Bargain wingers on offer as two look set to leave

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Short post this morning as I’m in holiday mode…

Big game tomorrow as Arsenal take on the might of Brendan Rodgers. Mario is suspended. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or not? I mean, he’s been quite comically bad so far this season. I’d rather him not play and find his moment against us. Liverpool apparently played a pretty strong side in the Carling Cup… great news for us. Rodgers clearly sees a Cup win as a way of keeping him at the club. Didn’t work for King Kenny though…

In transfer news, we’re going toe-to-toe with Liverpool for Sharquiri. There seem to be a lot of wide players linked to us. I’m assuming that’s because Wenger doesn’t want to keep Campbell and Lukas in. Imagine picking up Shaquiri and Pedro as replacements? Winger porn right there…

We’re also being linked with Schneiderlin in January. I’d really love that. I mean, he’s exactly the player the middle of our park is lacking. He has a lot of class. I just wonder whether Southampton would allow him to go midway through a season. Especially as they’re really struggling at the moment.

Arsenal and BT have banged out an advert that is pretty amusing. I think the latest offering is way better than the Paddy Power one. Arsenal really letting the secondary sponsors and TV shows get some of the Arsenal pie. Really great way of getting some of the players personalities in front of people.

Arsenal Carols Promo (

Here’s some Q&A from the players.

Per Mertesacker

Who would be the best player to dress up as Santa Claus?

We have a lovely chef who would love to be Santa Claus! There’s no particular player who could be a good Santa Claus!

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

In Germany we celebrate on Christmas Eve and in England you celebrate on 25 December so in England, now I have two days to celebrate, so its an extra Christmas for me.

What’s top of your Christmas list this year?

I want to stay as healthy as possible until the last day of this year. And then I’m going to try to put my focus on family time. I will be there for my family and take care of them.

Who is the biggest Scrooge in the squad?

I just concentrate on celebrating my Christmas!

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

“Last Christmas”, it comes up every Christmas and is kind of a one hit wonder and is loved by everyone!

Is there anything you’re not allowed at Christmas because you’re playing?

You can’t go crazy. You can celebrate but you have to always be aware that there’s going to be a match one or two days after Christmas. So really we’re focused on the next games. I try as much as I can to celebrate with the family and to feel that its Christmas time. Time to relax and I really look forward to it.

Mathieu Flamini

Who would be the best player to dress up as Santa Claus?

Santi Cazrola. That would be funny. We have a chef, the cook, who really looks like Santa Claus. Or Santi.

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

The best thing is the opportunity to be together with the family and be with family members that we cannot always see during the year. But Christmas is a great opportunity to be with all family and to be united.

What’s top of your Christmas list this year?

For me the most important thing is to be healthy. To be happy, to have the love of family, love of friends. And after, in terms of professional aspects, to be successful.

Who is the biggest Scrooge in the squad?

Everyone is very excited about Christmas and generous and giving to others. So I don’t think we have anyone like that in our team.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

“Jingle Bells”. Definitely my favourite.

Is there anything you’re not allowed at Christmas because you’re playing?

We don’t drink, with playing every 3 days, its not a good thing to do. So we leave the alcohol on the side to make sure we are focused on the games.

Wojiech Szczesny

Who would be the best player to dress up as Santa Claus?

I’d love to see Per Mertesacker dress up as him. But when he retires I think Santi Cazorla will look just like Father Christmas as he has a thing when he goes on holiday he can look just like him and put on some weight!

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

Just the family getting together and spending time with my cousins.

What’s top of your Christmas list this year?

I’m not too much into presents. I’m looking forward to spending time with family. It’s the only time when my whole family comes to London. That’s top of my wish list.

Who is the biggest Scrooge in the squad?

Podolski. He moans all the time and he doesn’t even enjoy Christmas!

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

“Rocking around the Christmas tree”. I love that. In my first year at the club I had to sing for the first team!

Is there anything you’re not allowed at Christmas because you’re playing?

We have to stick to the diet. I do love Christmas food. I try to enjoy it without being silly. But we have to look after ourselves.

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  1. Muyiwa


    Schneiderlin alone won’t do it. We all know Arsene will run him into the ground till he becomes useless.
    Khedira-Schneiderlin should work for when one is in the crock room. and why is no one looking at Bastian Schweinsteiger??? Proper midfield enforcer! 3rd choice behind Alonso and Lahm.
    Pedro on the other hand reminds me a bit of Lennon. Possible outrageous talent, patchy delivery. Cuadrado could fit.

  2. Highbury Daze

    No matter how hard I try, I can’t pick up that 4th place trophy, I know we have about 17 still haven’t seen them in the cabinet, must be such a bitter disappointment for the tourists when they visit, Where is the trophy room Mr Venger ask the little Japanese people, sorry it’s under construction, what a goose

  3. Bamford10

    Shaqiri is literally the last thing we need. Another technical midget who could never be successful as a wide player in the EPL.

    Just sign a quality CDM and CB for Christmas sake.

  4. Highbury Daze

    The fan measures success by the trophies, we have one in 9 years, on the other hand management measure success by how much money they make, the end of the financial year is how these people get off

    Would you as a fan say this club is successful one FA Cup won in the 105th minute against Hull since 2005

    What I want to know is, what the fuck has Venger been doing since 2005

  5. rollen

    Arsene Vader

    If Shaqiri comes, does she bring Piqué with her?


    Piqe Busquets and Pedro – 3 worst cheats in football

  6. Bamford10


    I would sign Shakira before I signed Shaqiri. We could put her on the bench as a physio. She could help inspire the boys, and that would give us at least one position where we were better than Chelsea. 😉

  7. WengerEagle

    I must admit was never a big fan of Shaqiri although he is a talent.

    I’m very glad we didn’t end up breaking the bank for Griezmann either who’s been very average for Atletico this season. Was never a fan of this guy, Vela’s a much better player IMO.

  8. kwik fit

    Short post this morning as I’m in holiday mode

    In other words he’s pissed as a newt and ready for the next installment.

  9. kwik fit

    Liverpool can’t buy a win at home for love or money. Guess what they’ll do tomorrow…………………………………..Your right………beat an Arsene Wenger team at home.

  10. jwl

    Today’s title totally confused me – do we really have two wingers and are we looking to replace them? We have players who are out wide but not really wingers, they are strikers who are not trusted and forced to play out of position.

    Shakira is pretty but too thin. I don’t fancy the really thin women who look like they need to eat a cheeseburger or two.

  11. WengerEagle

    ‘Shakira is pretty but too thin. I don’t fancy the really thin women who look like they need to eat a cheeseburger or two.’

    Have a quiet word with yourself mate, her hips don’t lie!

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Schniederlin is the most logical choice, and if you have to pay £25 Million for him then so be it, the price Wenger has to pay for his summer failures.

    Schniederlin and Howedes or even Reid would be an excellent January.

    Get shot of Flamteta and Diaby in the summer and bring another CM in. Even start to look at whether we could get a decent price for Wilshere and upgrade massively?

    Chelsea got rid of what they considered sub-par players in Luiz and Mata in order to buy what the team needed. Not sure what Wilshere would fetch though, young, still has potential and English goes for him, poor performances, repetitive mistakes and glass ankles go against him.

  13. WengerEagle

    Even if we did address the CB and CDM issues in the team we’d still be way off of Chelsea and City.

    CF is a huge issue for us and has been since RVP left. Welbeck and Giroud are both decent back ups but when you look at Costa for Chelsea, Aguero for City and even United’s strikeforce, we are miles off.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Absolutely agree.

    We need to do a Chelsea, CDM and CB next month, then look to a big time striker and another CM in the summer.

    I still think we’d come up short because of Wenger. But we’d at least have our name properly in the hat for EPL and UCL.

    Likelihood of it though? Slim to none.

    I expect a poor attempt by Wenger to get some old loanee or freebie in January for CDM and then some youngster for CB.

  15. Highbury Daze

    Miles off is where this club planned to be, miles off 1st that is, but they are always around that 4th place, where they planned for last July, 6 defenders in the first team squad, 2 CB where the fuck were they supposed to be with that imbalance, they are where they deserve

  16. Highbury Daze

    Is it not pathetic, fans of the club asking for positions that haven’t been filled for ages, they see what’s missing a guy on 11 million can see as well, he does this deliberately this is no accident, last year one CF Giroud, this cunt goes out of his way to be under staffed, why I can only hazard a guess

    This year 2 CB in the club is this peanut serious, there are people in mental asylums that are saner than this fuckwit manager

  17. Ustynobaba

    Is Highbury Dave just knowing our situation???i mean everyone have voiced out their grievances and rested but he keeps saying it everytime i refresh this page,c’mon guy let it be,we all know what it is

    Please Wenger shouldnt go buying who we dont need now irrespective of who the player is,am begging him..let him solve our problems first before buying his unnecessary new year presents to his beloved followers

  18. jwl

    Sofia Vergara > Shakira in lovely latin women comp.

    And does anyone know who our chef is and does he really look like Santa? Having Santa for chef sounds kinda awesome.

  19. Highbury Daze

    There is no one here that could defend Venger, not for the last 9 years, indefensible, don’t even try, forget stadiums, forget trophies won 10 years ago, this guy does not have a leg to stand on, his current 8 years have been gross mismanagement of epic fucking proportions, socialist wages, selling our best players every year, what has this prick done in the last 8 years to be warranted a further 3 years

  20. Highbury Daze

    What should happen is no he doesn’t buy anyone, he should be goose stepped out the door, what good would buying 2 players do, he has no idea what to do with them, no one will come in, he started with 6, and he thought that was a good idea, why would he change, and the name is not dave, numb nutz

  21. Highbury Daze

    We had the problem last July, he did fuck all about it then, why would he do something about it now, please, think for yourself

  22. Highbury Daze

    This turkey doesn’t see a problem he see players coming back to fitness, this guy is bordering on certifiable, senility has set in too an egotistical accountant, a bean counter, a balance sheet man

  23. Ustynobaba

    Daze or Dave i dont have any version please,we all know what it is except one who just woke up from 10yrs coma without knowing our problems
    Dilly-dallying transfer window
    Poor tactics against top teams both domestic and abroad
    Poor management of the squad leading to lost of forms for some players and over playing some
    Inefficient preparation of the team before big games
    Persisting in playin a particular way even when its not workin…etc

    ther are too numerous to mention,like i said it is what it is,lets move on,when if we say it 24/7,365 days it wont change anything,so let it be,say something different,this is xmas….wish ur friends good things and stop this Wenger bitching,its not helpful……lol

  24. Bamford10

    Umm, who has been saying that Benteke is class? Oh yeah … me.

    Absolutely fantastic finish. Brings it down with his chest in the box, beats player twice off the dribble, finishes far post.

    That’s the kind of striker that could improve us. Not Giroud and Welbeck.

  25. WengerEagle

    Christ Bamford you’re as bad as London Gunner haha.

    No need to get erect everytime Benteke plays well.

    For the record I do like him, I just don’t think that he’ll ever be an elite CF. He’ll never become a 30+ goal a season striker IMO.

  26. N5

    Eagle, no one is as bad as him mate. You wait, the moment the Dortmund game finishes, if they have lost he’ll be here saying “I told you so”.

  27. Bamford10


    Please don’t ever compare me with that clown. 😉

    Don’t know if he’ll score thirty goals, but he’s good enough to help a side win a title (EPL or CL). Neither of our two current CF’s are that.

  28. WengerEagle


    Haha are Dortmund losing again?

    Fucking hell it’s getting a bit serious at this stage, are the Bundesliga not halfway through their season by now?

    Will be very interesting to see if Klopp can turn things around.

  29. Bamford10

    Beginning to think LVG is too rigid, too “ideological”. This insistence on playing the 3-5-2 is counterproductive, I think. It’s just not working all that well with their personnel, yet he continues to run it.

    I don’t know. While I think he is a big brain tactically, I wonder if he isn’t a little set in his ideas.

  30. N5

    Eagle, 1 down to the bottom of the league team. God knows what’s going on there. Even if Klopp isn’t as good as we all thought, he’s certainly not relegation fodder. You have to wonder what the hell is happening?

  31. Goondawg

    Its sheer arrogance to play Falcao, Rooney, RVP and Mata. Thats ccrazy, this aint no dutch league. E very team in the prem league can give a good game on their day. Aston Villa arent no pushovers.

  32. Bamford10

    2-0 Bremen. Dortmund look poor defensively, and they have no space to work with in attack. Bremen just sitting and countering.

  33. WengerEagle


    Haha but then again what would you know you’re just a fat f***ing Yank! And I’m just a wee gimpy Paddy. 😉

    I’d argue that the vast majority of sides that win those two trophies have a CF capable of scoring 30+ goals a season.

    ‘Neither of our two current CF’s are that’

    I’m with you on that. Welly has disappointed me a little since he’s joined I have to say. I say a little because I was never expecting him to pull up any trees but he’s been pretty damn average of late.

  34. salparadisenyc

    Whooooh bit of a stinger today, large one last night.

    Winger porn indeed. Shaquiri is a pretty bad dude, Cesc Appeal was all about him this time last season. Dudes a spark plug, he’d certainly cause damage. Pedro always been a talent, always been linked not going to happen IMO. I’ll say it again total Wenger to come out of this window with another attacking option when were decimated in the rears.

  35. Bamford10


    Right, and Zidane was “all hype,” and Henry is over-rated. We’ve heard from you, mate, and everyone here knows you don’t know your head from your ass when it comes to assessing footballers.

    Can anyone think of any other Marble classics?

  36. Bamford10

    Oh yeah, and Aguero was running around “like a chicken without a head” in a match where he scored two great goals and was MOTM.

    Oh yes, and Di Maria is “garbage”.

    You need to just stop talking, mate; every time you open your mouth, you lose credibility (not that you have any to lose at this point).

  37. N5

    Giberto was bambi on Ice, Sol Campbell and Peter Crouch are both better than Henry. Di Maria shit, Costa shit, Aguero headless chicken, Zidane overrated.

  38. Ozy

    The situation at Dortmund is getting serious. It’s getting very difficult to defend Klopp at this point. When you look at the line up, though, it’s so average – with the exception of a few. What happened to that team? The strikers can’t score. Weidenfeller sitting on the bench, Kirch and Kehl starting …

    Subotic, Sokratis, Bender, Reus, Mikhitaryan out, Weidenfeller, Kagawa and Sahin out of form and on the bench, Aubamayeng, Immobile and Ramos can’t score… not sure how they’ll get out of this one.

  39. london gunner


    It may be so average by the premier league standard, but individually the Dortmund team is far better than most of the league.

    The fact they are in the relegation zone is to testament to how badly Klopp is failing. It is what is.

  40. Bamford10

    London & Ozy

    Maybe. But can either of you point to anything specific that Klopp has done (or has not done) which is to blame for their woes?

    With Wenger, for example, one can point to his failure to sign needed players, his indifference to tactics, his loyalty to average or crocked players, etc.

    So what specifically has Klopp done (or not done) to bring these woes upon Dortmund?

    Just curious.

  41. Ozy

    I’m not sure you can say they’re so much better than every other team. Look at the line up today. Besides an exceptional few that have been consistently available like Hummels, the team isn’t as incredible as you make them out to be. Today, out of all of the starting players, only two are top players – Schmelzer and Hummels. Gundogan is a shadow of his former self. Almost every team in the Bundesliga have a few great players.

  42. WengerEagle

    Fucking hell Charlie Austin is a beast, that’s 11 BPL goals he has now only 1 off Costa and 3 off Aguero.

    I think that QPR will stay up. When you have a goalscorer you always have a fighting chance and they have that in Austin.

  43. london gunner


    I have watched most of the games they have played this season.

    From what I have seen Klopps Dortmund performances somewhat emulate those of Arsenals of a yesteryear.

    They often dominate games in terms of possession, but lack ruthlessness and are dreadful/calamitous in defence.

    They often lose a match by a single goal because a lack of concentration during a set piece or being picked off on the counter.

    For me these are evident mistakes of a manager whose to stubborn to change his game plan and refuses to be pragmatic/use caution.

    Case point midweek they were winning 2-1 in what would have been a vital victory only to squander the lead in the 85 minute when Wolfsburg scored a headed goal from a corner kick, Now of course teams score do score from corners but to leave an opposition player completely unmarked it the 85 minute is signs of really sloppiness,

    Especially given the context a team in the relegation zone winning their first game in maybe 6 matches? With 5 minutes left. Its shocking.

    Of course you can put blame on the players and indeed they deserve some responsibility, but at some stage with the consistency of errors you have to point the figure at the manager.

    His still trying to go full on gung ho attacking football when now is the time to sure up the defence and grind out wins.

    I would also say a lot of the injury woes the team suffers from are consequence of overtraining and constant commitment to gegenpressing

  44. Ozy

    Bamford, I’m very proudly #KloppIn. Have sternly defended him and blamed a lot of their misfortunes this season to injuries, a forced reliance on inexperienced young players and some otherwise key players being severely out of form ala Ramsey for us (i.e. the two strikers being brought in to replace Lewandowski not being able to score)

    It’s gotten to the point where they should be doing better, though, regardless of all of that. Some fault does fall on Klopp. The players he’s putting out are not performing for him. Idk.

  45. london gunner


    But the problem is your doing two things.

    1 going “but player X doesn’t count as a good player because they aren’t in form”, but then you don’t take the next step and go “why is the manager not getting the best out of that player then”

    2 going “but player x,y and Z are out injured” without realising a large part of that is due to Klopps draconian over training regimes as well as his constant unfailing use of gegenpressing” this contributes to many but not all of these injury woes.

    The other factor is Dortmund have been disgustingly pathetic defensively any top manager would hang his head in shame at some of the clownish performances they have put in.

    Both goals Werder Bremen rampage up the pitch with great play, but the shocker is the defensive marking both goal scorers are completely unmarked,

    kagawa, reus, hummels, mkhitaryan, gundoga, aubameyang (easily better than welbeck and was quality in france) blaszczykowsiki, sahin, sokrati, bender. piszczek, subotic, weidenfeller and ginter (was a class player has regressed as soon as his been under Klopps management)

    That’s easily one of the best teams in the league. They all haven’t been fit at the same time true, but AKB’s would use that very excuse for Wengers failings.

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Shocking red

    Should be recinded
    Every time the ref admits an error like that red which ends up recinded the winning team should have a point deducted !

    Would improve the refs in the country

  47. Steely O'Leary

    The voice of reason has arrived LG, from an outsiders perspective you must be about 17. Jumped up little shit indeed.

  48. London gunner

    “The players he’s putting out are not performing for him. Idk.”

    This is the basics of management. If you can’t get that much right then you don’t deserve to be in the job.

    His a likeable guy with a unique set of very good skills, but like we get his only got plan A. his an ideologist focused on his heavy metal brand of football.

    I don’t want him anywhere near arsenal to be quite frank because we need to evolve from visionaries to tacticians imo

  49. S Asoa

    Wenger is apparently going into Transfers with the sole aim to replace Poldi and Campbel who apparently bell him the cat . As if buying players will ease off the Unwanted. Le Imbecile , for your endeavour to succeed someone has to BUY those 2. Moron!

  50. northern gooner

    Good evening all.

    Thinking of driving down for a game. What or were is best place to park anywhere near the grove?
    I normally stop over in watford and get the train in to euston an jump the tube etc however that option isnt available to me at the moment.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

  51. N5

    NG. there are a couple of places on Highbury Park. If you know the road with the Arsenal Fish and Chip shop on it. Then head up to Highbury Fields school and you can park there for £15 which is a bargain compared to most places. Or if you don’t mind walking a little further, there is a church up in Finsbury park, near the White House pub that costs about £5.

  52. Cesc Appeal


    You could listen to N5 and be all law abiding and conscientious.

    OR, you could realise the law is just letters baby, park that son bitch on the stairs leading to the Emirates, get out that car and scream YOLO at the top of your lungs, get nicely sizzled in the ground and enjoy safe in the knowledge you’ve got a 10 second commute to your car after the game.

    Or you could listen to N5.

  53. northern gooner


    Thanks for advice. When i come down i normally make a weekend of it and stay over. So not to familiar with driving in and around the ground. However i do know the chippy you mean so its a big help. 15 quid for parking is better than i thought.

  54. N5

    Lol CA, now that’s some good advise.

    NG, if you need help finding it mate, I’ll send you on my mobile and I can talk you into the area. Or if you have a TomTom, I’ll give you the postcode and what not and that’ll direct you there.

    Let me know matey.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without a “Arsene Wenger ready to splash serous cash in January…but only if the right deal surfaces.”

    Just that second part of the statement. What the ordinary fan thinks is a right deal, and what Arsene Wenger sees as the right deal are two very different things.

    Think Morgan Schneiderlin at £25 Million for the fan.

    Think Kallstrom on loan if you’re Arsene Wenger.

  56. Bamford10

    Wenger today: “I’m not scared to spend money. If you go out with me one night you will understand that!”

    This guy needs a good stiff kick to the groin. He’s so annoying. Does he think people find his septuagenarian jokes amusing?

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s priorities in transfer market are the same as always namely a top quality defensive midfielder. Schneiderlein is an obvious choice , because he offers all the qualities required including playing in EPL. Also he wants to leave Southampton as he made clear in Summer. The question is will they let him go?

    However, the main priority at the moment remains a centre back. The real problem is that there is a dearth of quality players in the market. That is reflected by some of the ridiculous prices being quoted. Realistically we need a
    player who can rotate with Mertesacker and Koscielny rather than just a third
    string squad player.

    Apart from these two positions I would not be inclined to look at any other positions in January. Our offensive play is beginning to improve and we have enough players on our books once the likes of Ramsey,Wilshire,Ozil and Walcott return from injury. Personally I would keep Podolski in the squad. There
    is no pressure on club to sell him this season and he is an excellent player to have on bench as we have seen on several occasions.

    Personally I don’t see the point of keeping Sanogo or Campbell in squad. The
    former adds no value to squad and the latter is behind Sanchez,Walcott and
    Ox in pecking order for right wing position. He may be a talented boy, but I
    don’t think that he is better than the others in squad. The money would be
    useful when adding to squad in summer when we need to replace players in
    other positions e.g. CMF/LW and possibly ST as well.