Loads of Arsenal transfer gossip…

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So now.

So now.

Oh happy morning to ya’ll!

It’s the season to be jolly… and drunk. I’ve hit peak alcohol and it’s not good. Someone tap me out, I’m done with the festivities.

… so Arsenal, what’s cracking today?

Lots of transfer stories floating around. Pedro is apparently available for £26m. I like him. He has a lot of class. Just not sure he’s anywhere near the priority list right now. That said, we did sign an Ozil when a number ten wasn’t a priority. So look, anything is possible… and there’s been an awful lot of smoke around this player for years. He’s the N’Zogbia of this decade.

One name that is interesting is Fabian Delph. I think his deal is up soon so he’s available on a free. High energy and powerful. Fits the Wenger strategy. Fits the priority list. A maybe?

Winston Reid has a £20m price tag on his head despite being available for free in 6 months. You’d have to think Big Sam is playing a big game there. If he gets £8m for him, he’d take it. I like him. He’d not be the dream ticket but he’d certainly be a great back up. He has the added benefit of being Prem proven.

Arteta has to move on in the summer, so we really need to be thinking about two defensive midfielders. Ideally, we’d land them in January. Fanciful thinking hey! It would make sense. Chelsea bought Matic last January early doors. Who is the Matic of this window?

No idea guys. Really no idea.

Arsenal are building a new swanky community facility, here are some pics. It’ll cater to 1500 people a week. It has a 4G pitch and… a cafe. Yeah, real coffee. The lot. It’s based on the JVC centre we had at Highbury. I wonder if we’ll sell the name to a sponsor? I’m looking forward to seeing it finished…

... that's Martinez (I didn't know)

… that’s Martinez (I didn’t know)

Right, that’s me done. Staines, you’ve been amazing.

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  1. Highbury Daze

    And the biggest criminal act that Venger perpetrates on the fans of AFC is he does these things on purpose, it is deliberate, I don’t know why but it is, this is an educated man, supposedly with superior intellect, then why would he continually go into season under prepared, 6 defenders, 2 CB is not rational, last season one CF Giroud, what is this rat trying to do, what is he trying to prove

  2. Highbury Daze

    Remember last season, we all were up in arms because we had just one striker, Giroud, we knew he could not go the whole season, and true to form he broke down, out for ages, and what does misery guts manager do buys a guy with a broken back in January

    And this season 6 defenders and only 2 CB, it beggars belief, you would think this stuff is made up

    It’s not, it’s a nightmare for fans, how can those poofters at untold back this guy, all I can think is Venger has seduced them as well

  3. Highbury Daze

    This is a guy who is afraid to go the full Monty, he goes most of the way, shows a bit, teases a bit, then shits himself and dogs it, a weak clown, the heart the size of a fucking pea

    Other managers look at their squad and see what it needs, then go about addressing areas that need strengthening, depending on finances they buy players to fit into their system, in Chelsea’s case they buy 30 million pound players, smaller clubs while they don’t have the money of Chelsea, they do buy what’s needed, just at a lower price

    AFC are the one anomaly this cunt looks at the squad, scratches his nutz, and thinks to himself, we don’t need a CDM, we don’t need a CB, when he knows full fucking well we do, I have thought over this long and hard, it was staring me in the face, they have conceded 1st 2nd and 3rd, they are playing for 4th, it doesn’t matter we get smashed by the top 3, he don’t care, why spend money on a CB and CDM, to beat Liverpool and Spurs into 4th, this nut case believes he can do it with 6 defenders just 2 CB that’s all he needs to get 4th, not beating the top 3 that was mentioned is not a worry, he has not beat them in 15 attempts, he doesn’t need to

    He still gets 4th, with 6 defenders and 2 CB and last year one CF Giroud

    That’s why he says judge me in May because he has always got 4th previously, it shows you how weak the EPL really is, this guy goes through seasons with 3/4 of a squad and still gets 4th, the rest are shit

  4. Highbury Daze

    AFC fans are paying the highest ticket prices in THE WORLD, to finish 4th every year, the weak corporate pricks are happy because the moronic fans keep paying the price, they keep turning up to finish 4th, they have all be dumbed down by the manager who has hypnotized them into thinking 4th is OK 4th is a trophy 4th is a success, we had a great year because we finished 4th and the PLAYERS CELEBRATE ON THE PITCH IN THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON, YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS

  5. Highbury Daze

    AFC spent 167 million on wages for players, 11 million wages on Venger



  6. rollen

    , this is an educated man, supposedly with superior intellect

    masters in economy from 40 years ago is hardly pinnacle of the education

  7. peanuts&monkeys

    No players need to be bought. Only one change in team required: Arsene Wenger OUT! I swear even this weak team can start challenging the top 3 for the league as soon as Wenger is kicked out.

  8. Rhys Jaggar

    HIghbury Daze

    Untold back Wenger because they have a contract from Arsenal FC to manage their website or some such.

    Trust me, Attwood is a paid contractor of Arsenal FC, so knows which side his bread is buttered on.

  9. Rhys Jaggar


    The season I jacked in my Club Deck attendance, I made a conscious show of walking out to the bar without waiting for the ‘lap of honour’ for 4th place. It was my way of saying that that bunch of over-paid chancers did not deserve applause for their efforts of the season.

    My school report was: ‘treading water, must do better. Poor value for money compared to other brand offerings, after 5 years of same-old, enough’s enough.’

  10. N5

    Oh no peanuts, what will us massive AKBs do? I love Wenger so much, I hope he never leaves!!! don’t threaten me with such a thing!!


  11. rollen

    Nasri’s Mouth December 20, 2014 10:53:20

    Are we arguing over whether someone who has secured himself a salary of £8m a year is clever or not ?


    Arry is multimillionaire too… so is his dog…

  12. Spiky

    Hello Pedro,
    From Belgium it is quite obvious to all football followers (not gooners only) who would improve our team tremendously…
    Axel Witsel
    And he wanted to come to us when at Standard.
    Sure he would jump at the chance to leave Russia.
    A expensive choice but worth it.
    Enjoy Xmas