These two wingers are the upgrade Arsenal are looking for…

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Oh good morning my dears!

It’s bloody cold this morning. So cold, I considered wearing gloves to work. Thet I thought, no, what would the readers think? That I’m some sort of foreign import who can’t hack typing in cold weather?

Then I realised I wasn’t working. Crisis averted.

The real crisis this morning is the lack of credible news. We’re being linked with everyone. The main story that seems to be getting everyone excited is Edison Cavani. The Express. Sorry, let’s just say that again, The Express, reckon it’s a done deal. Now, I’m struggling to remember those chaps guessing a transfer correctly in about 5 years. Pretty sure they’re one of those papers that is clicks first, veracity second. I couldn’t even name you a journalist that works there.

Anyway, my gut feel would be there’s not much truth in that story.We don’t need a striker, we need 2 defensively minded midfielders, a centre back and someone to replace Lukas.

Now there’s a story, Inter Milan want to take our German flop to the San Siro (£1.5m cash money). Would be a good move for them. A slower league where chances are slim playing for a side that have been poor for a while. It leaves a gap for us. Would be interesting to see whether Arsene fills it. There are plenty of players that have been linked to cover off that role. Pedro of Barca, Shaqiri of Bayern… we need pace and technical abilty if we’re going to bolster in those positions. I don’t think it’s practical to play WELBZ out wide. The whole point of two strikers is that one gets a rest. If a rest is dumping him outwide for many high instensity games, well, that’s not really a rest. We’ll be in the same situation in March when we have two strikers shot to pieces (remember how bad Giroud was in the second half of the year last term?).

In the holding role, Schneiderlin, who was voted into the ‘Sky Team of the season so far…’ ahead of Cesc (because of Arsenal fans) has not been linked any further. I’m pretty sure he’d be our number one target given the choice. We should be going hard for him. He makes Southampton tick over. I think he and Clynne are out for the game against us next. I’ve not seen too many names linked our way. I know we’ve been talking to St Etienne about Perrin and we’ve spoken to Leverkusen about Kramer. Outside that, I have no clue where we’re looking. I’ve seen bits of Carvahlo, problem with the Portuguese league is it’s so weak it’s hard to tell who is good / who looks good because of the talent on show.

Centre backs being linked to us centre around Van Dijk, Reid and anyone with a pulse. I think Perrin will be the one. I think it’s a lack lustre signing. You don’t land at 29 in Ligue One (unless you’re at PSG) not playing for a top club in Europe if you boast World Class attributes. You might say we don’t need world class and I’d agree, but if you’re sacrificing talent, you have to look at localisation. Ligue One players are always slow off the mark. This guy will likely be no different, especially considering his age.

Fitness news ahead of the big game against Southampton centres around no Aaron Ramsey. Tomas will be back in contention, but I’d imagine he’ll be overlooked in favour of Flamini and Coquelin. This game is massive, Southampton are back looking sharp. Arsenal are grinding out victories. Take the three points at that’ll put us in 4th, 3 points behind United… ready for an attack on City and Chelsea.

Am I right? Come on! Am I right?!

I tell you what was right, my prediction that this is where we’d be around the turn of a year. We’ll be sitting pretty in 4th just as our key players get back to fitness, then in May, when we’ve finished 4th and we have a Champions League Quarter final to show for ourselves, we’ll all go…

‘Well look, it’s progress. I think the manager knows what went wrong and we owe him another season.’

… and so the cycle will begin again.


Still, there are worrying signs of form popping up all over the place. Spurs are starting to look a lot more functional under Pochettino. United’s form is gathering pace, though I still feel this could drop later on. Liverpool have also found their feet. It’s not a cut and shut as it has been in recent seasons, but any team floating around 4th awaiting the return of Theo, Rambo, Wilshere and 2 signings in Jan. Well, you’ve got to be confident!

Right, that’s me done. Have a bloody great day and don’t slip on the ice.


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  1. Gregg

    Forget Pedro (the Barca player) CAB have upheld their transfer ban for the next two windows.

    I wouldn’t overly discount the Express. They are the Star’s sister paper and we know we have a mouthpiece to the Star. That said Cavani will go to Man City or back to Italy. probably the latter.

    Agree re- the portugese league, it’s difficult to gauge. For every Matic there’s a Veloso (6 years back’s ‘must have’)

  2. Dream10


    You would think that Podolski would be picked ahead Sanogo. But I think Welbeck will be risked against Southampton and given a ten day break until the next league match

  3. Dream10

    Don’t see us signing a CM/DM, much less the two we really need.

    We’ll sign a CB – Perrin probably the favourite for AW as he can play DM and maybe RB as well. Otherwise, can see us going for Van Dijk who will be on a lower wage than Winston Reid.

    Shaqiri looks to be heading to Juventus on loan with an option to buy. A great coup for them.

    If Podolski does leave, I do see us getting a wide forward. Recycle any name of a promising player we have been linked to in the last 18 months.

  4. Gregg

    I guess Coquelin will retain his spot given that no-one is returning, despite the club saying they would a couple of weeks ago. Rosicky is back in the frame after being rested.

  5. Vince

    Is it just me or have we been totally brainwashed? All the players linked to us are really poor yet we are getting excited. Loic Perrin, Shaqiri, Pedro, Winston Reid. Just how did we get here?

  6. Zementalstrength

    An article about Grimandi today in L’Équipe.

    Gilles says : “I am constantly in the research process…” ==> lol ??

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    When Ozil comes back he’ll slot in nicely in Podolski’s leftish position – no need for reinforcements. 😉

  8. Leedsgunner

    Unless we learn to beat the top sides consistently all we will be fighting for in the league is 4th. One of victories against top sides will deliver a cup win or two if we are fortunate. No matter who will buy, unless Wenger actually realises this the results will come out the same at the end of the season.

    Wenger and his acolytes celebrate that as consistency. I call it it stagnation and complacency.

  9. Arsenal2174

    Just visited Untold Whooooooo them boys and girls over there are scary, deluded and dangerous for Arsenal. One of the comments states they believe “which by the way would not surprise me” that Wenger will sign another contract after this one expires so any fan opposed to that idea should moved to mars if I remember correctly. Also can someone please fucking head butt the baby bottle sipping TY.

  10. SpanishDave

    Dont hold your breath with Walcott, absence has made us remember his good games and not the crap ones when he runs around head down with poor crossing. Plus hes now only played 20 times in two years, hes become the next Diaby. Whats happened to him, its very quiet in Wengerland about his return……hmmmmm.!

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    Gregg: I wouldn’t overly discount the Express.

    I would, they show no intent to be accurate, or to include facts or to check their sources. Constantly putting out large number of stories, normally copy/pasted from highly dubious sources. Massive clickbaiters. Possibly the worst out there at the moment.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    Once again we read about the hundred of millions of pounds that Arsenal are supposed to be spending in the January Transfer Window. It is of course moonshine.

    Arsenal’s track record of spending in January is just £39.7 million in last 10 years according to DT and that includes our acquisition of Arshavin.

    I tend to agree with Pedro that Wenger will buy some obscure French
    Centre Back [probably utility player] with absolutely no top class pedigree. In other words a ‘safe pair of hands’ in an emergency rather than
    challenging for a first team place.

    Arsenal’s transfer policy has not changed materially in last two years
    APART from a willingness to spend big money on a player of genuine
    World Class.

    Frankly there are virtually no Centre Backs in the market who are currently available and will not fetch inflated price. Borussia
    Dortmund are not going to sell Hummels in January, because they are
    still in CL and fighting also for Bundesliga survival.

    I agree with Pedro that if we are going to spend ‘serious’ money then it
    should be on a DM. There are a few who could be available and the best
    option would be Schneiderlein who is proven class in EPL. Unfortunately Southampton are challenging for a top 4 finish and I think that
    for that reason they will resist selling him until the Summer.

    Speculation about Cavani is ridiculous. PSG are not going to sell him
    unless they find a comparable replacement. Arsenal will not spend
    £50 million on a player who is Champions League Cup Tied.

    At the moment we have an oversupply of forwards on our books and most are struggling to get game time. Even Walcott will have difficulty
    to find a starting place in team. Before we start talking about bringing
    in additional forwards we need to offload some of those on our books
    and strengthen our defensive positions.

  13. TitsMcgee

    If Wenger signs anyone in January it’s pretty safe to say it won’t be who we need or a difference maker.

    We need a CM and CB? What’s the opposite of that? Wenger always does the exact opposite of what should be done.

    If he figures he can get top 4 without buying anyone he will do it.

  14. Gregg


    They’re all the same though mate. I’d say the mail were the worst of the lot. Even the so called broadsheets have little accuaracy or credibility anymore.

    Spanish Dave,
    Yeah Walcott and Gnabry. I doubt you’ll see either for quite some time and Wilshere won’t play again this season IMO

  15. Gregg


    Cavani will not fetch anywhere near the £50m price that keeps getting quoted. £30 – 35 will get him, for someone.

    Schneiderlin? His value will be as high in the summer as it is now, Southampton will not lose anything by holding on to him until the summer. Only a crazy bid would tempt them and we ain’t ones for doing that.

    Perrin is just journo’s trying to second guess the next Kim Kallstrom type acquisition.

  16. TitsMcgee

    In other words a ‘safe pair of hands’ in an emergency rather than
    challenging for a first team place.”

    Well said.

    It really can’t be denied at all anymore that his/our main goal is that 4th spot. Everything he does, every piece of business we complete is done with the intention of solidifying our 4th place position(3rd would be like winning the UCL ). He figured he got 4th last year with just Giroud so buying Alexis should be enough to solidify 4th.

    If we were Chelsea or City and we mired in 5th spot going into the new year they would go out and buy EXACTLY who and what they needed to make a title push. Not us. IF we buy anyone it’ll be some no-name joke or some teenager that may come good in 5 years(if we are lucky). Just enough to have an extra body. A real “break glass in case of emergency” type player.

    The goal is 4th. It’s pretty sickening.

  17. ADKB

    Sorry but I don’t understand how anyone in their right football senses will mention “progress” and “Arsenal” in the same breath. We’re in a vicious cycle of a Groundhog day hell. 4th, 3rd, 4th … season after season is no progress.

    We can discuss players that shouldn’t be in our team, those we’d like to see but it’s all talk, talk, talk. We operate in a different world as fans – we want our club to be the best, entertain and win trophies. We have a bond with the club that can’t be put into words.

    However, those in charge have only a single bond – MONEY. Arsene makes his millions. The “club” makes millions. Nothing about football as we fans know it.

  18. Gregg


    Agreed, it annoys m when I e things like ‘ we need someone whose happy to be a squad player, 3rd choice CB’ – That’s horse-shit I want someone who says I want a starting place and when I get my chance you aren’t budging me from it. Players that have hunger, ambition and who will give the manager a selection head-ache.

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Wenger always talks about only bringing players in if the right one becomes available, but the truth is he has history of bringing players in when he thinks there’s a definite need for one, even if the right one isn’t necessarily available.

    But yeah, it’s unlikely the player we get is the player we want.

  20. Jeff


    I don’t find any of it surprising or unexpected anymore and neither should anyone else. The sum total of all our efforts is focused on one end – the achievement of top four. It has been the case for so long now that all other considerations come secondary to this. We cannot and will not ever win a prize like the league or CL because it’s hard enough to do it anyway and virtually impossible when all that the club hierarchy think about is the idea that we cannot compete with Chelsea and Man City.

    That idea is so embedded, so indoctrinated in the mind-set of all concerned (including the myriad of fans who are quietly satisfied with fourth and the excuses for it) that the club is basically in frozen status. It CANNOT move so long as the status quo remains.

  21. Gregg

    virtually impossible when all that the club hierarchy think about is the idea that we cannot compete with Chelsea and Man City.
    Have to agree with you there mate

  22. Emiratesstroller


    Whilst I know that it is frustrating how Wenger operates in transfer market I
    do accept that at the moment it is almost impossible to buy a top class centre
    back who is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than Mertesacker or Koscielny.

    When you look around the market you see players like Mangala being sold to
    Man City for £30 million! That tells you a lot about the market. Hummels is
    probably the only top quality Centre Back who might be available but that will
    not happen before Summer. Borussia are still in CL and also fighting for Bundes Liga survival. He will cost £30 million.

    My guess is that the reason Arsenal has been linked to Carvalho is that he can
    play both DM and CB. That might justify spending £20 million albeit that he is
    untested at top league level.


    Arsenal will not buy Cavani in January whether price is £30 or £50 million. PSG
    would need replacement and Arsenal will not spend more than £20-25 million
    in this transfer window, because unlike clubs like Chelsea, Man City and Man
    Utd we operate a tight fiscal policy. We have spent already net over £75 million
    in current financial year. I think that our ceiling will be tops £100 million unless we make additional sales.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    I didn’t read the actual article, only saw the headline, so before I jump all over him did Arsene Wenger actually try to say our injuries were “bad luck” this year?

  24. Carts

    Keyser, there’s no denying how much money goes thorugh the EPL. And I do agree that it has given teams scope to pay more money to players. But the issue here is the frivolity at which Arsenal reward average players Wilshere, Ches, Ramsey & Walcott. Can we honestly say it’s inherent that EPL OVER PAY BECAUSE of TV deal in place? maybe, but onus is on the clubs to show restraint as well.

    QPR, too, who are on the brink of seroious financial punishment, proved what frivolity has lead to. SWP and Zamora are reported to be on £65k>, more than Reus’ current deal. QPR were beyond desperate to sign alleged experienced player – coupled with the fact that survival was 30/70 – which lead to inflated wage demands by players…and QPR gave in…now look at them.

    Theoretically, Wilshere could’ve got that money at almost every team. But the issue here is that Wilshere, Ches, Walcott & Ramsey aren’t even worth that money – pretty much why I don’t entirely agree that they’d be on the same money at any 3 of the bigger clubs. Wenger paniced; and instead of holding back dishing out such high wages he did it because he like the idea of a socialist pay structure. Walcott’s deal ran down way to close to what it should’ve. Where as Ramsey Wilshere and Ches received increases due to…I actually don’t even know why, tbh.

    I’d be happy to sell one of 2 of the mentioned players, buy better and pay the exact wage to that player. Why? becaue we’d see a more consistent perfomances and a ROI comapred to what we’re getting now. Although, I feel Wenger has a lot to answer for the current plight of most players.

    *yesterdays post* Thiago left because he hadn’t played the agreed number of games stipulated in his contract. Kroos left because Bayern weren’t prepared to meet his wage demand. Can’t say they’re missing him. Aging Xabi? looked fit as a fiddle when I saw him live 2 weeks ago.

  25. Me

    I will gladly take a utility player who can play both as a CB and DM if and if only it means we will get MS(argh…that spelling) in the summer.It’s not like we need him to secure our usual trophy.

  26. TitsMcgee

    Whilst I know that it is frustrating how Wenger operates in transfer market I
    do accept that at the moment it is almost impossible to buy a top class centre
    back who is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than Mertesacker or Koscielny.”

    CB yes. CM no. The issue is he won’t address either and if he does buy anyone for those positions they will both be of the “WTF” category.

    It’s like a bad dream lol

    I have almost no faith he will buy a top class CB in summer much less winter. When has Wenger ever focused on defense? I’d wager whoever he cought buy in Winter at CB would be pretty much the same player he would buy in Summer.

    This is also the same guy who sold Verm a month before the season(leaving us lower on numbers than we already were) and went into the season with two, count ’em, TWO CBs(both of which were coming off of deep runs into the WC).

  27. Carts

    “We’ll probably do a deal with Inter. They get Podolski on loan, we get M’villa”

    Haha..imagine…after all that we finally acquire M’villa. Only God knows why we didn’t sign him from Rennes all those years ago.

    Perrin…SMH. Wenger up to his old’Squilacci tricks again. Should’ve just signed Stamfuckingbouli.

  28. andy1886

    If anyone needs Cavani in the PL it would be Liverpool, not us. Look for the usual non-entity signing for us at the stroke of midnight as the window closes. You know it’ll happen.

  29. Gregg


    I think Wenger, arrogantly, thinks he can get away with Barcelona’s model of playing anyone they choose at CB, that the days of typical CB’s are gone. It doesn’t work here because teams simply by-pass the midfield at times.

  30. TitsMcgee

    I think Wenger, arrogantly, thinks he can get away with Barcelona’s model of playing anyone they choose at CB, that the days of typical CB’s are gone. It doesn’t work here because teams simply by-pass the midfield at times.”

    It’s amazing sometimes. Ignores CM but then ignores CB as well.

    The funny part is he’ll be the first to blame lack of quality/numbers at those positions when we get railroaded by the teams that railroad us every season.

  31. Jeff

    Cavani scores 1 goal every two games currently (13 goals in 27 appearances) so he’s not as prolific as he should be for a striker in a team like PSG. Our own Sanchez has scored 15 in 27 appearances and is not even our main striker.

    So, given those stats, is Cavani worth £50m? Nope. Is he worth £30m? Not quite, but maybe say £25m. But do we need another hit and miss striker even if he is a little bit better (on paper) than Giroud and Welbeck. Nope.

    What we need in that department is a prolific striker who’s going to make the most of every chance he gets – someone of the calibre of Suarez, Van Persie or Aguero. Are we getting such a player in January? Absolutely not! In fact we are not getting a striker at all in the foreseeable so you can knock that on the head straight away. That idea died when Welbeck came in.

    What about defence and players who are more capable than Arteta and Flamini? For defence, we might get someone to shore up a depleted area but the CDM that everyone and his dog has been crying out for – it just isn’t going to happen. Wenger doesn’t believe we need anyone there – he has demonstrated this over at least the last 3 seasons so forget it.

    So there we are. It will be another LONG January of stupid links, false dawns and deliberate gibberish from the manager while we straddle the line between 4th and 5th.

  32. Gregg

    I think Cavani’s Napoli record is still what’s keeping the hype alive. At PSG he’s played out of position.

    Whether he can regain that Napoli form is another thing or perhaps he’ll go down the Torres route. My guess is he’ll go back to Italy and probably Napoli

  33. Zementalstrength

    “…did Arsene Wenger actually try to say our injuries were “bad luck” this year?”

    Why only this year ??

  34. TitsMcgee

    Wenger doesn’t believe we need anyone there – he has demonstrated this over at least the last 3 seasons so forget it.”

    My heart sank when he named Arteta Captain two weeks before the season started because it was a sure-fire sign he had ZERO intention of signing another CM.(despite all of his BS in the press about doing deals if they came up)

    Wenger figured he could squeeze the last drips of performance out of the combination of Arteta and Flamini(two players forming one) to get that 4th spot. Why spend real money on a replacement like Schneiderlin who would have carried his total expenditure up by at least 25m?(further diminishing the financial value of getting to 4th)

    Again, doing the bare minimum because 4th place is the target.

  35. ArseneBgone

    Pedro better not go with the skirt today with it being cold unless you wear your usual winter nylons underneath, sound good there Queen Pedro?

  36. Zementalstrength

    “Wenger doesn’t believe we need anyone there”

    He’s totally right.
    We don’t need anyone else to reach the 4th spot.

  37. N5

    I know it’s unlikely that any player would want to leave Barca, but in that two years, if someone comes to the end of their contract and Barca have not negotiated a new one, do they have to let the player go on a free? Obviously in that instance they would normally sell the player a season or so before, so to make some cash on him.

  38. Bamford10

    Wenger has mentioned the need for another CB, so I think that’s all we’ll be getting in this window. Perrin looks right for a Wenger signing: he’s cheap, older, unheralded and purely a squad player. Think Kallstrom.

    Recall that Wenger has said that the Jan window should either be done away with entirely or used only for adding squad players to cover for injuries. And you know how he is about his “principles”: they matter to him far more than does winning titles — which I frankly don’t believe he even thinks about anymore.

    Another pointless season; another inadequate, incomplete squad with obvious unaddressed holes, weaknesses and problems; another hunt for fourth place.

    Another pointless season. Wenger out.

  39. peanuts&monkeys

    This ‘we dont need a striker’ is a complete dud notion. People who write of carry this notion are more concerned about Wenger’s habits than what Arsenal needs. Every team of top-6 EPL has far far better strikin options than we have. They have far better depth up front than us. Giroud is top class shit. He is whhat Benzeam was when Benzema was 12 years old. Whether we need a striker will be determined by how the EPL top 6 are strengthening their options of final 3rd. Look at ManU. RVP, Rooney and Falcao. Can you beat it by any stretch of imagination? And, then add Bale and Di Maria to them..Whoa! its simply terrific. World beating line-up! Its the best ever!!

  40. Carts

    Gregg – word is that his attitude smell of shit.

    Annoys me because I find it hard to comprehend how someone can possibly have an attitude problem, to the detriment of their career, when they’re collecting thousands a week, doing something they appaently like doing.

    Wake up, go to training, train hard, take on information, play hard, GET PAID. REPEAT.

  41. Gregg

    As I say the Journo’s are trying to second guess a Kim Kallstrom type signing and have come up with Perrin.

    However he is contracted until 2018, he’s been their captain for several seasons now. Cannot see any reason for him to leave there or for them to let him go, given that they could easily get a CL place this season.

  42. N5

    Carts are you talking about M’Vila and his attitude? if so I think we pulled out of a deal after he slapped a gobby kid! I think Wenger decided he has enough to worry about without another Mario in the league.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Perrin does sound a total Wenger signing, one of those where when you read up on him you thought “oh yeah this is the guy.”

    He’ll probably try and pass him off as a CB AND CDM.

    But as others have said we already have what we need to get fourth.

    Debuchy, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs
    Arteta, Ramsey
    Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez

    Should be more than enough to get into fourth compared with Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham and Saints.

    Perrin will only be bought because Wenger’s been rather embarrassed this year by having to cobble a defence together that looks shitty on paper on the back of 1-2 injuries.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the ban concerns registering new players, so that should mean they can re-sign existing players.

    Dunno how it affects members of their academy who aren’t on a senior contract though

  45. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Thanks for upgrading the server. It was broken down more then Diaby. I did find it amusing tho, on the day it seriously crashed, day after West Ham, the only commenters desperate enough to comment were all the usual Pedro bashers. @Rosicky, silentstan, arseneB, Proffa, AlexanderHenry, etc….

    Not even a broken server and a 20 minute wait time can keep them from gloating and bashing. Hahaha.
    Then that @Rosicky dude was like…. is everybody gone because we won?
    Lol…… haha. No genius….. probably has something to do with the website crash.

    Anyhow, good times. My guess is le Coq will be like a new signing. And all the various returning walking wounded. Might sign a left sided CB back up.

  46. TitsMcgee

    Loïc Perrin would be the perfect Wenger signing. Checks all the boxes.

    French(I don’t know why he insists on force-feeding AFC French players)
    No ego
    Would be grateful to Wenger for the opportunity.
    Old and washed up(will be 30 by start of next season)

    Did I hear that he has not even 1 appearance for the France NT at 29?

  47. Bamford10


    Maybe, but in that case the journo’s are correct: Perrin is exactly the kind of signing we should expect. It may be a different name, but a Kallstrom-like CB signing is the most likely scenario.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Is Schar still in the last 6 months of his deal now?

    Pre-Contract in January might be worth a punt?

    Sign a CB like Perrin or Reid in January and a CDM, Schar links up in June and we immediately look a lot better.

    May even have the luxury of sending Chambers to a Premier League club to toughen him up a bit and blood him properly.

  49. Bamford10

    And by the way, Reid was fucking awful against us, so I don’t know why people continue to mention him. That take-down of Cazorla in the box (after a mis-clearance)? Please. We have enough problems. That guy is a fucking joke.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    Giroud and Welbeck aren’t the best goal scorers in the league, but we make up for that with Sanchez and Walcott (assuming he comes back as good as he left.)

    I’d love an Aguero at Arsenal, but there just aren’t too many of them out there.

    Having said that there aren’t too many top defenders or ball playing DMs out there either

  51. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Know you like Reid. But have to say I was far from impressed with his performance. Granted was only one performance I watched but wasn’t he responsible for both our goals?

  52. TitsMcgee

    It’s amazing how Walcott’s rep has sky-rocketed during his absence. Solid player dripping with pace but far from an established goal scorer. If anything he should be cover for Sanchez.

  53. N5

    Yeah I must admit I’ve only watched Reid a couple of times, he’s just looked bang average in those games so I might be being unfair.

  54. Bamford10

    Two things:
    1. Wenger has apparently described rumors of Podolski away as “a joke”.
    2. Ozil returns to full training tomorrow.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Is Schar still in the last 6 months of his deal now?

    Yep, weird that he’s not been linked to anyone for a while, given that us, ManU, Liverpool, etc could all do with a new decent defender

  56. Carts

    N5, smacking gobby teens you say? tis normal, no?!

    There was a rumour flying around that Sanogo mooshed Mertesacker last year…

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: 1. Wenger has apparently described rumors of Podolski away as “a joke”.

    I think it was more Inter’s apparent offer as a joke. Whether that means the idea they’ve made an offer is a joke, or that the value of the offer is a joke is debateable.

    Either way, Wenger wont want him to leave until Sanchez has had a break, Walcott has got some time under his belt and Giroud and Welbeck are back

  58. Bamford10

    And by the way, Arsenal’s net transfer spend this year is roughly £54m. Someone on here was citing a far higher figure.

  59. Keyser

    People rarely watch these players, it’s usually just desperation, Reid doesn’t look like he could grow into anything first choice, I keep thinking if we’re going to sign him, then I haven’t watched him enough.

    His reaction to the penalty, when it was pretty blatant that he raised his foot maybe thinking the ref would simply feel he’d fallen over was cringe worthy.

  60. Bamford10

    Apparently he means he doesn’t think they’re really serious. See below.

    But Wenger told a press conference: “That is a joke. Inter Milan are not serious. There’s only talk.”

    Arsenal’s attacking resources will be tested in forthcoming fixtures after Olivier Giroud was given a three-match suspension following his sending off against QPR, and Danny Welbeck injured his thigh in Sunday’s win at West Ham.

    “Podolski is a player of Arsenal Football Club and I want him to stay,” Wenger said.

    Asked if the Germany international would still be with the club after the January transfer window he added: “I hope so, yes.”

  61. Carts

    NM – I’d happily get rid of Giroud and bring in Cavani as well as addressing our DM/CB areas.

    I agree that there aren’t many ball playing DMs out there, but that isn’t exactly a problem. We need someone who know how to break up play, without collecting yellow cards like footy stickers, then pass it in every direction.

    Matic, to me isn’t someone who’s famed for him “passing”; it’s him short to medium passing that makes it count, after dispossession

  62. Gregg

    Reid has had a terrible xmas. Crap against both us and Chelsea. We’re better off with Chambers’ potential than Winston Reid. There’s a reason why no-one has ever come in for him

  63. Nasri's Mouth

    Reid isn’t brilliant, but he’s pretty quick. I think he’d work fairly well with Mertesacker, or Kos.

    There’s nothing wrong with Mertesacker/Kos as a partnership, it’s excellent, but we need someone who can play with Mertesacker and not make him look like a pile of drowned kittens

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    Carts: NM – I’d happily get rid of Giroud and bring in Cavani as well as addressing our DM/CB areas.

    It’s a definite upgrade, but it’s an upgrade that would be far too expensive.

    I’d also be concerned by how quickly Cavani’s performance might drop off

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Oh I see…gang up on me day is it? Just because I’m the best looking is it? I still like Reid, few games this season he’s been absolutely solid, I think City at Upton he was different class.


    Yeah is weird, again a versatile player, can play RB and CB, seasoned in the UCL etc. Ideal for us.

    Chambers does look as if he’ll need a loan, I don’t trust Wenger to develop him and not break him. Obvious potential there.

  66. blsany

    Cavani doesnt play as striker fro Psg anymore.Not sure even has its mainly been Ibra upfront and Cavani on the left wing.Imagine what he would be like in our team.

  67. MidwestGun

    So is Danny out for Southampton then? Sanogo is listed as doubtful. So Podolski and Sanchez then? Noticed Sanchez was grimacing as he walked off as well. Hopefully it’s nothing and he truly is superman. Cavani isn’t injured enough for us. Lol.

  68. NYCgooner


    “Will never happen…But, this is a perfect January! Cavani 30M
    Schneiderlin 25M
    Perrin 5M”

    We can dream, can we.

  69. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Not gonna lie, I’ve always been a little jealous of your Cesc appeal. 😀

    Like I said haven’t really watched Reid much, but wasn’t he the one nutmegged by Ox for the 2nd goal too?

  70. Bamford10

    While Kos/Mert is not a dire pairing, it’s worth noting that both were passed up in favor of other CBs when it mattered at the WC. They’re both good players, but not top tier, the type that can help us finish fourth but not first.

    They are better, though, than our two other weak “pairings”:
    1. Arteta/Flamini

    If we are to win a title, we must improve at all of these positions, starting with CDM, where at moment we are pathetic.

    These three pairings* in order of the need for improvement:
    1. Arteta/Flamini
    2. Giroud/Welbeck
    3. Mert/Kosc

    * by pairing I mean either they play together or are the 1st and 2nd choice

  71. Gregg

    I think when you look at a lot of our games this year, we’ve created lots of chances with a poor conversion rate. Cavani definitely an upgrade in that regard. I’d wager that Cavani would have put the Man U game to bed in the first half and West Ham rather than holding on to the end.

  72. Keyser

    Carts – You wondered why Bayern were efficient in comparison to us, it’s pretty obvious why, and also why we can’t objectively compare them to us.

    We play in the Premiership, we constantly straddle the line between 4th and 5th, supposedly the last few contracts we’ve given out have wage reductions if we finish out of the top 4, even then that’s more likely only for players willing to accept it, like Wilshere, Ramsey so on, I can’t think Ozil or Sanchez would’ve.

    You’re just scrambling now to have something to moan about, you’re not just paying these players for what they have done, but also what they could achieve, that’s just the position we’re in.

    Wilshere cost us nothing, Ramsey cost 5 million, if Ramsey gets anywhere near to the form he showed last year, and shows that form consistently we’re far closer to where we need to be than if we simply recycle him through, it’s a gamble we take.

    Walcotts deal ran down because players carry the power, he knew he’d get the money elsewhere.

    Kroos was a Bayern Academy project,, he’s 23/24 a Champions League and World Cup Winner, and you think Alonso’s a fair swap ? Even with the money ? of course not, but that’s the position Bayern are in when Real Madrid want a player, to be fair it did leave them with Alonso once Martinez went down injured.

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Checking transfermarket there’s an option on a further year. Dunno whether that’s the players or the clubs.

    Dunno about loaning Chambers, better to keep him and mould into the player we need, rather than let someone else mould him into the player they need

  74. Gregg


    I agree to an extent with your pairings. However I don’t think many people would have sided with Deschamps in selecting the dire sakho over Kos.

    Our spine is very weak though and that’s the fundamental issue

  75. Cesc Appeal


    I knew it.

    Reid’s okay, I don’t think he’d be the long term solution but he’d provide us with a realistic, viable option in the centre of defence.

    Mertesacker is very hit and then a lot of miss this season and there needs to be some genuine competition in that role.

    Well there needs to be all over the pitch, too often at Arsenal there isn’t.

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: While Kos/Mert is not a dire pairing, it’s worth noting that both were passed up in favor of other CBs when it mattered at the WC.

    I think it’s a case of the sum being better than the parts.

    Together Kos and Mert are excellent.

    And remember that Kos has been suffering with tendonitis since March which may have been a factor in the number of games he got at the WC.

  77. GoonerInNY

    I will not believe that Wenger will sign anyone in January until I see it.

    Remember, Arsenal desperately needed a striker and midfielder last January and we got an injured Kim Kallstrom on Jan. 31.

    If Wenger thought it was ok to start the season with five defenders over 19, what is going to change now? And if he was ok with Arteta/Flanini, I am sure he will say Coquelin is like a new DM signing.

    Fool me once, fool me 10 times …

  78. kwik fit

    AW: “Alexis is a guy who has a naturally quick recovery and he has a lot of energy available as well.”

    That’s not what his ex said Arsene 😉

  79. Du Vi

    A manager worth his salt would have sold Mezut Ozil after his first season realizing he is a result of atrocious scouting by the club yet he remains at the club and the deluded sheep are yearning for his return like some long lost lover…For us to forever endure the he is world class in the middle myth…..The more Ozil plays the more his value depreciates…Eventually when he is sold this club would be lucky to get more than 10 millionfor him…

  80. Bamford10

    And in swoop the Kosc defenders.

    Agree that he’s a solid CB, and agree that his injury may have had something to do with his not being first choice this summer, but I still don’t think he’s as good as many Arsenal supporters imagine, and I don’t think he and Mert are good enough to win a title with.

    However Mert for me is the weaker link, and as I’ve said, our CDM and CF pairings are weaker than our starting CB pairing.

  81. Carts

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he will only add to his squad in January if the right players come along. ”

    He says the same shit every flippin year.

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    Carts: He says the same shit every flippin year.

    Reporter”What do you see as the clubs requirements and DO you actually need to go into the transfer market?”

    AW “Need, there is a need there, but err, the right opportunity has to come up…etc.etc.”

    It’s a little different this year.

  83. MidwestGun

    We should stick to playing 4-2-3-1 with 2 defensive mids and allow Ox, Santi, Sanchez and whomever to counter in the away matches, imo.
    Worked pretty well against Ham and it didn’t suck to watch either.

  84. Ankle-biter “Edinson Cavani: Has missed more clear-cut chances (14) than any other player in Europe’s top 5 leagues this season”

  85. Carts

    Scrambling? you’re King of Scrambleville ffs. Not a moan either, genuine inquiry into Wenger’s handling of our finances.

    My arguments about Ramsey and Wilshere still stands. I give zero fucks if they came through the youth system – costing very little. They’re no where near £100k> players.

    As long as Sanchez keeps Sanchezing, Ramsey will continue to ‘force it’, while (in him mind) being on the periphery – as he thinks his game is still about goals when in fact he could well have been overachieving.

    Kross came through the youth ranks and Bayern refused to meet him demands, sold him, and they’re no worser off. Xabi happened to go in the opposite direction a mere weeks later. With, Thiago, Rode, Gaudion and Hojberg Bayern obviously aren’t sweating the departure of Kroos.

    Anyway, we’re doing doughnuts now. I’ll leave you to chomp on your dry turkey cranberry samwich, you fat cunt.

  86. Carts

    three at the back is actually very effective if you have the right personnel – players that can operate on either side of the 3, interchanging.

    3 stay back regardless, and a DM to scour.

  87. MidwestGun

    Carts –
    True… but what I don’t like is when under pressure the 3 -5-2 turns into 5-3-2 and then you are outnumbered in the midfield and it’s hard to play out of your own half. It’s what happened to Qpr last week and Argentina when they tried it at WC. (Examples off the top of my head) Still not sure about 3-4-3. Might have issues with too much space to corner flag and defending quick counters and crosses.

  88. Keyser

    Carts – Lol Bayern just aren’t a good example.

    I mean in the Premiership Wilshere and Ramsey are going to get paid, no matter what, that’s all, just because you believe they shouldn’t doesn’t change the fact that is exactly what they’d get here.

    Yeah Kroos at 24 is adequately replaced by Alonso, you can keep believing that to, when ideally they would’ve simply kept Kroos, it doesn’t matter for Bayern because they’ve crushed the life out of their league anyway.

  89. Charlie Boy


    Warning mate! I started a new job 3 months ago and we have doughnuts every day. Since then I’ve put on nearly a stone.

    Be careful that ‘fat cunt’ jibe doesn’t come back to haunt you : )

  90. Carts

    Midwest – actually a good point and I’ve seen that with Utd this season. When you’re on the up, it looks very good. When you cede possession easily, and lack a real methodical idea of how to regain possession, you could well get boxed in. Good point.

    3-4-3 to me, would require a lot of interchanging. I’d gladly bin that formation; although Bayern have used it to devastating effect at time.

  91. Marko

    To be fair the express aren’t the only one’s reporting on the Cavani rumours but it’s not gonna happen so let’s forget it. Carvalho could be on if what CA said yesterday about Sporting acquiring his full rights is true. And why not Fabian Schar? Good to go very promising and would be fairly cheap in the current climate.

  92. GoonerInNY

    I think it’s time for a Stan Kroenke Is the Worst Owner in Sports update:

    St. Louis Rams (NFL) just finished the season 6-10, last place in the division. It is the team’s eighth straight season with more losses than wins, and they haven’t had more wins than losses since 2004. It should be noted that the NFL has a salary cap, so you can’t have a Man City situation. This is straight up incompetent team running.

    Denver Nuggets (NBA) are 13-18 in 12th place in the 15-team Western Conference, out of a playoff spot. This is the team’s second straight losing season and third in the last four. The team has won two playoff series in the last 20 years (both in the same season), and has never played in an NBA finals (let alone won one). The NBA also has a salary cap, but it’s softer than NFL’s.

    Colorado Avalanche (NHL) are 13 wins, 15 losses and 8 OT/SO losses, putting them in last place in the seven-team Central Division. This will be the fifth time in the last seven years the Avs miss the playoffs (assuming they don’t miraculously turn things around), and in those other two instances, they lost in the first round. All this failure comes despite the fact that they had a top-three pick in the draft three times between 2009 and 2013. The NHL has a salary cap, but many teams don’t spend up to it.

    Colorado Rapids (MLS) finished the season 8-18-8, last place in the division. The Rapids did win the MLS championship in 2010, but it was an aberration, as the club missed out on the playoffs five of the last eight years and lost in the first round of the playoffs two other times. MLS has a strict salary cap, although there are a handful of player exceptions for franchise players. The Avs have not brought in an Henry, Lampard, etc. like some of the more ambitious clubs have.

    Arsenal is actually the most successful team in Kroenke’s portfolio, although we all know how Arsenal has underperformed its financial place in the league (based on wage bill and revenue).

    Wenger is an incompetent disaster at this point, but it should be noted that as long as Kroenke owns Arsenal, the supporters will be stuck with a club with no knowledge or desire to actually win things.

  93. Carts

    GoonerInNy – that is some dire shit right there LOL. Fans of those repsctive teams must think its groundhog day, annually.

  94. Cesc Appeal


    Thing I worry about though is Wenger breaking him, his first few months at Arsenal is not how you want to blood a guy like that.

  95. BacaryisGone

    A couple of quick observations from this past week:

    1. The player West Ham really missed was our own Jenks. Think how many times O’Brien and Demel got into great positions only to screw up the cross. It will be really interesting to see how we handle the competition between Debuchy, Bellerin and Jenks next season. Debuchy is clearly set so one of Bellerin or Jenks is likely to go out, maybe Bellerin on loan to West Ham?!

    2. Let’s be clear. Not only will we not replace Podolski if he goes on loan, it’s about the last position we need to improve. You have Alexis nailed on for a starting spot and several players capable of playing the ‘switching flanks’ winger role (Theo, Ox, Welbeck and even Santi at a pinch). In an ideal world we might add another quality left-sided winger but it’s just not going to happen.

    3. After reading Monk’s comments about Jonjo Shelvey being a little lazy, you would think the player would have busted a gut against his old team yesterday. Look at Shelvey during Liverpool’s 3rd goal. Absolutely shocking effort and he should have been yanked the moment that goal was scored. He’s actually got immense potential but his work ethic on the field is probably a result of a lack of desire of it. If he applied himself seriously, he could be a beast.

  96. Emiratesstroller

    I do think that Arsenal’s transfer policy has begun to change over last two years and that is not because we have paid off a large slice of debt on the Emirates, but rather because we have increased recently our sponsorship. The Puma deal now brings in £30 million a year and that combined with the revised Emirates package is sufficient to bring in each year at least one world class player.

    Ozil was brought in in 2013 and Sanchez in 2014 so that I would expect Arsenal to spend at least £35-45 Million in Summer 2015. If Cavani is still available then
    it is conceivable that he is our trophy acquisition.

    Otherwise Arsenal’s annual acquisitions will be dependent on the club’s success and profitability as well as offloading unwanted players.

    I have made the point that the club has at moment too many players in its squad several of whom are past their best, injury prone or surplus to requirements. Part of the problem has been that the club under Wenger has not been
    good enough in recent times in quality control department.

    My view is that Arsenal could easily offload 7 members of the current squad
    in next two transfer windows and then recruit 3 quality players who cater for
    our current requirements and more importantly are not injury prone.

    The players I would wish to offload are Arteta,Flamini,Diaby,Campbell,Sanogo, Podolski and Rosicky.

    The replacements needed are CB,DMF and Striker/Winger.

  97. Danny

    So who’ll be our forwards against Southampton? FFS it better not be Sanogo, maybe it’ll be Podolski’s final match and he’ll bang a hattrick! Well worth a daydream or two.

  98. GoonerInNY


    I don’t live in Denver or St. Louis, but I am sadly a New York Jets fan, and the Jets owner is as awful as Kroenke. So I know exactly what they are feeling, and it is despair that things can’t get better while the clown owns the team.

    I don’t get the wine joke.

  99. Carts

    Bacary – #3

    I remember when I was in Villamoura back in 2012, walking along the marina and who do I see coming in the opposite direction, looking like a Voldermort who’d just drank a pint of lemon juice,….Jonjo Shelvey. Weird thing about it was that he was with half a dozen of his pals. Not a bit of fanny in sight.

    But yeah, he struts around like he’s fully made; face like a shit sandwich. Good on Monk!

  100. MidwestGun

    Don’t know if we need to replace Podolski’s playing style or not. Need to replace his goal production tho. That and he might be starting next match. Lol. No Giroud, No Sanogoal, Welbeck( game time decision)

  101. GoonerInNY


    Your overall point is, of course, correct. Wenger has done a terrible job constructing the squad. But you want players who “more importantly are not injury prone.”

    Sadly, pretty much any player who plays for Wenger with his training methods and lack-of-rotation policy will be injury prone.

  102. MidwestGun

    Gooner NY-
    Sorry… obscure reference. Kroenke owns Screaming Eagle wineries. So he knows how to buy expensive stuff that appreciates value over time regardless of quality.

  103. Carts

    Emiratestroller – yes it has, but thre was scope for it to happen sooner. We deliberately sold high and bought low. Replacing with inferior players while posting profits as if anyone, bar Wenger, gave a shit.

    Steady improvement nonetheless.