Our absent list costing £760k a week. How can Arsenal not act?

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Ok, so Alex promised me a post today and didn’t post. So I’m posting. Which is fine. Because I behaved last night.

Big shout out to the people who were at the same party as me. It was free booze, but they capped you at 4 drinks. Tough going.

Right, so the big news today is Aaron Ramsey broke again, he’s out for 4 weeks with a hammy. He loves an injury, we love treating him like a piece of meat. It’s so beyond a joke now. I said the other day that I’d have gone harder with the rotation, what with the Gala game being pretty pointless. Wenger didn’t, not we’re faced with another key player being out for the busiest month of the year.

Standard Arsene. We’re in the cycle now. It’s hard to know how we’ll get out of it.


> Start with a bare bones squad

> Overplay favoured 11

> Get injuries

> Squad smaller, forced into using same players over and over

>Injured players return, players who were forced into being overplayed break down

> Bare bones squad forced more overplaying

Injury List

  • Koscielny
  • Ospina
  • Ramsey
  • Walcott
  • Arteta
  • Diaby
  • Wilshere
  • Ozil
  • Monrea
  • Chambers (suspended)

That is a f*cking car crash. I mean, how appalling is that. How negligent are we being? I mean, look at it. Look at the cost of that mess. About £760k a week as it stands. How cans a business as frugal as Arsenal allow that to continue without enforcing action?

We should be using our favoured 11 as little as possible in the week. But that probably won’t happen because Wenger likes having everyone on the training pitch regardless. Well, he’s paying the price as usual and there is literally no one there to pull him on it.

Arrogance and a dated approach. A bad combo.

Wenger also came out and made comments about not going into the transfer market if all his players are fit. It’s another example of Wenger trolling the fans which for me, is really immature and petulant. He’s not in our good graces at the moment and comments like that just fuel the already burning furnace of negativity towards his tenure and unbridled power.

Shows where he is though. He doesn’t care what we think. He doesn’t need to. We’re not important to his job security. He calls the shots. No one else. We should know our place.

Anyway, Arsenal are talking to clubs. That’s a fact. Just appease the fans who are fretting.

‘Of course we’re buying players, look at how pathetically broken this squad is.’

It’s that simple. This idea that if Wenger lets slip he needs recruits there will be a price hike on players is such a hilariously ignorant premise.

1. Anyone who has even the weakest knowledge of football will understand that Arsenal don’t just need players, they’re f*cking desperate for them.

2. There are no discounts for secrets. Tell me a Chairman in the world that says,

‘Oh sure, we’ll keep this on the downlow. Wouldn’t want a bidding war to put the price of my asset up. That’d really be a bad idea

3. There are no secrets in football. Agents talk. Clubs talk. Players talk. Everyone knows what’s going on.

4. Fans are important to the club. Their happiness is important to the atmosphere. I see absolutely no benefit in obfuscating what we’re up to. Wenger has been in England for 18 years. Why should I, as a fan, have to decipher what he’s trying to say through the media. The point of communicating to the media is to talk to the fans. How hard is it to just be straight? Why is that such and effort?

If you worked with someone who was doing a poor job, and they gave you smart arse comments, you’d pull them into a room and read the riot act.

Someone should be doing that to Arsene.

Who. Has. The. Guts.

No one.

Ok, so I’ve gone from being in a good mood, to being in a bad one.

I’m off for a big fat dirty burger to take the edge off it…

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Gelbs

    You wanna see the rest of my ‘rant’ mate, lol. I can’t copy and paste it all on here. I whacked it on ArsenalFanTV. You can read my comment there. It’s massive :p

  2. Gelbs

    Relevant because it proves he had money years ago and refused to spend it, and that his mentality is EXACTLY the same shit now as it was back then. Deluded and buys crap, etc. Yes, he might buy the odd top quality player like Sanchez, but A) he should of done it years ago, and B) he’ll never buy enough what’s required.

  3. Keyser

    You’re all basically describing an anti-Wenger blog, so all this is, is a place where you come to bitch and moan, it’s repetitive because you’ve got no outlet for your frustrations, because you’re unwilling, in most cases, to find one.

    So really there’s fuckall point in trying to discuss anything on here because you’re just going to keep on spamming the board with your emotional bullshit, and that’s what it is, spam. You might aswell bring G-Star back for a face-off with Marble.

  4. Wallace


    i watched George Graham’s Arsenal and i’ve watched Wenger’s Arsenal. and yes, GG could put together a side/formation that could stifle the life out of the opposition. but given the choice i’d go for Wenger’s attacking approach(with all its weaknesses) any day of the week.

  5. Bamford13

    Just saw that Newcastle is tied with us for points. That makes today’s match a bit more interesting. Certainly it matters a good deal to them.

  6. Gelbs

    And C) with his managerial methods, it don’t matter who he buys, he still won’t win Titles etc. Even if he had a squad of world-class players I doubt he will, maybe down the years he might, law of averages etc, but he’d never buy the right players period, and so could a lot of managers given say 10 years with a squad of world-class players win Titles etc. I bet Allardyce would do a better job than Wenger if he had the exact same resources and team etc.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    What Arsenal needs to do with or without Wenger are the following:

    1. Get our injury problems sorted. No club even with a large squad can afford to turn up at matches with 9-10 players out injured. This is abnormal and has
    been going on far too long.

    2. Players who are injury prone need to be properly evaluated. If they are no
    longer able to cope with the intensity of EPL or CL football they should be
    offloaded even if they have tremendous ability. You cannot afford to carry players who are not capable of playing 40+ games a season. It adds too much
    pressure on other members of squad. Moreover as has been pointed out by
    Pedro it is costing us a lot of money in wages.

    3. There are other players in squad past their best and they should also be offloaded.

    4.When you factor in injury prone + players in this category we have on our books something like 10 players who are not good or reliable enough to
    play for us and that is a huge chunk of our squad adding pressure on others to
    keep fit and perform

    5.Another feature of Arsenal’s policy which I do not agree with is to play too
    many young players [teenagers] in same team. On Tuesday we had at end of
    game 4 teenagers playing at same time and it showed in performance. You
    introduce gradually such players into squad and team. Chambers is a decent
    prospect, but not in my view exceptional. He should be a bench player and
    introduced gradually into team and not the way he has played this season.

    6. The squad needs urgently rebalancing even if this goes against the grain with Wenger. The club cannot afford to go through season with just 6 established defenders including only 2 centre backs. Bluntly we need two tried and
    tested specialist players in each position and then you can afford to rotate without weakening the team. That never happens with Arsenal.

    7. What is going on in the club at moment is a recipe for disaster. The cycle of
    injuries and lack of rotation or playing players in wrong position is killing us.

    8. On paper we have a decent squad. Recruitment of 2 new quality players + resolution of our injuries would turn us into a trophy winning team and challengers for league title although sadly not this season.

  8. Keyser

    Gelbs – ‘Money’, see this is what I mean, so ‘Money’ explains everything, not ‘How much’, any sane person would try and obtain an answer for that question, instead people have this endless inane conversation.

    Wenger has ‘Money’.
    Wenger has ‘No Money’.

    It’s idiocy.

  9. Bamford13

    So what should the topic today be, Keyser?

    (And talk about emotional spam, I think you drooled a little after that little spiel. Not to mention that expressions of frustration over our circumstances are far more valuable and honest than your disingenuous and convoluted apologetics.)

  10. Gregg

    Interesting comparisons with George Graham. In fairness the guy knew how to grind out results in certain games but he went stale and more importantly got greedy, doing what was best for George Graham rather than what was best for Arsenal fc. Recommending Kanchelskis and Schmeical (not that we needed him at the time) to Man U and getting an ex-gratia payment for it was unforgiveable, especially as he chose to line his pocket over Kanchelskis and buy fricking Eddie Mcgoldrick on the cheap. People might also remember the empty seats around the stadium due to the style of football and the lack of sponsorship etc.

    People accuse Wenger of not spending and fairly so but the argument also applied to Graham. Whats not in doubt is Grahams tactical advantage over Wenger’s ‘style first’ approach. A George Graham side would beat a Wenger post 2005 side every day of the week.

  11. Bamford13

    Right, but repeating the bogus line that this is the best anyone could do in our circumstances is intelligent.

    Not to mention we know that we have ample cash on hand and the whole world knows what our needs have been for several years now.

    But no, ignore the cash on hand, ignore what Gazidis and others have said re money available to Wenger, ignore what Chips said re Wenger not having a plan this summer, and believe instead that Sanogo, Flamini, Arteta, Giroud, Welbeck and Kallstrom are the best we can do under the circumstances.

    Fuck off.

    What a joke.

  12. Wallace


    GG’s early/best sides maybe, but not his Jensen, Selley, Morrow sides. against a team of greater talent hard work only gets you so far.

    also, give Graham the pick of the current Arsenal midfield and he’d probably go with Flamini. at least until he could buy Lee Cattermole in the Jan transfer window.

  13. Highbury Daze

    Stoke was the exception rather than the rule according to Mr Stupid, we have won 6 from 15, no Wenger this is now the rule under your failing stewardship, pathetic performances and pathetic results point to you being out of you depth, there are more than 20 wanting you removed, you are stinking this place out

  14. Bamford13

    “How about why we didn’t buy a CB, CM, and CF, and instead bought exactly what wasn’t needed.”

    Because Wenger is an idiot who over-emphasizes certain aspects of the game and squad and completely ignores others.

    Are you of the view that we needed a wide attacking player more than a CDM, CB or genuine lone CF? Or are you going to give us that bullshit about Sanchez being a CF again? A player who has played CF for us precisely twice at this point.

    Fuck off.

  15. N5

    G-Star vs Marble would be my idea of Hell so i will give that a pass.

    I think the conversation is there is people want it, but it has to be fought for, otherwise you’ll find yourself in cyclical arguments about Ozil, Wenger in or Out or whatever else. It is hard to have a sensible debate at times. I’ve been called an AKB just because I don’t ‘hate’ enough, but there is obviously something that brings us back here every day.

    Blsany the other day was telling me how he fucks my dead nan, all because I said I respected what Wenger had done for the club!! that kind of thing goes unpunished and has got worse and worse, yet here I am, once again.

    Out of interest Keyser, you’ve made it clear what you think of it here now. So why do you do it to yourself? is it because like me, your an addict?

  16. Gregg


    It’s an interesting if hypothetical topic.

    None of Grahams sides would have got anywhere near Wengers 97/2005 sides. After that Graham’s sides, even the 93/94 side would have outworked and picked off the weaknesses of the current Arsenal sides. IMO.

    However as I said every game was shouts of spend some frigging money. Not a lots changed !

  17. Gelbs

    Would I rather win trophies via Graham’s style or Wengers? It have to be Wenger’s of course. But it’s also about being pragmatic. I’m not saying Graham would of gotten in the CL every year like Wenger had since 2005/06, but I am 90 per cent certain at least, he would of won at least 2 or 3 trophies (albeit FA Cups or League Cups). If that was true, you could say he did a better job than Wenger. Because in theory, what’s the point in getting top 4 every year and having nothing to show for it? Footballs about winning trophies, period. It’s all hindsight anyway, like a paradox too. Because great managers have eras, it’s all relative. It’s like would Herbert Chapman or Brian Clough do well today if they were in their prime. But it’s also about when a manager decides themselves when enough is enough and has the balls to step down. Graham stated 94/95 was his last season anyway. Wenger just keeps going because he’s stubborn. Maybe it’s not his fault he’s like that, but he’s still a moron! Lol.

  18. Keyser

    Bamford13 – See, just spam.

    All you do is ignore any debate, and spam.

    We spent 30 odd million NET last summer, and 50 odd million NET this summer.

    In Bamford world that translates to ‘Ah he’s saying everythings fine, we’ve spent shedloads shut up’.

    When actually it’s just a simple fact, and it’s relevant because we usually balance the books by selling players aswell.

    Look at that 2009 team, and count how many players are still around from that team, and you’ll begin to understand what our problem has been, ie losing players season after season and then trying to replace them, and also that we’ve done this for the best part of the decade.

    Spending what we have done isn’t going to solve all our problems, but it’s a change in tact, and it was always going to be twice as difficult doing it this way around.

    Notable examples are Dortmund, Tottenham and Liverpool, Liverpool depending on how their season goes.

  19. WrightIsGod

    Some irony and trivia for those who appreciate it:

    The reason why you get kicked out of the Emirates for chanting against Wenger or holding negative placards is because it is the club’s policy to remove anything disruptive from the stands.

    Spurs also share this policy which is why Newcastle fans were not allowed to hold any sackpardew.com (or whatever it was) banners at Shite Heart Lane.

    Newcastle won that game and went on a run – as a result of that game – and now sit 7th.

  20. Thomas

    “How about why we didn’t buy a CB, CM, and CF, and instead bought exactly what wasn’t needed.”.

    And what does that come back to? Hmm let’s see…… oh right Wenger!

  21. Gelbs

    Keyser, I don’t use money as an excuse with Wenger. In parts yes, but overall no. I do it because most idiots think that’s the reason Wenger hasn’t been successful. All great managers need money to be successful (or more successful), but on the whole, it shouldn’t really make a lot of difference if you’re good enough. But that’s the point too, anyway. Managers should be spending what’s required in order to be successful. That’s part and parcel of being a manager. Even if you win the quadruple, technically speaking you’re still good enough to do it again on the whole, but you don’t rest on your laurels and spend more in the summer to give yourself a chance at being even more successful. Like Ferguson did. But money isn’t the reason Wenger has only won one FA Cup in the past decade. Never. Maybe a bit in regards to the League, but at least 90 per cent of it has nothing to do with money.

  22. Sukky

    When chambers had his suspension,I thought ‘†̥ђis could not be entirely bad,we may finally see Hayden or ajayi’ but †̥ђis clueless wanker want debuchy as a CH?(he just came back from injury,he has never play there,he’s playing against his former team)…Why won’t Wenger trust his players?why are those kids signed if they are never gonna play?Why is Wenger so arrogant?..Man united have fielded more players than any other team in †̥ђƺ EPL †̥ђis season.I think we have a better squad than them.

  23. Gelbs

    Here’s the paradox though, lol. We all say Wenger should of won more and done better these past years, right? Well if he isn’t good enough, he isn’t going to win trophies, is he? :p

  24. Keyser

    N5 – Pedro used to montior the blog, he doesn’t seem to give a shit about the comments section anymore, what brings us here is we support Arsenal, why don’t we just leave, well it’s similar to why we don’t just stop watching/going to games.

    Lol what I think of the blog, Pedro talks shit, but that’s bound to happen because he posts everyday, but the comments section used to be far better, discussing LEAN, or just the dynamics of Ramsey’s shot technique is interesting and used to be far more prevalent.

    I could post more topics, but it gets pretty tiring when you get the same people just spamming it endlessly, it shouldn’t matter what category you fall into because A, we’re all Arsenal fans, and B, it adds fuckall merit to your argument.

    So either you try and apply the same common decency you would to a conversation in real life or all this blog descends to and has descended to is a cesspit of people’s frustration.

  25. Bamford13


    Talk about avoiding the argument. Yes, he spent £30m net last summer, but the more important points are that:

    i) he had more than that available to spend, and
    ii) we needed a CDM, CB and genuine CF far more than we needed a £43m CAM

    So simply pointing out that he spent £30m net doesn’t cut it.

    Same goes for saying he spent £50m net this past summer. The more important points here are:

    i) he had more than that available to spend
    ii) he only signed Welbeck — £16m of that — b/c Giroud went down
    iii) we needed a CDM, CB and genuine CF far more than we needed a £32m wide attacking player.

    Which is not to say I don’t appreciate Sanchez, but we needed more than that, had more money to spend and had more pressing needs than a wide attacking player.

    Now make a counter-argument to that. Or change the subject as you usually do.

    ii) we needed a CDM, CB and genuine CF far more than we needed a £43m CAM

  26. N5

    Sukky, I think it purely comes down to experience. Hayden has never played in a premiership match and the game is quite important today, so it wouldn’t make sense. Debuchy isn’t a CH, but he’s experienced and will play alright there.

    They are of the quality you would expect right now and rushing their progress would be to their detriment.

  27. Gelbs

    In the money: Arsene Wenger
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been promised a mammoth £70million transfer kitty after the Gunners revealed they are now one of Europe’s richest clubs.
    Financial results unveiled on Monday show the Gunners’ move to the Emirates Stadium has created a near 50 per cent increase in turnover to more than £200m for the year ending May 31, 2007.
    That sum means they are only edged into second place in the continent’s money league by Real Madrid.
    But with operating profit of £51.2m, up an amazing 274%, the Premier League club now have a level of profitability far in excess of Real.
    Match-day revenues of £3.1million per game at their new 60,000 home are double those generated at Highbury, and have seen the Gunners leapfrog domestic rivals Manchester United and Chelsea – whose respective turnover for the same period was £167.8m and £152.8m.
    And delighted managing director Keith Edelman admits boss Arsene Wenger now has previously unheard of sums available to reinforce his squad.
    ‘We have got plenty of financial firepower to makes the transfers Arsene wants to make,’ he said.
    ‘We had over £70m of cash at the end of the year and if Arsene wants to spend that money we will make it available. I think we are in a very good position.
    ‘Clearly Arsene’s performance and the team’s performance on the pitch has been outstanding, obviously backed up by our very strong financial position.
    ‘We gave Arsene a budget in the summer and he didn’t even spend all of it on transfers and hopefully we’ll be able to carry that forward into future years.’

  28. Bamford13

    “the dynamics of Ramsey’s shot technique”

    Speechless. Yeah, this is what we should be talking about. If by this you mean the question of whether taking that shot makes statistical or footballing sense, I agree that that was an interesting topic.

    But of course that wasn’t a discussion of “the dynamics of Ramsey’s shot technique” (!), which is a different topic.

  29. Keyser

    Gelbs – Of course it’s about money, it was about money in the early 90’s when Graham pocketed it, it was about money in 97′ when Adams decided that for the benefit of his career and the added money that was flowing into the league, giving up alcohol might actually be beneficial. Likewise when Fergie decided to opt out of the FA Cup in 99′ to play in the club World Cup.

    Compare the Premiership to the Bundesliga and ask yourself what you’d rather want for yourself as a fan.

  30. Gelbs

    He could of made signings like Sanchez etc, 7 years ago. Remember player inflation wasn’t that bad back then. Wenger could quite easily of gone out since 2007 and paid an extra 30 mil at least each summer on two top quality players. Remember Arshavin only cost 15 million, and at the time he was top quality. The fact is, Wenger has either wasted money on crap and in wages, or hasn’t spent it. I mean too, what happened to the 150 million or so that Arsenal made from Highbury? I reckon they have secret bank accounts with even more millions stashed away in which they all take out illegal shares etc. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    If everyone was fit this would be how I would set up my squad this season with 2 players for each position apart from goalkeeper.

    GK Szczesny Ospina Martinez
    RB Debuchy Jenkinson
    RCB Mertesacker Chambers
    LCB Koscielny ?
    LB Gibbs Monreal
    DMF ? Arteta or Flamini
    CMF Ramsey Wilshire
    AMF Ozil Cazorla
    RW Walcott Oxlade-Chamb
    ST Giroud Welbeck
    LW Sanchez Podolski

    You can register 25 players for CL. I would have added Rosicky, Arteta or Flamini. I would never have offloaded Jenkinson unless replaced by a better
    player which Chambers or Bellerin are not.

    Sanogo is not good enough for our squad and Campbell is in my view surplus to requirements.

  32. Bamford13


    Given you regard net spends of 30m and 50m per summer as in themselves argument-enders — which they’re not — could you kindly respond to the quote below?

    ‘We had over £70m of cash at the end of the year and if Arsene wants to spend that money we will make it available. I think we are in a very good position.’

    Does that not imply that Wenger had some 70m available to him several summers back? Did he spend that? Has he not had the same or more each summer since? Has he spent that?

    Your argument is bunk.

  33. Gelbs

    Then how did Wigan, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Wigan, Spurs, Swansea, Birmingham (against Arsenal) et al win FA Cups and League Cups in the seasons they did, and before Arsenal? Money? George Graham needed more money to be successful, that’s normal, but he still did a great job without it.

  34. Keyser

    Bamford13 – 30 million actually went on defensive acquistions, so think about it, we did buy two defenders, could there be just a hint, a tad bit of you that thinks maybe it might be difficult to find exactly what we need.

    Like you saying Sanchez isn’t what we needed, this is just sheer pig headedness, he’s scored 15 goals, but he’s not what Cavani ? Or your fabled Benteke ?

    We sold Fabregas 2 years before we bought Ozil, but no-one wanted him replaced ? Or even for us to attempt to, it’s easy to provide counter-arguments, you’re simply going to ignore them.

  35. Bamford13

    He’s not a lone CF, dipshit, so Giroud is still on the field. Why is this so hard for you to understand?

    Yes, his goals help. I would not dispute this. But he doesn’t take Giroud off the field, nor is Welbeck a good enough replacement. So again, we did not spend enough, nor did we spend correctly.

  36. Keyser

    Bamford13 – You’re just spamming again, when’s the quote from ?

    Like I said you’re just going to ignore it, find teams in a similar position to us, who’ve spent more to great effect, you can’t.

  37. Keyser

    Bamford13 – So go on, Cavani ? Benteke ? and you still can’t work out why there might be question marks over them.

    You’re not even prepared to accept that they might not be ideal solutions ?

  38. Keyser

    Gelbs – Was that serious ? Thats your response ? We won the FA Cup last year, hows that worked out, have we scaled new heights ? How’s it worked out for Wigan, Birmingham and Liverpool.

  39. Bamford13

    And Benteke is leagues better than either Welbeck or Giroud. Still developing, yes, but no question he would improve us massively.

    I never recommended Cavani, though he too is better than Giroud and Welbeck, not to mention better than Wenger’s other bullshit-signing, Sanogo.

  40. Gelbs

    History books will look at the teams who won trophies and see Arsenal won the same amount of trophies as those ‘lower’ clubs. Yeah, Arsenal haven’t gotten relegated (not yet anyway, lol), but that just makes Arsenal look even worse. A so-called big club that’s won the same amount of trophies has lesser clubs with much lesser resources to boot.
    Should of rephrased what I meant about top managers needing money, every manager needs some money to be successful, but top managers don’t need to rely heavily on it. I know Mourinho spent a shit load, but I still believe he’d of been successful overall had he not spent as much. Albeit not as successful maybe, but you get what I mean. But either way he was doing his job, Wenger isn’t. Wenger should of spent more and on better players, but that’s still no excuse for not winning more. I mean he couldn’t even beat Birmingham in the 2011 League Cup Final.

  41. Keyser

    Bamford13 – Lol Benteke at Aston Villa is Leagues better than Giroud or Welbeck ? This is how demented you are in your arguments, mate, if you can’t seperate the subject matter from who you’re debating with, this is pointless.

    Sanchez is one of top players in the World, even if he still has room to develop, if Sanchez isn’t what we need, and Giroud or Welbeck are inadequte, how small is the pool of players that leaves us with ?

    Surely you can at least appreciate that ?

    Also a non-response ? What sort of response do you want ? Edelman’s no longer with us and he’d be Wengers employer anyway, do you not understand there might be a conflict of interest there, or are you soo consumed by Wenger that you can’t differentiate.

  42. Keyser

    Gelbs – You’re not paying attention, I’m not discussing spending per se, but how prevalent money is in football, saying it has about 10% of an effect is mental.

    Wigan and Birmingham have been relegated and Liverpool haven’t won a league title for 2 decades, how has the FA Cup impacted them ? If trophies are more important to them than money, how has it helped them ?

    I’m not saying that’s right, but it’s simply how football has changed.

  43. Gelbs

    The point I’m trying to make is that people defend Wenger for not winning more because of his ‘lack of transfer funds’ down the years. That’s not an excuse, because if he was a better manager, he would of won at least a couple. It’s futile saying that anyway, because he’s spent like 300 million since 2005. Which just makes him look even more worse! Like I said before, Wenger can’t win trophies not spending money, and even more importantly, he can’t win trophies SPENDING money!

  44. Keyser

    Gelbs – You haven’t put much thought into this.

    We could’ve won a couple of Carling Cups or FA Cups, in the end Wenger and Arsenal would have a couple more trophies, but we’d be screwed if we finished 5th each year.

    You might not like it, but that’s just the truth, Modern football is about Money.

    Also Wengers Net spend is ridiculously low, saying he’s spent this or that is just irrelevant.

  45. Jeff


    That article from 2007 you put up is very telling isn’t it? It has the following:

    ‘We had over £70m of cash at the end of the year and if Arsene wants to spend that money we will make it available. I think we are in a very good position.”

    With all of the brainwashing that’s been going on about having no money, even some of us Wenger critics sometimes forget how deep and wide the rabbit hole really goes and how much more earth the devotees have to shovel daily to fill it.

  46. Jeff


    You realise I could easily turn the mirror around and call you more pro-Wenger than pro-Arsenal – don’t you?

  47. Keyser

    Jeff – Not really, because I don’t differentiate between Edelman and Wenger, they are part of the same entity, those quotes were almost definetly discussed on here, and people drag them up despite the conflict of interest to somehow use against Wenger.

    Come on you’re smarter than that, even if you are obsessed by Wenger, surely you see how silly it is. I remember Wenger saying the money’s for transfers and wages and you’ve seen how our wagebill has grown, and those quotes were made before the next wave of heavy spending under Sheikh Mansour.

  48. Jeff


    I agree with you from the point of view that it is a futile argument whether the money was there or not and whether Wenger should have spent it or not. Why? Because I really don’t think it would have made much difference to our fortunes one way or the other.

    I absolutely, categorically, unreservedly believe that Wenger is simply not good enough. He wasn’t in 2007 and he isn’t now. That’s the bottom line. All other things are just incidental or circumstantial.

  49. Keyser

    Jeff – Because you’re obsessed by him, not by the circumstances, earlier you said the article was telling, either you don’t remember the period or you’ve chosen to feign ignorance.

  50. Jeff


    Don’t you see that of whatever you accuse me, you must logically be the same? If I’m obsessed and you keep pointing it out, you must be obsessed by my obsession otherwise you wouldn’t keep repeating it. Then I have to ask myself why? And the reason is that you would do and say absolutely anything; anything to deflect criticism from Wenger. You believe in this man. You have never faltered or deviated even slightly in this. You stay so steadfast and loyal to him for reasons that are beyond any rational reasoning.

    You refuse to accept any fault be it on the pitch, in the market or in front of a microphone. I genuinely think (even with your impressive knowledge about Arsenal and football in general) that when it comes to Wenger – all rational though just goes right out of the window.

    For someone who’s otherwise rational and argues his point well in all debates other than when it involves Wenger, that is something of a neurosis; almost a clinical obsession – and yet you accuse me of the same thing.

    The reason I come across to you as obsessive is because probably 95% of my posts criticise Wenger for his failings and you are very sensitive to this. It is obvious because you defend Wenger against 100% of the criticism by saying whatever has gone wrong is because of “other things” which all Wenger critics simply overlook or forget. Is it just me? Can we all be so wrong? Can we all be so blind? This is why people generally either ignore or given up on you because there is just no end to the defensive stance you take.

    Never once have I read from you that Wenger is directly responsible for x or y. Not once. Now isn’t that strange and irrational – dare once say it – obsessive?

  51. Keyser

    Jeff – “Never once have I read from you that Wenger is directly responsible for x or y. Not once.”

    This is simply a lie, like most of your post above.

    You were closer when you said it wouldn’t matter what money he spent, because I see the bigger picture, because I look for examples outside of our own, we had a long conversation that ended when you simply couldn’t find other examples to back your claims.

    Take Ozil last year, did I say we’d definetly spend the money ? No, I was as surprised as you were, why ? Because it’s a massive undertaking for the club, not because of intent or other bollocks.

    You sat there and you were adamant it wouldn’t happen, and when it did, what did you turn around and say ? The goodwill lasted a while and then it was back to normal.

    Again this summer, you had the same people saying ‘We don’t want us to spend like Citeh’, and you were busy with your ‘Ozil was a one-off’, in the end we spent 80 million, and bought Sanchez to top it off.

    What are you and those people saying now, well you can’t say ‘We should spend like Citeh’, instead you hide behind the idea ‘that Wenger didn’t address all our weaknesses’, well if he had how much would we have ended up spending ?

    See to me, I think the market is a joke, I think having looked at Dortmund, Liverpool and Tottenham, that it might actually be hard to find the exact players you need in one go, so I’d rather we saved some of the money for a point where we do find what we’re looking for.

    That’s the key, your eyes might have glazed over by now, you’re probably about to accuse me of defending Wenger again.

    Or is that simply the situation we face or the club would face no matter what manager we installed ?! That’s why you’re blind to me having criticised Wenger, because you can’t differentiate between him and the reality of the situation.

    We’re not experts, we deal in conjecture, like I’ve said numerous times we can only look for evidence whereas you’re happy just using any old quote, in this case from 2007, I’d rather assess it independantly like any occurance, you’re frustration means you want me to vindicate your claims, whereas I see frustration as futile unless you do something about it, you just have to learn to live with it.

    Your frustration leads you to writing posts like the one above, I hope you achieve your goal, rid us of Wenger and when the next managers comes in and faces all the same problems, despite having had most of the donkey work done for him, just like those that defend Klopp now, you’ll make the same arguments except this time in a completely hypocritical defence of whoever comes in.

    Though that’s still conjecture at the moment eh.

  52. Jeff

    “when the next managers comes in and faces all the same problems…”

    You see how you betray yourself Keyser. You spoke at length only to reaffirm your thinly veiled belief that no other manager can do any better.

  53. tunnygriffboy

    Sparkiling attacking performance full of pace and vigour against a form side. About time. Bit ironic that over the last few weeks we’ve had 8/10 shots on target and had them saved. Today we’ve had 4 on target and been clinical. Countered beautifully today.

    Debuchy is waaaaaaaaaaay better a defender than Monreal. Best performance ofthe season for me.