Lukas makes a case | Squad makes a case at perfect time

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Ahhhh man, so little to talk about this morning. Tings went good yah hear me?

We rotated heavily. We took the lead early. We made half time subs. We scored more goals.

That game was a bit like the Hull one last year. Forced change results in excellent result. I hope Wenger sees that he can trust players to come in and do a good job.

Whilst I see the limitations of Lukas compared to Alexis, he’s more than capable in front of goal and he offers fight and know how. He absolutely rasped his first strike into the near post… a total thunderbolt!

Aaron Ramsey, who drove the game with the Ox scored the second when he had no other option. The ball crept in at the back post perfectly.

The third goal was just pure outrage. The ball was cleared from a corner, it flew about 33 yards out, bounced where Ramsey was on hand to power it into the top corner. One of the most powerful strikes Paul Merson can remember seeing.

Coasting at half time we brought on Zelalem and Niles. We played the rest of the game out in a cautious and calm way. It was easy street. Fun times. 3 points that qualified us for the 15th time. A great achievement when you consider Liverpool and City will likely drop out.


Rotation, rest and trusting your squad works. Ok, so Gala weren’t the best, but they’re still a Champions League club that we tanked. We need to bring the squad into play more often. As if by magic, Jose has been talking up his policy…

“Terry, Willian and Hazard are on holidays. I’d like to give the whole squad time off because they’re always playing, but I have good alternatives for these positions’

“You know, we have too many matches to play in December. We are one of the few teams in the Premier League who also play in the Capital One Cup at this moment.

“So everybody has periods to rest, which we don’t have. This game gives me the chance to rest these three players. We have already the fifth yellow card to Diego Costa which gave him a rest, and to Matic which gave him one. Now Fabregas has one, which gives him a rest.

Jose, bro, you forgot to talk about the periods of rest your players get when you don’t let them go on international break… so much down time!

Anyway, point is, Arsenal don’t really utilise down time in the same way, hence the problems we have (combined with a host of other issues). I think the theory is pretty simple, the more rested your players are, the fresher they’ll be, the more energy they can give.

I mean, I know a lot more goes into it than that… but once you hit peak fitness, a few days off here and there isn’t going to destroy you… you know, if you avoid the cocaine, hookers and 24 hour drinking binges.

Ramsey looked back to his best last night. He drove the game, stood up and made himself count and his finishing was electric. More of that please Aaron. If we can get his goals from last year back and the sharp passing and power he offered, we’ll have a much more comfortable run in.

I said that Lukas should have started against Stoke to sneers from a lot of people. Well, I think he showed last night that he has a purpose and sneering at utilising your squad isn’t smart. If he’s not good enough, the smart thing would have been to flog him and bring in someone we can rotate in. He scored a spectacular near post first goal and his second one was a well timed run with a cool finish. Against Chelsea, maybe he’s not the man, against Hull or QPR, you should be bringing him into the fold because he’ll do a good job.

Joel Campbell didn’t pull up any trees, but again, I don’t see why we don’t’ give him game time. He’s hardly a rooky and we’ve seen what he can do at all levels. There’s talent there and there’s certainly more to his game than there is to Sanogo’s…

Big games are coming up. I think we can take maximum points from them all if we use our squad properly. Now Wenger has a win under his belt, the panic will subside and he’ll be calmer about his selections I think. The key to December is your squad, how you manage it and how you utilise the best approach for each game. If we have a good December, bring some of our best players back,  buy well in January… we’ll be on a run.

Arsene is talking about it being hard to buy in January, make no mistake, he’s bullshitting you this time. We’re looking at loads of player and we’re in talks with clubs NOW. So don’t have a panic that he’s dithering already. The only fear I’d have is if we’re smashing it by the end of the month, he’s that up and down with transfers he might decide he doesn’t need to deal in January… fingers crossed he’s strong armed into not changing his mind.

RIGHT. That’s me done. Have a marvellous day.

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  1. tunnygriffboy

    Anderlecht killed us. 13 points and runners up. 12 points last year. Monaco win the group with 11 points. PSG second with 13, city qualify with 8, Basel with 7. What a bummer ! ! !

  2. Highbury Daze

    Let’s hope our next manager lets the players have more freedom to express themselves than they do now, like the Ramsey strike, this is so un Wenger like, I’m sure he was pissed off at the time he did it, I think players should have the licence to take matters into their own hands, if an opportunity presents itself like the Ramsey goal, as the ad says, just do it, do not be prisoner to the Wenger straight jacket where 2 or 3 players make a 100 passes between themselves before one either loses the ball or scores

    Can someone tell Wenger the game is played on a pitch outdoors, NOT FROM A LAPTOP OR A WHITE BOARD

  3. Highbury Daze

    What happened to the democracy that England once was, prohibiting people from taking banners into the stadium that show a negative take on the club or individuals, is just wrong,

    They don’t mind if your banner is positive, in Arsene We Trust

    But you cannot have one that says thanks for the memories Arsene see ya later

    This is the dictatorship that is the Emirates Stadium

    I say fuck the lot of the pricks, what a disgusting deplorable pus bucket this administration and club has become

    The fans cannot protest, fuck off

  4. Highbury Daze

    The fans should be protesting ticket prices, but they don’t they whine like stuck pigs, but pay the price and still go to the games, sheep ready to be fleeced, all wearing the new Puma kit. while running the club and Wenger into the ground, which is fine, but why then give them your hard earned cash if dissatisfied with aspects of the club, on reflection, the fan deserves all he gets right up the arse, hypocrites

    I would like 20,000 fans to get up and walk out at half time, Moh bitched because some left 10 minutes before the game finished, imagine fucking off at half time, it’s a symbolic gesture Moh, one of dissatisfaction with Wenger and the club letting this buffoon get away with murder who cares how the game finishes, we want to show the admin of this Disney show we are not amused

    Just try finding 20k with enough brains/balls to pull it off

  5. Highbury Daze

    And what about the 4 stooges smoking Shisha at Moh’s place, what was that about wankers, surprised Ty wasn’t there along with Chris Hudson
    Ty must be on the outer

  6. Highbury Daze

    Moh said in an interview one day Vincent Tan is a virus in football, I said a similar thing, only I identified Arsene Wenger as the virus, his tentacles all through this club

  7. Highbury Daze

    What has happened to you Moh, you used to think the club was being run by a bunch of monkeys, run by the suits who don’t have a clue, when you said about freezing Usmanov out you were right, it is madness, all you said in that 1st interview was spot on, you should have maintained the rage, instead if being submissive and running out and buying a new Puma shirt



    You wanna know why Ramsey was ‘nowhere to be seen’ in the big game against Chelsea this season? Because he was out and played a grand total of zero minutes in that game 😉

    I get what you mean though and his form up to a few weeks back has been largely indifferent but I think Ramsey should be amongst the last players to be criticized in big games – no matter what, even if he’s off form, he’s not one to go hiding and will always put up a valiant fight. Even during his darkest days in 2012 I’ve always respected this about him. He’s a fighter.

  9. Emiratesstroller


    Regarding your remarks relating to Usmanov.

    He made an offer several years ago to lend the club £50 million specifically to
    buy players. Also he suggested to the Board [incl Kroenke] a new share issue,
    which was declined for obvious reasons.

    Yes he did suggest recently that he likes the Arsenal business model, but there
    is only one likely reason that he is still a major shareholder and that is he wants to buy the club. People like Usmanov are not sitting around for any other reason when they don’t get a dividend or even a seat on the Board.

    I am not basing those statements on conjecture but I had interests outside
    football with people who know Usmanov quite well.

    For the record Usmanov is significantly richer than Kroenke and for that matter Abromavich.

    Personally I think that Kroenke treats Arsenal as an investment and the declared cash mountain facilitates acquisitions by him in USA, because it is
    transparent. I don’t believe that this guy has any serious interest in football
    and that is part of the problem at the club at moment. We are rudderless.

  10. Gregg


    Yep it’s great. Xmas eve was always such a great family day and I’ve tried to keep up the traditions we used to have when my wife was alive. Like you say the looks on their faces is priceless. It’s all over to quickly though

  11. Gregg


    Thank you mate, much appreciated. My sister and her family give me so much help which makes things easier.

    Hopefully Arsenal will get their act together and put a smile back on our faces.