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Judge me in May he says. Makes sense. I mean, a team never wins 4th place in May, right?

Trouble is, there’s never a rational judgement. It’s always tomorrow. Judge me in May, judge me at the end of the World Cup, judge me when the window closes, judge me when I’ve finished playing beach volleyball.

Wenger is never judged because he always promises tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes. At the end of the season, he’ll have 4th place secure, a quarter final in the Champions League to boast about and we’ll step and repeat next season.

I read an interesting article from Barney Ronay. He said the booing was a bit ugly, but what really could we expect of an Arsenal challenged by the might of big oil money? That’s an elite journo right there peddling lazy insight. The sort of lazy insight lazy fans pick up on and run with in tasty sound bites.




All great points. All perfectly acceptable if you have no context or detail wrapped around those 140 character moments.

The lack of context and real insight keeps the malaise going amongst the fans. It makes ‘judge me in May’ sound appealing. It makes the average fan thing, ‘jeez, maybe Arsene really is at a massive disadvantage and next year he’ll crack it’… wrong.

Money doesn’t impact an ageing backroom team that fails to deliver year after year. It doesn’t impact recruitment wastage. It doesn’t affect wage bill inefficiency. It doesn’t affect approach to fitness and recovery, squad rotation, tactics… the ability to motivate, lead and train.

But hey, judge him in May, just before he f*cks off on holiday. Before you leave for Spain to recharge on hope for another year of the same.

It’s interesting that quite a lot of the people who have a laissez faire approach to Wenger generally don’t work in something where you have to fight in the same way to survive. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, but being told you’re expecting too much when I, like so many of you, spend everyday in environments where everybody else has to deal with a massive burden of expectation, well, it’s a bit rich.

I’ve never worked in a company that has said, ‘look, we have smaller budgets than them, so don’t worry about us expecting too much of you’… I’ve never worked for a client who has based their expectation of output on where they stand in the market. You fight to be better. You never look at the status quo and roll over. You, at the very least, improve on the areas that aren’t affected by mega money.

… be smarter with the detail. Have better planning. Have sharper scouting. Innovate. Utilise data better. Test and learn. Experiment by becoming early adopters with tech. Make sure your backroom team is always brimming with young people looking to prove a point. Make the environment a positive one staff can contribute to as well as players.

The idea that Arsene, over the last 6-7 years, couldn’t have squeezed more from the squad and the resource he’s had on offer is quite an absurd one. I mean, even at a basic level, why was our wage bill so high we couldn’t generate surplus revenue for players unless we sold? Surely lowering the wastage (and there was about £400k per week at one point) would have given us more flexibility to compete for the hidden gems teams like Dortmund were picking up?

I find it interesting that fans are constantly told they’re wrong by people who have zero experience working in environments where you have to drive a team or a product to exceed expectations.

I feel like I’m sounding a little like Wenger and the ‘how many days in the game have you worked’. I don’t think it’s the same. If you all you do is write about football, you have the time to get under the skin of the detail. If you don’t bother to. Well, you’re not doing your job properly. That’s why I have so much time for many of the European journalists (and look, there are plenty of incredible UK journo’s as well). The detail is a different level, but then, so is is the relationship set up they have with the clubs.

Some interesting quotes I missed. Namely Per saying ‘We said at half time, we’re going to fight until the end, that was the only positive thing, we’re not normally like that’… oooohhhhmmeeeeerrrr-what? That’s a funny old comment. A really funny comment.

We’ve scored quite a few goals late on in games. So not sure what he’s referencing that. Maybe he’s talking about bigger games?

Another comment that I missed was this one. When Wenger was asked why he didn’t stand up for the whole 90minutes.

“They love me so much here I did not want to give them an opportunity to show me that love.”

Right, ok, so I get that Wenger is being a smart arse here. For me, when someone has made a massive hash of something, and they respond in a sarcastic tone, it’s called arrogance. Trouble with this little comment is it’s tinged in some sort of sarcasm jest… you know, you’re being sarcastic but that sarcasm has a light basting of truth.

… because look, here’s the thing, not getting up for 90minutes during a game really isn’t good for the team. You have to show you’re down for the fight. This isn’t a new thing either, we had a lot of that last year when things were going badly. Arsenal players don’t like going to Stoke. They know it’s going to be horrible. Their fans are mean, the club are mean to players apparently… they do things like leave the heating off in the dressing rooms. Throw in the players who make scary comments before the game and you can imagine how this ramps up.

So when your manager doesn’t stand for a whole game. He doesn’t go toe-to-toe with the team. His fire isn’t present. That fear runs through the side. That’s why when we draw a tough team in a big game, we don’t win. We’re beaten before we get on the bus. Where is that belief? Where is that fight? Players not sticking their legs out or throwing themselves into blocks. No real passion on the pitch. No ramifications for playing poorly. It’s all in the managers name. Everyone’s behaviour stems from one man.

Tonight we’re playing a pretty patched up squad.

“The players who needed it stayed behind – like Cazorla, Sanchez, Gibbs – Giroud is not qualified – and Welbeck, who could have travelled but recently had a little knee problem, so took advantage of that to rest him.

“Sanchez had a groin problem for some time, and he has played 27 games…. it is more just the number of repetitive games we have.”

Problems, problems, problems… Sanchez has been playing with a groin issue. WELBZ has a knee problem. Gibbs should be dropped. Cazorla certainly needs some serious rest time.

Good news is we have Debuchy back in the side. We’re absolutely desperate for a bit of fight in defence. He’s more than capable of lifting the spirits of the back line. I’ve got to admit, I would have gone harder on the resting. It’s clear Per Mertesacker is broken physically and mentally. He really looks off the pace and I wonder if he can get it back. His age looks like it’s catching up with him. Our front line is Sanogo flanked by Podolski and Campbell. I’m really excited to see that. I’m not fan of Yaya, but I like his enthusiasm… I just feel his inclusion is pointless because he’s too brittle to rely on. Campbell is more my cup of tea. Explosive, unpredictable, a bit raw and desperate to make an impact.

Still no Rosicky. We’re playing Ramsey again and we’re playing the hapless Flamini. I’d have shot for more youngsters. Let the rest have some time off as we head into a busy period.

We take on Newcastle at the weekend. Good news there is they’re having issues with injuries. We should quite easily despatch of them. Then it’s Liverpool away, not sure we can count that as a big game this season, they’ve massive problems with players being available and form… they’re in a sorry old state this  year, so no idea what to expect there, but it’ll be easier minus Suarez and Sturridge. We then play QPR, good news there is we play them two days before they play Palace, I’d imagine they’ll shoot for three points against Palace rather than bust their arse for a 30% chance of any points. West Ham, who we play on the 28th, have Chelsea two days prior to us, then they have West Brom after… again, I’d imagine we’ll be the 3 points they chuck for the big win against West Brom.

As you can see, the fixtures are favouring us over the next few weeks. Not just that, lots of players coming back in the fold. By the time the new year turns, we’ll be gearing up two or three points off the 4th placed trophy. Then Wenger is vindicated. Arsenal trudge through another season of elite mediocrity.

… which for some Arsenal fans is a total win. For our owner, it’s an even bigger win. For most though, the feeling is we should be doing more.

Let’s see what tonight brings.

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  1. relieable sauce


    Thought it was very cricket like, 20/20 when they slash at a really wide ball.


    You guys in the states love a bit of cricket dont you? 5day matches where you get tea & lunchbreaks & the game can still be a draw.

  2. MidwestGun

    Sauce –
    Haha. What I know about cricket you could put in a teacup. But sounds great…… don’t know why it hasn’t caught on. 😀

    Do they have cheerleaders? Lol

  3. Keyser

    reliable sauce – Sanchez already occupies that position, even when Cazorla’s pencilled in as the wide player, Cazorla just cuts in and Sanchez drifts wide, as it is now Sanchez is fine there because he’s got the workrate, the added athleticism would be more for Podolski.

    Midwest – I suppose it’s a nothing game, but he cuts his follow through short, his other legs bent and he just holds the pose, I’ve seen Bastketball players do it to.

    It’s just how completely in control he is of it, even his first goal, just rolls it into the perfect spot.

  4. relieable sauce


    lol. No, no cheerleaders, just old men with hats n blazers doing pitch inspections & debating weather conditions. Still not tempted? 😉
    TBF it suit my pace of life the 5 day game & it really is a game of 2 halves (or maybe 4 quarters). The fans can drink for 8 hrs & wear fancy dress as well, you gotta love that.

  5. MidwestGun

    Sauce –
    8 hour drinking? You should have lead with that bit. I’m in! 🙂
    How do we start a league?

    Didn’t Ramsey have a hat trick in Turkey last year? We should send him to play there whenever he’s slumping.

  6. relieable sauce


    ha ha you’ve brought tears to my eyes. US League cricket sounds epic. Hundreds of thousands of drunk Americans dressed as superheroes & nuns.
    There’s some clip on youtube of some MU,maybe city fans fighting some cricket fans all dressed as where’s Wally on opposing escalators. Hilarious viewing as no-one seems to get seriously hurt.

  7. relieable sauce


    yeah he does play there generally in the 433 as it were & I’m harking back to the skewed 442 days when we had Viera & Petit. Would require a lot of change in CM personnel & would also lessen Ramsey attacking threat even if he could play that role. JW, Santi & Ozil would also be competing for one position, so probably not feesable.
    I just don’t think you can have any passengers when playing 3 in midfield & that is too often the case for us imo.

  8. Zacharse

    Question for all youse.
    Taking a trip in Jan and trying to buy tix for a few games. whats the best website to buy from? I know sometimes there’s people on here that have extras too. Would love to get some good seats for the stoke home game.

  9. relieable sauce


    Thats the formation I meant Keyser but I’m less convinced myself now. Possibly wouldn’t get the best out of too many players.

  10. Keyser

    Zacharse – Dude post back during the day, like when the new post goes up. The graveyard shift is some student watching horror films on his laptop at the Bates Motel.

    reliable sauce – Heh, I thought we were simply talking about why Podolski doesn’t play soo much.

    I get the formation.

    It’s like back in 98′ where Overmars would be more advanced, Bergkamp would drop into the number 10 slot, and while Parlour was playing on the right his natural game was more defensive and hardworking anyway.

    Wengers pretty much always played variations of it. The problem we have is obviously the centre, but also Overmars was balanced by Parlour’s energy defensively. Pires ability on the ball, by Ljungbergs directness, Hleb’s ball retention with Rosicky’s directness and so on.

    Neither Ox/Sanchez or Podolski/Theo are the most cosistent in possession so they don’t really balance each other either side.

    Not to mention that we don’t have the sort goalscorer/creative number 10 Bergkamp was, so we’ve been mixing and matching. It’s not soo much the formation but how little they’ve played together, they’re almost improvising especially this year, whereas last we built up a structure, Ozil and Wilshere are out, and Ramsey’s form has been soo poor Sanchez hasn’t had time to adapt and we’re reliant on his goals.

    If Ramsey’s form improves, and we get Koscielny and now Debuchy back then we at least have a relatively consistent back 6 to work from.

  11. Bamford13

    Just watched the highlights. Two observations: first, Ramsey’s second goal was simply absurd. Once in a lifetime. Fantastic strike. Second, would be nice to see Podolski play more often, even if only for the last 20 minutes of games. While he can be lazy, he is a class goalscorer.

    Well done, Lukas. Well done, Aaron. Looks like Ox played well also.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    From the start of this season our problems have been defensive and not offensive. Nothing I saw yesterday against a relatively weak opposition changes that

    We will discover that fact over weekend when we play Newcastle.

    Wenger needs to solve problem by either recruiting top quality DM or CB or
    if possible both in January transfer window. Realistically highly unlikely.

  13. Dark Hei

    What should I liken Arsenal to?

    It is like going for a 2-course lunch meal in a fancy restaurant. The starter was ok, but the main course was a disaster. Service was polite but slow and you eventually get frustrated given the prices they are charging.

    You angrily call for the bill. Moments later, the wait staff brought your bill along with a complimentary dessert. The dessert was fantastic and you stop feeling so angry but you wonder if the experience is worth coming back again.

  14. tunnygriffboy


    Wouldn’t consider Podolski for the big games only as a sub. Against the likes of West Brom , Sunderland etc… especially at home when thay’ll sit deep with ten men behind the ball he could do a job. He gets 3 chances in a game he scores at least one. If he starts 1 in 3 he gives Alexis/Welbeck a rest. Plus sub appearances he’s happy again.

    Campbell, nice skill, can beat a man but needs to keep head up and offload on occasions. Again he could be used in the odd game and not just 1 minute substitute appearances.

    From 20th December to 1st january we have 4 fixtures. Liverpool (a), Qpr ( h), West Ham (a) and Southampton (a). Will have to rotate. 4 games in 10 days !

  15. Ashwin Gunner

    Missed the match yesterday. saw only the goals. All the goals were awesome esspecially the second from Ramsey. it was brilliant. I hope he carries on with his form in Premier League

    How was Campbell.?? did he play well?

  16. Highbury Daze

    One thing ,after a strike like Ramsey’s, no way Wenger can fine him for shooting from 30 yards, they are told to keep the passes short, work the ball around until your in the 6 yard box, then pass to someone in a better position so he can walk it into the net

    What you saw with Ramsey’s screamer what can be done when you give players freedom to express themselves, you cannot play a game of football from a laptop

    when opportunities present themselves like it did for him, they take it, I’m sure Wenger hated him at the time for trying it, but was glad when it went in

  17. Highbury Daze

    What Wenger would have wanted was Ramsey to trap the ball then start another fucking useless passing movement until they lost possession, that’s why this club rarely scores goals like that, they are forbidden by their master to veer from the chosen path, tippy tappy around the pitch ,let’s hope the players tell Wenger to wake up and smell the liniment, and let them continue to play their way

  18. MidwestGun

    Ashwin –
    Ya Joel played ok. Had 3 or 4 excellent dribbles coming from deeper in the midfield. Just was lacking on the final ball. Ran into 2 or 3 defenders when he should have passed a couple times, reminded me of Jack. But he also stayed wide on his wing and assisted defending later in the second half.
    Also he got in behind a couple times and almost chipped the keeper on a sharp angle.
    People say he’s not Arsenal quality(whatever that is now) but I don’t know how you can tell only getting a game every 12 games. Seems like he should rotate with Sanchez and OX every 3 games or so, imo. Don’t know why he keeps getting put behind Gnabry in people’s mind. But then I’m biased because I’ve seen him play a lot internationally. Costa Rica didn’t just luck out in the World Cup. The kid can play, some. And he’s still young not the final product.

  19. Ughelligunner

    From the Galatasary game though we won 4-1 has told me that most people on legrove that talk about tactics and formations and wenger out are way damn clueless about football.

    So we won and so what? There was spaces everywhere for our players to exploit. Even the 3 17yr olds wenger threw into the game were having a field day passing to each other.

    This is why the epl is most difficult league in the world, no spaces to exploit, fastere game, they go at you tackles for tackles and you got shit refs who are not consistent.

    Ox didn’t play well imho, he kept on over doing things even until the end, i bet you in the EPL he is going to be punished as we alwaz see if he keeps on losing the ball.

    I think all most of us see and know is the scoreline, but all this formation and tactics 90percent of us talk about are myth to us here.

  20. MidwestGun

    Wtf? Are you talking about. Pretty much everyone on here said Gala is terrible. No midfield, no pressure. I predicted 3 to 1 before the game.

    Your the tactics police, expert are you?

  21. Ughelligunner

    This is the reason we always make the last 16, because we have the technicality and a manager that can sort at the lesser teams in Europe.

    But when it comes to the big clubs in Europe all you need is vast talent and worldclass players to push you to the other side and that’s what we are building gradually.

    If we say Wenger always performs when the pressure is up and still delivers top 4, then the manager we all want out is doing something.

    Its like What people have been saying about Southampton, they have ok players who can get them somewhere but when they meet teams greater than them, no matter their input they fall short and we say they were unlucky. This simple description can be said of arsenal when we face the big teams home (EPL) or in Europe.

    There is no magic that can deliver, only special players can take you over the edge, this is what we are building gradually.

  22. MidwestGun

    Ugh –
    The exact opposite of what you said. You don’t need a manager’s imput to sort out lesser teams. To beat the better teams you do need a specific plan or you will be punished.

  23. Ughelligunner

    midwest during the game people where saying wenger always perform under less pressure,

    others said Ramsey form is back,

    some were praising the ox.. When he lost the ball more times than Zalelem.

    Even some were asking why they didn’t play like this against stoke. Can you imagine?

    They only see the goals.

    Whether Galatasary where poor or not, we made them look poor. You either make your opponents look average or they make you, or you balance out and make your luck. The fact i am making is expect different result at home. (EPL)

    Do you think stoke can get a result at Galatasary?

    They have 10percent chance but here at home they see you and they say yes lets kick them about and they can kick back even if they do the officials will look away.

    There’s is a greater confidence when playing a team you always have the edge over no matter the situations.

    Like Mourinho away to saint James Park.

    People where saying things like Pardew can sort out mourinho but they forget mourinho has never won at Newcastle even before Pardew.

    Others said Wenger cannot sort out Mark Hughes, when in fact Pulis constantly buldozed us at stoke.

  24. Ughelligunner

    People just say things out of frustration and these saying are then rearsed upon as if they are a given. Like the formation thing. Podolsky, Campbell, Rosisky and Sanogo situations without really thinking and you wonder where this people come from.

    Podolsky yesterday was trying hard to perform and offer cover for Bellerin cos he must have been told to do so, and he even was having bites with the ref and got cared for it.

    This tells you he wants t play and he knows his limitations. But do you think he can keep that level of concentration in the EPl level?

    He left the left wing for almost the entire second half. Joined the midfield and was lecturing the 17yr olds most of the time.

    He wants to play and he showed glimpses of it, but can he cope for 3 90mins match?

    Last 2 season people were complaining bitterly about him getting subbed like arshavin also, and where adamant he could play the strikers role more than Giroud.

    People most times talk even more than the people that watch the game itself just like the journos in England who rarely Watch the game but offer opinions as if they were playing themselves.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    With you on JC. Got impression he tried a bit hard with the ball could have released it earlier on a few occasions. Also he could have recieved ball a couple of times when he was in space. Knows how to beat a man, skillfull annd good first touch. Considering he played a full game he kept going well

    Like Poldi he could do a job in certain games. Wouldn’t play him and Poldi together but he could play v lesser teams and get 20 mins as sub no and again. He and Poldi could give guys a rest. We have 4 games in ten days over Christmas ( bllody ridiculous for all teams but great for us ). We have to rotate.

    Great to see Debuchy back. He wouldn’t have bent over for Stoke.

  26. Ashwin Gunner


    Thanks mate.. that was insightful

    I also think Campbell has something in him to be a very good player. His opportunities have become very limited. as some one the other pointed out that we play 4 games in 10 days, we should definitely rotate the squad. he is not as bad as people potray him to be. He is still young and has the hunger to learn. he still needs to work on some areas of his game, but he can be a good player. he has to be given opportunities against lower oppositions in the league

  27. MidwestGun

    Ugh –
    No offense your entitled to your opinion but your not making any sense. A general sweeping statement that everyone is clueless about football who wants AW out. Really? You might as well say Arsene knows, etc…
    It would save time.

    Also, building gradually to what? Define building. Define special players. Expensive ones?

    Ox played ok. He was being asked to play more centrally and link play because Joel was on the wing. He set up a goal. Not sure what you expected. He gave up the ball a few times. And? It’s what you do to get it back. Every player losses the ball.

    Sorry but your post was all over the place can’t answer it all.

    Your taking one or two comments and generalizing, basically.

  28. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Agree about Debuchy. Thought he was the glue yesterday, was sweeping up mistakes. Worried about pushing it too much.

    Ashwin –
    No worries, you should try to catch that one on replay. Meaningless game but it beats the hell out of watching us get killed. Most enjoyable one Ive watched this season since the last time we played them. Lol. Some great goals.

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Thought Ox and Ramsey looked a handful for their midfield. Ramsey’s engine and Ox’s power and pace driving at them in midfield sucked players toward him creating space for others. Could release ball bit earlier on occasion. Imagine Matic behind those two ? 🙂

    Do you play Debuchy Saturday ? I’d be inclined to bench him to recover then play him v Lpool next week.

  30. Ashwin Gunner


    ha ha true true.. i will definitely watch the replay. I couldn;t watch teh game because of my stupid DTH provide.r I ended up watching Ath Madrid vs Juventus game. which was also fun. 🙂


    as for Wenger performing under pressure.. The world would had been a better place , if he ups his ambition and performs under intense pressure ot win trophies rather than achieving top 4

  31. Ashwin Gunner


    I remember Wenger saying that Ox’s future is in Central mid field. i think he said this after the AC Milan game at emirates where we got knocked out. Ox was incredible in that game.

    As for saturday, i would like Debuchy to play. frankly newcastle are a better team or may be in better form than liverpool. we need to beat them. I would play all my experienced players in defence. off late, we have been very very porous at the back. have to stop conceeding goals. Bellerin is still a kid. he has a lot to learn. Debuchy will be the best bet

  32. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Ya.., we had 3 or 4 players constantly driving at their backline. Didn’t even notice Flamini. Lol. Which pretty much says it all about Gala’s quality. Oh ya … actually he did make that tackle that was almost a penalty.
    I’d probably rest Debuchy for Pool, ya.
    Got a bad feeling about Newcastle match tho. Probably back to same old mistakes. Hope not.

    Little worried that Alexis hinders Ramsey’s game a bit and vice versa. Seems like Ramsey plays better with Ox or Ozil or Santi. This team is just unbalanced as hell. Too many players all want to play same areas. That’s why I think it helped to have Joel who played wider right and Pods more left. Even tho he didnt hug the line. Also just playing more direct helped.

  33. tunnygriffboy


    Just worry that Debuchy had a full on 75 mins ( he can’t play any other way ) and giving him another one 3 days later may be a bit much. Newcastle at home Lpool away. Think would go Chambers, Mert, Kos and Gibbs on Saturday then play him instead of Chambers. Then we rotate more v Qpr boxing day at home. Then we have tough games at West Ham and Southampton

  34. tunnygriffboy


    Bugger there goes my theory of resting Debuchy. It’s against his old club, cards galore ? Would play him v Lpool as well and rest v Qpr on boxing day. That the home game to rotate. 2 days later we play West Ham away before going to Southampton.

    When Arteta, Monreal back ? Theo’s continued absence worries me.

  35. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Yep… like I said over summer people were penciling Theo in like it was a given. Pretty serious injury. Now he has a groin tear which might need surgery. Anyhow, I think Arteta they said around the 21st. And Monreal no date, but when I tore ankle ligaments it took me 6 weeks. To even start running and cutting again. Hope his isn’t that bad.

  36. James Buchanan

    So the manager is fine according to a poster on here he just needs some more better quality players to get the team across the line when playing the big teams.

    But what he/she fails to realise is that the ingredients that have been missing from Wenger teams for so long don’t have to entail having expensive big name players all across the team. The team as a whole is too often poor off the ball. That has nothing to do with expensive players. That comes from the manager. Poor defending crosses. Again from the manager. These are just details that a manager truly on his own game would get right regardless of big name expensive,

    I think the poster is getting excited to see Arsenal whack a team in the Champions League. Gives a sense of false grandeur. Arsenal have been badly beating up teams of Galatasaray’s ilk for a long time now. Doesn’t mean that much.

    And we always get the line from the Wenger supporters/sympathisers that the EPL is the “best league in the world”. They do it as to absolve Wenger from his failings. That 4th all the time is ok in “the best league in the world”

    Let’s remember that apart from Arsenal having trounced teams like Galatasaray before this Gala club are in a bad way. They have just changed manager and were poor. But remember the Besiktas game? They were tough to beat over two legs. That’s why talk of “best league in the world” is a waste of time. You can get individual teams from a certain average league that will give problems to that team from a overall higher standard league,

    Stop with this “best league in the world”. It so obviously is done to absolve Wenger and trying to put him in a better light.

  37. tunnygriffboy

    It’s ok though come Hull in the Fa cup we won’t need full backs as we’ll have Hummels, Schniederlin and Khedeira in our line up 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Seriously though, I know our injury record is ridiculous but we’ve been severely hampered this season. No consistency at all in the side. We might be a half tidy outfit if we had our players available, much better than we’ve showed so far.

    Guess what. We scored early yesterday and made thing easy for ourselves. Even though we struggling we are creating chances. We need to take them early doors.

  38. Ishola

    So the manager is fine according to a poster on here he just needs some more better quality players to get the team across the line when playing the big teams.But what he/she fails to realise is that the ingredients that have been missing from Wenger teams for so long don’t have to entail having expensive big name players all across the team. The team as a whole is too often poor off the ball. That has nothing to do with expensive players. That comes from the manager. Poor defending crosses. Again from the manager. These are just details that a manager truly on his own game would get right regardless of big name expensive,I think the poster is getting excited to see Arsenal whack a team in the Champions League. Gives a sense of false grandeur. Arsenal have been badly beating up teams of Galatasaray’s ilk for a long time now. Doesn’t mean that much. And we always get the line from the Wenger supporters/sympathisers that the EPL is the “best league in the world”. They do it as to absolve Wenger from his failings. That 4th all the time is ok in “the best league in the world”Let’s remember that apart from Arsenal having trounced teams like Galatasaray before this Gala club are in a bad way. They have just changed manager and were poor. But remember the Besiktas game? They were tough to beat over two legs. That’s why talk of “best league in the world” is a waste of time. You can get individual teams from a certain average league that will give problems to that team from a overall higher standard league,Stop with this “best league in the world”. It so obviously is done to absolve Wenger and trying to put him in a better light.

  39. Emiratesstroller


    We may have won this game fairly comfortably, but Galatasary opened us up on a number of occasions and could have scored two or three goals if their shooting had been less wayward.

    There is always a sixth sense this season that we are going to concede goals. I
    have to agree with Redknapp and Merson that Arsenal are a talented unit going forward but absolutely clueless and disorganised when we are defending.

    So long as Wenger remains in control the club will not invest properly or improve the defence. His track record over almost 20 years tells you that he will not do so.

    My view is that we need to clear out this season a number of players who have
    realistically no chance of playing regularly in first team and recruit some physically stronger and defensively better players.That includes Campbell
    and Podolski as well as Arteta,Flamini and Rosicky who are no longer in their

    Similarly there are several players who are frail and injury prone and their future needs also to be reviewed. These include Gibbs,Wilshire,Walcott,Sanogo
    and of course Diaby. There is no point holding onto players who are more
    often than not unavailable. It not only costs a lot of money, but puts a huge strain on the rest of the system.

    As long as Wenger stays you are not going to see any fundamental change in
    the way that LVG is now attempting to do at Man Utd and Mourinho did last
    season at Chelsea.

  40. Zementalstrength

    Galatasaray are so overated, they are so poor…

    But the most important thing is that we have shown our mental Ztrength, and our ability to bounce back of course. lol

    Same old Arsenal, always react, never act.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    We get and keep the majority of ourplayers fit and we are a good not great side. Keep Kos fit, give him a good back up then add Matic equivalent and we are a different proposition completely, Wenger or not

    Players to leave in the summer :

    Flamini, Podolski, Campbell, TR7 ( sadly), Sanyo, Diaby. At Christmas and the summer we need a CB, RB, DM ( possibly two ) and a creative wide player. If these players are top class we will be strong. Not confident this will happen though.

  42. Zementalstrength

    “If these players are top class we will be strong.”
    wenger’s language translation == >> “we will be sure to reach the 4the place.”

  43. Leedsgunner

    “Newcastle on top injury league, one above us. That may affect them.”

    If the beat Chelsea even in that state, what is our excuse? Decent result yesterday… is the happy clappy brigade out yet? Funny they only come out when the going is good.

    RESULT BAD = errr…. BAD LUCK…


  44. tunnygriffboy


    The secret is ( and don’t tell anyone this ) to take one of the early chances we get to make them come out at us. Are you listening L’oreal ? They will stick 10 men behind the ball and look to counter. They have their 3rd choice keeper playing and Taylor and Coloccini out. We need a good run over Christmas

  45. Leedsgunner


    Point noted – yes we need to take our chances but we need to defend intelligently as well. If we defend like headless chickens we will get slaughtered by Newcastle. They are no pushovers. They’ll be on a high after defeating Chelsea and they’ll be hungry for another scalp.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    On paper we have actually a disproportionately large first team squad albeit several players are in reality in U21 squad.

    If you take a look at clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid they have cut their squads to 23/24 players, but of course they have immensely strong U21 squads or have loaned out players who are on fringes. Mourinho has also offloaded
    last season players like Lampard and Cole.

    Arsenal have not done this. We have just 3 players from first team squad out on loan and only perhaps Jenkinson has remote chance of returning.

    When you analyse our squad there are far too many players who are simply not good or reliable enough to play in first team and that is in my view part of
    the problem.

    Pedro makes the point that many of our players are overplayed and in red zone. Frankly when you look at Chelsea that is not the case. Most of their
    regular first team are playing most of the time.

    The reason for this is that they are physically strong as well as technically gifted. I believe also that the clubs under Fergie and Mourinho were able to keep
    control of game by playing less intricate football than we do. Their game was
    far more direct than ours.

    One of the major changes I would like to see at end of this season is an analytical review of all players on staff. We need to stop renewing contracts for sake of it. Players who do not meet rigid requirements should be offloaded.

    1. Diaby has absolutely no value to club. This is a player who has managed just
    2 starts in two seasons. When his contract ends in July he should be released.
    If he becomes a world beater elsewhere good luck to him, but we should not
    be spending £50k pw on his contract.

    2.Gibbs,Wilshire and Walcott are likewise far too fragile. A player who
    manages less than 50% playing time a season in last 2 years by virtue of
    injury becomes a liability, because it adds pressure on other players to play
    more than their fair share of games and playing time. Wilshire and Walcott in particular are high risk players.

    3.Messrs Arteta,Rosicky and Flamini are all past their best. The latter two have
    contracts which end in July. Personally I would not renew them. The only
    case for keeping Arteta on books is if he has a long term future as a coach
    with club, because he is unquestionably an intelligent and articulate player.

    4.Players like Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo are surplus to requirements or
    simply not good enough for a club which aspires to win trophies.

    5.Other players are good enough to be in squad but not as first team regulars.
    That would apply now to Szczesny, Mertesacker and Giroud.

    All in all we need at least 18 top class outfield players with perhaps another two or three who are young and promising, but with world class potential. At
    the moment we are probably 4-5 players short of those requirements.

  47. Zementalstrength

    “At the moment we are probably 4-5 players short of those requirements.”

    Only “at the moment” ?? lol