5 gifts every Gooner would wish for…

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Tis the season to be jolly. Yes it is. So jolly and happy. It’s also the season to demand presents. Trouble is I’m too old to play those games anymore. The sort of presents I want can’t be purchased on a a Primark gift card these days.

So here’s the top 5 Christmas every Gooner wants this season.
1. I want a brand spanking new centre back. No. I want two. Smart, technical and fast. Let’s put the emphasis on a ball player. I want two though. Give me a seasoned 28 year old and throw in a young one like Tyrone Mings. Make this happen Santa. Save our season.
2. An Arsene Wenger zipper coat please. That’d be sweet. I want to have a jacket that can double as a sleeping bag, a tent and a fancy dress caterpillar. I want it.
3. Some good spirit in the ground. Look, I know I’m one to talk, but maybe we need to start relaxing a bit. If you crunch the data, the hope we build every season is misplaced. Groundhog Day is a repeat of continuous situations… we know how it ends, so why not reframe how we react to it? Let’s be like the Dortmund fans. It’s way more pleasurable than going to the the ground for 2 hours to be upset.
4. I’d like a DM who is older than 16,  but younger than 28. A fast mobile terrier who’ll shake things up. Needs to be mean. Needs to be able to pass. Needs to be the fire we lack in the belly of the team.
5. Arsene Wenger to get some self help books. For him to realise not having all the answers is fine. Address the knowledge shortage with experts, not a heavy dose of ‘more of the same’
That’s my list. How does yours look?
Ho ho ho!

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  1. DUIFG

    We won’t be getting a dm this Christmas. He will wait to see arteta out until the new year.

    Probably will get the cb that we have needed and everybody asked for back in august.

    Only played half a season with Montreal as CB, only at arsenal.

  2. WengerEagle

    Krychowiak seems to be the new buzz name on here, funny considering no one seemed to take notice when myself and Karim talked about him last season when he was at Reims.

    I’d be willing to bet that nobody on here has actually watched him live more than 5 times.

    For the record he is a very good player it just irritates me how people jump on the bandwagon.

  3. blsany

    I say no to krychowiak.If we should sign anyone it should be Mavuba.He would also be cheaper and is French as well.No brainer for our dictator surely.

  4. Ozy

    Eagle, yeah, I didn’t even know he existed before he joined Sevilla. Kind of impressive that you guys were already buzzing about him last year. I’ve only seen him a number of times for Sevilla and he’s been solid. He would improve us, but then again, any half decent DM would.

    Not jumping on the bandwagon, just paying attention to transfer rumors that won’t go away. Not sure we’ll be in for him. Only thing that irritates me about that is our ridiculously inefficient scouting team. He went for 4 million, ffs.

  5. Alfie

    “WengerEagle December 18, 2014 14:45:57
    Krychowiak seems to be the new buzz name on here, funny considering no one seemed to take notice when myself and Karim talked about him last season when he was at Reims.

    I’d be willing to bet that nobody on here has actually watched him live more than 5 times.

    For the record he is a very good player it just irritates me how people jump on the bandwagon.”


    Calm down sweetheart, we all know that you invented him and no-one will steal him from you both.

  6. WengerEagle

    ‘He’s tiny as well isn’t he?’

    Haha yeah he wouldn’t exactly help us out in the height department, not quite a technical midget but more of an aggressive ball-winning midget.

  7. salparadisenyc


    I never kicked the wounded United even though i’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been immensely enjoyable. Knowing full well those dudes will come back and punish the fuck out of us, i’m not as convinced as Pedro that the caricature that is Van Gaal will fumble along. Besides we’ve yet to beat em. They add a few key pieces which i’ve little doubt they won’t with that financial setup and the next dynasty will be on the launch pad ready to assault every Cheshire bird on the trot.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    5ft 8 I think?

    It’s like I love Matuidi. But he wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice because he’s 5ft 9 or something.

    Need a 6ft+ guy.

    Any two from Krychowiak, Schneiderlin, Khedira, Bender, Kondogbia, Lucas Silva, Kramer, Carvalho, Gonalons is fine by me.

  9. Ozy

    Reposting cause I mispelled my email and my first post is awaiting moderation:

    Eagle, yeah, I didn’t even know he existed before he joined Sevilla. Kind of impressive that you guys were already buzzing about him last year. I’ve only seen him a number of times for Sevilla and he’s been solid. He would improve us, but then again, any half decent DM would.

    Not jumping on the bandwagon, just paying attention to transfer rumors that won’t go away. Not sure we’ll be in for him. Only thing that irritates me about that is our ridiculously inefficient scouting team. He went for 4 million, ffs.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah absolutely.

    I don’t rate Van Gaal, he has too many Wenger traits, stubbornness, rude, arrogant, dated.

    But I do think Van Gaal is out to win where Wenger isn’t. He’ll lay a solid groundwork for the next guy, say a Guardiola or whoever to come in and build on.

    At which point we’ll still probably have Wenger in charge.

  11. jwl

    I would like a new ambitious manager for Christmas, one who can see what is needed to improve team. And no more talk about how its impossible to buy top, top quality players so we’re stuck with Diaby and Sanogo. I want manager who would clear out half of our squad and go buy some proper players.

    Canada Goose jackets are funny – keep you warm but, blokes especially, those jackets also make you look like circumcised willy. Sure you are warm but you also look like a dick and no one wants that.

    I have recently started to teach myself how to cook, since I work from home and have time, and I would really like salt pig for Xmas. It is pain in arse to salt things now, easy access to salt would be most helpful.

  12. Ozy

    I agree with Pedro that we need two CBs – an experienced international and a young prospect; Howedes and Mings would be perfect.

    We also need two DMs, like CA just said. Lucas Silva would make for a great prospect, while a Khedira would fit in perfectly into our side. No way in hell it would happen, though. Why is Wenger dithering with Schaar and Khedira? Reid? They’re free! He loves a fucking bargain..

  13. WengerEagle


    Yeah I love Matuidi mate, for me he is PSG’s most important player after Ibra and Thiago Silva, so underrated.

    I agree though, after years of slight CM’s I’d love a big fuck-off presence in the middle of the park like Vieira used to give to us. I’d love for us to be intimidating once again and actually feared.

    All the names you have listed would be decent options.

  14. salparadisenyc

    1. Pep Guardiola or ________.
    2. Inigo Martinez
    3. Benedikt Howedes
    4. Christoph Kramer
    5. Edinson Cavani the spirit will follow.

  15. Ozy

    God, hell no to Mavuba or Gonalons. We could do so much better.

    Why the fuck is Luiz Gustavo still in Germany?! Him, Bender and Schneiderlin would be my top picks. Not convinced by Krychowiak yet. Haven’t really seen Kondogbia or Kramer play. The times I’ve seen Carvalho play, he’s been.. well, shit. Maybe he’s just been really off form this season?

  16. karim

    On a side note, I know people have a lot of disdain for oil money PSG
    Still, Verrati, Lucas, Pastore or Matuidi weren’t exactly sure shots were they ?

  17. WengerEagle


    ‘He would improve us, but then again, any half decent DM would.’

    This is it in a nutshell. There’s no point in focusing in on say Krychowiak when there are so many other CM’s around Europe that would improve us. I’m sure there are a couple knocking around the Portuguese/Turkish/Ukranian/Dutch leagues, etc and while we won’t know the bast majority of these, what are we paying our scouts for?

    Across the top 5 leagues in Europe alone I could give a shortlist of 5-10 names that could do a job for us in CDM and I’m sure most on here could too.

    ‘Not jumping on the bandwagon, just paying attention to transfer rumors that won’t go away.’

    Fair enough to be honest unless it’s on BBC or Sky I rarely give transfer stories the time of day so I’m actually unaware we’re being linked to him.

  18. Alfie

    “WengerEagle December 18, 2014 14:59:56

    I take it you were on the bandwagon, apologies if I offended you petal”

    Not at all. I don’t think he is all that special, it was just really funny how you seemed to have a tantrum because someone had ‘uncovered’ your super special friendship secret about a professional footballer!

  19. Swissguns

    If we’re going 2 cbs there’s no reason not to give one to an academy player. I think there are a couple of good candidates?

  20. Ozy

    We better beat Liverpool. I swear to god… if that shit show beat us, I will cry.

    Btw, crazy how shit turns out. Balotelli and Falcao, two players many of us on here, myself included, said would improve us have been absolute shit … Welbeck has outperformed the two, surprisingly. I was wrong in saying Balotelli would’ve been a better signing than Welbeck, shit.

    @Eagle, exactly. How did our scouts not find a single DM in Europe? Anywhere? Or maybe they did and Wenger dismissed their findings? Like you said, it’s easy to name 10 players off the top of my head that would improve us. Not even talking about Busquets, Martinez.. but reasonable, cheap options that would love to come to Arsenal.

    Nothing against Chambers but why did we buy two RBs when we already have Jenkinson and Bellerin, and no CB? To play him as CB? Why did we not just buy a fucking CB? He went for 16 million or so. That’s more than enough to buy a Manolas, a Howedes, a Inigo. Fuuuuck.

  21. Mart

    5 gifts I would wish for..

    1) 16 wins in the Premiership
    2) 3 aggregate and final wins in the CL
    3) 6 wins in the FA
    4) Since every gooner is wishing for a DM and a CB, I’d wish for winger Jefferson Montero
    5) If any two of the above wishes don’t happen, Santa my final wish is: please make Arsene resign

    Santa, ‘is that you, santa?.. you are really fast to answer.. what..? Say that again.. that I am dreaming

  22. WengerEagle


    Hardly a tantrum, it was a fairly articulate post without swearing or abuse so I don’t see why you found it so hilarious when no one else did.

    Different strokes I guess.

    *awkward pause*

    Anyyyyyyway, moving along…

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think Chambers will end up as a RB though. I’m not even sure RB is his best position right now.

    (This doesn’t excuse us not buying ANOTHER CB of course)

  24. Paulinho

    WengerEagle – How is Krychowiak on the ball? I’ve seen a bit of him and despite being two-footed, his passing seems a bit of a crapshoot at times, he never seems to be in control of it. Maybe I’m wrong though because I’ve never seen him live.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah. When that rumour surfaced we were offering £20 Million for Matuidi in the last 48 hours (before we found out Wenger had more pressing matters in the Vatican) I was all for it. Love him as a little terrier type, never tops working, good dribbling as well and passing.

    But we need that height and physicality back into the side, that domineering presence. I think we’ll have to wait for a new manager though.

  26. Ozy

    Haha swissguns, admitting I was wrong about a transfer purchase and then calling Wenger out for making the wrong purchase? Yeah, I know hahaha

  27. WengerEagle


    I’m not going to lie I’ve only watched him maybe 10 or so times playing for Reims/Sevilla and Poland. He caught my eye especially at Reims though.

    From the times I’ve watched him he looks like your typical old-fashioned Gilberto Silva type of CDM. Physically he’s a beast, 6 foot 1 and built like a lorry. He’s got good explosive movements over 10 yards similar to Matic. What makes Matic a better player however is his ability on the ball. Krychowiak is a decent passer over short distances but his long-range passing can be fairly erratic and he doesn’t really have an eye for a through-ball. He’s no Alonso or Busquets but then again he’s better on the ball than say Fernando of Man City.

    Overall he’s a good player and at 24 could develop into an excellent one.

  28. Swissguns

    I mean to admit that 2 players you championed did not perform quite as well as you thought they would, and then state that there are 10 DMs out there that would automatically improve us seems strange.
    I’m not saying you’re wrong btw, just that buying in new players guarantees nothing. I do think we need one though, not advocating not buying at all.

  29. gonsterous

    Honestly i neger watch Any game apart from arsenals.. So when ppl drop names in here I have to go check him out in the only place where they hype players up.. U guessed it… YouTube !!!

  30. Swissguns

    Nasri, do you think Wenger plans to use Chambers at DM?
    Thought he mentioned something to that effect when he bought him, not sure.

  31. Paulinho

    “Krychowiak is a decent passer over short distances but his long-range passing can be fairly erratic and he doesn’t really have an eye for a through-ball.”

    Yeah a few of his long passes seemed bit hit and hope.

    He does seem to have a great presence in midfield though, and covers ground aggressively as well. Really does make one wonder wtf our scouting department – or even Wenger himself who is supposed to be an encyclopedia when it comes to ligue 1 – were doing when Sevilla signed him. It’s not as if Seville are some obscure no mark club not playing at a high level.

  32. Swissguns

    At Cesc appeal
    Not saying Chambers would block a DM purchase, but the consensus seems to be that we need to buy 2 to replace Flamini and Arteta.
    I think Wenger wants to buy a DM but just one probably

  33. Goondawg

    Lol you guys.

    You know this. My love for who the future balon d’or winner is second to none. Pogba and one of Schneiderlin/Wanyama is what I’d go all guns blazing for. Our midfield base will be sorted for the next decade.

    Sergio Ramos and Laporte. Bang defence and FB positions sorted as well. Never seen Tyrone play, so will be hard to recommend. But why not, I trust the judgement of the scouts who run the clu- oh wait

  34. Bamford10

    I like how you’ve avoided identifying specific players, Pedro. Playing it safe, eh? Wise move, probably.

    My five:

    1. a quality, athletic CDM
    2. a quality, athletic CB
    3. a gorgeous Goonerette for me
    4. a gorgeous Goonerette for each of you
    5. a new manager (preferably Klopp or Simeone) with a farewell holiday parade through all of London for Wenger

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    There was a suggestion that might be his long term position. He’s a decent reader of the game, he’s quick (ish) two footed and comfortable on the ball, and at 19 has plenty of time for improvement. Not sure whether he’s got enough ability to play out from the back, which is what Wenger is looking for though.

    I think he’ll end up at CB.

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    Gilberto himself admitted he’d been asked.

    He wants to play for another season though.

    (assuming he can find a club that’s right etc.etc.)

  37. Up 4 Grabs Now

    My top 5 Xmas presents please.

    1 Top CB (that cant be out run by my 3 year old daughter)
    2 Top CDM (6ft Plus please, no more dwarves)
    3 New LB (not Made of Glass)
    4 Clone of Thierry Henry, 25 year old version not the 38 year old (although he probably could still do a job now)
    5 Carlo Ancelotti

    Not holding my breath for any of them though!

  38. DUIFG

    Ozy please falcao is most definitely the nuts. Niggled by injury, why United played it safe on the loan.

    It was liver pools error to buy ballo out right, loan would have been perfect.

  39. Hitchy

    @ Dan T

    If true that is mega! Still think he is one of our most underrated players of that era. Maybe Silva being around will jolt wenger back 10-15years and remember that a good midfield needs more than technicality. It needs discipline, physique, and the correct mentality.

    God I loved Gilberto Silva!

  40. Le Prof

    Ozy and Bamford0

    Judging by some of your comments you should probably stick to rounders…..sorry that’s baseball to you boys…

  41. salparadisenyc


    See Javi Martinez tracking Gareth Bale over what seemed half the pitch and dispossessing just outside the Munich box then clipping a pass cross pitch to Muller whom hit Robben for what could of been a goal in last seasons Champs league defeat. Martinez is absolute quality, it wasn’t there day.

    Size surely doesn’t hurt, the key is a mix of mobility and size not to mention vision to spot the pass the spurn the counter.

    Arteta would of been left in Bales wake as would most but Martinez timed it so well and Flamini would of surely seen red with a nasty one. If either had gained possession neither make that pass.

  42. PK

    1. BPL Title in 2015/2016
    2. Wenger to make a brutal two footer on Mourinho after he won it at Stamford Bridge.
    3. Wenger turn up in press conference after that game and announce his retirement, while smiling at a crying Mourinho.
    4. Diaby to leave the club.
    5. Silent Stan gives the club back to the fans.

    There you have it. Top that one suckers 🙂

  43. Follow the money

    Here’s my list.
    1. Wenger out
    2. Wenger out
    3. Wenger out
    4. Wenger out
    5. Wenger out
    I could go on. If I can’t have that Pogba and Hummels

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    salparadisenyc: Size surely doesn’t hurt, the key is a mix of mobility and size not to mention vision to spot the pass the spurn the counter.


    Ability to read the game, and then turn defence into attack is more important than mere size.

  45. blsany

    See i understand that mate but football is not all about brute force.I think key attributes for a dm position is excellent reading of the game and good recovery speed.Makelele had that and was the best in the business.Lahm is also small guy and plays that position very well.I just dont understand why some of the boys on here are screaming for Matic clone and so on..

  46. Dan T


    I love Gilberto too. He was so disciplined. ‘The invisible wall’. The only problem is that he would presumably be coming in as a defensive midfield coach, but who is there to coach?

  47. Dan T

    “The whole of the team.” – true that

    Would be great if we could get someone in that he could coach to play the same way he used to. Unless that is Wenger’s plan for Chambers.

  48. Swissguns

    I actually have a hard time looking past schneiderlein. Think he would be perfect in our set up, and premiership tested.

  49. salparadisenyc


    Agreed, Martinez is not all about brute force but the key for me its in his Arsenal (had to) if necessary along with several other key attributes namely ‘reading the game’ and knowing his limits positionally for recovery. Having the talent to see and make that pass. Pep bought two to cover for him this season as he’s able to cover CB as well. What a don, hope he comes back strong.

  50. blsany

    Yeah Martinez is one different level.Again where was our scouting network. Silly me forgot Wenger does not do DMs anymore.Silly me.LOL

  51. N5

    There is no chance we will bid on schneiderlein, he’s not got a buy out, he’s got years on his contract and they value him at 25m so we’d need to bid £28+ to get any chance of even starting negotiations.

    What I the free alternative?

  52. tunnygriffboy

    Realistically I can see a CB coming in. The Bender brothers, Schniederlin etc unlikely to be available at Christmas so we’ll playing with Arteta and Flamini until the summer. Then it’ll be one DM with Arteta as back up. Not that I would want it but that’s being realistic unless Wenger goes.

  53. london gunner

    Why do people get their knickers in the twist about needing to be the one who claims a player first? It’s like in primary school when kids call first dips.

    Its great if you have knowledge of players that are somewhat off the mainstream radar and its great if you can contribute that said knowledge to a football blog, but why lord over the fact and act in condescending or aggressive manner when other people then discover said player at a later date. Lol that’s life we all happen to lead different lives, watch different things and thus no different information or find out the same information at different points.

    For instance I knew about Costa years and years in advance to most on this blog… when others discover’d that rough diamond I didn’t scorn them for it or get bizarrely wound up.

    I just thought cool now I can have an informed discussion about said player which is great.

    Come on guys this isn’t a pissing contest.

    PS I knew Messi was a talent while he was an embryo I win! 😉

  54. Hitchy


    The Whole team would be a good start! Maybe Wenger has actually offered him a player / coach role? He may be old but he’d probably be more useful than Kim Kallstrom!

  55. Goondawg

    “A good footballing DM. Must be nasty as fuck because when Alexis is scythed down and he goes over to protect him people like Cahill shit themselves 🙂 ”

    This is vital

  56. MidwestGun

    Ahh in the spirit of Christmas… it’s about giving. So…..
    Dear Silent Santa:

    1.) GIVE….. AW a nice retirement party.
    2.) I want to stop getting trounced by all our rivals and pretty much any top team in Europe. See #1.
    3.) I want us to stop dithering in the transfer windows and buy players who fulfill a need instead of a last second Impulse buy or a crock. See #1.
    4.) I want to not be embarassed after reading the qoutes after every press conference. And every list of injuries before the game. See #1.
    5.) I want to be able to read the LG comment section without the mad rantings of a few individuals. . See #1.

    Thanks Santa ……. ps. Your toupee is embarassing and your mustache is very porno. Get a grip.

    Sincerely, Midwest

  57. Swissguns

    I think Schneiderlein is gone in the summer. To where who knows, but I’d bet money he won’t be at Soton come August.

  58. potter

    Height is important in a balanced midfield but not necessarily in every player. Makelele wasn’t big but in his time with Real Madrid and Chelsea he had Zidane, Guti and Campo alongside him and at Chelsea Lampard , Mikel and Ballack plus Essien who was as wide as he was tall. He did not have to be tall . However at Arsenal 6 foot is a height our players really don’t reach apart from Diaby who doesn’t reach the pitch.

  59. Roaaary

    Tielemans from anderlecht would do me nicely. Most impressive DM I’ve seen this year and only 17 years old. Will be a future great.

    Also fits the wenger mould rather than aiming for a 30 million carvalho who I also really like

  60. salparadisenyc

    “Thanks Santa ……. ps. Your toupee is embarassing and your mustache is very porno. Get a grip.”

    Christ I could have a part time gig if i’m not careful.

  61. Goondawg

    Lol all those clamouring for polish Kyrychiowak. Als, we have been out-wengered again. It was all a smokescreen to land another polish player.

    “So today according to the gutter press that is Metro (who are becoming as bad as CaughtOffisde and Goal.com for creating transfer links for hits) have reported that Arsenal have agreed a deal to sign Polish ‘Wonderkid’ Krystian Bielek from Legia Warsaw for £1.6 million.

    Now I will be honest, I know nothing about him, bar what is on his Wikipedia page. He is 17 in January, is 6ft 2in, plays defensive midfield and has played a handful of games for Legia Warsaw.”

    The deal is basically done, he will be at the QPR game, the only sticking point is whether he will join in January or the summer.

  62. Bamford10

    Le Prof

    I’ve resolved to be a nicer person during the holiday period, so I’m not going to say anything unpleasant in response.

    I’ve never read any post of yours, though, that actually says something substantive or interesting about football or Arsenal.

    Would you mind educating all of us, though, on the game? Please do share your wisdom with us. We would love to learn from your vast store of knowledge.

    Seriously. 😉

  63. MidwestGun

    As far as cdm depends on if we are gonna play with one deeper cdm or a double pivot, if we are sticking to one. Someone not slower than a turtle with a hangover would be nice. If we are going with a double pivot. Then height and strength with a decent eye for longer passes would be good.

  64. Rhys Jaggar

    5 wishes:

    1. Thierry Henry is told in no uncertain terms that, if he wanted the stadium to be named after him, he should have won the Champions League final for Arsenal in 2006. All this media bullshit makes me want to puke all over my Christmas lunch. Herbert Chapman did more for Arsenal than him, so did Tony Adams, so did Denis Bergkamp, so did Arsene Wemger, so did Patrick Vieira. He’s top 6, not top one, I’m afraid.
    2. Arsenal FC make a full, frank and open confession that they are solely interested in fleecing the English for the benefit of the French and the USA. At least then, they will demonstrate the first necessity for class: honesty.
    3. Hope against hope that the (probably false) stories in the press about the Qatari Government wanting to buy Spurs for $1bn isn’t true – if so, bye bye champions league at Arsenal unless some step changes are made. Just imagine it;: the yiddoes bought by some Arabs. You couldn’t make it up……
    4. Arsenal’s transfer policy in January represents a professional sports outfit, rather than a financial securities fraud operation.
    5. Abou Diaby is not awarded a new contract in 2015. Or ever again.

  65. S Asoa

    My wish list
    1- Kroenke out of Arsenal. Sold. Finito. Good riddance
    2- Wenger out because repeatedly he has proved he is a tinpot dictator who will not change

    Actually even if Sl No 1 is granted the Sl No2 Accountant will follow…. to PSG or Timbuktu

  66. Cesc Appeal

    So Walcott may be fit for Sunday. Some good news.

    What is happening with Diaby? Because I can just feel Wenger wheeling him out as a reason not to buy in January.

  67. Goondawg

    Arsenal youngsters Chuba Akpom @cakpom and Semi Ajayi @S_Ajayi5 agree to play for Nigeria. Could be called for Jan friendlies v CIV and Mali

  68. MidwestGun

    Think Ox’s fitness is the key to Sunday’s match. Ironically, he has looked good paired more centrally with Rambo and then Santi. If only we had tried that instead of the ineffective Ramsey/JW pairing we keep trying a bit earlier. Oh well. Pool another team I can’t stand losing to because of their annoying as hell fans.

  69. Goondawg

    Only at Arsenal, can the players get a full week rest, and still possibly come out of it with less players than we started with the week before

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that’s big.

    Said all summer this would be the year of Jack Wilshere, Wenger was always going to give him unlimited chances and to be honest, Wenger’s stupid transfer failings, the 4-MESS-1 (that was used for Wilshere) and Wilshere himself are the reasons for our appalling start.

    I don’t like to wish injuries on players, but…I really think it’s the only way that Wilshere doesn’t play. Otherwise Wenger would keep jamming him in.

    So Sunday, not sure if Kozz is fit, I saw doubtful, but if we’ve got QPR at home next week, could rest him. Week on, week off until January? Not sure how bad those achilles are, but we need him on Sunday.

    Debs, Mert, Kozz, Gibbs
    Oxlade, Flamini, Cazorla
    Welbeck, Giroud, Sanchez

    That’s what I’d go for. Cazorla needs a monster game. And Welbeck HAS to be more clinical.

    That Liverpool defence will give us chances, we have to take them. But Sterling, Coutinho and Co will constantly catch us out because of our terrible CDM options.

  71. Goondawg

    Id rather have Debuchy and Per at CB, with Bellerin RB. I know Chambers is back after his suspension, but I prefer Bellerins attacking potency, and think Debuchy offers more defensively.

    Bellerin’s pace will cull Sterlings attacking instincts. But will rely on Flamini to help him out and thats troublesome

  72. Goondawg

    Cesc – Koz still out i’m afraid. Ramsey, arteta, ozil, diaby, gnabry (wtf happened to him) are also sidelined. But Ospina is in full training so whoop whoop I guess..

  73. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Hmmm ya…. I’d go with that lineup also. Think we might see Monreal tho for Kos. Maybe Theo as a late sub? Who knows. It’s like injury roulette.

    Sal –
    Yes… it’s the fluid part I’m worried about, 😀

  74. Cesc Appeal


    Oh really 🙁

    I saw ‘doubt’ today but not ‘out’…damn! That’s a big loss. What was Wenger thinking going into the season with 2 CB’s? Incredible levels of stupidity.

    I’m with you then, Bell, Debs, Mert, Gibbs…far from ideal, but Mert, for a 100 cap German international clearly needs some sort of calming presence beside him, some quality…which is pretty pathetic.

    Bellerin’s speed will come in useful I think at least maybe in forcing a Liverpool break to halt for a couple of seconds.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    As I was saying to Goondawg, it’s pretty bad that a 100 cap German can’t handle having a youthful CB next to him without turning to utter shit.

    If he could I’d have Debs at RB and a young CB next to him, Chambers or whoever. But it’d be a horror show.

    Wouldn’t shock me to see Wenger do something truly random like Chambers at RB and Debs at CB. Would speak volumes.

  76. MidwestGun

    Ya like Bellerin’s speed in attack but don’t trust him defensively against Sterling. Think I prefer Debuchy’s experience on him. Mert and Monreal not exactly ideal but it’s what we got at the moment.

  77. Nasri's Mouth

    Balotelli banned for 1 game for being…well… Mario.

    Dunno if he was even going to be fit enough to play against us.

  78. Swissguns

    I fear you’re right on that one, be interesting to see how much he goes for.
    Think it depends on how many are in for him.
    If they price him out of a move he’ll make hell though,don’t think they’ll be inclined to fight twice.

  79. kwik fit

    All us grovers deserve these 5 wishes this ule tide;

    Five Golden hookers
    Four Calling Birds
    Three French tarts
    Two ham shanks
    and a Partridge in a Pear Tree 🙂

  80. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Not sure how bad those achilles are, but we need him on Sunday.

    I think he’s out for another week, and then I doubt he’ll be playing every game.

  81. MidwestGun

    For sure, no matter how you look at it, there is no ideal back 4 situation. Hopefully their backline situation is more shit then ours. Altho, that didn’t matter vs. Man. U.

  82. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t think Mertesacker and Chambers works. Really poor showing from Mert, unless he has Kozz he looks really bad a lot of the time.

    Need a big CB buy in January. Really cannot get my head around how a manager of over 30 years looked at our defence and said “yep, that’ll do nicely.” No excuse.

    With a proper CB and CDM we’d go into tomorrow as overwhelming favourites, even with dingus on the touchline.

  83. Cesc Appeal


    Just compounds the damning verdict against Wenger for this summer balls up. That wasn’t an out of the blue problem. Knew about that for about month and sat on his hands.

    Unless he thought Chambers, a 19 year old with 21 PL games at RB could do the job…that’s a whole other discussion.

  84. salparadisenyc

    Please don’t take this personally Rhys Jagger as most of you’re posts are quite good, seriously thought out and put many of our ramblings to shame.
    Now put the panty liner back in, this two day crusade against Titi’s legacy and future endeavors should end at that. He may of not won us the champions league in 06 but he’s surely one of the main reasons we were there. Coupled with a decent draw.

    The man was immense for this club, why stir the murky waters to fulfill whatever you’re agenda is, guess that goes right into the second of you’re points.

    As for points 3, 4 and 5 spot on.

    If anyones to blame for our failures in Europe I know whom caps my list.

  85. Radio Raheem

    Debuchy Chambers Mertesacker Gibbs

    I’ll swap Chambers for Debuchy. Debuchy did a good impersonation of Koscielny last time out.

    I know we aren’t halfway through the season but I and million others said Balotelli ‘s a crackpot signing.

  86. Goondawg

    Fingers crossed if we have Ox in the middle with flamini, then all that pace around Mertesacker shouldnt derail him too badly. With gibbs and debuchy in their natural fullback positions, Chambers has had some good days in the centre, will need another performance come Sunday. (or is it saturday)

  87. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Kos had problems since March, so it’s been ongoing even longer, (though I guess they were hoping it would clear up before the start of the season.

    Wengers comments suggest he bought Chambers as a RB, then decided he was a CB.

    There’s probably some truth in saying that Wenger saw that he could get him for £16m and thought that whether he ends up at RB,CB or DM he’s got a bargain.

    Chambers has been better than other summer CB signings, but even Wenger is admitting we need one more in Jan

  88. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, Chambers is fine for the future.

    But I doubt you could have found anyone who thought relying on Mert and Kozz was a good idea.

    There is literally no reason for Wenger to take these gambles.

    When we slip into fourth again, and we’re all looking around at who is to blame for another wasted season, you cannot look past Arsene Wenger. He utterly ruined this season at the close of the transfer window.

    Beyond imbecilic. Total negligence and indicative of his laissez faire attitude to squad management. “Oh, it’ll probably be alright.”

  89. Cesc Appeal

    The sad part is, two signings and we’d have a really string squad. I still think we’d come up short because of the managers shortcomings and our horrendous record against the big sides.

    But a CB and a CDM and we’d look a top side.

    Debs, CB, Kozz, Gibbs
    CDM, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez

    Obviously the ST could be better, but with quality in those two positions I’d put us up there.

  90. MidwestGun

    Rhys could do without the US is trying to ruin/dominate the world comments, also. Because somebody forgot to tell the Chinese. And politicians have very little control over what corporations do, which is part of the problem slash blessing of a capitalist system.

  91. Goondawg

    The most worrying thing, is we cant just go and buy a shit CB. We need a TOP notch replacement. like for like with Koscielny.

    Out of our current two. One is slow as fuck and ageing into deteriorate mode rapidly. The other, has a niggling injury that will allow him to play one or two matches per month. And thats if we are lucky. We cant forever have Monreal and Debuchy transitioning back and forth, that’s ludicrous. We will never beat the european elites with Monreal in defence. The guy got the one-bang by Bony, and hasnt looked the same since.

    I like Chambers, but he is a baby. And really need to buy a strong DM, with Arteta’s ageing and frequent injury situations. Flamini is on the other side of the fence as well.