Arsenal fans guilt song is so counter productive…

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Well, well, well… that’s what it feels like to have a nice day out at the Arsenal?

Met up with family before, drank some beer, ate some kebab then hit up The Grove not quite sure of what to expect. The starting line up, Flamini forward looked pretty spectacular. Flamini and back, well, it was hide behind the couch type stuff. Debuchy was playing at centre back for the first time ever flanked by Bellerin and Gibbs.

We needn’t have worried. Arsene Wenger let us know his tactics… score early apparently. Pretty technical stuff. We delivered as well.

Tiote started as he mean’t to carry on… with a studs up attack on Sanchez. Great thing about Alexis is he’s pretty much indestructible. He’s also a bit like the hulk, don’t hack him off, because he might make you pay.

We warmed up the goal area with a Santi cross for a Per flick onto the bar. I celebrated like it was a goal. How often do we connect with a corner? Rarely my friends, rarely.

Our next big chance came when Bellerin broke up play, using his electric pace to intercept a rogue pass, Giroud laid of Sanchez, the Chilean picked out Giroud in the box with a perfect cross… the Frenchman didn’t make the same mistake as last week and duly buried the header past Alnwick.

I don’t exactly know what happened for the next moment, but it looked like WELBZ was played through, he chipped the keeper but the ref blew up. Arsenal fans were saying it was a ridiculous position, judging by the ref on show, I’d probably agree without the need of evidence.

There was a ‘NEARLY THE BEST GOAL EVER’ moment when the players brought back interchangeable magic passing to life through the middle culminating in a chipped Sanchez pass the WELBZ volleyed over the shoulder just wide. So nearly incredible. Confidence was rife regardless and the crowd were totally buzzing and getting into the Christmas spirit.

Alarm bells had time to sounds, from a deadball, we managed to let Newcastle in on goal twice, Chezzer doing his job for once with a couple of smart saves from close range. This really was going to be a good day. One up at half time, should have been two.

Second half started off in exceptional circumstances… Kieran Gibbs set off a move, Cazorla laid it out wide for Sanchez who returned the favour, Cazorla took the ball in his stride, regained balance and chipped the keeper at the back post without looking up. A superb finish.

Chambo had a hand in the third, feeding in Bellerin who crossed with Giroud smartly finishing for his second. Bellerin really grew with the game, he looked electric towards the end.

Newcastle pulled on back converting a near post header from a dead ball. Typical, but really, considering the state of the back four, conceding one goal really isn’t a major issue.

Cazorla capped the evening with this penalty… arrogant and beautiful!


I said the fixtures look favourable to us over the next month and that I was confident we could take 100% of the points over this nightmare period. I stand by that. Newcastle were a form side, but they had injury concerns and ultimately, they were an avearge side in good form. That was never going to last. We took a confident game there and our big players showed up.

Our next game is against Liverpool, hopefully they’ll find themselves turned over at United today. They’re in real trouble, so I’d hope not to see too many problems from them on the 21st. Then we have QPR, they have a congested fixture list, they’ll look at us as an unlikely 3 points, so I’d imagine they’ll rest players. Then we play West Ham, again, they see us flanked by Chelsea and West Brom. Then it’s Southampton… all the points please.


He’s absolutely electric. Going forward he really offers us something neither Debuchy nor Sagna offer… decent delivery and a genuine threat. He started slowly yesterday but grew with the game. He’s fast on his feet and in the mind. He’ll be a major asset for us this season. A real exciting prospect.


You can’t defend against him. He’s just like Suarez. He’s unpredictable. He has no weaknesses. He can play left, right, central and he can defend. He’s an inspiration on the pitch. He has a relentless work ethic that is infectious. An absolute steal from Barca and really, he’s the benchmark for future purchases. He has it all.

One Arsene Wenger…

Look, I know it’s nice to beat teams like Newcastle, but the instant forgiveness and the singing of that song is embarrassing. For me, it keeps the malaise going. We get what we deserve as fans, instant forgiveness as soon as we have one good result is exactly the mentality the board have… we’ll get to the end of the year, having not competed for the league or the Champions League, and we’ll go again because fans who know he’s not good enough can’t shake the past and pitch for a better future. Wenger uses fear of the unknown to convince you he’s the right man for the job… sad that the known is this… elite mediocrity.

‘My job is to win football games and make people happy,’ said Wenger. ‘What happened last week … I work for 18 years in this country and I am grateful that I have been accepted by 99.9 per cent with a big respect.

‘I can take the 0.1 per cent and live with it but my job is to make people happy. If they are not happy, I have to live with it.

‘On one side, we benefit because we have become extremely popular. On the other side, the negative is that everybody talks and has opinions and that is what is maybe more difficult to live with when it doesn’t go well.’

I’m done with the manager, there’s no coming back for me because I can see him for what he is. Even the above comments about ‘opinions’ come across as extremely arrogant… kind of like a Tory politician who hates the fact he has to serve the people who know nothing. Lucky for Arsene, no one in the game ever challenged him on his right to an opinion in management, considering he’d never played at the highest level. Anyway, I can’t stop fans singing that song, but seriously, when you’re doing it, ask yourself if you actually believe it…did you sing it because you beleive in the manager, or did you sing it because of the station incident?

We have the fan equivalent of Stockholm syndrome…

Regardless of why you did it, know that every time you do, you fuel more of the same. More ego. More ‘my way’. More injuries. More failure. More boredom.

Your choice.

I’ll keep buying my season ticket, because I know that once he’s gone, that’s when the exciting times start. I won’t sing his name though. Those days are over for me.

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  1. karim


    Marseille s smoking hot, haven’t played this week unlike Monaco and Berbatov doesn’t play for the latter

    + OM fans are gonna fill the stadium

    Not to mention Paris losing

    Think Marseille s winning, are you gonna watch ?
    should be a very good game

  2. Relieable sauce

    It is surprising that Wenger has never won sports personality of the year considering all the great things he has achieved…

    Perhaps thats what hes been holding out for???

    I’m guessing they gave him an accolade of some kind for the invincible season…?

  3. Follow the money

    The fans were singing because they were overjoyed that we can beat someone whose not in the relegation zone. Think about that for a minute

  4. Jeff

    It’s getting tight. Tottenham hot on our tails.

    1 Chelsea 16 23 39
    2 Man City 16 19 36
    3 Man Utd 16 12 31
    4 West Ham 16 8 28
    5 Southampton 16 12 26
    6 Arsenal 16 9 26
    7 Tottenham 16 -2 24
    8 Newcastle 16 -4 23
    9 Swansea 16 2 22
    10 Liverpool 16 -3 21

  5. Jeff

    It’s amazing isn’t it? Last season Man U dropped off and Liverpool were flying high so the top four included us. This season, Man U are flying high and Liverpool dropped off – so the top four will probably include us again. If I didn’t know any better I’d say Arsene has a pact with the devil.

    I’ll trade in never winning the league again for finishing in top four so long as I manage. And the devil agreed. 😆

  6. Jeff

    Before Arsene left, he asked one more question. Will I be free to win the Champions League and any domestic cups?

    Certainly replied the devil smiling inwardly.

  7. Bellamy Bigglesworth

    Be careful what you wish for Pedro.

    He will leave, just as Fergie had to, but the alternatives are few and far between.

    Look at the winners of the league over the past 15 years… Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea & Manchester City… Let that percolate. Two of the teams have been able to buy who they want due to their billionaire owners, one has been able to buy who they want by taking out huge loans. One team has lived within their means in order to become competitive.

    Looking at the bigger picture, it seems like we’re starting to compete financially as well as on the pitch.

    I suspect the legacy Wenger and the board leave us fans will be a team that can compete at the highest level… sounds good to me.


  8. Carts

    Kwick – that link you posted…SMFH .

    ANOTHER deluded twat. “Venger’s the mac daddy…be careful what you wish for…Venger leaves we’re fucked”.

    How the fuck is the “Venger factor back” cos we beat Newcastle. I’d like to hear what he says the next time we lose…”Vengar factor is on pause” maybe?

  9. smurp

    The people that sang are Arsene fans, the people that cringed at the embarrassment of it all are Arsenal fans. It is a bit like believing the leader of a cult who sells you a bullshit future that will never happen, that is Arsene, the players and the AKBs. People need to realise he is incapable of making the future happen, he has one way of doing everything and is way too old to adapt.

    I know exactly how we will lose to ask of the top 4 teams before we even play them, so do the top 4 teams. Wenger will go out and do it his way and hope poor for the best, he will fail. The AKBs will doubt their beliefs momentarily then we will whip a shit and they will hail the messiah again. Cop on you mindless fools, we need change.

  10. Bellamy Bigglesworth


    Another keyboard gangster eh. Mind your manners! Read properly. Wenger leave, it’s inevitable, but when he does, we’ll be in a good place.

    That is all.

  11. WrightIsGod

    Well well well. This league is beginning to heat up nicely. Somehow, despite all the stick we’ve given them, Spurs are on our tail but tbh we should have top four in our pocket.

    If we sort out defence I wouldn’t give up totally on doing better. For instance, Chelsea are beatable. So are City – especially without Aguero. Arsenal can easily go on a run with the forward players we have.

    Imagine we actually sort out our defensive issues. Imagine if we have a run at the back end of this season which mirrors the front end of last season. With all our players back in the second half of the season it is possible.

    Maybe I’m drunk off that 4-1 performance but I don’t think the league is over, in fact it’s never over at Christmas.

    I’ve been Wenger Out but there are signs he can turn it round and won’t go anywhere.

    This talk must be down to the Christmas bubbly. I’m going to the shed to beat myself reeds now. I feel dirty.

  12. rollen

    I’ve been Wenger Out but there are signs he can turn it round and won’t go anywhere.

    he cant and he won’t

    Last two games were really good.

  13. El Tel 1

    Fat monkey shit c..t Richard Keys has a pop at Santi for the awesome penalty he took. That slag has never liked us and always has a dig at any opportunity. If one of Mancsums wankers had chipped a penalty like that he would have creamed his pants.

    He is one of the major reasons I dumped Sky Sports many years ago. I have always liked Andy Gray as a player and a pundit but Keys is just a total twat.

    Who cares that Newcastles Keeper is a kid. If he had stood up and saved it he would be an hero.

    Great Penalty slagged off by a total scumbag

  14. El Tel 1

    I can see the Chavs blowing it all. They are getting away with murder at the moment just as the Mancsum had been for years.

    I hope they blow it as I detest the Manager who thinks cheating is acceptable.

    Wenger would have got crucified for defending what Cahill did.

    Slag team with a real c..t of a Manager

  15. El Tel 1

    Wenger is acting like the arrogant tossed he is. Still think his days are numbered. He has to win the League or CL to cement his stay.

    I think deep down the criticism is killing him.

  16. Highbury Daze

    Couldn’t possibly win the CL not clever enough, he thinks he’s smart with all those certificates for accountancy and such, and he is a smart fiscal operator, but win the CL never,it’s a bridge too far, this club has 2 CB TWO, no CDM, NONE, even if we had the squad, this numbskull doesn’t know how to utilise it, we have individual great players playing robotic football by numbers, playing to a script, and a badly written one I might add, no people, what you see is what you get, failure, I am afraid Jose was right

    Every time there is negativity talked about this guy he goes into automatic survival mode, starts telling you how great he HAS BEEN, what he HAS WON, falls back on history, yea we know Arsene, that was more than 10 years ago, wake up and smell the fucking coffee son

  17. John

    This whole thing with Wenger isn’t about one match, one away match or one season. It’s a culmination of 7 plus seasons of arrogant attitude by this man. Excuses, losing to inferior teams and constant injuries by the same players. Add to it the lack of tactics and total lack of addressing needs by this manager. He’s cheap and doesn’t care or get the frustration of this fan base. And singing to him or cursing at him isn’t making this squad anymore competitive with the top of this table. Most fans I know have had their fill.

  18. Vijiboy

    Why do you have to always a put a negative spin on every win, especially one as good as yesterday? Chezzer “saving us for once” comment is laughable. Sure, he may not be a world class keeper at the moment but you obviously let players deficeiences grate you into writing bollocks sometimes. Hes a fine keeper who has pulled off important saves for us on many many occasions and you know this so please stop with vitriol towards players when they prove you wrong.

    As for your views on the Wenger singing, Im as much Wenger out as the next man on this blog. But did you ever consider that the fans signing were, lets say, the merry old lot who go on Untold more than on Le Grove and who actually want Wenger in as opposed to “forgiving him”? Dont believe your own hype Pedro, not everyone is Wenger out unfortunately.

  19. Arsene's Nurse

    Highbury Daze December 14, 2014 22:35:51

    Christ, how bad were Liverpool
    Just watching MotD 2. Sterling misses 2 sitters and fails to play a simple cut back for another goal and instead shoots and misses.

    It’s the Sterling Fuck Up Show. If he’d been better a 3-3 draw could have happened.

  20. Highbury Daze

    You were right about Sterling, he was wide right, beat his man, instead of looking up to see a team mate in the center of the goal, he keeps his head down and shoots from a 25 degree angle, no chance son, wake up and be aware of what’s around you, he is just like what Sturridge used to be, he thinks he’s the only guy on the pitch, here’s a tip Sterlo, it’s a team game, get your head up

  21. tunnygriffboy

    3 games, us, Southampton and Lpool degea has saved man u. Spurs won again in last minute having been outplayed for most of the game . Thats about 4 times they’ve done that now.

    If lpool had taken their chances today it could have been different. They created as much as man u. Their luck bound to change next week.

  22. Highbury Daze

    I don’t know what possessed Rogers to buy Balotelli, proven failure in England, this guy has a mental state of a 13 year old

  23. Re-sign Cygan

    I couldn’t believe the amount of people singing “there’s only one arsene wenger” on Saturday. I looked at my brother and just laughed and said “this is embarrassing”. I too will never ever sing his name ever again

  24. Re-sign Cygan

    I couldn’t believe the amount of people singing “there’s only one arsene wenger” on Saturday. I wasn’t joining in and I looked at my brother and just laughed and said “this is embarrassing”. I too will never ever sing his name ever again

  25. Goondawg

    We are the arsenal! The team that lets other teams do the unthinkable! Teams losing 3-0 4-0, what do we do? let them back in the game as a form of upmanship retribution. Man utd worst side in years, what do we do? give them a confidence boosting win inspiring them on to a greater streak.. Balotelli facing a goal seeking conundrum? Not to worry

  26. Highbury Daze

    They would also be non motivated people, no self starters there, no get up and go, just drearily led around by the nose, drones

  27. Dark Hei

    For all of those dissing on the song, I am a Wenger Out convert and I will still sing it.

    Give the man the respect he deserves. A good result does not change things. But you don’t justify a loss with boos and a train ambush and be so cynical not to give a cheer when we win, emphatically.

    Are you guys so old that you have earned the right to sit on your arse, with your arms folded and your lips pursed all the time, muttering, “tsk, tsk tsk” like you are some wise old fart?

  28. Highbury Daze

    It’s not just one loss, this is the worst start to a campaign in over 30 years, we have 2 CB in the club, no CDM and two 19 year old RB, this manager has overseen a fucking disaster start of epic proportions, if the blind and stupid want to kiss his arse and sing his name, we will boo when we want to and we don’t need to be told by you or anyone what to or not to do, he got off lightly at Stoke Station, and the fans that did were withing their very rights to fucking boo this idiot

  29. Highbury Daze

    Thank Christ there is only one Arsene Wenger, we couldn’t stand any more, most of us think one is too many, go home and wank over him you bunch of fairies

  30. Jeff

    I think most of those singing the manager’s name find themselves in a no win situation without even realising it because they are brainwashed into thinking every win is because of the genius of Wenger and every loss is because of “something else (____)” – fill in the blank with your favourite excuse.

  31. Jeff

    This video felt a bit embarrassing. Watch Gareth Bale present Ronaldo with the trophy for BBC’s overseas personality of the year.

    “Congratulations Chris, congratulations for winning the overseas personality of the year ….. and err – congratulations ”

    Never have I seen someone make it so obvious that they didn’t mean a single word of it. Watch as Bale looks downwards at Ronaldo’s chest as he hands over the prize.

  32. Wallace


    as ‘The Blaster’ said yesterday –

    “We won well. We pressed like nutters. Great finishing. The fans at the match sang ‘cos they were happy. There’s no fuckin strategy there. A song breaks out, your team is winning, you’re in a good mood, you join in. It wouldn’t be LG if after a match review there wasn’t some ‘pasting over holes’ or ‘win hiding a bigger problem’ or other worries or panicking, but having a pop at the singing? Really? I think you have to be a bit of a twat if you start picking and choosing which songs you sing along to when your team has just entertained the hell out of you.”

  33. Highbury Daze

    Wenger sounds like a politician, has all the slogans, mental strength, spirit, belief, 4th is a trophy, the people loves me, well 99.9% of them, I believe I am the one to take this club forward, I have a vision for the future for AFC and it’s me at the vanguard, it just depends on how the week unfolds on which one we are going to hear, quite pathetic really

  34. Highbury Daze

    Sing by all means, but singing there is only one Arsene Wenger is sickening, not only that it is childish, and yes there is only one Wenger, thank fucking God that there is, I can’t stand one, imagine if there was more of the egocentric arrogant pricks

  35. Jeff


    There are many songs that can be sung. One FA cup in 10 years which are strewn with mistakes and deliberate bloody minded egocentric stubborn intransigence does not merit any song in honour of the manager except for those misguided souls that turn on the strength of one result.

  36. Highbury Daze

    Where else on the planet does finishing 4th allow entry to the richest club competition in the world, can you tell me Arsene, 4th every year and you boast like it is some kind of achievement beating Spurs and Liverpool home, fuck off

  37. Dark Hei

    This is the Gold Standard for colour writing. Well done ESPN.

    “There is an art to diving and Gary Cahill is yet to master it. If you look at the real talents of the genre, you’ll see their clever movement, the way they use their angles and the curve of their body. You have to invite the contact and then smoothly roll into it before crashing lifelessly to the ground. You can’t just run over, jump in the air, drop to the floor and turn to appeal to the referee before you’ve even stopped skidding along the turf. That just cheapens it for all of us.”

  38. Highbury Daze

    And look what has happened, from finishing 1st and 2nd for 8 years, to finishing 4th for 10 years, how he has dumbed down the expectations, to the point most fans accept this lowly position, thinking it is an achievement, because the ball sack says so, 4th is a trophy, hang your head in shame Arsene

  39. Highbury Daze

    We are in the middle of December, and fans are looking at upcoming games they can win in order to FINISH 4TH, stand back have a look at yourself in the mirror, and repeat after me, I am a Wenger monkey, I have no ambition, I am a poor sod, I have lost my self respect, 4th is good enough for me, then give yourself an uppercut, because you are a drone, and a pathetic one to boot, you have lowered your standards all because you have been hypnotised by Wenger, I pity you, I really do, you all need cleansing

  40. Wallace


    not just one result. 5 wins in 6 games now. hardly a disastrous run. although i’m guessing i know which of those 6 games looms largest for you. accentuate the negative.

  41. Highbury Daze

    When the negativity started we were in the worst start to a season in 32 years, that deserves some kind of recognition, we still have 2 CB no CDM, 4 RB one on loan , so you might want to now dress it up as a great season winning 5 out of 6, but let me tell you, we have won 5 from 16, why don’t you broadcast that stat, no I didn’t think so

  42. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal are behind even ManU by 5 full fucking points? Yeah i can believe all as long as the motherfucker is around.

    99.99% ????? You bastard, you think you have more fans than Arsenal has?

  43. Highbury Daze

    Go over to Arsenalfantv, watch the vid with the two kids, we don’t need Klopp, we have Wenger, these guys don’t shave yet, Wenger is all they know, he is like a dad or granddad, that’s why they want him, they have known nothing else, and there are thousands of them young kids, them and the brain dead guys like TY these are the ones singing for Wenger, just what these people will do when he does finally go is anyone’s guess, but my guess is they will need treatment, suitable cases for treatment

  44. Zementalstrength

    @Wallace : what do you feel about us finishing 4th – AGAIN – this season ?
    What do you feel about us finishing 2nd of our group in the CL ?
    What do you feel about the perspective for us to be trashed by Barcelona, Bayern or Real in the next round ?

    You’d better stop sucking arsène, or you will become senile, like him.

  45. Rich

    Arsenal players given 4 days off instead of being beasted, Pedro again blurting out a load of cobblers to suit his own agenda.

  46. Thomas

    “not just one result. 5 wins in 6 games now. hardly a disastrous run”

    This is exactly the problem. Wenger go on little runs like this and that’s enough fit people like you when all it dies is maintain the status quo. It’s embarrassing.


    Messi, Neymar and Suarez against our defence? Lolololol.

  47. Zementalstrength


    And if wenger returns to Monaco ??
    And if Sanchez returns to the Camp Nou ??
    And if CR7 reminds us the good old days when he was playing for yoonited ??

  48. Le Prof


    What will you do with your obsession for Wenger when he finally does call it a day?

    It’s evident don’t know much about the game of football itself, so you should spend your time actually watching games rather than getting a hard on for what Wenger is or isnt doing.

    Trust me, you might even find some enjoyment there

  49. Le Prof

    It speaks volumes how quiet it is on here after we win a game or two.

    You could be mistaken for thinking people were disappointed that we didn’t lose.

  50. Lee


    Was it not Gordon brown who labeled and old lady a bigot for daring to question him on immigration?
    He’s labour
    Did he back out of a referendum on EU policy repeatedly, despite overwhelming public clamour?
    Yes he did.
    Fuck the people
    I decide

    Labour mentality not Tory

    Your political analysis is akin to your football analysis. One sided
    Basic and FULL OF HOLES

  51. Highbury Daze

    I hope they draw Barca or Bayern, any manager that goes into a season with 2 TWO CB deserves an arse fucking what an imbecile, but your not a complete imbecile Arsene, NO BODY’S PERFECT

  52. Le Prof

    Any normal supporter wanting the best for the club would be ecstatic with that draw….but I forgot where I was for a moment

  53. Ozrus

    Heh about time we got some luck! Hopefully we can make the infestation of LeGrove misery cunts feel the pain a little longer. Naaah na na na na na na, na na na na misery cuuunts

  54. Highbury Daze

    I love this saying about Arsene Wenger, my fav among many, ” He, Arsene Wenger, manages your expectations downwards to keep himself in an 11 million quid a year job”, he has lobotomised the majority into accepting his failure as a success, 4th is a trophy, the laughing stock of world football, fuckknuckle

  55. Highbury Daze

    oozes you are a fuckwit, luck, venger has 2 CB 3 young RB no CDM, I suggest you know nothing about football, you are just an ignorant ozzie shit kicker, that’s not luck you dumb fuck it’s negligence, squad as thin as your brain, drop in again shit for brains

  56. Emiratesstroller

    From my perspective Arsenal have two priorities over next month.

    1. We need to recruit a decent experienced Centre Back who can play on left
    side of defence. This is going to be difficult, because there are several other
    major clubs also in market e.g. Man City and Man Utd. Arsenal need to be
    prepared to pay market price and not their valuation for such a player,
    because good cbs are in very short supply.

    2.The club needs to get Koscielny back to full fitness by end of January. It is
    likely that any new Centre Back recruited will be CL Cup Tied and therefore
    Koscielny should be at least available for those games in short term.

    3.We do need a DMF as well, but that is probably less of a priority at the moment especially if there are constraints on spending in January.

  57. Goondawg

    Highbury Daze smokes some sick haze..

    Thank fuck it wasnt bayern! My prayers were answered!!

    Now we can avenge them for nicking our prestigious emirates cup trophy at the start of the season! :@ :@ :@

  58. Jeff

    Le Poof,

    At least it will stop demented devotees like you spouting monosyllabic drivel on here. That’s one good thing to happen when he goes.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Actually I agree with Tunnygriffboy.

    The club needs to focus its major transfer expenditure on 1st X1 players i.e. those who will be first choice if everyone is fit.That type of player will now cost between £25-50 million dependent on position.

    If we buy in January a new Centre Back and then in Summer a Defensive Midfield we are talking about replacement squad players elsewhere.

    Looking at our squad I would like the club to move out the following in next
    two transfer windows:

    Some may think that is too many, but I pose the question how many of these
    are realistically needed. Diaby, Rosicky,Coquelin and Campbell are rarely
    playing now and will not need to be replaced.

    Flamini, Arteta and Sanogo are not good enough. There is a case to bring in two DMF to replace first two. Personally I would like to see Akpom replace
    Sanogo as third string striker.

    This leaves Podolski. It is clear that whilst he is a very good and effective player when he comes in Wenger is unwilling to play him on regular basis. Therefore he will leave in one of next two transfer windows and needs to be replaced.

    So to summarise I think that the club needs in next two transfer windows CB,
    2 DMF and LW with Bellerin and Akpom properly integrated into first team squad.