Arsenal fans should lay off Flamini and Monreal

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Games at this time of the season are about more than just the three points. It’s about how you utilise your squad, it’s about energy levels and it’s about giving a good show of yourselves so you have confidence going into the new year. The points are obviously core to this, but they’re not the only thing to look out for.

Sam Allardyce was asked about why he didn’t play his best team for all the games before the Chelsea game, he said something like, ‘because that’d be irresponsible’… so West Ham rested some key players, namely Alex Song, because they clearly fancy themselves against us.

Arsenal didn’t really change much. We did bring Tomas Rosicky from the cold, which was great to see. The defence saw Nacho brought into the middle with two full backs who were fullbacks flanking him and Mertesacker.

QPR setup to fail. They had three at the back. Three mostly lumbering defenders who were exposed time and time again. Sanchez up top set the tone when he brought the ball down from over his shoulder onto his thigh, travelled about 10 yards and whipped a tantalising ball into the box. He was ruling the show and we were only minutes in…

The next incident of note came when Sanchez found himself in a foot race inside the box with Traore, the Frenchman swiped at the ball, missed and took down Alexis. The Chilean took the kick, duffed it low and to the right, Green clawed the ball out.

It was ok though, our play was so dominant and QPR were so bad, there was no way we wouldn’t take the lead. Sure enough, that moment came when Gibbs clipped a delightful cross into the box, Sanchez checked his run, took a step back and flew his head into the empty net.

The second half was made interesting when Olivier Giroud reacted badly to a tame challenge, he stood up and landed in the face of Onuoha and took the fair punishment that was a red card. Such a dim thing to do. He’s not out for 3 games. Really, really not handy.

QPR started to pressure. Arsenal started to fall apart under the pressure, but we did manage to push our lead to two goals, some incredible individual work from Sanchez found Tomas in space, he bundled his ball under Green and celebrated like a man who’d been pushed out of a squad for no reason.

The drama wasn’t over, QPR landed a penalty for a perfectly excellent Debuchy tackle in the box. A terrible decision. The penalty was smashed down the middle. Game on.

We hit panic stations. We didn’t make a change until the 82nd minute, then we brought on Chambers. A player who really shouldn’t be thrown into any sort of pressure situation right now. He was rinsed out wide almost instantly leading to a chance. Then we brought on Coquelin, a player who couldn’t land a game for Freiburg, he had a nightmare and looked out of his depth.

Then we had a heart stopping moment when Gibbs clattered Zamora in the box. Somehow the ref didn’t blow up. Well, I’m not really amazed, Atkinson was so embarrassingly garbage, it wasn’t a surprise at all.

Anyway, we rode our luck there, but it was only fair. A point apiece really would have been criminal considering how terrible QPR were.

Three points, the wet and cold Ashburton Grove crowd could slink off into the night and be thankful of the three points.


Arsene Wenger’s in game management really is weak. Firstly, we should be more than capable of closing out a game against QPR. Wenger should have made two subs at halftime, knowing that the real games were against Southampton and West Ham. We could have swapped Sanchez for the electric pace of Theo. We could have taken off WELBZ and put on Podolski. That would have kept pace in the side, put on some finishing and we could reverted to something more compact.

Instead, we didn’t make a sub until the 82nd minute, when we did, we subbed on players in exactly the same way we did against Liverpool inviting pressure on. We didn’t change things up until the end and we ended up over exerting ourselves heading into a big game. And look, we should beat West Ham, but we know it’ll be tough. Alex Song really changed their game up when he showed up for 30 minutes. As did Sakho. They’re going to be a big ask away from home with heavy legs.


QPR really were terrible. They were there for the taking. We totally lost control of the game in the second half. I appreciate that we went down to ten men, but where’s the plan? It felt like an age before we recognised that we’d slipped down to ten. There’s never a reaction to it. There’s never a fall back system. It’s all hands the pump with a smattering of prayer. It looked a mess.

Layer that over the control Chelsea had over West Ham, well, it’s chalk and cheese. We really need to work on that side of our game. As soon as things fail to go our way, we fall apart.


I’ve said it all season, but I really don’t see where our style is. I can’t see what we’re striving to achieve. 5 shots on target all game against the worst team away from home in Europe. We’re confused, we lack vision and I don’t feel like we really have much clicking outside of Sanchez and maybe Cazorla. We’ll make top 4 this season, but we don’t look like a top four side. Hopefully when some of our injured crew return we’ll have a bit more to our game. At the moment, players just look lost.


You just can’t knock this chap. He’s an absolute machine. Without him… well, I don’t want to imagine where we’d be. His pace and trickery is totally suited to the league. I don’t think I’d be off key saying that he’s the most exciting player we’ve seen at Arsenal since Thierry Henry. He has it all. Totally electric.

That’s why I’m staggered we don’t appear to be treating his fitness with the kid gloves we should be. He might be a robust player, but we don’t ever let up with him. Being rugged feels like a challenge to Wenger, rather than something to use wisely. We now have like for like pace we can replace him with (Theo). We should be taking him off during busy periods when we’re winning. We don’t, because there’s no such thing as a won game unless it’s over with Arsenal. Our lack of maturity at holding onto results directly impacts how much energy we expend on the pitch (Jose likes to go a goal up early then take the fizz out of the game to conserve energy).


Gotta say, this Atkinson chap had a total meltdown yesterday. Giroud deserved to go, but so did Onuoha and so did Rio for his grabbing of the neck. Not just that, the penalty he didn’t give against Gibbs was unbelievable as well. Just as the penalty he gave against Debuchy was. Does the ref do it on purpose? Of course not. Should they be given slow motion replays to help aid their decisions? Absolutely. The relentless push to chastise refs for being awful kind of obscures the reason they are… faster players, faster play, more cheating and nothing bar their eyes to help them make the right decision.

It’s absolutely crazy we’re so backward when it comes to this side of the game.


A few pundits jump on Flamini now everyone is hammering him. Arsenal fans pick players that are trendy to bag on. I didn’t think Flamini was that bad yesterday, but he was getting a hammering because Neville said it was ok to do so. Flamini has been average since Christmas last year, if you’ve only just noticed, you need to open your eyes. But digging him out for communicating seems absurd. Half the issue we have in the squad is down to a total lack of communication, last thing we should be doing is hammering Flamini for trying.

We desperately need two powerhouse midfielders, because Arteta is just as unsuited as Flamini in the middle of the park. Against top teams, we’re going to get ripped apart. We don’t have the energy or the power in that position. Matic is the benchmark. He has it all. A converted number 10. Arsenal are messing around signing 16 year old Polish DMs that are being promised first team action within three years (should we be promising first team action?) (he also supports Madrid and City). I’d like to think the focus was on the adults.

We need to get serious about recruits now. We should have all our players lined up for purchase January 1st. Will we? Doubtful. We’ll likely be messing around in the last week of Jan trying to steal a bargain.

We’ll see though. I know we’ve been talking to clubs. Let’s see what the club come up with.

Also, while we’re on the talk of players taking an unfair bashing. Monreal is doing well. He’s not a centre back, never has been and every time he plays he gives it his all. He gets far more of a going over by fans than Gibbs… who has been tragic most of the season. Why? Pretty sure it’s because he looks like Phil Neville / Gareth from the Office. Watch his game next time he plays, he really isn’t that bad. Especially when you consider he’s playing next to a German who said he’s struggling to motivate himself this season.

West Ham…

Big game. Big, big game. Fingers crossed we take three points there. Teams around  us are picking up their form, no more mistakes.


Be Merry. Drink all the beer. x





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  1. Highbury Daze

    And Barca got robbed again by AFC Sanchez was always worth more than 30 million quid, and in the next 2 years he will leave Arsenal for a top club, reaping Wenger more profit, I would say Sanchez could command a transfer fee in the region of 50 60 million easy, and just like that, he’s gone

  2. Highbury Daze

    Just think, we sold Helb, Henry,Song in recent times to Barca, 16 million for Henry, 15 million for Song, not sure about Helb, but those players did nothing much at the club, they did win trophies that’s about all but they had little participation in getting them

    Then to top it off, we sold Cesc back to them for 34 million quid, what a bunch of tools

    Wenger is the best at squeezing money from transfer deals, pity he has no idea about football management

  3. Relieable sauce

    St Etienne captain getting a mention in the gossip columns, 29 yo plays CB/RB/DM.

    Schniederlin is Wengers prime target apparently but Koeman wont sell in Jan.
    I’d prefer us to wait til the summer if thats the case & go for Delph & the German utility defender CA mentioned recently if it can be done now.
    Schneiderlin 25 prem proven, German fella 26 (I think) solid & versatile.
    I dont want us to be gambling on the key positions. Too risky.

  4. Proffa


    I’d quit while you were ahead mate.

    I don’t think you’re the issue, you simply go with whats popular that day, youre a flip flopping follower.

    The rest of the laptop chairmen really do make me piss myself, as they genuinely believe what they are saying. It’s not even the Christmas wine doing it to people. The delusion is present 365 24/7.

    Is this a parody blog?

    What is it?

  5. Proffa


    You haven’t got your own opinion. It changes from one day to the next dependent on which nutter you’re talking to.

    Zero credibility, your opinion changes like the wind. I wouldn’t call you an AKB but you must have splinters in your arse the amount of time you spend sitting on the fence. Or maybe you’ve just got no backbone

  6. N5

    So nothing or are you just thinking? I think I’ve remained consistent with my opinion. I don’t slag the players or the manager off, I don’t change my view on the players we signed unless given reason over a period of time too and I don’t try and pretend I know any better.

    But as I said earlier, if you can give me an example then I’d be interested to see it?

  7. Highbury Daze

    poofta, we are just trowing ideas around having a bit of a gripe a whinge, do we need pricks like you coming here trying to be the book of knowledge, close the door on your way out, the door is the thing with a handle if your struggling

  8. Proffa

    You don’t need to explain yourself to me n5.

    Iv seen you carry on enough to form my own opinion. You should try it one day.

    Take a break from being a le grove sheep.

    Right on cue…nutter one enters the building

  9. Highbury Daze

    Well proffa we are waiting to hear your take on AFC give us an insight, tell us what you think instead of picking holes in posts by people that come here on a regular basis, I don’t recall seeing your ugly head in here before, or are you hiding like a coward with a new name

  10. Highbury Daze

    Ho hum, this interloper has nothing to offer in the way of praise or criticism of the AFC, his mission is to be the spoiler the antagonist, is that you proffa, just a shit stirrer with nothing to offer on making AFC better than it currently is,

  11. gonnerram

    The comments about Wenger looks ludicrous.

    Wenger spends time with these players day in – day out and he knows about these players well enough.

    He believes in these players and obviously knows that they can do a job against West Ham and get the 3 points.

    Fat Sam does one thing very well. Get in the face type and there is nothing wrong with that. Arsenal players must be able to do better than west ham and get things moving.

    I guess west ham will follow the rule of, win the ball – move them to the side and wip in a cross to the head of Andy Caroll. We have been able to deal with this types pretty easily.

    The good thing would be if they actually come out and believe they can get the 3 points against us. This will nicely play into our game plan.

  12. Highbury Daze

    I would love to see any plan from Wenger, what is the plan, have Sanchez do everything, run down the right wing supply the crosses, then run in and score the goal, then when we lose the ball have him rush back and cover making the tackle, then at half time make the tea for the boys, then in the second half, do exactly the same, you mean that plan

  13. Highbury Daze

    Is that the plan where Sanchez does it all, crosses the ball heads the goal, then rushes back and defends like a terrier, makes the tea at half time, then repeats the dose in the second half, oh that plan

  14. Highbury Daze

    This is going to turn out badly for Arsenel this hammers game, be prepared for the early excuses from the stick man about how there are too many games at Xmas, guess what, he has been doing this for 18 years, you would think he would have the hang of it by now

    That’s why clubs assemble their squad in July August, to beef it up for just this occurrence, and numb nutz Wenger has 6 defenders

    I looked up in the dictionary for the words, stupid, idiotic, demented, deranged, twisted, stubborn, and guess what, there was a picture of Arsene Wenger next to them

  15. Ankle-biter

    “defendersI looked up in the dictionary for the words, stupid, idiotic, demented, deranged, twisted, stubborn, and guess what, there was a picture of Arsene Wenger next to them”

    Why, have they stopped doing the mirror thing?

  16. Ben D

    Highbury Daze…

    It’s not ok to fill a whole page with your comments and views. A few comments are enough, especially when noone responds to them. You should realize by now that no matter how many times you post, you will be ignored (rightly so), if what you post is irrelevant or incoherent….. Let off, please! >yawn

  17. ADKB

    @Highbury Daze: The way things are going, if Sanchez stays fit until the summer we’ll hear another wise saying: I don’t need to sign anyone, I’ve got Sanchez!

  18. ADKB

    @Highbury Daze: Well, so far this season, West Ham have more points than us. That’s why they’re above us at the moment. Big Sam’s doing something with his team of non-stars and it’s working for them. I’m not sure anyone’s 100% certain we’re going to have an easy win with a big margin today.

  19. kwik fit

    Got two tickets for the hammers today . Right behind Big Sam in the hammers end! Am I mad……..don’t answer that. Today’s going to a toughie but lets hope we can do the business.

  20. Highbury Daze

    Big Sam is smart, he knew they had little chance of beating Chelsea, so he rests Song, keeping him ready to go against his old club, that’ssmart management, unlike Wenger who plays the same players every game, and oh! go fuck yourself ben d, what is the d for, ben dover fag

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Take your pick of the topic it will blame for today’s defeat ?

    1. World Cup
    2. Bad referring
    3. Injuries
    4. Too many games, should have winter break
    5. Players not ready, not in the zone
    6. The pitch

  22. Wallace

    huge game. win, and chances are we’ll end the day 4th, on a decent-ish run, and with big players due back very soon. lose, and this season’s march down the toilet continues.

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Can’t see us winning today. Thanks Giroud

    Sent off when we’re coasting looking like we’d get a second. Result, we have to chase like hell for half hour with ten men. No real chance to sub Sanchez, Welbeck as a result

    Will massively miss his aerial ability defendig inevitable West Ham set pieces

    Will miss him not only today but v Southampton and Hull in cup

    What a tool. Should have maximum fine for that stupidity

    Walcott in for me and TR7 to keep place. Praying Kos able to play. Next two games pivotal. Be really pleased with 4 points, will then hopefully get some continuity with players back.

  24. tippitappi

    Yes 1 1 is all I can see West Ham will be up for it but it will be something we do or don’t that will probably cost us ,have to sit among the West Ham today that’ll be fun maybe some of the closed shop should try it some time

  25. Gregg

    West Ham will replicate what Stoke did a few weeks ago. We don’t have the players to combat their aeriel ability yet we will see our full-backs letting cheap crosses into the box on numerous occasions. Stop the supply would be the obvious thing to do, but this is in disciplined Arsenal we’re talking about here.

  26. kwik fit

    Chelsea drop points… Man City drop points… Man Utd drop points… Arsenal win… The title is ours… Pass the weed ✌️