Koscielny and Szécsény should be dropped

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New year, same old, same old.

I won’t give a big review this evening, needless to say, what we saw was what I kind of expected.

Massive injury list…

Tactically inept…

Lack of drive…

Hopeless result against a club that have lesser players but a better ‘team’.

Couple of areas I want to flag.

Laurent Koscielny. What is going on there? Could he look any less interested? Landed his big contract, now he’s on easy street. I’d have pulled him at half time. His attitude stinks. No effort, sloppy mistakes and a real air of ‘I’m off to Bayern in the summer’.

Not with performances like that my friend.

We should be going for a big name in January, then bench him for a month. There’s no competition, he knows that, so we get durge like that.

Second man in the firing line is the keeper. Where is he for that first goal? Why is he so out of position? He’s played over 100 games for us now, why haven’t we beaten that rash side out of him? It’s not like there haven’t been warning signs for a mistake like that, the erratic play has been a consistent theme even when he gets away with it. As for the second goal, I literally have no idea what the feeble swipe was about. Almost as bizarre as him drinking from that water bottle second after…

He’s another that has a questionable attitude, but there’s no competition to knock him of his perch. He should be replaced by a world class talent. He’s not good enough and until we either address his attitude of put someone in charge of him who know what they’re doing, we’re in trouble.

Another point is that Southampton were in a total shambles in the summer, their own Twitter handle was making jokes about how few players they had available. They’ve pulled in some very good names, they have a system, they’re a smart side and they’ve got the better of us again. How can Koeman create stability at the back in 3 months and we can’t with a team that’s stayed pretty much the same for 2 seasons.

Arsene Wenger is the problem. However you look at it. He sits at the heart of every decision at that club and he’s getting it wrong if major trophies is the aim. That won’t change. We have to lose the manager to reach the heights we’d hoped for post Highbury.

Here’s the thing though, we’ll still make 4th. United dropped points today and lost another two players to LVG fitness regime, Liverpool just aren’t very good, Spurs aren’t very goot and will likely drop points today… then we have Theo back in the side, Ozil back next week, Rambo and Arteta over the next few weeks. The calvary coming back when it counts.

Then we’ll make the top four. Job done. Role on next season.

We can’t complain either. We sung ‘one Arsene Wenger’ after the Newcastle win. We make this all very much acceptable.

I’m numb to it all. I’m numb to the malaise. Numb to the mistakes. Numb to ther results. Roll on 2017. Then we’ll kick on and forget these last 5 year of Wenger…

Until then, Happy New Year!


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