Our new defensive midfielder probably isn’t a defensive midfielder…

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Day two of 2015. Not good. I’m going for a month off the booze. I’m already regretting that idea. A whole month? Is it really necessary? Will my body truly appreciate this grand offering?

I hope so. I wanna be banging out 3 minute miles by February.

Ok, so the kick on from yesterday is that things are going to get better by proxy of who we have coming back into contention. However, what we can’t expect is major progress or an assault on the trophies.

We’re still struggling with fitness. We have the worst record in the league again this year and that’s going up against some stiff competition with Martinez, who is having a nightmare in his second season… and LVG who is having a nightmare on the injury front but getting away with it in the league.

It’s amazing that pundits and fans alike are pushing the notion that it’s some sort of incredible jinx that we’re going through. It sits with the manager. The difference between the best record in the league… Chelsea… and Arsenal… is not luck. It’s prepartion, it’s the right blend of players, it’s the right mix of rest and training intensity. It’s just staggering that our reaction to having the worst injury record last season was to bring in someone better whilst still giving control to Tony Colbert… who is so far out of his depth it’s embarrassing.

That right there is self interest off the chart. We have a manager who’d rather keep his mate in control and fail on the pitch, than sack his mate and kick on to better things. We’ll look back on the fall of Arsene in years to come and go, ‘wow, I can’t believe the club let him get away with so much’… because believe me, the book on Wenger not sanctioned by him will blow your mind. The cronyism and ineptitude is staggering at Arsenal…

Anyway, we’re sniffing around Sissokho, a pal who knows people around Newcastle reckons this rumour is hot. I’m not sure he’s quite the DM we’re looking for. He’s always looked more of a Diaby career killer to me. Languid runnings style, box to box power with solid technical ability. It puts size and power into a midfield dearly lacking it and it brings in Premiership proven experiences. For me, we’d still need one more. I’d love it if we actually sigined a specialist midfielder who could shield the defence, rather than opting for Sissokho and hoping he’ll be disciplined in that role.

Lukas Podolski kicked off at the papers for lying about a training session storm out where he was actually ‘injured’… love the German, but my suspicion is he’s protecting himself so he can escape the club. Who’d blame him, he’s been treated quite poorly considering his talent and his professional attitude. He’ll absolutely smash it in Italy. Slower paced league would suit his skillset and you don’t need much to look good in that Inter Milan team. Good luck to him.

That means on Sunday, against Hull, we’ll have Joel Campbell leading the line. About time he landed a game. Number 100 in the top 100 players of last year. He must be miffed he can’t get in ahead of the hopeless Yaya Sanogo. Again, hoping he can do something. Show the manager he’s a good player and make himself important for the run in. It’ll be interesting to see how heavy the rotation is for the weekend. I mean, it should be really, Hull have been weak this season and we need to start resting some of our more important players.

I’ve also heard other whisperings that Gnabry could be off to Brentford to play with John Toral. That’d be interesting for his career becuase it’s absolutely stalled over at The Arsenal.

This muppet took the Stoke incident and added 50%. Ran over to the bench, didn’t get much of a reaction. Quite amazing really. It now appears to be a ‘thing’ to say things straight to Arsene. Still, at least he can’t moan people complain behind his back. Sad times when fans feel pushed into this sort of behaviour. You can look at the individual… or you can look at the root cause of the problem. Fans, skint following their club don’t feel the manager is taking his job seriously. That’s a bad vibe to get.

Finally, this video just about sums up what I mean about Koscielny. Some people had an issue with me flagging Koscielny’s attitude. I’ve had the same view since September. He looks uninterested. Needs to lift his game ASAP.

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  1. El Tel 1

    N5 Ha Ha, the people around you would get upset if you swear these days.

    Up 4 grabs. Great songs in good days. I think this is what old school fans want when asking for their Arsenal back.

  2. Up 4 grabs now

    RSPC I hope so, what was that drinks bottle thing chesney did after literally the ball going in the net?
    I blame Wenger, never replaced Lehman, 6 years of alumina. And chesney was an improvement or so many of us thought.

  3. El Tel 1

    How can the Referees a wanker be replaced by you don’t know what your doing.

    The Toffs have stolen our game

  4. Up 4 grabs now

    El tel what about the bloke that used to shout come on you rip roaring reds, or come on you red and white dream machine!

  5. Jeff

    “what was that drinks bottle thing chesney did”

    Isn’t that a comfort thing. Like children sucking their thumbs or a pacifier. Chesney sought to comfort himself in the face of adversity. However, that still doesn’t detract from the fact that he’s quite error prone at times.

  6. N5

    Lol I forgot about ol’ Rip Roar!! every match, he’d pick a quiet moment and then “come on you rip roaring gunnnnnnerrs!!”.

  7. Marko

    Talk of Gundogen being available. For me prior to his back injury he was top 5 CM in world football. Should absolutely look to sign him the perfect box to box midfielder really

  8. Up 4 grabs now

    Jeff the way he played my 3 year old and her bottle would have done a better job. We really were spoilt with the likes of seaman and Lehman. Just push for cech. I know Maureen probably won’t sell to us but if cech kicked up a fuss you never know?

  9. Jeff


    We probably took them for granted back then. Like that song; “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow”.

  10. Up 4 grabs now

    Jeff every title winning team has a quality keeper and strong defence. And Wenger every year tries to get by with rubbish. Thinking we can outscore the opposition. God help us!

  11. Up 4 grabs now

    Gonna call it a night guys the missus is giving me the look. Unfortunately it’s the take the rubbish out and don’t piss me off look. Rather than a Friday night special. Let’s hope for a better result on Sunday!

  12. Proffa

    Nice one Jeff.

    Let’s face it football and arsenal really isn’t your thing as hard as you try.

    04 glory supporter? That’s right isn’t it?

    If you actually went to games jeff and saw some real live action you might actually start to learn about the game.

    these dodgy steams you watch the games on isn’t helping you progress and if it’s American commentary? God help you. You’d be better watching the game on twitter via updates that’d be more up you street.

  13. somecallmemystic

    Just seen the pictures of Podolski with an Inter scarf – bloody disgrace that an Arsenal manager could treat a World Cup winner so fucking awfully. Bloody furious at the moment, that wrong person has left the club, Wenger and Kroenke should fuck off.

  14. Proffa


    ‘We probably took them for granted back then. Like that song; “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow”.’

    LOL just LOL.

    Could be similar to your current obsession?

  15. Jeff


    Is it me that got barred 3 times from a blog and yet still you come to read my posts. Do you really imagine I’m going to stop criticising Wenger because you do almost nothing other than keep firing off ad hominem attacks on other posters? What’s it all about? Were you touched as a youngster? Were you refused milk? What is it that’s making you so angry?

  16. Jeff


    To be honest, we have problems in most areas. We haven’t had a team worthy of competing for top honours for nearly a decade now. Never seem to have a squad able to stand the pace and rigour of the PL. Always riddled with injuries and inadequacies; always seem to be unbalanced. Most of us on here predicted the final outcome of the last four or five seasons so accurately that it’s a wonder others can’t see it.

    I would love for us to play like a team that WANTS to win big things and is hungry to beat the big sides. But the evidence is of a timid, lukewarm approach to important games and we seem to come away second best, often embarrassed and humiliated.

    I believe the tide is turning, albeit slowly, but there are definite signs .

  17. kwik fit

    Wenger: “Walk away? No. Walk to where? I have won 600 out of 1000 games.”

    Don’t you just love him. His comic whit is pure comic gold

  18. Leedsgunner

    Bye Lukas – decent bloke, great finisher, hope he gets his career back on track in Italy. I would not be surprised in the least if he started ripping it up in Serie A a la Gervinho.

  19. kwik fit


    It was quotes from his pre FA cup presser. He was asked if we hadn’t have beaten Hull would he walk away and wenger replied with a typicial response :

    “Walk away? No. Walk to where? I have won 600 out of 1000 games.”

    Is this nightmare ever going to end?

  20. somecallmemystic

    Leeds, agree that he might well start doing the business like Gervinho – maybe it will then dawn on some of the Wenger apologists that it is their hero who is making decent players seem average / shit.

  21. Jeff


    “Is this nightmare ever going to end?”

    Well it is definitely going to end. It’s a question of sooner or later. If deluded fans keep singing his praises unconditionally, it will be later for sure.

  22. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    Maybe. Big Italian community where I live. They are excited about it, don’t know if that says more about Inter or us. Would be ok with me if I thought it meant we would use his salary to sign somebody. Not convinced it will. Hope he does well also.

  23. Leedsgunner


    Bloody he’ll even Jenks and Song look half decent under coaching by Big Sam. Yep, big Sam… not Maureen, Pep or Garcia. Big Sam Allardyce… that bastion of coaching knowledge. Wenger is past it.

  24. Jeff


    Podolski’s replacement is Joel Campbell. I think the decision at some point was made to keep either Campbell or Podolski and the main driver must have been wages – since Podolski is on something like 100k.

  25. Proffa


    ‘and yet still you come to read my posts’

    Don’t flatter yourself that I come here to read your posts specifically.

    But you should be proud of the fact you are in the top 5 biggest bullshitters on le grove…and that’s quite an achievement.

    You do get #1 for knowing fuck all.

    BTW nice generic post there at 22.54…where’d you copy and paste that from?

    It’s simple Jeff, just stop spouting so much shit and I wouldn’t be able to laugh at you so easily.

  26. kwik fit

    somecallmemystic lol 🙂 We’ll have to quit the drink and fags and up our exercise routine. Or maintain our intake and have sex 4 times a day 😉

  27. Jeff


    It’s simple isn’t it – well for most people anyway. If you think I know nothing and all my posts are rubbish, it begs the question why you keep replying and referring to them?

    The answer is that you can’t stand any criticism of Wenger even though he’s been for a long time part of the problem rather than the solution.

    If my posts are rubbish, ignore them. But you can’t can you?

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Podolski has arrived in Italy…shame that one. Not going down very well in the Arsenal world from what I can read

  29. somecallmemystic

    Welbeck in – average
    Cesc missed – playing a blinder at Chelsea
    Podolski shipped out – will make Wenger look an even bigger tool

    What a f@cking shambles

  30. kwik fit

    Cesc’s non signing will prove to be his single biggest mistake and their have been many in his long an illustrious career.

  31. Jeff

    Wenger: “I think we were highly focussed on the FA Cup last year and we knew it was the kind of trophy we could win”

    I mean that says it all doesn’t it? The “kind” of trophy we could win. It’s virtually an admission that we can’t really win anything bigger.


  32. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Really ? hmmm thought most would have expected it. Clearly AW hasn’t wanted to play Podolski or JC all season. Think the no shin pad incident and the sudden recall after Giroud’s injury sadly is what I will remember from this season about Pods when it should be his hammer like goals. Thanks to AW.

  33. kwik fit


    Come the 31st I bet we would gladly take your actual window names.

    Have a feeling he’ll do nothing at all .

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah not signing Fabregas is a massive boo boo. £28 Million. Could probably have got that amount for Wilshere…and I think if Arsenal fans were given the option.

    Though of course at the time we were sold it was Ozil that was the reason we decided against Fabregas.

    I mean I certainly didn’t know about Krychowiak in the summer, I knew a few posters on here rated him, but where is Arsenal’s scouting network? He was a Ligue 1 player as well, £4 Million he went to Sevilla for!

    Fabregas and Krycowiak for £32 Million?! As I say chances are you’d have broken even by selling Wilshere to Liverpool or some other suckers. That would have given you genuine options in the middle, where a change of personnel isn’t just a change of names but a change of style and tactics.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s the fact the squad is decimated, we’ve added no one and are selling straight away. I know it’s a loan but he’s gone now.

    People like Podolski as well, statistically our best finisher and certainly a better option than Akpom right now and Sanogo.

  36. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Bell, Chambers, Monreal, Gibbs
    Rosicky, Coq, Santi
    Ox, Chuba, Campbell
    For cup or does that sound like too much rotation. Altho with injuries… what are our options?

  37. David Smith

    Podolski out nobody in, in wengerworld, that could easily happen.
    All that lovely money saved on wages, the French socialist is only interested in making himself and the US über capitalist richer

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I think we’re going to have to play something like that. I think Oxlade is a worry though, had that groin issue before Liverpool.

  39. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Ya… Ox is a worry. Are we getting anyone back? Ramsey? How ironic if we get bounced by Hull ffs. Last likely chance for success this year of any kind is Cup. Suppose we could play for low scoring draw with our amazing defending……. 🙄

  40. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I swear he said Ramsey may be back for Hull? Ozil the game after?

    But who knows. Players seem to get sucked into some black hole of training ground set backs never to be seen again.

  41. Highbury Daze

    David, wages for Podolski will be supplemented by AFC, just like all the others who went on loan, Bendtner Denilson et al, we were paying this dross 50k a week no club outside England would pay that much for 2nd rate players, that’s why those players weren’t sold, their contracts were let run down until they left the club, AND THIS CLUB PAID PART OF THE WAGE

    Another fuck up by the MAESTRO

  42. Highbury Daze

    Players like Joel Campbell, Gnabry, throw in Zelalem, these guys are going to be sold for profit, came to this club for zilch, will never make it here polished a bit then offloaded for that profit I talked about

    This is the business model of AFC,maybe one or two might make it, the majority won’t but it is a production line which must be maintained,

    Wenger steals the promising kids, Cesc, Crowley, who cost 1 million from Villa, if he makes it well and good, if he don’t no problem sold for anything up to 10 million quid, win win, theses guys get their rocks off on this

  43. WindyCityArse

    If I throw a triangle out of a car that is traveling at 30 mph and wind resistance is a thing that exists, how many cupcakes can Pedro buy with one human soul?

  44. Highbury Daze

    Arsenal are now in a precarious position table wise, they will have more competition for that 4th spot than before, this years FA Cup will get chucked, just like before, we won it last year, enough for Wenger, he thinks that should keep the bleaters quiet for a while

    He will chuck it to maintain the rage for 4th spot, expect, Bellerin, Monreal Ospina, Campbell Sanogo if fit, Rosicky and the other 2nd raters,

    Back Hull to win @9.00 and save on the draw @ 4.50

  45. Highbury Daze

    Now if I throw a boomerang out the window of a car travelling 120 mph and I am in a tunnel with no wind resistance what are my chances of catching that boomerang before it hits a windy arse

  46. Highbury Daze

    Sanogo cost nothing, now he will go on loan to some second rate club, and after a while that club will look to buy him, and Wenger will oblige, you can have him for say 5-6 million quid, Wenger gets back the wages he spent on him with a small profit

    This is how this club under this money grubbing cunt works

  47. Highbury Daze

    He will never leave this club, well alive anyway, the only way this creep is going is feet first, we are stuck with this dictator until he dies, sad news indeed, you can protest all you want you can hang banners everywhere demanding he leave

    But he won’t never as I sad before dictators never leave of their own free will they have to be over thrown, they need to be toppled, do you lot have the balls to topple this cum stain on this club

  48. Highbury Daze

    That is because he is worth something Paul, an asset, the rest aren’t, Sanogo, Campbell and others but Inter won’t buy Poldi he goes on loan because Inter cannot afford the ridiculous wages 100k a week to sit on the bench all season, and Wenger will pay some of that wage for sure, that is why Poldi never started games, he was kept injury free for loan in January, you can read Wenger like a book

  49. Highbury Daze

    Wenger always brings up the fact he was offered jobs at Real and other top clubs, he rejected them for one reason, he would not have the freedom he has at AFC where he is the dictator, he has carte blanche,
    He would be held accountable at the other big clubs, THAT IS WHY HE NEVER TOOK THE JOBS, HE WAS SAFE AT AFC RUNNING THE WHOLE PROJECT

    Lets hope this scenario never happens again in football where one dictator has total control over proceedings

    I’m just depressed it happened to the club I support, but I am losing my faith real quick, you can only arse fuck people for so long before they wake up and demand change

  50. Highbury Daze

    What I don’t understand is people go to the football to see the players, their favourites, the star players, Alexis Sanchez, I would pay to see him in action, would I pay 200k a week to see Wenger, like fuck I would, why does this shag sack get much more than the champions like Alexis and Ozil, this cannot be right, I would pay to throw a bucket of shit at Wenger

    This manager is doing a lousy job with the resources at his disposal and the 200k weekly wage he pulls, how has it come to this

    in 30 years they will look back at this point in history and the people of that time will shake their heads in wonderment and ask the question


  51. Highbury Daze

    Leicester and Burnley are small clubs, with no where near the resources of AFC, their players are not in the same league as ours not in the same class, but I make the point that at least they do what is the right thing regarding squad depth

    Leicester have 8 defenders on their books, Burnley have 11, they are sitting bottom and second bottom of the league, but at least they know what is required within their budget

    Now look at our club AFC worth billions, they have 6 defenders on their books, 2 CB, I would like the manager to explain this

  52. Highbury Daze

    Ozil played around 100 games in 3 years at Madrid, he comes to AFC and is fucked up in no time, Vermaelen injured, Kos injured, Ramsey injured, Walcott injured Arteta injured, Giroud injured, Sanogo injured, in fact every cunt that plays for Arsenal are injured

    Just what the fuck is Wenger running here, these are no accidents, the same shit time after time, clear him and the rst of his fucking flunky’s out of this club, and while your at fuck Kroenke off as well

  53. Highbury Daze

    Jesus Christ is there any one left to run out in the first team, and all the while Wenger thinks he has been unlucky with injuries,, this manager is thicker than 2 planks, just stick your head in the sand Arsene, it’s not your fault, you are a victim of circumstance, I tell you how unlucky Arsene is, he fucked a rap singer once and she fell pregnant, that was an unlucky dip one shot wonder Wally what a fucking dipshit

  54. Highbury Daze

    A 6o something old man with a wife and child is out screwing a moll without a condom, is this cunt for real

  55. Highbury Daze

    Wenger: I Would Not Have Left if We Had Lost Cup Final

    That straight from the horses mouth, the audacity, the fucking gall of this mug, the disdain he has for the fans, this is truly a cunt of epic proportions

  56. Highbury Daze

    We know you wont leave Wenger you are like a bad smell, a virus running through this club, I just hope when you finally die, someone knocks that stupid fucking statue of you over

  57. Highbury Daze

    Podolski signed a long term deal in 2012, say it was for 4 years for the sake of argument, that means we will be paying part of his wages for another 2 seasons, there will be no outright buy for him, he is on loan until his Arsenal contract expires, another Denilson, Bendtner case,this freak has no idea how to manage a football club NONE whatsoever, continuous waste of money please someone put him out of his misery and sack him

  58. goona

    Lol, we have a huge injury list and wenger sells poldi without first getting the replacement, he’s a fucking tool.

    Poldi yet another player mismanaged by wenger and not played enough while others are run into the ground.

    Whos going to be the next player to join the wenger school of excellence…

  59. Highbury Daze

    If you haven’t guessed by now, I dislike this manager with a passion unbridled, I have followed this club for aeons the last 10 years have bee, if I was Catholic, which I’m not, PURGATORY, but I am in my own private hell every time this team plays, I am torn between wanting to lose the game for Wenger’s sake and wanting to win for the clubs sake, I cannot separate the two, so I want us to lose, I can bear the pain of that if it means this turd hastens his exit

    by his own admission he won’t leave, so I want the worst for him, and that is no CL I know most crave it, don’t know why, Pedro dreams of it daily, me I can live without it for a while, it just needs discipline

    Any manager who has only 2 CB deserves punishing and this cunts needs to be taught a lesson, a financial lesson for being an arrogant motherfucker

  60. Highbury Daze

    If we got a manager who tried his heart out, bought CB got in a defensive mid bought a world class striker and we failed, I wouldn’t worry, as long as I can see attempts at doing the right thing I’m happy

    Why would fans be happy with a manager who deliberately sabotages his squad goes out of his way to not prepare for the fight ahead, then listen to him belly ache he is unlucky, then to top it off the fag owner gives him a new contract with more pay, something doesn’t look right with that

    I take the former any day every time

  61. goona

    @Highbury Daze….Spot on with those two last posts, I completely feel the same way now. There is no excuse for this pathetic excuse of a manager. He doesn’t even try to win anything…..

    I honestly would take any manager over him, anyone else would give it a go, spend money and TRY and win something.

  62. peanuts&monkeys

    Kos should be dropped for his attitude so that othersd dont take to similar attitude problem. But we as fans need to assess the real reasons of a WC player like Kos holding that attitude. I tell you these WC players are sick of arsenal and Wenger. They are world beaters in themselves; why wont they go for glory to Chelsea, ManU and Man City.

    Its astonishing that a sick man like Wenger is managing world beaters like Sanchez, Kos, Ozil and Cazorla. I wish him death before Arsenal finishes 4th this season. The magnitude of hate and despise the better part of 5 million Arsenal fans carry for Wenger will anyways eat out Wenger’s health if he continues longer. I hope you have heard stories of negative vibes vs positive vibes.

  63. peanuts&monkeys

    Which motherfucker on le-grove would have been singing the cunt’s praise on teh newcastle match? who in lord’s name? you singers and all akbs are worse than wenger himself! do you realise how bad a description you now carry when i call you ‘worse than wenger’???

    The club’s owner must be having ZERO interest about football; let alone Arsenal.

  64. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger does not deserve an ounce of respect from even the most deranged moron. Anyone found having even that must be punished too with a hot rod up his ass….typically AKBs like N5, Wallace you know.

  65. Jeff

    So, Podolski off on loan (till end of season) to Inter Milan who lie 11th in their league. He must have been so desperate to leave. There’s no prospect of CL football for him come next season if he stays there but I can’t see him coming back to Arsenal either. His contract with Arsenal finishes in June 2016. Bit of a strange one that but there we are.

  66. peanuts&monkeys

    Is this Britain’s character? To keep putting up with falsehood, dictatorship, ineptitude, indifference…? A French and an American screws up happiness of a million British football fans…and they don’t even have the balls to raise a banner? Are there serious free speech issues in London?

  67. Jeff


    I don’t think it is to do with free speech issues. There are still too many fans that extend unconditional love to Wenger and think we owe him something. It’s undying loyalty for past success, the stadium and the fact that he’s been around for so long. I believe inwardly they want him to part gracefully but they cannot define what “gracefully” means. They are too embarrassed to change their tune after so many years of steadfast support. But I think secretly they probably want him to leave by his own accord and I have no doubt that they would have welcomed a decision from Wenger to call it a day after winning the FA cup.

    However, it hasn’t gone that way so now we’re all stuck in limbo.

  68. tunnygriffboy

    Why the hoo ha re Podolski ? He was well down the pecking order. Sure he’s got a good left foot but he needs to be put on it in space. His combination play is average, he can’t beat a man and he’s lazy in defence with a very poor work rate. This is constantly quoted but now people are moaning he’s leaving.

  69. Wallace

    re Poldi – don’t understand this ‘loan with option to buy’ stuff. it’s not like he’s a promising 18yr old and Inter need to see what he’s about. guess we must be getting a decent whack up front for the initial loan…don’t think we need to replace him, but hopefully it’ll mean two quality players coming in now, rather than one and a make-do.

  70. tunnygriffboy


    Have you looked to see how much ground covers in a match. The percieved wisdom is that he doesn’t do a lot but if you look at his stats it’s evident that he works hard and covers a fair few kilometres. People get on his case about this but it’s not strictly true. He’s not the greatest when playing wide at tracking back as he’s not used to it but to say he’s lazy is unfair

  71. Highbury Daze

    No one will replace Poldi, Gazidis bought Welbeck when Wenger was praying with the pope, that left AFC with Giroud, Welbeck,Walcott, Poldi, Sanogo, Campbell Sanchez as the attackers, far too many when you consider we have 6 defenders, Campbell and Poldi were always going to go and now it looks like Sanogo as well

  72. Highbury Daze

    Wallace, the option to buy is a ruse Inter are not buying Poldi, no one outside England is, the wages are as usual the stumbling block, the loan allows Wenger to supplement Inter with a % of the wage it’s what always happens with over paid Arsenal players

  73. Highbury Daze

    Do you know what Marco Reus earns as a wage at Dortmund, 77k a week, an absolute fucking super star and dimwits at AFC earn more than him, wenger is a total fuckwad

  74. Gregg

    Firstly Happy new year to people.

    Ok the post; Injuries yet again crippling us. Defensively we are a shambles and there is nothing to suggest that this will improve in the next 18 games. That’s why I firmly believe we will not finish top 4.

    Sissoko ? as Pedro states he’s more Diaby than a DM. That said he can adapt his game. We crave industry in the central area and a player than can get around the pitch quickly. Not overly exciting rumour but there we go.

  75. Highbury Daze

    Danny Welbeck is on 75k a week 2k less than Reus, how is this possible, players in epl are over paid, that’s why they want to come to England, the wage is the carrot

  76. Gregg

    Highbury Daze

    That’s long been the problem mate. The wages here are crazy. Sky like to laud it as the best league. It isn’t, it’s just the richest one.

    The only country where Robbie Savage is a multi-millionaire. he wouldn’t have kicked a ball in any of the other major leagues.

  77. tunnygriffboy


    I think that we need to get a consistent back 4 together. It’s been changing week to week due to lack of numbers and injuries. Kos had to play 2 games in 3 days after being out for weeks

    Re Sissoko. Good player with pace and a great engine. He’s b2b though. Is Wenger thinking of playing Wilshere deeper

    Ozil, Arteta, Ramsey, Welbeck and Giroud likely to be back for Stoke game. That’s half a team. The guys that have played twice a week all season and the drazy schedule over christmas must need a rest and it showed v Southampton

  78. Gregg


    Re Sissoko (sp) I can see the logic in using him to chase down further up the pitch with a Wilshere / Arteta sweeping behind him.

    Re the returning players; yep I know what you’re saying here. Lets hope you’re right

  79. Emiratesstroller

    What is shocking is not that Podolski is now leaving us, but that we are offloading him for peanuts. This is a 29 year old who played last summer for Germany!

    It follows the debacle of Sagna leaving us last summer for Man City on a Bosman!

    Chelsea by contrast were smart enough to secure £5 million from Beskiktas for Demba Ba who is similar age but a fraction of Podolski’s talent.

    What makes the saga even worse is that we have a Manager who has just told
    everyone that the original offer of Inter was insulting, but two days later we
    learn that the club are accepting only marginally more and certainly not enough for a comparable replacement with his pedigree!

  80. Jeff


    But I’m not saying that about Ozil at all. I was just pointing out that it is a perception that he’s lazy. The topic was Podolski and you were saying we shouldn’t be too cut up about him leaving because you said:

    “He was well down the pecking order. Sure he’s got a good left foot but he needs to be put on it in space. His combination play is average, he can’t beat a man and he’s lazy in defence with a very poor work rate. This is constantly quoted but now people are moaning he’s leaving.”

    You see, I don’t subscribe to Podolski being rubbish. Granted he’s not world class but is he really that much worse than Giroud whom Wenger loves? It’s all double standards and perception.

    The real reason for Podolski leaving is because Wenger doesn’t like him and has been keeping him out of games. Maybe it’s his personality in the dressing room or on the training ground. Why on earth would Wenger prefer Sanogo (who’s now also gone) over Podolski? It’s all bullshit favouritism that’s behind it – not actual football reasons.

  81. Gregg

    I wont lament the loss of Podolski. He has disappointed in the 3 years he’s been here. Clearly a great finisher but a player who doesn’t have the desire to be the best he can be. He prefers the trappings and the lifestyle that the game gives him, above the game itself. IMO

    Unfortunately I think we have too many of that type of character around the club.

  82. tunnygriffboy


    Giroud and Sanogo are centre forwards and have different attributes to Podolski. When he’s played up front he’s been so so poor. He can’t hold the ball up and he can’t or won’t run behind. If you want someone to play that lone role Podolski is not that man and I can see why Wenger won’t play him. In that role Giroud is streets ahead and even Sanogo offers something he can’t ( and that’s saying something )

    Podolski’s played majority of his career on the left but whether he’s faded or not his workrate is not good enough atm. The reason he went to the WC was because the likes of Reus were injured. Liked him as a bloke but he’s become pretty average as a footballer and wasn’t going to get much game time.

  83. N5

    The thing that’s really annoying me is that during the transfer window, January especially, Wenger uses the fixture build up as his excuse for not signing anyone, I understand it might be a distraction tactic, but we’ve just had a build up of 3 games in what…9 days? and he’s sold Poldi at the very beginning of the window? so does the “concentrating on upcoming game” only effect incoming?

  84. wenker-wanger

    Jeff, I see that you are being pestered by a pathetic akb going by the name of protta… best ignore him or her… Like a spot… It gets worse when you scratch it, wankers like that have nothing to offer anyone… Sad cnuts with sad lives.

  85. Jeff


    It’s good advice. Not really too bothered by him. I know what he really wants and that is to stop people from criticising Wenger which is why he uses trolling tactics to achieve his aim.

  86. Jeff


    I disagree completely. You’re saying that to justify letting him go.

    For FC Cologne in 2011/2012 he scored 18 goals in 29 appearances. One could therefore be forgiven for thinking that we bought him to score goals.

    When he came to Arsenal in 2012/2013 he scored 11 goals in 33 appearances. So you have to ask yourself whether it was entirely to do with the footballer himself or how and where he was being played. My point is that, Podolski’s form waned but it wasn’t entirely his fault. What will you say if he does significantly better at Inter? What excuse will you give? It’s not the first time players have left and have played better in their new teams and it won’t be the last.

  87. N5

    Tunny, why do we never get that kind of luck? Whenever we show interest in anyone it seems to go back and fourth for weeks. Unless of course they are deadline day transfers?

  88. Wallace

    i’d hope for at least one new face before the Stoke game. if we do get a CB in it’ll be interesting to see if Koscielny continues playing or if he’s rested up. i feel like he’s being patched up currently because Chambers has hit the wall and we have no one else.

  89. Wallace


    Podolski was just a bad fit for Arsenal. not strong or quick enough to play the Giroud/Welbeck/Sanogo role, and too lazy when we didn’t have the ball out on the left. my guess is Wenger saw him as a 15 goals a season left sided forward, but overestiimated how much he’d offer in other areas of the game.

  90. tunnygriffboy


    So my opinion about a player, which is different to yoursm is deemed by you as a justification to let him go ? That’s a bit presumptious is it not ? Sorry I don’t agree that he’s a very good player. Yes he scores goals when chances are created for him but in terms of team play he is sadly lacking. Physically he struggles with the intensity of the league. He may find the slower pace of the Italian league more to his liking.

    We have way too many forward options and at least one had to go. Everyone talks how unbalanced our squad is, getting rid of a player who is not likely to play much is the start of what needs to be an ongoing process

  91. Jeff


    Podolski was arguably our best finisher since Van Persie. He simply didn’t get enough games in the right position to give him the confidence to excel and to know that the manager trusts him. Part of that reason is that because we play one style and one style only and it doesn’t suit all the players.

    But I’m convinced there is a favouritism angle to it as well. Other players seem to get chance after chance after chance even though they’ve been abysmal. Sanogo is one example. Why wasn’t Podolski afforded the same curtsey?

  92. tunnygriffboy


    Agree about Kos. No way should have been playing 2 games in 3 days. He’s not only managing his tendinitis but he’s been out for weeks. Desperately need cover and as you say young Chambers needs a few weeks rest

  93. Jeff


    There are just too many instances of letting good players with good credentials go after their form wanes under Wenger. Arshavin and Reyes are two good examples. Podolski is the latest casualty to fall into that category.

    But of course, I suppose one must mention wages as well that would have contributed the decision to let him go. On 100k a week, Wenger could not fail to see the financial benefit too.