Wenger pointing the finger. Not at himself. Obviously.

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“I don’t think we have gone backwards in the quality of our squad,”

“If you look at the five players that we bought [Alexis Sánchez, Danny Welbeck, Calum Chambers, Mathieu Debuchy and David Ospina], you cannot say that one of them is a failure. I can’t deny that we are behind much more than last year because we had a depleted squad since the start of the season and no stability. The fact we got so many important injuries at the back cost us too much. We lost Debuchy and Koscielny at the same period for three months. It’s too much.

“We had too many players who came back after the World Cup not ready to compete again and then you look at the number of players that we lost when they just came back to their best. We had no Walcott, no Wilshere, no Özil, no Debuchy, no Koscielny, no Giroud, no Arteta for long periods. It’s like you have half of the squad out.”


Arsene is back. He’s back on fire as well. Wenger thinks we haven’t regressed squad wise. I’d say he’s probably wrong.

We have 6 senior defenders, which is pretty shabby even by League One standards.

We have a very unbalanced midfield that boasts two players in Arteta and Flamini who weren’t good enough last year and are now a year further past their prime. Aaron Ramsey has regressed. Jack hasn’t kicked on and Santi is now 29 (the age of turning).

I think it’s fair to say we’ve only really kicked on progress wise upfront. We now have a Sanchez, who, let’s be fair, is worth two players… and we also have WELBZ, who takes the pressure off of Giroud.

Squad wise, there’s not really a lot to shout about. Any progress we’ve made has been lost to age or regression.

I also think it’s weak to keep blaming the World Cup. Like no one else competed in it. No one ever asks Wenger why City, United and Chelsea all seem to be coping ok (United are clocking more points than us with a worse injury record than us!).

Point is, Wenger is citing things that are mostly in his control as the reasons we’re doing poorly. If he was saying, ‘look, we’d be doing really well if we were tactically smarter’ we’d all be up in arms. Having a weak approach to fitness is exactly the same as that. He cites the aftermath of bad planning as the problem, when he should be focusing on the multitude of reasons he’s in that position in the first place.

Someone Tweeted something along the lines of, ‘I shan’t complain about rotation as I’m not aware who’s tired’… quite often see stuff like that when people are trying to shut down a reasonable debate about something. You don’t need 100% of the information to make a pretty structured argument… because you never have 100% of the information even when you’re the manager.

Here’s some things we do know ahead of the game today.

> Alexis has been playing in the redzone… because Wenger said so.

> Calum Chambers has played too much. We know, because Wenger said so.

> Per Mertesacker has played too much because Per has said so, Wenger has said so and it’s reflective in his less than average performances.

> Santi has played too much because he’s played in pretty much every game. He’s 29 years old. He’s looked exhausted. That’s a man due an injury.

> Chamberlain has played too much because he’s injured and looked very unfit against Liverpool.

Rosicky is available, so there’s no reason he couldn’t drop in for Santi. Ballerin could be available to slip in for the damaged Chambers. Campbell is always fit. Lukas is always fit. I think Theo is in with a shout.

You could do a lot of things to make up for the loss of Sanchez for 60minutes. This is QPR. They really aren’t a good side. We should be able to find a balance to dismantle them. We should be able to find a way to bring good players into the fold today and deliver a result.

If we rotate and we don’t get the result, the response shouldn’t be… ‘well, we shouldn’t rotate’… the response should be, ‘how do we do better next time?’.

I hope Wenger rings in the changes because we have a two tough games coming up. On a personal level, I really can’t deal with losing to West Ham. Their fans, who haven’t really been interested for 2 seasons are all coming out the woodwork now they’re in the top four. I’d also like to make sure we deal with Southampton in the new year. We take maximum points from those three games and we’ll be in good shape for when the calvary return in January.

Hopefully it’s a fun game today. I can’t make it. If anyone is in the Upminster area and wants two tickets, drop me an e-mail or a tweet to collect them.


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  1. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with moderate rather than wholesale rotation particularly in those positions where we have resources to do so without diminution of performance.

    The problem is that in critical positions in defence [apart from LB] and DM our options are limited.

    Our record in last 7 games is not that bad. The one shocker was Stoke. Otherwise 5 victories and a draw would have been acceptable. The Liverpool result
    was disappointing, because we were so close to victory and conceded corner/
    goal unneccessarily.

    Furthermore noone should be complaining about our goalscoring when we
    scored 16 goals in 7 games. It is our defence as ever in last 2 seasons which is
    the problem.

    The real question is whether Wenger or anyone else at the club is prepared to
    do something about it. The problem will not go away even if Koscielny or Arteta is fit.

  2. Danny

    Boxing Day matches – as a kid I loved them. Back then there was of course standing at matches and you could always get a ticket. If we were playing out of London then I’d go and see someone else except the Scum of course!
    Here’s hoping for a big win today like against Newcastle.

  3. divinesherlock

    Pedro I’d like to point out that even Chelsea has only 6 defenders , so its not League One standards. We drafted Hayden , after selling Vermaelen . He got injured as well. I dont claim to know what the problem is but this lets-blame-it-on-Wenger thing is getting boring.

  4. leon

    5th no trophies. I have said several times this team has tons of pace up front and on the counter attack they would kill teams but the manager insists on playing possession pity paty football. But this team was more drilled defensively they could play counter attack football play far more direct. The simple fact is this team 8 not battle hardened nor are they clinical or ruthless

  5. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    This is QPR. They really aren’t a good side. We should be able to find a balance to dismantle them. We should be able to find a way to bring good players into the fold today and deliver a result.

    Wenger thinks every game is hard.

    QPR may not be a good side but they usually give us a hard game.

    Our current side is so unbalanced any team with a decent forward (Austin) can unmount this defence. Game has a draw all over it,local Derby also.

  6. Danny

    Wenger’s reasons for why he’s only won 7 out of 17 sounds like a schoolboy make up excuses for why he didn’t do his homework not like a bloke on 8 million quid a year.

  7. leon

    Divin I agree with you on only one the blame Wenger is getting so how about he leaves so can stop blaming him.

    The stats dont lie against any decent team this teams record is embarrassing.

  8. leon

    I think Wenger supporters need to remember that first and foremost that Wenger is a football manager and his job is to win football games and it comes to that he has been failure for 8 years. This team is light years away from Chelsea or City. Both teams are full of athletes tons of pace and power both teams battle hardened and are ruthless

  9. chucky

    @divinesheerlock, you are one of the numerous problems wrong with the club. Chelsea have 6 senior players? and so what? Do they have the kind of pathetic injury records we have had over the years? Wenger kept the team competitive and we thank him for that..very much..but incase you have not realised, that was in the past. We are more than 8 years post highbury and all we have is a regressing club instead of one being competitive and yet you are happy with it..

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger’s squad management this year has been abysmal. You really need to question his agenda and motives when he looked at our defensive options in August and decided to do nothing.

    Left Flamteta in place as well.

    Warped the system that worked last year to fit Wilshere in, then kept doing it despite it not working.

    Repetitive tactical errors, full backs pushing up too far, massive hole in the middle, set piece atrocities offensive and defensive…

    And injuries…my goodness has any other manager got such a poor injury record with his squad?

    Anyway, don’t have much of a choice with squad line up today but Chambers needs to be dropped, either Bellerin at RB or Debuchy at RB with then either Monreal at CB or Debuchy if Bellerin can play.

    Walcott, Cazorla and Welbeck behind Giroud.

  11. Relieable sauce

    “Chelsea only have 6 defenders”…err, no, they have 8, as do we.

    Difference is their best CB hasn’t been suffering from an accute injury for months & their 2nd & 3rd choice CB’s are trusted to play there, where as OGL would rather play FB’s there instead & in Haydens case not at all if he can get away with it.
    Its Mourinhos 2nd season there as well…How long as wenger been trying to build a defence?…oh yeah wenger isnt trying to is he, if he is he’s more useless than I thought.

  12. Thank you and goodnight

    Really don’t give a shit if we win lose or draw today, as in the end the result won’t make the slightest bit of difference. We’ll still get 4th, wenger and the AKB’S will claim it a victory of shorts considering the injuries. Come June time, the club will leak how it’s on for messi, ronaldo and every other top player, and come the opening day of the season we’ll see a couple of ok players brought in to replace the outgoing ones. Rinse and repeat for 2015-2016 season.

  13. GoonerInNY

    Wenger is Baghdad Bob.

    Starting the season with only five defenders over 19 (Wenger himself said a 19 year old shouldn’t play so many games) and only two who had ever started an EPL game at CB for a club with Arsenal’s revenue and wage bill is utter incompetence (and a display of unmatched arrogance).

    Throw in the DM situation, the lack of rotation, the injury record, the lack of preparation, the tactical issues, the mechanical substitutions and the complete inability to win against the top clubs, and this manager is an absolute train wreck and an embarrassment to the club.

  14. Johnty79

    Chelsea will finish the season between 35 and forty points clear of us on cuerrent form…

    Wenger has destroyed this once great club…similar to what graham nearly done before he left. Why do managers at arsenal fuck it up.

    Abromovich has he right idea. Five bad results and your out!

  15. Johnty79

    I think we all finally agree finishing out the champs league is the only way wenger will leave.

    Please god make this the best christmas ever and let qpr best arsenal.

  16. T_T

    “Cesc Fabregas again helping out defensively. If it gets past Nemanja Matic, then Fabregas breaks his neck to get back and snuff out the danger for Chelsea.”

    From the game to day….cant ever remember him doing that when he played for us. Goes to show what a proper manager can get out of players though.

  17. Gelbs

    One thing I’ve always wondered since last May, have the club whacked the 2014 FA Cup win in the Emirates, a long with all the other clubs honours? Sure they most likely have…

  18. bennydevito


    I’ll tell you what’s getting boring – people like you with your head so far up Wenger’s arse you’re brushing his teeth. PHW said at the time that the building of the stadium would have no bearing on transfer funds and let’s get real here – no bearing on his tactical ineptitude either.

    Arsenal FC 1886 not Arsene FC 1996.

    Afternoon Grovers, Pedro.

  19. MarbleHall

    Graham’s achievements far outweigh Wenger’s as he managed in a more competitive era and he did not have tge luxury of the array of talent that Wenger had at his disposal.

  20. Bankz

    Chelsea’s relentless pressure on the West Ham defence finally pays off.
    Now that’s how to breakdown a stubborn defence, not making clueless passes around the box & only add a tempo in the final 5mins.

  21. Jamie

    Cesc’s distribution is so much more incisive than what our midfielders are capable of.

    Matic is absolutely bossing the B2B/CDM role. Terry solid at the back. Costa such a threat up front. We don’t have anywhere near the balance of the Chelsea squad.

    A win today against QPR is an absolute must.

  22. london gunner

    Chelsea is what a team looks like with a real manager. Balanced team full of technique, strength, pace, athleticism and most importantly full of leaders and winners. Its a ruthlessly solid squad perfectly weighted. Not the best team in the world individually, but its got so little weaknesses and is equally as good across the team. No players being carried, no burdens holding the rest of the team down.

    Whilst we have a squad that has been haphazardly erected. Are team is all over the place, there are flashes of talent here and their but mainly shit (not shit shit, but just not good enough for a title winning team) flam, art, welbz, giroud, mert and jack.

    Or potential that never seems realised OX

    Injury prone gibbs, jack, koz, theo, ramsey

    bog average monreal

    Or plain poor sanago/ szchnery

    Players who can’t get a game pod and joel

    So we are left with Sanchez, Cazorla(in the middle) Ozil these are Arsenal’s top players. 1 of whom plays as many poor games as good cazorla and a ozil whose not actually been very good for us.

    Squads more of a mess than people realise.

  23. Quagmire

    Can’t we discuss something else important. These wenger-centred articles day after day are boring. I’m sure there are many many things arsenal to talk about.

  24. Relieable sauce

    Another goal scored on 19 sec today. Close but no cigar trying to beat our record…bet the guy didnt have time for 3 touches in the penalty box either.

  25. london gunner


    Your right we should be talking about why we are a pathetic 15 points behind Chelsea… oh wait that would involve speak about Wengers ineptitude and incompetence So I guess we can’t broach that subject.

  26. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    If I was Harry Redknapp, I would tell Austin to make life hell for Mertesacker.

    Wenger will probably tell Mertesacker just concentrate on your zonal marking and next time look brave.

  27. Bankz

    You can hate Chelsea but you just can’t find ANY reason to hate Matic.
    He’s the ONE MAN last line of defense in front of the defensive unit.

    He’s EVERYTHING Flamini & Arteta (you could even add Big CoQ) will NEVER be.

    They’ve played some scintillating football in the 1st 45mins that makes you unable to hate them even if you tried. Even their one touch football has improved drastically.

  28. Relieable sauce

    It is boring but there’s no getting away from it.
    The kit?
    Wenger doesnt have much say in that im guessing.
    Cant think of much else tbh…good challenge though.

  29. Quagmire

    I think you misunderstood me. I want the looser gone too but we all know that’s not going to happen. What do we do? Sit here and mourn about daily for the next 2 and a half years or we try to discuss something else? We keep saying it’s Arsenal fc not Arsene fc. I think we have throughout studied wenger and known him for a scum he is but he start becoming the centre of everything discussed about arsenal, I become worried. What about have fans narrate their best and worst games they attended? Or great wins before wenger. Or analysis of great players who played for us, etc.

  30. Quagmire

    I think you misunderstood me. I want the looser gone too but we all know that’s not going to happen. What do we do? Sit here and mourn about it daily for the next 2 and a half years or we try to discuss something else? We keep saying it’s Arsenal fc not Arsene fc. I think we have studied wenger and known him for a scum he is but he start becoming the centre of everything discussed about arsenal, I become worried. What about have fans narrate their best and worst games they attended? Or great wins before wenger. Or analysis of great players who played for us, etc.

  31. Jamie

    MarbleHall –

    Calling a spade a spade isn’t tantamount to ass-licking.

    I would also be surprised if Chelsea don’t win any silverware this season, but I also hope they don’t.

  32. london gunner

    Why couldn’t we buy Costa again?

    Chelsea bid 32 we could have bid 36 mill.

    Atletico Madrid need all the money they can get. Worst comes worse Chelsea end up bidding more and thus have to spend more to buy Costa. Which matters to them because they are trying to comply with FFP.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Ahh, I see what you mean.

    I think the problem is that’s a pro-Wenger tactic, talk about the old days or other things away from the current shambles Wenger has us in.

    But I see what you mean. Hard to really derive joy from Arsenal right now…or even want to. Short changed for years because of Wenger’s ego, failings and agenda. No other reason at all more effecting than those.

  34. london gunner


    Thing is with Costa his got so much more to his game than Giroud.

    His goal today was basically self fashioned as when he got the ball of Hazard he still had tons to do. He had maybe 3 defenders in the box in front of him, but he has fast feet so he twisted left and right feinting to strike to fashion the space from which he scored from a tight angle.

    Girouds not doing that and its not because a lack of pace, but more to do with a lack of foot speed, ball control and finishing prowess from tighter angles. For instance Ibra who is slow of pace, but has slick fluid play with the ball at his feet can fashion those chances just from moving the ball about between feet.

    Giroud can have really silky first touches when it comes to flicks and such, but in terms of dribbling with the ball his feet are slow and cumbersome.

  35. Wellington

    My questions are who’s or are back up players to Per/Koschieny/Arteta/Flamin???????? Plz give us some answers mr Wenger

  36. Cesc Appeal


    It was always a ridiculous comment from a guy who basis the entirety of this support on Wenger.

    To sum him up when I listen to him on PodCasts or whatever, I’d use the word pathetic. Spouts utter drivel excusing Wenger of any responsibility for ANYTHING.

  37. Mike adamski

    I went to this fixture 19 years ago to the day.

    A game in which we made no subs, and adrian Clark played for us .

    I remember it well, good old Highbury .

    Merson got two and ian Wright got the other .

  38. Cesc Appeal

    West Ham are much more impressive this year.

    Of course it won’t last, but having a Southampton and West Ham around is a nice change of pace. Easier opposition to steal 4th from as well.

  39. Bobpatdentel

    I have always assumed that Wenger declined to sign Fabreclass but on reflection why on earth would he want to rejoin Arsenal and it could well be that he told Wenger to get stuffed

  40. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    Also its a nice rivalry. As in I actually respect/tolerate some of their fans unlike Spurs/Liverpool.

    I have watched Southampton very little this season so going to give them a view today just to see what kind of football they play.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone agree as well, Ozil was given as the reason we didn’t buyback Fabregas. But, I think Wilshere is the reason we didn’t actually.

    I remember having a conversation with Romford Pele, N5, MidWest and others in the summer that I thought Wenger would force Wilshere on us this year.

    I don’t think it was ‘faith in Ozil’ that led Wenger turning Fabregas down, but rather the fact Wilshere would then be behind Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Arteta AND Fabregas.

    Sooner sell Wilshere if it meant having Fabregas back everyday of the week.

  42. Johnty79

    I will only go back to supporting arsenal if wenger goes and they learn how to fight and have some sort of team play. The team is a disgrace and I think they are the easiest team to beat in English football. Qpr please please destroy us tonight.

    Arsenal do not deserve my support.

    My 66:1 on the Chelsea quadruple is looking good value now.

  43. Bamford10

    Cesc is fantastic, but adding him to our XI without adding a better CDM, CF and CB would be meaningless.

    Plus he is playing in a more coherent and better organized system with Chelsea, which helps him to play well.

  44. london gunner

    Cesc Appeal

    I hundred percent agree. I think Wenger has it in his head that Wilshere is the future of Arsenal.

    I think Ozil being played on the wing was like throwing shit hoping it sticks and then JW would have a slot at CAM and if that fails he would still have a position further back in the pivot hence why he also kept arteta and flamini on at the club

    If we buy a DM or combative CM that’s one more competitor to JW.
    I mean AW alluded to the fact we already have to many creative attackers, but if you look at Mourinho he had the vision to see FAB as the combative creative midfielder playing deep/centre.

    Arsene Wenger has this bizarre fetish for certain players who become his favourites which holds back the club. I believe Ramsey JW and Giroud fit into this category. (though I do rate Ramsey)

  45. Relieable sauce

    All gooners should know what Herbert Chapman did for the club during his tenure. Also Grahams nearly invincible season & the defence he built, without which wenger wouldnt have been so successful.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Just think when an opportunity presents itself like that you take it.

    I always thought one day Fabregas would be back at Arsenal. Disappointing to put it mildly.

    We’d be stronger as a squad if a Fabregas took Wilshere’s place. But yes, that CDM is needed…but it has been needed for years now.

  47. jwl

    I hate people like Wenger – demand total control over everything, they think it’s all about them, and then when things go wrong, they are nowhere to be found. They deny responsibility with shrug of shoulders.

    It is like that Wenger quote Pedro puts up sometimes about how Wenger can be his best with Arsenal – it is all about Wenger and how the club can make him feel the best. There is nothing in that quote about making Arsenal the best, it is all about Wenger.

    It is astonishing that Wenger behaves like it was impossible to foresee our injury crisis even tho we only had 6 defenders, and one was already injured in summer, and Arsenal have been leading the injury table for more than a decade. It is unbelievable how Wenger never seems to consider his own performance, he has an enormous ego.

    2-1 Arsenal, brace for Sanchez.

    Oh Arsenal we love you!

  48. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    BUT, I do actually think Wilshere COULD be a very solid little player. Like a Nainggolan or Matuidi or something.

    But not with Wenger. He hasn’t given Wilshere a defined role in the years he’s had him, for England often he looks decent, has a job, has a role, nice distribution with his passing.

    I do think he would be one of those if he left he would develop into a very good player elsewhere.

    Not with Wenger though.

  49. Bamford10


    Agree that Cesc is better than any of our CMs — of any stripe — but as long as Giroud, Arteta and Mertesacker are still in the XI, Fabregas doesn’t change things all that much.

    He wouldn’t be feeding Costa or RVP; he’d be feeding Giroud, who is useless. He wouldn’t have Matic behind him; he’d have Arteta.

    Difference would be marginal, but yes, I would take Cesc over Ozil every day. To me, that was the real choice.

  50. london gunner


    I personally would of sold JW and brought in Cesc.

    Sure we still miss that steel and defensive force that we need, but in return we get a less injury prone player whose far more talented and is actually better defensively.

    I mean Cesc’s been tracking back like a mad man and putting in tackles from the very first match. Sure Mourinho is good, but I think a lot of Cesc’s defensive efforts have come from his own intentions/desire and this has been further complimented by a manager who knows what his doing. Its why Chelsea have Cesc not Mata because Mourinho knew Cesc would be that player who would track back and out in a shift.

    If we had Cesc and brought in a DM next to him that’s a solid pivot.

  51. Relieable sauce

    Everything you wanted to know about Cesc but were afraid to ask.

    No Cesc please, we’re British.

    Cesc crimes.

  52. jwl


    I thought Cesc would return to Arsenal only if Wenger retired by now. I am convinced there are plenty of world class players who have told Arsenal to fcuk off, they won’t play for club if Wenger manager. Why would Cesc want to return to Arsenal and fight for fourth annually when there are other teams that are interested in finishing first.

  53. reality check


    i did.

    i said wilshere is the reason for no cesc and welbeck would be 2nd choice for cf.

    they’re trying to force welbz up alongside giroud but ultimately, hes an inside right winger. Sanchez on the left.

    what did we want in the summer. A cf to start ahead of giroud. A WC striker.

    Not a “girouds tired so you can play directly upfront now mate” striker.

    hey ho…

  54. reality check


    i did.

    i said wilshere is the reason for no cesc and welbeck would be 2nd choice for cf.

    they’re trying to force welbz up alongside giroud but ultimately, hes an inside right winger. Sanchez on the left.

    what did we want in the summer. A cf to start ahead of giroud. A WC striker.

    Not a “girouds tired so you can play directly upfront now mate” striker.

    hey ho…

  55. london gunner


    I get what your saying

    I can’t see Jack being a solid player(in the PL) not because of his ability, but his ankles.

    A lot of Wilshere’s injury problems are self inflicted becuase of rash play, but tbh the Manager should be the wise uncle type going mate you don’t want to play that, you don’t want to expose that ankle, you don’t want to go into every 50/50, you don’t need to go in with your ankle exposes when you tackle just focus on nicking the ball rather than following through. I very much doubt Wilshere has ever had this real guidance. Which is a massive shame.

    His ankles/foot seems like a permanent injury now so I would loan him to Barcelona/Juventus/ Roma in a league with more technique where he can ratch up game time without crushing his ankle.

  56. Bamford10

    To clarify, I’m saying that as long as Giroud, Arteta and Mertesacker are still in the starting XI, adding Cesc would make only a marginal difference.

    Yes, he’s better than any of our CMs, but without improving on the players above, there is only so much he could do.

    Until Arsenal improve at those three positions they will do nothing at all. Adding a better CM wouldn’t change this much.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    Very true.

    Wilshere does just seem to have very fragile ankles. The McNair tackle was nasty, but I do also agree often with Jack you’re screaming at your tele for him to release the ball about 3 days before he actually does

  58. london gunner


    His still very young what 22?

    So I say loan him to a top club in spain or italy for a year maybe even 2.

    He will learn to release the ball quicker because the managers will actually give him constructive criticism.

    More importantly he will be less likely to get battered bruised and injured so can play consistently and reach the high level his potential alludes to.

    If he stays at Arsenal under Wenger for the next 2 and a half years his going to be a ruined crocked player.

  59. Bankz

    London gunner

    Since when did Barcelona start taking loan deals?
    They are a BIG club.
    Arsenal are the ONLY big club who willfully search out loan deals when they aren’t restricted by FFP rules.

  60. TheBayingMob

    Have you found yourself this season saying “shit, Southampton are winning”, “shit, Swansea are winning”, “shit, Spurs are winning”. It’s like we waited for the 2014 promised land, when a the commercials would come good and the bulk of the debt was laid down and then Wenger would lead us to the promised land of the aeroplane elite, instead we’re thrashing it out with mid table mediocrity!! Lol … He’s a lost old man, let’s hope we can 3pts today … Wenger Out

  61. TheBayingMob

    Have you found yourself this season saying “shit, Southampton are winning”, “shit, Swansea are winning”, “shit, Spurs are winning”. It’s like we waited for the 2014 promised land, when the commercials would come good and the bulk of the debt was paid down and then Wenger would lead us to the promised land of the European elite, instead we’re thrashing it out with mid table mediocrity!! Lol … He’s a lost old man, let’s hope we can 3pts today … Wenger Out

  62. Dusty Kart

    Yes it comes to something when your main rivals for the treasured 4th place trophy is West ham,Southampton,and the spuds!!

  63. Jeff

    Can’t get myself too excited about a game like the one this afternoon. We’re currently 8th as it stands and if everything goes the wrong way we could end up staying there behind Swansea and Tottenham. So not really too bothered.

  64. Dimitri

    Yeah there aren’t so many people sucking Martinez’s cock now are there, same goes for all those jizz drinkers who were bemoaning getting Welbeck over Balotelli.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    We’re not going to finish outside the top four.


    Will be how it finishes. Even IF we did, Wenger wouldn’t go. He runs the show at Arsenal.

  66. Jeff

    Cesc, I agree.

    I think that if after the end of February we are still outside of top four, there’s a good chance we will not make the CL places. However, I think we will get the honourable fourth place – “hark the herald angels sing”.

  67. MidwestGun

    Why are people deluded cunts thinking we will finish 4th? And definitely it’s not lol. If anything its same as it ever was.

    Man U.

    Who’s gonna finish above us, Pool, Spurs, Southampton, West Ham? Hardly a lock and certainly not delusional to think otherwise that we have the budget to get 4th. The hyperbole on here is really strange.
    Martinez is still a better tactical manager then AW. Not saying much, I know. Has never had the budget. Not my choice to replace AW. But damn talk about reactionary. Jizz drinkers? Lol.

    Also, what up y’all. Taking a much needed break from family. Hopefully, we don’t screw it up, today.

  68. Leedsgunner

    We are sitting in eighth place today.

    What’s Wenger doing today?Warning Chelsea or Man City over the title race that the festive place can break them. THat’s what. Warning others about the title race. Just think about that.

    “”Wenger has warned Chelsea and Manchester City the festive period could make or break them. The Premier League’s top two face testing fixtures over the coming week.

    “Let’s see how the schedule goes over Christmas,” Wenger said. “It can still change. We’ll have a much better idea at the beginning of January. “That’s why I say, ‘let’s wait’. The next three or four games are important. Chelsea will be in the fight for the title, for sure.””

    I guess he’s forgotten that with a wage bill bigger than Chelsea and being paid even better than Maureen that he is supposed to be in the said title race rather than than just commentating on it.

    Oh what am I complaining about? It’s never his fault right?


  69. Rhys Jaggar

    Everyone who thinks Fabregas will sign for Arsenal:

    Play with Costa or Giroud?? You pick.
    Play with Terry or Mertesacker?? You pick.
    Play with AOC or Hazard?? You pick.
    Play with Arteta or Matic?? You pick.
    Play with Debuchy or Ivanovic?? You pick.
    Play with Courtois or Szesceny?? You pick.

    Be managed by Wenger or Mourinho?? You pick.
    Be owned by Abramovitch or Kroenke?? You pick.

    Be champion or play for 4th?? You pick.

    Fabregas will come back as the last piece of the jigsaw, not the first. He’s in his prime, he’s not a charity worker.

    Or if he is the first back, the manager signing the rest will have global clout.

  70. london gunner


    Ballo has been worse, but tbh Welbeck has scored only 3 league goals in 1182 minutes.

    Its hardly impressive.

  71. yaa4real

    Hello AKB group, continue hailing this “master of failures” or whatever JM wants to tag him, by May you may not get your usual trophy (4th place). Even our win over NUFC was fluke, we were never strong on the ball like you see Southampton or Stoke are. I have seen better glory days of AFC even when we did not eventually win the game. What’s available now apart from individual brilliance is shambolic to say the least: Even some used-to-be mid-table teams will easily get good result with the clueless coach; a better coach will plug the leaks and get these crop of players to stardom. I have forgiven RVP after he won the league with United, as well as Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas with La Liga etc or need I say more, any ambitious player will also leave and be under a coach hungry for success and glory. AW is not interested in competing but damn he’s killing these young players’ career!

  72. Jeff


    I know it’s hilarious isn’t it? I wonder if any of the other managers actually take a blind bit of notice of what he says.

    Be careful teams – the festive season (January) can bite you in the arse – just like it bites us pretty much every year. So, take a page out of our book and don’t let it happen. What is important for us is that we finish fourth.

    My only worry is that we normally collapse. This year we have no platform to collapse from unless of course things go from bad to worse and where we are now is the platform.

  73. Dimitri

    Welbeck is a good player to have in the squad, and although I wouldn’t say starting 11 quality on a top team is still an option I’m going to take over Balo any day.

    Wenger is rightfully being chastised but the way some wankers come on here and underplay his achievements or try with ridiculous shit like GG was better is just fucking disrespectful. Bunch of cunts should be lined up outside Mourinho’s house praying he might cum on their face.

  74. london gunner

    Honest question.

    Who do you lads think play the most attractive football? My Top 7

    Ham ( controversial, but I have liked their counter attacking physical football this season)
    Southampton(Haven’t seen much, but I liked what I have seen.

  75. london gunner


    “come on here and underplay his achievements or try with ridiculous shit like GG was better is just fucking disrespectful”

    No one says this, but trolls. He was a great manager no longer.

  76. Mart

    Full Time:
    Chelsea 2-0 West Ham
    Leicester 1-2 Tottenham
    West Brom 1-3 Manchester City
    Burnley 0-1 Liverpool
    Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle
    Crystal Palace 1-3 Southampton

    All top 9 teams won save for Hammers and Swans

  77. MidwestGun

    Oh look Charlie Adams with another bad challenge. Imagine that.

    London, definitely like the way City play especially with Silva and when Aguero is healthy. Wish we could get to their level of attacking and counter attacking football.

  78. london gunner

    If you actually think about it we have bought Welbeck as striker, but it looks like he will be played as a winger from now on because of Wengers fav Giroud will forever be played.

    So we have payed 16 million for an average winger. So you have to ask the question why keep Welbeck or Why keep Joel Cambell?

    We either buy Welbeck and play him on the wing or sell Cambell for 16 mill and brought in Welbeck. Then factor in with Walcott coming back where is Welbecks place in the first 11. You say its good for rotation, but we already have OX as well and Sanchez and Podolski.

    I guess we will offload Joel and Podolski in the summer, but probably we will get less money than we could have. But I just don’t see the point of having a first team winger in Welbeck when his not good enough for that position.

    When Ozil comes back will Santi be played on the left wing?

    So we have a either a striker playing on the wing or a CAM on the wing.

    Wenger and his experiments leave us a side that is constantly unbalanced and lacking quality in vital areas.

  79. Dimitri

    As much as I like poldi he doesn’t graft enough on the wing and is paid 100k a week so he’s probably gonna be sold, and upfront as a lone striker he’s cack. This whole squad is a mess though I hate feeling so indifferent about our results all the time now but we’ve been saying this for years.

    Just turn on FM and live the dream lol.

  80. Leedsgunner

    I guess when the dust settles and the curtain is drawn on is drawn on his career — Wenger will argue that he in actuality won two more EPL titles than history gives him credit for.

    He will claim credit for 2011.2012 EPL title win of Man United as his own by the virtue of selling RvP to them and if Chelsea wins the title race this year, they will do so because of Fabregas, the player he could have signed for Arsenal. Smiling that sickly wry smile of his, he’ll say, “I always knew Fabregas would again be a success.”

    Yet, why did he do this, why did he refuse Fabregas? He turned his nose up at him because we had Ozil. Fir enough, did he use Özil in his strongest position? In the position that Fabregas was played at Chelsea? Nope. He was isolated on the wings, to such an extent that Özil might as well not have played in the games he appeared until he became injured.

    However are any of his “supporters” mentioning that now?

    That is the tragedy of modern Wenger. Whilst blindly ignoring the weaknesses of our squad… but he very helpfully completely the weaknesses of our rivals enabling them to win the honours we should be winning.

  81. MidwestGun

    London –
    Yep… pretty much. Would bet on Ozil on left wing.
    Easy betting day. All the favorites win, no draws.

    Palace need Sanogo to rescue them from the drop zone. 😕

  82. Mike adamski

    Sanchez starts again.
    Wenger is hell bent in running him into the ground .

    Still no podolski or campbell .

    Nice to see rosicky get a game though.

    Should be a 3-0