7 ways Wenger could improve our injury record. Immediately

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Wenger attempting to rectify injury issues with new attire

Wenger attempting to rectify injury issues with new attire

Quick one from me this morning because I’m doing man stuff… you know, bonding things.

Anyway, news hit the feeds that Arteta is out for a long period. Bad times when you’ve a player a weak as Flamini stepping into the fray.

I’ve seen a few of the chosen websites and journalists take aim at injuries in a very roundabout way. Here’s the truth about the injuries, it’s Wenger.

You don’t need to dig any deeper. You don’t need to look for how the rain falls at Colney, how the wind blows during away games or look at the type of computer games the players are loading into their Xbox’s. It all stops with Wenger and how he runs the setup.

I’ve been saying the same thing for year. I’ve offered expert opinion sourced from around the globe. You’ve quotes from explayers. From top level physio’s. From current players.

It’s as simple as this… when you have a manager who doesn’t know what he’s doing, it’s difficult to pin injuries on one thing… because there are so many. That it can’t be pinpointed on one thing shows how inept he is.

Training – Too intense. Too often.

Recuperation – It’s pretty clear to see we’re not as sharp as other clubs because even after a week off a midweek Liverpool still embarrassed us. Our players aren’t fresh, the more intense the league gets, the easier it is to spot this.

Rest – We don’t give players enough days off. Jose Mourinho gives his guys breaks whenever he wants. Wenger has them in the training ground, especially over Christmas. Let players have time off. Simple but effective. You don’t lose your fitness in a week.

Rotation – Play the same team week after week and you’ll lose them to injuries. Unless you’re nailing the above like Jose. We have a squad that costs £150m a year to run, why not utilise it and keep all your players fresh physically and mentally?

Player types – If you buy injury prone players like Sanogo and Diaby, they’ll get injuries. Take a look at their previous injury records. It’s not that difficult. Also, look at the type of player they are. Ozil is a weak player, he couldn’t last 60mins in La Liga… why spend so much to bring him here when you know that? Because no thought went into his signing…

Respect the data – Crowing about how good Sanchez is at recovery whilst acknowledging he’s in the redzone is pretty embarrassing. Wenger plays roulette with his players every season and he usually loses. If a player is in the redzone, work out why and remedy it… don’t see how far you can push the players before they break.

Respect you don’t know – This is the key here. Wenger wants to be the expert in everything, that’s fine, but learn what others do whilst letting them do it. What’s the point in having amateur amateurs like Colbert around the team when you know they’re responsible for so many years of player breakage (self interest / protectionism)? He should be moved aside and Shad should be running the show. As it stands, there are two heads of fitness… and guess what… it’s not working out.


So there you go. Don’t let people pour ifs, buts and maybes around where responsibility for this lies. It sits with one man and one man only. He’s had plenty of years of this, he’s still not learning which is why he’s not fit to manage Arsenal.

Having great players is only worth anything if you can keep them on the pitch. We can’t. No one is accountable. So we fail.

Have a great day!


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  1. useroz

    Lifted from Arsenal Truth – thought it’s interesting though have not checked the book reference:

    There is a book called ‘Brain’ – A Journal of Neurology, written by former politician David Owen. In it, Owen describes Hubris Syndrome. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more accurate description of the “dictator” running Arsenal Football Club.

    Here are some extracts:

    “Charisma, charm, the ability to inspire, persuasiveness, breadth of vision, willingness to take risks, grandiose aspirations and bold self-confidence—these qualities are often associated with successful leadership. Yet there is another side to this profile, for these very same qualities can be marked by impetuosity, a refusal to listen to or take advice and a particular form of incompetence when impulsivity, recklessness and frequent inattention to detail predominate. This can result in disastrous leadership and cause damage on a large scale. The attendant loss of capacity to make rational decisions is perceived by the general public to be more than ‘just making a mistake’. While they may use discarded medical or colloquial terms, such as ‘madness’ or ‘he’s lost it’, to describe such behaviour, they instinctively sense a change of behaviour although their words do not adequately capture its essence.

    “A common thread tying these elements together is hubris, or exaggerated pride, overwhelming self-confidence and contempt for others. How may we usefully think about a leader who hubristically abuses power, damaging the lives of others? Some see it as nothing more than the extreme manifestation of normal behaviour along a spectrum of narcissism. Others simply dismiss hubris as an occupational hazard of powerful leaders, politicians or leaders in business, the military and academia; an unattractive but understandable aspect of those who crave power.

    “‘Hubris syndrome’ is seen as an acquired condition, and therefore different from most personality disorders which are traditionally seen as persistent throughout adulthood. The key concept is that hubris syndrome is a disorder of the possession of power, particularly power which has been associated with overwhelming success, held for a period of years and with minimal constraint on the leader.

    “The ability to make swift decisions, sometimes based on little evidence, is of particular importance—arguably necessary—in a leader. Similarly, a thin-skinned person will not be able to stand the process of public scrutiny, attacks by opponents and back-stabbings from within, without some form of self-exultation and grand belief about their own mission and importance

    “Dictators are particularly prone to hubris because there are few, if any, constraints on their behaviour.”

  2. DFW

    Pointless debating minute details, we aren’t winning consistently and we see the same mistakes year in year out. If you praise Wenger for his consistency in achieving results to an extent (4th place) with the same mistakes present with or without the same set of players, you’ll also have to agree this is as far as he’ll take us. He has a set way of doing things and he set a very high floor but we’re realizing the ceiling isn’t very far away. I don’t really agree with the injuries as an excuse because as fans (regardless of the quality of the players) we feel it when we watch the team play, the manner in which we lose is unprecedented for a so called top team and the only constant throughout is the manager which has been here far too long.

  3. Hitman

    Arsenal struggled against Loserpool as we were outnumbered in midfield 3 to 4.
    And played our worst midfield combo possible.

    Wenger needed to change formation to 451 or 442 but sat on his hands. Outdone by the ‘genius’ of Brenda Rogers even though he cant match the experience Wengers 10,000 matches and 50,000 substitutions.

    And we all know he will repeat the same tactical mistakes against Hammers and Soton.

  4. Johnty79

    Wenger has destroyed my love of arsenal. The obvious things that need doing will never be done.

    I formally now support Chelsea untill wenger goes.

    Chelsea a team with a smaller wage bill then arsenal but better in every position except one.

  5. useroz

    What wneger said…..

    ‘We have a good opportunity over Christmas to show that we are much better than people think we are,’ says Wenger. (Guardian)

    What Wenger meant…..

    ‘I have a good opportunity over Christmas to show that I am much better than people think I am,’ thinks one arsene Wenger.

    This guy is sick.

  6. tippitappi

    Can you believe their after 16 year old Pole now for fuck sake
    and I don’t give a toss what his position is supposed to be

  7. Relieable sauce

    Southampton getting their business done early. They’ve agreed a deal to sign Elia on loan with possible permanent move.
    Seem to be a very well run club. I hope Schneiderlin stays with them.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    “For a 19 year old player, he has played too many games,” said Wenger. “They all hit the wall after 15, 17 games. You have to give them a breather, refresh and get them back again. And at the moment, to have that responsibility in every single game is a lot on a player of that age.”

    Guy is fucking unbelievable. Doesn’t care who he shifts the blame to, a 19 year old, doesn’t matter.

    See, to all the “if he’s good enough he’s old enough” crowd in late August/early September, this is what we were saying. What it’s taken our £8 Million a year manager another 4 months to realise.

  9. Highbury Daze

    And now Wenger comes out and tells us to watch out for them to come good in 2015, as Palmer said many times this prick continues to sell you the future, it’s always about tomorrow, always, I have been hearing this bile since 2006,

  10. Highbury Daze

    As Pedro’s poster says Wenger believes HE is the one to take the club forward, WRONG, his vision for the club, ask him to spell out this vision, I have had more than a fucking gutful of this slime ball

  11. Highbury Daze

    Most people can predict the top 4 in the EPL every year, there has been a few out of the box that upset the apple cart like Liverpool last year and Spurs a few years back

    But 99.9% of the time you can predict City Chelsea United and Arsenal, in no particular order, but they are the top 4 most seasons, so when this relic fuck stick Wenger comes out and says judge me in May, he knows that 99.9% of the time AFC will be 4th, their wage spend almost dictates it



  12. Highbury Daze

    I want it on record, there is nothing special about Arsene Wenger’s managerial record these last 10 years, I don’t judge in May, I judge on the last 10 years and he has been abysmal, wage spend dictates who the top 4 are, that’s why Chelsea United City and Arsenal are always in the top 4 it is not a coincidence Liverpool had a stand out year with Sturridge and Suarez helping hem to come within a whisker of winning it, where are they now, not sustainable,

    Most knew it would be City or Chelsea to win this season even before a ball was kicked, and nothing has changed, it is so boring and predictable, as is world football, in most countries, Real and Barca, Rangers and Celtic, City and Chelsea, United, Porto, Juventus, Bayern, it is fucking boring same shit every season

  13. N'Gambo

    Wenger is completely mad – he ‘looks at the [newspaper] pictures’ to find out about defensive organization.

    As Shelley said of George the German, King of England (just like the Royal Family now): “Old, mad, blind, despised, and dying …”

  14. Highbury Daze

    Can you imagine being a supporter of Burnley or similar clubs, Leicester, why would you bother, knowing you are lining up for defeat most games, this is the psychology of it all, the fan, the supporter, ripe for the fleecing, it is with the same predictability that people like Hitler, Stalin Pol Pot and countless other despots hypnotized the masses into following them into the abyss, without thinking, without fear, just following blindly, How can one man ie Hitler command a nation to follow him into hell

    It is the similar concept with football, we are not going into the abyss, not going to war, but we are following blindly one man Arsene Wenger, AFC, all clubs have this following, people that don’t know Wenger hail him a genius, blind faith, pathetic really

    Wake the fuck up Arsenal fans, snap out of your coma

  15. Highbury Daze

    I don’t need to read it in the Guardian, I know Wilshere, Cesc and any other youngster at AFC are played incorrectly, played too young and too often, asking 17-19 year olds to play most every game against hardened professionals week in week out is suicide, absolute madness, this prick manager needs to be locked up, he is dangerous, look what has happened to Wilshere, fucked at 22, because of Wenger, how do you think Chambers is feeling mentally, this manager has a lot to answer for, the reason these 19 year olds are playing is because there is no one else, this dumb cunt has run the defensive squad down to the bare bones

  16. Highbury Daze

    I will tell you one thing without fear of contradiction, this manager has more Stoke type station confrontations coming up, I wonder if that shit is in his vision for AFC, because believe me, they are in the post

  17. CD

    Wenger has given his expert view on the Mertesacker ducking incident and the defensive set pieces (lack of communication/leadership but he really has no idea since it was difficult to see, another: “I did not see the incident”).

    “Mertesacker gives his best and, on the corner, it is more organisational and a collective problem because nobody really talks,” he said. “They should. Maybe they do talk but it doesn’t look like that when you look at the pictures. Of course it’s important to have someone organising. Sometimes it’s just one yard forward or backward that makes a difference. You want somebody to take the leadership there.”

  18. Highbury Daze

    It also comes down to courage, have you seen Keown or Adams ducking like a scared child at corners, they would cop a kick in the face anything to prevent the ball from going in the net, what you saw from Mertesacker was cowardly, nothing more, like most of the Arsenal players over paid soft fucking pussies

  19. Highbury Daze

    As good as Henry was he was the same, ducking and jumping around to prevent injury not putting his head where it should be, cowardly acts on a football pitch, you think Terry Butcher would duck his head from a cross, fuck me these cunts are disgraceful

  20. Highbury Daze

    Mertesacker didn’t need to talk this prick is 6 feet 4 inches tall, his job is to get his head to the ball FIRST, if not first at least compete for it and put Skrtel off, NOT DUCK OUT OF THE WAY and give a free header in the 96th minute, fuck me is nothing sacred, this team is a reflection of the manager, weak, soft and full of excuses

    There is no excuse for what Per did, and for this prick to come out and defend the indefensible is jerk off material

  21. Highbury Daze

    Mertesacker gives his best and, on the corner, it is more organisational and a collective problem because nobody really talks,”

    And therein lies the problem, no one talks, straight from the dumbass’s mouth Wenger, has owned up, no one talks, end of story that tells you everything, they are not allowed to talk, shout, answer back, no communication on the pitch verbally that is, what a tool Wenger is an absolute fucking dildo

  22. Highbury Daze

    If this clown stays another 2.5 years his legacy, whatever the fuck it was previously will be in absolute fucking tatters come 2017, if this scroat sack lasts that long

  23. Highbury Daze

    The excuse no one really talks, is pitiful, and full of lies and holes

    The stupid big prick did not need to talk, the ball comes in he turns his head and ducks, no need for talk, ACTION is what was needed, keep your eye on the ball and compete for it, when you are 6 yards out from your goal, this is not the time to duck your stupid fucking head, and Wenger tries to explain it away with total fucking bullshit, just fuck off son

  24. Highbury Daze

    I now officially want AFC to lose every match, I have no desire to run 4th so we can be knocked out of the CL, what is the point of that, I want to finish out of the top 4, I want this guy to feel the pain a lot of true Arsenal supporters feel, I want them to suffer the financial loss not getting top 4 does, what does it mean to the fan anyway, they don’t get any financial reward for finishing 4th, it’s all going to the pricks who need it the least, fuck them all, from Kroenke down

  25. Highbury Daze

    Steve Bruce, Joe Jordan, just to mention two, there are plenty more, players from a bygone era, players that were not afraid to lose a tooth or two, get their nose rearranged all for the sake of the game, not like the Henry’s of this world et al and the modern footballer, more fucking interested in photo shoots than keeping the ball out of the net, paid the highest wages in the world for a couple of games of football a week, make more money out of advertising, that’s why they duck, that’s why they are fucking cowards, these players sit down to piss, if I was the manager duckers would soon be gone, weak bastards, honestly, and having a fuckhead Wenger coming out and defending this cowardly behaviour, please

  26. Highbury Daze

    Instead of chanting big fucking German, try singing don’t duck your head, or show some balls,or keep your eyes on the ball, or, we don’t pay you to duck you coward, that is far more appropriate, that is surely a low fucking act shirking your defensive duties, and the manager comes out and defends this putrid action, because he is a fucking coward also

  27. ahk_13

    Instead of chanting big fucking German, try singing don’t duck your head, or show some balls,or keep your eyes on the ball, or, we don’t pay you to duck you coward
    Big Ducking German, we’ve got a Big Ducking German 😀

  28. Thank you and goodnight

    To all the posters on le grove, I wish you a very merry xmas and hope you all have a blinder. Here’s to the boxing day hangover….xx


    Mate I hope you and your family have an xmas to remember. Have a great one mate, and let’s hope santa brings you all you want.

  29. Gary C

    Will any journo ask him whose fault it is that Chambers is being overplayed. No. Of course not. Cos they’re all terrified of him

  30. Zementalstrength

    “7 ways Wenger could improve our injury record.”

    In fact, just 1 simple way to do it ==>> to get the fuck out of our club.

  31. Jeff


    I don’t think the journalists are terrified. They simply don’t give a shit. And if one of them suddenly decided to step out of line and ask him a difficult question, they know exactly what to expect – negative reaction, awkward situation, defensive condescending words, so best keep it simple and ask “nice” questions. After all it’s just a game – isn’t it? And let’s face it, what neutral gives a toss about Arsenal anyway? We are an irrelevance, thrashing away at the seams, treading water, making do, steady as she goes, grade C, mediocre, nothing to shout about. So why bother?

    The ONLY people that give a damn are the ones who are sick to death with it. The pacifist devotees don care more about Wenger’s success than they do about Arsenal’s so they’re going to keep singing the same tune to us till the cows come home.

    The only thing that will solve this problem is time. We simply have to wait.

  32. Zementalstrength

    I still don’t understand how we can have so many injuries, even when there is no WC.
    Arsène please could you explain that to us ??

    ==>> “why are you looking at me ??”

  33. Zementalstrength

    “I don’t think the journalists are terrified. They simply don’t give a shit. ”

    Totally agree with this.
    And Le specialist in Zips does all he can for make sure the fans feel the same way.
    I mean, “some” of the fans of course…

  34. Zementalstrength

    Rumors say that yoonited are ready to pay more than 150M euros for Bale…

    It’s always nice to have a good laugh in the morning.