World Cup winner in line-of-sight…

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It’s a big game today. Nerves aren’t what they were last year because Liverpool have been an absolute shower since losing Suarez and Sturridge. Last time we played them, we were destroyed in about 5 minutes. This time, you don’t sense there’s much danger of that happening… you do worry that Brendan might still have a plan that could unpick a depleted Arsenal side.

He’s going to opt for Sterling through the middle. This is a concern for two reasons, one, he’s a pretty exciting player. 2, we have Mertesacker and Chambers deputising through the centre (I’m guessing). One player is slow, the other loves a booking. Could be a bad combo if the Liverpool midfield can feed him in.

Our midfield is a looking very weak. Everyone is broken so we’ll have to rely on Flamini, Cazorla and Chamberlain to click. The front three of WELBZ, Giroud and Sanchez should be enough to cause Lovren a few problems.

Hopefully we’re not asleep when we kick off. Hopefully the boys are confident. Hopefully we walk away with a much needed three points. We need to keep touch with that top 4. A loss today really would put us in the wilderness with the wannabes.

There’s some hot rumours flying about. The one you need to stand up and pay attention to is German international Cristoph Kramer. He’s mostly famous for scoring a 45 yard own goal and getting knocked out in a World Cup final. He’s a Levurkusen player but Arsenal want him quite badly. The hope is we land him in January talks have been ongoing. Exciting. Hopefully some news will drop about the centre back we’re in for soon as well.

Right, not much to go after today. Have all the good times in the World and let’s hope we make it three wins on the bounce today!

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  1. Evan

    How can he blame “bad memories” when half of the 5-1 team were not playing yesterday Kos, Arteta, Wilshere, Ozil, Sagna..

    Skrtel scored two that game as well, I expect Arsene will try and sign him

  2. tunnygriffboy


    Could it be that because Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere and Kos not available we looked so disjointed and poor yesterday. That’s our full midfield and our best defender. That’s a miss for any team.

  3. Zimbabwean Gunner

    Oh, the joy of watching Arsenal and not honestly worrying about the outcome. At 2-1, I knew we would either draw or even lose. Can someone honestly explain that Chambers substitution?

    Man United gave us one full season of being shambolic and incredibly they not only caught up with us but they look like they are already ahead of us. They came to our home and left with the 3 points as if to add salt to injury.

    One solution to this mess is getting rid of than man called Arsene Wenger.

    We are all passengers in a train going nowhere.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    When you analyse decision making both on and off the field of play you see exactly the same weaknesses in almost every game that we play.

    These are:
    1. Zonal marking [or rather lack of it] at all set pieces.
    2.Vulnerability to counterattacking teams.
    3.Poor defending on both left and right wings.
    4.Lack of heading ability apart from Giroud [substituted!] and Koscielny.
    5. Poor taking of corners.

    We know that part of the problem has been Wenger’s neglect in recruiting
    an additional CB and of course decent DMF which he failed to do since departure of Song.

    However, the overwhelming conclusion is that our team are simply not improving on the matters I raise above. I was taught always THAT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Clearly that is not a priority of Manager and Coaches.

  5. tunnygriffboy

    Z Gunner

    I thought we were poor yesterday. Our ball retention was non existent. Yet, we were within 2 mins of doing exactly what man utd have been doing this season ie being out played yet nicking results by being clinical. They have been described as being dangerous and capable of getting better but it’s a good sign if they are picking up points while being poor.. it’s a total different narrative for us though but we will get better when some of our key players come back.

  6. Zementalstrength

    Arsène wish you a merrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!

    2 points lost at anfield… big deal !!
    We would have lost without a great Cheezy.
    And anyway the “4th spot wenger trophy” target is still alive more than ever.

    But c’mon, 9 MINUTES OF ADDED TIME ????
    The refs of this country are a complete JOKE!!

  7. tunnygriffboy


    The main problem was that we couldn’t keep the ball. Flamini was, well, Flamini just not good enough. Ox’s first touch was abysmal, he over dribbled and got caught with the ball and his passing was woeful. It proved that against good sideshe’s not ready for that mmidfield role especially away from home. On top of that both Welbeck and Alexis had their worst games for us

    All that considered we were 2 minutes away from sneaking a win. Considering the amount of defending we had to to I thought we were ok apart from that bloody corner

    Wenger not buying a DM and CB has hampered us. Also irrespective of how they occured means we were missing Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil and Rosicky plus Kos. That’s a full midfield and our best defender. It’s no wonder we struggled yesterday, any club would although not many will consider that today though Pedro did mention it in his post yesterday. He’ll forget about it today though.

  8. Jeff

    Blatter and Wenger are very similar aren’t they?. Both power hungry and addicted to being “the boss” and neither willing to change or adapt in any way whatsoever.

  9. Charlie Boy

    Liverpool’s equalizer had nothing to do with zonal marking and everything to do with our 6′ 7″ German defender bottling it completely!

    If you watched MOTD2, it’s not the first time he’s wussed out of a challenge – he needs to grow a pair.

    That said, if Wenger had any tactical nouse – he would have brought on Walcott to kill the game off.

    Same old same old I’m afraid.

  10. Zementalstrength

    The fact that wenger was “satisfied” with this result confirm a little more his GREAT ambition for the club, pathetic really.

  11. tunnygriffboy

    We were playing so poorly in terms of keeping the ball it wouldn’t really have mattered who we had upfront. How we need our midfielders back. People who can control and pass the ball. How we miss Ozil who keeps the ball even if he’s making simple passes. Only Santi kept the ball yestrday. Fair play to them, they played well but we gave them the possession to do it.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Seriously, after the way we played do you not think you’d be grateful for a point ?
    We nearly did what man u did to us. Lvg is hailed as a tactical genius. , ! ! !

  13. Zementalstrength

    A word on Mertesacker : on Skeletor’s header, you can clearly see that he bends down to avoid the ball.
    And he’s a world champion…

  14. Emiratesstroller


    Our defending throughout game was poor specifically on flanks. I don’t think
    that Chambers managed a worthwhile tackle throughout the game and several of the corners towards end of game were consequential of deep defending and panicked kicks out of play rather than composure and taking the ball upfield and taking advantage of numerical superiority following Borini departure.

    Frankly we should have taken advantage of the fact that they had only two defenders on field!

    It did not help that Wenger substituted our two most dangerous players in
    Giroud and Sanchez albeit the latter had as you suggest a poor game by his standards.

    The major concern is our expanding injury list. I doubt that Oxlade-Chamberlain should have played yesterday. He was clearly suffering from injury against Newcastle.

    We were for all intents and purposes playing most of the game with two active midfielders neither of whom played particularly well.

    The result yesterday was probably the best that we could hope for in the circumstances considering the absence of almost half our first choice team, but it was 2 points conceded by a club who should be doing a lot better this season
    than we have done so far.

    What concerns me is that the top two teams are already out of sight and Man
    Utd are already 5 points ahead of us. That means we could be chasing for just
    one place in top 4 by January unless we improve.

  15. Zementalstrength

    @tunny : of course we were lucky, and saved by Cheezy many times.

    But when you are about to get a result like that, you have to keep it till the end… if you’re a great team.
    Anyway, once again a great part of this result is due to the ref, because, even with the injuries, the additionnal time given was a total joke.

  16. tunnygriffboy


    Agree we were defending deep at the end but that due to us not keeping the ball in midfield. Even if we did get it up to Welbeck and Alexis they lost the ball and didn’t make it stick to get out from our defence

    Ox played because we had no other option. Our entire first choice midfield was missing ( may have something to do with us not keeping the ball ). Ox is ok in midfield at home where we have more possession and are on the front foot. Away from home against a good side who have most of the ball he lacks positional discipline and his first touch lets him down. He needed to look after the ball better. Too often his passes were misplaced and he dribbled when he should be passing.

    I like the Ox and he’s been playing well this season but for the moment he should stay wide. We desperately need Arteta, Ramsey and Ozil back. Because we didn’t get cover we miss Kos immensely, another result is Debuchy is playing CB leaving a pup to cover RB. Criminal really.

  17. N5

    Todays Gossip:

    Liverpool and Arsenal have joined Manchester United in the race to sign Real Madrid left-back Fabio Coentrao, 26, after it was made clear he was unwanted at the La Liga side.
    Source: Daily Express

    Arsenal have been handed a boost in their pursuit of Lyon midfielder Nabil Fekir, 21, after his father admitted he will only leave France for the Gunners.
    Source: Le Parisien

    Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United are interested in signing Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets, 26, but Bayern Munich and Paris St-Germain are also interested.
    Source: Daily Express

  18. tunnygriffboy


    Question. Man u get battered by us but stick their chances away. We are shit. Lvg a genius.
    We get battered by Liverpool, take our chances and are within 2 minutes of winning but are shit.

    Explain 🙂

  19. WrightIsGod

    Mertesacker literally ducking responsibility. The guy is a passenger.

    As is Flamini. As is Gibbs (leaving the post). As is Chambers ( the boy shouldn’t be playing these games. Even Southampton held him back and here we are throwing in him deep).

    Oc is not fit. Sanchez is dead on his feet after carrying the team for months. Welbeck is not the striker we all wanted (but bless him for trying).

    But even after all of this… Wenger is the main reason we are a disgrace. He cannot set up a team correctly. We are often beaten before we have left the changing room.

    We got battered yesterday. The score was not a true reflection of what took place and deep down every Arsenal fan knows it. I don’t even want to know what the Untold twats are saying. You can’t dress it up.

  20. Leedsgunner

    “We got battered yesterday. The score was not a true reflection of what took place and deep down every Arsenal fan knows it. I don’t even want to know what the Untold twats are saying. You can’t dress it up.”

    We just love to be charitable don’t we. Perfect summary of the game yesterday.

  21. tunnygriffboy


    Wasn’t yesterdays game the mirror opposite of our game v man u ? We were poor bar one or two yet nearly sneaked it. Problem is lack of cover defensively meaning Debuchy plays CB so Chambers has to play. Add to that the missing midfielders and we can’t keep the ball meaning Liverpool are constantly comingat us. A hard day for our defence made even worse by Ox’s lack of ppositional awareness and Flamini full stop.

  22. ronnie

    Can’t believe no one is talking about how gibbs was very responsible in conceeding the second goal. For goodness sake debuchy covers his post very well but gibbs is no where to be seen. The boy is so average and can’t see him getting any better. His attitude is poor as he picks which games to turn up or go missing. We need a left back no doubt. But partly to blame is wenger and bould.! How we fail to keep the ball for 3mins and ran down the clock is beyond me. Bould was hired to work on the defence but not much has changed since! Wenger out now. Fed up with this crap!!!

  23. N5

    tunny, I agree with the commentator yesterday, you can throw a million and one stats at a team, but the only ones the only stats that truely matter are how many goals your team was able to score. Maybe we didn’t deserve to win yesterday, but that can be said for nearly every Manure performance this season.

    Sometimes you need a little bit of luck. I thought we were bad yesterday, but I am pleased we come away with a point.

  24. tunnygriffboy


    I thought we’d be up against it yesterday with our midfield. I hope today’s post reflects this as Pedro mentioned us being limited in this area yesterday

    Irrespective of how they occurred the fact is our first choice midfield other than Santi ( who was good yesterday ) was missing . It’s no wonder we couldn’t retain the ball or get continuity. On top of that Welbeck and Alexis had stinkers so they kept coming back at us

    We dug in, we’re really ugly and nearly snuck it. We didn’t deserve the win but to get so close and to concede from a corner with 2 minutes to go is infuriating. See also the City game.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    Assuming that Arsenal do something in January to correct the inadequacies of our defence I suspect that come the summer we will need to offload a considerable number of midfielders and recruit there as well.

    The obvious candidates to offload are Flamini, Coquelin,Diaby and Arteta whose contracts end in the summer. Also Rosicky and Cazorla could also be offloaded then as both are now in 30s and with contracts expiring in 2016.

    That is 6 midfielders who could be offloaded in next 12-18 months. That leaves
    only three on books who are midfielders supposedly in their prime and good
    enough for squad i.e. Ramsey,Wilshire and Ozil. You can add in Ox as well if
    you switch him into centre.

  26. MuddyGooner

    I only just clocked what BFG stands for :
    Well he definitely defended like one for the last gasp equaliser, that dropped us 2 priceless points.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with getting rid of most of those players. Arteta will stay as a squad player and I think Santi, who is now in a centrall position, has really found form in the last half dozen games.

    We need two quality defenders, one experienced and a youngster with immense potential. Also need a WC centre midfielder. With that we become a much more solid team

    Problem is with our injuries this season we are trying to put an inferno out with a bucketm a bucket that has a hole in it as well. We are staggering from game to game and as a result lack any sort of consistency. We desperately need players back. According to Physio Room all our players should be back by 1st January. Thing is , will they be match fit ?

  28. Specialist in Failure

    Am I crazy? Please tell me!

    What was that? If not madness, incompetence, insipidness, and just mediocrity.

    Has this man lost it completely.

    I said 2 up front. Not 3. Drop Giroud or Alexis back and leave 2 up front once you realised you lost the midfield.

    What did he do to neutralise the tight midfiled pack of Gerrard, Coutinho, Lucas and Lallana?

    Why play the Ox. Came off injured. Suicidal.

    Wenger has killed Jack’s career now he is killing the Ox and Walcott’s career.

    How do you give them a gift in the last minute and to Skrtl of all people. Why didn’t Chambers go to him after Monreal pointed him out as a danger and why did Gibbs leave his line.

    I have said it for years. AW coaches Beach Football teams.

    Where was the steel at the back.

    Where were the fast counter attacks.

    Where was the midfield general?

    To say we still had scars from last year is just really weak? What are these players? Babies. Why was not the response to inflict double damage to them. Instead my poor players were scarred from last year. Is this guy serious. I know you should encourage and protect players but this is just PR bubbles. Stop this psychotic PR rubbish.

    Yes we are building a new stadium and we can’t buy players but look we do so well- type of rubbish.

    Firstly, whether the club is building a new stadium or has or has no money is none of Wenger’s business. Your job is to coach/manage a Championship winning team.

    Or this beauty. We showed mental strength today. Or, We need to defend better. Or how about this one, Ozil is out. We do not know for how long. We are waiting on tests.

    Six months later when all is lost… we all cheer because Ozil, Jack and Diaby are back. Yes they are back but the war is over.

    Sxzxsxny is too young. Great keeper for his age but behind Courtois and Degea.

    Debuchy – great buy. Some steel.

    Per. Sorry but should be third or fourth pick on the reserve bench.

    Koscielny – Injured again. Surprise surprise.

    Gibbs. He is no Ashley Cole. Needs a kick up the bum.

    Chambers. A 21 year old holding up the whole Arsenal defence. Wow what a smart move that is?

    Flamini. Arteta. Please. Should be third or fourth choice. Same with Arteta. Where is the DM general?

    Meanwhile Alex Song is playing great for West Ham. And we bring back Coquelin from Charlton. What a genius?

    And Fab is playing for Chelsea. Another great buy from Mourinho. Hope you win the League Fab!

    We don’t a DM general one because Wenger only wants midfield midgets. Clone after clone.

    Small psudo attacking midfielders. A whole team of them and then we wonder there is no balance.

    Bit like building a car with nice leather seats but no engine. If you look closely at Rolls Royce and Bentley they have the luxury but beasts of engines underneath.

    The Ox. Great but injured again. Thanks Wenger. Why play him yesterday. Oh, sorry I forgot everyone is injured.
    Jack. Great but injured again. Thanks Wenger.
    Rambo. Rubbish. The Ox. Injured again. Thanks Wenger.
    Walcott. Injured again. Thanks Wenger. Blame it on England.

    Alexis. How many times I can around in a circle. And again.

    Santi. How many times can I run around in a circle. Watch me get knocked off the ball. Again.

    Wellbeck. Has not shown the feather or first touch to really excel.

    Giroud. Like Arsenal. All great against QPR, Leicester and WBA. But disappears when it really matters.

    I am not even disappointed anymore. I just want change.

    Mourinho was dead right. Wenger is a Specialist in Failure. A good CEO would have fired Wenger after the 4-4 Newcastel after we were up 0-4. Now that is what I call specialist in failure.

    This 1-2 and draw 2-2 in the 97th minute against ten men was a just a yearning to get back to the highs of specialising in failure.

    The thing is that this speicalisation in failure is actually tragedy. It keeps fans in state of frenzy, in hope, despair, and love. We have have an inverse failure. the nail-biting finsih to see if we can get 4th spot.

    Just wait. There will be many more special failures this season. They are all scripted by Wenger.

    If only we could buy a good player. if only the team would gel. I only Ozil was playing. If only, if only. If only we could buy someone in January. The soap opera continues. The PR bubbles get manufactured with greater care than the tactics of the team.

    We are all caught in the tragedy. What is a tragedy and why is it the most gripping emotion to watch as a fan. Because we hope and beleive that the great Arsenal can somehow turn into the Invincibles at any moment but at the same time we also know that we will be demoralised.

    Wenger knows this. He may not know much else but he is a master of tragedy and a master of PR. He manufactures this. He through his ineptness and stupidity put the team on the back foot against 10 men to lose in a cowardly manner again. The hero was wounded at Anfield last year. Let’s feel sorry for the wounded coward who was once a psuedo hero.

    When will people realise this Wenger is really a Clousseau.

    Oh. Yes I forgot. of course we will play scintillating football against QPR and win handsomely and maybe even beat Monaco. Then everything is alright in the tragedy. We get a brief respite, We ask ouselves could it really be. Could the hero really overcome the monsters and be victorious.

    There is only one Arsene Wenger is the chant. How could Arsenal fans be so ill mannered to question what this great man has done for the club.

    Thenw e lose and back again to the PR machine. We have money. But, I do not need anybody. The transfer market is difficult. Not sure why other billionaire owners don’t have problems with the transfer market.

    Enough of that. I will return to reading Pep’s latest book and dream what it would be like to have a proper coach. Not a bumbling Clousseau whow in reality bubled and stumbled across the INvincibles at a time when all the stars and the universe were lined up perfectly for him.

  29. Relieable sauce

    Dont let the senile old sausage spend another penny & certainly dont let him offer any new contracts to ANYONE.
    Accountability needs to be installed ASAP & the last thing a new manager will need is a squad fat with deadwood wengerettes.
    We are on the verge of needing an overhaul in the midst of a wenger squad build & some of you want him to continue the recruitment horror show…
    WTF do you guys put on your cereal???

  30. Relieable sauce

    C u n t gets changed to sausage Pedro??? lol. Is cunny more acceptable? There are many different names for it…but sausage…???

    This is an infringement on my human rights god damnit!!! 🙂

  31. Keef Petrovic

    “Chambers is too young to play so many games” Le Genius

    .. and you started the season with 6 defenders, 4 of them ropey and or injury prone, and pretend to be surprised.

    Until recently I thought he was just going a bit Lady Gaga, but recently it seems he’s getting more than a bit cocky too, taunting the fans who see what’s going on, like: you can’t get me, I’m untouchable.

    Example: the game v Stoke where Campbell was all out of tracksuit etc ready to come on for about 7 minutes until Wenger gave him 90 seconds at the end, has played similar games with Podolski at end of games. He seriously thinks he owns our club, and we are naughty children to even question him. Arrogant, incompetent, deluded, too powerful, history shows this never ends gracefully. Much more likely to lose a statue than get another one!

  32. Keef Petrovic

    It is very strange that I often meet otherwise intelligent and perceptive Arsenal fans who can instantly spot a wrong ‘un in politics, business, the media etc and explain rationally why, but when it comes round to discussing Wenger they get very defensive and very irrational and start burbling the usual nonsense we all know so well.

    I find it genuinely bizarre, he’s not even that charismatic is he?? Nowadays he is a joke to most. Is something being put in the refreshments at the Emirates? I genuinely don’t get why everyone except the insiders on the gravy train don’t want him to go quietly now or be dragged away if necessary.

    Can anyone explain why a vast portion of our fan base (not all nouveau) will stand by him despite everything? It’s fucking weird.