Ramsey. Could be the main man. Knows Kos, Debuchy and Giroud as well.

  61. GuNZ

    Dark Hei

    Fair call but Mark Hughes obviously sees something in him and Stoke have conceded less goals than us this season – admittedly only by one – so if he’s been called in to shore up a shonky defence at loan rates and we’re doing nothing . . .

  62. tunnygriffboy


    Are we doing nothing.? You can’t categorically say we aren’t ? We’ve passed on Perrin apparently so it may be we’re after someone better. 7 would also say that Perrin is a better player than the German and he’s been ripped to bits on here for being an average player

  63. Dark Hei


    If his loan at Mainz is cut short, I think there is some issue there. I will put my faith in Hayden.
    Oh, don’t get me wrong, we need a CB of the Kos-mould, in case those tender Archilles go twang. I got an Archilles this year on my left foot, stopped me from running for 2 months. I now rotate the gym bike with hitting the road to prevent future problems.

  64. Dark Hei


    I think they both play in the same position. It is one or the other since nobody is going to displace Ramsey. Schneiderlin is the better choice as he is EPL adapted but Gundogan is the one currently available.

  65. GuNZ

    Dark Hei / Tunnygriffboy

    I’m not saying Wollscheid is THE answer (although with 5 years and almost 6 inches on Perrin he’s probably the better longer term bet), I just want AN answer. I do not want this year to turn out like all others where Wenger spins it out till the last minute then a couple of good results and everyone off the bench for the first time in the season has him spouting his annual rubbish about ‘Why do I need to buy players with a squad like this’ and two weeks later everyone’s injured again. Been there, done that.

  66. tunnygriffboy

    Dark Hei

    If we lose Arteta, Flamini, Diaby and Coquelin which we conceivably could, we would need two midfielders to replace. Gundogan and Schniederlin would be magnificent. Tough away games you could play both and then rotate. Would give our midfield quality options which we would need to challenge.

  67. Dark Hei


    My head tells me we are better off without Philip.

    My heart tells me that Philip is good as it will not beat so fast if Kos or Per gets injured and so I will live longer.

    There is always a good and positive reason for everything.

  68. GuNZ

    Don’t know what I’m doing on this site at 10pm on a Friday night. I have just, in the manner of the sortes Virgilianae, consulted the Aeneid as a means of divining what Arsene will do during this trnafer window. The passage that fell open reads: ‘In that moment, Allecto (Arsene?), gorged with the poisons of the Gorgons (Charlie George?), went straight to Latium (Leyton Orient?)and the lofty palace of the king of the Laurentines (Koscielny?) and settled on the quiet threshold of the chamber of Amata (Georgie Armstrong? Tony Adams?). Fucked if I know what that all means. Good night.

  69. tunnygriffboy


    I know, I know, I know but I have to remain optimistic lool

    Seriously though, it’s reported that we’re in talks with Gundogan for 16 million. Think medical may be an issue. It’s not unfeasible that we could get him. Also Schniederlin has been a past target but not available this window. It’s also possible that we could get him in the summer

    You can only dream 🙂 🙂 🙂

  70. GuNZ

    Dark Hei

    Sorry, didn’t see your last post before I sent my final drivel. You are quite right, there must be a good and positive reason for everything even if it is that Arsene and his management of my beloved Arsenal this last 9 years are gradually teaching me the stoic doctrine of extirpation of the passions. I know I shouldn’t get angry and upset and all that but when I see a close up of Giroud’s smug face as he butchers yet another open goal and read Arsene’s glib litany of post-match inanities, and watch Koscielny sucking on a juice bottle after a cataclysmic cock-up . . . . it’s hard, dark Hei, it’s very, very hard.

  71. Bamford10

    Podolski is apparently saying he doesn’t expect to return to Arsenal and that he feels he was mistreated, mishandled.

    First he criticized Wenger’s decisions re his playing time: “I played a very good game against Galatasaray & then I was on the bench again. I knew I had to move [clubs].”

    Then he noted that Wenger never bothered to say anything to him before he left for Italy: “He said nothing to me. He did not call me or say goodbye … I don’t need flowers or a kiss from him. But it is about respect, about saying goodbye. For me respect is important.”

    More quality work here from Wenger.

  72. Bamford10

    Gundogan is a better CM than anyone we have and he certainly could play the holding role for us. Question is whether/when he’ll return to his pre-injury form. He has looked pretty good thus far this season but still has a ways to go.

    I’d be ecstatic if we signed him, but I can’t see Dortmund letting him leave before the summer.

  73. tunnygriffboy


    Far as Podolski’s concern he can go fuck himself. His PR and self promotion covered what a lazy git he was. His first season was ok but last season and this the majority of his performances were anonymous. The last straw for me was the Anderlecht game when having been on the field for 10 mins he couldn’t be bothered to close down the cross that lead to their third goal.

    It’s interesting that his coach at Cologne said that he doesn’t put the work in on the traing pitch or in matches and as a result he never reached his potential. He also said that this was the reason he was benched at Bayern and Arsenal, basically saying he didn’t fight for his place in the two big clubs he had joined.

    He also said that Podolski blames other people rather than himself. I’d prefer Campbell. A better all round player who works for the team as well.

  74. Thank you and goodnight


    ” His previous coach said he’s lazy and doesn’t put in the effort” etc etc.

    I agree with you 100%. Poldi has also been called a disruptive influence…… why the fuck did wenger buy him? Wenger’s signings over last 5 years have been shocking with no thought going into a lot of his signings. In all honesty the club would be better off not allowing him any transfer funds as he’d more than likely fuck up. Always reactive with Wenger in the transfer window, never pro active

  75. Nasri's Mouth

    Is the Podolski information from Charlie Wyett in the Sun ?

    If so, I’ll pass. He has N.eil Ashton levels of fuckwittery

  76. paulb

    Arsenal will improve once le fraud leaves, the sheer arrogance of the clown is a joke, he is a laughing stock with his tactics and know how and will use the excuse of players coming back from injury as an excuse not to buy, same old skinflint, same old Wenger same old season