The next Arsene. What does he look like?

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So today, we’ll be having a little chat about something I read about managerial appointments. It’s a tricky business. You can prepare early to bring in someone new and by the time you get there, they’re messing things up, or you can do it late and still mess it up. Like United have. I hope.

Anyway, Barca had a plan when Rijkaard was letting it slide like Rooney on a summer holiday to an all inclusive. Their management team, a grouping of the finest players to have graced the club (The Dream Team), were being informed by the players things weren’t right on the shop floor.

That’s novel. That’s why I suspect you don’t see explayers in senior positions at Arsenal, because people like Thierry and Patrick could function like that. I wonder who the confidant at the club is at the moment? Who tells Ivan what’s really going on?

Anyway, things were going awry, so instead of shooting for the next big name, the club drew up a profile and undertook a selection process that nailed down what the next manager needed to make the shortlist.

As Luis Martín of El País explains, ‘A profile of the new manager was drawn up, including a set of criteria that the candidate had to fulfil: he should respect the footballing style inherited from Rijkaard; promote a solid work ethic and group solidarity; supervise the work of the youth teams; place an emphasis on preparation and player recuperation; maintain discipline in the dressing room while being respectful of all opponents and possess a sound knowledge of the Spanish league. Furthermore, the next manager of FC Barcelona would have to have a feel and understanding for the club, its values, significance and history.’

I thought this passage was interesting, because you see how many of the foundations Wenger set, whilst also acknowledging where he’s fallen down. For the record, Pellegrini, Laudrup and Wenger all missed out on the final list.

The breakdown of where we are and where we need to be.

Respect the football style:

I think we’d all like a pragmatist like Jose post Wenger, but for me, we need to avoid remedying Wenger’s faults by bringing in an antichrist solution. Don’t cure a skin infection with battery acid. The next manager needs to a modern version of Arsene. Someone who brings style with planning. Flair with analytics. A blend of mostly art, but with a serious hat tip to science.

Promote a solid work ethic and group solidarity

Again, not sure you can knock Arsene here. Players and coaching staff rarely speak out against the manager. He runs a tight ship, much in the same way Fergie did. I think I’d want someone to promote an innovative culture here. That’s amongst the staff and the players. I don’t think Arsenal players speak up or suggest improvements because they know the outcome will be a negative one. Whilst you don’t want to cede authority with disruption, you do want to encourage creative thinking and accountability. No man ever has all the answers… nor should he seek to. Weakness isn’t in not knowing, it’s in not admitting you might not know.

Supervise the work of the youth teams:

Ok, so this is an area we all kind of thought Arsene was nailing, but the reality is, he wasn’t. Considering the investment in youth and the lack of it that’s come through on our terms, you really would suggest that we go hard bringing in someone who understands bringing through talent. Jurgen Klopp speaks volumes here, but then again, so does Pep Guardiola and a whole host of top names. If I were running the show, I’d want the manager dictating the style, not sure I’d want him literally supervising the youth. I’d also be nabbing whoever is running the Southampton youth gravy train. Bring in the best of the best. The manager would have no control over this appointment either. The club own the infrastructure so we’re not beholden… like we are now (I’m not talking about Joncker, I know he was a club appointment, which was strange, but at least it wasn’t an Arsene appointment).

Place an emphasis on preparation and player recuperation:

Oh hi there warning KLAXON. This is a major area that we can improve on. You need a manager with a deep respect of data. Arsene pretends he has this, but the reality is he doesn’t… because we see the same mistakes over and over again. We need a manager who will see the head of fitness as the gatekeeper to a better team. If power and pace are the dominant factors in European football, you need a backroom team that are 1) brilliant 2) listened to. At the moment, we’re the formula one team with just a driver… and that driver ragged the car to pieces. We need a manager who has a vision when it comes to fitness. A manager who believes in rotation. A manager who believes in recuperation and rest. A manager who takes this part of the game seriously and delivers on the requirements with a modern approach.

Maintain discipline in the dressing room:

This goes without saying. I think what needs saying is that we need a manager who maintains discipline on the pitch and a manager who forces accountability off it. Did someone pull Gibbs into a room and read him the riot act after the Stoke game? Does anyone sit the players down and run them through the videos of their bad games? Who is making them better players and better people? That kind of stuff. Mourinho, despite being a scumbag in the public eye, is actually an incredible communicator. He motivates, forces accountability and tolerates zero nonsense on and off the pitch. He manages ego and well being. I’m not sure that’s ever been Wenger’s strength. Apparently he’s not big in this area. I feel a lot of that might come with the generation gap that’s opened up, but it might also just be his style. It might also be that when he started, he had players who did a lot of that for him.

While being respectful of all opponents and possess a sound knowledge of the Spanish league:8

Ok, so the Spanish league bit is a touch redundant. But the English league is relevant. We have the most intense league on the planet. Different gravy to all the others. We’re all clamouring for a manager based overseas when maybe giving an opportunity to one based over here might be a good idea. I think the respect of opposition is important, we don’t respect that they might have a plan, might have some good players and might be able to damage them. The next manager has to be a planner. A details person. Someone who leaves no stone unturned in their push to drive for maximum points. We don’t gain those additional percentage points by doing the basics. Our players have tended to go in a blind to games which costs us. It didn’t used to because we were so good, now others have caught up and they know how we’ll play… so we regularly stumble. Opposition teams are never surprised by us, there’s never a plan to nullify or exploit weakness… hopefully the new manager can drive some of that change.


The names don’t have to be major. I think people get way too caught up in football being some sort of meritocracy. It’s absolutely not. The managers doing amazing things with almost zero budget in League One could do a job in the Premier League but they never get a chance. When you have nothing, you have to be more resourceful, smarter and with an average pool of talent. Pep took over a Barca B team on its knees that had just been relegated. He believed that all teams have the same core principles, and if you have a system, a culture and the right kind of drive, you can improve any operation. Whilst I’m not championing a lower division manager, I am championing Arsenal looking beyond a brand name.  Arsene wasn’t a brand name, Pep wasn’t a brand name, nore was Jose… but they all had a vision of how the game should be played. Where do we find out next Arsene?

The bigger question, would we have the balls to employ that person if we knew of them?

I’m not sure…

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  1. Keyser

    “In 07, Edelman said Wenger had 70m to spend. What did he spend that summer?”

    This is how pathetic it’s become, who said it ? Edelman, who’s Edelman ? Well he’s part of the board he’s in charge at Arsenal, so why don’t they make Wenger use the money, because they’re not really in charge, Wenger is, if Wengers in charge why didn’t he stop Edelman saying that to begin with, wait who’s Edelman ? Well he’s part of the board, he’s in charg…

    The cyclical logic is embarrassing.

    Edelman made those comments, and I’m pretty sure Wenger came out and said it was for transfers and wages, by the end of the season Adebayor wants us to quadruple his wages, we do that, but NO he wants Henry wages, afterall he scored 30 just like Henry.

    Our wagebill increases, we buy Nasri, and Ramsey I think at the end of the year, that’s 70 million in cash reserves btw, it’s not each year, it’s all we had.

  2. Jim Lahey

    Ha Ferguson spent close to £115m in his last two seasons. Although to be fair that wasn’t a patch on the 180m Chelsea spent during the same period. City spending 130.

    It is amazing the amount that City and Chelsea have spent on players in the last few years.

    10/11 – 95m
    11/12 – 88m
    12/13 – 92m
    13/14 – 106m
    14/15 – 91m

    (Also notable mentions 03/04 – 153m. and 05/06 – 111m. That is serious money today, not to talk about 10 years ago! Madness!)

    08/09 – 128m
    09/10 – 125m
    10/11 – 154m
    11/12 – 76m
    12/13 – 54m
    13/14 – 103m
    14/15 – 52m

    Amazing the money that has been spent on those two squads over the last number of years. Especially City 700m of talent in 7 years and they haven’t come close to winning the UCL yet.

  3. Keyser

    Karim/ Sylvie – Did you read Julien Laurens Espn article on Henry ?

    Is Julien Laurens respected ? and do you agree with his views on the French Publics perceptions of Henry ? Seemed almost nasty, like there’s genuine dislike for aspects of his character.

  4. Gelbs

    Gelbs – You don’t really understand what’s happening do you ? You alright mate ?

    Where am I?! Lol.

    You have to ask the question though, what’s the point of Arsene Wenger from a footballing perspective? He has nothing to offer, not good enough to win trophie(s) – plural. Even a one-off Title or Champions League. The aging bastard has to go eventually, so why not bite the bullet and get rid come the end of the season? Gets it out the way with. People bang on about who should replace him, look at the managers who could of replaced him? All hindsight of course, but I reckon Guardiola would of taken the Arsenal job before Bayern approached him, maybe even Mourinho if Gazidis worked his magic, Ancelotti after he got sacked from Chelsea, most definitely. Numerous managers, but at the end of the day, it’s not our job. Like when Wenger came, everyone was like who the hell is ‘Arsene Wenger?’ What’s better as well, finishing 4th every year and winning nothing, or finishing 5th every year but winning the FA Cup every year? Football is about trophies. 4th is utterly pointless if you’re not going to do anything significant with it. “Yeah but Champions League gets the best players.” Doesn’t apply in Wenger’s case, because he doesn’t buy enough of the right kind of calibre players.

  5. Leedsgunner


    I loved this…

    “Lol he was a dreadful PK taker yet always seemed to score.”

    If he always scored surely that meant he was a good PK (even though his technique was awful!). I know what you mean though… 😉

    Oh only if we had Lauren to take the PK than Özil last year versus Bayern Munich!

    Funny enough PKing is Arteta’s remaining forte par excellence… I mean the guy hardly ever misses. His record for our club in this regard is excellent.

  6. tunnygriffboy


    I’m very nervous about Sunday. That game v man u was a lot closer than the score suggests. Man u were clinical Liverpool fluffed their lines. They won’t miss that many one on ones again

    I think it’s a really important game for us. Win we open up a big gap between us and them, it also banishes the nightmare of last seasom. Lose they really close the gap and the losing to ‘big clubs away’ continues. We are capable of exposing their defence but they could cause us problems in attack

    It’s also a worry due to our injuries. After Sunday a lot of our players start to come back for the Qpr and West Ham game. I’d go with the same front three as Newcastle with Santi, Flamini and the Ox. If Ox is unfit we have a problem. We could play Chambers there or Coquelin. If we play Chambers it means the same back 4 as last week. Not sure Debuchy at CB and Bellerin at RB is the right way to go ( they did do well against Newcastle ) at Anfield. Think I’d go Coquelin in midfield with Chambers CB and Debuchy RB.

    Come the Qpr game we have players coming back and we can rotate a bit as we will play West Ham 2 days later. They play Chelsea on Boxing Day.

  7. Relieable sauce

    Hee he, you’ve got to love ol stroller if your an Arsenal fan.

    Like blair reinventing the Labour party to appeal to the middle classes, wenger has done the same to Arsenal. Forgoing its history & values in the process.
    We should be called “New Arsenal” or “AW Gunners”.

  8. daz


    So what manager is going to come and win the fa cup every year? What are you on about Wenger is joint 2nd for most fa cup wins in history of the cup yet he hasn’t won it enough times for you? I suppose mourinho would win it every year would he?. I’ve got a theory on mourinho maybe he has been so successful in his career because he is so self serving he builds a winning team then in a couple of years jumps ship before things have a chance to decline. If he came to arsenal he wouldn’t see it as a club he could build something for it would be win a title then see you later let the next guy deal with rebuilding the team. I give him 3 more years at Chelsea tops then its back to 2 managers per season for them.

  9. London gunner

    Lol Man United fans trying to say Rudd van nisteroy was better than Henry.

    They must be having a laugh didnt he score only one goal outside the box. Granted he was great poacher with the timing and positioning that comes along with that, but he was far to dependent on his team mates to be the best.

    I get the shout for shearer being the best, as he scored a terrific amount for 2 garbage teams.

    Personally I say Thierry because I am an arsenal fan, but if I was a nufc fan would prove choose shearer

  10. Ustynobaba

    Thierry Henry aka Igwe……the dude just has class written over him,i mean when he was on the pitch for us you would be sure of winning even when its tight,i still remember that solo goal against RM at the Bernabeu that should be my favourite goal if am not mistaken,with Henry we were a force wayback.

    Happy retirement Monsieur Henry…..wish you well in your media career

  11. Ustynobaba

    RVN was a good poacher always at the tail of the last defender but outside cant see the comparison,CR7 was far better for them

  12. MidwestGun

    Thierry Henry juggles down the sideline:

    My favorite post Arsenal career Henry moment. Toying with Galaxy in the playoffs. Arrogance to know he can do anything.
    Already said my goodbyes watching him play final MLS match a few weeks ago. The footballing world is gonna be a sadder place. Favorite player by a mile, ever. Never be another like him.
    Hope he has a good media career, also.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    So Rihanna has just been named creative director for Puma…so expect the boys to be in something slutty next season. Great news for the Giroud lovers.

    Big game on Sunday, should be looking to beat Liverpool. We have to start beating the big teams away, no one is ever going to take us seriously if we keep up this appalling record against the big sides, home and away.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    The fact you’d make a comment like that is Disturbia, S.O.S. You’re playing Russian Roulette with comments like that, You Da One I wouldn’t expect to be so Unfaithful with comments like that.

    What Now Rude Boy?

  15. Johnty79

    Not happy to see Henry on sky…the chemistry between Neville and carrager will be lost. Henery never has the stones to critize wenger or any other manager. Despite his crazy ness I would of had tony Adams as he gives it honest about arsenal.

    I don’t even think he’ll finish a season on sky.

    Great player though..but has history has showed Ronaldo and Suarez raised the bar on how good an individual could be on a season.

  16. Cesc Appeal



    Don’t. They’ll probably be hats, and two foot heels…suppose we’ll at least remedy the set pieces problems. Seeing as some of our players will then be 8ft or over PLUS the height of the hat.

    I heard a rumour that before we signed with Puma that Ralph Lauren were interested, Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein….one of those.

    That would have been perfect, highest tickets prices going, don’t sing, don’t question the manager, throw red wine to show disapproval, kits made my Ralph Lauren.

    Arsenal, the club of the Conservative Party.

  17. Blsany

    Henry has been a fantastic player.He really shoud have won Ballon D´or to be fair to him he has won evrerything else in football.

  18. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I suppose they own us anyhow. Same/difference. Good luck collecting on the debt, tho. 😀

    As far as Pool match. Think Ox’s availability will be key to game. Running out of midfielders who can defend a bit, also. Debuchy in the midfield? Lol.

  19. Bamford10


    I’ve answered all of your questions, and rebutted all your “points”. It has all been lost on you, though, which is fine.

    But to claim that I’m “attacking you”? Get a grip, mate.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Oh Rihanna would get it, but why did she have to cover herself in those tattoos?

    And also she comes across as a bit of a moody bitch, sort of believes her own hype. Can’t stand that.

    But oh my goodness yes…

  21. MidwestGun

    Nyc –
    Lol… get in line. Besides Giroud in a red and white animal print kit with faux tribal arm and back stylized Puma tattoo logos. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

  22. Justice4 Sonogo

    King HENRY the greatest player ever to play in EPL
    The BEST player ever to wear Arsenal shirt.
    One of all time greats of the game.
    One of all time best strikers
    One of the most all time clinical in front of goal.
    Full respect, great man and a living LEGEND.

  23. Ughelligunner

    Who is watching derby vs chelsea capital one cup match?

    I bet you if it was arsenal legrove would be spitting cats and dogs that wenger played his stars against minors.

    You know when it comes to wenger vs morhino here its always hypocritical.

    Not surprise nobody even Pedro would raise an eyebrow on a worthless cup, but if wenger had done this…

  24. Johnty79

    For the life of me I can’t understand why we are linked with destroy of Roma. He’s poor and can’t even get in the team. He can’t play the giroud or welbeck role. What be another calamity signing…

    Wenger almost signed Andreas Anderson back in 1998 possibly the worse striker in the history of the premier league.

  25. Keyser

    Bamford10 –

    You’ve answered nothing really, you wet yourself over Benteke, I gave you the answer and you couldn’t help yourself including him.

    10 ? I swear if there’s clones of you I’m done.

  26. Blsany

    Henry should have scored more so Fat rank can never ovelap him. just read that espn articleWhat a load of rubbish Lauren is spouting.French people are really complex when it comest to Henry. They seem to love Trezegeut more.Trezegeuet was just goalscorer like Shearer, RVn etc.. henry was that and so much more

  27. David Smith

    The next arsene is coming sooner than some think. Who will he be? This is the most risk averse conservative, money orientated club on the planet. A big name manager will come with a twelve million salary plus his back room staff, and will come with no guarantees.
    I expect Steve bould in a prominent position, perhaps with an older mentor , who will not be wenger, and a stellar supporting cast.
    When wenger leaves, primorac, banfield , Colbert and co will go as well. But the club will want some arsenal men to remain.
    Why do you all thing bould is keeping so quiet at things he fundamentally disagrees with for so long?
    If it happens earlier , or later, expect bould in a primary role, perhaps the likes of Denis, Jens and eventually Thierry in a supporting role with a very serious manager or dof. Not sure who the latter will be.
    The club went left field when they got wenger, thanks to david dein. The club will not be so left field now. They will not pay for pep, they will not risk Klopp, Simeone will not fit the profile, Garcia again a risk, like de boer. Martinez will not have done enough. Even if Jose were to be jobless, the club would not touch him ,nor anyone like him.
    Boulds silence speaks.

  28. Highbury Daze

    I really don’t care who the manager is, as long as he has more nous than Venger and buys a couple of CB and a CDM, we are only along for the ride, and if it gets bumpy are we not entitled as supporters/fans to voice our disaproval

    As someone pointed out, not allowed to sing, can’t hold up banners, can’t protest, these corporate thugs just want you to shut the fuck up, say nothing hand over your money each week and take it up the asre


  29. Highbury Daze

    Stalag 13, cannot do anything inside the stadium that has any smell of negativity or the guards will eject you, simple things like being late for meals, to reading a newspaper, to using a mobile phone inside the inner sanctum gets the players fined, and is it not ironic that they have a big fucking German collecting the fines

    Sieg Heil

    How this club has lowered it’s standards, it is a bucket of pus as it now stands with these fucking reprobates running this asylum

  30. Highbury Daze

    This is not a football club, it is a mental asylum, run by Nurse Venger, no TV, if you are found watching TV you are fined 500 pounds, if you do not take your medication fined 250 pounds, if you are overheard talking about Jose Mourinho you are fined 1000 pounds, if players are talking about Herr Venger and his rap moll fined 2000 pounds, if players are talking to reporters fined 3000 pounds and dropped from first team for 1 month

  31. Highbury Daze

    But even though they are dropped he tells the media they have an injury, no one has ever been dropped from AFC in 18 years, just don’t ask Jens Lehman about that, because when he challenged this prick he was dropped long term for Almunia, you know you cannot talk back or offer an opinion to a dictator

    IT JUST ISN’T DONE, not without a consequence, this is the most despicable manager I have had the displeasure of watching, he is borderline fucking insane

  32. Highbury Daze

    Well it has happened again, as I always point out, AFC under Venger is about buying low and selling high, Jenkinson cost nothing, came on a free from Charlton,there is a debate on how much Arsenal actually paid, some say 1 million pounds, but knowing Venger, I would say he was free, Arsene’s fav price, anyway, if any club wants to buy him Venger has slapped an 8 million pound price tag on him, this was always the plan, he was never going to be first team at AFC it’s how Venger operates

  33. Highbury Daze

    I see some gooners have been debating our next manager will be, I believe that Venger will have a say in the appointment, and I believe it could be Henry, Venger will push for him and be in the background watching his every move, offering a helping hand along the way, Venger cannot divest himself of football, he would have to be involved somehow

    So there fans my pick Theirry Henry for next Arsenal manager, he will get a 2 year crash course from Venger, Henry is an Arsene arse licker, should be a great team, the French still running English football club

  34. Highbury Daze

    It’s a great gig, get young players with potential, pay next to nothing for them, bring them to your club after a couple of years sell them for profit, Venger would tell these young boys about if you work hard you can be a 1st team player, it’s crap, never going to happen, they are always moved on for money, this is what the blood suckers live for PROFIT

    What the fucks the point of having a football club/team if winning trophies is not your ultimate goal, if just going through the motions to finish 4th so the owners/admin can fill their wallets while the fans get screwed

  35. Highbury Daze

    Henry may have been a great player, that does not constitute he will be a great manager, I doubt managers like Klopp, Pep, Ancelotti et al will get the gig when Venger goes, I feel it will be Henry, and don’t be surprised if his number two is Patrick Vieira, I think he is waiting for Venger to leave before coming back in some capacity

    I just hope Venger does not move upstairs and tries to control the club from above, he should just go, but I very much doubt he will, we are in for more than 3 fucking years of this guy

  36. Highbury Daze

    Makes you wonder does it not, that a great Champion like Vieira cannot get a job in some capacity at AFC, the big EGO of Venger would not allow it, there must have been some animosity between the two to make Vieira go to work for City, Maybe Patrick had too many viewpoints, and the dictator would not have it,

    That’s why there is no Adams, Keown or any other great working at AFC, just Bould, and he looks like he has his period sitting next to Venger hating every waking fucking minute, the money must be good that’s all I can say for Bouldy to endure working for a cunt like Venger

  37. Dark Hei

    Mostly agree with the points Pedro makes. Except for this one.

    “The next manager has to be a planner. A details person. Someone who leaves no stone unturned in their push to drive for maximum points”

    I know there has been calls for a more varied approach to games. But I think this is counterproductive to the style of football over at Arsenal. Arsenal, like Barcelona and United, plays a proactive game. Not a reactive one. We seek to dominate our character on the game and not try to react to opposing teams, game on game.

  38. Highbury Daze

    Well Hei, whatever approach Venger uses/adopts, I can say without fear of contradiction, that it is not the right one, it is not working, it is flawed, try another style, do something different, what we see today we say 18 years ago, the product is the same, only the players have changed, fucking boring

  39. Highbury Daze

    It must be a well paid job, and his character is such that he is willing to sit there like a dummy and collect his wage, he has no input now that is obvious, he is a symbol sitting there as a defensive coach, who has to explain how we conceded 6-0 6-3 5-1 3-0, 20 goals in 4 matches, that is pure Venger, not Bould

  40. Highbury Daze

    This manager lives and breathes football 24/7, he cannot walk away, he will be around in some form at this club, which is bad news for a lot of people and good news for others, even in death his spectre will haunt these corridors for a long time, and if Henry is the next AFC manager you can be sure he will be Venger trained with emphasis on attack and never mind defense, going into a new season with 2 CB is fine

  41. gonsterous

    Henry is to become a football expert… Just another great player who we shunned away when he wanted to come back…. Good job AFC…

  42. Highbury Daze

    Just finished watching the Arsenal v Liverpool game from 2004, our unbeaten season, the one great achievement Venger can be proud of, hat trick Henry at Highbury, down 1-0 then 2-1 to run out winners 4-2

    This was a squad to remember after Vieira and Petit, we had Vieira and Gilberto, Campbell and Toure, Cole, Lauren, Ljunberg and Pires, Bergkamp and of course Henry, with Jens in goal

    What the fuck happened Arsene, we now have Arteta Flamini, Arteta Ramsey, Flamini Ramsey

    That was a great team and never cost a fortune, 10 miilion for Henry Vieira 3.5 million, Pires 6 million, Ljunberg 3 million Sol free, Toure 150,000 Gilberto 4.5 million Cesc free Jens 2 millionRVP 2.75 million

    As I said what the fuck happened Arsene

  43. Highbury Daze

    Every player with a specific role, defense in order 2 strong CB, 2 strong CM, goal scoring wingers, Pires and Freddie, a imperious number 10 Dennis, and an imperious finisher, with our best keeper in an age Jens, not an expensive squad to assemble compared to Chelsea and City have to spend around 300-400 million quid

  44. Highbury Daze

    And maybe just maybe we might see Dennis back at Arsenal, he is assistant manager to De Boer at Ajax, and a possible future AFC manager, my pick over Henry

  45. Wallace

    i think Henry was so good i took him a little bit for granted. always had a soft spot for Anelka, and what might have been had he hung around for a while. Shearer at Blackburn, before the injuries reduced him was very special, and loved early Fowler. him and Eduardo probably the two most gifted finishers i’ve seen.

  46. Le Prof


    ‘He knows if he does that all focus and limelight will fall on Henry and that’s the last thing Wenger would want.’

    And how exactly do you know what Wenger would want?

    Nice one Jeff

  47. karim


    Don’t know much about Laurens.
    He’s very critical about French people like a lot of French Londoners by the way.

    Henry is admired in France as well as a bit disliked for his general attitude, he seemed so distant tbf.

    Trezeguet is someone everybody likes on the contrary, a very nice guy, always smiling, very accessible.

    Being the same age as both, I obviously followed their career very closely. Henry was my favourite player back when he was playing for Monaco, his association with Sonny Anderson, another underrated formidable striker was a real pleasure to watch.
    Henry was so fresh at the time and one of the media’s favourite.

    He certainly had his reasons to become a bit of a sulk as years went by but it didn’t help in terms of popularity

    Still, people recognise his true value

  48. karim


    Garde is doing some punditry for canal + as some sort of sabbatical year.

    He did very well for Lyon and has a real personality.

    I know and understand people wouldn’t like another Frenchman at the helm but he s a very good coach anyway