Arsenal should hire Carles Puyol to assess the playing side of the club

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No reason for this picture.

No reason for this picture.

Yah, just hitting up the gym on regular. In work this morning, publicly making a scene about how great I feel after my 12 minute session yesterday.

‘Oh gosh yeah, really feeling tight this morning. Sometimes, my biggest weakness is pushing myself too hard. Can’t wait for my next sesh in 3 weeks time.’

I’m one of those.

So lots of gossipy news this morning. Firstly, John Cross dropped the SS-bomb online. Yeah, Szczesny Smoking! Can you believe that? No, it’s the triple S because he was caught doing it in the showers.

What I find hilarious is the moral outrage that a tabloid journalist dropped a story like this. Like, it’s not his job to share stories like this.

Why is it important?

1) Who the f*ck smokes in the shower. Real basics here, but smoking fire in a damp environment is pretty dim. He’s not getting the smooth drag he deserves and he probably ruined his lighter.

2) Who has a bad moment in a sporting environment and think sparking up a fag is the way to wangle yourself back into the good books (My mate Tommy over at Hackney Marshes on a Sunday)

3) Why did he have a packet of fags in his bag in the first place? Must be a very regular thing if he carries a box around with him

4) Why would you do it anywhere near the changing rooms unless you were trying to cause trouble? For a start, I’m pretty sure it’s not legal to do so

5) What does it say about your attitude and approach to your professional career when you take actions like that?

I don’t understand why fans don’t think this is an important snippet of information to know about our extremely well compensated number one. I told you in the summer he’d go the way of Alex Song because I knew about these types of moments, it was only a matter of time before he took it too far.

Other things you need to know, leaks happen for a reason. It’s rarely an accident at Arsenal when important news slips out of the club. They allow it, because if JC wasn’t getting that news on good authority he’d earn a ban from the press conferences, which would be costly for him.

So that story has been allowed to leak, maybe becuase a stint on the sidelines is pending.

Same with Lukas Podolski. Admittedly, I had a hardon for him when he arrived, but it was pretty apparent that he wasn’t cutting the mustard after his first season. Yet you rarely read anyone in the press run a take down on him. This week I’ve read false stories about a training ground storm out, then I read a methodical takedown of him in the Telegraph yesterday. All stories that weren’t there when he was a social media darling and part of the managers plans. Same with ‘influencers’ with a proWenger agenda. All banging on about 100+ caps Lukas had when he was here, then when he leaves, he wasn’t ever rated. Playing up to a role instead of being an honest fan… it’s so boring and disingenuous. When ‘superfans’ melt into the press machine… whatever happened to dissent?

If your off the record attitude differs to your online attitude… well, have a word with yourself.

So if that Szczesny story has leaked, chances are, it’s leaked for a reason. This is a culmination of our number one annoying a lot of people. Now he’s probably facing a tough battle to regain his jersey. If he’s not, I’d be surprised. Also… what’s with that fine? £20k when he’s taking close to £100k a week? I’m sure that’ll burn him…

In other gossipy news, Zubizarreta found himself fired over at Barcelona. He’s been their Director of Football for the last 4 years. He’s overseen some success, he’s overseen mild amounts of dross as well. If you’re not winning at Barca, you’re failing hard. So they’ve shifted him on, in the main, because of the transfer ban he picked up. Another who has left the club is his assistant Carles Puyol.

Now, I’m not saying we should sign Zubi (though I have a lot of love for anyone who takes Alex Song off our hands), but that sort of football knowledge would be interesting around the management team at Arsenal. We don’t have any footballing experience around our board. You can look at our explayers and pick from them, but I think it’d be an idea to cast the net wider. I don’t think there are too many of our explayers I’d be interested in. Carles Puyol is looking for a new challenge. It’d be interesting to have someone who captained one of the greatest sides the world has ever known come in and assess what’s going on around the football club.

It might not sit well with Arsene, but if you want to benchmark approaches, you should probably benchmark them against one of the greatest managers on the planet. Are our fitness programmes tailored properly? Does Wenger have a strong camaraderie with the players? If the training methods haven’t changed in 10 years, is that because they don’t have to because they’re amazing, or are they dated? How does our approach to nutrition compare? How sharp is the pregame analysis? How good is the managers in game management? What are the backroom staffers like? Are their cliques? If so, are they damaging? Maybe Colbert is a wizard at his job? Maybe Peyton and Primorac are gods at their jobs? What level are our scouts at? Is buying a player really harder than buying a loaf of bread? Is talent given the freedom to innovate? Is the training ground motivated to be the best?

Wouldn’t it be a smart move to bring in a total independent and give him freedom of the club. Imagine what it’d be like for the players as well to have a legend floating around the club. If he came in and said change was needed because we don’t stack up to the best in the business, wouldn’t that give the CEO some real clout to take on the manager? It would, which is why we won’t do that.

Arsenal run internal reviews that are about as independent and respected as a Police Commission report in this country.

‘Errr, yeah, the injury thing, we found nuffin guvnor… tis lady luck you needs to be speaking to’

Good news for Stoke this weekend, Mesut should be back in contention. Hopefully he’ll be refreshed from all that time out over the last few months. I hope he comes back on fire so we can all stop whacking skippy over Cesc Fabregas. His incisive passing and nonchalant arrogance for sprinting has been sorely missed. Imagine him feeding Theo and Sanchez. Dreamz are made of these moments. It’ll be interesting to see how the manager uses him. I hope it’s not out on the left where he’s pretty ineffective.

The urgency of the club to smash out transfers hasn’t been impressive, as usual. We’ve spoken to Perrin on a personal level, but we’ll be damned if we’ll think of placing a bid this early. Not like we’re desperate is it?

Oh, what’s that? We’re having a like a new signing moment with Coquelin?

“I want him to have a future here,”

“He is one of the players who has gone through difficult times but he kept his focus, worked very hard and I hope he will be rewarded for that. He has matured.”

Why search for talent outside the club when you have an internal solution playing over at Charlton. Genius.

Maybe we can land Suarez on loan? He’s having a shocker over in Spain!

Right, that’s me done. Off to do some standing press-ups. Have a great day, you fitness disgrace.




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  1. kwik fit


    Transfers are probably not even on the agenda ATM. Sure the window doesn’t open until the 31st of January .

  2. luke

    TBH I could see a deadline day Cavani happening…Who is going to take him at this point? Liverpool? Would he really go there? Could LFC afford him? The only team I could think of would be Real, but I can’t see that happening with Benz. Maybe a return to Italy – Juventus? Italy seems pretty broke though…What do people on here think?

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Wait, wait, wait…Arsene Wenger is being indecisive?

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger? Are we talking about the same bloke?

  4. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Ya… I know and I’m going on vacation that week probably miss all the excitement. 🙁

    When we got Kim K. Last time.. I could hardly contain my excitement.

  5. Grouvillegooner

    I have seen Perrin a few times on French TV. Looks quite tidy but the pace of Ligue1 is much slower, and he is going to have communication problems I would assume which is so important defensively.

  6. Leedsgunner

    If Perrin was genuinely brought into add squad depth fair enough,but we all know what Wenger’s game is — there is no superstar signing to complement Perrin. Perrin is it. He is a slightly younger Arteta. If he was genuinely class why didn’t we bring him I when he was 24,25? He’ll be 30 when joins us and with 30 he’ll be more injury prone and less dynamic.

    The EPL is a more and more a young man’s league due to its pace. Ask Squillaci, how well did he do?

  7. luke

    Schar, Delph, Winston Reid. All decent squad players, all in the last 6 months of contracts. Add Cavani. Boom. Oh yeah and ditch Wenger while youre at it.

  8. gambon

    “Schar, Delph, Winston Reid. All decent squad players, all in the last 6 months of contracts.”


    All nowhere near the quality we need.

  9. luke

    Midwest – I’ve thought that for a while, but apparently the relationship between Cavani and Ibra (whose people basically run PSG) have really worsened in recent weeks. I heard on some Pod that Cavani and Ibra were having a lot of on and off field problems recently (hence the training separately). You could definitely still be right though, but crazier things have happened. And, leave it to Wenger to sign a striker with a defense crisis and holding midfielder shortage.

  10. luke

    Agreed Gambon. They are not bad squad players though, you cant deny that. Just like I can;t deny they are all not the quality we need. I’d much prefer Hummels and schneiderlin.

  11. Goondawg


    The case you could say for Squillaci is he came from the spanish league which is more technical and slower than EPL. Whereas Perrin, is coming from ligue 1 which is a more physical league than la liga,

    Squillaci is a weird one IMO. In hindsight should have been a steal for 4 mill. He had won titles, competed at international level and played at the highest level in europe. Then he came to Arsenal and stunk so hard. Im hoping Perrin doesnt go the same way

  12. Highbury Daze

    Do you think a guy who brings in Sanogo, will bring in Cavani,look at the strikers Wenger produced, RVP showed promise when he was at Feynoord, cost 3.5 mil,Eduardo,Giroud, Bendtner,Sanogo,Welbeck Aliadiere Lupoli Vela Chamakh Rui Fonte Adebayor Park Chu Young, Gervinho just to mention a few not too many great ones there

  13. Goondawg

    CBs hit their prime late 20s early 30s.

    28-34 age is optimum CB prime time. So Perrin can be forgiven for being heralded as the next Thiago Silva by some frenchies so late in his career. He may have been a non-entity five years ago but it shouldnt be a cursor for how well he may turn out for us

  14. gambon


    We have a squad full of squad players.

    Half our first team are squad level players.

    We need top level players at GK, CB, LB, DM, CM, CF

  15. Highbury Daze

    That summation of Squallici is a damming one on Wenger, he has done this and that but when Wenger gets them, well you have seen the results of that, same of Vermaelen, was a great CB for a couple of years until he was Wengerised, they regress under this clown

  16. Highbury Daze

    Goon, it’s for that reason Chambers should not be picked apart as is the case now, who expects a 19 year old CB/RB to be mature at 19, some here need to let go of their dicks

  17. Leedsgunner

    I can see Cavani coming here if only to detract and deflect from Arsene’s ability to sign players where we really need reinforcements… CBs and DMs.

    Instead of signing another £50m luxury buy, here is an idea why don’t we sign a class £25m defender and a class £25m DM. We could even be really radical and sign Schrar on a reduced price why we are at it — imagine that actual squad depth!

    Hilarious — on another note has Bony been signed by City yet?

    Have we been rejected by Legia Warsaw for their water boy again?

    The difference in ambition is ridiculous isn’t?

  18. salparadisenyc

    Kwik is taking the piss out you fellas, don’t delude yourselves with Cavani.
    Welbeck is our Cavani, Arteta and Flam will hold the mid and i’d imagine we sign the salt n peppa dude whose been at St Etienne as long as Wenger sojourn in London.

    Terminal Wenger.

  19. TOLI83

    Wenger will leave it to the last minute which shows the shambles. It’s not like the players we need are luxury players, we fucking needed them like yesterday. And I reckon we need 5+ players and that’s just in defensive areas.

    World class keeper.
    New 1st choice LB
    New 1st choice CB
    RB cover
    Defensive MId 1st choice

    Anything less leaves us exposed.

    Should have had the list drawn up ages go with players sigining on the dotted line. Some big games coming up.

  20. Goondawg


    I agree. Its unfair picking apart a 19 year old, who has no leaders around him or idea of defensive solidarity, because the manager is clueless

    To some extent, its the same with Ozil. Why slate him when he is not being drilled in the defensive side of things nor is he offered a free role to play with embellishment when things are falling apart at the back. For me, Ozil needs to be judged next to a proper DM and a solid back 5, and until then these comparisons with Fabregas and Eriksen are meaningless.

  21. Highbury Daze

    I never wish for players, I see players this club should sign, but it matters not who comes in Wenger will not be able to utilize them to advantage, he strips away what they have learned elsewhere, that is why he likes young players, they have not been brainwashed yet,and he wengerises them starts from the beginning so to speak,unlike older players who need the tape erased and start again

    Whatever Wenger saw in players that made him bring them to this club, when they arrive he begins the process of erasure then reprograms them to what he thinks they should be doing, this is a mental patient manager

  22. Goondawg

    Wenger left it till the eleventh hour last year as well before pulling Kim K under our noses. I expect the same this year as well. We will get more and more desperate and by the end be ever so grateful that a water boy from Poland was plunged from out of obscurity

  23. Highbury Daze

    No Leeds, Wengers ambition is where it should be, where he wants it, buy the water boy for a pittance, then sell him down the track for 5 to 6 times his purchase price, it’s all about the money

  24. salparadisenyc

    Last January it was Draxler, Draxler and Draxler all month and Wenger pulled the Kallstrom coup.

    A bit like the Apollo 13 botched moon landing except we got lost in space as well. There was no safe return.

  25. Highbury Daze

    If Ozil was next to a Vieira type player he would flourish, he was with Alonso at Real, now he is with Flamini and Arteta, see the difference

  26. Highbury Daze

    You do NOT ask a 42.5 million superstar to track back and tackle, that is why you have a Vieira type player next to Ozil, to offer protection for him to do the job he was signed for, conduct the orchestra, this is a supreme playmaker, reduced to the role of a fucking donkey by Wenger asking him to play left wing and help the LB defend fuck you Arsene, you do not have a fucking clue you douche bag, if you bought a CDM there would be no need to shove the best number 10 on the left or right wing, you fucking termite

  27. Goondawg

    Arsenal are hoping to reach an agreement in the coming days to sign Boca Juniors forward Jonathan Calleri according to Fichajes.

  28. Highbury Daze

    Hands up anyone who sees Ronaldo in a defensive duty or Messi are these guys asked to track back and tackle beasts, not on your life are they asked or are required to, protect your champions, do not throw them to the wolves asking Ozil to tackle Wanyama, joke of the fucking year

  29. Highbury Daze

    Never forget this, go back to the female bbc reporter who asked Wenger what happened against Anderlecht 3-0 up then finished 3-3 this will stay with me until the end, he offered an excuse we were not too good in the defensive side of our game, Wenger blamed the defense, then she asks well you are in charge why did you not buy a CDM or CB, he then turns on her, you don’t listen very well to me he barks, instead of going for the jugular and laying bare this fucking conman she backs off and changes the subject, she should have driven home her advantage and ripped him apart for what he is

    A tosser, by his own admission he owns up to being a fuck wit and not having the defense in order, he admits it and she is to blame

    Arsene Wenger cunt of the year, in fact cunt of the decade

  30. the_real_andy

    imagine a front three of sanchez, ox and welbeck (although I’m not his biggest fan at all) with ozil behind them feeding. that would be one hell of an attacking force, probably even more efficient than rooney, di maria, falcao and the traitor. those four up front and let 5 stay at the back plus a midfielder capable of running his socks off for 90 minutes like ramsey (hope he gets back to his stamina). no need for our REAL defensive midfielder to even touch the halfway line not to talk about being part of our attack. just imagine for one second:

    debuchy, koscielny, hummels, baines
    matic, ramsey
    ox, oz, wel

    what team in the world could harm us? let the back five stay behind the halfway line and let the four up front do their job. I don’t see us not scoring a goal, and even if they are not scoring you still have ramsey there who could score on or the other. besides that let’s do some set pieces in training to score one or the other from a corner or a free kick and we will just do perfectly fine. now, we all know matic won’t happen and I really believe we do not even need his quality there. we just need a guy happy to play for arsenal, working and working and with no intention to get anywhere near the opponent’s penalty box. for god’s sake I would even take tiote to do the job

  31. Highbury Daze

    I never used to swear never, but after 10 years of watching the senile one bumble and stumble his way season after season, well it has changed me forever, tourette’s has well and truly set in, a manager who deliberately sets out to be under strength and under fucking prepared in the summer, deserves to be horse whipped in public 2 fucking CB in a 25 man squad, give yourself an uppercut Wenger you piece of excrement

  32. Highbury Daze

    Sanchez is not a CF he cannot hold the ball up, he is a wide player go back and have another go at picking another 11 and where did Baines come from, are you dreaming

  33. Highbury Daze

    This is the year Spurs finish above Arsenal their new manager is exciting he should good form with Saints, now he will leave an ancient relic like Wenger in his wake

    You are finished Arsene, finished, you may well hang around the Emirates like a bad smell, but you are finished old timer, some people just don’t fucking know when it’s over do they

  34. Highbury Daze

    Ronald Koeman as well, these clubs do not have the Arsenal resources, but by hell they have managers much better than this pensioner, can you imagine them at Arsenal organizing placing players in their rightful positions having a sound tactical game, decent defenders, now I am dreaming, I wake up and the idiot Wenger is still in charge, what a fucking nightmare that was

  35. afturburn

    Haven’t been around as much past few months, but glad to see some things don’t change around here.

    It wouldn’t feel normal if it were otherwise, I visit Le-grove near the end of the day and there is some nutter on a soap box talking to himself with a string of posts, going “Woe is Me” about Wenger’s futility and the dire situation at Arsenal to the point where no one else can be bothered to chime in.

    Thanks for the consistency, LG. 😀

  36. Jeff

    There is nothing worse than idiots who come on here to complain about other posters’ opinions.

    You’ve heard of the programme on BBC “Points of View” where people of the anal variety who have nothing better to do, write in to complain about a programmes? Don’t f***** watch it then you stupid prick!

  37. Highbury Daze

    I think it’s a bit unfair that our keeper as stupid as he can be should be fighting for his position because he had a smoke in the Southampton showers, I didn’t know Wenger’s jurisdiction reached down to St Mary’s

  38. Highbury Daze

    I would have thought the 90 minutes is up, he is now on his own time, it is not the Emirates where he was smoking, I think Wenger needs a good smack in the choppers, I would be throwing in a protest if I was Chez, this is not jail, who does this clown think he is, I understand discipline but you cannot regulate every waking moment of an individual, If someone is caught smoking in his own car while driving suddenly it is front page news and the player concerned is asked to explain

  39. Highbury Daze

    The is nothing like flexing ones muscles and showing the world how much of a prick you are in fining a player 20k for having a smoke, makes one feel superior,builds ones self to greater heights, massages ones ego, shows the world who is in control, what a freak, this turd is out of control with his childish fines, players come late for a meal and get fined 250 quid, if you are found to be using a phone in the complex it’s 500 quid fine, Per collects the money, no wonder this team are 6th in the table and Per is having a cunt of a season, these bastards are too worried about collecting money from their mates


  40. Emiratesstroller

    The major problems at the club at the moment are not necessarily the quality of individual players in our squad, but rather the lack of balance as a team and of course recognized weaknesses in key positions.

    If money was no object the question which one would ask is what players on
    the market Arsenal could buy to improve their team/squad.

    Sczeszny, Ospina and Martinez are all good ‘squad’ goalkeepers but none could be described as ‘great’. The problem is that there are realistically very few ‘outstanding’ goalkeepers whom we could buy and would make significant difference.

    I would probably leave this position alone with Debuchy as first choice and
    Bellerin as backup. The youngster does have potential even if he makes mistakes at moment.

    The problem has been all season that Koscielny our best player has been out
    injured and Mertesacker who is usually reliable has been overplayed and has
    been forced to play alongside makeshift players. We need to bring in an additional CB who can rotate. Chambers does not have the experience and is one

    Gibbs and Monreal are both squad players but neither is in my view solid enough defensively.

    I don’t need to repeat what everyone thinks. This position needs overhaul with
    both first choice and squad additions.

    Personally I don’t feel that we need additions here. My only concern is that both Ramsey [my first choice] and Wilshire [squad] are injury prone.

    We do not need any additions. Personally I am happy with Ozil, Cazorla and Ox
    as options. The only concern is that when you play them you need more disciplined defensive minded players behind them.

    Sanchez is the stand out player. Both Welbeck and Walcott are good squad

    Giroud is in my view a very good squad player to have. He is better then most
    posters think. However, I do accept that there are better strikers around and
    if we have the money then of course buying one would be icing on the cake.

  41. Highbury Daze

    Here is a little dittie called
    There was a young lady name Eva,
    Who filled up the bath to receive’a;
    She took off her clothes
    From head to her toes,
    When arsene at the keyhole yelled “Beaver.”

  42. Highbury Daze

    To the cafe, Sonia brought a love potion
    To bring out Arsene’s springtime emotion.
    He drank from his cup,
    Grabbed the waitress up,
    And swore her his life long devotion.

  43. Highbury Daze

    We don’t need any additions in midfield stroller, I would like to debate that one, Wanyama is my choice, him and Ozil as the two in a 4-2-3-1 formation, the other three being Ox Alexis Santi, or Walcott Alexis Santi, depending who’s not injured, with Giroud as striker

  44. Highbury Daze

    We have two great players Ozil and Sanchez, Ozil hasn’t played in 3 months, Southampton have a better team than us, not better individuals, but I rate Pelle and Mane better than our strikers, and Schneiderlin and Wanyama blow anything we can offer out the water in the middle of the park, it’s between Spurs and them for 4th, if they can stay injury free, and of course their keeper makes ours look like an under 15 boy

  45. Wallace

    “Southampton have a better team than us”

    i know what it’s like. sometimes you just get into a flow and next thing you know you’re posting complete nonsense.

    take a break, mate.

  46. Wallace

    ” Arsenal are preparing to go head to head with Tottenham Hotspur this summer for Morgan Schneiderlin after identifying the France and Southampton midfielder as one of their transfer priorities for 2015.

    There is an acceptance that it would be virtually impossible to prise Schneiderlin away from St Mary’s this month, particularly as Southampton are pushing for a European place, but the 25-year-old has admitted that his future is unsure beyond the season….

    Southampton turned down a £10  million bid from Tottenham last summer and, although the player initially wanted to leave, club directors decided that they would refuse all offers. Spurs, though, never actually improved on a single £10 million bid which Schneiderlin had wrongly thought would trigger a release clause.

    Schneiderlin should now be coming into the peak years of his career and, looking further into the future, Arsenal are also seeking to sign Legia Warsaw’s Krystian Bielik this month. They have had a £2 million bid turned down but talks remain ongoing between the clubs for a player who only turned 17 on Sunday but has already broken into the Legia Warsaw first team. Legia bought Bielik from Lech Poznan for £9,500 last year and he has a contract until 2017. At 6ft 2in, Bielik is a strong physical presence and is expected to develop as a specialist in the holding midfield position.”

    – Jeremy Wilson(Telegraph)

  47. Emiratesstroller

    I expressed my opinion on our squad.

    GOALKEEPERS Reastically there are few available in England or on Continent
    who are a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT on what we have got. Cech and Lloris are of course better, but I don’t see Chelsea or Spurs selling either to us.

    CENTRE BACKS. The dilemma is do we buy now or in Summer. Most CBs who
    are buyable now are going to be squad players. If you want an upgrade and buy
    someone who can rotate then you are talking about players such as Hummels
    or Howedes who could be available maybe in summer.

    DEFENSIVE/CENTRAL MIDFIELD. I expressed my view yesterday that we need to add in next two transfer windows at least two midfield players, because 5 currently on our books are past their best or are not good enough. The two I would target are Schneiderlein and Khedira.

    STRIKER. I would only buy if we find an UPGRADE on Giroud.. Frankly there
    are very few such players likely to be on market in next two transfer windows
    and they are going to cost a lot of money.

    For rest of season this would be my first team and bench if all fit.


    CHAMBERS [or new player]

    CHAMBERS [or new player]


  48. Bankz


    I’m tempted to go with Highbury on the “better team” post.
    Man for Man, we have better players but as a team (a balanced team), Southampton have a better one with a better tactician as manager.
    We’ve played them three times this season & they totally outplayed us twice & could have dubbed us in excess of 4 goals both times.

    It’s not coincidence they’re still ahead of us and have been since August 16th.
    If we finish ahead of them, it would be due to our Top 4 experience & us having a larger squad (when fatigue catches up with them) + us having better individual players like Alexis Sanchez.

  49. Leedsgunner

    The dilemma of buying now or the summer is what Wenger banks on in January. Wenger does nothing in January then he implies that he will spend in the summer… then the summer comes around he does nothing — and then he implies he will spend in January if there is sufficient quality… repeat ad nauseum.

    We’ve needed a proper DM ever since Gilberto Silva left. The truth is Coquelin is our next DM project… this Perrin is the planned stop gap… so we stumble on from stop gap to stop gap all the while the club boasting about an ever increasing warchest.

    Frankly, Wenger is a poor manager, unable to properly manage his player resources.

  50. Wallace


    Koeman certainly has a better organized side than we do. and i’ll admit on the evidence of the three games this season there’s not much between us. and Schneiderlin managed to miss both of the recent games….but we’ve been missing 4 or 5 of our best players every one of those games. a fit Koscielny along with Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott & Giroud factored in and i think we’re comfortably better. but i guess we’ll see…

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s major problem this season is a lack of defensive solidity and of course constant disruption to team through injuries.

    The defensive problem is due entirely to poor management on part of Wenger who reduced his options to just 5 experienced players and 2 19 year olds. The longterm injury to Koscielny and the fact that Mertesacker has not had a proper break for 18 months has been compounded by departure of Vermaelen and no replacement.

    The situation has been made worse by having not replaced Song in DMF/HMF
    position three years ago and relying on lightweight players who are not good
    enough. The heavy defeats to Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Everton should
    have been a clear warning to Wenger, but predictably he ignored it.

    My dilemma is that Arsenal cannot afford to take a risk with Koscielny landing up with long term injury and having no backup. On the other hand buying
    someone who is average and unlikely to be long term solution is only marginally better, because we know that if that happens Wenger will ignore problem
    in summer.

    Personally I can live without buying DM in January, because we know that Arsenal have missed the boat in challenging for league title. Our priority is to
    qualify for Europe and hopefully once our injured players return to fitness and the club gets the right balance we should achieve top 4 finish.

    Schneiderlein should be a priority in summer. He is a solid hard working and technically gifted player. He will be in his prime and that is what we need.
    Provided that Arsenal finish ahead of Spurs I think that he would chose us,
    because our club has the ‘pedigree’ and of course CL track record. Spurs will
    not be able to compete financially with us.

  52. Ankit_gooner

    Seriously?Give someone not associated to arsenal a free rein?I would bring ex arsenal players in,in different roles and reduce wenger’s role at arsenal little by little.This is crazy,giving anyone a free rein at the club.Bring likes of overmars,bergkamp and henry back.The squad would get a tremendous boost as would our youth players,seeing their legends and discussing football with them.The problems arising now is because arsenal gave wenger a free rein.Don’t want to repeat that mistake again.