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Happy New Years Eve eve, one and all. I hope you had an enjoyable, footfall-filled Christmas. Personally I hate Christmas – maybe because it’s also my birthday and I’m resentful over the years of neglect, maybe I’m a bitter old bastard, maybe because I have to spend it in Guernsey every year, maybe I’m an anti-establishment hipster with luscious facial hair; or maybe all of the above?

It’s been a fruitful period for the Gunners, with a fraught victory over QPR on Boxing Day, which in true-Arsenal fashion was far less comfortable than it should have been; followed by a crucial win at Upton Park. I thought we played really vibrant, attacking football in the second half and if it weren’t for our profligacy in-front of goal, it would have been a rout. As it were, we defended resolutely having conceded early in the second half, with Koscielny reminding us, if we needed it, what a better side we are with him in it. Props to Szczesny, who was outstanding under the highball and relieved a lot of pressure from our defenders. A quick word on the Liverpool game, which was pretty dire. I went up to Anfield, which is truly a godforsaken place and we stunk it out. Chamberlain clearly wasn’t fit and it just wasn’t happening for our dangermen. Despite the disappointment of the late, but inevitable equaliser, I was happy with the point given how poorly we played. As an aside, I was completely underwhelmed by Anfield and the famous ‘roar’, which was a whimper at best. Bloody turncoats.

Anyway, onto the review of the calendar year, which has seen significant highs, tempered by some sickening lows. Regardless, it has been an eventful year at N5, which we have attempted to précis into some bite-size, delicious categories.

Player of 2014

Shortlist: Santi Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez, Aaron Ramsey

Santi Cazorla:- The first half of 2014 was, on the whole, pretty underwhelming from our Spanish midget-maestro however he has proved to be a man for the big occasion. A belter in the FA Cup against Sp*rs in January and scoring in the shoot-out in the semi-final against Wigan pays testament to this. However his goal in the FA Cup final was a thing of beauty – a belting free-kick from 30 yards out under serious pressure. The timing of the goal was crucial towards the end of the half, giving us a platform to build on in the 2nd half and turning the momentum in our favour. Given the drama of Ramsey’s late winner, I think this goal has received a scandalous lack of attention.

His form had been patchy in the inaugural stages of this season, however his form has sky rocketed in recent weeks as he seems to have replaced his concrete sandals with shooting boots. He adds calmness to us in possession with his metronomic passing and, at times, mesmerizing close control. He’s a joy to watch and pound-for-pound, he must go down as one of Wenger’s best signing in the post-Highbury years, having cost only £15m.

Alexis Sanchez:- What a beautiful little man. Those abs. Those thighs. That hair. That winning smile. Arsenal may not be the best football side in the Premier League, but in terms of man-candy they’re title challengers. Whilst Alexis only joined the club from the 2014/15 season, his impact has been such that I couldn’t discount him from this category. He really has been magnificent since he joined the club and is truly the archetypal player people would pay to watch. Whilst his skill, dribbling and close control has wowed us, it is his dogged determination and attitude that has made him an instant fan favourite. He’s far and away our top scorer this season and has bailed us out countless times in games that we were stuttering through. Some of his goals have been sublime, with the volley against Citeh the standout.

Aaron Ramsey:- Oft endearingly referred to as Welsh Jesus, Ramsey made a meteoric rise in the 2013/14 season. Having gone from the whipping boy of the Emirates crowd to one of the most complete midfielders in the league, Rambo is not only an integral cog in the engine room of the team, but is critical to how Arsenal play. His strengths make those around him better – Mikel Arteta’s physical constraints are abetted by Ramsey’s superhuman stamina and willingness to cover ground, for instance. Clearly it has been his happy knack for finding the net, often in spectacular fashion, that has seen him grab the headlines; but his all-round game has improved immeasurably. He missed a chunk of early 2014 through an injury to his arse, but returned with the goal-scoring knack in-tact with goals against Hull away and a stunner against Norwich on the final day of the season; but he saved his best for last. His winner in the FA Cup final was first and foremost, a stunning finish under any circumstances, but the meteoritic impact of the goal was even greater. He has had a disappointing start to this season, which has been disrupted by injury but there are signs of a return to form with a goal away at Stoke and an absolute thundercunt against Galatassaray, which is genuinely one of the best goals I’ve ever seen scored by an Arsenal player.

Winner:- Aaron Ramsey

Young player of 2014 – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

The past 24 months or so have seen a divergence from the failed project youth to a team comprised of men with chest hair and everything. Therefore the role of youngsters has become less salient than in previous years. Nonetheless the likes of Kieran Gibbs, Woyciech Szczesny and more recently Calum Chambers have become important members of the squad.

The standout player for me however has been Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has been the success story of the 2014/15 season so far (aside from Alexis of course). A goal in the FA Cup quarter final in February outlined his appetite for the big occasion, followed up by the equaliser in this season’s North London Derby. He still has a habit of running down blind-alleys, but his end product is improving steadily and he’s a genuine threat on the flank with a mix of pace, physical power and skill. Whilst our dear leader continues to profess he sees the Ox in a more central role, I’d be happy to see him continue on the flanks where he can get one-on-one with fullbacks and do damage.

Most disappointing player of 2014 – Mathieu Flamini

Disappointing may be the wrong phrase from the off, as balls out of the bath on this one, I thought it was a mistake signing him and nothing that has happened since has changed that view. In Londoner terms, he’s pony. In the real world, he’s shit on a stick. Whilst the wider world has twigged onto his flaws after Gary Neville tore into him, I have been banging the anti-Flamini drum since he rejoined us. His passing is solid, if a little rudimental, but it’s his lack of defensive nous and intelligence that hacks me off the most. He leaves more holes behind him than a fat bloke walking out of one of the Khao San Road’s finest establishments, whilst pointing and shouting like me outside Smithfield Market after a few lager beers in Fabric. Clearly an upgrade is needed.

Game of 2014 – FA Cup Final vs. Hull

This one is clear-cut. It’s the game of the decade for Arsenal, in what was the most-Arsenalistic game you could imagine, pulling it back from the precipice having initially been undone by defensive shithousery. The joy and elation at the full-time whistle was unparalleled for me as a fan of the club. Whilst I loved the wins of the early 00’s and late 90’s, winning was more regular then. After a decade of nothing and years of stasis, this felt like a turning-point and a platform for us to build from (it wasn’t and it hasn’t been, but more on that anon).

Worst game of 2014 – Chelsea away

Unlike the above category, there were plenty of contenders for this one. The mauling at Anfield, the 3-2 at Stoke, losing 3-0 at Everton. These are all excellent contenders for the crown of the worst game of the calendar year, but the 6-0 defeat away to Chelsea is the cream of this very pooey-crop. My outrage over this game is borne from the shocking tactical approach to it as much as anything else. The whopping at Anfield, whilst painful, could be painted as a one-off or outlier, but to not learn from that and set-up in the same way away to Chelsea beggared belief. To see Eto’o score their first goal with Gibbs and Sagna meandering in the opposition half was sickening and highlighted the manager’s inability to learn from previous mistakes. We offered nothing going forwards, were meek in midfield and pitiful in defence. To compound matters, I was forced to tolerate the Ox/Gibbs/Theo/Lewis Hamilton jokes on Twitter for a solid month or so. Cretins.

Moment of the year – Arsenal AGM

This was a tough one to pick. Honourable mentions must go to WELBZ’s attempted decapitation of Cesc Fabregas this season, which was a thing of sheer beauty. Keep up the good work Danny boy. Wenger signing a new contract was another significant, but less pleasing moment, but important nonetheless. Arsenal paying for Gazza’s treatment was a nice moment and highlighted the positive role football clubs can have – plus it made Sp*rs look like a bunch of tight-fisted nonces for trying to charge a club legend for a ticket. The retirement of Thierry Henry was massively significant in that it put into sharp focus the club’s current standing in the game compared to in Titi’s heyday. Whilst the landscape has undoubtedly changed, it certainly made be long for yesteryear and the glorious days in the sun at Highbury (in my mind it was always sunny there).

The winner of this category however goes to the Arsenal AGM held this autumn. Generally, these are pretty turgid affairs with stock answers given by a bunch of crusty old Tories who really don’t want to be there. This year was no different, but it highlighted for all to see what is wrong at the club and what a cancer Stan Kroenke is on Arsenal Football Club. Whilst there was the usual skirting around questions that I have come to expect from these events, two comments were particularly concerning. The first came from the flamboyantly named Sir Chips Keswick, who when asked about the manger’s failure to bolster the defence adequately over the summer responded: “If Arsene has a plan we back it, if he doesn’t have a plan we keep quiet.” What a shocking indictment on the upper echelons of the club and an utter PR-disaster. To admit to having such a laissez-faire attitude is abhorrent and this issue is more pressing even than the failings of Wenger. Whilst we can (rightly) complain about Wenger’s many shortcomings, his poor approach to player fitness and conditioning, lack of in-game management, negligence in the transfer window and his stupid coat; it really is erroneous until the elephant in the room is addressed; and that is this owner does not give a rat’s arse. He is more than happy with seeing his share price increase and the status-quo retained. He does not share our hopes, ideals and dreams for Arsenal. Whilst Wenger is holding us back, in my view, there is no doubt in my mind that Kroenke is the true enemy of the club.

The second event at the AGM was the botched answer given regarding the £3m taken for ‘strategic advisory services’ by KSE LLC. Whilst fans of the toupee-wearing tight-arse could point to his ownership as following a long-established model and not extracting cash from the club, this revelation puts that theory to bed. Here we have an owner unwilling to invest his own dollar into the club, but is now taking it out. This is a dangerous precedent that has been set and I would suggest it won’t be the last time it happens. The likes of Phil Wall at the AST are far better informed on this than I am and he’s written at length on the subject.


I had initially titled this as ‘Hopes for 2015’, but really I have none. A top 4 finish? Fine. Getting battered by a European big-boy in the quarter-finals of the Champions League? Pffft. A cup-run would of course be great – it would be remiss to turn my nose up at it, given the jubilation it gave me just 6 months ago. However until there is a systemic change at the club, be that how the manager works or a change in manager, Arsenal will remain where we have been for several years, feeding off scraps from the top table. Maybe I’m spoilt, maybe I can’t remember the bad-times of the 80’s; but I won’t apologise for wanting more for Arsenal. I’m not convinced Wenger can give us more, but I am certain Kroenke and his ilk cannot. Until there is the appetite for change from the very top, 2015 will likely form the hazy malaise that is the post-Highbury years under Wenger.

On that delightfully cheery note, all the best for 2015 and thanks for reading xx

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  1. Wallace


    fairly certain Wenger didn’t spend 16m on Chambers with a view to playing him as a reserve right back. he’s said he bought him to play CB. the Debuchy injury and a squad of 6 defenders is the reason he’s spent so much time at RB.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Thank you goodnight

    His sort of potential does not cost £15 million transfer fee. There are plenty of
    players in world football with better pedigree who will cost less. Clyne would
    not have cost more.

    What Wenger has paid for is his ‘English Nationality’.

  3. JamesH


    I recall when Clyne was available for 2 mill from Palace and was surprised we didn’t move for him then but then remembered I had not managed one day in professional football

  4. Emiratesstroller

    One final point. We paid £15 million+ for Chambers and are now reportedly considering a serious offer from Inter of £5 million for Podolski a 100+ cap for Germany and proven goalscorer.

    That does not say very much about our business acumen

  5. ADKB

    Well, well, well, if I were Podolski, I’ll throw more than a hissy fit if Chambers cost £16m and I’m being valued at £5m. That’s demotivating enough.

  6. Roaaary

    That Ty is a complete nonce.

    Does he think he’s a player or something rocking up to games in the training gear with headphones and his water bottle?!?? Fucking idiot.

    He even speaks like wenger about the games. He’s blind to what’s actually happening out there

  7. TitsMcgee

    That Ty is a complete nonce.”

    Unfortunately it’s his type that are in the majority.

    Starry-eyed sycophants.

  8. TitsMcgee

    Are you in any way related to TY?
    The guy on ArsenalFanTv, who’s always sipping from Szczesny’s water bottle.”


    Keyser for all of his flaws is much more intelligent than TY.

    With TY the engine is running but there is nobody behind the wheel.

  9. TitsMcgee

    Radio, you’ve been sucked into the Keyser vortex there…”


    It’s amazing how many get sucked up into it.

    1. Excuse loss by any means
    2. Go off on a tangent so as to deflect from original point being argued.
    3. Repeat after every loss/bad performance

    It’s subtle but rather obvious as well.

  10. TitsMcgee


    “We smashed this lot at home”


    Uhmmmm…no we didn’t. We eeeked out a 1-0 win after Van Der Werreld(spelling is way off too lazy to look it up) had to leave due to injury leaving SFC with 10 men the last 5 minutes.

    You can tell he is trying hard to defend Wenger.

  11. Carts

    This is exactly what’s wrong with the club. That fucking twat. ‘Well all should’ve said something if we didn’t want Wenger to sign’.

    If we had lost to Hull then maybe, just maybe, Wenger would’ve left. Not some fucking petition signed by ‘Wenger-outers’. There’s people out there who predicted this shit 5 years ago.

  12. Ashwin Gunner


    Why are comments closed in today’s post???

    As for yesterday;s game. Sczc drinking water just after the second shows his bad attitude.

    We are regresssing. definitely.. we are bad. worse to come.. Ozil and others might take us to 4th. but is it enough???

    and from what it looks, 4th also looks like tough one for Wenger. if out of UCL is what it takes for us to get rid of Wenger, then i am ok with it. Just get rid of that old man.

  13. Bankz


    Keyser is intelligent but the way he excuses the manager day in,day out & deflects debates from their original issues every time is questionable.

    I just want an honest answer from him because I won’t be shocked if TY = Keyser & Keyser = TY

  14. TitsMcgee

    and from what it looks, 4th also looks like tough one for Wenger. if out of UCL is what it takes for us to get rid of Wenger, then i am ok with it. Just get rid of that old man.”

    No doubt we will get 4th for me. Our worse start in what? Almost 20 years and we are only three points off 4th.

    The bar is set incredibly low.

    In a perfect world Wenger would see that he is past it and do the admirable thing but football dictators don’t walk away from 16m. They need to be forced out and if it takes falling out of top 4 to get it then I would take it.

    The problem is that Wenger is so arrogant and defiant that if we fall out of top 4 there is no guarantee that he would walk away or get sacked so we’d have no UCL and still be stuck with him for “at least” 2 more years.

    I will say though that in my mind there is ZERO chance Wenger walks away from £16 million. ZERO.

  15. TitsMcgee

    Keyser is intelligent but the way he excuses the manager day in,day out & deflects debates from their original issues every time is questionable.”

    Keyser is most definitely an AKB but he tries to disguise it. TY is an AKB and has NO IDEA WHATSOEVER he’s an AKB lol

  16. Bankz


    St Marys isn’t the Sahara desert, there’s absolutely no way Szczesny not taking that sip would have killed him.
    He’s an overrated egocentric/arrogant goalkeeper who thinks he’s a Manuel Neuer’s twin from a different country.

    Other than his shot to save ratio, he gives me almost the same jitters as when we had ALMUNIA in goal.
    He either runs out rashly & concedes a penalty /red card, try to beat an attacker by doing the Messi or pull some really stupid stunts like selfies & water bottle sipping.

    He’s a good example of everything that’s wrong with the current Wenger regime.

  17. Bankz


    I know.
    Just trying to do the KEYSER on Keyser.

    TY on the other hand is a complete idiot.
    He’s everything that’s wrong with the so called “loyal” fans.

  18. Carts

    Bankz – I was trolling lol. Szc is a bang average GK. End of. When he first came on the scene he showed promised; so much so that I though maybe we finally got a decent keeper since Seaman,

    It became apparent quite early on that he lack focus and has an ego the size of Ronaldo. Wenger’s constant cost cutting measures has truly ruined any opportunity of regaining fan confidence. I for one am totally over Wenger. His arrogance knows no boundaries.

    The wrap it up, it rumoured that Szc is on massive money – close to £100k. Let that sink in.

    Yet you have guys like Keyser arguing that the money that Rambo, Jack and Szc are on is normal due to the amount of money floating around the EPL; and if we don’t pay it, someone else will. Szc isn’t even top 5 GK in the fucking league. Let alone deserve anything over £30k pw.

  19. Carts

    it’s funny because when De Gea first arrived, he was getting slaughtered. Poor chap could’nt catch a break.

    Fergie practiccally summoned De Gea to Utd. Threw the #1 jersey at him and told him to make it happen. MOTD compiled a dossier on the pure abuse De gea would receive week in, week out.

    Slowly you saw De Gea improve; yes, he was still unorthodox in some of his approach play, but in all you could see that what ever was being taught to him in Carrington would transcend on to the pitch. Granted, he would get burried once in a while – tis normal after all, no?!

    Now, the lad is pissing hot. Even Lloris who is rate fucking highlly loves a clanger but more than makes up for it in many other ways. De Gea though…not an unforced in sight. Kudos to the lad.

  20. Zementalstrength

    Goooooooooooooooooood aftezrnoon Grovers.

    Rumor says we’re chasing the great Sissoko from Le Nouveau Chateau.
    Another WC player for reinforce our team.

    Dear arsène, I wish you the worst year possible.

  21. S Asoa

    De Gea improvement is an example that proves what is wrong at AFC. We have a megalomaniac dictator Arsehole Wenger who will not delegate . Each time Bould took charge after massive drubbings pusshed a bamboo up the Arsehole and victories started the Petty Dictator took over senile arse.
    Everbody on massive wages no other Club will give so as to BUY SILENCE and suport. Wenger has rotted everrything.
    As someone said this Pimp will not walk away from 16 mil PLUS COMMISSIONS.
    Pimp has to be Kicked Out.
    Let us count our Martyrs.
    1- the passionate fans at the station
    2- the lad at Southampton match

    Keep counting

  22. goonerboy

    Poor performance against a goodish team-as a benchmark a good team should never lose against Southampton- but then we are not a good team and it needs to be understood-we are an unbalanced team a team which is weak defensively. 2-0 was a fair result. It is very true that Southampton are a better team of inferior individuals. They have a far better manager making better use of much meagre resources than we do -judging by this seasons results.

    This season our team seems to have no answer against a well organised motivated committed team.

    We are 6th and we have got there by grinding out results against average sides.
    The trouble is the reality is sad and disappointing and thats why many gooners live in a fantasy world of wishful thinking.

    We are not good enough to finish 4th. We will not finish any higher. than 6th. We have not got the desire, the confidence, the power in midfield, the defence to beat any of the top 5 when it matters home or away.

    The apologists think this is ok- because to them blind, cretinous devotion to the manager is more important than a team which can beat any of the top 4.

    Whether we like to admit it or not, Spurs are rapidly becoming a more effective side than us. We are incapable of scoring 5 against Mourinho’s Chelsea as they just have. Though Spurs defence is currently not much better than ours overall, the crucial difference being their keeper who is head and shoulders above anything we have.
    We are a bang average side with one outstanding player-and its not good enough.

  23. Jeff

    There is a famous proverb which can be used to place any one at a particular level of intelligence, sometimes in a given subject or in general. It can be broken down to four levels:

    1. He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool – shun him.
    2. He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple – teach him.
    3. He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep – wake him.
    4. He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise – follow him.

    Where Wenger is concerned, the chap we call Ty is level 1. He is so utterly blind that he cannot even see the fallacy of his own beliefs. This is the case with religious people who’ve closed their minds to anything that opposes the main tenets of their faith.

    Keyser uses his knowledge of football to draw considerations from anywhere and everywhere just to appear to hold the contrary view and he does that because most people’s views on here are in direct opposition to his. He does this with almost anything you throw at him. Essentially, his argument is that it doesn’t matter who the manager is, we would still be in the same boat if not worse. It simply doesn’t matter who we buy as we can’t buy a sufficient number of world class players to make any real difference so buying one or two won’t make that much difference either. He is right because we bought Ozil and Sanchez – and yet we still haven’t got much to show for it. If we need 10 world class players, and 15 really good ones to make a squad, his argument is that we simply can’t afford that so making do with what we have is basically all that can be done which is what Wenger is doing. That is why he also argues that talking about formations, tactics and all the other stuff we accuse Wenger of not doing well or at all, are all useless as it won’t make much difference to our fortunes anyway.

    But of course, most of us on here know and believe those considerations do make a difference. There is evidence for it. Having a good manager can make a world of difference and yes it can go both ways – that’s the risk. Deploying good tactics and playing to opposition weakness can make a big difference. Balancing our attacking prowess with intelligent defensive practices can make a difference. Playing players in their favourite positions can make a difference. Buying positions that we most need can make a difference. But most of us see plainly that lacking in defence midfielders, lacking in defence, not buying in the necessary positions and making excuses for not buying are all just infuriating traits of a manager who’s simply grown too powerful to be of any use.

    But Keyser doesn’t believe in any of that. He thinks that at this level, brute force wins all the time and that brute force is bought with a lot of money which we simply don’t have and can’t afford. So, all the blame (if there is to be any) he puts squarely on the owner Kroenke rather than Wenger. He can see the problems but he doesn’t think Wenger is contributing to them to the same extent as we do. His main culprit in all of this is Kroenke. If he was to put a percentage on it, it would be something like: Wenger 20%, Kroenke 80%.

    My estimate of this is very different: Wenger 60%, Kroenke 40%.

    So to most of us on here, as long as the greater percentage of the fault lies with Wenger, his removal will make the most difference as well but of course it has to be the right replacement. We could easily spiral to mid-table and remain there for years which is exactly what Keyser and the Arsenal hierarchy are petrified might happen. So, to them, the best option to keep going as we are.

    It’s a terrible quandary but it’s a risk that is going to have to be taken eventually. They are only delaying the inevitable out of blind loyalty and lacking in imagination and guts. Basically, they are cowards, as are the many Arsene devotees who are too ashamed to call for change.

  24. TitsMcgee

    It’s a terrible quandary but it’s a risk that is going to have to be taken eventually. They are only delaying the inevitable out of blind loyalty and lacking in imagination and guts. Basically, they are cowards, as are the many Arsene devotees who are too ashamed to call for change.”

    Nice post.

    The absolute worst case scenario for us is for Wenger to move upstairs vetoing transfers due to some misplaced moral reasons.

  25. Zementalstrength

    “Keyser uses his knowledge of football to draw considerations from anywhere and everywhere…”

    The most annoying about him is that, while our club is struggling, he often likes to change of subject, talking about things which have nothing to do with Arsenal, post some videos or pictures we don’t give a shit about, etc…

  26. Jeff

    Rumours today: The best and most believable one is about Podolski. The rest are there to make up the numbers.

    -(Daily Mirror) Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski is expected to complete a move to Inter Milan by the weekend.

    -(Daily Mirror) Arsenal are eyeing up top emerging German keeper Loris Karius, who plays for Mainz

    -(Daily Express) Edinson Cavani, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, is edging closer to making the move to Arsenal after the 27-year-old was omitted from the Ligue 1 club’s warm-weather training plans.

    -(Daily Express) Arsenal are edging closer to the signing of Atletico Madrid midfielder Mario Suarez, 27.

    -(Irish Independent) Arsene Wenger is targeting a January move for Everton midfielder James McCarthy.

  27. Jeff

    January is a really funny month for transfers isn’t it. We (the fans) always find ourselves in a lose-lose situation.

    If we’re doing well (like last season when we were top), we don’t need to buy anyone. If we are not doing well (like this season), there’s no point buying anyone because we can’t catch up on the leaders anyway.

    The only way we will buy in January is if we feel that fourth is in grave danger or doubt. Right now, that is what Wenger is asking himself and calculating. Is 4th in danger? Since most of us on here don’t think so, I don’t believe Wenger will be panicked that much as to buy big. We might go small; a loan or something to seem like we’re doing something but it won’t be anything significant. January just isn’t a big transfer month for Arsene and by all accounts he hates the disruption and speculation it causes.

  28. goonerboy

    The main problem at Arsenal and the reason that we are not a top competitive club is that football success at the highest level is not the primary objective of the club-if it was, the manager would be judged on results of the team. Football is the means not the end. objective. The end is share value and maintaining the interests and status quo of the Arsenal Board.

    Many AKBs are not worried at all by the lack of success- they are more concerned to keep Wenger because they view him as being synonymous with the clubs identity. His perversity makes him unique in the mundane cliched football world.

    The owner is an investor he is simply using football to make money. He doesn’t run the team-and in all honesty it is difficult to see how he can be held accountable for the teams underperformance this year. He sanctioned 35m on Sanchez, and 16m on Chambers and 16m on Welbeck. With a couple of extra players, this team could have been competitive this year . Wenger is 100% responsible for the performance of Arsenal this year. His team, his players, his tactics his planning or lack of- no one else.

    Arsene Wenger- the most intelligent sounding manager in the game is not being being judged on the teams results but on his ability to spin the illusion of success-essential to Arsenal’s marketing strategy- when in reality the team has not beaten a top 3 side in 15 attempts and is psychologically and tactically beaten before they go out on the field. All the fans out there who swallow his every excuse want to believe its the nasty refs and injuries which do us each season- its utter nonsense.
    Wenger has to go- and the sooner the better. Yes the club could sink further if they appoint an idiot as a replacement- but surely fans of this club aspire to beat the likes of Southampton, Swansea and Stoke and we aren’t good enough any more to regularly beat them and other top 10 sides.-