Aston Villa are 3 years ahead of Arsenal

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… and welcome to a wet and foggy edition of Le Grove, the Arsenal blog that will remind you of the weather before every post.

Today we have FA Cup day. Oh what a day. We’re defending champions. Get that? Defending bloody champions. We’re playing Hull. They’re defending second placers.

I don’t know about the statistics, but I feel Hull City earn more live TV game time than any other team in the Premier League. They’re the live team every week. Such a bland outfit. They’re the modern day equivalent of Middlesborough. They shouldn’t be either, Steve Bruce bought pretty well in the summer. They just are though.

So today should be interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, we have Theo Walcott back in full contention for his first start in about 600 years. He really does need to be treated with kid gloves. If he breaks down again, you’d have to ask questions as to whether he has a suitable future at Arsenal. You can’t take half a season off every season if you’re an important player for a club. Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of what goes wrong with Theo is down to the way we work with him… but he hardly boasts the robustness of someone like Sanchez.

Another player we’ll see join the party is David Ospina. A player who was injured, then returned too early and injured again, then out for three weeks, then out for eternity. He rejoins the first team with a massive opportunity. My problem with Ospina is that though he had a major World Cup, he does come from a very average club in France and he is a very small keeper. It’s like we purposefully didn’t sign a keeper to challenge Chezzer. In the same way we signed Viviano because he had average statistics in Italy we thought we could improve…

If he comes good today and plays a blinder, I’d expect him to keep his spot. Chezzer has been average all season. No question about it. His positioning is poor. His decision making consistently puts us in trouble. He very rarely bails us out of a mess. It’s amazing how many Arsenal fans don’t pick up on this. There is a hierarchy of criticism at the club. If you take selfies, you have to have at least 10 games grace before anyone will pay any attention to your failings. If you look like one of our greatest left backs (but one we don’t really like now) you’re totally immune. If you look like Phil Neville, fu*k man, you’re in deep shit. Sneeze out of turn and we’ll kill you.

The most exciting thing that could happen today would be handing Chuba (I always shout ‘Shaaaaaba’ in my head) Akpom a start. Outside Wenger putting Podolski out to pasture in Milan, the other interesting move was shifting on Yaya Sanogo. Geoff (Le Grove Geoff) always says that no one ever pulls Wenger when he slinks substandard love children out the back door. Yaya Sanogo was never up to scratch, a million miles off the pace of even a Championship striker, yet we have him lining up against Bayern Munich and in other games where he can barely run 3 yards without falling over like a stack of baked bean cans in an Adam Sandler movie.

Anyway, the offshoot is that the player who has looked better from day dot is in first team contention. I really like this kid. Is it partly to do with his British name, sure, I love it. It’s also down to the how much better he looks than any other child striker we’ve brought through lately.  I think he’s the fastest at the club over ten metres, which means he’s winning over Sanogo already because he can stand up for ten metres worth of sprinting. He looks focused on the pitch, like he’s there to do a job… not like he’s been invited onto the pitch like some sort of shit box Mars Bar TV ad realised. He’s also pretty calm on the ball, he doesn’t give up and he runs defenders hard. I think he’s a real talent. One I’d love to kick on and do well. One that has ten games grace before I lead the call for him to go out on loan.

It’d be nice if we could bring in some other players, maybe give Hayden a go at centre back. Perhaps he could throw Zelalem into the mixer and give Cazorla a breather?

I guess the thing here is that we don’t have good players coming through the ranks at the moment. Have we ever been so bereft of young talent under Wenger? I mean, we don’t even seem to have talent that we could palm off to Sunderland at the moment. The players we put on the bench aren’t Premiership quality. I guess maybe a byproduct of having very little success over the years is that the youth talent doesn’t want to move to us anymore. When we kicked into project youth, the memory of one of the greatest Premiership sides of all time was fresh. Now, who’d want to up sticks and move to a team that plays for top four?

Arsene may have reframed success to a bunch of the Arsenal fans, but you can’t reframe it to footballers who don’t buy into the bollocks.

Interesting to read the interview from Tom Fox who has  headed over to Aston Villa to be their CEO in the summer. The comments are all very future gazing and in a similar tone to what Ivan says at Arsenal. But you can see that he has total control over the set up over there. He’s supposed to be very good with an all American ruthless approach to getting things done.

There were some cornflakes guffawed over the table at some of his comments about a brand being about more than simply winning. I think this is where fans become too caught up in the lack of success at Arsenal. Our issues don’t stem from not having enough ‘winner’ at the club. We have World Cup winners, La Liga winners, 4th Place Trophy winners… plenty of winner You can’t built a global brand around being ‘winners’ because as soon as you’re not winning, you have nothing. The greatest clubs in the world are about so much more. Arsenal, for me, are a brand that is centred around belonging, community and closeness. We’re the most accessible elite club in England.

Our problems centre around culture. Arsene Wenger wants to be a winner. As anyone who has been around him will tell you, ‘nobody feels it like Arsene’… the issue he has is that he wants to be the man who runs everything. So he doesn’t encourage anyone to think for themselves. Dominant leaders stifle subordinate thinking because they don’t listen or they ignore what’s put forward. Our culture is clearly failing at the moment because we don’t have experts taking care of all the parts that make up the machine. If we changed that and put expertise in charge of each area, we’d be so much better as a club.

This was really interesting…

“What we’ve done on the football side is make Sean Kimberley head of the academy. He’s also hired a head of recruitment for the academy.

“Paddy Reilly is our director of recruiting overall at Bodymoor Heath and Paddy has hired a whole new scouting network on a full-time basis to cover the whole world.

“I hope that will help us identify talent internationally.

“We’ve also hired someone on the data analysis side from Opta so we can make better use of the data to make decisions on the back of it.

“The plan is simple, to monetise this football club within the global sponsorship market to a greater degree and then to spend that money as efficiently and effective as possible by investing in everything at Bodymoor Heath.”

All the parts of the puzzle we should be addressing. The main difference here is that Tom Fox will hire these people, then make sure they’re utilised in the right fashion. I have my doubts whether you’ll get a two heads of fitness issue over at Villa Park. Will all the above mean they’ll be winning the league in 5 years time? Doubtful, but it’ll put them in a position where they have an infrastructure that will allow them to compete more readily.

Villa, from a control perspective are at least 3 years ahead of us… sadly.

Right, enjoy the game today, sign up to our mailing list below and have a bloody good day!

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429 Responses to “Aston Villa are 3 years ahead of Arsenal”

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  1. Wayniewonder

    1st – Why did wenger buy poldolski in the first place? He should of known he wouldn’t be tracking back not plays on the left. Same with Ozil. For a so called intelligent manager his player research is severely lacking

  2. Gregg

    Hull will pepper us with high balls again today. It’s more an achiles heel than it’s ever been and, it has always been!

    God only knows what side we’ll put out today. The problems at this club get worse and worse every season. What was the point of Shad Forsythe ? if the guy isn’t given control then why is he still here ? With his reputation at stake and his achievments, I cannot believe he agreed to come and play second fiddle to Colbert. That simply does not stack up at all. Maybe he too isn’t what he’s cracked up to be.

    This season is the one where we fall out of CL places. By the end of this month we’ll be out of that race. There is nothing to suggest that returning players will remain fit and nothing to suggest that our form from the first 20 games will improve. Our defending got us there two seasons ago, it seems almost laughable to say that now but that was the case. This season this defence will see us finishing maybe 6th. Again there’s nothing to say they will improve.

  3. Ustynobaba

    Gone are the days when we could field a very youthful team and they go into the pitch and play some exciting games against matured opposition and still win,these days even the first team benchers do often struggle to draw games even at home,its so pathetic dont want to think about it,like i keep saying win or lose doesnt affect me again cos when it matters most we always come short,i know the future will be better

    Nice day wishes all

  4. David Smith

    And this is why half the board have given up on wenger, and are pretty fcuked off with Stan giving into him, see Chipps recent comments which made no attempt to hide his frustration at the status quo.
    Wenger has been given a season to do what he wants, in the way he wants, with who he wants, when he wants. But even someone as myopic as Stan will not be able to take the result of this policy come May, a club outside the CL and it becomes a bit more expensive for him to borrow on arsenal, ie it will hit his pocket, the only thing he understands in football.
    Not a peep out of Ivan any more, some of them are clearly giving wenger the rope to have himself and perhaps have the patience to wait this one out.
    It has been a while coming But this is the year that will make even Stan realise
    things need to change, tens of millions lost on his main asset will see to that.
    Just hope this season is sufficient to put Stan off a mk 2 wenger

  5. Spatz

    Morning Le Grove. see the egotist has got his excuse’s in the paper (well The Sun) already. “Arsene Wenger fears the hectic Christmas schedule, and the number of injuries at the club, could end his chances of defending the FA Cup” so if as was stated yesterday Wenger wants more silverware we could club together and buy him a silver tea service and he f**k off. Just a thought

    Wenger Out

  6. Gilo

    Has the window opened now. You would think given the god awful mess we are in that we’d have already signed someone.

  7. Gregg


    We should have deals set up in November/December to be registered in the 1st week of January. But we take it to the deadline day to save a couple of quid. This is the first time where I am certain we will not make top 4 this season.

  8. omar

    Half a season???
    Theo Walcott threw out his knee on the 4th January 2014 vs Spurs. Today is exactly 1 year later. He has misses basically TWO half seasons. Last time I checked 2 halves equal a whole.

  9. Gregg

    Astonishing o think Adebayor and Diaby joined at the same time, Ade has been gone 6 years yet played nearly as many games for us as Diaby!

  10. Omonaija

    The only problem why this crisis persist is AFC fans buying ticket to enrich wenger(£8m pa ) and Kroenke (buying Ranch) , while old and young goes through pain. DESERT EMIRATE and Wenger and Gazidis will be GONE.

  11. Ex-Gooner

    If anyone remembers last years 3rd round match against Spuds, Walcott was so obviously struggling at least 10-15 minutes before he got injured. There was at least couple of opportunities to get him out before injury. Wenger did nothing.

  12. Wallace

    Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Gnabry, Welbeck, Giroud*, Sanogo…9 midfielders and strikers injured/unavailable. didn’t recognise half of the players in the ‘Arsenal training’ pics yesterday. if Akpom doesn’t get a game today he never will.

  13. Omonaija

    One thing I’m sure of is , AFC will win nothing but 4th place trophy and everyone will forget the crisis until it resurface next season; WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

  14. Arsenal2174

    I think the days of Arsenal winning trophies again are gone even when Wenger leaves. I see us forever battling for between 4th and 7th / 8th spot.

  15. Proffa


    ‘FYI you should probably stay on the Ellen Degeneres ad, it’d be far more suitable for you..’

    Not wrong though is it?

  16. Omonaija

    Half of the team are OUT, almost half of the points lost, half of Wenger’s 18 years was trophy drought,more than half of the squad are midgets size, more than half of the squad are subs in their national team, AFC back four scored one league goal this season. PATHETIC SQUAD, PATHETIC FORMATION AND PATHETIC MANAGER.

  17. Proffa

    Highbury mong

    Speak English idiot.

    Best thing you could do with that chain is wrap it around your weasel like neck

  18. Zementalstrength

    “We will make 4th like always.”

    Yes rollen, but that’s the true meaning of all that shit.
    “The Golden Achievement”, and Le senile one will be so proud to qualify us for the CL for the 1000.000.000 th time in a row lol

  19. Highbury Daze

    As pointed out this cross dresser has nothing to offer on football, he stumbled in here by mistake, he was looking for the freedom bar

  20. Zementalstrength

    So glad to see that Le Prof is still here to rock this place lol

    And his words are like poetry…
    A question of parental education I presume.

  21. Proffa

    Come here mine isn’t going to polish itself.

    Highbury rentboy sucking cock since AW first gave him a twitch in 96

  22. polo

    Good post pedro. Guffawed?? Thats a new word to me… is that french slang for sling your hook wenger uv out stayed your welcome. .2-2 today put your house on it..or not..

  23. arsenal az

    G’day everyone, top post as usual Pedro!

    Never usually comment, just read haha.. But seriously proffa you are so lame. you just sit at your computer flogging yourself off to your shit jokes. Why not get involved with a real comment for once.

  24. Samesong


    This Arsenal team, you never know what mentality they will have come match day.

    Expect either a performance with loads of goals with us outscoring them

    and a defensive pile of crap.

  25. Highbury Daze

    Anyway proffa this is football, you know that round object that’s called a ball, remember you had two between your legz before you had the operation, now you sing falsetto

  26. Bamford10

    Arsenal are 7-7-19 against top four clubs in the past five years.

    Seven wins. Seven draws. Nineteen losses.

    That’s pathetic.

    Questions to come.

  27. Bamford10


    Please consider binning this “Proffa” character. He adds nothing but empty-headed and vile insults to the blog. He is pure troll.

  28. Highbury Daze

    Hitler has only got one ball
    Goering has two but very small
    Himmler has something similar
    but poor old proffa has no balls at all

  29. Omonaija

    I heard another ‘squillaci/sylvestre/kallstrom’ player-like is in the making; loic perrin, 29years, 5′ 10Inc, no international cap, no bidding from bigger clubs,except AFC , monreal stands a chance of topping him on EA performance index.

  30. goona

    @Bamford that’s shocking stats, be interesting to compare our record to other prem team record against the top five….I doubt there’s an awful lot of difference…..If you created a league table from just fixtures against the top five, I doubt we would top from the other teams

  31. MarbleHall

    Arsenal should never have burdened themselces with such a limited manager.
    His exile to Kapan was for a reason and that was because he failed as a top flight manager.

  32. Highbury Daze

    Lets talk football, today’s game if we could only get a picture of proffa and stick it on the game ball, Arsenal would win 6-0, the players would all want a piece of that action

  33. Bamford10

    I guess one thing to watch today is Walcott. Looks like he’ll be starting for first time in a year and will be interesting to see what kind of player he will be after his knee and groin injuries.

    Came in the other day for the last 20 minutes (?) and was completely invisible. Really didn’t even manage to find the ball.

    We will see.

  34. Bamford10

    Another thing to watch will be Kos’s attitude and form. Questions around him. Though if you look at Per’s recent critical comments re personnel situation at Arsenal, you might argue he has been thrown back into the XI too quickly.

  35. Jeff


    “Came in the other day for the last 20 minutes (?) and was completely invisible. Really didn’t even manage to find the ball.”

    That’s right. I think the stats were that Walcott only managed a total of 7 touches in 31 minutes. That’s quite worrying – seems he’s not fully there yet. I don’t expect him to produce anything spectacular today if I’m honest.

  36. gazzap

    Pedro, “a brand that is centred around belonging, community and closeness.”

    We’re probably the most divided club in the world right now.

  37. Bamford10

    Hull are coming off a 2-0 win against Everton, and a 1-0 loss to Leicester (where they went down to 10 men).

    You’ll recall our 2-2 draw with them in October, when Welbeck equalized late. This was the game with the controversial Diame goal.

    The FA Cup is clearly our only chance of silverware, so this game is actually more important than one might think.

  38. Highbury Daze

    It’s important to the fans, not to Wenger, it is worth 1.8 million quid, getting 4th and CL 30 million, where do you thinkAFC priorities lie

  39. Bamford10

    Empty rumors re Khedira are re-surfacing of course. Have any of you seen his “partner” Lena Gercke? Dear lord it’s good to be a professional footballer.

  40. Highbury Daze

    This is the year no CL for AFC there are too many around that position now, Saints, Spurs, Liverpool, of course injuries will be the excuse used for failure not squad negligence I know why Wenger has done this, he has looked at tables from the last few years and realised defence no longer wins the league, it’s goals, United won conceding more goals than us a few years back, so stupid said fuck it, 6 defenders is enough, we have Ozil Sanchez Giroud Walcott, Welbeck, we will score a shit load of goals who cares if we let in 3, we will score 4, but unfortunately for stupid half our team are injured , and they struggle to score many goals, this guy can be read like a book

  41. Highbury Daze

    We needed a CDM 2 seasons ago what does AFC do buy Ozil, the following year we still need a CDM, what does stupid do, buys Sanchez, Welbeck, no CB, can you see the Maestro’s plan buy 19 attackers and 6 defenders, there is only one thing wrong with that theory, he buys weak players, guys that are not durable,skinny weak pricks that are injured easily, Gibbs spends more time in the infirmary Wilshere a crock, Ramsey Arteta, these are not accidents

  42. tippitappi

    That Claude & Ty, not sure their not just plants you couldn’t get two bigger arseholes in their own individual ways in one place at one time, Today what ever wenger does will result in an insipid win this team / club is dying on its feet

  43. Marko

    Any news on a defender? It’d be pretty funny and not at all surprising with Wenger if we only started looking for defenders now and only moved for one late in the window. Keep in mind that everyone and their mother knows we needed a defender or two and a DM or two since forever ago. Really shocking how inept or blind or stubborn he is every window

  44. SpanishDave

    The usual last minute jan purchase hoping the price will go down, meanwhile another couple of defeats will happen.
    His ego is killing the club, does he care, no.

  45. Hitman

    Re Tom Fox thing.

    You cant write a post like that, criticise the set up at AFC in comparison to lowly AVFC and still ignore the elephant in the room….. Ivan.

    He aint doing his job. Isnt being assertive. Isnt sorting Wenger & and the backroom out. Why give Wenger a 3 year contract FFS?
    If Ivan doesn’t think he has the power to do so , then he should say so and do the honourable thing.
    He is a weasel who pretends to be a CEO but is nothing more than a slimeball yesman.

  46. David Smith

    It’s not Ivan, it’s Stan. But you make a point, why does he stay in a position whereby he has no control, not as if the CEO of the year would go short of job offers.
    My guess, he knows big changes coming soon and wants to be in a position to drive them

  47. Jeff


    “he knows big changes coming soon and wants to be in a position to drive them”

    Either that or he knows it’s pointless challenging anything Wenger says or does so why not just take the money and pretend to be a proper CEO. If the owner doesn’t give a shit, why should Ivan.

  48. Bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers, good post again Pedro. How’s the alcohol free month going so far?

    A few people wake up on the blob today or what? Rather abusive armosphere- what gives? No abusing fellow Grovers, those be the rules.

    As for today’s match, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us struggle. Either a scrappy 1 goal victory or a draw. A defeat wouldn’t surprise me either.

  49. Me

    Just wish someone could just kidnapp Wenger now till another manager is hired.Guess Stan would even wait forever to have Wenger back and have Bould as the caretaker manager.We’re totally fucked.Indeed,there was a club.

  50. reality check

    silentstanJanuary 4, 2015    11:45:50

    using Villa as an axample for us! dear god. so thats what you want for us, bottom 6. Now that I believe

    rollen january 4, 2015    11:46:36

    stan how stupid one can be?

    Just dial square… then press #

  51. GoonerInNY


    Ivan has a lot of power, only it is on the business side. I am sure Kroenke told him when he was hired that Ivan would run the business and Wenger would run the football. I honestly believe in the Arsenal chain of command, Wenger reports to Kroenke, not Ivan.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah good picture that.

    At Highbury we left the FC behind and picked up Kroenke and the PLC at the Emirates.

    That’s why I never get when people say “Arsenal do things the right way” or “Arsenal are classy,” no we’re not. We use to be that way, but not any more.

    As a club we’re in danger of doing a Liverpool, we talk about everything in retrospect now. In danger of being left behind by the elite because we’re in a groove of financial comfortability.

  53. Johnty79

    If sancez plays today you can really see him getting a long term injury or season ender. He us being worked like a donkey.

    People look at Ronaldo or messi playing every game but in Spain they only have to play at 70% coasting through games…

    At the moment there is no way arsenal will finish above spurs. All be it I’ve said that for the last 8 years.

  54. Gunner2301


    They’re all at it. It seems those in football have no moral fibre its full of nepotism and people looking the other way with their hands held out.

    Pat Rice
    Steve Bould
    Chips Keswick and the board
    Not to mention all the players current or previous that won’t say a word against Wenger or what he is doing (or not doing). The biggest among those is two faced Henry who left to get his CL medal but tells us the fans we should stick with Wenger he’s the right man. It makes me fucking sick.

  55. Dissenter

    Cesc AppealJanuary 4, 2015 14:57:02
    Are Milan paying all of Podolski’s wages?

    They are probably paying half of it.
    The dude is on about £109 k weekly.

    Not too many clubs can afford to give out stupid contracts.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I read someone saying we’ve only got £30k off our books with that deal! Can’t be we’re paying £70k still surely?? Heck of a deal for Milan if that’s the case!

    Podolski for £30k a week.

  57. MidwestGun

    Pedro -good write up today. If we are doing a regular weather thing then can we get an attractive weather girl tho……. Small request. Maybe bring back the German girls. 😀

  58. Jeff

    Cesc, I think his intransigence and unwillingness to change and adapt are sometimes interpreted as being financially prudent. Of course it’s myth.

  59. MidwestGun

    Wow…. City looked diabolical defending on the counter attack. Couldnt break down 2 banks of 4 either. Be interesting to see if Sheffield Wed, can keep it up 2nd half.

  60. Masterstroke

    This Teddy Bishop ( Ipswich ) we’re being linked to is the wrong player isn’t he? I understood Mings was the target, and at £10 million he looks overpriced, especially with only 17 first team appearances .
    Another Brit though……

  61. Masterstroke


    I like the way we’re on today and Wimbledon ( my second team ) are on tomorrow.

    Saw you moonlighting on Untold.

  62. Johnty79

    Teddy bishop another flop in the Ramsay wilshere mould. Wenger is completely losing it. Ramsay ,wilshere,bishop. A complete unbalanced midfield.

    Mings on the other hand is exactly the type of player we need. Can play left back for those tough away games to stoke or Westham. Will wenger sign him….absolutely not as he makes to much sense.

    I honestly believe wenger doesn’t want to win the league. I’ve heard if we win the league we actually lose money as our bonus scheme is so large. Maybe wenger is the greatest manager in the world as he gets us forth or third with out actually winning the thing. If you think about last season it makes sense. We r top of league in January but all we sign is Kim karlstrom…

  63. Johnty79

    When you actually weigh it up we have the worst defensive unit in the whole of English game…

    If you swapped the whole of arsenals back five/6 for wrexhams or Ipswich or Sheffield utd..we would still be sixth in the league this season.

  64. Jeff

    13 Ospina
    39 Bellerin
    21 Chambers
    04 Mertesacker
    18 Monreal
    07 Rosicky
    34 Coquelin
    14 Walcott
    19 Cazorla
    28 Campbell
    17 Sánchez


    02 Debuchy
    06 Koscielny
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
    26 Martinez
    35 Zelalem
    38 Akpom
    70 Maitland-Niles

    Amazing. No rest for Sanchez.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal, Coquelin, Rosicky, Cazorla, Walcott, Campbell, Alexis.

    Defensively very weak.

    Have to hope the pace up front can see us through.

    Only thing I’m looking froward to today is seeing Walcott. Hull are awful though, we should have enough there.

  66. Vince

    today’s team if you haven’t seen it fellas: David Ospina; Héctor Bellerín, Calum Chambers, Per Mertesacker, Nacho Monreal; Francis Coquelin, Tomáš Rosický; Theo Walcott, Santi Cazorla, Joel Campbell; Alexis Sánchez. just hope it’s Campbell playing striker not Sanchez.

  67. Cesc Appeal

    Campbell has a chance to shove one in Wenger’s face as well…really hoping he seizes this chance.

    Hope Akpom gets a decent amount of minutes as well, 20-30 or something.

  68. MidwestGun

    Johnty stop talking shit. We have the thinnest backline with depth, big difference. Not even close to the worst in the Prem. You might wanna check goals against.

    So when you actually weigh it up. No we don’t.

  69. Johnty79

    Playing Sanchez is complete madness surely everyone can see this…

    Come on hull do us a favour. Remember the villa cup game a couple of years ago when we were two nil down. The crowd turned on wenger then. Can’t remember it happening since.

  70. Johnty79

    Midwest gun you fool. I should educate you.

    Just because you have the most goals conceded does not mean you have the worse defenders…because our defenders are so poor you constaly see welbeck and Sanchez tracking back as they don’t trust them…look at Chelsea, hazard and Coe don’t track back as they trust there defenders to do the job. Welbeck and Sanchez would score more goals if they had the Chelsea defence behind them…surely you get this.

  71. Marko

    I’m surprised we haven’t more injuries. Mertesacker playing again, Sanchez again. Can’t really criticize Wenger for not rotating cause he can’t he assembled this poorly balanced squad he has to deal with what he’s got.

  72. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yeah back on bbc

    Hopefully good fortunes…

    Yeah looking at untold, getting a bit of reverse psychology , broadening response of people’s views,

    At the end of the day the common denominator is we all love the CLub.

  73. Jeff

    You have to ask yourself how much of a different team we would have played had this been a premiership game. Probably not very much. Can’t afford to rest anyone.

  74. MidwestGun

    Silva to Milner. Milner Scores again as a false Cf in dying minutes. City move on.

    Hope JC has a decent game. Ok with lineup. Mert on the left is weakest link, for me.

  75. Marko

    Any idea what’s going on at PSG with Cavani? I thought it was reported he was being omitted from that training camp in Morocco and now he’s being disciplined for apparently not showing up for it? Which is it him not deciding to show up or him not showing up cause they don’t want him there? Maybe Karim can shed some light on what’s up at PSG