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Ahhhh man, so little to talk about this morning. Tings went good yah hear me?

We rotated heavily. We took the lead early. We made half time subs. We scored more goals.

That game was a bit like the Hull one last year. Forced change results in excellent result. I hope Wenger sees that he can trust players to come in and do a good job.

Whilst I see the limitations of Lukas compared to Alexis, he’s more than capable in front of goal and he offers fight and know how. He absolutely rasped his first strike into the near post… a total thunderbolt!

Aaron Ramsey, who drove the game with the Ox scored the second when he had no other option. The ball crept in at the back post perfectly.

The third goal was just pure outrage. The ball was cleared from a corner, it flew about 33 yards out, bounced where Ramsey was on hand to power it into the top corner. One of the most powerful strikes Paul Merson can remember seeing.

Coasting at half time we brought on Zelalem and Niles. We played the rest of the game out in a cautious and calm way. It was easy street. Fun times. 3 points that qualified us for the 15th time. A great achievement when you consider Liverpool and City will likely drop out.


Rotation, rest and trusting your squad works. Ok, so Gala weren’t the best, but they’re still a Champions League club that we tanked. We need to bring the squad into play more often. As if by magic, Jose has been talking up his policy…

“Terry, Willian and Hazard are on holidays. I’d like to give the whole squad time off because they’re always playing, but I have good alternatives for these positions’

“You know, we have too many matches to play in December. We are one of the few teams in the Premier League who also play in the Capital One Cup at this moment.

“So everybody has periods to rest, which we don’t have. This game gives me the chance to rest these three players. We have already the fifth yellow card to Diego Costa which gave him a rest, and to Matic which gave him one. Now Fabregas has one, which gives him a rest.

Jose, bro, you forgot to talk about the periods of rest your players get when you don’t let them go on international break… so much down time!

Anyway, point is, Arsenal don’t really utilise down time in the same way, hence the problems we have (combined with a host of other issues). I think the theory is pretty simple, the more rested your players are, the fresher they’ll be, the more energy they can give.

I mean, I know a lot more goes into it than that… but once you hit peak fitness, a few days off here and there isn’t going to destroy you… you know, if you avoid the cocaine, hookers and 24 hour drinking binges.

Ramsey looked back to his best last night. He drove the game, stood up and made himself count and his finishing was electric. More of that please Aaron. If we can get his goals from last year back and the sharp passing and power he offered, we’ll have a much more comfortable run in.

I said that Lukas should have started against Stoke to sneers from a lot of people. Well, I think he showed last night that he has a purpose and sneering at utilising your squad isn’t smart. If he’s not good enough, the smart thing would have been to flog him and bring in someone we can rotate in. He scored a spectacular near post first goal and his second one was a well timed run with a cool finish. Against Chelsea, maybe he’s not the man, against Hull or QPR, you should be bringing him into the fold because he’ll do a good job.

Joel Campbell didn’t pull up any trees, but again, I don’t see why we don’t’ give him game time. He’s hardly a rooky and we’ve seen what he can do at all levels. There’s talent there and there’s certainly more to his game than there is to Sanogo’s…

Big games are coming up. I think we can take maximum points from them all if we use our squad properly. Now Wenger has a win under his belt, the panic will subside and he’ll be calmer about his selections I think. The key to December is your squad, how you manage it and how you utilise the best approach for each game. If we have a good December, bring some of our best players back,  buy well in January… we’ll be on a run.

Arsene is talking about it being hard to buy in January, make no mistake, he’s bullshitting you this time. We’re looking at loads of player and we’re in talks with clubs NOW. So don’t have a panic that he’s dithering already. The only fear I’d have is if we’re smashing it by the end of the month, he’s that up and down with transfers he might decide he doesn’t need to deal in January… fingers crossed he’s strong armed into not changing his mind.

RIGHT. That’s me done. Have a marvellous day.

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  1. Romford Pele

    N5, Lol you’re like me. If it’s not Arsenal, I don’t really give a s***. The only other English club I kind of care for is West Ham. But that’s because i’m East London born and bred. Eastender like Phil and Grant Mitchell 😀

  2. MidwestGun

    Joel has a good attitude, doesn’t get injured all the freaking time and knows how to stay wide. So I think he could play the Rosicky role as unfortunately looks like Rosicky is struggling with injuries again.

    Theo might not play again this season. Was really worried about that with his injury. Even if he gets fit in the next month will take a month to settle. So we are looking at March or April to make any impact.

    Anyhow, looking forward to Roma v City also.

  3. Chuks

    Will get rid of theo. I’ll take the money we can still get off him now that he has a year and half on his contract. Players like theo are not worth 110 a week. Players like sanchez are though. Re the Ozil debate, he is a good player, that’s all. I call him just “good” cos in the real big games he will be a “liability”(word used with care). But at the moment he is all we got, so that’s that. If I can see 30m for him though, I’ll gladly sell him and build the team around different set of people.

  4. gambon

    Wenger had no plan for Campbell, clearly doesnt like him, and had desperate needs elsewhere….yet when he was offered £9m for this not needed player he said no, because hes obsessed with packing the team with quantity not quality.

    Mourinho had noo plans for Mata, and felt he didnt work in his system, so he sold him and used the money to buy the best DM in the PL, an area they really needed to strengthen.

  5. Radio Raheem


    Yes his return in terms of goals and assists were okay for his first season.

    I think we can both agree we’ve now got one of the paciest sides in attack; Chamberlain, Welbeck, Sanchez, Theo, Campbell and even Le Grove’s finest, Sanogo. Until he got injured he wasn’t pulling up any trees but like it’s been said I’m prepared to judge him in May.

  6. gambon

    Yeah, fair to say Diaby, Campbell 7 Sanogo define wengers insane management,

    Diaby – highlights his obsessive loyalty to player over club

    Campbell – highlights his complete lack of desire to adress weaknesses

    Sanogo – highlights his obsessive need to be proved more clever than everyone else in the world.

    The Sanogo thing is like me going into a Casino and shouting to everyone that 22 will come up on Roulette on the next spin.

    Sure I’ll be wrong 36 out of 37 times, but once every 37 days i’ll look like a genius and get to fuck her right in the pussy.

  7. Romford Pele

    Yeah Diaby is far and away the worst, closely followed by Yaya ‘can’t trap a ball’ Sanogo. I was truly astonished (know I shouldn’t be) when Wenger said Diaby would get a new contract if he proves his fitness. Madness.

  8. Chuks

    Gambon is on fire. Good points about Joel Campbell. Now his value has dropped. At arsenal, we have too many not players that are “liabilities” or have significant weaknesses. Too many for a top club. Giroud is our senior striker yet he can’t run or score prolifically or beat his man. Arteta is our dm and his legs are shot. Mert is our senior Cb and he can’t run and causes us to play deep. Campbell, posolski, walcott and ozil not to mention carzola and gibbs eat up valuable wages yet will never win us titles.

  9. Jeff


    What? Wenger selling a player and buying another one purely for tactical reasons? It will never happen. He doesn’t do “obvious”. He likes to do things that nobody else but him can see – likes white elephants and pigs that fly.

  10. Romford Pele

    Interesting… Best perfoming teams vs English clubs (10+ games… pts/g)

    Real Madrid 1.89
    Barcelona 1.72
    Basel 1.70
    Deportivo La Coruna 1.58
    Bayern 1.57

    Fair to say the Spanish clubs take us to the cleaners more often than not. Didn’t realise Basel were so high, but then they did beat Liverpool, double over Chelsea and knocked the Spuds out of Europa League. Also remember them beating United a couple seasons back. They’ve never really been that good either. Fair play.

  11. HillierSelleyMcGoldrick

    Interesting that Ramsey had his best and most influential performance of the season when Alexis wasn´t playing.

    Defensively, there is no doubt that we need reinforcements, but who is realistically available to us that would displace our current first choice pairing? If Hummels becomes available, he does not end up at Arsenal.

    Had we brought a 32m Mangala and got back what City have so far, the knives would be out. Likewise, a 20m Lovren to replace a malfunctioning 18m Sakho. Barcelona resorting to giving up 15m for an injured Vermaelen, who had been out of form for two years. In this context, Chambers would appear to be a very good purchase.

    The problem is of course, that we never do enough, we could always add one or two more. But the current philosophy at Arsenal is that if you can’t get the one you want, you make do with what you have.

    Don’t expect much in January.

  12. MidwestGun

    I’m going with –
    Ajax, Bilbao, Bayern, Roma, Barca, Schalke, Shaktar, Chelscum today.
    I think.
    Much better match ups today as far as competitiveness. More difficult to pick.

  13. Dissenter

    Jim Lahey,
    “By the way, Usmanov is a pretty decent guy –

    Watson was sent to Siberia by the scientific community for his bigoted and unproven remarks about black people being dumb. When he was called out he refused to apologize or disown his comments.

    Usmanov isn’t being a “good” guy, he’s being naive and stupid.

    It’s like breaking the economic sanctions against Apartheid South Africa in the 80’s or supporting Pol Pot.
    That’s not bravery, its dangerous naivete.

  14. Jeff

    Here are my predictions for tonight.

    Roma 1 – 4 Man City
    Chelsea 2 – 0 Sporting
    Bayern Mun 3 – 1 CSKA
    Ajax 2 – 1 Apoel Nic
    Barcelona 2 – 1 Paris St G
    NK Maribor 1 – 2 Schalke
    Ath Bilbao 2 – 1 BATE Bor
    FC Porto 1 – 0 Shakt Donsk

  15. Ozy

    Midwest, looks about right. A few on there might cause you upsets (like Roma vs City, Barcelona vs PSG and Porto vs Shaktar) but besides Shaktar, pretty much agree with that.

  16. N5

    Roma 2 – 1 Man City
    Chelsea 3 – 1 Sporting
    Bayern Mun 2 – 0 CSKA
    Ajax 3 – 0 Apoel Nic
    Barcelona 4 – 1 Paris St G
    NK Maribor 1 – 2 Schalke
    Ath Bilbao 2 – 1 BATE Bor
    FC Porto 1 – 0 Shakt Donsk

  17. tunnygriffboy


    Didn’t Ozil play with Welbeck and Sanchez as a ten v Villa and Galatasary ? I think they did or am i mistaken ?Welbeck 4 goals, one assist, Sanchez one goal and one assists, Ozil one goal two assists. Know it was only Villa and Galatasary but interesting figures all the same

    Durham has now got gooners ringing in foaming at the mouth that we bottled it by not going for 6 last night. Hey ho

  18. Leedsgunner

    How is Paul Pogna doing this season?

    If we got £40m for Theo that’s one player I would use the money to get. Such a missed opportunity not nabbing him when he left Man United. Then again we don’t know if he would have turned out the player he has under Wenger…

    … although Dissenter’s suggestion of acquiring Schneiderlin and Kondogobia is a very good as well. 😉

  19. salparadisenyc


    Indeed he did, my point was over the course of larger period of time. Best we played this season was the spell vs Villa with those three on the pitch together.

  20. Radio Raheem

    Although, both sides were happy with a draw yesterday I’ve got say Juve put up a decent performance. Atletico were a bit meh, just sat back and didn’t do much. I’d like to see Juve do well this CL. It’ll be good to see an Italian side do well in the latter stages. It’ll give it a more European feel not the ‘DeutschSpanglish’ Cup it has become.

    Roma might knock City out tonight but that 7-1 mauling they suffered at home against Bayern tells me they’ll be fodder for the better sides next round. Even Arsenal hasn’t managed such a disaster at home.

  21. Jeff


    Not a gambling man myself but I picked the most likely scores. Notice there are no draws in any of my predictions – don’t know why – I suppose subconsciously my brain is thinking draws are boring. I think I’ll watch the Man City game with one eye on Bayern Mun. But if it gets boring I’ll switch to the Barcelona one. I can’t watch more than two at the same time.

  22. Ozy

    Dissenter, took the words right out of my mouth.

    Note how Usmanov himself publicly out himself as the anonymous bidder. Seems like an ego stroke. 2-5 million is chump change to him. Publicly supporting a man who had very troubling views that has pretty much ostracized him from the scientific community? Yeah, great guy..

    The more I learn about this Usmanov guy, the less I like him.

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Could it be that Wenger wanted to have a close look at Campbell? He did some nice things last night, good first touch, ability to beat a man and good dribbling skills. Worked quite hard in defence as well considering he’s not been playing. He may well be needed to play over Christmas as we have 4 games in in ten days.

    Strangely had we had less injuries and stronger teams to put out for certain games then Campbell could have had more game time. Because of the weak nature of our defence and lack of continuity in terms of personnel then Campbell and Podolski may have missed out.

  24. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    Yep.. it is risky. But makes it entertaining. Lol. I don’t bet CL scoreline tho, usually.

    Jeff –
    Now I look Porto has been a scoring machine too. Shakhtar 3, Porto 2.
    I agree with mental thing, can’t bring myself to predict or bet on a 0-0 draw.

  25. Jeff

    To be absolutely frank I don’t think we can properly gauge the value, skill or effectiveness of any one player based on the game last night. Gala were really as poor as they could be. We need to beat or at least compete with the bigger clubs.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Ref: Usmanov

    He is an astute, ambitious and extremely rich businessman with homes in England. Also his financial advisers are in this country.

    He is President of FIE [World Federation of Fencing] and funds the sport annually Euros 5 million. Under his presidency they have probably received something like Euros 30 million. Contrast that with Kroenke who has invested absolutely nothing personally in Arsenal.

    I understand also from sources close to Usmanov that he funds considerable
    sums of money in Russian and his homeland Uzbekistan Sport as well.

    I was advised several years ago by a Director of FIE that it was his wish to have
    control of Arsenal and if that had happened he would have made substantial
    investments in club particularly at the time when finances were squeezed.

    Fiszman clearly did not agree with that option, which is why Kroenke managed to acquire control on his death. Fiszman’s shares were sold to him.

  27. Radio Raheem

    I know Mid rates Campbell a fair bit but nah I’m not seeing it lol. Then again Mid’s probably seen him more times than anyone else on here. To me, he’s a bit West Brom and Aston Villa…slumming it in the Midlands with Cleverley and Berahino.

  28. N5

    How annoying Jeff, it was meant to be a picture of a Chameleon with crazy eyes. It’s how I imagined you watching the two matches at once.

  29. MidwestGun

    Jeff –
    I agree to some extent, but you can evaluate some things. Like for instance if
    your completely ineffective. Sanogo. Or fitness levels . Debuchy. And you can build confidence. Ramsey has to be feeling pretty good.
    Based on our players effectiveness against only top sides we need an entire new team. Lol.

  30. Jeff


    “Based on our players effectiveness against only top sides we need an entire new team”

    Either that or

    “Based on our players effectiveness against only top sides we need a new manager”

  31. MidwestGun

    Radio –
    Ya… I take in what people are saying about Campbell. But it’s not like he’s had a shot. His level probably is Swanseaish….(not a thing). But then again my main point is we have too many players that do the same things at the moment, and at least Campbell is skilled enough to give us options, he can play wide left or right and give us width. You have to have squad players and he’s not the finished product.

    But I know he will probably go somewhere else and probably be good. And I’m ok with that because I like him. I agree with the sentiment if he’s surplus
    to requirement in AW’s mind then what’s the point. Not sure I agree he isn’t good enough to help the team win, tho.

  32. salparadisenyc


    Yep, may of hashed it but that was the point I was making and hopefully Wenger doesn’t botch the formation. As Dissenter was saying much hinges on procuring our Matic, otherwise the big sides will overrun us.

  33. Jeff

    I think what made Ramsey’s stunning goal even more spectacular is the fact that he favours his right foot but that was a left footed shot.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    Joel Campbell is without question a good player, but the question you need to ask is does he offer more than what other players in pecking order give.

    If you make a comparison with Sanogo it is no brainer, but would you prefer to
    include him in our starting X1 ahead of Sanchez or Oxlade-Chamberlain. Personally I think not.

    Moving forward I think that Arsenal needs to look at both its short term and
    long term options.

    Personally I don’t see Giroud or Walcott being at the club more than 2 years
    longer. Giroud will be 30+ then and Walcott will be offloaded sooner or later
    because of his injury record and also the cost of his wages. He does not offer
    good value for money and I don’t think that a new manager will be as tolerant
    or loyal as Wenger.

    I think also that most South American will wish to move on to either Italy or
    Spain. It is a lifestyle choice.

  35. salparadisenyc


    We should of layed some coin on a Poldi brace.
    Dude scores when he wants, just not sure what else he does.

  36. MidwestGun

    E -Stroller –
    I get that. But Campbell could rotate with either Ox or Sanchez and cover for
    injury. At the moment Sanchez and Ox have been fit. Knock on wood.
    Regardless if AW could have received a transfer fee after WC that was sizeable then I agree it was a mistake to keep him based on how he has been used.

    Sal –
    Ya.., you were like freakin Nostradamus yesterday. Don’t suppose Gervinho could get a brace today, do you? Lol.

  37. Marc


    Why do you believe that Usmanov would put money into the club? He’s on record as complaining that there was no dividend paid on his shares. Also if he was so keen to help Arsenal why didn’t he buy up the Highbury flats when the property market was depressed and sit on them for a couple of years. He would have turned a major profit and helped the clubs cashflow at the same time?

  38. Mike adamski

    I hold my hands up, I do on occasion listen to talkshite on the way home , despite the stick arsenal get , I never take that to heart , but tonight , I turned my radio off when that prick Durham was down-playing Ramseys goal , saying ” it was a freak ” ” nowhere near the ability of Gerard’s free kick ”
    ” wenger should’ve tried to win 7-0 and go for group winners ”

    What a prick.

  39. relieable sauce

    Has anyone ever tried sausages & caviar as a combo?
    Just wondering if it works in reality.

    That’s one ironic surf n turf : /

  40. MidwestGun

    Rosicky’s lightning bolt v Spuds and Ramsey’s rocket shot are both now on video replay on my phone is all I know. When I get stuck in a waiting room somewhere or get depressed it cheers me up.

  41. goonpharm

    Hello all.

    Few quick points –

    1 – Ramsey’s goal was as fine as but I find it funny how the distance seems to grow each time I read it in a blog or newspaper. Last night redknapp said 29M, Sly Sports day 31M, Pedro thinks it 33M. By the end of the week you’d think he smacked it standing next to Chesney!!!!

    2 – Re: Diaby and Wenger saying he’ll give him another contract IF he proves his fitness. A massive “if” and what else is he supposed to say in the media about an injured player?

    3 – Romford you made a great point about Arteta and how he would have slowed down the tempo of the Anderlecht game. They guy has the footballing brain – no surprise being a former La Masia student but he’s shot physically. Personally would keep him as a squaddie and let Flamini go. Arteta is good for the lesser teams but three games in a row for him is impossible. Still we need that freak in midfield though. Kondogbia please.

    4 – Loving The Ox right now. You can see he’s trying to get to the next level and he’s really working hard. Sanchez has had a massive effect on him. Needs to add goals to his game and he’ll one fine player.

  42. karim


    barça are the favourites but I remember they drew 2 years ago at the Camp Nou + the bet was better like that

    Yeah, Zlatan, Cavani and Lucas apparently

  43. Romford Pele

    Roma leave De Rossi on the bench :O

    Also on the bench is Strootman, Iturbe, Destro and Florenzi. Strong options for sure but would’ve thought De Rossi would 100% start, he is vice captain after all. Strootman has been back for a couple weeks, still hasn’t reached full fitness it seems. Strong team from Roma anyway but Yanga Mbwia worries me

  44. Majestic gooner

    Why do Chelsea’s players look so physically stronger than ours? Even their young kids, they have a young boy playing today called loftus-cheek ,quite a big boy compared to the likes of zalalem and the other boys we played last night. We need to change our recruitment policy if we want to be successful or we need to improve the physical make of our players, ie gym work.

  45. ArseneBgone

    All ABOARD the AW love fest train, we beat a crappy Gala club from a 2nd rate league and all is well and now forgotten, well until the next debacle and the love fest train will derail once more…. Choo choo chugachuga choo choo all aboard for the greatest manager to ever walk the earth, kneel down and kiss the mighty ring of AW he mastered a victory over mighty Gala, choo choo!

  46. rollen

    Watson was sent to Siberia by the scientific community for his bigoted and unproven remarks about black people being dumb. When he was called out he refused to apologize or disown his comments.

    stop embarrassing yourself

  47. london gunner

    Roma: Will be guaranteed progress by beating City. A 0-0 draw would also see them into the last-16 if CSKA lose to Bayern, while a score-draw would be enough if CSKA also draw.

    CSKA Moscow: Facing a trip to the Allianz, they will qualify if they win and Roma do not beat City. If CSKA and City both win, the Russian side will progress.

    Manchester City: Complicated. Will qualify with a win in Rome as long as CSKA do not win in Germany. Will also qualify with a score-draw if CSKA lose.

  48. Leedsgunner

    “We wanted to get the result for us and for him. Every player here wants to work hard for him, we have proven that again on Tuesday night.” Ramsey on “unfair criticism” of Wenger, after Arsenal’s win over Galatasaray.

    So logically if Rambo is right does that mean when they catastrophically folded versus Stoke was that because they didn’t want to play for him? Or work hard for him? What do results like that prove? Or is it just bad luck again?

    The sound of sweeping things under the carpet after every good result is getting tiresome.

  49. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Sounds like a good match. If Roma and Schalke win, my big accumulator comes in, the way things stand now. Had 6 out of 8 yesterday too.

    Come on Roma. Lol.

  50. Wallace

    watching Liverpool limp out and Man City struggling to qualify again the thought occurs we’re probably the English side that shows something like its best form in the CL on the most regular basis. i know Utd and Chelsea have won it, but they never look as comfortable playing CL as they do in the PL. whereas we, for the most part, do seem to enjoy the slightly slower pace.

  51. relieable sauce


    Its not good hearing him spout rubbish like that but I guess it was another loaded question, was it ? Haven’t seen or read myself so I dunno.
    He is one of MY favourites so I feel compelled to defend him… & there’s only Sanchez & Gunnasaurus left after that 🙁

  52. london gunner

    Roma are to dependent on Gervinho his their only outlet their only pace player.

    The rest of the team is languid and move like treacle.

    So you end up with a constantly isolated Gervinho having to try to score from tight angles against numerous defenders.

    Roma have some great players just feel they need another runner like Gervinho to really open up teams.

  53. BacaryisGone

    Right now, it’s looking like Arsenal will have either:

    Barcelona, Bayern, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Porto, Monaco

    That looks like a 50% chance of getting a 50-50 tie and a 50% chance of getting a 10-90 tie which puts our chances of reaching the last 8 at about 30%.

    If we had won the group, it would have been:

    Juventus, PSG, Shakhtar, Bayer Leverkusen, Basel, Sporting Lisbon

    You would think we would be about 60% favourites to go through at least with those opponents.

    What a difference….

  54. Leedsgunner


    That’s why I said after our win over Dortmund that it is completely meaningless unless we topped the group. Effectively we gave up the top stop once we drew with Anderlecht… carelessness and complacency bites us in the butt again.

  55. Bergkamp63

    Forza Manchester !

    So much for sexy football, no match for power & pace.

    Garcia has never been beyond the group stages as a Manager apparently.

  56. Paulinho

    I said it a few weeks ago, Roma are a nice side but lack any real power or clout to really beat the top sides. It’s very easy to get between their lines and hurt them, and you feel you can soak up what they have to offer with the knowledge of how easy it is to get at them in return.

  57. Tippitappi

    Utter bollocks from Ramsey in the Standard, talk is cheap. Also like all good dictators the club bent over backward with the local cops (as if they gave a flying fuck) to make sure no banners were on show with the help of away stewards most likely the same morons who missed a load of fireworks smuggled in the other months by the Turks

  58. tunnygriffboy


    Re Ramsey’s quotes. Think about it for a minute. This is the guy that had his leg shattered by Shawcross. It was thought at the time he may never play again. He had 12 months of intensive recovery. Who was helping him and showing faith with him at the time ?

    When he came back to play who was the person who believed in him when he was getting dog’s abuse from everyone including a lot of people on here ? Who kept the faith, kept playing him, then took him out of the glared when he was getting booed by his own fans ?

    Who told him to do the basics well and his form will come back?

    Ever thought that Ramsey wasn’t sweeping things under the carpet but was defending the guy who helped him when he was at his lowest ebb.

    I realise that Wenger isn’t flavour of the month on here but don’t have a go at Ramsey when you consider what has happened. For all his faults Wenger did well by Ramsey.

  59. Romford Pele

    You felt Roma had to get that first goal tonight. City were just playing on the counter after that and leaving Silva further forward to play the final ball. They didn’t really offer anything until they scored.

    Ah well, it is what it is, Roma ballsed it up on match day 5 conceding that late goal against CSKA. Still feel City are pretty underwhelming in Europe on the whole considering the money spent. Hope they get Madrid lol. Anyway it’s good for the English co-efficient that they went through

  60. Romford Pele

    “Garcia has never been beyond the group stages as a Manager apparently.”

    Lol this was only his second attempt. One with Lille who lost their players prior to the CL season and this one where it was a group of death. Far from disgraced themselves. Unlucky not to win at the Etihad, but they’ll learn. Totti probably needs to pack it in now or just be a full-time impact sub

  61. tunnygriffboy


    Do you know why Wenger made the subs yesterday ?

    Ramsey was complaining of a tight hamstring and Flamini had a knock on his calf. Hence, with the amount of injuries we have it was a precaution to replace them. I realise that Wenger is the anti christ but what should he have done ? The twat Durham was saying he bottled it and didn’t want to try and finish first. So by my reckoning he’s blamed for making the substitutions. On the other hand if he had let Ramsey carry on and he pulled his hammy and say Flamini’s calf had got worse meaning they both out for a few weeks the same people slagging him for taking them off would be jumping up and down abusing him for letting them carrying on when injured making things worse.

    Wenger has many faults but sometimes he is blamed for the sake of blames sake. I’m all for criticism when fair but not when there’s no blame to be had.

  62. tunnygriffboy


    Do you know why Wenger made the subs yesterday ?

    Ramsey was complaining of a tight hamstring and Flamini had a knock on his calf. Hence, with the amount of injuries we have it was a precaution to replace them. I realise that Wenger is the anti christ but what should he have done ? The twat Durham was saying he bottled it and didn’t want to try and finish first. So by my reckoning he’s blamed for making the substitutions. On the other hand if he had let Ramsey carry on and he pulled his hammy and say Flamini’s calf had got worse meaning they both out for a few weeks the same people slagging him for taking them off would be jumping up and down abusing him for letting them carrying on when injured making things worse.

    Wenger has many faults but sometimes he is blamed for the sake of blames sake. I’m all for criticism when fair but not when there’s no blame to be had.

  63. relieable sauce

    Half the population is on prescribed meds! mostly statins, pain killers & anti-depressants…
    I wonder if they’ve factored in the Arsene effect.

  64. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough re Ramsey.

    I wasn’t having a go at Ramsey but it’s the repetitive “We’ve learnt from our mistakes, the most important thing is we stand together” vibes that we seem to get after every good result. Frankly the mistakes aren’t being learnt and on the big occasions against the big teams like Chelsea Ramsey was nowhere to be seen this season.

    Obviously I hope he’s back to his best; I guess what I really objected to was the assertion that the critics was unfair. It was very fair and fully deserved IMO.

  65. Highbury Daze

    One thing for sure tunny, Ramsey’s strike was a thing of beauty, Wenger is dead set against that kind of free thinking, he was supposed to walk it into the net, trap the ball, then start another useless passing movement before losing possession

    Thank Christ Ramsey took matters into his own hands

  66. TitsMcgee

    You would think we would be about 60% favourites to go through at least with those opponents.What a difference….”

    Well it’s pretty simple. Equip the club with proper players and maybe just maybe we will finish higher than 2nd in the group stages.

    Then we would draw a weaker opponent relatively and our chances of advancing improve.

    Wenger seems to just make it hard for himself