Who will Arsenal land in the next round?

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Ok, so it’s my Christmas Party this evening. The plan is to put 1500 people from 13 agencies into a Farringdon night club. So much opportunity to humiliate myself in front of important people.

… best strap in a double helping of incontinence pants.

OK. So the good news from last night is that Manchester City qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League. That at least stops the whole… ‘ THE PREMIERSHIP IS SO SO BAD’ and it stops everyone whacking skippy over Arsene Wenger qualifying for the last 16 of a competition he can’t win again. There’s some seriously strong sides in the mixing pot this year. I hope we get Porto or Leverkusen



I’d have Monaco as well. When Berbatov is leading the line for you, you’ve always got a chance (he scored a blinding outside of the boot goal at the weekend).

I guess the worry with this trophy is we have no belief we can win it, not do the players. If they land one of the big boys, we’re out before we’ve played. That’s the extent of the fear these days. You don’t have to ask the players if they feel like that, just look at their big team record. The best we can normally hope for is a second leg win that nearly earns us extra time.

The focus for us is taking Newcastle out the equation this weekend. They have about 8 players out. We should be able to take them out. They have form on their side, but so do we (WE DO). We’ll have rested players, we’ll also have form players (LUUUUUUUKAS WE LUV UUUUUU). I hope he continues his rotation policy. Would love to not start with Sanchez. Maybe have him as a super sub to shake up a tired Newcastle late on.

There are lots of stories linking us to a Curzerio defensive midfielder Lucas Silva (there’s about 400 of them). We’ve matched the asking price of £12m and Madrid haven’t. I never bbelievethese stories. He has 3rd party ownership, Madrid don’t recoil at £12m and the player wants Spain. Have zero hope of him joining and from what I understand, the DM we’re in for will be coming from Europe.

I’ve been having a great week on the injury front. Loads of very good people talking about how you approach things and how you deal with issues. This from Mike Phelan (ex United Assistant) is really good… and give you a nice overview of how it seems we don’t approach an injury pile up year after year.

“What’s happened is a continuation of the same players getting injured all the time, so you have to look to the reasons why,”

“I think Manchester United changed their thoughts on the fitness regime, they looked at it a little bit differently.

“Tony Strudwick, who was operating as head of sports science, was involved day to day with the first team.

“He understood the ins and outs of how to keep players fit, how to keep them ready for competition.

“Then suddenly they moved him sideways and did something completely different. That may have had an effect. That one area has changed.”

“They’ve brought in new people with a different way of doing things,”

“The intensity of training may be one thing – it may be too intense, or not intense enough – but obviously slight changes have been made with the present way of doing things.

“I would have thought [the squad] is big enough at Manchester United, because they can go out and get players in, but obviously they keep breaking down and they don’t seem to be getting any better.

“They seem to get one back and lose another two.

“He [Van Gaal] knows now roughly the intensity of the Premier League and what his players can produce. He’s been at the highest level, working with the highest players, in different countries.

“It’s just a case of maybe understanding the specific requirements of players, individual players, where they need to be at certain times in order to perform. He’s got enough staff there to sort that out.”

Louis Van Gaal is part of the Wenger old school. He’s not blaming hair pills, he’s blaming pitches that aren’t destro. Interesting that he’s having the same problems as Wenger. What will be fascinating, is whether he can adapt and make thing better… my guess, probably not. He’s a supremely arrogant man.

Anyway, don’t expect me on until late tomorrow. Have a great night!

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  1. kwik fit


    Arsenal games can only me bought by members. red membership costs 40 quid each and tickets are available generally one month before the match. Shouldn’t be too difficult to get tickets for the Stoke game as Arsenal fans aren’t really into the wrestling /ruby

    Hospitality games can be bought for the rent boys but are quite expensive approx 150 each. If you turn up at the box office about 2 hours before kick off there tends to be a few single’s available.

  2. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol you see ? Haha.

    Wengers going against himself ? That’s your big answer, and not at all fuelled by your own obsessions ? Ok then, we still lost those players, a year on Van Persie’s negotiating with both Gazidis and Wenger and he decides that we can’t match his ambitions, but a year further on from that we buy Ozil.

    How does that fit in with your fallacies ?

    The Sanchez bit is just funny, all players are limited, you’re now just working within those margins again, giving yourself wriggle room.

  3. kwik fit


    If your staying in london i’d recommend a play called ‘the play that went wrong’ at the duchess theatre. Hilarious stuff 🙂

  4. Jeff


    Only the cursed few
    Like you and me
    Can see the many flaws
    And the gaping holes
    But the blessed devotees
    Repeat their excuses.

    Into the small hours they go
    Undeterred, fatigued and weary
    To defend the honour
    Of a once great warrior
    Whose years number eighteen
    But now a decrepit old has-been.

  5. Paulinho

    “Wengers going against himself ? That’s your big answer, and not at all fuelled by your own obsessions ?”

    I don’t need a ‘big answer’. The onus is you to explain why Wenger is supposedly being controlled by the board one summer, and then calling the shots the next.

    You still haven’t explained it, you keep rambling on about nothing in particular, trying to imply something, but not having the balls to actually to do it, probably because you’re too embarrassed too.

  6. MidwestGun

    Jeff –
    Nice! I do enjoy a bit of verse.

    Rollen –
    Ha…. ya but he’s value for money apparently. Actually, gambon is just trolling me and others with that comparison but whatever, I fell for it.

  7. Paulinho

    “The Sanchez bit is just funny, all players are limited, you’re now just working within those margins again, giving yourself wriggle room.”

    Yeah, and Sanchez is limited is varying aspects that I haven’t changed my mind on, such as passing, and using the ball intelligently in the middle third. You’re the one that’s actually changed your mind and expressed very similar frustrations, just like you did with Ozil. You catch on eventually, and very belatedly. But you get there.

  8. N5

    gambon isn’t saying Erikson is as good as Ozil though. He said that the stats were similar for a 1/4 of the price. It was a conversation about value for money as opposed to who is the better.

  9. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Yep. I know. Still a bad comparison because it doesn’t factor in other issues other than stats. Altho, how about Eriksens stats this year? 0 assists in 16 games. Not exactly a creator.

  10. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol the balls ? You’ve got balls ? You’re an idiot.

    At worst all Wenger would be doing is working within the margins the club provides, you do understand that right ? That’s the one point where Wenger says we can’t lose both, we can’t be considered a big club if we do.

    Again even if you use the idea that he’s simply doing it to provide himself an out, he’s simply working with what he’s got.

    So seeing that, the board, Kroenke, Usmanov, does what ? Sits idly by, they’ve got the facts before them, a team that is efficient, a low wagebill, and minimal investment. Yet they sit idly by as it disintegrates.

    This is only further compounded by Van Persies comments, and that we waited until the year after to buy Ozil.

  11. Dissenter

    Ozil has not shown any value over Ericksen, so far.
    Ozil came with a better reputation but based on what we’ve seen so far, they are at par.

    Respectfully, I think the Ozil story at Arsenal has assumed mythology status.
    People tend to wax philosophical and lyrical when they discuss him.

    It’s like saying Pele was one the greatest football players because he was the star of three world cups.
    Yes, Pele was one of the all-time legends but did not have a role in Brazil’s 1962 world cup win so could not have starred in three world cups

    Ozil came to Arsenal with the reputation of one the best attacking midfielders ever. He’s yet to live up to that reputation.
    People can blame Wenger [rightly so], but Ozil deserves some of the blame as well.

    He’s not the first “world class” player to be played out of position. Cesc has been playing a quasi-defensive MF role at Chelsea. I have seen Modric play defensive midfield very well in an El-Classico game.

  12. Keyser

    Paulinho – I haven’t changed my mind at all, with either player, your limitations are more questions of development issues and what either was required to do at their respective clubs, your example of Sanchez and working within tight spaces was simply wrong as you’ve seen, and you’ll see his decision making is excellant or poor, maybe even in equal measure, but he still has examples of both.

  13. Paulinho

    Keyser – So you finally concede that argument calls the shots. As you always, you submit to overwhelming evidence and common sense.

    Wenger called the shots with RVP, and he called the shots with Fabregas and Nasri. Check out his comments here:


    “I surrendered to his will of playing for them, and I think it was completely logical.”

    Nasri is all you have left and wanted to go, simple. We did only sell two players that summer by the way, although you refer to that ‘turning point’ as though we sold about ten.

  14. MidwestGun

    Again, players aren’t coming here to play with Eriksen. Eriksen has no promotability on an international level. Eriksen doesn’t have the past history that shows his ability. Eriksen doesn’t make players around him perform better. Would Ramsey have had his season with Eriksen or Giroud?

    Had we signed Eriksen this place would have exploded.

  15. Paulinho

    “what either was required to do at their respective clubs, your example of Sanchez and working within tight spaces was simply wrong as you’ve seen”

    It’s not wrong at all. When he receives the ball in midfield, surrounded by players left right and in front of him, he passes it backwards and bottles it. If he tries anything other than that he gives the ball away. In the final third everyone is in front of him, like a skier doing a slalom.

  16. Highbury Daze

    Wenger can be trusted with money, he has proven that over 18 years, Ozil was bought by the insistence of the Chairman Chips Keswick, Wenger would never spend that much on one player

  17. MidwestGun

    Eriksen 10mil and Higuain34.5mil? For example. Ya, right. I’d take Ozil everyday and twice on Sunday.

    It’s a bit revisionist to say we would have been better to get 2 awesome cdm’s.
    No kidding…….. somebody clue up AW.

  18. London gunner


    In terms of tight spaces who would he be weaker than? Ox? Nope ox is a decent dribbler by the touch line, but his certainly not better than sanchez.

    Walcott? Obviously sanchez is better?

    Wel beck? Nope sanchez is much less akward and cumbersome on the ball. Welbeck does well with his back to goal and laying the ball of backwards to a midfield player, but he doesn’t twist, turn and pas his man like sanchez does in and around the box

    Cazorla? Maybe the Santi of the first half of his first season at arsenal, but currently cazorla has a higher dispossession rate than sanchez

    Ramsey? Not really better in tight spaces his good with space surging from deep or arriving unmarked in the box

    Jack? Jack is like sanchez great ball control and touch, but takes on to much and gets dispossessed. In theory they should both be superb in tight spaces.

    I won’t bother to mention giroud.

    However rosiscky is better in the final third and I would say ozil is m, but only because he plays it safe.

    Sanchez is a high risk high reward player. If he took less risks his got the natural ability to be consistently the best In the final third in terms of pure base stats… But ironically he may score less.

    Sanchez however is the best player in terms of beating his man with dribbling. His touch on the turn is something that only rosiscky can better

  19. Emiratesstroller

    We keep on focussing on the performance of individual players in our team and not the real reason for our abject performance last season in the games that mattered and which cost us ultimately the league title.

    This season the situation is perhaps worse and it is again not down to individuals, but sadly how the team plays. This year we have not just under performed in games against the big teams but also against some of the minnows as well.

    Let’s start off with some statistical facts in season 2013/14 we played relatively
    well up to end of January.

    We had a disastrous first game against Aston Villa after a good start where we
    scored first goal. We then conceded as usual a goal from set piece and our
    problems were compounded by injury to Ox before half time. The team was
    also missing Walcott and therefore we lacked an outlet of pace. The game fell apart with sending off and we lost game. Most supporters were furious because the game demonstrated all that was wrong with club including lack of

    However, the performance did improve thereafter and we lost just two more
    games before end of January. These were against Man City where we had the
    excuse of playing three games within week, but despite this we were reasonably competitive until mid second half when we were clearly knackered.

    The Man Utd defeat was like this season against run of play. The team does not
    seem to have the beating of this team even when they are worse than us.

    Our season fell apart with the Liverpool game at Anfield. They crucified us in
    first 18 minutes and that game told everyone else how to beat this Arsenal
    team. Chelsea, Everton and Stoke all used a similar format when playing us
    and even Spurs at White Hart Lane were the better team albeit that they could
    not put ball in net.

    The hard facts are that we played most games last season with Sagna, Mertesacker and Koscielny with either Gibbs or Monreal in left full back position.
    This was an experienced bunch of players. In front of them were either Arteta
    or Flamini.

    We conceded during the season 41 goals, but 21 goals were conceded in just
    5 games. That says everything about our problems. The majority of games
    lost were against physically robust sides and goals conceded either from set
    pieces through lack of marking and opponent’s superior heading ability or
    from counterattack situations because of defensive weakness in midfield.

    You would have thought that Wenger would have learned the lesson before
    the start of this season. Sadly despite buying some half decent players he neglected to resolve the three key weaknesses. Debuchy and Chambers were
    replacements for Sagna and Jenkinson who were frankly not the problem
    for what happened last season.

    Most of the problems came from the left or middle of field. Nothing was done
    to resolve the weakness of Arteta and Flamini who one season on are slower
    and weaker than before.

    Our centre back combination of Mertesacker and Koscielny are poor in a zonal marking system. Mertesacker cannot head a ball and Koscielny may be a good player, but does have concentration problems from time to time.

    Neither Gibbs nor Monreal are great defenders and the problem is compounded not only by defensive weakness in midfield leaving the flank too often exposed.

    What has made the situation even worse this season is that we have lost Vermaelen who could play in left centre back or left full back positions as replacement when required for Kos/Gibbs/Monreal and Sagna who could play fourth
    string centre back on right if required.

    For a manager to go into season with just 6 defenders including Chambers who had started only 16 games last season and was essentially a second string
    full back behind Clyne at Southampton reveals all that is wrong with Wenger. Truthfully he gambled that Mert and Koscielny would not get injured and that was criminal.

    I don’t believe that there is a single manager of a club with ambitions to win title who would have planned a season in this way.

    Arsenal need to win all remaining games this side of the New Year. With our
    lack of defensive cover that is most unlikely.

    The real question is whether the club can turn the situation around in New Year and compete for third or fourth positions in EPL.

    Whilst I am not particularly concerned about our offensive game provided we
    get Wilshire and Ozil back to full fitness and do not lose yet again too many
    other players to injury the million dollar question is will Wenger override
    his natural instincts and buy what we need to shore up the team.

    My basic instinct is that Wenger will not buy any significant players in defensive department because firstly there is a limited choice of options and second
    the club will not be prepared to overpay for a CB or DMF even if such a player
    becomes available.

    Wenger will as usual do a ‘botch job’ with defence either buying untested players such as Mings or taken on loan someone like Kallstrom to shore up his
    defence or midfield.

    We will get the same old rubbish that there are no players who are buyable or
    they will cost too much and do not add value to team.

    The reality is that every player in world football including even Ronaldo and
    Messi has a price. The only issue is whether anyone can or is prepared to pay
    that price. Sadly Kroenke and Wenger do not have either the money or ambition to do so.

  20. Paulinho

    London – Welbeck is actually very good at dropping deep into midfield and negotiating ‘traffic’ to then distribute the ball wide or slip a pass through the lines. Welbeck’s problem is closer to the box when he receives the ball on the half-turn. He’s hesitates and is reluctant to turn and face the goal. He’s too timid in that regard.

    I kind of agree with the rest of your post. I think Chamberlain is better than him deep midfield but still prone to silly giveaways, and Wally, Cazorla all struggle as well.

    This is all part of the reason we’re an average side. No Hleb or peak Rosicky to take the ball under intense pressing and still pass or dribble forward.

  21. Keyser

    Paulinho – I don’t really have to concede anything, just pointing out the idiocy of your argument, in that even if Wenger calls all the shots he’s only working with what the club have given him, and it’s been pretty inadequate.

    Like Fabregas’s ‘desire’ to return to Barcelona.
    Van Persie feeling he has a better shot at United.
    Nasri likewise at Citeh.

    We also sold Clichy and Ebway that year, but that’s still not the point, 3 first teamers, and a reserve right-back was the beginning when for years we’ve needed to add to the squad rather than deplete it. A year on and 3 first teamers becomes 5.

    Sanchez has shown numerous times he can turn with the ball, what you’re seeing and is similar to Cazorla, is how someone who’s diminutive has had to deal with bigger, stronger faster players for most of his career. In tight spaces he almost becomes a 5-a-side footballer which while improving his skill in tight areas, also makes him hold onto it for too long.

  22. London gunner


    Sanchez dribbling in tight spaces.

    Watch from 26 seconds onwards it starts with numerous instances of him dribbling around 3 opposition players in the final third.. No one at arsenal can do this. The opposition players have to resort to fouling him despite the fact they have ganged up on him and have him sorrunded.

    Also as for him passing backwards all the time in final third because his clueless that’s bullshit.

    He often lures in a defender dribbles back wards dragging defender with him to create space up front for The overlap for which he feeds in a FORWARDS pass

  23. Paulinho

    Keyser – You’re not really saying anything. Of course he’s working within certain restrictions, just like any club. He’s still calling the shots within them, such as deciding to put a load of average young players on ridiculously high wages.

  24. Keyser

    Welbeck’s decent at ‘negotiating traffic’ he’s nowhere near Sanchez, but because he’s bigger and more imposing he can muscle his way clear.

    Also Hleb didn’t really negoatiate past traffic he bypassed it, otherwise he would’ve been far more productive in the final third.

  25. London gunner

    “This is all part of the reason we’re an average side. No Hleb or peak Rosicky to take the ball under intense pressing and still pass or dribble forwarD”

    I agree

    But I personally think sanchez biggest flaw is his selfishness I think that is I’m part being sorrunded by inferior players compared to Barca.

    We bring some more talent in and sanchez becomes part of the team not the team itself

  26. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol and there you go, maybe you need to define ‘certain restrictions’ because if those players are leaving for those clubs then all it shows is how little chance we had to begin with, and it also shows how little the board and/or owners did to help the situation, got you there in the end.

  27. Paulinho

    “Also as for him passing backwards all the time in final third because his clueless that’s bullshit”

    That would be bullshit if I actually said that. I’ve pointed out numerous times that his weakness lies in deep midfield when he receives the ball with his back to play and he’s got someone behind, and to the left and right of him. Hleb for example was absolute genius in that position. He would nonchalantly invite pressure and use it against them. Remember the dinked ball over the top to Fabregas in 2007 in the lead up to his equaliser at the Emirates?

    He excels in the final third because everyone is in front of him; hence the skiing slalom analogy.

  28. Paulinho

    Keyser – Not really, it’s a bunch of non-football men ceding power to a control freak who “knows best”.

    Every club has restrictions. If Pellegrini had the power Wenger did he would still be working within restrictions.

    As usual you’re pointing out something incredibly obvious and treating like some vital part of your argument when you never had one, and have been struggling to articulate anything of any substance from the start, other than your usual refuge of story telling and pointing out the obvious.

  29. kwik fit

    Mid , my reputation precedes me but i’m more of a sprinkler than a dribbler and I find Vaseline excellent in those tight spaces 😉

  30. Keyser

    Paulinho – It’s not obvious to most on here, and the only reason I’m pointing it out is to give you a point to work within, we’re not Citeh, we’re not Barcelona or United, when we needed input or investment from those people, they were found wanting.

    That’s the truth of it, within those parameters you don’t have much of an argument, the Pelligrini point is worthless and makes most of your arguments against Wenger redundant.

    The thing is I don’t concede that, I actually think there is some sort of process of accountability, or an idea of them working together which is why Wengers ‘Big club’ comments are relevant, and this is also why Sir Chips and Lord Harris getting together and deciding to pay Stan Kroenke a fee for Services is worrying.

  31. Paulinho

    Keyser – it’s not obvious that everyone on here that most teams, including the likes of City, have a budget? I think you’re on your own there.

    Your post is completely irrelevant, and your argument is afflicted with logical fallacies such as the board sitting back and not helping Wenger, when with Wenger in control he could simply tell them go away, continuing down his path of doing things the ‘right away’ and using money that the club generates organically, which he stated all along was his preference.

    You really need to clean up what your actual argument is, because again, you haven’t really got one as is stands other than pointing out the banally obvious.

  32. Keyser

    Lol you’re either trolling now or just incredibly stupid.

    Yes people have trouble accepting we have a budget aswell as accepting other teams budgets vary.

    It might be banally obvious but you’re still struggling with it, I’ve laid it out clearly now, firstly the only reason Wenger would have such power is because almost an entire board has sold out, and because the new owners of those shares have ceded power, this is a recent occurance considering they’ve been at the club decades.

    Secondly the club working organically is just another way of saying the club works within it’s means, this imposes almost finite measures when it comes to any discussion.

    So once you establish that, unless you think Wenger suits up and there’s a one-person mass control room deep within the recesses of the Emirates, you’re basically saying everyone else does fuckall.

    Which is silly, especially when Sir Chips has told you otherwise.

  33. Paulinho

    Keyser – What’s happened – once again – is that I’ve completed wiped the floor with you again, to the point where you’ve actually admitted Wenger calls the shots several times, so what’s your point?

    You go on about restrictions when it makes no difference to the original argument. You’re too thick to realise that any restrictions imposed on Wenger are simply down to the economic resources at his disposal, which is dependant on what we generate, and is not down to what certain people at the club ‘give him’.

    Again, what’s your point, now that you’ve already admitted you’re completely wrong on Wenger calling the shots?

  34. Paulinho

    Lol recent occurence.

    Back in 1996 he was demanding that Adams, Dixon, Winterburn should get their wages significantly increased and imposing maximum one year extensions to over 30s.. 0f course though, it’s only a ‘recent thing’. Pathetic.

  35. Keyser

    Lol you’re like a child. I’m even helping you along and you’re trying to score petty points, we were an efficient entity in 2011, and in 2008.

    “..any restrictions imposed on Wenger are simply down to the economic resources at his disposal”

    Exactly and once he produces a team that can compete on the field there’s very little else he can do, whereas the owners can, so either you accept that Wengers working within the clubs means or you wonder why Kroenke isn’t maximising his own investment when it’s pretty obvious it would be hugely beneficial.

    If the board and Gazidis have no control, they why are they still there, what do they function as, puppets under Wengers control ? Lol you’re desperate now.

  36. Keyser

    Lol yeah because Wenger was telling them how he’d love to play at Wembley or the intricacies of building a new stadium, do you even see what you’re doing here ?

  37. Paulinho

    “If the board and Gazidis have no control, they why are they still there, what do they function as, puppets under Wengers control ? ”

    Well by golly he’s gotten there at last.

    And it makes alot more sense than all the mental gymnastics and contortions you’ve gone to in an attempt to convolute the bleedin’ obvious.

    Again, you just can’t wrap your head around it can you, that Wenger has zero interest in Stanley Kroenke or anyone else giving him ‘artificial’ money to sign more players. You need to grasp and comprehend these basic fundamentals of context before you even attempt to help others.

    You giving help would be like the Lee Evans character in There’s Something about Mary trying to pick up the keys for Cameron Diaz.

  38. Paulinho

    “Lol yeah because Wenger was telling them how he’d love to play at Wembley or the intricacies of building a new stadium, do you even see what you’re doing here ?”

    Funny thing is you stumble on the truth when you’re trying to be sarcastic. He certainly was interested in the intricacies when he designed the changing rooms.

  39. Keyser

    Lol so basically Wenger walked into the club and was given complete control, he wanted us to play at Wembley, Dein was just a lackey, despite the board having been around for decades beforehand they decided to pander to Wengers delusions of grandeur and build a new stadium, they even sold to the person Wenger wanted them to sell to and in thanks Kroenke gave him complete uncorruptable power again.

  40. Paulinho

    Keyser – Yep. Once again you’ve actually gained some clarity and insight into the reality of the situation, almost by accident, in a mocking tone, but ends justifies the means and all that.

    Dein practically wanted to bone the guy the moment they played Twister or whatever they played at his house back 95.

  41. Highbury Daze

    I think Wenger calls most of the shots at AFC that’s the reason Kroenke bought the club, profit from transfers that Wenger had generated since 1996, not to mention the other money making enterprises it has going, the only time, I can recall intervention by anyone at the club was firstly, Keswick had to step in and insist Wenger buy Ozil, to get the fans off their back after spending nothing, Wenger had already told the Chairman he was not buying Suarez, second time was when Wenger was praying with the Pope, Gazidis bought Welbeck, I would say other than that it’s the Wenger show, the owner/board are happy to let his run it for them as he makes them and has done so for a lot of years plenty of cash

    So unless they need to step in and let them know who really runs the club, he has the authority to run the club the way he sees fit

  42. Keyser

    Lol then what have you been moaning about all this time you mentalist, he’s running an entire club on his own.

    ‘Ryo how you coming to London ?, actually don’t worry we’ll pick you up, go on a Far East tour, make a holiday of it..’

  43. Paulinho

    ‘I believe that once you have your resources you can run your football club how you want to run it.’

    And doesn’t ole Arsene run that motherfucka.

    Who runs the world? Arsene, who runs the club? Arsene

  44. Highbury Daze

    What the fans have to realise now, while we love the club and the football is our only passion, the people who own and run the club do not give two fucks about football

    It is a means to an end, MONEY, is their game, it is a business first and foremost now, you think educated university trained guys care about louts kicking a ball around, the only reason they take an interest in it is of the money that can be made from the peoples game, the workers game, taken over by corporate fucking parasites, making an absolute killing out of world football

    Played by ordinary people, run by Corporate thugs who do not cherish the game like we do

    Ater the game we go home and discuss the victory or the loss, or go to the local pub and ponder what went wrong, or marvel at Ramsey’s goal playing in over and over in our heads

    Wenger and the board would go to some fancy club or restaurant and discuss how much they made that day, discuss the bottom line, the finances, that’s where these guys get their jollies

    To us, it’s a game, to them it’s a business

  45. Bamford13

    When asked: ‘Were funds available to the manager to strengthen the defence. If there were why was nothing done about it?’ Keswick replied: ‘It’s not my place to double-guess Arsene’s intentions. We back Arsene when he has a plan. We stay quiet when he doesn’t.’

    That tells you nearly everything you need to know about who calls the shots at Arsenal Football Club.

  46. Bamford13

    And by the way, I too questioned the Ozil signing at the time — not because I was skeptical of Ozil’s quality but because I believed we needed a quality CDM, CF and CB far more than we needed a CAM.

    I stand by that.

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    Pardew’s kind words for Wenger are both disturbing and disorienting for true Arsenal fans. All that crap about stadium, debt, champions league mean more insult to true Arsenal fans.

    Can Arsenal have someone in the board as the official fans’ representative? At Arsenal its simply everything about money and profits.

  48. Jeff


    The other managers want to say kind things about Wenger because they saw how Mourinho was vilified when he came out with his “specialist in failure” comment. Arsene, whatever he does now, is and will remain the jewel in the PL crown until he finally goes. He’s the old man sitting in the corner, part of the furniture, who’s been there donkey’s years – very few in the public eye is going to slag him off no matter what.

    Mourinho did it because he just doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s reputation and I think Wenger had a go at him first anyway by saying he’s afraid of failure.

    We are stuck with him and his whims till he goes – only time has the answer to our problems.

  49. Wallace

    Lucas Silva looks like the kind of midfielder i could imagine Wengr buying. decent size, tough, but good on the ball. an Arteta upgrade/replacement. although if Madrid are also in for him….

  50. Wallace


    i think Pardew’s comments are genuine. le grove is at the far end of the spectrum when it comes to Wenger. most people outside of the club – Mourinho aside – have respect for him and what he’s done.

  51. N5

    Wallace, I think since they had that fight Pardew has shown little respect to Wenger. I may be wrong, but it feels very disingenuous to me.

  52. Wallace


    maybe…but i’d like to think having just come through his own very rough patch Pardew’s got some sympathy for what Wenger’s going through.

  53. N5

    See Wallace, that’s exactly the reason I thought he was doing it. As someone said yesterday, he dodged bullets again like Neo in the Matrix, so now he can belittle and show “compassion” to a manager that is going through that same trial. All be it (at least in my mind) from up on his “nobody can touch me” pedastool.

  54. Leedsgunner

    “‘There’s a lot of deluded Arsenal fans, who are out in the wilderness, still saying “In Arsene We Trust” and all that… it is a unique position that Wenger is in – I think that any other manager in any country, in any world, with a record like this and no prospect of light at the end of the tunnel – they would have been gone by now.”

    Ian Wright 2012

    “”For the record the mere fact that Fabregas is at Chelsea when we had first option, don’t care who but someone should be sacked.

    “So disappointed with the amount of prize w*****’s who are supporting the club I love.

    “Wish I could meet them individually. Would be carnage.”

    Ian Wright 2014

    Why doesn’t he make his mind up? Is Wenger good for the club or not? Or is it only ok for him to criticise the club but not everyone else?

    I loved Wrighty as a player but he’s just going with whatever is popular at the moment, he should develop some backbone already and not change his mind like the wind.

    I agree with him that the person who passed on Fabregas when we had first option should be sacked… any idea who that might be? Hmm?

  55. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Arsenal’s injury situation is becoming a farce.

    The idea that we can go into tomorrow’s game against Newcastle with just
    3 regular defenders including Debuchy who is only semi fit just demonstrates
    how ill planned our season has been.

    No other club of our pedigree would have been put into this position by a manager of Wenger’s supposed experience.

    Our current crisis is down to having an unbalanced squad and far too many players on our books who are injury prone and that adds pressure on the rest
    of squad.

    At the moment I see a very dark future, because I cannot see Arsenal being able to recruit in January the kind of players we need unless the club are prepared to throw money at the problem and Wenger will not do that.

  56. Jim Lahey

    @Evan – We have already got our new January signing, Giroud! And don’t forget we have a bunch of new signings lined up, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Koscielny, Monreal, Özil and the biggest new signing of them all Diaby!

  57. giggsy

    main problems are still defensively because Laurent Koscielny (calf from Southampton match) looks like he will not be quite ready, Nacho Monreal (foot) is not back and Calum Chambers is suspended. Mikel Arteta (calf) is not ready and Theo Walcott (groin) is out. Aaron Ramsey (hamstring)

  58. Emiratesstroller

    I happen to agree with Ian Wright’s sentiments. It is one thing not buying Fabregas, but another allowing him to go to rival for such a low price.

    Let’s face it we were just two points behind Chelsea at end of last Season. At the end of this season I suspect that the gap will be more than 20 points.

    Mourinho identified the weaknesses in his squad and addressed clinically the
    problems with targeted acquisitions. Wenger closed as usual his eyes to the
    real problems in the team despite what happened last season and we have now
    the consequences.

  59. Wallace


    Debuchy – Mertesacker/Chambers – Koscielny – Gibbs

    Arteta – Ramsey/Wilshere

    Ox/Walcott – Ozil – Alexis


    i would say the above is pretty much our best 15. of those 8 have been out for a significant period already this season, we’re never going to have a chance unless we can find a way to get at least 8/9 of them playing together for a sustained period.

  60. GunnerShabz

    this injury list is just too much now, we been in this situation before when we had all our full backs out and we played djorou and vermelen in full back positions

    i cant remember the last time we had an injury free season, i can understand one player getting a strain here and there but this is too much

    i am sure wenger knows about kos is becoming injury prone we got lucky last season where most of our defenders were fit or maybe over played

    the Ozil one is the most stupidest, because he came back injured from world cup and he still played him and also he even heard a crack in the chelsea game and still kept playing him

    he also admited that alexis is carrying a small injury

  61. ArseneWengersMagicHeWearsamagicHatandwhenhesawDiabyhesaidimhavinthatOI!

    from BBC website
    apologies if already been put up or mentioned earlier

    Wenger adds that Alexi Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck are “fit and rested” and Kieran Gibbs and Mathieu Flamini are also available.

    On last week’s criticism at Stoke railway station he says: “Society wants to win the next game and it’s a permanent tribunal for everyone.” But Gunners fans hoping for another big money signing next month may be disappointed by the line: “If everybody is fit then we don’t need to go into the transfer market.”

  62. Wallace

    he didn’t quite say that –

    “”If everybody is fit and available, we don’t need to go on the transfer market, but we have to consider that there could be a question mark with Koscielny’s fitness and we have to go out on the transfer market.”

  63. Bamford13

    “If everybody is fit then we don’t need to go into the transfer market.”

    And this is why Arsene Wenger needs to fuck off.

    The current squad cannot and will not compete for either the EPL or CL titles. Can’t even and won’t even be in the running. This has been true for years. And yet according to dipshit, we have everything we need.

    Why? Not because we don’t have ample resources — we have piles of cash on hand — but because he doesn’t give a fuck about competing for titles. He cares instead only about leading the club in accordance with his “principles,” i.e., frugality, free play and loyalty to (average, past-it and crocked) players.

    Wenger out.

  64. Goondawg

    Wenger: If vermaelen leaves, we will need to buy another CB (This is after we bought Chambers)

    Hello darkness, my old friend…

  65. Bamford13

    Oh, and re Pardew, he’s just being polite and playing “the gentleman” in advance of this weekend.

    He’s also hoping to get some support for his own personal cause, as he has in the past been treated even more poorly than Wenger has by his supporters. He’d like it if this kind of thing were discouraged, so he comes out against it when it happens to Wenger.

    Wenger is a spent force, and he deserves the boos.

  66. Goondawg

    Incredible how we went into this season with two centre-backs and one of them already seriously crocked. This isnt any run down team either, we are the Arsenal and in every comp FA cup, league, champs etc and for 8 years we have had the worst injury situation ever

    our back 4 tomorrow will be

    Gibbs – Debuchy – Per – Bellerin

    So one not fully fit player, one makeshift coming back long term injury, one out of form, and a youth player

    That is if gibbs fitness permits him, otherwise we would see Flamini there. Then who would play DM? No Ramsey, no arteta,, no wilshere.. Guess we will see Naitland miles or some poor sod tossed in the deep end. Fucking joke

    And Wenger has admitted playing Sanchez with a small groin injury, in the red zone. Grr

  67. Thomas

    Wenger with his annual “there won’t be any activity in January buklshit”. He’s so fucking deluded he actually thinks we will be injury free even when we have had the most injuries the last decade or so. What a deluded fucking idiot.

  68. Goondawg

    Can you imagine us drawing Real Madrid? (Could easily have been avoided, if we didnt drop a 3-0 nil lead to Anderlechts B side) And Wenger still neglects to buy some cover, we still get beasted by injuries. Imagine Ronaldo facing Bellerin, or even Nacho against Bale, what a daunting thought.

  69. GunnerShabz

    injuries always have been an issue for arsenal

    we was lucky with the invincibles most of them were fit for the season

    but even with Shad coming in i dont know whats happening he is one of the best around

    Germany won the world cup with his fitness regime in such heat

    so what is going on here

  70. GunnerShabz

    samir masri

    we used to this now, he actually thinks that kos injury problem is the issue and why does not want to sign an defender

    he will only sign someone because of injury issues not what the real problems are

  71. Goondawg

    The Kos injury does strike me as a very serious issue though IMO. Chronic tendinitis in his ankles is a bastard of an injury… Will take some time to fully heal. If ever

  72. Du Vi

    This Keyser kid talks a lot shit!! Bar Paulinho and a few others the motley crew on here are just as bad as the tea party brigade you find over at the Arsenal blog that shall not be mentioned…Empty barrels and all!!!