These two wingers are the upgrade Arsenal are looking for…

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Oh good morning my dears!

It’s bloody cold this morning. So cold, I considered wearing gloves to work. Thet I thought, no, what would the readers think? That I’m some sort of foreign import who can’t hack typing in cold weather?

Then I realised I wasn’t working. Crisis averted.

The real crisis this morning is the lack of credible news. We’re being linked with everyone. The main story that seems to be getting everyone excited is Edison Cavani. The Express. Sorry, let’s just say that again, The Express, reckon it’s a done deal. Now, I’m struggling to remember those chaps guessing a transfer correctly in about 5 years. Pretty sure they’re one of those papers that is clicks first, veracity second. I couldn’t even name you a journalist that works there.

Anyway, my gut feel would be there’s not much truth in that story.We don’t need a striker, we need 2 defensively minded midfielders, a centre back and someone to replace Lukas.

Now there’s a story, Inter Milan want to take our German flop to the San Siro (£1.5m cash money). Would be a good move for them. A slower league where chances are slim playing for a side that have been poor for a while. It leaves a gap for us. Would be interesting to see whether Arsene fills it. There are plenty of players that have been linked to cover off that role. Pedro of Barca, Shaqiri of Bayern… we need pace and technical abilty if we’re going to bolster in those positions. I don’t think it’s practical to play WELBZ out wide. The whole point of two strikers is that one gets a rest. If a rest is dumping him outwide for many high instensity games, well, that’s not really a rest. We’ll be in the same situation in March when we have two strikers shot to pieces (remember how bad Giroud was in the second half of the year last term?).

In the holding role, Schneiderlin, who was voted into the ‘Sky Team of the season so far…’ ahead of Cesc (because of Arsenal fans) has not been linked any further. I’m pretty sure he’d be our number one target given the choice. We should be going hard for him. He makes Southampton tick over. I think he and Clynne are out for the game against us next. I’ve not seen too many names linked our way. I know we’ve been talking to St Etienne about Perrin and we’ve spoken to Leverkusen about Kramer. Outside that, I have no clue where we’re looking. I’ve seen bits of Carvahlo, problem with the Portuguese league is it’s so weak it’s hard to tell who is good / who looks good because of the talent on show.

Centre backs being linked to us centre around Van Dijk, Reid and anyone with a pulse. I think Perrin will be the one. I think it’s a lack lustre signing. You don’t land at 29 in Ligue One (unless you’re at PSG) not playing for a top club in Europe if you boast World Class attributes. You might say we don’t need world class and I’d agree, but if you’re sacrificing talent, you have to look at localisation. Ligue One players are always slow off the mark. This guy will likely be no different, especially considering his age.

Fitness news ahead of the big game against Southampton centres around no Aaron Ramsey. Tomas will be back in contention, but I’d imagine he’ll be overlooked in favour of Flamini and Coquelin. This game is massive, Southampton are back looking sharp. Arsenal are grinding out victories. Take the three points at that’ll put us in 4th, 3 points behind United… ready for an attack on City and Chelsea.

Am I right? Come on! Am I right?!

I tell you what was right, my prediction that this is where we’d be around the turn of a year. We’ll be sitting pretty in 4th just as our key players get back to fitness, then in May, when we’ve finished 4th and we have a Champions League Quarter final to show for ourselves, we’ll all go…

‘Well look, it’s progress. I think the manager knows what went wrong and we owe him another season.’

… and so the cycle will begin again.


Still, there are worrying signs of form popping up all over the place. Spurs are starting to look a lot more functional under Pochettino. United’s form is gathering pace, though I still feel this could drop later on. Liverpool have also found their feet. It’s not a cut and shut as it has been in recent seasons, but any team floating around 4th awaiting the return of Theo, Rambo, Wilshere and 2 signings in Jan. Well, you’ve got to be confident!

Right, that’s me done. Have a bloody great day and don’t slip on the ice.


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  1. BacaryisGone

    Carts-I’m sorry you had to experience a Shelvey meeting. Must have been traumatic.

    Midwest-I’ll be an optimist and say that we don’t need to replace Poldi’s goal production. Halfway through the season, he hasn’t scored yet in the Premier League and we’re third in goals scored. We also have Theo returning.

  2. Keyser

    People seem to want this continuous turnover of players, it rarely if ever works, the past should tell you that, keeping Podolski is better than simply trying to save on his wages now, he might not have the legs or the production of Sanchez, but he’s extremely experienced and his finishing can be World Class.

    Also it’s ‘Or What’..

    I can’t say for other sports, but literally the only worth for us with Kroneke’s involvement is if he had invested.

    Other than that I don’t really care, we simply invest what we make, and we’re actually run quite well in that respect.

    Denver actually had quite a good team a few seasons ago, and were pretty exciting to watch, it only fucked up because Carmelo’s basically a selfish prick, who wanted to try and re-create what Le Bron had in Miami.

    Le Bron has a lot to answer for in the NBA, and is a massive reason why you’ve basically got a first and second division, rather than an actual league. Though I did watch Toronto a couple of games ago and they looked quite good.

  3. Keyser

    They were replaying De Gea’s saves yesterday and it still kills me how tame Wilshere’s shot was or how Sanchez looks like a tap-in away from a goal.

    We have been very wasteful in front of goal, if we’d managed a cohesive midfield, even working and settling Ozil, Wilshere and Ramsey together I think Podolski could well have been used effectively, if only as a foil to Giroud or Welbeck.

  4. MidwestGun

    Not sure with FFP rules but in theory couldn’t Kroenke still pay off stadium debt if he wanted to. Basically petty cash for him. I know there are fines associated with early repayment. But who cares.
    Would free up probably 25 to 40 mil. In financial terms long term debt is cheap but in terms of winning it’s not.

    Also, Bulls are back!

  5. Keyser

    Forgot about the Bulls, the East is still a joke, not sure how good Rose is, haven’t watched many of their games, was an excellant game against the Mavericks a while back. but there’s always that danger he injures himself again.

  6. GoonerInNY


    I’m no Carmelo fan, but you don’t really have that right. They didn’t have “quite a good team.” They had one selfish superstar and not much around him. That’s why they kept losing in the first round in the playoffs. And, really, he wasn’t trying to recreate a LeBron situation because the Knicks didn’t have any stars at the time of the trade. He had to secure a trade before the contract ended so he could get a max deal in free agency (under NBA rules, the team that had you last can offer money in free agency than the other teams).

    Carmelo wanted out of Denver for two reasons, only one of which was Kroenke’s fault. He wanted to be in a bigger market (his wife is a pop singer, and he wanted to be in a place that got more attention and endorsement potential). And he had no confidence Denver was capable of building a championship team based on the decisions the club made while he was there, including a willingness to pay the luxury tax (that’s on Kroenke).

    But really, you are cherry picking. Every one of Kroenke’s teams are poorly run from an on-field point of view. The Rams have been a train wreck. No winning seasons since 2004? In a league in which the salary cap causes roster upheaval every season? Every team gets a turn to be good. Hell, even the Jets played in back-to-back AFC championship games. To be that bad for that long in the NFL takes real incompetence in management. And the Avs have been similar. When Kroenke bought the team, they were a perennial contender. And then the team collapsed under the weight of bad decisions. To have three top-three picks in five years and be this bad is so poor. I am an Islander fan, and even with their inept ownership and terrible record, they only had two top-five picks in that period (and even they are good this season). Again, to run the Avs into the ground like that takes real incompetence. And clearly Kroenke has no desire to invest in the Rapids. It’s not a coincidence they got awful just when other teams started using the exemptions (and trading for extra ones) on guys like Henry, Defoe, etc.

    I know you support Wenger, so maybe that makes you want to see some good in Kroenke. But his record as an owner in the U.S is indefensible.

  7. Rrobbins

    None of kroenke’s teams are designed for seeking championships. How many top flight front offices are involved? I will say they are trying to build with the Rams but injuries to key draft picks and the wrong division with Seahawks and niners hurt. They are assets and brands for principal protection to him. There is little passion. How many times have his team’s competed for championships in hockey, basketball, or football? It’s unfortunately about assets not winning.

  8. GoonerInNY


    I agree with your premise that Kroenke is not interested in competing, only gorwing financial assets. But the Rams had more than bad luck. Injuries for 10 years? All teams have injuries, and every division is tough at times (Seattle and S.F. have had down times in those 10 years).

    I found this analysis online from a year ago that had St. Louis as the 4th worst NFL team over the previous 10 years.

    The Lions since then have had a great season and have unquestionably moved ahead of St. Louis. So now they’re third worst. The two below them are poster children for bad NFL franchises: the Raiders and Browns.

    No matter how you slice it, the Rams are a poorly run NFL franchise.

  9. Keyser

    Lol I support Wenger ? No Mate, I just have little interest in American Sports, compared to Arsenal, I couldn’t care less about owners, their only worth is if they invest in the playing side, and even then I genuinely believe it should be a sport and the construct of the league should win out in it’s fairness.

    People kept bringing up the bullshit quote from Sir Chips about the control Wenger has, when they should’ve been more worried about the decision he and Norris or whoever made to pay Kroenke 3 million, if Kroenke is hands off, it’s not the best situation but fine, if he’s actively pushing ticket prices up and taking money from the club he’s a cunt.

    Denver had a decent team, and while Carmelo might have been it’s star, he actually had a team around him, the West was and is a very tough conference, instead he, Stoudemire and Billups ended up at the Knicks.
    You can’t say that worked out can you ?! I’d say the league has definetly suffered for it, even if only short term allowing teams like the Clippers and others to become more prominent.

    I don’t know too much about the constructs of the other sports, I do think that Owners in general should be on the periphery anyway. It doesn’t say much for fairness of the sport otherwise, i’ve generally thought the draft and salary caps made them fairer, but then I can’t stand the idea of teams ‘tanking’ for draft picks.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Thing I worry about though is Wenger breaking him, his first few months at Arsenal is not how you want to blood a guy like that.

    His performances started to suffer from having to play more than he used to. But he’s getting a break now so there’s damage.
    If he’s going to end up as a first choice CB (or whatever) then at some point he’s going to have to get used to 2 games a week anyway.

    I have high hopes for him actually. Considering his age, lack of experience, change of club, unsettled side around him, he’s been very good.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    GoonerinNY: I know you support Wenger, so maybe that makes you want to see some good in Kroenke. But his record as an owner in the U.S is indefensible.

    Like/dislike of Wenger doesn’t have any connection to like/dislike of Kroenke does it?

  12. Keyser

    Butler isn’t on Rose’s level is he ? Who else have they added ? Or did they lose Deng to free space for Gasol ?

    Saw Cleveland play Miami, Le Bron just jacking up 3’s in desperation at the end, I hate myself for wanting him to fail, but there’s just something that annoys me.

  13. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    No Deng. Basically a bunch of good bit players. Jimmy Butler has been the man until Rose can get fully fit.

    Think Kroenke if he wasn’t an apathetic A-hole could do more to free up funds. No rules about paying off debts to infrastructure that I’m aware of.
    Borrow it from Usmanov. Lol.

  14. GoonerInNY


    I am not defending Carmelo or how the NBA operates. I’m not a fan. And the West is better than the East and has been for years. But Denver nonetheless has underperformed, even by those standards. While all the West powers took a turn at the top, Denver lost in the first round of the playoffs nine of ten years (then missed the playoffs and will miss them again this year). That’s pretty awful.

    I think I’m seeing that the fundamental different role of an owner in U.S. sports v. in England is at the root of our disagreement about Kroenke. In the U.S. it is accepted that the owner has a lot of control over how a team is run. A bad owner almost always mean a lack of success (Johnson for the Jets, Dolan for the Knicks and Rangers, etc.). In England, the owner is not perceived to have much of an effect because of the structure of football teams (the idea of a board, which is a nonfactor in the U.S., etc.). But I think where it matters here is that Kroenke is an American who has brought an American approach to owning Arsenal. He is in total control, and he has decided to delegate to Wenger total control over the on-field product and Gazidis total control over the business, and as long as financial goals are met, he will stay out of it completely. And that lack of ambition (4th place is great because it keeps spinning money) is, in my opinion, the main reason Arsenal has underperformed. To me, Kroenke has had a huge negative impact on Arsenal. He does matter. I know you don’t agree with my view of Wenger and Arsenal, which is fine. But you can see, I’m sure, that if one does think Wenger has been a train wreck, the ownership influence in this case cannot be glossed over.

    The connection is that Wenger’s power derives from Kroenke. If Kroenke wanted Wenger fired, he would be fired immediately. If one thinks Wenger is doing a good job, that person would like that Kroenke has kept Wenger in the position. Thus, it would be the natural inclination to think Kroenke is not a terrible owner.

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    Ok, I see your point. I probably fall in the Wenger supporter category (at least on this site!!) but I’m no fan of Kroenke at all

  16. GoonerInNY


    I understand. There are all kinds of reasons to not like Kroenke that have nothing to do with Wenger.

    Clearly, you see more in Wenger than I do. But, despite my very negative feelings toward Wenger as a manager, I actually don’t think he is the main problem. I think he is a symptom, but that Kroenke is the disease.



  18. Relieable sauce

    Wasn’t it the Express that quoted Gervinho as saying he hated Arsenal?
    I did wonder if Chelsea’s old translator ever got himself another job.

    Kalou anyone?
    Surprised he hasn’t been mentioned yet.

    Any signing not carrying a serious injury is an improvement on last year tbf.
    Progress of sorts at AFC.

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Hard to say really. Kroenke is hardly the big speaker (though his silence is hardly the exception when it comes to PL owners) so it’s impossible to know whether he’s kept Wenger on because he rates him personally or because as someone who knows bugger all about football, he’s taken advice from the rest of the board (who no doubt would have Wenger in charge if they owned the club).

    My issue with Kroenke is his desire for Arsenal to be successful is purely as a means to an end, rather than an end. It’s all about the money for him. The only good news is he’s a clever guy, so he’s not going to asset strip the club.

    Of course, it’s an absolute rarity to find someone rich enough to afford to buy the club while also being a fan firstly AND not being an over-controlling idiot, so I fully understand that we’re stuck with Kroenke for the long term.

  20. useroz

    No wingers esp Poldi’s ‘replacement’. Wenger would say “…you cannot deny that we a a bit short on thee left …but we have Ozil, Welback, Santi and Chamberlain who can play… i have a selection problem when everyone is fit and the medics said they are coming back soon.”

    Wenger would sign a utility defender like another near 30 French; and generously sign another youth CM for the future… So, 2 that is unless he moves some more stock.

    The Soton game is in the balance and that’s sad. AFC should not have been in this position that feels so threatened/ nervous playing Soton, with all due respect.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    reliable sauce: Kalou anyone? Surprised he hasn’t been mentioned yet.

    Haha, it’s never a proper transfer window without people being convinced we’re going to sign him.

    Maybe we need a new Kalou, a Kalou Mk II.

  22. GoonerInNY


    I have to admit that I agree that Kroenke likely will allow spending just enough to maintain asset value. So a total destruction of the club is unlikely. But it is so hard to watch the total lack of ambition to win for winning’s sake (like you said). And I stand by my argument that he just isn’t good at owning professional sports teams.

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    GoonerinNY: And I stand by my argument that he just isn’t good at owning professional sports teams.

    Depends on your definition. If his return on his investment is high enough, then he’s good at owning professional sports teams.

    Generally very rich business people tend to be pretty good at their jobs for the obvious reasons. It’s just their aims don’t match ours

  24. Marc

    I can’t comment on Kroenke’s history with other sports teams because I know bugger all about them, but what sort of revenue do they generate? Arsenal generate serious income and our spending has increased in the last couple of seasons but we won’t know if the failures to sign another CB (could of have got one for a few million) and the inability to sign a CM / DM are down to a refusal to sign off by Kroenke or Wenger being stubborn.

  25. Keyser

    GoonerinNY – I don’t live in America so don’t really know the ins and outs of every sport, and how each team evolves in different markets or different owners.

    “In the U.S. it is accepted that the owner has a lot of control over how a team is run”

    I think this is it really, because it’s sport, I just don’t see why the owner should have such influence, not that he can’t control or shape the team necessarily, a Board, a manager or an owner can still make bad decisions, I mean the part where an Owner can simply turn up and turn a team on it’s head because of his investment.

    That goes against the sporting side, and then as fans you’re simply at the mercy of the owner.

    Also disagree on your idea of under-performance, that Denver team was efficient, Karl ran it well, it seems to me you’re relating under-performance to a lack of investment on the owners part, at some point you have to say that’s your shot, if you eliminate the owner, then you’re left as a small market team that has to make do ? That’s infirmities of the Sport not the owner.

    I don’t think you can judge Arsenal like that either, it’s like criticising Denver for being a small-market team.

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    Spending ‘a few million’ on a new CB would most likely make bugger all difference to our fortunes over the season though.

  27. MarbleHall

    Chelsea 10 managers in 10 years and countless trophies in those 10 years.
    Arsenal one manager in 10 years and the trophy count is lamentable.
    Who gives a fig who manages Arsenal it’s resources and not managers that win trophies.

  28. Marc


    Not so sure we’ve run BFG into the ground and how long before Kos breaks down again. We should have 4 CB’s and we have 2 plus Chambers (inexperienced but with potential).

  29. Dissenter

    The Walcott conundrum has to be solved before bringing in any new striker.

    If Walcott returns back to his pre-injury form then there’s no need to sign a Shaquiri type player.

    There should be a moratorium on signing new strikers until all the other mega-holes in the squad are filled

  30. London gunner


    It’s been pretty interesting reading your conversation on American football.

    I have been meaning to get into it as my father is a fan of nfl, but hasn’t watched it since the 70s/80s

    When I watch sport I like to be a fan of a team so I’m invested in the outcome.

    I have always like exciting teams (I could never support the stokes or evertons of the world)

    I also like teams with sound principals and a good ethos.

    I particularly like teams who are contenders, but are somewhat under dogs arsenal, atletico Madrid, Dortmund and Roma.

    I just love the plucky under dog, but whose still got a shot of winning major glory.

    What teams would you suggest?

  31. N5

    Marc, Marble is a guy that thing Costa, Di-Maria, Zidane and many others are shit. He’s a lunatic mate. Don’t take anything he says seriously.

  32. MidwestGun

    Kroenke and his wife are worth 10.4 bill.
    Abromivich worth 9.3 bill.

    I’d say it’s level of commitment to winning on the pitch. Not even counting Usmanov’s 15bill.
    That’s my issue with Kroenke.

  33. london gunner


    I don’t think Wenger’s confident enough with the team right now to risk playing Walcott.

    As the past few games we have just about won them by hook and by crook. Scraping across the finish line so to speak.

    So Wenger doesn’t play Walcott because Walcott doesn’t track back/offer enough defensively his seen as a liability.

    Sanchez isn’t being rested not just because of the goals and attacking play, but because he generally makes us much harder to beat with his relentless work rate across the pitch.

    Either Walcott needs to be told or learn for himself that he needs to increase his defensive work rate.

    Look at Robben who was a massively selfish player who would of never dreamed of tracking back, it took one brilliant manager in Jupp Heynckes to reverse that.

    I think if Walcott was drilled by the coach to track back he would (his a polite boy, not a trouble starter/rebel)

    If walcott adds more to his defensive aspect of his game. I think he suddenly gets more love from the Arsenal fans.

  34. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m not denying we need a new CB, (we definitely do) but spending a few million on one is no guarantee whatsoever that it would actually improve us in the league. When you look at how much ManU need a proper CB, how much ManC have spent on Mangala and Liverpool have spent on Lovren, then us spending a few million on a new CB is highly unlikely to be any improvement on playing Monreal there.

    From a financial perspective, (and it’s a really important one) it would have been pretty pointless

    As for Mertesacker, he’ll probably need a rest at some point, but he’s played no more than Terry and Cahill

  35. Marc

    Usmanov is an investor not a sugar daddy. If he was willing to pump Abramovich type cash into the club he’d be running a PR campaign accordingly getting the fans on side. Haven’t seen that anywhere!

    Moron we don’t have an alternative to a self sustaining model.

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: So Wenger doesn’t play Walcott because Walcott doesn’t track back/offer enough defensively his seen as a liability.

    I think Wenger hasn’t played Walcott because he’s not match fit. Ideally he’d have got time against QPR before Giroud switched his brain off, or maybe against West Ham had Welbeck or Sanchez got the 3rd

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Marc: Usmanov is an investor not a sugar daddy

    Quite likely true. That and a desire to westernise himself and distance himself from Russia

  38. Marc


    Vidic was signed for £7 million, there are always bargains out there. My point was what caused us to go into a season with the squad suffering from such a glaring shortfall in one area.

  39. Swissguns

    London Gooner
    You could do far worse than the 49ers
    Glorious past achievements, not quite where they should be in the league at the moment.
    Remind you of anything?

  40. MidwestGun

    London –
    Ya.. in the 90’s. Cowboys good this year. But they are pretty much like rooting for Pool or similar. Overhyped media team owned by owner with bigmouth and ego. Maybe like Pool fans and Chelsea owner. Lol.

  41. london gunner

    “Comparing Walcott to Robben, what a massive bellend.”

    Way to take my words out of context.

    Robben is the third best attacking player in the word after messi and ronaldo.

    Walcott can’t touch him. Though I rate him highly.

  42. Relieable sauce

    Hasn’t that ship sailed with FFP?
    We could have 6 billionaires throwing money at players & their agents but its only going to get us sanctioned.
    Now Stan has the fans paying for “consultancy” fees ??? & they refuse to divulge any information about the details.
    Only at Arsenal.

    A case of one hand washes the other. They’re as bad as each other & AFC will only be run as a football club when they are all gone.
    I just hope I live to see the day.

  43. Chuks

    Why the hell do arsenal fans lack ambiton. Pedro and shaqiri are not good enough for barca and are not good enough for us. They won’t significantIly improve us. They won’t make us compete for the title or the EPL. Its better to buy one world class winger than two just good ones.

  44. MidwestGun

    Sauce –
    I agree. But I think owners can still invest in infrastructure, right? So why the stadium debt. Keep hearing the cash pile is to reduce net debt. But why not pay it off completely and free up operating cash. FFP definately limits direct transfer cash. Kroenke just prefers the long time low interest mortgage.

  45. Jeff

    The long term plan at Arsenal that Gazidis is always talking about is waiting for City and Chelsea WC players to grow old and stop playing so that FFP will stop them filling the place with new WC

  46. Marc

    I was making a joke – and you said I have no life skills when you can’t even recognise a simple joke. I think I’ve figured out your problem, well one of them anyway. You think they’re laughing with you.

  47. Nasri's Mouth


    Vidic cost £7m 8 years ago, so he’s probably a £15m player now.

    And there are bargains out there, but every club in the world is looking for them too. If you spend a few million on a player, you’re much more likely to get a clunker than a Vidic.

    But yeah, I agree, we should have got another CB. We should still get another CB.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: Keep hearing the cash pile is to reduce net debt. But why not pay it off completely and free up operating cash

    I think there are penalties against early repayment.

  49. Relieable sauce


    Its not part of the grand plan the way I read it & that was the big sell to the fans. It wouldnt be “prudent” & I dont think the payments have ever really restricted us from the little I know on the subject.
    Could be a way around restrictions now that FFP has suposedly kicked in…dunno tbh.

  50. BacaryisGone

    Spot on Dissenter.

    I think there’s one certainty out there, and it’s that we’re not going to be picking up a striker or an attacking midfielder in the next window, even if both Poldi and Campbell leave (and one of them will probably stay).

    Most likely (in order):

    1. Pick up an experienced but distinctly average CB on loan. No midfielder. (Odds: 2-1)
    2. Sign a solid CB for a 4-7 million transfer fee to rotate with Mert/Kozzer. No midfielder. (Odds: 4-1)
    3, #1 plus signing a decent DM for around 15 million (Odds: 10-1)
    4. No transfer activity (Odds: 14-1)
    5. #2 plus signing a decent DM for around 15 million (Odds: 30-1)

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Reliable Sauce: Now Stan has the fans paying for “consultancy” fees ??? & they refuse to divulge any information about the details.
    Only at Arsenal.

    It’s not only Arsenal though, it could have much worse, look at how much the Glazers have taken out of ManU.

    Still, Kroenke will be taking more nibbles in the future, no doubt.

  52. Dissenter

    London gunner,
    Personally, I would give Walcott a run to discover his form and recover some of his transfer value.

    I would sell him in the summer to the higher bidder. He does not bring anything to the team that Welbeck or Sanchez are not doing already.

    We also have too may players who aren’t great at defending. No team should have more than one of such players. Ozil already fills that quota.

  53. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Yep… I’m sure there are penalties. But if winning was my priority and it cost me an extra 100 mill to get out of bond debt. We owe like 250mill approx. To free up like 20 mill in interest and required cash reserve to secure bond 25mill? as a billionaire id probably do it. But then again I love the club. So it’s wouldn’t be an investment thing. Can’t see Kroenke spending 400 mil anyways. Lol. So…. it’s a moot point but I still don’t have to like him.

  54. Dissenter

    I am not a fan of buying on the cheap. Its like filling pot-holes in the motorway when a proper rebuilding is needed.

    If there are no quality defenders or defensive midfielders on the market this January, then its better to not sign anyone.
    We are better off getting a commitment from clubs/players for summer signings than filling our squad with dross. We have Arteta and Flamini to show for this flawed policy.

    I cannot imagine any club in European competition contention will sell players in January.

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    If the loan repayments outweigh the interest costs, then it’s pretty pointless paying it early.
    It would be better to simply give the manager a pile of cash to spend on players

  56. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    You say that but your talking to a person who paid off their mortgage to be debt free. Lol it was low interest loan also. But I looked at the final loan repayment and said I’d rather invest that money now can make more.

    It would free up the required cash reserve of 45 mill every year which could be spent on players. Anyhow, it’s freakin Kroenke so I’m realistic.

  57. Nasri's Mouth


    I’ve paid off mortgages early too, but only when it makes financial sense to.

    If the repayment penalties mean I can make more money investing elsewhere, (by buying another house for example) then I’ll do that instead

    Same with kroenke, whether he’s a fan or an investor.

  58. Relieable sauce


    True I guess but they have consistantly invested in the team & MU’s huge global appeal, recent dominance & success made the loan a fairly safe gamble IMO.
    Don’t know enough of the details though.
    I would really like to see partial fan ownership like in Germany but football is clearly in the business of making money nowadays…EPL especially.

  59. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Not so sure about fan. Like buying a boat. You do it for the enjoyment not the investment. But I realize Kroenke is an investor. Just not sure he lives up to his part of the duty as an owner to the fans to make his investment worth more.
    For instance in St Louis he is publicly meeting with NFL to move team to LA and complete silence to the st louis fans and media about his long term plans.
    Season ticket renewal anyone? Lol
    Would prefer my owner to care a bit more about the fans and accountability. His track record is terrible with regards to winning the things most fans care about. And I just don’t see him making any type of extra effort in that area.

  60. london gunner


    Rather than going round in circles I will just state it bluntly.

    Walcott>>>>>>Welbeck (just about fit enough to tie theo laces)

    Welbeck is a great guy, but incredibly average he will never get you goals… Theo will.

    Theo is faster, a better finisher and I think people are forgetting how productive he is with his attacking play. He contributes far more assists than Welbeck and actually gets into many more scoring positions.

    I don’t get this weird fetish for glossing all over Welbecks failings. His a technically average, poor finisher and his a striker ffs.

    If its a choice between a very good attacking winger theo or a an average striker whose not even a winger, but is now being played as one. I chose TW. Before TW got injured he was the best winger in the league in terms of end product..

    Welbeck isn’t good enough as a striker, he isn’t a winger either his not first team material.

    So even if you believe Theo isn’t good enough for the first team you would have to concede his a far better super sub than Welbeck.

    If theo adds a defensively element to his game this isn’t even a debate anymore.

    Add to the fact without theo we have a team utterly reliant on sanchez for goals for a sustained campaign you can’t rely on welbeck and giroud that’s 2/3rds of an attacking force that wont get you goals. You add Walcott to the dynamic you have two highscorers on the team.

    Having said all that I would offload Giroud in the summer before Welbeck.

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    reliable sauce: True I guess but they have consistantly invested in the team

    Not so sure. It’s possible to argue that the Glazers have had a positive effect on their commercial income, but then any new owner could have made similar improvements.

    Anyway, in the time that they’ve owned the club they’ve cost it £70m a year in repayments

    Had they leveraged the buyout of the club, Fergie, Moyes and LvG would have had £420m+ more to spend on players.

    Imagine what they could have done with all that cash

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: Not so sure about fan. Like buying a boat. You do it for the enjoyment not the investment

    Agreed, but if you find a way to buy a bigger better boat for the same cost, or the same boat for less money then that’s what you do.

  63. MidwestGun

    Hmmmm well if we are doing fantasy clearance transfers in the Summer. I would go with Arteta, Flamini, Giroud, Podolski and JW. Loan out Sanogoal to MLS. Lol.

    but most likely I can only see Flamini and Podolski leaving on that list.

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Ok let’s have a small bet

    On which date into the transfer window will wenker utter the immortal words …
    ‘We will buy only if super super quality ”

    I reckon three weeks in when the press start harassing him

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I slightly disagree about Danny

    When he played for united I did not think much, but for England I like the way he harried for the team,
    Now in his preferred role I think he is showing sign of blossoming into a 20 goals a season man

    He is always sliding / running into the box giving options ?
    Plus he really links well with the ox !

  66. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Well he already said…. to buy, simply to buy, is not what we want to do but if the right opportunity comes up we will do it.
    There is a need but the right opportunity has to come up.

    Does that count?

  67. Nasri's Mouth


    Welbeck’s energy and speed means he often makes good runs into space. He doesn’t always get the ball he deserves, maybe a combination of Ozil coming back and better communication with his other team mates will improve that. Then we’ll see more goals from him. But, on top of that, he really needs to improve his shooting which isn’t great.

    Gunnerblog (I think) made the point that he had that reputation at ManU, and though it’s not an insurmountable problem, it’s not something that’s going to be solved overnight.

    Walcott took quite a while to get to the point where his finishing became excellent. Let’s hope Danny can do the same, then he’ll definitely be a 20+ goal a season striker

  68. london gunner


    If we are to continue playing one striker up front.

    I would offload Giroud in the summer.

    Then have Welbeck as back up for the WC striker we bring in.

    Danny has a place in the squad, but no where near the wing its not fair on him or us.

    Europe is full of 1st rate wingers so for me Welbeck isn’t good enough winger to be first teaming that spot when you look at the competition. For instance Shaqiri is a lot better than Welbz.

    Welbz is a bog average striker right now 6/10, but IMO his got potential to be good an 8/10 striker (not winger) because of his physicality and athleticism. I think we should keep him, but only if Wenger is serious about giving him chances as a striker.

    Otherwise what’s the point when we have much much better wingers in OX and Walcott and of course the one and only alexis coupled with the fact there are numerous wingers in europe that are of an elite standard.

  69. london gunner


    Arteta, Flamini, Giroud, Podolski and JW

    The first four have to go.

    I would loan JW abroad though. Hopefully he picks up some game time and some form and we can sell him for a higher rate.

    His stock right now is at an all time low despite the fact his English (inflated price tags) I think we would find it hard to find a suitor who would pay what we arsene) values him at.

    Either way he will never be sold. Arsene kept Diaby for so long so I imagine we have many years of JW to come. I feel like Arsene sees JW as the poster boy of Arsenal FC.

  70. Relieable sauce


    LOL. It feels like I’m championing the Glasers now.
    I said they have invested, not necessarily well. I just think they havent lost sight of what has made them the powerhouse they are. Fergie is a hard act to follow & he left the squad in pretty bad shape for his successor, even though they were champions.
    No doubt things could have been done better but what price do you put on success, or the chance of it.
    We’ve never been a powerhouse so dont really have much to lose, which seems paradoxical to me.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    @relieable sauce

    ManU had some advantages

    They had probably the best manager in the last 20 years

    They had a massive income

    They had an excellent squad of players, and a fearsome reputation.

    It meant they were able to just about push through a period of underinvestment until they got to a point where they’d increased their income such that the repayments weren’t such a disadvantage.

    Are the Glazers fans first ? Of course not. Did they make a business decision that they could ride out a period where money was tight? Yes. Are they doing it purely from a business perspective. Yes.

    In 2-3 years time, ManU should have the potential to outspend any club in the world. In the PL, they will be able to completely blitz every other club. It’ll be interesting to see whether they do, or whether the Glazers having effectively bought the club for free, start taking more cash out of the club

    I bet Kroenke is just a teeny bit jealous

  72. Du Vi

    If Pirlo or Coutinho played for Arsenal they would be siting on the bench and the blockheads would be attempting to justify to us why headless chicken Aaron Ramsey gets to start ahead of them because his shoots site policy leads to goals…

  73. Relieable sauce


    I wouldnt disagree with that…I should have stopped at the original FFP question.
    All this talk of MU & money has left me feeling dirty. Time to take a shower :-)

  74. Dissenter

    Idaho toddler shoots and kills his mother inside Walmart.

    Police in Idaho say a two-year-old boy shot and killed his 29-year-old mother in a Walmart after finding the woman’s weapon in her purse.

    God bless America

  75. nasri's mouth


    UK equivalent: Police in Berkshire say a 2 year old embarrassed his mother to death after finding a ‘mouse’ in her purse in a cafe and asking very loudly what it was

  76. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Good points

    I think Danny is a lil better than he is given credit for, maybe a 7 /10

    I truly can’t see her buying a world class striker in January !

    I can let alone see her opening her purse to buy what we need in midfield of defence !

    We will all be coated off aging by the club an board this January,,

    More will leave than come in .

  77. Cesc Appeal


    Without any signings and everyone fit I’d say our best side is:

    Debuchy, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs
    Arteta, Ramsey
    Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez

    Strong argument to be made for Oxlade or Walcott to be in there instead of Cazorla.

    Welbeck rotating with Giroud.

    That side is close to being real quality, lacking a leader, world class CB and a tenacious, physical, ball winning CDM with passing ability.

    And then a class Striker as well if we’re really aiming for the big time. Giroud and Welbeck are okay, but they aren’t winning you the big time trophies.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We have no spine yo the team , in fact squad

    Maybe a good shot stopper , don’t lead or hold the defence , not vocal

    Mert or Kos

    Wimp as old lettuce
    Not a strong none in any of them !

    No where near whats needed in the middle !

    Only striker given time who could be dogbra ish is akpom …

    He ain’t hot no chance tho

    That’s the problem .

  79. Highbury Daze

    How many times have I heard the words, I will only add to the squad in the January transfer window if the right players come onto his radar.

    This bile has been regurgitated so many times it’s vomit material, I heard the same bullshit just before he signed Sanogo, he scoured the world for the right player, a player of qualitee, and he ends up with an ex postman on a free, what a despicable fucking poor excuse for a human being this manager is

  80. Highbury Daze

    Wenger says he wants Podolski to stay at AFC, he just loves paying a player 130,000 quid a week to sit on the bench, you are either a lying cunt, or a imbecile manager, take your pick

    My view is he has not played Poldi because he don’t want him injured before the 1st January, I will bet my left ball Poldi is not at AFC, come February the 1st

  81. Highbury Daze

    Mr Right opportunity, along with Mr Judge me in May, thinks we are a bit short in midfield, I think he is a bit short in the brain

    “We have been very, very unlucky with the injuries we have had and we have survived through that quite well. Hopefully we will not have as many injuries in the second half of the season and then we can be more consistent. It is

    I have heard that for the last 8 years, you cannot be unlucky with injuries FOR 8 YEARS STRAIGHT


  82. Highbury Daze

    This disastrous manager still cannot find the right players for the club

    I suggest you hand in your resignation you absolute dolt, you are paid 11 million quid to find the appropriate players, just fuck off you old slack arse inept buffoon, you couldn’t find your dick

    Are we as fans supposed to be grateful to you for finishing 4th each year, after spending the national debt of a small country on wages, is that it, we should be thankful for you, peanut

  83. Proffa

    Highbury nugget

    ‘I will bet my left ball Poldi is not at AFC, come February the 1st.’

    It’d help if you grew a pair 1st you cock less wonder.

    And very ironic you talking about someone a bit short in the brain. Mentalist.

  84. Highbury Daze

    speaking of ironic, wouldn’t it be ironic if you spoke about football, because you don’t have much to say on that subject, you limp dick cross dressing transvestite

  85. Highbury Daze

    But thanks for dropping in and offering nothing, and you talk about short in the brain, I suggest you go look for the other half of yours, at least you are half a wit, and get off your momma’s tit

  86. Highbury Daze

    No comebacks proffa, nothing to say, nothing clever, your no fun, a one hit wonder nothing left in the locker eh!, never mind I look forward to the next 24 hours, the time it takes you to think of something to say,you are a boring cunt

  87. Highbury Daze

    That’s what LVG does, he buys titles, then tells the world he is a superior manager, what has he spent so far this season let me check my excel sheet, over 145 million quid that chinless wonder has spent on new players, and he’s not finished yet,imagine you had rooney rvp falcao,di maria,rojo blind et al to call upon and struggling into 3rd,

  88. Emiratesstroller

    American Football is I believe far more egalitarian than European Football and
    there are more restrictions on expenditure. It is more akin to English Rugby in
    how it operates.

    Kroenke is a typical American investor who has spent his money on acquiring shares, but expects Arsenal to operate as a stand alone business. This is in
    direct contrast to Middle Eastern or Russian investors who are willing to put
    money into the club as well.

    In theory the current modus operandi at Arsenal is the best option. In practice
    it is not, because we are always at a financial disadvantage in the transfer and
    wage market. Football at top level is an ‘ego’ business.

    If the competition was just Real Madrid or Barcelona I would not be particularly concerned. Sadly in recent times we have had to compete in the EPL with
    Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd.

    The real danger for us is that clubs like Tottenham and West Ham could be
    bought up by overseas investors willing to spend money on the team. Both
    clubs will have new stadia within the next 3-5 years.

    For me the problem at Arsenal is not lack of investment in infrastructure. Clearly the club is willing to invest there, but it is our lack of competitiveness
    when we spend money on the team.

    Arsenal are not far short of a competitive team. We are perhaps 3-4 players
    short at the moment of a team/squad who can win trophies or league. However. I am not talking about squad fillers, but rather world class players, because
    most of our current weaknesses are along the spine of the team.

    My real concern is that Wenger having left the team vulnerable at start of
    season in CB and DMF positions will recruit in January cheap replacement
    options rather than bringing in top quality.

    If he does that then our transfer budget in the summer will be diminished and
    the same problems as now will continue to exist.

    If our horizon this season is only 4th place finish in league then it would be
    best to go out and spend serious money on a proven top quality Centre Back
    or DM , but not just a speculative low budget filler.

    The club can then concentrate in the Summer on buying the remaining two
    or three top draw players who will be needed to turn the team into title challengers.

    The real point is that the club will probably have no more than £70-80 million
    tops to spend in the next two transfer windows. That is probably less than half
    what the other three serious competitors have to spend.

  89. Highbury Daze

    Sounds like a nice title for a new book Lies and Ruin, by Arsene Wenger

    The reason Myles Palmer has not done another book on Wenger, you know, the next 8 years, is no bastard would buy it, maybe a few AKB’s at best, you see no one wants to read a book about failure, people with blogs do generate money, Myles claims not to be an Arsenal supporter, but has dedicated more than 10 years of his life on a subject he cares fuck all about, don’t support AFC but cannot stop writing about it, sounds about as legit as Rhys

  90. tunnygriffboy


    Yes the problem is that we need cover a CB and in midfield. Do we bring in players to do this meaning we have them on 3 year deals or if WC talent not available do we wait for the summer to get replacements for Per and Arteta ? Be great if we could get one WC player now and another in the summer along with another couple of players

  91. Highbury Daze

    Imagine if you will, Wenger at the start of the season, he puts a ruler over the squad, 25 players in the first team, 19 attackers, 6 defenders, well that should be enough to get us 4th again this season Ivan

    Aren’t we a bit short in the defense Arsene, cries Ivan, nonsense exclaims Arsene, I know we only have 2 CB, but if there is an injury there, I can put in a LB or a RB to cover while the CB recovers, and if we need a LB I can put a CM, Flamini there to cover, don’t forget, I did buy 3 RB, so I can shuffle players around to fill a hole, after all I did play Ramsey on the RW and Ozil on the LW, I played Welbeck wide right, I am a genius, you just ask me, don’t forget Ivan, I have been in management for 30 years, how many years have you managed

  92. Emiratesstroller


    Personally I would like Arsenal to produce a shopping list of quality players thatthey are interested in buying whether in January or July. If the players can be bought now then obviously that would be best.

    The two obvious positions needing to be strengthened are CB and DMF. I think that there are more options available for latter. My personal view is that
    Arsenal should spend the money in January rather than in summer assuming
    money is available.

    At the moment we are qualified for Champions League. Will that be guaranteed in Summer? In the case of DMF I do think that there are several players
    who are buyable provided that we are willing to pay the right price e.g.:
    Khedira [ contract ends in summer]
    Schneiderlein [Southampton will sell for right price]
    Kramer [Bayer Leverkusen probably will also sell]
    Bender [If not Kramer then one assumes that BL might sell him]
    Carvalho [Will be available for sale.]

    I understand Pedro’s concern about latter playing in Portugal. However, it
    has been always suggested that he is a utility player who can play CB as well.

    However, if as being suggested he will cost £20 million that is still reasonably
    good value for a squad rather than regular first team player. We are likely to
    need more than one midfielder by Autumn.

  93. Emiratesstroller

    I make the point that Schneiderlein could be available, because Southampton
    may find it difficult to maintain a head of steam to qualify for top 4 place by end
    of January.

    Apart from Arsenal both Spurs and Liverpool could have overtaken them as well
    as has been the case with Swansea.

  94. tunnygriffboy


    Schniederlin would be the one I would want. Right age, PL experienced and has been playing brilliantly. Southampton though have said they won’t sell this window. Do we get an inferior player because we need one or do we make do with what we have ? Carvalho worries me, I don’t think he has great pace.

    Re CB we desperately need one. We could get 3rdd choice and then get another in the summer. Kos injury means we have to get cover

    Considering the number of injuries and the fact we’ve had no continuity of selection and have been scrambling for win we’ve done ok. What’s annoying is we’ve been in good positions in games and coughed up points. Hull, Spurs, Swansea and man u come to mind. Any team with those injuries , irrespective of how they occurred, would have been under par.

  95. Wallace

    i’d take Sissoko over Carvalho and Schneiderlin. although i think Lucas Silva is exactly the kind of player Wenger wants in that Arteta role.

  96. Nasri's Mouth

    Southampton managed to hang on to Schneiderlin in the summer when he was pushing very hard for a move, I doubt they’ll let him go in Jan.

  97. tunnygriffboy


    Isn’t Sissoko a b2b midfielder a la Ramsey ? Agree that Wenger will want footballer with defensive qualities to play that deep role. I’d be happy with a water carrier who shields the back four who will allow our technical players to express themselves.

    Is Southampton’s back four better than our first choice one ? I would argue no, but they do have Wanyama and Schniederlin in front of them. It makes hell of a difference. Flamini and Coquelin did well v West Ham., in some games with the real pace we no have it is a good option.